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April / May 2007

When Coming to Work is a Relief from the Chaos at Home You're a TIC operator. A woman is relying on the information you give her to get to a doctor's appointment on time. It could save her life. But you were up all night with your own daughter who was having a bad drug reaction from Ecstasy. You focus on the call because you have to. It's your job. Why do you feel so powerless when it comes to getting help for your own daughter? You're a mechanic. Your wife missed work today because she drank too much again last night. You had to come to work at 6am, but you can call your wife's boss during your break to say she's not feeling well (for the third time this month). She can't lose her job. How could you pay your bills with only one income? Hopefully she'll be sober when she drives the kids to pre-school. You're a bus driver. One of your passengers hit another passenger over the head. You call the police and report it, of course. How dare he do that to someone under your protection who has a right to feel safe on your bus? The back of your own head still smarts where your boyfriend hit you after he accused you of cheating on him, but that was different. He was under the influence. He didn't mean it. He loves you. He's just sick. At least no one can see the bruise because your hair covers it. Besides, bruises heal. You're a bus cleaner. You're sweeping a bus and you come across a small knotted piece of plastic wrap. Your gut clenches because you know it's a crack baggie and you still see them around the house even after your husband told you he's stopped smoking it. You can see the lie in his eyes, his face and his paranoid behavior. Does he think you're an idiot? What if he smoked in a room you walked into afterwards? What if they do a random drug test and you come up positive? Will you lose your job? You're an LRT track maintenance worker. Your job demands Continued on page 5

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OFFICER’S CORNER Jerry Ewald Vice President


JERRY EWALD This Column has changed to give opportunity to all the Officers to voice and inform the membership about ongoing labor concerns.







EXECUTIVE BOARD & UNION MEETING APRIL 24 - MPLS. MAY 22 - ST. PAUL 10:00 AM / 7:30 PM Union Office Phone U NION OFFICE PHONE 612-379-2914 612-379-2914 e-mail: EMAIL : website: OFFICE@ ATU1005.COM WEBSITE: WWW.ATU1005.COM

Keeping the members informed about what's happening at their union is always a challenge. Good communication is key to any successful organization. The union bulletin boards have always been an important part of getting the information out to the membership and they continue to be a good place to get updates on events, and other pertinent information. Another good source of information is the ATU 1005 Line Newsletter, which comes out every two months. The membership is spread out all across the Twin Cities and the retirees are all over the country. For those who have internet access, there is the union web page, which can be accessed at It is a great tool to inform members of various events, union meeting agendas, union meeting results, rallies, contract votes, scholarships, important links, etc. You can also access previous ATU 1005 Line Newsletters by clicking on the Education Button. On the opening page, there is a big red box entitled “The Union Bulletin Board.” By clicking on the different links within it, you will be linked to more information about the various subjects. The red buttons on the left side of the page will link you to other important information. The nice thing about the web page is that you can access the information at any time from anywhere. This is a good way to keep up with what's happening. We update the ATU 1005 web page on a regular basis and as soon as something important happens. When we start contract negotiations later this year, the web page will be a great place for the active members, as well as retired members, to get updates about how things are going, time lines on meetings, contract votes, etc. I encourage you to click on the web page on a regular basis and use it as a tool to keep informed about what's happening in your union. Fraternally, Jerry Ewald

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Union Meeting Highlights February 27, 2007 Meeting

Education Committee ADVISOR SCOTT TOLLIN

President's Report Michelle has been spending a lot of time at the legislature fighting for funding bills on the TLC (Transit for Livable Communities) coalition's 20/20 Plan versus the Met Council's 20/30 Plan. We have also been working on a bill that has support that would prevent the press from obtaining various agreements between the Council and the ATU relating to negotiations. The ATU would be able to release information if it chooses.


Del Schafer, who resigned as Maintenance Executive Board member from Nicollet Garage, was given a round of applause for his help and his excellent job of representing the members. Nominated to fill that position were John Zapata and Ray Achman.


The membership voted to open contract negotiations three months early, in November of 2007. The Republican National Convention presents a unique opportunity. Meetings have taken place in our favor on the "nolabor-dispute" agreement among local unions. Management wants LRT Supervisors to be able to operate trains in emergencies. The union has not agreed to this. This is an issue for negotiations. There will be cameras installed in the Ruter parking lot. Del Schafer will continue to go to meetings on the Maintenance Recognition Program until Steve Shurmeier takes over. There may be a vote on this program next month.



Greg Hall is helping to develop National ASE Standards for mechanical training. Instructors in maintenance should to be union. Bob Boyle and Dan Suggs will be working on national standards for Light Rail.


Store’s management approached the union about starting a Career Ladders program in the Stores Department. We are in favor of the idea as long as the participation and criteria are not all at management’s discretion and under their control.


There are issues with the qualifications for Driver Relief Instructors.


The Traction Power Apprenticeship Program was approved. See your board member for details. Members must be very careful about using Met Council computers. All e-mails are public and can be accessed. Management knows every webContinued on Page 4

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Highlights Continued


site you visit and every keystroke you type. The best policy is not to use work computers for personal business. There may be future repercussions.

Contact Liz Goldberg From Mary Vasterling:

Scott reported on FMLA: We are talking about applying sick leave and vacation time. We may have to negotiate around this and check with the lawyer to insure that the company is following Federal law.

Many of you remember retired dispatcher Edith James. In February her home burned and Southsiders wanted to help. At the Feb 22 TSSC Forum held at South, members brought in food and held a drawing. With donations from East Metro more than $500.00 was collected and given to Edith. Thank you Southsiders and East Metro for your generosity. In February the Safety Security Forum was held at South and the recent driver assaults was discussed. Two more full time Transit Police have been hired to ride buses, we are hopeful that more will be hired. Brian Lamb discussed ridership goals and Bill Porter spoke about the upcoming Republican National Convention. Contact Bill if you have any ideas about service for the convention. Look for the full transcript of the Forum on the Safety Security Bulletin Board at your facility. Each year at the "South Annual Holiday Party" donations from the dinner and drawing are collected. This year South raised $500.00 and collected $200.00 in groceries, which were donated, to the Harvest Preparatory School/ Seed Academy at 1300 Olson Memorial Hwy, Minneapolis. (Read the complete story with photo in the article "Thank You South Garage" in this issue of 1005) Harvest School still needs our support. If you would like to donate food or money please contact me-Mary VasterlingSouth Garage.

There have been no dates set for the arbitration on the Payroll positions. A BMS mediator (who gave us a good ruling in '96) has been chosen. This is a slow process. The Met Council is giving some of their top people a 4% raise. Union reps are checking into the heating problem at the Heywood Office Building. There are some complaints from part-time drivers about being taken off partial stubs when they reach the 30-hour maximum. Union reps will meet with some part-timers next week. If you are in the high-deductible health plan (VEBA) and you switch to the regular plan, the money will stay in escrow until you switch back. Scott Lundquist was appointed to the Education Committee. The Union Picnic will be July 8th in Battle Creek Park. Results of Union Meeting Votes Motions: Opening contract negotiations early - PASSED Traction Power Apprenticeship Program - PASSED Requests for Arbitration East Metro Cleaner: Discharged for tampering with a camera and interfering with an investigation - Yes to arbitration FTH Operator: Discharged for violation of Final Record of Warning and Overall Record - Yes to arbitration FTH Operator: Discharged for second positive test under the Drug and Alcohol Policy - No to arbitration

March 27, 2007 Meeting President's Report Michelle reported that the transportation bills have been sailing through at the legislature, but the governor says he will veto them and we may Continued on page 19

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Chaos (continued)

precision and focus. But you feel like you're losing your mind. You could have sworn you had $200 in your wallet when you left your buddy's house last night, but it's not there now. You'd feel like a fool if you accused him of taking it -- especially so soon after he got out of treatment. But if he didn't take it, where is it?


