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August / September 2010 Contract Update There will be a special membership meeting at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 22 in the South Ballroom at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The purpose is to discuss and vote on a contract offer. Voting will take place from adjournment of the meeting until 4:00 p.m. It is important that you attend this meeting.

"The American labor movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest. It is, and has been, good for all America. Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor--those who cripple collective bargaining or prevent organization of the unorganized--do a disservice to the cause of democracy." John F. Kennedy

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ATU 1005 Picnic

Copies of the proposed offer will be available two hours before the meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Voting on the proposal will also take place on Monday, August 23 at the union office, 312 Central Ave., from 9:00 a.m. untill 5:00 p.m. for members unable to attend the meeting. The Executive Board will meet on Thursday, August 19, to discuss and make a recommendation to the membership on whether to accept or reject Metro Transit's offer. We are now working under a day-to-day extension of the contract that expired July 31, 2010. Negotiations are scheduled for August 30th, 31st, and September 1st, 2nd. As of publication, we do know what is on the table from management Their present offer does not include an increase in wages It contains a freeze on the progression wages of new employees It contains a substantial increase in the cost of healthcare to the employees And it calls for a revision in the sick policy where you are not paid ever for the first day out. There are still several contract negoiation meetings planned after the scheduled vote and one can only hope that the company will come to the table with a better final offer.

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Make every effort to attend this meeting so you have a clear understanding of the company’s offer and how it will affect you!

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LOCAL 1005 OFFICERS President/Business Agent

Michelle Sommers Vice-President

Dorothy Maki Recording Secretary/Ass’t. Business Agent

Dan Abramowicz Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Tommy Bellfield Union Office 312 Central Ave. Suite 438 Mpls., MN 55414 612-379-2914 email: website:

Calendar Education Committee Meeting11:30 a.m. August 17th, Setember 21st Membership Meetings August 24 - Mpls. Sept. 21st - St. Paul 10:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.

OFFICER’S CORNER Dan Abramowicz Financial Secretary/Treasurer

CAN-AM Conference The 16th Annual Can-Am Conference was held July 20 - 25, 2010 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. President Michelle Sommers, Rec. Sec. Dan Abramowicz, Executive Board Members Russ Dixon and Chuck Feucht attended as delegates. The conference started with an opening prayer from Brother Fred Westbrook and an introduction by Andrea Horwath, Leader of the NDP Party of Ontario. After Conference President John Costa made his opening statement, the Highland Creek Bagpipe Band treated us all to a brief concert. Many members of the ATU General Executive Board were present for this conference, including newly appointed International Executive President Ron Heintzman, who gave a short speech. Labor attorney Ian Fellows gave a presentation on the possible benefits and concerns about re-opening collective bargaining agreements. Elliott Sclar and Dr. Elaine Bernard, both popular guest speakers at the Can-Am, spoke about public/private partnerships in the transit industry. The last scheduled speaker, Joshua Daitch, spoke about including real estate investments to consider for unions overseeing their own pension plans. The information offered was appreciated and the surroundings were picturesque. While many delegates took part in the golf tournament which has become a regular part of the conference, other delegates enjoyed a tour of the Niagara Falls area. As an officer and a delegate, I would like to thank Local 1005 for sending us and look forward to next year's conference which is planned to be held in Florida.

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Union Meeting Highlights July

Education Committee

Arbitration Requests A South operator requested arbitration after being discharged for attendance/absenteeism. (We all know that "Records of Warning" can take on a life of their own.) After an explanation in which the operator appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will be going to arbitration. A Heywood operator requested arbitration for discipline involving the Cell Phone Policy. Management was looking at a bus video for some other incident and came upon an eleven-minute cell phone conversation involving the driver. The operator admitted to the cell phone use. There was no paperwork to show why the video was pulled. The union feels that it was a manager trolling for violations. The operator was issued a final record of warning and a twenty-day suspension. After an explanation in which the operator appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will go to arbitration. A Nicollet operator requested arbitration after being discharged for gross misconduct, fraudulent collecting of workers' compensation while working as a Personal Care Attendant for her mother. The company was aware from day one of the second employment and it is documented on forms. After an explanation in which the operator appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will go to arbitration. Arbitration for the TIC (Transit Information Center) was requested after the implementation of a new procedure for customer service complaints. It is a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. Consultation prior to implementation did not take place with the union. This policy grievance started with 3rd step. It takes away work from the Customer Relations people and transfers that work to TIC. After an explanation, a secret ballot was cast. This case will go to arbitration. A Ruter operator requested arbitration for the failure of pay/compensation by the company. The operator had suffered an illness that was severe enough to be initially held off of work for a DOT. Management had said that she could not come back to work due to the nature of the illness. They did not offer her restricted duty, which is the custom. Her doctor had notified the company that the operator was okay to return to work. After an explanation in which the operator appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will go to arbitration. A Heywood operator requested arbitration for discipline involving cell phone use. The operator was in an accident involving the rear ending of a Metro Transit police car. During the review of the videotape, management observed the operator on a cell phone prior to the accident, although he was not on the phone at the time of the accident. The union feels that these are two unrelated issues and that the cell phone use should not be disciplined. After an explanation in which the operator appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will go to arbitration. An operator from Rochester Commuter Lines (RCL) is requesting arbitration for discharge involving indecent behavior with a female cusContinued on Page 4

Advisor Dorothy Maki Chair Melanie Benson South Liz Goldberg Vice Chair Heywood Office Ilona LaDouceur Rec. Secretary Nicollet Alec Johnson Ryan Timlin Twaya McIntosh Debbi Sievers Blayne Williams Overhaul Base Open Ruter Tim Robinson East Metro Philip Jarosz Lisa Callahan Heywood Garage Faye Brown Walter T. Curry, Jr. LRT Stephen Babcock Layout Carl Rice 725 Bldg. Scott Lindquist Editorial Board Ken Dolney Mark Lawson Gary Bier

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Union Minutes Continued from page 3 tomer. It involves a hug goodbye. Each accuses the other of initiating the hug. Financial Secretary/Treasurer's Report Members stood for a moment of silence for the following members who have passed away since our last meeting: Gary A. Dahlberg #500, retired member Eugene Seifert, retired member Bernard (Bucky) Bryan, retired former Mechanical Board Member

Tim Robinson #1617 Best wishes to retiring Ruter drivers Joyce Murschel #814 (30 yrs.), Steven Satre #628 (26 yrs.) and Clifton B. Hammock #17 (35 yrs.). Cliff will be highlighted in the next union newsletter. Cookouts that build camaraderie are a big part of what Ruter's about. Mechanics have cookouts for all shifts a few times a month, and the mechanics making this possible are: Kathy Holste # 64089, Dennis Conley #5414, Roger Fetterly #64109, Dale Woodcock #5141, Eldon Klinner #5542 and Fred Snelson #5449. This month (August) the drivers put together another cookout to provide funds for Black History Month (February). Thanks go to Lillie Loving #6828, Margaret L. Stephens #9066, Alemu C. Foluke #63113 and Lorene Love #838. The good food and all the hard work in providing it is greatly appreciated! Recently, Dispatcher Gordon Raveling was deployed to Iraq. We all miss him, and look forward to his safe return. The Ruter Garage has played an integral part in the deployment of the newest Artics and the new 1200 series 40-ft. buses. Allen Carlisle #5575's work on the Trax system is especially notable. TV FUND MJR drivers wishing to continue with the satellite TV service will need to donate money towards it.


