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December 2007 / January 2008

What's On the Line for the 2008 Legislative Session? Plenty. Plans are afoot to reintroduce and pass the trans portation bill from last session...the one that fell only two votes short of overriding the Governor's veto. Plus, the Central Corridor light rail transit line needs $140 million in state bonding to stay on track. Hang on folks, it's going to be a nail-biter of a legislative session, and we're going to need your help. Real leadership requires saying yes to appropriate investments in Minnesota's future. Now, more than ever, we need you to keep the pressure on our state legislators and the governor to do what's right for transit in Minnesota. Here's what you can expect to see on the agenda: 1) Reintroducing and passing the transportation bill from last session. Last year's comprehensive transportation bill would have brought the Met Council and Mn/DOT off their starvation diets, providing a needed infusion of funding for both transit and roads. The bill fell just two votes short of an override, so we expect to see it come up again this session. It may be the same bill, or it may be a slight variation. Either way, passing a version of this bill would go a long way toward meeting Minnesota's transit needs. 2) Ensuring that the Central Corridor light rail line receives needed bonding. The Central Corridor needs $280 million to stay on track for a critical 50 percent federal matching grant, and $140 million which needs to come from general obligation bonding. The upshot? If the bonding doesn't come during the 2008 session, the Central Corridor light rail line is in serious jeopardy. Hang on folks, it's going to be a nail-biter of a legislative session, and we're going to need your help. Here's what you can do: 1) Volunteer with Transit for Livable Communities. We'll need your help in our grassroots organizing outreach. Stay Continued on Page 5

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LOCAL 1005 OFFICERS President/Business Agent

Michelle Sommers

OFFICER’S CORNER Jerry Ewald Recording Secretary/Asst. Business Agent


Jerry Ewald Recording Secretary/Asst. Business Agent

Scott Tollin Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Chuck Gudknecht

Calendar Education Committee 2:30 pm Always the Third Tueday of the month at the Union Office Executive Board & Union Meeting Nov 27 - St. Paul Dec 18 - Mpls. 10:00 AM / 7:30 PM Union Office Phone 612-379-2914 email:


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Union Meeting Highlights October 2007 Meeting President's Report

Education Committee Advisor Scott Tollin

Results of Union Meeting Votes Motions - There were no Motions.

Chair Members Rotate

Requests for Arbitration Arbitration of a FTH Operator grieving their discharge for violating Metro Transit Operating Policy and overall record. Passed.

South Liz Goldberg Vice Chair

Arbitration of Fare Box Technician grieving his discharge for violating procedures and dishonesty. Passed. New Business: None

November 2007 Meeting President's Report

Results of Union Meeting Votes Motions Asst. B.A. Tollin presented the Maintenance Recognition Proposal for consideration by the members and by standing vote. Passed. Requests for arbitration Arbitration of MJR Mechanic grieving a violation of Metro Transit Policy. Passed. New Business The Union Contract Proposals were read and voted on as a package. Passed.

Heywood Office Open Nicollet Melanie Benson Overhaul Base Open Ruter Scott Lindquist East Metro Open Heywood Garage Dorothy Maki LRT Open 725 Bldg. Stephen Babcock Layout Editorial Board Ken Dolney Dan Abramowicz Chuck Feucht

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Union Minutes Continued:

At the Garage LRT Contact Bob Boyle or Mark Ammend Contact Jerry Ewald Get the latest info from the union website: Meeting agendas, grievances coming before the membership, officers’ e-mail addresses, etc. Get connected. Union strength through member involvement! Look for information on retirees on the website, including: *retirement parties, *newsletter articles *retiree clubs, *deaths of retired members

Page 5 posted. 2) Talk to your legislator. You can meet with your legislator, talk to them on the phone, or send an email. Your legislators need to hear that transit is a priority for you this legislative session. To find out your legislator's contact information, 3) Send a letter to the editor. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper talking about how transit investments can help your community. Give us a call or an email with any questions about the upcoming legislative session (651-767-0298 or We need your support in 2008! And if you want to keep up on the corridors, check the following links: MINNESOTA TRANSIT CORRIDORS, PLANNED Central Corridor Midtown Greenway Rail Corridor Northstar Commuter Rail Corridor Red Rock Commuter Rail Corridor Riverview Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Rush Line Corridor Southwest Transitway Corridor

At the 725 BLDG. Contact Stephen Babcock Someone needs to take a home economics course on how to make coffee. An un-named employee plugged in the left over coffee made on friday, monday morning and then proceeded to watch every employee come an take a cup. The first series of 19 radio bus installs were completed. Next year look for the introduction of a a new style farebox.

