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From the Editor's Desk ATU 1005 Education Committee

Saralyn Romanishan #68329 - Eng./Facilities Chair/Editor Adam Burch #78115 - FTH Bus Ops Vice Chair/Editor


and regulations. New co-workers and family members and the loss of old ones. Paychecks, contracts, bills. Even the time changes twice a year.

Saralyn Romanishan - #68329 Education Committee Chair/Editor

But you've got this! Even better, we've got this!

We are now into the 3rd month of 2021. Since most of us weren't sure about 2020, this is quite an accomplishment.

As we head into Spring let's look forward not back. And don't forget your co-workers, union members and family are all around you.

Life is change. And life and change are all around us. It's a lot to think about. New schedules. New rules

An Irish wish for all of you...

"May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire."

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1005 Line - March/April 2021

Safety for Our Members is ATU's Priority - Metro Transit Offers Only Lip-Service

refuse unsafe work. We're also currently fighting for the strongest possible contract to protect ourselves and our benefits, and by extension, the public. The White House and CDC issued a mask mandate on all public transportation on January 21st. ATU emphatically supports this mandate for the safety of all our members. As of mid-February over 135 ATU members have died nationally, Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) has lost at least 150 members, and no fewer than 10,000 members have tested positive or been in quarantine.

By Ryan Timlin, Pres. ATU Local 1005 pandemic, the During the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)'s foremost concern has been the safety of our members across the country. This means having the workplace protections to do our

jobs without fear of retaliation or physical harm, to know that you'll be supported in following the federal guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, and to know that you have the right to

Shockingly, the Met Council has offered no support to enforce the mask mandate, putting de facto pressure on operators to tell passengers the mask requirements. This is completely unacceptable, and it's an approach that has endangered drivers and passengers in other parts of the country and led to violence. For similar safety reasons, drivers are not responsible for fare enforcement: a driver's job is to safely get the public from one place to another. Our individual operators cannot fill the gaps left by the massive inequality of our society, and social issues like

Continued on Page 4...

Contract Action Team Update continued from Page 1... are starting to feel like a racket. It is almost as if it reinforces the undue burden of sacrifice that we are supposed to take upon ourselves while the bosses and management can work from home and avoid the exposure that we are experiencing. By now I'm sure all members are beyond rolling our eyes at the "In This Together" campaign while Metro Transit refuses to negotiate in good faith with our union. If we This were "In Together" management would stop stalling negotiations and agree to a strong contract that guarantees the safety and security we deserve. Since the initial full day of negotiations with the Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) in October of 2020 - at which they reached an agreement to open full negotiations as opposed to just extending the existing contract with an increase in pay - Metro Transit has only agreed to five negotiation sessions that run usually from late morning to early afternoon. This means that the company has only agreed to meet one or two times a month, and the company's bargaining team is typically 30 minutes late to these meetings. This is unacceptable and is clearly part of their negotiating strategy to delay the process as much as possible. In March the company and the union will go back into BMS mediation, because clearly there has been so very little progress made. Management at the Table Since full negotiations began only seven sections of the contract have reached a tentative agreement while 42 sections remain open. It has been one step forward, two steps back. Anytime they make progress on one front the company goes on the offensive elsewhere and attacks other sections of the contract. We have gone eight months without a new contract while negotiations move at a glacial pace. The company is responsible for holding up a new contract by only agreeing to a very limited number of negotiating sessions,


one time payment of $1,500 that I guess they want to be considered as hazard pay. This is an insulting offer, it should make us furious, and we need to concentrate that anger on the bosses for showing us so little respect. The union is counter-proposing a 5% wage increase for each of the next two years, so 10% wage increase over two years. That's more like it!

and making unacceptable offers during the process. Some of the company's proposals have been so insulting and attack the very strength of our union. Metro Transit wants a new "flex" part time position that wouldn't be counted as a full employee. Without a cap on the hours this new flex position would just end up working closer to 30 hours a week like a regular part time position, but without the same benefits. This is unacceptable for a couple reasons. The first is that no union position will ever be created without the union benefits. And this is just an attempt by the company to limit the number of full time positions, or at the very least avoid having to address splits for full time work. Creating a more exploited position just means they can continue the bad conditions for the rest of us.