President's Report Cell Phone Policy is still a major issue. Please put them away. Do not do anything with them while in the driver's seat. (Just look at this month's arbitrations). Contract Negotiations: We are finally discussing some money issues such as a healthcare plan design change. There is no raise on the table, and they have not taken the progression freeze off the table. The three-step grievance program may be streamlined to a two-step process. The contract will be extended on a day-to-day basis after it has expired. We might see an offer from management around August 22nd. This is just speculation on our part. Because of the Hastus program, we might see an elimination of three dispatcher positions. In October, there might be two additional dispatchers sent back to driving. Management has failed to talk to the union about this. New Business A standing vote was taken on the motion to add the "ATU Hardship Fund" to the company check-off list as one of the contribution options. It passed. Fund will be available July 2011 Delegate Reports CAN-AM Conference (See Officer’s Corner)

Get Out The Vote Rally on August 5th, 2010 DFL Headquarters on Plato in St. Paul ATU Local 1005 member Teresa Qualy connects with state leaders for the ATU.. All the primary candidates now support Mark Dayton . State Senator John Marty, advocate of health care insurance reform/Single Payer Congressman Keith Ellison, ATU and transit supporter, sends his best wishes to ATU 1005.

Pictured is Margaret Kelliher. after her speech.

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Transit Safety/Security Committee (TSSC) Disclaimer: Due to format changes, these columns are not exact replicas of TSSC minutes. The exact minutes are posted after each meeting at the operating garages. TRANSIT SAFETY/SECURITY COMMITTEE (TSSC) MEETING MINUTES July 1, 2010 Members of the Committee Present: Stephen Leko, Committee Chair Diane Rude, East Metro Debra Downing, Acting Management Advisor Derese Tafesse, South Christina House, LRT Darrell Hanson, Nicollet Others in attendance: Michael LaVine, Police Russ Dixon, ATU Michael McNamara, LRT Brenda Himrich, Safety Chuck Wurzinger, Maintenance Emily Anleu, Acting Recording Secretary Eric Isakson, TCC CALL TO ORDER Stephen Leko called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. in Chambers. REVIEW OF MINUTES June minutes were approved. POLICE REPORT Mike LaVine in attendance: Driver Assaults: Arrests were made in three of the four cases mentioned last month. YTD nine driver assaults, all but two have been solved. You will notice more police presence on LRT and buses. June 18, twenty two officers were riding the 5 line. Some were riding from Olson to BCTC and then the rest were riding from downtown to the MOA. 6 more were riding buses in the Safe Zone downtown Minneapolis. June 26th, there were eighteen in St. Paul on the 64 and the 16. We have Officers riding every day but have 6 additional Officers riding on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings in the Safe Zone. We have special Details scheduled July 6, 13, 14, 26, and 29th. There was a shooting that happened near Lowry and Penn. Two shots

East Metro

Philip Jarosz, Dr. #65015 Lisa Callahan, Dr. #6716 Hope everyone who attended the picnic had a great time. If you have any ideas for next year, please let someone at the union office know. Suggestions are always greatly appreciated. Say hello to some new faces: Stephen Butler, Part-time Driver 2448 from Heywood Sharay Houston, Part-time Driver 70030 from Heywood Brian Narkka, Part-time Driver 9817 from South Stephen Law, Part-time Driver 70073 from South Congratulations to new full-time drivers: Pao Moua, Driver 68318 Pam Hillman, Driver 69055 Dan Drysdale, Driver 68314 from South Congratulations and good luck to all of you.

If anyone would like to add or put anything into the East Metro column, please let us know: Lisa Callahan, Driver 6716 Phil Jarosz, Driver 65015 Ken Dolney, Dispatcher/ Union Rep.

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Commuter Rail Big Lake

Tree, dead ahead The Saturday, July 17th evening train, which returned Twins fans from Target Field to the various stations, encountered a fallen tree on the tracks. The tree was a result of the severe storms that went through the area that evening. The train returned without any injuries, but there was significant damage to the 504 lead locomotive. Northstar VMF staff repaired the locomotive and it was back in service within three days of the accident. Increased interest and ridership for Twins games resulted in joint participation of BNSF Northstar Rail Employees and Big Lake VMF to make up eight-car trains for the special events. Ridership continues to increase, partly brought on by summer vacationers, who are driving to Big Lake from the Brainerd Lakes and Fergus Falls areas and then riding the Northstar to Target Field. (doesn’t hurt that the Twins are winning!) As several people have indicated, they are not sure which they enjoy more, the game or the train ride, but in either case it is a win-win situation. On-Board Cameras – Installation ongoing. to be completed August 2010. This information was provided from the Northstar newsletter. Thank You, Jody!

were fired at a passenger on the bus. Minneapolis has a shot spotter that will pick up gun shots and can instantly put out a location for Minneapolis and Metro Transit police. Investigators were able to use bus video to identify the suspects and all three suspects were apprehended. TCC REPORT Eric Isakson in attendance: Sharon Peterson was hired as a TCC supervisor. Bus bridge last weekend in June. Everything ran smoothly. At any one time there were 18 buses operating the bus bridge. SAFETY REPORT Brenda Himrich in attendance: Top 10 Bus Accidents YTD 1. Heywood Garage 2. East Metro 3. MOA 4. Nicollet Garage 5. University/Fairview 6. Unknown 7. 5th/Minnesota 8. 6th St/Hennepin 9. 7th St / Nicollet 10. Franklin/Nicollet RISK No Report LRT Mike McNamara in attendance: Bus bridge this weekend went well. All the work that needed to be done on the LRT route was completed. Two new supervisors: Eric Anderson and Dana Alexon Mirrored glass behind the operators has been installed on all the vehicles. Installed for safety of the operator, so people don't study how we operate the train, and to help deter graffiti. The drink holder will not be moved. Please don't put drinks on the dash. Some signals are hard to see because of the sun. They are going to adjust the shroud or change the light to LED to help. STREET OPERATIONS Debra Downing in attendance: There is a lot of construction and events that result in multiple detours. Operators need to remember to print paddles and be familiar with detours. Due to large numbers of detours (or detours on detours), please call TCC if there is confusion. We would like the LRT (and Northstar) operators to make an announcement asking people to use the crosswalk at Target Field. 5th St. Garage issues were discussed. Stephen: Can operators volunteer to help direct pedestrians in the

Page 7 garages? Brenda: Let's see if we can get a station ambassador to meet that need. MAINTENANCE REPORT Chuck Wurzinger in attendance: Lowering streetside mirrors on 40-foot buses that came in 2008. That should be done soon. 29 New Flyer buses will be parked at MJR. They can't be used right now because of some rules about how long we have to keep the old buses and we need to get the communication equipment on them as well. New 40' buses from Gillig will arrive at the rate of 5 per week until September. These will replace the 400 series buses and any remaining 300 series buses. 920 about a week ½ ago had stiff steering. There was a bus change scheduled at BCTC, bus didn't make it and blew hydraulic oil all over Lyndale Ave. We are going to work with TCC to solidify the procedure about sending a bus change when there are issues with steering or brakes. .