CRYPTO by PAT KELEHAN Each letter stands for another. If you think X=O, for example, it would equal O throughout the puzzle. Clue: Z = R

(Answer on page 19 )

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Retiree Meetings Northside Breakfast Club Meets the second Tuesday of each month, 8:30 AM at Barnacle Bill’s, located at Shingle Creek Parkway and Freeway Blvd in Brooklyn Center.

Southside Breakfast Club Meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 8:00am at the VFW on 67th and Lyndale.

St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon. The St. Paul Retiree Club has moved its meeting place from the Wells Lanes to the VFW Post #295, located at 111 So. Concord Exchange in South St. Paul.

Metro Transit Mechanic Teammate Meets the third Tuesday of the month at Old Country Buffet located at 2000 South Robert.

XXXXX by Dorothy Maki

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Transit Safety and Security Committee Meeting Minutes Members: Jim Chisholm, Management Advisor, TCC David Rogers, Chair, Rail, Absent Jerry Larsen, Heywood Mary Vasterling, South ABSENT Theresa Collins, Nicollet Dennis Engebretson, East Metro Van, Ruter Operator Jeffrey Thompson, Heywood Operator, Curt Botner, Nicollet Operator ABSENT October Others in Attendance Christy Bailly, Asst. Manager, Street Ops, Dave Larrabe - Risk Management Michael Guse - Rail Transportation Manager, Phil Walljasper - Risk Management Brenda Himrich - Manager of Bus & Rail Safety, Georgia Stinson - Asst Director Bus Trans. Sam Jacobs - Director of Bus Operations, Bill Porter - Deputy Chief Operations Officer Bruce Howard - Director of Marketing, Deputy Chief A.J Olson - Metro Transit Police Janelle Campbell, MJR Operator, Scott Tolin - ATU For complete details please see the Safety and Security Board located in every garage.

TCC: Jim Chisholm: Upgrades to police dispatch will help speed up response time. CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch should be up and running late this

year RMS - Record Management System PIMS - Police Information Management System MAINTANCE: Chuck Wurzinger: Bus Procurement, Paper work done, to be presented to the Metropolitan Council Transportation Committee regarding 314 new 40 foot buses. 314 to be approved at the next full Metropolitan Council meeting. 80 new 40 foot buses for the RNC, 45 hybrid, 35 standard, 132 new buses next year . 19 hybrid buses to go to Nicollet next week, Install instruction decals on buses for DSSC brand seats. Loss of air in driver's seats. Air tube will be moved so air supply is not cut off. Test Fan: 10 buses fitted - 2 from each garage. Survey was sent out, but was worded poorly so once reworded it will be sent out again.. Steering wheels have been updated. Coating has been removed. Test padding on Douglas steering columns on two buses from Nicollet to protect driver's knees STREET OPERATIONS: Christy Bailly: Metro Transit Street Ops have been working with the Midtown Exchange Security Collaborative in regards to a fence at the Chicago Lake Transit Center. It is very dangerous for passengers to cross the street there. However, it is a historical preservation so the Midtown Exchange Security Collaborative is against putting up a fence. SAFETY REPORT: Brenda Himrich: Survey about test fans has been