These stories may be fictional, but the problems are real. We're all transit professionals other people rely on to keep them safe -- safe from eqiuipment malfunctions, safe getting from one place to another, safe from harm. On the job, we're in control and we can be objective. We operate on a schedule and know exactly what's expected of us. We pride ourselves on doing our jobs well.

The Maintenance Dept has 56 employees including manager, supervisors, clerk, senior mechanics, mechanics, skilled helpers, and cleaners. Let’s be thankful for the great job they do in the shop. They would like the drivers to know that unnecessary bus changes count against the shop. They will make repairs, please write the defects up on pull-in and be specific.

At home, we often aren't in control and it's hard to look at things objectively. We love our family members and yet sometimes we hate what they do to themselves and to us. And our work performance may suffer. We don't want to face our co-workers and the public with a black eye. We're exhausted after being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, or waiting up all night for a teenager who didn't come home. Or we sat at the emergency room for five hours with our sister, whose drunken partner broke her ribs. But we can't talk about it because we feel disloyal or ashamed. Unless we ourselves get help, we'll continue to blame ourselves for being weak, foolish and helpless. THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE, but we have to be ready to accept it. Chemical dependency and domestic abuse are too serious and too potentially harmful to try to handle alone. Professionals trained in these areas can help us get some perspective and learn about the disease of chemical dependency, about co-dependency and about the dynamics of domestic abuse. People going through similar struggles can share their experiences without judging us or telling us what to do. Friends and family mean well, but they're often too scared for us or too close to the situation to be able to help. Or we're afraid to be honest with them. Peer counselors can offer support. The DOR Employee Assistance Program can help. Hazelden Treatment Center has a Family Program where family members of those with drug and alcohol problems can learn how to restore their own sanity. Twelve-step programs like Al-Anon can be a life-saver. For more information, call:

Hazelden 1-800-257-7800 Harriet Tubman Women's Shelter Crisis Line 612-825-0000 Domestic Abuse Project 612-874-7063 Al-Anon 1-888-425-2666 Submitted by Melanie Benson, Driver 854, Nicollet Garage

Contact Melanie Benson

When going up the stairs to the second floor, enjoy the pictures from past Nicollet events. The wall of pictures is called the "Nicollet Wall of Fame", some employees are calling it the "Wall of Shame" or the" Wall of Blame", Whatever it is called, the employees seem to be enjoying it. Nicollet Transportation consists of 318 employees: 5 managers, 6 dispatchers, garage coordina tor, 254 full time drivers, and 52 part time drivers. Thanks to the shop we have a chin-up bar, which is located near the basketball hoop and the punching bag. With spring fast approaching remember we have three bicycles to ride for fun and exercise. See dispatch to sign out a bike and helmet. Congratulation to John Zapata for winning the Union Board member position to represent the Nicollet Maintenance Dept. Watch for upcoming route H events. Thanks to Route H, we have lots of new items in the fitness room.

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Tapestry Lizbeth Goldberg Nowhere is the rich tapestry of diversity more evident than within the membership of our own ATU Local 1005. More than 2,000 bus and train operators, mechanics and clerical workers are united, working together towards one objective.

Our successes, whether within the world at large or in our own little corner, rely first on the framework of basic human respect - acceptance and understanding of each other's differences - and, most importantly, our common-ground similarities. This series intends to introduce you to the unique 1005 members who make up this amazing kaleidoscopic tapestry within our workplace - our world.

LeRoy and Joy Fuller LeRoy was born in New York, raised in Jordan, Minnesota, and then moved to Minneapolis, where he graduated from West High School. On Homecoming night, LeRoy's best friend's girlfriend suggested a blind date between LeRoy and her best friend Joy. Joy, originally from Burke, South Dakota, lived in South Carolina until she was twelve. Her family then moved to Minneapolis, where Joy attended high school at West High. At her best friend’s urging, Joy attended Homecoming with her blind date Leroy. "Moon River" played that night. It was their song. Wedding bells followed sometime later. LeRoy: "In 1972 I managed the Hennepin & Lake Carwash on Holmes and Lake St. I was right next to the 21 route layover in the Uptown area. In fact, MTC paid the carwash ten dollars a month for the use of its restroom facilities for drivers. Dick Ryan (‘The Silver Fox’) from Nicollet Garage used to come in and we would talk. He urged me to join MTC, which I did finally in 1978 after the oil embargo, when business dropped off." Joy: “I had a day-care business during the day, LeRoy worked nights for MTC, and our schedules were not working out. LeRoy told me that MTC was hiring part time drivers and I told him, "You must be out of your ever-lovin’ mind!" But six months later, on March 7, 1979, I was hired. Frank Collins and I were the very first part-time drivers ever hired by MTC. Part-time had never been done before - this was a pilot program. I stayed part-time for ten years and in 1988 went full-time. It was a really great part-time job!" Joy describes herself as "outgoing and busy!" Her interests are: gardening and yard work, quilting, camping, travel and spending time with friends, family and her five grandchildren. Attractive, energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate, cheerful and fun to be with, she is a people magnet. "Our house has a revolving door - the "Hotel Fuller". Joy plans to retire in two years and travel is at the top of her list. LeRoy describes himself as "quiet, laid-back and easy-going - I don't let things bother me." His hobbies

Page 7 include: fishing, boating, camping, travel and woodworking. "Our house was built in 1921 and there are always repairs. I just recently gutted the kitchen and totally remodeled it." LeRoy plans to retire June 1st, 2007 and will use that time for home projects until Joy retires: "Joy’s Honey-Do List is a looong one! I've enjoyed the job through the years but I am looking forward to retirement." Joy: "I like my job. I like the people, the passengers. I meet a lot of great people and I enjoy the people I work with. This job has given me many opportunities." Joy has been a "Peer Support" for two years and enjoys it. "What's my secret to my happy life? ("A good man!" interjects LeRoy.) With a big smile, Joy responded, " Yes, absolutely a good man - also a good relationship with family, good friends and a good rapport with fellow workers." LeRoy and Joy Fuller, as individuals and as a team, have achieved the American dream: happiness. They accomplished this through hard work, optimism, loyalty and the ability to appreciate what they have and where they are - and let’s not forget a bit of blind-date luck and ... “Moon River” "Two drifters off to see the world . There's such a lot of world to see. We're after the same rainbow’s end - Waitin’ round the bend - My Huckleberry friend…. Moon River and me.” LeRoy Fuller #96/ South Operator & Joy Fuller #440 / South Operator

