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Newsletter by and for the members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1005 Minneapolis-St.Paul-Rochester Produced by ATU 1005 Education Committee

In This Issue... Office Report: Recording Secretary John McConnell -pg 1

ATU 1005 Office Report: Recording Secretary John McConnell

ATU Announcements - pg 2 Brothers and Sisters,

END OF YEAR Notes from Editor - pg 3 Metro Transit contract - pg 4 Growing ATU in 2019 - pg 5 Bus Operator Apprenticeship Graduation - pg 6 Bus Operator Mentorship Program - pg 7

ATU Holiday Party pictures -pg8

Working in the Cold -pg 9 KC Transit goes Fare-Free

-pg 10

ATU 1005 Executive Board Names/Contact Info -pg 10

ATU 1005 Calendar - pg 11 Weingarten Rights ATU 1005 Exec Board Holiday Card

I'd like to give everyone a quick update on some of the business we in the Office have been attending to lately.

him with it, to stay on his record for 3 years. He said he was willing to settle for one year on his record. In the end, the arbitrator

Last month we received great input for the contract Proposals. This shows that our members are getting more involved and making our union stronger. This proves that when we stand together, we will make a difference. It's clear that many members want to see some real progress in reducing the spread time for our operators and controlling skyrocketing health care costs. We will do our best to fight for what's important for our members in the contract negotiations. Since my career started back in January 1988, we have lost so much, but with our members building a stronger union we can keep up the battle. Helping each other with daily issues will help build a stronger union for the future. I would like to sincerely thank all the members that do so much to help. I would like to share one of the maintenance arbitration awards with you. A mechanic had a hoist that requires a special process for raising and stowing. This is the only hoist in the system that needed to go through this daily process. He had an incident that damaged the hoist. Metro Transit charged

ruled for an 18-month period. If the arbitrator could plainly see what was unjust about this situation, why couldn't the company? This is part of my frustration with Metro Transit. I wish everyone a safe and joyous Holiday and a Happy New Year!

back cover



1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

ATU Local 1005 Announcements R.I.P: Oscar Owens, ATU lnt'I Secretary-Treasurer Friday, October 25, 2019, brought yet another tragic loss for our International with the passing of ATU International Secretary-Treasurer Oscar Owens. A beloved figure in the ATU, Oscar, known as "Double O," was a man of great integrity, commitment, perseverance, and respect. A leader and friend to all, Oscar leaves an extraordinary legacy of service to the ATU. To honor and celebrate Oscar's life, legacy, and more than 53 years of service, ATU will be holding a memorial service at the ATU headquarters at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center in Silver Spring, MD on Monday, January 20, 2020, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Like Dr. King, Oscar was a strong advocate for civil rights and fought tirelessly for the rights of African Americans and all working families throughout the entire labor movement.

Look for your 2020 Union Punch Card in the mail! As a reminder, Union punch cards are now required to attend any ATU meetings or events. Every member should be receiving their 2020 card in the mail soon, if they haven't already. If you didn't receive it, you may need to update your address with the ATU Local 1005 Union Office (612-379-2914).

from your ATU 1005 Education Committee Pictured (L-R): Saralyn Romanishan, Alec Johnson, Adam Burch, Brent Perry, Leatha Falls, Chris Ptacek, Lisa Callahan, Dorothy Maki-Green Not pictured: Jacqui Heie, Kathy Peters, Carl Rice, Jo Ann Blomgren

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1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

ATU 1005 Education Committee

Featured in this Issue:


Saralyn Romanishan #68329 - Eng./Facilities Chair/Editor

Notes from the Editor's Desk

Adam Burch #78115 - FTH Bus Ops Vice Chair/Editor

by Saralyn Romanishan - #68329 Chair I Editor

Greetings and Happy Holidays to the Members of ATU Local 1005 from the Education Committee. We hope you enjoy our 2019 End of Year issue. In the Education Committee, we continued and expanded coverage of our Local's members and their accomplishments, needs, and goals. It has been a long year for us, as a union, but, in many ways, we have moved forward. In 2019, the Women's Caucus officially formed (meeting times are in this issue). Our members are activating (wow and kudos on how many contract proposals were turned in!). Our union advanced the cause of workers throughout this state and others, learning as we go. ATU added jobs within the company. And we have said see you soon