distributed, but due to some wording issues will need to be reworked and redistributed. Safety still attempting to collect data and analyze. Bus Roadeo 55 operators participated, down from last year, but hopefully numbers will increase next year. Would like to offer belt buckles as a prize for next year. Star Tribune was on location and did a very nice piece on the event. Due at next meeting- a pocket guide draft for operators on preventing passenger falls. More information will be provided about the hybrid buses. Information tags will hang near engine and inside the buses. Demonstrated Q-Straint brand restraints. Still need to work out the details as they relate to how the restraints will be assigned, either to the driver or to the bus. East will help test the restraints. New safety awards program - See hand out. Rail will be included, One classification- won't be separated into PT and FT, change in criteria RISK MANAGEMENT: David Larrabee: Top Ten List - See hand out. In regards to the request from Safety and Security regarding the top ten locations of accidents. POLICE REPORT: A.J. Olson: Operator Assaults - 2 in September, arrests in both cases. On Board effort : (the following statistics are preliminary and only reflect activity on the 5 Line. Not system-wide.) Met summer goal of 1500 hours. 12,000 hours this year versus this time last year 2,500 hours. Don't want to draw conclusions based on these num-

Page 11 bers, because they need more time to collect data. Robberies down 40 %, Assaults down 17%, Trespassers booked 36 versus last year 2, Damage 20%, Booked Fare evaders 31 versus last year 6, Need longer time span to show correlations. OTHER: Marketing - Bruce Howard, "Your image and voice may be recorded‌" sticker is being reworded and is waiting to be approved by Legal. The word "may" is taken out. Engineering & Facilities - Wayne Schafer, Ceramic glass panels, As of 1 year ago 1400 have been replaced panels in 120 shelters. There are 11,000 panels system wide. There used to be 25-50 panels a week that were graffitied. Since the switch they have only had to switch out 3 shelters. Deputy Chief Operations Officer Bill Porter, Stroller Policy, Treat this policy same as fare policy. Ask once and if they don't listen then let them go. Use common sense and be reasonable. Respectfully submitted, Emily Anleu, Recording Secretary November All Members Present Others in Attendance Lee Bennett, Asst. Manager, Street Ops, Georgia Stinson - Asst Director Bus Trans. Lt. Jim Franklin, MTPD, Scott Tolin - ATU Brenda Himrich - Manager of Bus & Rail Safety, Chuck Wurzinger - Maint Asst. Dir. Tech Supprt Dave Larrabe - Risk Management, Jeff Woestrel - East Metro Garage Manager

Chad Loeffler, TCC Supervisor, Jay Kluge - Asst. Trans Manager, East Metro

At the Garage South

New member introduced - Allen Juaire, East Metro Operator 63085 will replace Dennis Engebretson whose term had expired. Thanks to Dennis for all the work he has put in for the committee.

Contact Liz Goldberg

TCC: Chad Loeffler/Jim Chisholm: Extra service and on time performance continues to be a high priority for TCC on routes 10, 25, 61, 250, 260, 261. MAINTANCE REPORT: Chuck Wurzinger: Bike racks that hold 3 bikes versus 2 bikes - Metro Transit will not install bike racks that allow for 3 bikes. Gillig will not install bike racks for 3 bikes at factory due to headlight interference. Maintenance tested with bike rack and State Patrol agreed that headlight interference is an issue. Maintenance will continue with bike racks that allow for 2 bikes only. Silent alarm switch new buses 3230 to 3239, there are 2 buttons could that could be used as silent alarm switch. Some of our new New Flyer buses did not come with a silent alarm switch. The Radio shop asked for advice and put a silent alarm button in. Maintenance is working on making switch easy to reach and easy to identify. Air pressure problems - some air tanks go down when seat pressure goes down, Maintenance is attempting to identify buses involved and resolve the issue. Please write bus op and attempt to identify specific buses involved if operators have problems. The fan survey has been distributed. Be on the look out for survey so that determination of sucContinued on Page 16

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Tapestry Lizbeth Goldberg

15 billion years ago, all matter and energy of space was contained in an initial speck the size of a dime. Within a split second, a tremendous explosive cosmic expansion sent matter filling all of space and our universe was born. 10 billion years later this newly created space, time, matter and energy formed the sun, planets and 90% of all stars. 2 billion years ago the earliest forms of life on earth appeared as algae, as the result of a complex sequence of chemical reactions taking place spontaneously in earth's atmosphere. 500 million years ago- first vertebrae, 400 million first land plants and animals, 300 million- reptiles, 200 million- Age of Dinosaurs, 65 million Dinosaurs extinct and finally- 2 million years ago, after the age of mammals- Homo Sapiens. Man with the capability to think, reason and create, unlike any other living thing in our history. Each and every one of us different, unique and special 6.6 billion miracles.