Kenneth Nordstrom Maneuvering through the bays at South Garage, the imposing and distinguished 6ft -220 lb figure of Kenneth can be seen throughout the day orchestrating buses - the man is everywhere. If you dare to improperly park your bus - he will see you! And he will beeline over to you and tell you what you should have done. Then…. he will give you a green sour Jolly Roger ….and if you’re not sitting down…he just might even give you a hug! "Frog", as he prefers to be called, has been with Metro Transit for 29 years and 10 months, with his 30-year anniversary this April 20th. Originally from Bremerton, Washington, Frog and his brother were raised in Minnesota. In 1976 Frog came to the MTC for a temporary position in Revenue (for three months). When Chada returned to his position in Revenue, Frog went to the mechanical department to read and record meters. When management was not thrilled with Frog’s handwriting style, he was given a cleaning position. He was then laid off for 32 days and lost his three months of seniority. On April 20, 1977, he started over again with the new start date. At the old Northside, Frog was a Cleaner for eight months, Nicollet Fueler for two weeks and then bumped to Cleaner again. Finally at Snelling he remained a Fueler for eleven years. He then came to South as a Skilled Helper on nights, and South is where he remained to the present. Whew! When asked about what a Skilled Helper does, Frog responded with, "You do everything a mechanic does but set brakes. Now, I just hustle buses." Few can resist wondering about his nickname "Frog", and he grins as he tells the story: "I was at the old Northside one day, mad and talking to a foreman there. He told me that I sounded like a croaking frog," and that's who is he is to this day. His retirement date is June 1, 2007, and he says, "I can't wait! I am looking forward to it. I won't miss this job but I will miss the people here - I love the people. I spend maybe forty dollars a month on candy, and everybody gets candy - hugs, too! And I mean everybody!" Continued on Page 18

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Retirees Corner Dorothy Maki This column will be devoted to our retirees. Our retirees have developed a tradition of meeting at several locations through out the Twin Cities on set days and times. Everyone is welcome.

Northside Breakfast Club Meets the second Tuesday of each month, 8:30 AM at Barnacle Bill’s located at Shingle Creek Parkway and Freeway Blvd Brooklyn Center.

Southside Breakfast Club Meets the first Wednesday and the fourth Thursday of each month located at Bridgemans, 800 W. 66th Street Richfield.

St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club Meets the second Wednesday of month at 12:00 PM. The St. Paul retirees club has moved it's meeting place from the Wells Lanes to the VFW Post #295, located at 111 So. Concord Exchange in South St. Paul.

Metro Transit Mechanic Teammate Meets the third Tuesday of the month at Old County Buffet located on 2000 South Robert.


Snowbird (sno` burd) n. Any of several persons seen leaving Minnesota under snowy winter conditions. Part 1 I've often heard about the many retired snowbirds from Metro Transit that head south. My husband and I were out visiting family in Orange County, California, and decided to swing into the Phoenix, Arizona area to check it out. Andy and Judy Klein have a spacious beautiful home in a east suburb named Apache Junction. It is on the very east edge of town right next to Superstition Mountain. Their double-wide vaulted ceiling home is located in a mobile home park only available to persons over 55 years of age. (darn) When Andy heard we were coming, he called several friends that are in the area and we had a most wonderful day telling stories, laughing, playing 500, and of course enjoying the buffet at the end of the day. I think the coolest thing about the Phoenix area is that instead of big old oak and willow trees, they have huge various cactus all over the place. The big tall ones are called “saguaro.” This species of cactus grows ½ inch the first year, 1 inch the next 15 years (the plant works on developing its root system.) WOW! Then they don't grow their first arms until they are 70-100 years old! They are a protected species. This area also has healthy palm trees. Here are some of the stories we shared: Andy Klein #40 worked from February 12, 1973 to June 30, 2006.

Page 9 I asked him what was different now than back in 1973. He said "Back then was the beginning of no more making change on the buses. Old Nicollet Garage faced out to 31st Street and on the corner of 31st and Nicollet on the S.E. corner was a bar called 'The Vice President' and across the street (where Subway is now) there was a bar called 'The President'." I asked him if he could think of a story that stuck out in his memory, and he and Judy both nodded. "It was winter and I was doing overtime on the 17 line and Judy was riding with me. There were several people on the bus and I was heading into downtown on Minnetonka between Texas and Louisiana. These two guys came out from around a house, waved me down, put the fare in and sat down in the middle of the bus. Each of them had a large garbage bag. I went down the street a ways and the police pulled me over. Two cops came on. One stayed in the doorwell, and one cop asked me if I had just picked someone up carrying a sack. I pointed out the two guys. The cop went back, grabbed one of the guys and his garbage bag full of furs. There was no scuffle, no knives, no guns, just quietly going with the policeman. I said, 'Don't you want the other guy?’ Cop said, ‘No,’ and got off." Judy said she was keeping an eye on the other guy and was watching him kick the garbage bag under his seat and as far away as he could from himself. Andy said, "I got two more blocks down the road and I got pulled over again. It was a different policeman and this time he took the second guy and his bag of stuff (jewelry and valuables) off the bus - no scuffle, no knives, no guns." The policeman told Andy and Judy that these two had robbed a house out in Minnetonka, and their get-away vehicle was a snowmobile that had crashed into a tree not far from the bus route. They hid by a house until the bus came along. Charlie Leonard #1277 worked at Metro Transit from 1979-2005. He has a daughter named Lisa Callahan who drives out of Nicollet. Charlie lives down in Apache Junction all year with Jim Burgoyne #1295 (12/31/791/7/2000). They also have a spacious beautiful home with orange, grapefruit, tangelo, and lemon trees in their back yard. He came over with bags and bags of fruit and loaded us up for bear on our trip home! I asked Charlie if he had a story that stood out, and he lit up with a smile and said, "Years ago there were these two ladies I picked up at the airport. They said to me, 'Do you take tokens?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I take tokens,’ and they put in two bathroom tokens. Now do you want to hear a touching story?" I said, "Sure." "Pass," he said with a wide smile. "Did you hear what a lot of the old-timers would do on the 18?" I shook my head no. "At Lake Street and Nicollet, they would announce 'Express bus, no more stops 'til 31st' and a bunch of people would get off." With that twinkle in his eye, I just know he was one of them. I asked Jim Burgoyne to recall one of his funniest stories from back then. His belly started to jiggle: "I remember when a couple of drivers down at the legion got drunk and bought a buffalo. They didn't know until a week went by and one of them got a call: ‘What do you want me to do with this buffalo you bought?’” I asked Jim and Charlie what, in the workplace, is most different now than is was then. Charlie said, "Getting on the right bus back at the old Northside was one of the harder things. It was dark and dispatch would issue you boots and a club for the rats just to get out to the bus." He later fessed up to no club for the rats, just the boots. Jim said on real soggy days the buses would lean onto each other out in the bays. WOW! Okay, I admit I'm spoiled with the current equipment. Rich Larson #427 and his wife Jan stopped by, too. Rich worked from July of 1974 until his official retirement date January 4, 2007. Rich was one of the editors, along with Howard Osterkamp, on the first newsletter that came out back in the 1980’s. He also participated as an Instructor as well as taught the Transit Ambassador class for awhile. He is currently taking a silversmith class for his retirement hobby and had some beautiful carved pieces of rock with him. Rich asked me if I remembered Marty Ruter. I said sure and he said, "You always knew when you got a piece of Marty's work. Marty would drop his customers anywhere they wanted--at drive-

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AT THE GARAGE LRT Contact Bob Boyle or Mark Ammend All three of our newest trains are now in Service. We were able to completely empty the Metrodome crowds in 45 minutes after the Twins game on opening day. We are trying to secure funding to ugrade to triple car service on the Hiawatha to better merge with the anticipated Central Corridor.