(never goodbye) to our retirees and hello and welcome to our new members...a lot of new members. In 2020, we will continue coverage of the contract negotiations, revisit and update issues, and seek new ways to communicate with the membership and promote communication among our members. We are in this together and look forward to next year. And please remember, we are always looking for new members of the Education Committee, ideas for articles, and writers for the 1005 Line. We want to hear what you have to say! #Solidarity

... ... ... ... ... ...

sararomanishan@yahoo.com (Committee Chair)

Join a Committee Attend an action or event Attend Member Meetings Volunteer your time and skills Talk to your ATU Representatives Volunteer as an ATU 1005 Ambassador



Dorothy Maki-Green ATU 1005Vice President Executive Board Liaison Brent Perry #75034- NIC Bus Ops Committee Secretary Lisa Callahan #6716- LRT Ops GREEN Jacqui Heie #76472- FTH Bus Ops Leatha Falls #2109 - MJR Bus Ops

Do you have something you'd like to contribute to the 1005 Line? Email us your article idea, pictures, events, corrections, Jetter to the editor, etc:

How to Engage with Your Union:

Alec Johnson #66034- NIC Bus Ops Layout/Editor



ATU1005 @ATULocal1005



ATU Office 612-379-2914


Kathy Peters #72051- EMG Bus Ops Chris Ptacek #72037 - FTH Bus Maint Carl Rice #6223- LRT Ops BLUE Jo Ann Blomgren #3811- EMG Bus Ops

Letters to the Editor -1005 Line Policy on Submissions: Please include Name and Badge Number so we can verify if you are a current or retired Union Member. If you do not want your name to appear in the newsletter, make a note of that in your Letter to the Editor and we will list you as Anonymous. We will not print letters / regarding political candidates or political parties, that contain foul language, or that denigrate members of the Union. All Letters to the Editor are considered solely the opinion of the writer. The letters printed do not represent the opinions of the ATU Local 1005 Union or Education Committee. Not all letters may be printed. Letters should be submitted to sararomanishan@yahoo.com.

ATU 1005 Education Committee Mission Statement:

The ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) Local 1005 Education Committee collaboratively works to promote the organizations and goals of ATU International and ATU Local 1005 through multiple communication pathways. The committee encourages the engagement of union members and the active participation of its members within the Union and the Community by creating new education, communication, and outreach tools, maintaining current mechanisms, and researching and sharing information.



1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

End-of-Vear What's Next with Metro Transit Contract Negotiations by Dorothy Maki-Green - Vice President We submitted negotiations request to Marcy Cordes from Labor Relations and to General Manager Wes Kooistra in November 2019. In our request, we made it clear that we will be ready to begin negotiations in mid-February 2020. At our initial meeting with Metro Transit, we will exchange contract proposals. Managers selected by the company for their negotiations team from all departments attend. The Union and Management go through contract proposals and begin to coordinate calendars for dates to come together for contract negotiations leading up to our contract expiration date of July 31st, 2020. As of right now, we have been told the Summer is the earliest we could do negotiations. We hope to get that moved up.

are internally discussing Light Rail, we would have the reps from that department to help inform the Negotiations Committee of Article 41 and Article 42 proposals and the best language changes and additions submitted. The contract committee will go through all the proposals and put together an overall proposal that will be voted on by the membership at or union meeting. Thank you all who took the time and effort to help create a good package of proposals to submit!