Stephen: Are driver's seats cleaned? Chuck: Yes, there is procedure. I will follow up on that Diane: Can we change the seat in 561? The seat won't go down as low as some of the other seats. Chuck will check into it. .

Russ: What happened to bus 459 that rear ended a semi? Chuck: It's at FTH. This accident was discussed. Darrell: Passenger put a very small bike on the rack and the spring loaded arm wasn't able to hold it on the rack. Chuck: Will discuss this issue with the rack manufacturer. OTHER Smith St. Garage issues were discussed Signage was installed. Russ: During days of Twins games there is security guard in the upper lot, but there isn't one in the lower lot so the public is parking there. .

BCTC If you unlock one door then the other door unlocks as well. The lighting is much better. Respectfully submitted, Emily Anleu, Recording Secretary

Each letter stands for another. If you think X=O, for example, it would equal O throughout the puzzle. Clue: Z=H (Answer on page 8 ) Submitted by Pat Kelehan, Facilities Tech. #5470 BXACW


N T B D F? V











Stephen Babcock Carl Rice We would like to welcome to Rail Thomas Myers #9039 and Patrick Long #68040, both from Nicollet. They started training August 7, 2010. We would like to also say goodbye to the following operators: Stan Pfeil #7661 to South and Jack Souter #9620 to East Metro. The new pick will start on September 11, 2010. We have a new call time added to the September Pick - 7:00 a.m. A reminder to our fellow bus operators: Please remember that if a gate comes down on your bus, you must call it in to TCC. As train operators, we must call it in to RCC every time. Construction schedule for the Central Corridor: September 2010 - December 2010, Washington Avenue Bridge foundation work for more Three major events: September 2, 2010, Minnesota Vikings pre-season game at Metrodome, 7:00 p.m. Minnesota Twins at Target Field, 7:10 p.m. Minnesota State Fair



Light Rail Facility


Siemens was found to provide the strongest technical proposal along with proposing the lowest cost for the new rail cars. The panel unanimously recommended Siemens for production and delivery of 41 low floor light rail vehicles.

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Radio Guidelines by Deb Sievers (Info from Chad in TCC) IMPORTANT: An Operator is required to call the TCC immediately to report all accidents, injuries, or security incidents.

Rummage Sale The Nicollet Garage Rummage Sale was held Saturday, August 7, in the parking lot across Nicollet Avenue. Items donated by countless numbers of people were displayed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some were on tables loaned by the church across the street. Dozens of volunteers helped to sort, set out and sell clothes, strollers, household goods, electronic items, books, shoes and other things too numerous to mention. Approximately $1,100 were raised. The maintenance department gets $400 of that amount, and the rest will go to help pay for cable TV in the drivers’ room, which is $89 per month. All of the volunteers and donors deserve a lot of credit for the hard work they put in to make this event a success. More volunteers next year are welcome. Transit History Tour Nicollet Garage was one of the stops on the Minnesota Transportation Museum’s Transit History Tour August 7. Blayne Williams from the Maintenance Department drove the old-style bus through the garage. See article in this issue for more information.

ROUTINE REQUEST TO TALK (RTT): Use for situations that do not need an immediate response. For example: Minor mechanical problem, bus update, farebox problem or question, customer information. Routine calls may take 5 minutes or more. PRIORITY REQUEST TO TALK (PRTT): Use for situations that need a quick response. For example: Accident with no/minor injury, serious mechanical problem, security-related incident in or around the bus. EMERGENCY REQUEST TO TALK (ERTT) (OVERT): Use for emergencies that require an urgent response. For example: Accident with serious injuries, serious illness/injury to you or passenger or citizen, fight in progress, serious security incident in or around the bus. COVERT (SILENT) ALARM: Use for an emergency requiring an urgent response when you feel that talking on the radio could escalate the situation. Send call by pressing the button on the side panel beside your left knee. Pressing this button activates a hidden microphone that allows TCC to listen to the activities on the bus. Police will be dispatched to your location, but without any incident information. When you are able to do so, downgrade your call (to PRTT or ERTT) and give additional information, e.g., person is physically threatening you or person has a weapon. I got this info from TCC. I hope this will help. One thing that is not in the info is that if your MDT does not boot up and you cannot log on, your alarms do not work. Also, please stay off of your cell phones and make sure they are turned completely off and stowed. They will be watching and you could end up with a whole month off. I could not afford this and I do not know anyone who can.


Melanie Benson #854 Twaya McIntosh #9002 Debbi Sievers #64222 Alec Johnson #66034 Ryan Timlin #66279 Blayne Williams #77

Before sending a call, identify the type of call you need to make. Use the guidelines listed below. The response you receive from TCC will depend on the type of call you send. The information you give is critical for safety, security, and service delivery.

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Shades of the Past 1976


Buses were RED. Bus stop signs were RED with WHITE circle T's. Drivers' uniforms were ARMY GREEN with MINT GREEN shirts that had an ORANGE patch with a WHITE CIRCLE T on the sleeve. Plastic badges that slipped over the shirt pocket were ORANGE and WHITE. Paddleboards (scheduled pieces of work covered with acrylic) were in an ORANGE frame. Drivers' courtesy card kits were ORANGE and WHITE. Trip sheets, where a driver had to write down every trip's statistics, were YELLOW. Punches used for defect slips, punching riders' tickets, and punching transfers were SILVER/GREY. They were used all day, every day. Transfers, made out of newsprint and coming in long, narrow tablets were OFF-WHITE with GRAY, BLUE and RED printing. Drivers punched out the route number and the direction, then punched the transfers received on the line. Schedules, kept in a rack on the inside of the farebox, were MAROON and WHITE.