AT THE GARAGE Heywood Lance Wallace Dr. # 64434 has resigned from the committee

WWW.ATU1005.COM Contact Jerry Ewald Get the latest info from the union website: Meeting agendas, grievances coming before the membership, officers’ e-mail addresses, etc. Get connected. Union strength through member involvement!

AT THE OFFICE Heywood Looking for someone to let us know what is going on

ways, middle of the block and on and on - customer service to the 'nth' degree. So Marty was sick and I had his work on a hold-down. Monday, the customers got on and asked where he was and what was wrong with him. I told them I didn’t know. Tuesday I heard the same questions and again I said “I don't know, probably sick.” Wednesday I heard the same questions, remarks, comparisons, and a lot of 'That's not what our bus driver does.' So Thursday came along and I heard the same questions. ‘Where is our regular bus driver?’ So I said, ‘Didn't you hear? It was sad and unexpected, but your bus driver died.’ On Friday, Marty came back.” I wish I could have been there to hear him in the driver’s room when he got off his run, thundering, ”Who had my run this week?” Funny! Gary Abel #1537 and his wife Sue are snowbirds. He was an assistant manager when he retired in 1995. He is very funny, witty, and a good storyteller. They have a place in Minnesota for three seasons and a place in Arizona for the winter. They said they would miss their family and friends in Minnesota too much if they stayed down south all year. I asked him when he became management. "On my second accident (hit a pole) they put me in. John Gorman was my manager at the time. I went in his office to see him. He wouldn't look at you, always kept his head down. John said, 'What are you going to do about it?' I said, ‘Transfer out to South where they bury all the poles.’ John says, ‘Sounds good.’” When I asked him to recall some events that stood out in his mind, he had us rolling with laughter with stories of a driver mooning someone at 35th and 1st Avenue (sorry, I can't tell you). The last story Gary shared with us was his most unusual grievance: "I had a driver at Nicollet who was a nice guy, but just couldn't make it to work on time. So we’re in my office with the union reps and the driver, and I explain to the guy that this is serious, and he is out the door unless he has a good explanation. The driver stands up, slaps both hands on my desk, leans toward me and says with a serious face: ‘My cat unplugged the alarm.’ I said, ‘Go home, get the cat and bring him back so I can fire both of you.’” He said that was the hard thing about being a manager at times.

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Transit and Safety Security Committee (TSSC) General Information


The Transit Safety and Security Committee (TSSC) was established in 1991. Some employees from MTC police, drivers, and some management had been selected. The TSSC takes an active role in identifying safety and security issues, problem solving, implementing solutions, and providing feedback from Bus and LRT Operators to Metro Transit Management. The purpose is to work together on safety and security related topics for the benefit of employees, customers and the community.

Contact: Tom Campbell Bob Schaller

In addition to representing their peers at TSSC meetings, committee members regularly attend SAT meetings and make presentations to new Full Time Operators. These presentations outline the Committee's purpose and achievements as well as provide information regarding the Peer Support Program, Aerosol Training and other self-defense information. TSSC meets in the morning on the first Thursday of each month. Management representatives from the Departments of Transportation, Maintenance, Safety, Transit Control Center, Street Operations, and Transit Police are regularly present at committee meetings. The TSSC also presents Transit Safety and Security Forums on a quarterly basis. These forums are presented quarterly, rotating all 5 bus garages and the Rail O & M Facility. They are hosted by the member representing that garage or facility. In the fourth quarter of each year, committee members define Goals and Projects for the upcoming year. Although these are ever evolving, this definition allows the committee to remain a focused, influential entity. Members are encouraged to continually bring new advice and information to the table in order to advance the agenda of the committee. The TSSC is also represented at Metro Transit Safety Department's Information page at http://councilinfo/

CRYPTO by PAT KELEHAN Each letter stands for another. If you think X=O, for example, it would equal O throughout the puzzle. Clue: E = X


B W C X 'Y W



C P W X D N Y.






T P U-

Four mechanics at the Overhaul Shop were winners of the “FIT for Life” Why Weight Challenge. Their team was drawn from the many teams who maintained or lost weight during the challenge. The prize was FIT for Life Fleece Vests. The team was led by Karl Olding and included Tom Loughran, John Demorrett, and Tom Campbell. Mary Worley passed away on March 15th. Mary worked at the Overhaul Base as the Maintenance Clerk for many years.

AT THE GARAGE East Metro East Metro had an accident-free week of operation, 3/23/07 thru 3/29/07. They had a free lunch on 4/17/07 for their seven consecutive days without an accident. Watch for new updated Operator “Bad Order” sheets. East Metro will get the first new low-floor artics from New Flyer. Congratulations to the five East Metro drivers that have gone full time. Good luck in Minneapolis. Watch for the “Taco Feed” on Friday, May 4th.

G M S U P. (Answer on page 15 )

May 4th, Joe Woods (8937) is set to retire.

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Transit Safety and Security Committee 2006 Summary Members: Jim Chisholm, Management Advisor, TCC David Rogers, Chair, Rail Jerry Larsen, Heywood Mary Vasterling, South Theresa Collins, Nicollet Dennis Engebretson, East Metro Van, Ruter Operator February Others in Attendance Chad Loeffler TCC Supervisor Officer AJ Olson, MTPD Mike Conlon - Director of Bus and Rail Safety Lee Bennett, Asst. Manager, Street Ops Frank Stumpf - MJR Garage Manager Dave Larrabe - Risk Management Sam Jacobs - Director of Bus Transportation Brenda Himrich - Manager of Bus & Rail Safety Scott Tollin - ATU Diane Rude - East Metro Op. Cheryl Alonzo - Heywood Op.

For complete details please see the Safety and Security Board located in every garage.

TCC: Dan Bullock, Review of Fallback mode - Buses have 2 sets of radios, normal radio op and fallback mode (DNF). All buses will use their Garage channel when in fall back. Buses cannot be tracked using the GPS while the radio system is in fallback mode. Code 2000 was disabled years ago. Questions/comments: Farebox issues and route info questions are not priority calls. TCC puts text message out stating that only priority calls will be taken while in

fallback mode. Examples are accidents and breakdowns. The radio system is in fallback when they first log on. Radio has a 'F' on it to indicate fallback mode. Incident: Op had bus hi-jacked in November -Had it been in fallback mode TCC wouldn't have know where bus was. Maintenance: Chuck Wurzinger unable to attend: Jim gave report for Chuck. Knee pads for columns will be tested on a couple buses. Vent covers will be tested on a couple buses as well. 3200 series buses have had interior convex mirror replaced and repositioned. Maintenance and training have been working the specs for 314 new buses that will be ordered later this year. 8 buses have mirrors installed to view the seats directly behind the driver. Mirror mounted above glass shield. Buses with new mirror are 341, 360, 452, 732, 749, 810, 813, 920. Questions/comments: Mirrors on front of buses show if bike rack is down. Artics have no place to mount mirror due to the window structure of the bus. Passengers board bus and bump head on mirror, pass along to maintenance. Bus 7101: seats have been mounted above the wheel well in the front of the bus with stairs to add more seating. Seats are very high and steps have broken. Is this a safety concern? This is an attempt to create 3 more seats so there are less standees and add capacity. BE Line has been using these seats in their 30 ft low floors. We have been testing them on our buses. Jan Homan, Brian Lamb, and Gillig reps looked at