With a healthy amount of contract proposals submitted by the Membership, the ATU Officers form the Contract Committee consisting of all Executive Board Members. Out of the contract committee, several board members are elected to be a part of the negotiations committee. For example, if we

Metropolitan Coaadl Metro Transit Dlvllloa

Two years ago, the members of ATU Local 1005 voted 82% in favor to accept a Contract offer with Metro Transit. This contract, and all that came with it, was not offered to us out of kindness on Management's part, but was rather the result of a hard-fought and strategic campaign by our leadership and rank-n-file activists. This, of course, included the legitimate threat to strike during the Super Bowl. It was no small feat that were were able to retain our health benefits and wage increases, prevent exploitative '1ull-time work for part-time benefits" measures, force the creation of labor-management committees to address bathroom and safety issues, and raise the profile of Labor amid the anti-Labor fervor in the run-up to the JANUS Supreme Court case. Months earlier, President Timlin (then still Union Rep for Nicollet Garage Transportation), had called for the creation of a Contract Action Team of rank-n-file members to help build solidarity before, during and after the contract campaign. This proved to be crucial in putting pressure on Met Council in various ways. We need to regroup and prepare for the next contract battle. Contact your Union Rep to get involved. We may need your help to quickly activate the wider membership, whether it's outreach at the garages, mobilizing to a Met Council meeting, organizing pickets, etc. The more members who are involved, the more powerful we are, the more we can win!



STAY INFORMED... with contract negotiations updates from the 1005 Line! The ATU Local 1005 Education Committee will do its best to keep the membership informed on the developments of the contract negotiations with Metro Transit.

We Need Volunteers for the ATU 1005 Action Team!

Getting involved in the Action Team team is an investment in your own future. Solidarity!

Union Democracy in Action! At the October membership meeting in Minneapolis, ATU 1005 Recording SecretaryJohn McConnell read all of the contract proposals submitted by members.

While much of what goes on at the negotiating table cannot be shared publicly, we will continue to inform and report on what we can, knowing that an educated and informed membership always means a stronger position for our team at the negotiation table. In the spring, we also hope to do a feature about some of the more historically significant contract gains (and losses) over the years. This will be a good chance to beef up your knowledge about what changed when. The best way to be in the know? Attend the monthly membership meetings! Solidarity!

1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

End-of-Year Growing ATU in 2019 by Saralyn Romanishan - #68329

Growing the membership is a high priority for any Union because numbers influence policy. Right now, it is especially important for ATU Local 1005 as contract negotiations begin and the privatization of routes continues. In 2019, union leadership and membership worked alongside Human Resources' Talent Management and Workforce (and several other) departments to rebuild and grow our union labor force. A lot of union, employee, and company hours were spent in meetings, negotiations, job descriptions, posting, marketing, trade shows, classes, enhancing current and creating new programs, reworking process and procedures, Q&A, testing, interviews, hiring, coaching, instruction, and so much more. Human Resources provided the following statistical information:

2019 Workforce (WFD) statistics regarding Bus Operators as of November 30: • 71 BDAP (Bus Driver Applicant Prep) sessions • 119 CLP (Commercial Learner's Permit) Express study sessions • 81 Application Assistance sessions • 383 Individual Bus Driver applicants assisted by WFD • 85 of the individual Bus Driver applicants began 5-week training

2019 Talent Management statistics regarding ATU jobs as of December 6: • 30 NEO (New Hire Orientation) sessions where applicants come in on their first day to fill out hire paperwork, learn about the council


and benefits, etc. These classes are usually every other Monday and 4 weekends during the year. • 312 total ATU jobs were added • 312 Breakdown: 249 Bus Operators, 5 (includes 18 Mechanics Electro-Mechanical Technicians, 1 Mechanic Commuter Rail, 12 Mechanic Technicians), and 45 other positions such as Transit Information, Customer Relations, Engineering & Facilities etc. What do these numbers mean? They mean a lot of people are working very hard. By looking at the number of cut trips, privatized routes, worked overtime, and shortened service hours in some departments, we also see there is a long way to go before we are fully staffed. We all benefit from a large and diverse workforce. But to have that, we need to be able to attract and hire a large and diverse pool of qualified candidates. Hiring bonuses and referral incentives definitely help but there are hurdles. For some candidates, the difficulty is in navigating the application process. This issue is partially addressed through WFD's sessions listed above and some fast-tracking through Talent Management for previous applicants or previous employees. The next hurdle comes after the applicant is hired as they need to successfully complete training and probation. Then, after probation, comes the issue of retention, especially for the long-term. Employee retention relies on many factors; competitive wages, benefits, shift locations and times, safe working conditions, respectful work environments, mentorship, healthcare,