The company is of course crying poverty as to why it can't afford to pay us. They will of course cite the very real problem of lower ridership during the pandemic, but they leave unsaid all the federal money they have received. The CARES Act gave the Met Council $226 million for transportation, most of which went to Metro Transit. The last round of federal stimulus money was $186 million. Both rounds of stimulus add up to about 75% of the federal funding received in 2018.

Safety has also been an area that the company refuses to take seriously. This includes agreeing to a new policy for relief drivers. Vehicles should be made available to shuttle relief drivers to and from shifts and we shouldn't be waiting alone in freezing temperatures. PPE like masks have been provided and made accessible in facilities, but other PPE for Helpers have not. Footwear needs to be provided to Helpers, and they need more biohazard training as they come increasingly in contact with bloodborne pathogens. Metro Transit has been out of OSHA compliance before without any real remedy, so accountability needs to be enforced in the union contract to bring them into compliance. Helpers should also be fully staffed so they never have to go out alone. Helpers should always be paired together at the very least.

This money is fully negotiable! There have been rumors circulating that this money is somehow not for us, or isn't eligible to be bargained for during contract negotiations. This is untrue. This money can absolutely be used to pay us our wage increases and hazard pay. The only stipulation is potentially time sensitive. This wouldn't be much of an issue if the company would stop delaying negotiations, but the more they do the more that we might lose out on the funding if the money isn't spent in a year. Other workers at smaller transit systems than ours have won the kind of wage increases that we are demanding like in Colorado and in Topeka, KS. Public sector workers all across the country have received wage increases and hazard pay closer to what our union is demanding. The Met Council can absolutely afford to pay us what we deserve that reflects the kind of sacrifice that we have been making over the last year during the pandemic.

Where is Our Money? And of course, what about the

money? Management is proposing

only a 0.5% wage increase for the first year and 1% increase for the second. That's a whopping whole 1.5% wage increase over two years. This pathetic offer is paired with a

turn up the heat on the company. The union is mapping out a 90-day plan of actions to escalate the tactics that we have been using up until now. The pandemic has made it difficult, but we have used phone and mail blitz to pressure key Met Council members and Wes Kooistra. We need to build for more confrontational actions that can include informational pickets. This would be short of an actual strike, but we should be serious enough to think of these actions as preparing for a strike if necessary. The core Contract Action Team is a strategy of planning f or mobilization that will include more and more members. We need to activate a much broader section of members if we are to win the strong contract we deserve. We are organizing to build Property Action Teams that will identify a core group at each facility that can reach out to all members to turn out for actions. The company has refused to negotiate properly with our union. When they do meet, they propose insulting offers. These are some of the worst offers in the country, according to several sources at ATU International currently involved in numerous contract negotiations. Other ATU locals are not of experiencing this kind intransigence from their transit agencies that we are from Metro Transit. We should be furious, and we should organize that anger by mobilizing the full strength of our membership by taking aim directly at the bosses and not backing down from the fight they are insisting on having. Come out and get involved in your Property Action Team!

Turn Up the Heat! As you might expect, we need to


1005 Line - March/April 2021

Understanding COVID Leave

by David Stiggers - #66256

There are a lot of questions concerning COVID Leave protocol for Metro Transit employees so I will try to break down the absolutely confusing and constantly changing language surrounding the policy so that it's better understood. Don't worry if you still have questions, this will be an ongoing segment. The latest update, COVID-19 Leave Policy 3.0, started Jan. 1, 2021 and includes eligibility requirements for Emergency Sick Pay (ESP) and Expanded School Leave (ESL). You can view the long version on Metnet by selecting COVID-19 FAQ and then Policy 3.0. When COVID-19 protocols started in April 2020, employees, unbeknownst to them, were given 80 hours of ESP and, for some of us

exposed away from work, management will look at your situation as a "sick" and you are on your own in terms of pay. In either case you need to submit a COVID-19 Leave request for the time you are absent. It also helps to remove the occurrence that is associated with your COVID related absence. Typically, a grievance is avoided when the documentation is in place to validate the testing.