prototype just before Christmas they noted clearance issues, step rotates downward, and we are unsure if we want this. They put it into service to test and see results. Bus Ops. should submit input on the seats and what they think. Hey Ops. have mentioned seat is an unsafe situation - steps bent/broken. Height is a concern. Drivers should fill out forms so we know about these before we order more. Street Operations: Lee Bennett: Twins ballpark plans are very much underway. A Construction roadway will be built from Wash Ave to access site. Access Mpls. - making Mpls. commuter friendly is also progressing along. 8th St will become 2 way roadway with most or all buses being pulled off of 7th St and put onto 8th St. Double bus lanes will be put along Marquette and 2nd Ave S. There will be 2 bus stops per block and buses will pass in the left bus lane. Hennepin and 1st Ave N. will become 2 way roads. City wants to put bike lanes along the curb lane. Metro Transit would like to see bike lanes down the center of the roadway. Street supervisors are making an effort to talk with ops at terminals about the importance of getting out of the terminal on time and monitoring the terminal departures. Real time Transit-master application shown. Questions/comments: What happens when a driver is running late into the terminal, needs to use restroom and then subsequently leaves terminal late, will supervi-

Page 13 sor write violation? Most often not, the problem is when a bus still is at a terminal for 15 minutes and then still leaves 5 minutes later. Leamington Ramp lower level is gridlock during the PM rush hour. Street supervisor, S. Hoeft is continually monitoring situation to ensure buses are parking where they should be. Safety: Brenda Himrich: Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) will be placed at all garages and office spaces. Look for AEDs near the restrooms in office spaces. No training necessary to use device. Demonstrations will take place at many different locations. Facts about AED use: AEDs have a 6070 % success rate versus CPR with a 5-7 % success. AED will give all directions for use and will not injure someone further. Cost is approximately $1460. Boxes will be alarmed so that when they are used it will be known. We are under goal for accidents for the year. Nicollet, Heywood and MJR were under individual goals while South and East Metro were over goals. Accidents include passenger falls. Overall 31 fewer injuries even though passenger rider-ship has increased. Questions/comments: It would be nice to see these units on trains in the future. In regards to Warning Stickers on buses: Can wording about 'May" be being taped changed to "is" being taped. How about a sticker that it is a state felony to assault a operator. MTPD attempts to charge suspects with a felony if they can. Each individual case has varying details. MTPD has been successful charging people with felony of interfering with transit. Police: Officer AJ Olson: four

assaults in January - two spitting incidents, (one spitter is in jail and the other is still spitting at large), one was a arm shove, and a tennis shoe thrown at bus. Increase in assaults from 2005, although all spitting incidents in 2005 may not have been classified as assaults. Tracking of incidents is being done better. Bus hi-jacking in November was handled very well by the operator, TCC, police dis patcher, and SPPD. Incident is still in the court system - suspect is charged with multiple felonies. Dave Indrehaus has been named Chief of Transit Police. Onboard police presence will be increased 150% in 2007. New officers will be hired to assist. Officers will be assigned fulltime to ride buses only. Two officers will begin March 5th and will ride buses as long as they are not taking care of incident on the bus. Questions/comments: The recent rapist captured in NE Mpls caught due to the tape for the bus. Spitting assaults are investigated just as much as any other type of assault. MTPD does not track what happens to cases once they go to trial. MTPD goal is to have felony charged and prosecuted. Other: Four-language handout available at garages regarding fare structure. East Metro Hmong operators report that language is offensive. David Rogers will continue to serve as TSSC Chairperson in 2007.

There was no meeting in March For complete details please see the Safety and Security Board located in every garage.

AT THE GARAGE Ruter Contact Dan Abramowicz #6225 or Scott Lundquist Dr. #6401

Ruter Expansion Ruter, built in 1975, was renovated in 1982. A new roof has been completed and there are now plans for an extensive expansion. Tentatively planned in the next five years, the south wall will be expanded towards the curb of the driveway. Currently, new bay lighting will be installed just in time to help illuminate the five new 1000 series buses expected. The new buses will be outfitted with the new digital five-cam era systems and will be the first of this series for Ruter. Congratulations and Welcome Marilyn Hood joined MJR in February as the facilities new Safety Supervisor. Marilyn began as an Operator in 1986 and was an Instructor at Heywood Garage before coming to Ruter. In Fond Memory The unexpected passing of 54year-old retired Ruter Operator DuWayne Grussendorf Jr. #2502 brought many friends and co-workers together at a solemn but uplifting memorial given in his honor along with his family last month in Brooklyn Park. To view memorials and sign the StarTribune on-line guest book for DuWayne go to: (d. 03/05/07)

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Meet the Latest Education Member Melanie Benson Driver 854 I grew up in St. Peter, Minnesota, and graduated from high school there in 1972. (Yes, I am helping to organize my 35th reunion!) That was followed by four years at Macalester College in St. Paul, where I experimented with a variety of subjects, thinking I would find something I wanted to do for a living. Never having owned a car, I took the city bus everywhere, and that's what finally "clicked" for me. After graduating in 1976 with a B.A. in Humanities, I started applying with the MTC and was hired on October 11, 1976. As my mother says, "She's been working with humanity ever since." Last fall, my passengers helped me celebrate my 30th anniversary on the job with a party on my bus on the 23-line on 38th Street, a route I've been driving for the last ten years. I love my job and have become friends with many of my passengers. Some of them share my interests in reading, theatre, gardening, stand-up comedy and other aspects of life. Thirty years in a good job with benefits have enabled me to do many things, such as owning a home and traveling quite a bit. Making friends from other cultures, both here and in other countries, has been wonderful! What I need to do now is improve my Spanish. Any volunteers? I am a vegetarian, a socialist, and a photographer who recently learned how to do "scrapbooking", proving that I'm not as craft-impaired as I thought. My family -- my mother, sister, two brothers, in-laws, and five bright and talented nieces and nephews -- is very close. Two cats have me. My union involvement has run the gamut from inactivity to hyperactivity (including helping to create the ATU International Women's Caucus and the Local 1005 Education Committee in the 80's); elected union office from 1994-96 (that almost did me in); back full circle to inactivity. My respect and admiration for our current union leadership inspired my renewed involvement. Our elected leaders are so busy with the responsibilities of office that they could use all the help they can get -- and they actually welcome, encourage and appreciate it. It's been thrilling to see how many members have been involved with the Education Committee over the years and to see what a fine publication the newsletter has become. The more people who participate, the better we will get to know one another, and the stronger we'll be -- and isn't that what a union is about, anyway?