child care and so many other items such as housing and transportation situations. If you were asked, what would be the most important to you, as a current employee, that you think should be offered to new employees? As a union member, to all of these, I would add how important it is to welcome new hires and transfers into our departments and take the time to answer questions and help our co-workers navigate their new jobs. The company must provide the benefits we need to attract the top candidates, but there is also a shared personal responsibility. If the environment isn't welcoming or navigable, why would someone stay? Other companies are highly competitive and desperate for qualified employees. For example, Jefferson Lines is now offering a $1,500.00 signing bonus and benefits for new full-time drivers. Besides benefits, what must set us apart? Us. We, their co-workers. If their manager is not assisting, we need to. We are their most accessible support. We need to step up, supporting each other and supporting better benefits and working conditions. For our jobs to continue, we need to attract and retain new employees. Thank you to everyone that has worked hard in attracting candidates and taking the time to help them after hiring. Happy New Year and here's to a lot more new ATU members in 2020!

WANT TO MAKE AN EASY $500? Give your employee number to any of your friends/family/neighbors (or even strangers!) who are interested in applying to be a bus operator. You will receive a $500 referral bonus once that employee finishes probation.

Metro Transit is holding a special 1-Day Hiring Event for new drivers: SaturdayJan 11th, 8:30am - 2pm Metropolitan Council 390 Robert St. N, St Paul, MN

1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019


Apprenticeship Graduation

Apprenticeship Program .TU G MetroTransit

ATU 1005 and Metro Transit Celebrate First Graduation of Bus Operator Apprentices

LOCAL 1005

29 ATU 1005 Members become the first 'Certified Bus Operators' in the State of Minnesota - with many more to follow by Alec Johnson - #66034 On Thursday December 12th, 2019, twenty-nine of our ATU 1005 brothers and sisters made history by becoming the first ever 'Certified Bus Operators' in the state; and some of the first in the nation. Representatives from Metro Transit, Met Council, ATU 1005, ATU International, State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Washington D.C.-based Transportation Learning Center, and many others gathered to mark the occasion. Our Bus Operator Apprenticeship Program, launched as a pilot last Fall, began registering new-hire part-time weekday operators as apprentices in This 2018. September joint union-management initiative has slowly been changing the way Metro Transit looks at training for new-hires, and changing the way new-hires look at their training at Metro Transit. The apprenticeship concept helps reinforce the idea that the bus operator occupation is worthy of being considered a skilled profession, and that, like any skilled trade, it requires a structured, more incremental, training approach. Simultaneously, an apprentice requires on-going guidance from front-line workers themselves that draws out lessons from the various initial experiences gained in the field.

The Operator Mentorship Program Peer-to-peer mentoring (see next page) was the missing piece in creating a rounded-out program that takes the apprenticeship model to heart. In traditional apprenticeship programs, apprentices work closely, often side-by-side, with their mentors for a specified period of time. They receive feedback, encouragement, long-term advice, tips, etc., all the while being


In other workplaces, where workers require similar skills to our mechanics, signals technicians, etc., they often would receive skilled trade certifications. There's no reason it can't be done within the transit industry as well. ATU continues to push in this direction.