with underlying conditions, the opportunity to stay safe at home through June while still getting paid. If you stayed home your ESP was exhausted and there is no talk of reissuing another 80 hours in 2021. If you still have ESP hours there is no talk on whether you will keep it forever or if you will lose it after some time. But how do I use my ESP?

Use it when you feel that you've been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19 by alerting your manager. The CDC recommends that you quarantine for 7 to 10 days and get retested before returning to work.

What if I have symptoms but I don't have COVID; should I come to work?

Management is explicit that you should not come to work if you have symptoms. Getting a negative test helps you get back to work sooner especially since management is not going to compensate you for staying safe. As it stands, management will view this as just a "sick", but garage managers, per the latest policy update, will work with you on the occurrence, provided you've been

What if management sends me home because of exposure; will I still get paid?

Well, it's complicated but stay with me. If you are exposed to COVID-19 while at work AND it is verifiable

management has placed employees on administrative leave while they quarantine. However, if you are

Stay tuned far more information in the next issue. Also, get updated COV/0-19 information by visiting https:llmetcmn.sharepoint.comlsites/MetNeVPages/COV/0-19-FAQ.aspx

President Timlin on 'Safety' continued from Page 3... homelessness, mental health, and same right during the upcoming crimes of poverty that are trial of the officers involved in the increasing under the dual pressures murder of George Floyd. of an economic crisis and a deadly Metro Transit has informed the pandemic. Minneapolis Police Department that it will not be providing "arrest All ATU Members have the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work buses" for mass arrests during the trials. This is a victory that would Did I read you right in the Metro not have happened without the Transit newsletter, Vince Pellegrin? pressure from our union and its In his column as Chief Operating members, with support from the Officer, Vince Pellegrin wrote what broader community. However, this he believes is Metro Transit's role policy change alone does not during the upcoming trial of Derek ensure the safety of our members. Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police In fact, some of the more Officer who murdered George Floyd dangerous moments for ATU last year: members last summer occurred "While focused on our customers when Metro Transit operators were and staff, we know we must also be assigned the task of transporting ready to step into other emergency National Guard soldiers, with very response roles when directed to do little planning or direction provided so. If needed, Metro Transit may to the operators. While public anger be directed by the state to was justified at the National Guard provide additional transportation presence that failed to make any services. As a participant in the arrests of white supremacists state's emergency response rumored to be in Minneapolis, structure, fulfilling these requests is some buses were surrounded and an obligation, not a choice." (Italics vandalized, and operators were verbally threatened. added). We are a very diverse union and As Mr. Pellegrin's statement makes stand in solidarity with the fight to clear, Metro Transit is ever eager to win justice for George Floyd, and an prove itself as a reliable arm of the end to the deeply rooted racism State's law and order apparatus. and inequality many of our Our members take pride in being members face daily. Metro Transit part of emergency response units can make whatever agreements it when the community needs us, wants, but all ATU Local 1005 such as providing emergency members should know: you have shelter and transportation in the wake of a fire, a tornado or the the right to refuse unsafe work. Last summer, our members took a l-35W bridge collapse. But we do stand against collaborating with not equate those community MPD to take arrested youth to jail or support roles with transporting to transport officers. This stand troops to put down a protest. And swept across the country, and we do not have an obligation, as inspired actions taken by TWU public servants or as union members in New York. This stand, members, to carry out Metro Transit on the right side of history, was orders that put our members in backed up by our local and unsafe situations or undermine our with wider, the international union. You have the solidarity


multi-racial working-class. Met Council's Wasteful Spending Ignores Our Safety Demands