Del Schafer Resigns Dear ATU Executive Board: I have successfully bid an Engineering and Facility position at the Light Rail O & M building. Given the fact that I will no longer be located at Nicollet Garage I must resign my Executive Board position effective upon the election of my replacement. It has been a privilege to serve on the Executive Board for the past 14 years. In that time I have worked under four different Presidents and numerous Officers and board members that have taught me many things about the labor movement. I would like to thank everyone for all the help they have given me over the years. I will continue to be a strong supporter of those of you who remain at the front line of our union's struggles. Don't hesitate to call me if I can be of any assistance in the future. Fraternally, Delroy S. Schafer

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"Thank You, South Garage" From Ms. LaMere's Kindergarten Class Harvest Preparatory School 1300 Olson Memorial Hwy. "Thank you, South Garage for the $500.00 donation to the kindergarten class. It was amazing to go to the educational store and buy the much-needed educational materials for the class. The games we purchased to teach reading and math skills have been great and the kids just love them". Each year South Garage collects donations from the "South Annual Holiday Party" from the dinner and drawing held. This past December, South Garage raised $500.00 and collected groceries totaling $200.00. Driver Mary Vasterling had become aware of a problem when a kindergarten teacher, Ms. LaMere, took on a second job. Ms LaMere was a waitress on weekends and used her tips to buy supplies for her class due to Harvest School experiencing budgetary problems, and teaching supplies were scarce. Southsiders decided to donate the money and groceries to Harvest Preparatory School. When the money became available, Mary contacted Ms. LeMere and they went shopping for the supplies. They purchased games that would assist with teaching math, reading and phonics, as well as paints, stickers, play money and award stickers. To assist the students with their math skills, they used paper money to buy the groceries that were donated - and as a reward some children could take the food home. Ms. LaMere said that some children come to school hungry and that the cereal received would be kept in the classroom and be given to those children who had not eaten breakfast. Mary recently visited Ms. LaMere's class. "The kids were so excited and told me how much they loved the games. They all had big smiles on their faces and couldn't wait to show me the thank you letters they were making for South Garage". The class made a booklet that includes all of the thank you letters that each child made and a picture of the class and it was given to South and is displayed in the Drivers’ room. Thank you to everyone who contributed time, food or money. There is still a need for school supplies and food at Harvest School. If you are interested in assisting these children during their most crucial years, please contact Mary Vasterling, #9662 at South Garage.

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MEET THE COUNTRY CLUB CHEFS AT THE MARTIN J. RUTER GARAGE By Thomas Noland, Dr. 64123 As a new “zip code� driver, I opted to work out of the Country Club (MJR). The mystery of the Country Club moniker and the evolution of the Country Club Chefs have as many variations as there are bus stories. The history of the Country Club goes back to 1982. MJR had just been renovated. The garage was still considered in the country. There was a basketball court and some new amenities that other garages lacked. MJR did not have a swimming pool or a tennis court. They did, apparently, have the type of work that most employees of that era desired. MJR also had barbecues. Through retirements and the shuffling of employees, the interest in barbecues subsided until the year 1993. The new era Country Club Chefs decided to expand on the original barbecues 12 years earlier. The expansion included holiday dinners, breakfasts, pot lucks, chili cook-offs and barbecues. Marnell Wilber and Arlene Olson were the new era-volunteers and innovators. Scooter Sternthal Over the last twelve years Marnell and Arlene have put a business plan together that is really unique. They have bought kitchen utensils, crock pots, pyrex ware, a microwave, Corningware, pots and pans, two griddles, two grills (One got burned out during the last strike after the barrel trick was ruled illegal). The last major purchase was a movable custom-made cabinet that can store most of the kitchen equipment. The movable cabinet, pyrex and microwave were purchased using Route H funds. Many of the kitchen utensils and such were purchased at garage sales using donations. The last holiday dinner marked the end of Marnell and Arlene's volunteering. They will, however, be available for consulting. Lillie Loving and Marnell Wilber

Lillie Loving, Scooter Sternthal and Ann Williams will now be in charge. On behalf of all of us at MJR and visitors from other garages, a special thanks to the Country Club Chefs and all of the volunteer helpers for their passion to make these occasions a success.

Arlene Olson

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Black History Celebration The tenth annual Black History Pot-Luck Celebration took place on Friday, February 16, at the Heywood Garage. Organizer Chuck Robinson estimates that more than 100 people from various facilities (along with their friends and family) attended the event. The featured speaker was Robyne Robinson of Fox 9, and The Keith Nance Jazz Quartet provided the entertainment. Several volunteers contributed to this event, preparing and serving a tremendous selection of delicious foods. Local artists displaying their work included Heywood driver Bill Ashford, Charles Caldwell and Annika Williamson, whose handmade jewelry sales will help finance her People to People Student Ambassador trip to Australia this summer. Valerie Robinson, Tracey Jackson, James Cashenberry, Traci Williamson and Chuck Robinson are to be commended for organizing this impressive event.

Robyne Robinson chats with Annika and Bryanna Williamson as Anna Williamson and Carlisha Lee stand by.

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Tapestry from Page 7

MED VAN Contact Mark Lawson

Although the company was originally called Med Vans (or something like that) in San Francisco, it is now know as MV Transportation. More corporate info is on their web site: The Burnsville division won an award for having the lowest accident rate of MV's small divisions last year (2006). The safety director is supposed to come to town soon and reward everyone with a breakfast. MV is bidding on the BE Line and a couple of other Met Council RFPs this spring, so MV Burnsville division may expand, stay the same, or fold up. Also, several employees and former employees are suing MV Transit because of the treatment by the former manager.

725 / OSC BLDG. Contact Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock has moved from the Nicollet stockroom to the new Radio/Farebox Stockroom at the 725 bldg. The Radio Dept. will be joining the Training Center, Shelters and Farebox in the newly completed building. The Credit Union is also located here, across from Rag Stock on 7th Street.

Frog’s hobbies are fishing, travel, fishing, walking, fishing, and volunteer work with seniors. He has devoted almost thirty- eight years in two different nursing homes visiting seniors: “I love the old people - I told you I am a people person! What am I going to do after I retire? Travel! First my wife and I are going to fly to Las Vegas. Then we'll drive to New York for a week, go to Niagara Falls and drive up through Canada, and just enjoy ourselves through June and July. When I come back to Minnesota I am going fishing at a friend’s cabin." Frog and his wife have four daughters and nine grandchildren. Kenneth "Frog" Nordstrom, Skilled Helper /South Garage

Second Annual ATU 1005 Union Picnic! We need volunteers!! July 8th!!!! 11-3 pm Battle Creek Park If you can give a little time or a lot of time, even all day, contact us. We need burger flippers, prize givers, food preparers, people to run games, activities, pick up equipment, return equipment. Get in on the ground floor. What would you like to see? If you have ideas, let the committee know! Contact one of the following Executive Board Picnic Committee members to find out where you are needed or give your ideas:

Gary Bier, Heywood Office Ken Dolney, East Metro Dispatcher Dan Abramowicz, Ruter Operator Mike Rossini, Nicollet Dispatcher Jerry Ewald, Vice President

Page 19 not have enough votes to override the vetoes. MVEST will not cover all of our costs. There is a transportation rally April 12. Members are strongly encouraged to attend in their union garb to make a strong showing like the "roads" people always do. Highlights Continued