Unions Represent Their Trade steered in a positive direction that will ultimately lead to a successful career. The Bus Operator occupation did not have the luxury of fitting into the traditional mold of apprenticeship. However, the spirit of the American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI}, passed in 2015 by the Obama Administration, was precisely to find creative ways to implement the best features of apprenticeship style training, namely, the peer-to-peer learning that is done both formally and informally on the job, in these non-traditional industries. The first five classes of apprentices, most of whom have gone full-time, have now completed the program. There are another 150 active Bus Operator apprentices currently enrolled in the program. From this point on, apprentices will graduate to journeyworker status on a bi-weekly basis. The hope is to have similar graduation celebration events a few times a year to recognize each apprentice's accomplishments.

Maintenance Apprenticeships

In taking part in joint labor-management apprenticeship programs, ATU is laying more of the groundwork to not only represent the workers, but to represent the work. This is one of the roles unions have played historically, especially in the building trades. The union, in representing the trade, is the certifying agent that recognizes a worker who has mastered the trade. Apprenticeship programs lead to more and better training standards, more engagement and recognition for the union and its members, and overall safer and higher quality performance.

-----...,....,..,.--!!!!rn______ �rn



ATU 1005 member Habtamu 0/gaha (FTH Operator

Next on ATU 1005's agenda is #78414) received, along with 28 others, his Certificate of establishing official registered Completion of Apprenticeship and his Journeyworker card apprenticeships for our various from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. maintenance positions. This would Presenting the credentials were, from left to right, ATU be a huge step forward in getting International Vice President Marcellus Barnes, our members the credit they Transportation Learning Center Executive Director Jack Clark and Metro Transit General Manager Wes Kooistra. deserve for mastering their crafts.


1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

Minnesota's first Certified Bus Operators: Back row L-R: Angel Rodriguez #78380 NIC, Marica Williams #78471 NIC, Anthony Yates #78376 MJR, Abenet Wordofa #74456 NIC,Jonathan Crooms #78416 MJR, Montuaine Mosby#78473 FTH, Phillip Current #78468 SOU, Alec Johnson (coordinator of program) • Middle row L-R: Lori Matthews #78382 NIC, Michelle Allen #78372 FTH, Anthony Howze #78417 FTH, Deshawn Richard #78470 EM, 1 Paul Olson #78493 MJR, Francine McQuerry #78381 MJR Front row L-R: Ed Sid/a #78424 FTH, Bob Franzen #78489 MJR, Bruk Ambaye #78419 FTH, Cyril Anuforo #78374 SOU, Stephen Searcie #78492 NIC, Raymond Chea #78425 MJR, Cleo RobinsonJr #78437 NIC, Monica King #78438 MJR,Jolin Hawkins #78491 MJR Not pictured: Yolanda Culbreath #78377 MJR,Jim Mueller #78378 NIC, Habtamu 0/gaha #78414 FTH, Howard Hudson #78421 MJR, April Landin #78441 MJR, Barkon Greaves #78490 FTH,JoAnn Peterson #78496 NIC

Are you interested in becoming one of ATU's Operator Mentors? Currently, there are approximately 50 Mentors system-wide (and approximately 150 apprentices), but in early 2020 we will be expanding that number. It's a union-led program that relies on strong solidarity among ATU members to be successful! Can you help guide our newest brothers and sisters through their first year? The criteria to apply to be a Mentor are subject to change by the joint labor-management committee, but previously they were the following: • • • •

3 years as an Operator, currently FT ATU 1005 member in good standing No records of warning in last 12 months No drug/alcohol violation in last 5 yrs

What do Mentors do?

• Provide 1-on-1 guidance through regular check-ins with Mentee (unpaid) • Attend Mentor-Mentee group meetings several times a year (paid) • Attend Mentor-only meetings or trainings a couple times a year (paid) • Ride along with each Mentee several times a year (paid). No documentation required. Look for paper applications in the drivers' lounges at your garage soon!

Contact Alec Johnson (Apprenticeship & Mentorship Coordinator) for more info: Alec.Johnson@metrotransit.org


Mentors proudly pose with their Mentees who have now graduated from the Bus Operator Apprenticeship Program. Over a dozen Mentors were in attendance to celebrate the occasion with their union brothers and sisters.