Salazar, Johnson Appointed International VPs Yvette Salazar Yvette Salazar was just 15 when her grandfather started telling her that she "really should get a good union job with good union benefits." She says she really didn't understand why getting a union job was so important, but when it came time for her to start earning a living she got a job as an RTD operator and joined Local 1001-Denver, CO. Sister Salazar became a shop steward for the local in 1998, and an executive board member in 1999. Her enthusiasm for the work made her a natural for these jobs. Her co-workers encouraged her to run for recording secretary. Salazar was elected recording secretary and three years later ran unopposed for local president - the first time that had happened in the local's history. During her time as local president Salazar took the local out on strike over a contract offer that would have effectively given her members a wage decrease - and the local won! In fact, the new contract gave her members the largest wage increase in the local's history. In 2007, Salazar was appointed international representative, and she has just been appointed international vice president to serve the Continued on page 11

Liz Goldberg #1630 Exciting July elections for Safety/Security Committee Rep among four most worthy candidates resulted in a run-off election, with Lisa Benson Op #9143 as South's new TSSC Rep. Congrats and good luck, Lisa! South looks forward to visiting Instructor Jerry Larsen #9763, here for twelve weeks beginning in September for OJE (On the Job Experience) for the ATM On the Ladder Program. He's a charming guy with a unique accent and a full repertoire of jokes. South welcomes Mr. Personality! Dispatch is in the News With the October Dispatch Pick, a reduction of three FT dispatchers will affect South, Nicollet and Heywood (one from each garage determined by seniority). Frank Collins is currently working, but recovering from surgery. Kim Fleming is out and recovering from surgery. A speedy recovery is wished for both members. Kim, get well soon. We miss your positive attitude and lovely presence! Ten New 40 ft Low-floors Coming

With minor upgrades, ten new Gilligs- series 1221-1230 are currently on the way to South. December Pick South will operate limited-stop DT route 135# and South will begin operations through the 46 On-Line Station with routes 535, 576,579 and 597. South will be the only garage involved in routes that operate through this new innovative station.

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Workers’ Compensation Heywood

Ilona La Douceur #66048

Faye Brown # 6331 Walter T. Curry, Jr. #3815 TIC Rep. Kelly Craven #2005 has moved to the Big Lake Northstar Station, taking the position of Cleaner 1, a shorter commute for her from Monticello. TIC has posted job openings for three TIC reps. The closing date for applicants is August 16. New hires will hopefully begin their training in October. TRAINING: Drivers, let's remember that the Marquette and 2nd Ave. express lanes were created to help with congestion, efficiency and safety. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your training department. There are other bus lines travelling these two streets, so let's make sure we are doing our best. Three part-timers come in to service August 16, and 28 parttimers go full-time system-wide on October 28. SAFETY: Thanks to the drivers and extra safety personnel for staying safe while construction was completed at the bay doors. Remember, as always, to have your foot ready to STOP, eyes LOOKING and ears LISTENING. Let's keep it a safe workplace. MAINTENANCE: Check your garage bulletin board for monthly maintenance reports. New buses are coming in every week and are being fitted to Metro's specifications. A Recognition Picnic Lunch was held for the mechanics July 22 to congratulate them on keeping our buses running. GOOD JOB!

At the May membership meetings, two attorneys appeared to discuss issues relating to workers' compensation. They prefaced their remarks by acknowledging the importance of unions, and why they matter: "Unions are worth fighting for. Unions still represent one of the best hopes for middle class working people on issues like worker safety, protecting workers against unjust firings, as well as securing better pay, benefits and working conditions for their members. Historically, unions have done much in America to bring workers together across divides of race, gender, religion and social class." They then presented their remarks on workers' comp: In case of an on-the-job injury: 1. Report your injury in writing to your supervisor, keep a copy, and send a copy to your union steward. Insurers are looking for a reason to deny your claim. Don't give them one by not promptly reporting. Be specific, but brief. You need to report an injury, not just symptoms while at work. 2. Go to your own medical doctor as soon as possible after the injury -don't wait to get treatment. Going to your own doctor provides you with the proper treatment you need. Document your injury history. Make sure you clearly describe the work injury to your doctor. Example: "I was struck by a tree branch in the right shoulder while clearing a downed power line." Make sure your doctor accurately records any and all injuries you suffered. 3. During your time off work you may be under surveillance by professional investigators, so don't ever exceed your medical restrictions. The insurance company may be taking videos to damage your credibility. Don't do anything outside your home that would compromise your case. 4. At the end of your healing period, make sure your medical doctor examines you and makes a final permanent disability rating. Only by having such a rating will you guarantee that future medical benefits to the same body parts are covered. 5. Make sure that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible about potential third-party rights on any serious injury to you or your family that occurred on or off the job. You may have compensation coming over and above worker's compensation if your job injury is caused by negligence of a third party, such as a careless driver running a stop sign and hitting your company vehicle or a defective tool that breaks and causes your injury. 6. For serious lost time injuries, select your own QRC, not a companyappointed disability case manager. You are entitled to choose a trained professional to help you return to your old job with light duty accommodations or even get retrained at the insurance company's expense. If you let the insurance company choose, you risk getting a QRC who probably thinks a minimum-wage job with no retraining is a great result. If you are seriously injured, call immediately so a fair QRC can be selected. We thank these attorneys for coming before the May union member-

Page 11 ship meeting and giving a presentation on workers' compensation rights. This was not a full description of the workers' compensation system. For a more extensive free booklet or free consultation on your situation, please contact Joseph Herbulock (Workers' Compensation Law) or Todd Gadtke (Personal Injury Law and Lemon Law Litigation) at 763-3154548. These attorneys have worked with union members for over 33 years. Salazar, Johnson Appointed International VPs Continued from page 9 remainder of the term vacated by the retirement of International Vice President Don Hansen. The new IVP appreciates what the labor movement, and in particular the ATU, can do for people. Not surprisingly, today she finds herself telling her children, "You know, you really should get a good union job with good union benefits."

Gary Johnson

Rochester City Lines Your name here

RCL’s contract is up at the end of this year. A negoiating committee has been formed, but no dates have been set with the company. The Company brought back a driver who won through an arbitration. He has been off since April 1st, 2009. He recieved partial back-pay from April 1st to May 22nd. There is a possibility of additional backpay if certain conditions are met. An operator from Rochester Commuter Lines (RCL) is requesting arbitration for discharge involving indecent behavior with a female customer. It involves a hug goodbye. Each accuses the other of initiating the hug.

Gary Johnson, Sr. has been an active ATU member for 25 years. Because Johnson loves to talk a lot the executive board member of the Hayden District of Local 268-Cleveland, OH, appointed Johnson to be his steward in 1994. In 1997, Brother Johnson was elected to the local's executive board as an operational representative from Cleveland's Hayden District. And in 2000, he was elected assistant business agent for operations. In 2003, Johnson was elected president of the local and served two terms in that capacity until 2008. In 2008, the local president was appointed international representative, and this year International President Ron Heintzman appointed Johnson international vice president to fill the vacancy created by International President Warren George upon his retirement. As an international representative, Johnson provided valuable assistance to many of our local unions and has been an effective negotiator across the table from private companies and public sector employers alike. He just recently finished aiding in the stewardship of Local 282-Rochester, NY. Before that Johnson assisted in the successful campaign to turn back the Teamster raid of Local 241-Chicago, IL. Internal organizing is one goal that Johnson has in his new job. He wants to "make sure members understand what the ATU is all about and what we stand for." The new IVP says that being a member of the ATU has meant a lot to him and his family. "None of us would be where we are today without the International Union," he says, adding that, "This didn't happen overnight. We benefit from over 100 years of work of ATU members who came before us."

Larry Hanson #9245 Retires Larry retired at MJR on June 3rd with 18 years of service. He received a jacket from Dorothy Maki. Many co-workers and friends came to say goodbye. Larry started at Metro Transit on April 13, 1992. Prior to Metro Transit, he was in the liquor industry.