March was a bad month: It included a killing; a shooting; a bank robbery where the bus was used as a get-away vehicle; and an unfortunate accident where a mechanic was dragged under a bus. The mechanic was hurt, but fortunately not more seriously. ATU members were wrongfully discharged or disciplined. After discussions with the company and through the grievance process, the operator was reinstated and discipline was cleared from the dispatcher’s records. Michelle asks us all to refrain from talking to management about other union members. If you have a problem with a union member, please take it to your Board member. If you hear management talking about members, ask them not to. When the company gets involved and sometimes isn't completely accurate, situations can be escalated unnecessarily. Del Schafer was again thanked and acknowledged for his years of good work as a Executive Board Member for Nicollet Maintenance. John Zapata won the election to fill that position (and he was sworn in at the meeting). The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute will be in town April 21 and 22. Local 1005 will be sending interested members with the help of the International Union. Liz Goldberg was reappointed to the Education Committee. Results of Union Meeting Votes: Motions: To send members to the Organizing Institute - PASSED On Maintenance Recognition Program - FAILED Requests for arbitration Stockkeeper seeking re-instatement to a former position, seniority and pay. - Yes to arbitration Payroll grievance (ATU work done by Managers etc.) - Yes to arbitration South Operator discharge for accident, safety record, overall record, falsification, and gross misconduct. - Yes to arbitration

Dear union brothers and sisters: It saddens me to say this will be the last article I write for the 1005 Line. I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, in addition to some other medical problems I have been dealing with since December of 2006. My doctor feels I need to cut back on stress. I have since resigned from all the extra activities at Metro Transit and in my personal life. I have enjoyed being involved with so many different aspects of Metro Transit over the years. I have learned a lot and enjoyed working with so many co-workers and management personnel. Outside of driving the bus for eight hours, I will spend my spare time with my family learning to relax and take better care of myself. Sincerely, Theresa Collins, Driver #1378, Nicollet garage

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Stores Department says farewell to John Kortekaas, Stores Material Planner, in a farewell dinner and later cake presentation. John started at Metro Transit on May 5, 1988 in the Stores Department and ended with almost 19 years of service. John has left us for Phoenix, Arizona at the urging of Steve Bethal, also a former Metro Transit employee. John was a former ATU member for 15 years before he went over to the “dark side” several years ago. Even so, he will be missed by everyone.

Ten top reasons to attend a Union Meeting You are a dedicated union worker. You might learn something about work issues. You want that $5.00 rebate for meetings at the end of the year. You are having a hard time with your social life and need to meet people with similar interests. You have to get the latest gossip on your co-workers. You need to get away from the spouse and the kids, out of the house. It is a Tuesday activity. Bowling is on Monday. There’s nothing on TV. You might win a jacket, sweatshirt, or shirt as a door prize. and the top reason: There are those damn good pastries and fruit!

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Metro Transit Prepares for Sector Restructuring Residents of the northwest corner of the Twin Cities metropolitan area will soon see changes in transit service coming their way. Starting in June, Metro Transit will implement the first phase of its Northwest Metro Transit Restructuring Plan, which will improve service in an area that represents 13 percent of the metropolitan region's population and 20 percent of the region's jobs. The area generates 10.3 million rides annually, roughly 14 percent of Metro Transit's ridership. A second phase of changes is planned for early 2008. Cities in the project area include Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, north Minneapolis, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale. This spring, marketing efforts will help Metro Transit customers learn more about the changes. Elements of customer marketing include a brochure, advertising on buses and in newspapers and a feature on the agency's website, Stakeholders involved throughout the process will also be enlisted to help reach customers affected by the changes. Metro Transit has communicated with a group of about 500 elected officials and business and community leaders who represent the study area. As they have done in previous studies to improve service, Metro Transit planners - after consulting with residents, business owners and other stakeholders - took a fresh look at where and how often buses operate, then proposed a plan to update service to better match where people live and work today. The project area is served by 45 bus routes. "The goal of this project is to make transit service more effective and meaningful for this area, while using existing resources to meet that goal," said Cyndi Harper, transit planner and project manager at Metro Transit. An earlier concept plan was revised after the agency received feedback from public meetings and comments from printed cards, e-mails, faxes and letters. The Metropolitan Council approved the final plan in December. This project marks the fifth time Metro Transit has evaluated existing service and recommended improvements to routes and facilities in a given area. In 1998, the agency divided the Twin Cities region into nine geographic sectors, and has been restructuring service one sector at a time. In the Study Area: 45 bus routes 10.3 million annual rides (14% of Metro Transit’s ridership) 15% of Metro Transit’s service 13% of the regions residents 20% of the region’s jobs

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Retirements Congratulations to January Retirees Ward,Kenneth P, EM Op. 1223 Harris,Johnnie, EM Op. 9184 Dahl,Dennis, EM Sen. Mech-Bldg Maint,5252 Thier,Timothy P, Hey Op. 63 Markson,Lawrence A, Hey Op. 840 Hippie,Ronald W, Hey Op. 1573 Upham,Russell G, Hey Op. PT 7027 Erkenbrack,Gene R, Mech., Shelter Maint. 5187 Windingstad,James R, Nicollet Op. 868 Johnson,Dale W, Ruter Gar. Coordinator Op. 835 Pingree,Lowell K, Ruter Op. 1472 Larson,Richard K, South Op. 427 Wermager,Thomas, Train Op. 1402 Congratulations to February Retirees Schmoeckel,David R, 5259, OHB Sen. Mech. Savage,Michael J, 5159, So. Mech. Bldg. Maint. Parent,Kenneth D, 2578, EM Op. Full time Thomas,Charles R, 3218, Ruter Janitor Pose,Mitchell S, 5511, So. Mech. Edlund,Jerry M, 310, Hey. Op. Full time Congratulations to employees celebrating Anniversaries

April 5 YEARS 4/1/2002, Franklin,Anthony D, Cleaner III, 39002 4/15/2002, Manneh,Babucar, Bus Op. FT, 3814 4/15/2002, Curry,Walter T, Bus Op. FT, 3815 4/15/2002, Majors,Stephan H, Bus Op.FT, 3816 4/15/2002, Lopez,Roberto, Bus Op. FT, 3817 4/20/2002, Klein,Ronald J, Bus Op. FT, 3820 4/20/2002, Nathe,Patricia J, Bus Op. FT, 3818 4/20/2002, Johnson,Mary E, Bus Op. FT, 3819 4/20/2002, Brausen,Gary N, Bus Op. FT, 3823 4/20/2002, Engebretson,Dennis M, Bus Op. FT, 3821 10 YEARS 4/5/1997, Butler,Anthony K, Bus Op. PT Day, 9740 4/14/1997, Rummenie,Christopher, Bus Op. FT, 9747 4/28/1997, Butts,David P, Vault Puller, 9751 4/28/1997, Maki,Jerome A, Bus Op. FT, 9758 4/28/1997, Ogharibhor,Marcia T, Bus Op. FT, 9754 15 YEARS 4/13/1992, Panser,Steven M, Vault Puller, 9242 4/13/1992, Adams,Michael E, Gen. Dispatch. 9240 4/13/1992, Hansen,Larry J, Mechanic, 9245 4/20/1992, Karger,Harvey E, Vault Puller, 9252 4/20/1992, Antus,Mark S, Bus Operator FT, 9255