Alan Thao Alan Thao #03650 South Janitor

Jayne Arendt-Verhelst Jayne Arendt-Verhelst #67030 South PT Operator

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ATU Organizing from P. 1

Peer Support

Brad McNaught of DOR Laurie Burns peer support facilitator Peer support consists of employees from all areas of the company. They receive professional development each quarter to better support all employees that are in need of someone to talk to. Remember, peer support persons are a safe extra shoulder to lean on when things happen.

National Training Institute

Metro Transit Instruction Center hosted NTI (National Training Institute) this year. It was held on Nov. 21-24 at the Radisson in downtown Mpls. Instructors made presentations as well as had a chance to take classes and meet other Instructors from through out the country. Caption for the newflyer-----Tour of the New Flyer plant outside of St. Cloud was insightful…….workers don't get paid much and their contract is up in March……hmmmmm, good time to have a stiff bargain because they are so busy. I have more pics for nti---get back at cha. Pic 3069 or 67---here is what a Canadian transit company ordered on their newflyer---an area where the wheelchair customer goes in backwards and the soft cusion is what keeps them safe from the stopping force. Cool! I want those too!!

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Holistic Health Macro(Great)biotics(Life) by Dorothy Maki

When I was 19 I got married and the next week left for Oregon in a U-Haul truck to start a new life. We had some family out there, their names were Dick and Ann and they had 4 small kids. Ann was always in the kitchen and I learned how to cook many things from her. She gave me my first good cutting knife (I still use everyday) along with a book by Michio Kushi 'How to See Your Health; Book of Oriental Diagnosis'. This introduced me to Macrobiotics and has greatly influenced how I have approached my eating habits and health. I don't get fanatical about anything. Remember, we have the control, we can balance! The word Macrobiotics was first used by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Macrobiotics covers a vast area of topics related to what we eat and how it effects all aspects of our health. I don't want to date myself, but it was a long, long time ago----kind of like two lifetimes ago!!Here are a few teachings I remember from that book:

Constitution is your physical make-up given to you by your mom and dad. Some people have healthy constitutions to begin with, others don't. Think of it as a gene pool constantly mutating from generation to generation to it's enviroment (pollution, chemicals, hybrid foods, water, etc. etc.) Our insides are visable on the outside. Examples: dark circles under the eyes are a sign of the kidneys in distress, which means you should be careful of your intake of salt and liquids; long ears and lobes are very strong constitution. (thats why you see many of our grandparents with big nice ears and long lobes and many of us newer generation with smaller ones.) Sodium and potassium are the primary antagonistic and complimentary elements in food. They most strongly determine it's character--thats the long explanation of yin/yang. Our bodies need a balance of yin foods and yang foods.........Strive to keep in balance.

Foods are the foundation of health and happiness. Grain is properly the staple food of man. Food should be unrefined, whole and natural Food should be grown locally Food should be eaten in season. Food should be chewed well. Food should be consumed without liquids until after it has started to digest awhile. This allows your digestive fluids from your mouth---that you chewed well (smile), to get to your stomach and let your stomach acids mix to give you the optimal absorption of the nutrients from this food. After all, whats an almond to your body if you don't chew it up good first? It will just come out the other end with no use in between but possible injury in your intenstines. As with all vitamins and food supplements, seek advice from your physican.

Page 16 cess/failure/no change can be made. 19 new buses from Rochester have arrived and will go into service in mid November. All buses will run out of Nicollet. Inserts for passenger seat comforts will be arriving soon. STREET OPERATIONS: Lee Bennett: Street supervisors are assigned extra buses to help Routes 10, 25, 61, 261 in the AM and PM to assist with loads and on time performance. Newest 240 buses are being retrofitted with new DVRs. Downloading video is being done by street supervisors. New buses will have new front end, the front end will be 1 foot longer. Maintenance will be looking at new buses next week to see what vision issues may exist. SAFETY REPORT: Brenda Himrich: Safety is planning a test for 7 to 10 operators at East Metro on specific routes that have a high percentage of lift passengers.