1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

[ ATU 1005 1st Annual Holiday Party hosted by Black Caucus]



1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

ATU Work

COLD by Chris Ptacek- #72037 Metro Transit Public Facilities Worker

You sit and watch tiny wind driven ice crystals rake across the windshield like the claws of some ethereal beast hunting. The wind itself blows so hard the vehicle actually rocks slightly when the gusts buffet it. In an attempt to steal your resolve you sit for a second and try to psych yourself up to go out into the nightmarish environment just on the other side of the door. Then you reach for the hand and open the door. In an instant the near alien environment rushes in to claim a new victim.

There is never really a day off when it comes to transportation. It is going every single day of the year and as such there needs to be people doing the jobs that have to get done. Even if it means collecting the trash or shoveling the platforms so it's safe for people to walk on them in dangerously cold temperatures. At times it is almost worn like a badge of pride, the rest of the time a person wonders if they've just gone insane. It is even more so when you have to be out in it for up to an hour at a time.

We live in Minnesota, we work here and for the most part, truth be told, we kind of love this place. Sure it has its flaws, but it's kind of like that comfy sweater, it fits. Unlike many other parts of the nation we have the issue of dealing with the truest of definitions when it comes to weather extremes. Not only that, we have to work in them.

Frostbite can happen in less than 5 minutes when the temperature is -50 degrees. For some of us, that means that before you can even begin to do your job you are already at risk of frostbite. A person has a few options though.

There have been times in my life when I remember working and hearing that it was as cold outside as it was on the surface of Mars. That really makes a person ask themselves, Why in the world am I doing this? The answer to that really doesn't matter, as everyone would have a different answer, but what do you do now that you are doing it? The simple answer is to protect yourself, and there is no room for shortcuts when it is extremely cold.

First thing to do is to layer up. Everyone has heard this for years, but there is a good reason for it it simply works. A few layers of clothes and a good set of bibs and jacket can in fact go a long way in protecting you from the cold. It also has the benefit of letting you shed a layer if you begin to get too warm. The last thing you want to do is to begin to sweat. That will potentially freeze or make you even colder due to evaporation.

how bad it has gotten or how fast it can progress. Even short stays in a warm area can help stave off the effect of extreme cold. Third, try to have someone around that can help if you start to show signs of hypothermia. You might be able to do the job assigned to you, but what happens if you don't notice that you are beginning to become hypothermic? Your body temperature begins to drop and one of the more insidious symptoms is confusion. Have someone there that can help. This is where the old saying "the cold makes you dumb" came from. We live in a place where, for months, the air can and oftentimes does hurt the face. There is nothing we can do to change that. Grumbling about it might keep us from snapping, but the real answer is to be aware and be safe when you have to be out in it.

Second, use some good common sense. If there is a warm place for you to get to frequently, then use it. Once frostbite starts, it becomes very hard to tell just

Corrections A couple corrections regarding last issue's article on ATU 1005's contract with Metro Transit: • Our contract with Metro Transit is certified under the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS), not the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), because we are considered public sector workers.


• Minnesota's Public Employment Labor Relations Act (PELRA) limits the duration of public sector collective bargaining agreements to three years. ATU International will allow a contract duration beyond three years, but requires approval directly from the International President.


1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

Transit News Kansas City Becomes the First Major US City with Universal Fare-Free Public Transit by Adam Burch - #78115 After a unanimous vote on its city council and support from the mayor, Kansas City will make its public transit fare-free. The bus service will join the light rail that was already fare-free. Fare-free service is popular among the residents and will be a major help for low-income folks who rely on transit to commute to work and appointments. It will also encourage more people to use public transit which will strengthen the transit system. The increase in ridership will reduce traffic on city streets and highways. This will also reduce emissions from vehicles and therefore help meet targets to reverse climate change. As reported previously in this newsletter, other cities are also considering fare-free transit. Salt Lake City is experimenting with fare-free transit days, and the (MA) Regional Transit Worcester Authority's advisory board voted