Left to right: Craig Oliver, Leeann Broten, Dennis Hill, Dave Tuveson - Fellow employees enjoy retirement cake with Larry. Good Luck, Larry!

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THE 2010 STATE BUS ROADEO IN ALEXANDRIA, MN by Deb Sievers A group of us left for Alexandria on Thursday, July 15, for a weekend of having fun and cheering on our co-workers as they competed in the State Bus Roadeo on Saturday, July 17 for the titles of the best transit drivers in the state. Bernie Martinez, Theresa Collins, Jeanne O'Neill and I met up with Bo Bondy #321(retired) at a place called Bug-a-boo Bay. What great food! If you ever get to Alexandria, check it out. We started out on the patio. As the clouds started rolling overhead, they got darker. Our waiter, Sam (a cute blond 20-year-old who had the ladies drooling) came out to inform us that we should move inside, which we did. The next thing we knew, we were asked to move away from the windows. Then we got moved into a small room where the pop syrup and the electrical boxes were stored. There was a report of a tornado that had touched down at the Interstate, so the police called to let the restaurant know they needed to evacuate. We drove back to the hotel. Fun first night!

The heckler girls: Deb Sievers 64222, Bernie Martinez 5989, Theresa Collins 1378, Jeanne O'Neill 2116.

On Friday we got dressed, had breakfast and went to town. Of course we had to go see Big Ole, the large Viking statue at the end of town. We also visited the Runestone Museum. The story behind this is that there was a Minnesota farmer who dug up a stone with writing on it. It basically indicates that the Vikings were the first to find North America, not Columbus. That is something that you need to see and decide for yourself. I, being Scandinavian, believe it's true. The whole Metro Transit crew...dressing in our fun stuff.

After that, we hit the amusement park and played on the bumper boats, then went to drive the go-karts. What a blast! Then it was on to putt-putt golf, 18 holes of good times, many laughs and numerous do-overs. The girls each got a hole in one, but I got two....he-he! Sorry girls...better luck next time. We met up with some people we have had fun with at past roadeos. It was a great day and great night even though it rained that night as well.

Saturday was the roadeo. We had our banner up and wore our shirts that said "BAD GURLZ OF METRO TRANSIT!" Everyone loved them. Our participants were Darrel Hanson, Nicollet driver/relief instructor who went fifth. His daughter, Gigi, was there to cheer him on. Marshall Freeman, East Metro driver/peer support, went second. His wife and three very handsome boys were there to cheer him on. After the long bus competition, we all piled on buses to go over to watch a bus being torched. It was fully engulfed within 3-5 minutes. What an eye-opener. Let's hope this never happens to any of us. Okay, it would be

Page 13 unusual for the hecklers not to do something funny...We brought marshmallows to roast. The fire chief brought out the propane torch so we could get our marshmallows roasted. (There are pictures on our Facebook page, under "Heckler's Row"). The day was absolutely beautiful. Great times! That night we went to the banquet, where we enjoyed great food, wonderful people and the best news of all: Marshall won first place. We finally beat St. Cloud...Great Job, Marshall!!! Darrell Hanson and Marshall Freeman having fun after they ran the course...very lovely, guys!!!

Now we are getting ready to plan for next year. We are going to need more cheerleaders because the 2011 State Roadeo will be Marshall Freeman, State Roadeo Champion in St. Cloud. So if for 2010!!! Way to go, you are interested, you can either con- Marshall. tact me at 612-6950238 (or my e-mail address or on our Facebook page, Heckler's Row. The roadeo next year will be July 22Here are all of the roadeo champs. On left are the winners in the 24, 2011. large bus category, with Marshall taking Number 1, of course.

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ATU 1005 ANNUAL PICNIC Sunday, August 15th, a beautiful and breezy day, was perfect for the annual picnic. Members with their family and friends (more children than ever) enjoyed good food, entertinment, and lots of great prizes!

A huge thank you goes out to all the people who helped planned, organize and pull off this enjoyable event. Good work everyone!

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Page 16

Retirements Congratulations to June Retirees 06/01/10 Douglas Bailey, OHB Mech. Tech. 5140 06/02/10 Joyce Murschel, MJR Bus Op. 814 06/02/10 Michael Cope, MJR Mech. Tech. 1520 06/05/10 Larry Hansen, MJR Mech. Tech. 9245 06/11/10 Larry Clark, EM Bus Op. 6357 06/12/10 Thomas Smith, FTH Bus Op. 2431 06/18/10 David Hanson, OHB Mech. Tech. 3269

Congratulations to July Retirees 07/09/10 John Vargason, Nic. Skilled Helper 5427 07/10/10 Teng Her, EM Op. 64172 07/01/10 Robert Rubbelke, OHB Mech. Tech. 1568 07/02/10 Keith Dilling, FTH Op. 801 07/02/10 George Hogetvedt, FTH Op. 425 07/02/10 Keith Dilling, Instructor 801 07/02/10 Thomas Hillyer, OHB Mech. Tech. 5279 07/06/10 Rodney Pederson, EM Gar. Op. 1114 07/06/10 Eric Stigen, OHB Mech. Tech. 5250 07/07/10 Steven Satre, MJR Op. 628 07/08/10 Thomas Jellings, Rev. Elect.Tech. 6321 07/10/10 Clifton Hammock, MJR Op. 17 07/24/10 Robert Lorentz, OHB, Mech. Tech. 5124 07/31/10 Mark Williams, OHB, Transmission Overhaul Spec. 5202

Congratulations to Employees Celebrating Anniversaries

September Five years 09/24/05 Michael Alexander, 65139 09/19/05 Senaida Casarez, 65118 09/10/05 Steven Duncan, 65115 09/10/05 John Edwards, 65116 09/19/05 Thomas, Frazier, 65120 09/19/05 Deona, Griffo, 65125 09/19/05 Kenneth Gross, 65121 09/19/05 Joseph, Martin, 65124 09/24/05 Legesse Urgessa, 65140 Ten years 09/09/00 James Hansen, 2125 09/09/00 Richard James, 2122 09/07/00 Jean O'Neill, 2116 09/09/00 Daniel Tedford, 2129 09/09/00 Carol Thompson, 2123 09/07/00 Jerome Vietor, 7028 09/09/00 Kevin Whelan, 2127

09/09/00 Amy Yotter, 2126 Fifteen years 09/05/95 William Carlstrom, 9509 09/16/95 Daniel Till, 9513 Twenty-five years 09/23/85 John Czyscon, 619 09/23/85 Margaret Decker, 544 09/23/85 Helga Fabianski, 540 09/23/85 John Gomez, 632 09/09/85 Thomas O'Brien, 5450 09/23/85 Marion Swentik, 562 Thirty years 09/02/80 Timothy Bluml, 3130 09/02/80 Charles Feucht, 5355 Thirty-five years 09/02/75 David Jungwirth, 2840