Operators will be given straps and trained on how to use them to assist in strapping in lift passengers. Operators will have to carry straps with them for test period. No permanent location for straps onboard buses has been located yet. Tips on preventing Passenger Falls pocket guide example handed out to be reviewed. If font appears to be too little, a 4th panel can possibly be added to increase font size. Review and bring feedback to next meeting. Accident statistics for September passed around. Heywood appears to be doing well for year. RISK MANAGEMENT: David Larrabee: If person is on cell phone or distracted in any other way when they fall while boarding, include that information on incident report and when calling into TCC so TCC can add information to SSR. In regards to new DVRs - There have been two

instances where extra cameras have already assisted in 2 accident investigations. POLICE REPORT: Lt. Jim Franklin: Lt. Franklin will be new primary contact. For month of October, 3 operator assaults occurred. Onboard goal was met and police will continue to have presence onboard buses. Holiday times tend to see an increase in crime. No LRT report this month. OTHER: Jim Chisholm: Sticker about video on buses still being investigated and determined how to proceed. Curt Botner: For next month's agenda - can passengers on buses at layover be discussed. Jim to put as action item for next month. Respectfully submitted, Chad Loeffler, Recording Secretary For complete details please see the Safety and Security Board located in every garage.

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Wiring the New York Hybred Buses And you though putting together your stereo was a difficult problem. These buses have to have a harness installed from front to back

Metro Transit police cars also get stripped down and rebuilt.

Funky wing swepted design of the new hybred buses. The buses are now wrapped green for Metro Transit “Go Green� promotion.

Clay Townsend Retires in style Clay Townsend, #5313,lift mechanic, retires from Heywood Garage. 27 years of service. He started out just looking for work, he was self employed prior. His friends directed him here. He started as a cleaner and eventually up the line to a lift mechanic. Most of his time was spent at Ruter with short periods at other facilities. He is going to relax and enjoy his grand kids and stay out of trouble. David Hopwood, Heywood stockeeper, arranged for complimentary service from Bella Viaggio Limo Service. And the large gathering had outstanding food!

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Retirements Congratulations to October Retirees 10/01/07, Engen, Allen, EM FT Op.220 Congratulations to employees celebrating Anniversaries

December 07 5 YEARS 12/2/2002, Anderson,Douglas, Bus Op. FT, 03861, E.M. Gar. 12/2/2002, Prahl,Aaron Mech., 03860, So. Gar. 12/2/2002, Akins-Ross,Francene, Helper III, 03864, Nic. Gar. 12/2/2002, Rogers,Deborah Helper III, 03865, Hey. Gar. 12/2/2002, Lee,Kao, Bus Op. FT., 07411, E.M. Gar. 12/2/2002, Hudson,Tomas, Bus Op. PT Day, 03867, Hey. Gar. 12/2/2002, Gabrawy,Magdy, Bus Op. PT Day, 07645, E.M. Gar. 12/2/2002, Prahl,Willa Joy, Bus Op. FT, 03859, E.M. Gar. 10 YEARS 12/6/1997, Foster,Alfred, Bus Op. FT., 06738, Hey. Gar. 12/6/1997, Lee,Elmer, Bus Op. FT., 06733, MJR. Gar. 12/6/1997, Simon,Willie, Bus Op. FT., 06739, So. Gar. 12/8/1997, Trujillo,Margo, Track Maint. Trainee, 06741, Rail Op & Maint. Fac. 12/8/1997, Williams,Anthony R, Bus Op. FT., 06745, Hey. Gar., 12/20/1997, Hink,Corey, Bus Op. FT., 06748, Nic. Gar. 15 YEARS 12/7/1992, Blair,William, Train Op., 06256, Rail Op & Maint. Fac. 12/7/1992, Prestemon,Johannes, Bus Op. FT., 06257, E.M. Gar. 12/12/1992, Kukowski,Lawrence, Bus Op. FT., 06258, Hey. Gar. 12/12/1992, Larson,Jeffrey, Bus Op. FT., 06260, Hey. Gar. 12/12/1992, Moe,Mike, Bus Op. FT., 06259, Nic. Gar. 20 YEARS 12/7/1987, Hanson,Wendell, Mech., 01329, So. Gar. 12/7/1987, Samuels,Sonnie, Gen. Disp., 01337, Nic. Gar. 12/28/1987, Hammonds,Erma, Bus Op. FT, 01374, Nic. Gar. 35 YEARS 12/19/1972, Miller,John, Mech. Bldg. Maint. 01480, Hey. Office & Oper Fac.