unanimously to conduct a fare analysis that includes '� consideration of a fare-free : "" system. Kansas City councilmember Eric Bunch said, "When we're talking about improving people's lives are most who our vulnerable citizens, I don't think there's any question that we need to find that ��_._ money," Bunch told KSHB, a local media outlet. "That's --......-not a ton of money and it's L.-----....;.."""------���It is critical that Metro Transit increases money that we as a city, if we want to its ridership and a fare-free system will prioritize public transportation, it's go a long way towards that objective. ATU something that we can find." International supports fare-free public The cost of moving public transit to a transit. It is exciting to see a major US city fare-free system is comparable and often adopt it, and more cities should do the times less than what an average road or same. parking ramp construction project costs.

ATU 1005 Executive Board Ryan Timlin President Dorothy Maki-Green Vice President


DoniJones East Metro Bus Ops



Demetre Muhammad FTH Bus Ops


John McConnell Rec. Sec. I Asst. B.A.


Gordon Raveling MJR Bus Ops


Tommy Bellfield Fin. Sec./ Treasurer


Chuck Feucht East Metro Bus Maint

Cliff Bolden Nicollet Bus Ops



David Stiggers South Bus Ops


Greg Stowe FTH Bus Maint


Honey Darling LRT Operators


KevinJohnson MJR Bus Maint


Lisa Benson FTH Office



Dave Gosha First Transit Rochester


MarkJessee Nicollet Bus Maint Kurt Anderson South Bus Maint Mitch White OHB Maint Dave Butts Northstar Maint Ron Kammueller LRT Maint


612-367-4576 651-895-4757 763-438-4070 651-352-5341


Jim Rusnacko First Transit Mpls

*Dan Abramowicz Union Steward - Bus Ops *CJ Bahan Union Steward - LRT Maint Union Office Hours 8am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

612-599-5898 612-290-5857 612-443-3671 612-379-2914

1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

ATU 1005 Education Committee

Dec/Jan ATU 1005 Calendar End-of-Year Featured in this Issue:

Saralyn Romanishan #68329 - Eng./Facilities Chair/Editor

Check out the website for Adam Burch changes or updates! #78115 - FTH Bus Ops

NotesMembership from the Editor's Meetings Desk

by Saralyn Romanishan - #68329 Vice Chair/Editor www.atu1005.com Chair I Editor Tuesday Dec 17, 1 Oam & 7pm Alec Johnson Minneapolis United Labor Centre #66034- NIC Bus Ops Greetings and Happy Holidays to the goodbye) to our retirees and hello and 3121005 Central Ave SE (never Members of ATU Local from the welcome to our new members ... a lot of new Layout/Editor DECEMBER members. Education Committee. We hope you enjoy ATU Committees . issue.Wednesday Dec 18, 7:30pm our .2019 End of Year Dorothy Maki-Green In 2020, we will continue coverage of the Eagles Club Rochester 1005 ATU ATU1005 Local In the Education Committee, we continued contract negotiations, revisitATU andLocal update Vice1005 President 917of15th SE issues, and seek new ways to communicate and expanded coverage ourAve Local's Education Committee Black Caucus Executive Board Liaison members and their accomplishments, needs, with the membership and promote Thursday, Dec 12 Tuesday, Dec 17 communication among our members. and goals. It has been a long year for us, as a Brent Perry union, but, in many ways, we have moved Tuesday Jan 28, 1 Oam & 7pm Thursday, Jan 16 Tuesday, Jan 21 We are in this together and look forward to #75034- NIC Bus Ops forward. In 2019, the Minneapolis Women's Caucus Unitednext Labor 7pm 11:30a-1pm year.Centre And please remember, we are officially formed (meeting times are in this Committee Secretary members of Centre the Central United Labor Centre United Labor issue). Our members are 312 activating (wowAve and SE always looking for new Education Committee, ideas for articles, and (JANUARY> kudos on how many contract proposals were Callahan Suite 377 Conference Conference for the 1005 Line. We want Suite to hear219 Lisa 7:30pm Wednesday Janof29, writers turned in!). Our union advanced the cause #6716- LRT Ops GREEN what you have to say! workers throughout thisEagles state and Clubothers, Rochester ATU Local 1005 Women's+ Caucus learning as we go. ATU added jobs within the #Solidarity 917 15th Ave SE Jacqui Heie company. And we have said see you soon (1st Wednesday of each month) #76472 Wednesday Jan 8- FTH Bus Ops NOTE: Until further notice, all Tuesday Wednesday FebFalls 5 Leatha membership meetings will be you'd held in Do you have something likeMinneapolis to contribute to the 6:30pm 7:30pm #2109 - MJR Bus Ops 1005 Line?Centre Email us your idea, pictures, at the United Labor due to article complications United Labor Centre events,use corrections, JetterintoStthePaul. editor, etc: with building agreements ATU1005 Kathy Peters How to sararomanishan@yahoo.com #72051- EMG Bus Ops Engage with Labor-Management Committees (Committee Chair) @ATULocal1005 Your Union: Chris Ptacek ATU 1005 Retirement Gatherings TSSC (Transit Safety & #72037 Safety- Barrier Parking ... Join a Committee FTH Bus&Maint www.atu1005.com ... Attend an action or event Lot Safety Committee Security Committee) Northside Breakfast Club St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club Carl Rice ... Meets Attend2nd Member Now meeting only TuesdayMeetings of each Meets 2nd Wednesday of Thurs Dec 19 - South office@atu1005.com ... month #6223- LRT Ops BLUE Volunteer your time and skills each month as needed Thurs Jan 16 - East Metro 12:00pm ... 8:00AM Talk to your ATU Representatives 10:30am - 11:30am Jo Ann Blomgren Post 9625 Matties-Concord Lanes ATU Office 612-379-2914 Next ... VFW Volunteer as an ATU 1005 Ambassador 1919 Coon Rapids Blvd 365 N. Concord Ave (Elected TSSC Reps only) #3811- EMG Bus Ops Meeting Coon Rapids, MN So St. Paul, MN 11:30am - 12:30pm TBD Letters toside theof Editor (on the east street -1005 Line Policy on Submissions: Metro Transit Mechanic (All committee members) betweenPlease Egretinclude and Hanson) Name and Badge Number so we can verify if you are a current or retired Union Member. If you do not want your name to





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appear in the newsletter, Teammates make a note of that in your Letter to the Editor and we will list you as Anonymous. We will not print letters Meets 2nd Wednesday of contain foul language, or that denigrate members of the Union. All Letters to the Southside Breakfast Club / regarding political candidates or political parties, that

Bathroom Committee Meets 1st Wednesday and solely each Editor are considered the month opinion of the writer. The letters printed do not represent the opinions of the ATU Local 1005 Union or Education Committee. all letters may be printed. Letters should be submitted to sararomanishan@yahoo.com. 4th Thursday of each monthNot12:00pm (2nd Wednesday of each month) 8:00am Old Country Buffet Wed Dec 11 - 2pm 14150 VFW Post 5555 ATUNicollet 1005 Ave Education Committee Mission Statement: Wed Jan 8 - 2pm Burnsville, MN 6715 Lakeshore Drive Transit Union) Local 1005 Education Committee collaboratively works The ATU (Amalgamated to promote the organizations and Richfield, MN Office Building of ATU International and ATU Local 1005 through multiple communicationHeywood pathways. The committee encourages the (off goals Lyndale Ave and 67th) Roomby creating new engagement of union members and the active participation of its members within4th the Floor Union Conference and the Community education, communication, and outreach tools, maintaining current mechanisms, and researching and sharing information.


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1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS Under "Weingarten Rights", if an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequence may result from what is said, he/she can say something like this:

"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer or steward be present at this meeting. Without representation present, then/ choose not to participate in this discussion."




1005 Line - End-of-Year 2019

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