October Five years 10/29/05 Chantal Boyongo, 65175 10/17/05 Phillip Forseth, 65164 10/03/05 Hassan Johnson, 65151 10/17/05 James Johnson, 65159 10/03/05 Wa Seng Lee, 65148 10/29/05 Gregory McClellan, 65176 08/22/05 Annie McCraney, 65110 10/17/05 James Shannon, 65162 10/03/05 Addis Teklie, 65146 10/03/05 Robert Tompkins, 65142 10/17/05 Allan Waldon, 65160 10/03/05 Richard Welton, 65149 10/17/05 Yee Xiong, 65163 Ten years 10/07/00 Anthony Fitzgerald, 2141 10/05/00 Daisy Frantz, 2133 10/07/00 Paul Johnson, 2137 10/14/00 Maurice Thornton, 2143 10/07/00 Sarah Ulness, 2134 Fifteen years 10/02/95 Christopher Sagerer, 3523 10/02/95 Lisle Vickerman, 3525 Twenty years 10/08/90 Roger Heil, 3438

Page 17 Twenty-five years 10/21/85 Glory Gloudemans, 822 10/21/85 Diane Kelleher, 844 10/07/85 Ronald Maddox, 694 10/07/85 Dale Patrin, 715 10/21/85 Douglas Sandvos, 823 10/21/85 Cornelious Sykes, 847 Thirty years 10/30/80 Darrell Krepsky, 5373 10/06/80 Thomas Logan, 1468 10/15/80 Jody Theisen, 3233

Thirty-five years 10/09/75 Douglas Bailey, 5140 10/27/75 James Chamberlin, 5185 10/20/75 Lois Johnson, 3174 10/20/75 Bobby Logan, 769 10/20/75 John Mattson, 1563 Forty years 10/21/70 William Crowder, 1454

Department Of Labor Election Challenge Decision United States District Court Judge Paul A. Magnuson has ordered that the election challenge filled by the Department of Labor against the ATU Local 1005 for the 2008 election of officers and Board members be DISThe ATU membership voted to add this option to the company’s MISSED. The judgement was entered Charitable Giving Campaign 2010! Look for it labeled 'Working August 11, 2010 Partnerships/United Way'.

Hardship Fund/Charitable Giving

Retired Members’ Clubs Northside Breakfast Club Meets 8:30 a.m. the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Barnacle Bill’s, Shingle Creek Parkway and Freeway Blvd, Brooklyn Center. Southside Breakfast Club Meets 8:00 a.m. the 1st Wednesday and the 4th Thursday of each month at the VFW Post, 67th Street & Lyndale Ave in Richfield. St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club Meets 12:00 p.m. the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Mattie’s (formerly Wells Lanes ) So. Concord St., South St. Paul. Metro Transit Mechanic Teammate Meets at 12:00 p.m. the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Old Country Buffet (by Petco), 2000 South Robert St., West St. Paul.

ATU Members Donating

Working Partnerships Working with United Way

ATU 1005 Members are helped in their time of need

There will be additional pamphlets at all facilities this fall with details of what the money will do for ATU 1005 members. This would be part of the Charitable Giving Campaign 2010.

Working Partnerships would administer the hardship fund. They are located in our building on the 5th floor.

This fund is designed to help members pay a vendor up to $300.00 under the following circumstances: When a spouse or child has died; when a medical condition occurs; where the member cannot work; when a catastrophic event takes place (fire, flood, tornado, etc.); when a fired member is voted to arbitration.

Page 18

Rodney Pederson, Driver 1114, Retired by Lisa Callahan Rodney retired on July 6, 2010, and I want to share some very wonderful things about him. He was a great person to all his fellow employees and to all his passengers. He was quiet, yet respectful. Did you know that Rodney won the Elite Driver Award after 20 years and the Outstanding Driver Award 23 times? He had 29 Years of Safe Driving and he received many, many commendations in his 31-year career here at Metro Transit, all of it in Saint Paul. When Rodney retired, he asked Steve Jaeger and anyone else who had to know not to let the word out. I came in on the morning of July 6th to a couple of tables filled with doughnuts and rolls that Rodney had purchased. He asked that the cake money be donated to the drivers’ fund. There he was, standing there in street clothes, with his wife by his side. We were all so surprised that he was announcing to colleagues that he had retired. So, from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., many fellow employees wished him well. Rodney, I know you're busy working on your farm now, but I was told you would receive a copy of this in the mail. I sure hope you and your family are doing well. I really wish you the best of luck. Thanks for showing me and the rest of your fellow colleagues that there are remarkable people out here. Oh - and don't work too hard on the farm. Thanks again - Drivers from East Metro.

Can you believe it’s STATE FAIR time again!? This year Metro Transit will provide express service from six sites around the Twin Cities every 15 minutes and four express services every half hour, with private providers doing the rest of the express service. The free Park & Ride service will once again be operated by private providers, as required by federal law. Buses on all State Fair routes will operate daily from 8:00 a.m. to midnight. Remember the good old days when we did all the work for the State Fair? If you are going to the State Fair, don't forget to buy your admission tickets and the food booklets at Cub Foods.

Tom Smith, Heywood Dr. #2431 Retires Tom started on November 5th, 2001. He grew up as a kid in Northeast Minneapolis, Prior to Metro Transit, he worked as a salesman for a bulk oil company. After he retired from there, he came to Metro Transit. He and his wife (shown in picture) renovated a cabin up on Farm Lake just north of Lake Mille Lacs. Tommy Bellfield presents Tom with a union jacket.

Page 19

Pride Parade - 2010 by Deb Sievers We had the Twins bus in this year's Pride Parade . Our driver, Jessica Blodgett #68106 did a great job of driving the bus. Thanks, Jessica!

Several people showed up to hand out candy and walk in the parade. What fun! Someone asked if you had to be gay to walk in the parade. The answer is no!!! Everyone is welcome. We hope to see more folks next year. Thank you also to Kelci Stones, from Marketing, for her help in keeping Metro Transit a part of the GLBT festivities. And a big thank you to all who came out to walk with us.

My name is Tim Robinson. I am the newest member of the Education Committee representing the Ruter Garage. I am very appreciative of all the union has done for me during my 26 years at Metro Transit. Metro Transit has changed since 1984, the year I was hired, but the needs of the workers have remained much the same. By being part of a union, we are assured that we will have an advocate in our disputes with management; we are able to appreciate the fine benefits provided in a contract that addresses the workers' needs; and, by sticking together, we help keep Metro Transit focused and accountable to respect the people who work for them. I am very happy with what I have found in the union newsletter. This newsletter not only allows us to see what is in the hearts of the union leaders we have elected, but it also serves as a vehicle for sharing helpful information and for keeping us aware of the significant workers' events happening around us (such as the union picnic). I feel that the experience of driving a bus for 26 years and of dispatching for ten years will help me in providing articles which will promote camaraderie and a strong union. Graduating from the Leadership Academy program and the experience with management have given me additional insights. One of my goals is to have management and the union working together instead of at each other's throats. I have also worked at all the garages except East Metro, though I worked at the old Snelling Garage for many years. I have come to know many fine people at all the garages. Each garage has a special place in my heart. Ruter was the first garage I worked at, and it's my present home. Snelling was the first garage that I worked at full-time. Many of the people I first worked with at Snelling are now at East Metro. Heywood is the garage where most of my years at Metro Transit were spent and where I learned to be a dispatcher. Nicollet was the garage where I learned the new Hastus program, and South was the garage of my Leadership Academy training. Therefore I know many of the people in the Education Committee that I will be working with. I hope to not only contribute helpful articles, but to also be a catalyst for others at Ruter in their communications. Hopefully, many more people from Ruter will join the Education Committee, too.