12/21/1972, Chadha,Sat, Vault Puller, 03131, Hey. Gar.

January 08 5 YEARS 1/4/2003, Flatz,Charles Iver, Bus Op. FT, 03870, Hey. Gar. 1/21/2003, Stein,Mark Edward, Tech, 39046, Rail Op & Maintenance Facility, 10 YEARS 1/5/1998, Cich,Kathleen M, Clerk Floater-Accounting, 03596, Hey. Office & Oper Facility, 1/5/1998, Harper,Edward P, Mech., 05553, Hey. Gar. 1/5/1998, Hermansen,Marlys A, Bus Op. FT., 09806, Hey. Gar., 1/5/1998, Madison,Earl L, Bus Op. FT., 09804, E.M. Gar. 1/5/1998, Wiemelt,Glenn M, Bus Op. FT., 09803, Hey. Gar. 1/10/1998, Eaves,Michael E, Bus Op. FT., 09809, E.M. Gar. 1/10/1998, Freeberg,Steve H, Bus Op. FT., 09811, MJR. Gar. 1/10/1998, Prahl,Terry L, Sen. Mech., 09810, MJR. Gar. 1/24/1998, Rood,Michael P, Receiving Clerk, 06330, Overhaul Base, 1/26/1998, Maslow,David A, Bus Op. PT Day, 06350, E.M. Gar. 1/26/1998, Mshar,Nikolay V, Bus Op. FT., 09815, So. Gar. 1/26/1998, Powell,Kabaar R, Bus Op. FT, 09819, MJR. Gar. 1/26/1998, Ruffell,Rodney R, Bus Op. FT., 09818, Hey. Gar. 15 YEARS 1/25/1993, Jones,Ronald, Bus Op. FT., 09304, MJR. Gar. 1/25/1993, Scott,Margarita, Bus Op. FT., 09307, E.M. Gar. 1/25/1993, Tyler,Joanne M, Bus Op. PT Day, 09306, E.M. Gar. 20 YEARS 1/21/1988, McConnell,John, Bus Op. FT., 08803, MJR. Gar. 1/25/1988, Micklin,David, Bus Op. FT., 08806, Hey. Gar. 30 YEARS 1/23/1978, Hall,Douglas, Sen. Mech., 05182, Nic. Gar. 1/30/1978, Blumberg,David, Bus Op. FT., 00097, Nic. Gar. 1/30/1978, Fuller,Leroy, Bus Op. FT., 00096, So. Gar. 1/30/1978, Krech,Karen, Bus Op. FT., 00100, Nic. Gar.

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Letters To The Editor

Submissions for Letters to the Editor are subject to approval of the Editorial Board and space considerations. Letters to the Editor are solely the opinion of the author and do not represent endorsement by ATU Local 1005 or the Education Committee. If you have an editorial to submit, please contact a committee member or our advisor Scott Tollin at:

Hey, Have you noticed those snappy union ads that are airing on TV. Look at the union logos at the end and you will see ATU 1005’s logo there.

Answer To CRYPTO:

In Memoriam

Dan Johnson, OHB Mechanic Dan was hired on June 13, 1978, and lived in Blaine. He came to work at OHB became strickened and died at the hospital. Johnson, Daniel F. "Dan" age 50, of Blaine. Preceded in death by father, Floyd. He will be deeply missed by his loving wife, Sonna; son, Sean; mother, Doris; siblings, Thomas (Paulette), Paul (Mary), Kristi (John) Hazen; nieces, nephews, other family and friends.


What's On the Line for the 2008 Legislative Session? Plenty. Plans are afoot to reintro- duce and pass the trans- portation bill from last s...