4/20/1992, Juarez,Felix, Rev. Equip. Maint. 9249 20 YEARS 4/6/1987, Knosalla,Darrell W, Bus Op. FT, 922 4/9/1987, Partch,Rose M, Bus Op. FT, 955 4/9/1987, Hunt,Kenneth M, Bus Op. FT, 949 4/9/1987, Grigsby,Kenneth , Rev. Equip. Maint. 928 4/9/1987, Brubak,Ron D, Bus Op. FT, 957 4/13/1987, Manning,Paul L, Bus Op. FT, 4486 4/20/1987, Gates,Eddie E, Bus Op. FT, 967 4/23/1987, Hellendrung,Donald L, Bus Op. FT, 968 4/30/1987, Newkirk,Thomas L, Instructor, 997 4/30/1987, Herbes,David A, Bus Op. FT, 996 30 YEARS 4/18/1977, Grimes,Scott S, Sen. Mech., 5305 4/18/1977, Knehans,Edward L, Sen. Mech., 5328 4/20/1977, Nordstrom,Kenneth E, Sk. Helper, 5116

May 5 YEARS 5/6/2002, James,Anthony S, Bus Op. PT Day, 3827 5/6/2002, Stumme,Peter M, Bus Op. FT, 3833 5/6/2002, Webinger,James W, Bus Op. FT, 3825 5/6/2002, Thao,Hue, Bus Op. FT, 3829 5/6/2002, Anderson,Dennis D, Bus Op. PT Day, 3824 5/6/2002, Jacobs,Daher L, Bus Op. PT Day, 3830 5/11/2002, Adeloye,Adeleke S, Bus Op. FT, 3836 5/11/2002, Schanks,William J, Bus Op. PT, 3839 5/11/2002, Black,Robert I, Bus Op. PT, 3837 5/11/2002, Michaelis,Paul W, Bus Op. FT, 3835 5/11/2002, Alonzo,Cheryl A, Bus Op. FT, 3834 10 YEARS 5/3/1997, Peterson,Clifford A, Bus Op. FT, 9767 5/3/1997, Larsen,Jerry J, Bus Op. FT, 9763 5/3/1997, Kreuger,James J, Bus Op. FT, 9764 5/3/1997, Gyalsten Gangzey,Tashi, Bus Op. FT, 9762 5/12/1997, Brown,Stefanie M, Bus Op. FT, 9774 5/12/1997, Scarlett,Rohan W, Bus Op. FT, 9773 5/24/1997, Hultberg,Richard K, Bus Op. FT, 9781 5/24/1997, Jacobsen,Anita J, Bus Op. FT, 9784 15 YEARS 5/22/1992, Homa,Richard L, Vault Puller, 9260 5/22/1992, Hirdler,Michael V, Bus Op. FT, 9263 5/30/1992, Arroyo,Charles J, Bus Op. FT, 9268 5/30/1992, Polzer,John M, Bus Op. FT, 9269 5/30/1992, Edwards,John L, Bus Op. FT, 9270 20 YEARS 5/11/1987, Leonard,James E, Bus Op. FT, 1016 5/27/1987, Rolfson,Richard, Lead Stockkeeper, 3356

Page 23

Transit Humor Years ago I was driving a northbound 18 on Nicollet Mall. At 7th St., a blind passenger carrying a red-tipped white cane started to exit the bus. One of the other passengers asked if he could assist the man to his destination. The blind man replied: "No, thanks. I know St. Cloud like the back of my hand." One day I was driving a southbound 18 and stopped to pick up passengers at 3rd and Nicollet. Three men who had clearly had more than enough to drink boarded the bus, saying they were only going up the Mall (50-cent downtown fare). The first two men said the third one would pay. He started to insert a $20 bill into the fare box. I stopped him, saying, "Don't put that in. It's too big!" He gave me a mischievous smile and said softly, "Say it again." I laughed so hard I let them all ride free! We would like to make this a regular column. There are a lot of funny stories out there in every department. If you have a funny, true and tasteful story please submit by interoffice mail to Melanie Benson, Dr # 854 at Nicollet Garge.

Driving Tips If the bus is full, you can use the P.A. to announce, “Those who are physically able, please use the rear exit." If people are exiting through the front door and others are trying to board first, you can extend your arm and hold up your hand saying, "Coming out, please!" in a firm voice. Thanking people for waiting once the door is clear will prevent them from being upset about having to wait or step back. When passengers are listening to their headphones at a volume loud enough to be heard by others, you can try speaking to them as they board or use the P.A. to request: "Anyone using headphones, please turn the volume down so no one else can hear it." If passengers must fumble for change or ID to pay the fare, it is better to ask them to sit down while they look for it than to risk a falling accident or to have your view of the front door and side mirror blocked. As pothole season approaches, drivers would be wise to purchase special driver’s seat cushions with cut-away areas in the back. These can help prevent tailbone injuries and make the ride much more comfortable for those of us who already have tailbone problems. Look at a health clinic store for the best product. Always remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated. The goodwill you create will go a long way.

For retirement parties and deaths of retired members, please look on the www.atu website.

Letters To The Editor

Submissions for Letters to the Editor are subject to approval of the Editorial Board and space considerations. Letters to the Editor are solely the opinion of the author and do not represent endorsement by ATU Local 1005 or the Education Committee. If you have an editorial to submit, please contact a committee member or our advisor Scott Tollin at: No Letters were submitted


Nickolas Horning, Op. #66082 Died unexpectedly when arriving to work at East Metro Facility on Saturday, March 17th. Nick was a strong man of faith who volunteered for a variety of services at his church. He thought the world of his wife of almost 13 years, Rebecca, and his two sons, Jason and Joshua. He was born May 11, 1953, in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He had only been working as a full-time driver for Metro Transit for the past year. Nick enjoyed traveling with his family (especially on Disney Cruises), golfing, bowling and sailing with his brothers-in-law, attending any function or event in which his boys were involved, going to movies, going out to eat, playing cards, attending church events, singing and acting in Easter Musicals, spending time at the cabin, watching TV, spending time with his pets, and driving anything anywhere.

Mitch Pose, Mech. #5511 Mitch Pose, age 51 of Prescott, Wisconsin passed away on March 27, 2007 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Mitch was a 26-year Metro Transit employee, recently at South Garage. Mitch started cleaning buses in 1981, and in 2006 took a Senior Mechanic position. He is survived by his wife, Vanessa; two children, Shawn and Shannon; stepdaughter Josie; and a cat named “Watson Boy�. His parents, three brothers and two sisters also survive him. Mitch loved photography. His co-workers will remember him as a reliable friend.

Ralph Smoot, Op. #8883 Smoot, Ralph Ivory, Jr. age 65, of Brooklyn Park, Heywood driver, died on April 4, 2007. Survived by his wife, Gayle; children, Tiny, Rafeal, Vickie, Ramone, and Renee; two grandchildren; mother, Marie Jones; two sisters; one brother; mother-in-law, Dorothy Williams; also survived by a host of sisters-in-law, brother-inlaw, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. Interment at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.


You're a TIC operator. A woman is relying on the information you give her to get to a doctor's appointment on time. It could save her life....