Page 20

MINNEAPOLIS TRANSIT HISTORY TOUR By Ilona LaDouceur #66048 Saturday, August 7th was turning out to be a pretty nice day. It was in the upper 80's, there was some humidity, but there was also a nice breeze if one stood in the right place. Saturday was the day of the Minneapolis Transit History Tour my friend and bus driver Melanie Benson #854 had informed me about on Facebook. The tour was scheduled from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. The meeting spot was at 10th Ave and 5th St N, near the back parking lot of the Heywood Garage. I drove up to the location around 1:30, and what I saw brought me back in time (before my time, anyway). First, let me tell you about our hosts and driver for the event. Our first host was quite a charmer. His name is Phil Epstein. He is a retired City of Minneapolis engineer, a longtime mechanic at the Minnesota Transportation Museum and Richfield Bus Company, and a Motorman at the Minnesota Streetcar Museum. He was employed for three years by the MTC (Metropolitan Transit Commission). He is a longtime union man belonging to AFSCME Local 90, ATU 1005 and IUOE Local 70. Our second host was Mike Buck, equally charming and knowledgeable, retired after 30+ years as a high school teacher. Last, but not least, our driver for the tour was Metro Transit driver and union sister Diane Rude #9204. She has been with Metro Transit for 18 years and currently drives Route 21. About 20 people showed up for the tour, ranging in age from the early 20's to the 70's. I recognized a few ATU members and retirees, including Scott Tollin, former driver and ATU 1005 officer.

We started our outing in a 1954 GM Model 5105 transit coach (seats 51). This was one of 300 built for the Twin City Rapid Transit Company. It has a straight 6-cylinder 426cid diesel engine, a GM hydraulic drive automatic transmission and air ride suspension. At 19,500 pounds, it was considered very light for a big city bus and this model became very popular in cities throughout the USA. Simple design and strong machinery made this vehicle one of the most reliable transit vehicles ever produced. There were 3,600 of them sold, with about 50 of them still around. All of them running today have about 300,000 miles on them and many of them have not yet needed to be overhauled. This fleet, along with 200 other buses already in the TCRT fleet, replaced the street railway system in the Twin Cities between 1950 and 1954. This particular bus ran in the Twin Cities for 20 years. In 1975, the MTC sold it to Lorenz Bus Service, who ran it on North Suburban Lines for 10 years and then donated it to the Minnesota Transportation Museum. It sat in storage until 2005, when it was overhauled and repainted to its original TCRT color scheme. We drove through the downtown warehouse district, and one of our first stops was the Colonial Warehouse at 212 Third Avenue N., formerly known as the Minneapolis Street Railway Company Building. The warehouse was intended to be the powerhouse for a cable car system that was never built. Instead, it became an elec-

Page 21 tric carhouse, and the first electric power house for streetcars in 1890. The building housed the general offices and the paint and woodworking shops during the horse-drawn streetcar era. Thomas Lowry, the head of the Minneapolis Street Railway Company, chose this site as the firm's headquarters. It became the main offices of the Minneapolis Street Railway until 1904. We then continued through downtown, learning of the complex and vast streetcar system. Streetcars were put into operation around 1880 and ran until June 19, 1954. Something I found very interesting was the fact that Twin City Rapid Transit had "streetcar" boats. With names like The Hopkins, The White Bear, The Harriet and The Minnehaha, they were in service on Lake Minnetonka from about 1900 to 1920. The Minnehaha has been restored and is now operating on Lake Minnetonka. There were three lines that operated on Hennepin Avenue: Bryant-Johnson, Bryn Mawr North and the Como-Harriet lines. We were on our way to Linden Hills to ride some streetcars. On our way, we stopped at the Nicollet Garage and met with Nicollet mechanic Blayne Williams #77, who gave us a tour of the Nicollet Garage. Although I am already familiar with our garages, I did get to see and learn about what the various machines were and how they operated. Then it was off to the streetcars. Arriving at the Linden Hills station, you may well feel that it's 1900 all over again. There are a history exhibit and a cute little gift shop at the station. Rail transit came to Lake Harriet in 1880. By 1891, Thomas Lowry's Minneapolis Street Railway had electrified the line. In 1906, the now double -tracked line of Lowry's Twin City Rapid Transit company was extended all the way to Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka. Streetcars whisked between the lakes at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The Como -Harriet Line served southwest Minneapolis, downtown Minneapolis and St Paul, the Capitol, Como Park, the State Fairgrounds and the University of Minnesota. We rode two different streetcars. The first was No 1300. This car was built by TCRT's Snelling shop in 1908 as part of an order for faster cars to be used on the St Paul-Minneapolis Interurban Line along University Avenue. It ran for 46 years! The second one was No 322, built by the St Louis Car Company in 1946, one of 140 delivered to TCRT between 1946 and 1949. This was in commission until 1953 when it was sold to the Newark, New Jersey subway system. This was restored and returned to the Minnesota Transportation Museum in 2000. At the risk of sounding corny, riding in these magnificent streetcars (especially No 322, for me) had me longing for and imagining how truly wonderful these streetcars must have been during those years. They were rich with history, so beautifully restored to their original state - the woodwork and detailing, the lamps and heating system, the fareboxes, the controls and gauges. I especially loved looking at the advertisements of the day on streetcars: Lana Turner for Cameo Pantyhose, Nabisco Crackers, The Lyndale Hotel , U.S. War Bonds and Gluek Beer, to name a few. I think we got back around 5:00 p.m., an hour later than scheduled - but that was fine with me. Our hosts overloaded us with facts and stories, so I was tired when we ended our tour. There are so many things I haven't got to share at this time but I am looking forward to hopefully taking a trip on the Minneapolis -St. Paul Transit History route again.

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Letters To The Editor

Submissions for Letters to the Editor are subject to approval of the Editorial Board and space considerations. Letters to the Editor are solely the opinion of the author and do not represent endorsement by ATU Local 1005 or the Education Committee. If you have an editorial to submit, please contact a committee member or our advisor Dorothy Maki at: Vote No To Cuts!

On Sunday, August 22nd there will be a special membership meeting at 11:00 a.m. in the South Ballroom at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and vote on a contract that Metro Transit has offered the union. Voting will take place after the meeting is adjourned and will last until 4:00 pm. It is important that union members attend this meeting! If you cannot make the meeting, you can cast your vote at the union office on Monday, August 23rd from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. What is Metro Transit's offer? The same offer as the first. A pay freeze for three years, with no progressions! Health Care increases of 14.5% in 2011 and 2012 (this after a 9.5% increase in 2010)! This amounts to a loss in pay! Metro Transit is offering this with no regard to the situations we face day to day! Drivers get three-hour splits, extending our workday to 12 hours. We get no recovery time because of improper scheduling, and no proper bathrooms on some routes! The mechanics don't have a proper tool list. (Some tools don't meet DOT regulations!) They are not given enough time to properly inspect buses! And, in fact, the safety equipment on the coach buses is not inspected (e.g. the fire extinguishers)! There are not enough fuelers and cleaners to wash and clean buses under OSHA regulations. Metro Transit tried to remove the Payroll department positions from being ATU without asking the payroll employees. They even fired vault pullers (who now have their jobs back) for lying, when it was the company who was lying about how they are supposed to take their breaks! Metro Transit spent millions of dollars on a computer system to eliminate dispatch positions. In this economy, when we need more jobs and when workers need what money we make, Metro Transit won't spend money to have a properly- running system. But they will spend money to fire us and eliminate job positions. This is not new. It is happening left and right in this economic crisis. And, since this economic crisis hit, it has been workers who have paid for it, not the banks or those on Wall Street who put us in this situation. No, they get bailed out! We get shut out! We have some of the last good-paying jobs in the Twin Cities. If we accept these cuts, it is a loss for the entire working class of the Twin Cities and Minnesota! We cannot allow this to happen! Cuts don't create jobs. When cuts are accepted, it just opens the door for more cuts later down the road. The state politicians who are backed by corporate dollars, and the unelected, unaccountable cronies of the governor in the Met Council are using the economic crisis to divide the public sector workers from the private sector workers. They have no interest in helping us out or making it a better-running transit system! We need to show the way forward for the rest of our working class brothers and sisters: If you fight, you can maintain and improve your living standards! In this economy, we need to keep what good-paying jobs there are out there! And transit is needed more than ever. Let's fight back to keep jobs and transit running! We cannot accept a loss. VOTE NO! on August 22nd. Send a strong message to Metro Transit that we will not sit back and take this from them! Ryan Timlin - Dr #66279

Page 23

David Hanson #3269 Retired David Hanson #3269 retired from the body shop with 42 years of service on June 18. He started on June 17th, 1968.

He lives in Northbranch.

Tommy Bellfield presents David with a union jacket.

In Memoriam Gary A. Dahlberg #500, age 62, retired member, died from a fire in his home on July 9, 2010. He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother. He is survived by sisters Wendy (Les) Kuiper, Holly Dahlberg, Sharyl (Tom) Madison and Lorrie (David) Mattson; uncle Richard (Marlene) Adair; nieces, nephews and many friends.

Eugene Seifert, retired member, died July 18, 2010 (no other information available).

Bernard (Bucky) Bryan, retired former mechanical board member, died July 19, 2010 (no other information available).

Robert "Bob" W. Anderson, age 48, of Shoreview, died unexpectedly on June 23, 2010. He was a loving father, son and brother. He is survived by his son Kyle; parents, Jack and Phyllis; sister, Cindy(Don) Marx. He was a 30-year employee of Metro Transit and a hunter and fisherman extraordinaire.

Cities tackle traffic head-on with commuter options (Excerpts from an article) Getting people to choose public transit, carpools, biking, telecommuting or other alternatives to driving to work solo is a major part of a campaign to relieve congestion on I-35W and other roads here. The state is spending $500 million, including $133 million in federal money granted to cities running innovative projects, on a broad effort to ease logjams on I-35W. Commuter use of three Park & Ride lots serving the highway has increased by 16%, 19% and 25%; trips on I-35W are an average 10-15 minutes faster, and the agency has achieved free-flowing traffic in express lanes on the highway 98% of the time Snarled traffic is a frustrating reality for the modern driver. It's also a walloping blow to the nation's economy. Congestion costs the USA $87.2 billion a year in gasoline and lost productivity, according to Lomax's most recent report. That's 2.8 billion gallons of wasted fuel and 4.2 billion hours of wasted time. The Twin Cities try to ensure that transit riders and carpoolers avoid daily traffic tie-ups. The region has 300 miles of bus-only lanes, in which the right shoulder of highways is opened for buses during peak traffic; that's more than the rest of the USA combined. Minnesota also recently added "priced dynamic shoulder lanes," in which the left shoulder of highways is restricted to buses, carpools and single-car occupants who pay a toll. The state rebuilt some key streets in downtown Minneapolis, widening sidewalks, eliminating on-street parking and adding a second bus lane, which allows buses to pass stopped buses. Since December, those changes have enabled buses on the affected streets to increase operating speeds by 60%, says Bob Gibbons, spokesman for Metro Transit, which provides 90% of local bus service here. The region, which has had just one light rail line since 2004, is expanding its network. A central corridor connecting downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul is expected to begin service in 2014; a third line, connecting Minneapolis and suburban Eden Prairie, was approved in May. Minneapolis emphasizes alternative forms of commuting. Just 35% of workers downtown drive to work alone, about half the national average; 40% use transit, 20% vanpools or carpools and 5% bike or walk, says Dan MacLaughlin, executive director of the Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization, a non-profit partnership between the city and the business community. The collapse of the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River during the evening rush hour on Aug. 1, 2007, prompted the state Legislature in 2008 to authorize a transportation funding package that will generate $6.6 billion over 10 years for roads, bridges and transit projects. It included an 8.5-cent increase in the state gas tax — the first rise in 18 years — and granted seven counties in the Twin Cities metropolitan area the authority to impose a quarter-cent sales tax for transit projects. David Levinson, a civil engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, cautions that everything being done here is "just pieces to a puzzle. I wouldn't say they solve the congestion problem by any means. Only a small percentage of the workforce actually works downtown." Across the region, only about 2% of all work trips are on transit. "That sounds pretty bad, and it is," he says. "But nationally, it's less than 1%." Source: USA Today news,

DRUG TESTING RIGHTS If you do not use the specific wording when you request results from a positive drug test, the agency has no obligation to comply. All they are required to do is give you a paper stating the results are positive. Every employee has the legal right to request, in writing to the Medical Review Officiers (MRO), copies of: the Litigation Package* of the initial test. (this will tell you how your test turned up positive); the Confirmation (breaks results down into specific levels); the Threshold levels (baseline of all tests) The Litigation Package can be nearly 100 pages of technical data, which cannot be analzed or understood by a layperson, including union officers. Professional interpetation is available at member’s expense, starting at about $50 minimum.

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS STATEMENT If disciplinary action is suspected, read this statement to your foreman: I request to have a union representative present on my behalf during this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action taken against me. If I am denied my right to have a union representative present, I will refuse to answer accusational questions and any I believe may lead to discipline.


ATU Local 1005 The Executive Board will meet on Thursday, August 19, to discuss and make a recommendation to the membership on whether to ac...