Metro Transit and the Met Council's slow and flippant approach to ATU member's safety goes far beyond the mask mandate and the condescending comments from Vince Pellegrin. Our Light Rail (LRTI operators have had to deal with 42 windows smashed. Our Helpers (facilities workers) have long complained about doing solo work at night, unprotected. These members have filed numerous grievances after experiencing assault and robbery while doing solo work. Instead of responding to the data, the Met Council's only proposal is to push for more Metro Transit police and ignore the specific safety issues named by ATU members and our riders. Meanwhile, the company hasn't budged on hazard pay for our members, who've risked their lives working through the entire pandemic! Management insists that the Metro Transit police are present on trains during the day "to deter criminal activity". However, while the Metro Transit police spend a disproportionate amount of time over-staffed on day shift, enforcing fares on Light Rail, this means they're not available for other safety calls. Recently, Metro Transit has outsourced Helper jobs to Marsden staff organized in the Service Employees International Union Local 26, to sweep the trains and the terminals. And now these SEIU 26 members are facing the same security issues! Having ignored our requests for balanced scheduling at night, one of these helpers was recently assaulted, working alone in


tested. ATU reps have been grieving the occurrences with some success. But what if I get to work and a manager believes I may be sick and sends me home?

This is an ongoing point of contention. ATU office has several grievances pending in which operators were forced to stay away from work for up to 24 days based on a manager's assumption of exposure and making them use their own sick time to get paid. We will keep you posted on the outcome.

ATTENTION MEMBERS Has your facility been experiencing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment? If so, please speak with your ATU representatives at your facility or call the Union office (612-379-2914)

the terminal. This violence lies squarely at the feet of the company for not staffing the support we requested, instead pushing for more police funding to continue a bloated presence at unhelpful times. Fund Social Programs, Mental Health Resources, and the Ambassador Program

In our current contract, ATU has a negotiated "Ambassador" position intended to take on the role of bringing issues on public transit to a non-violent resolution. A report from earlier in 2020 showed that non-violent, civilian intervention on public transit has been very successful in other cities. This initiative can start in the Twin Cities by expanding and staffing the ATU position already outlined in our contract, making it a well-paid, union job. Ambassadors could be a positive, unarmed presence on all public transit, even available to take fares if necessary. This is a concrete position that could be filled right now, shifting a security presence to where it's actually needed.A serious approach to safety starts with funding social programs, housing, and by making mental health resources widely available. Last summer, in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder, around 200 current and former Met Council employees wrote a public letter detailing the need for widespread changes in policing on public transit. Moreover, we fight these massive inequalities as a union, and will continue to take action for a fully-funded transit system paid for by taxing the rich and big corporations, alongside social services, Medicare for all (including mental health services), and robust COVID-relief.

1005 Line - March/April 2021

CORONAVIRUS: How it Has Affected Us by Kathy Peters #72051

What a year! 2020! Wow! The year 2020 started naturally. Cold. Of course, it's Minnesota. Cold. Ice. Snow. Then it got worse, more cold, more snow, more ice, and the Coronavirus. What is the Coronavirus (Covid-19)? It is an infectious disease. A disease that attacks the immune system. It can spread very easily from person to person through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. In fact, the most common way Covid-19 spreads is when people are close to each other (within 6 feet). Respiratory droplets can land in the mouths or noses of others nearby. Research shows that as many as 40-50% of people with the virus have no symptoms, which means it can be spread by those who don't know they are infected. This leads to Metro Transit employees, who are in close proximity with these people day in/day out. As the pandemic hit in early March, Metro Transit was willing to let people take time off to get their affairs in order, with no occurrences (at least in March). Schools closed, daycares closed, men and women were laid off or furloughed, others had to work from home.

How has this affected us? Over 500 employees were affected by which I mean, someone in their families was susceptible to getting the virus. Besides themselves, employees stayed home to watch/take care of elderly parents and grandparents or small children. Many employees also had underlying conditions, whereas, being exposed on a bus, train, platforms, or at shelters enhanced the chances of contracting the deadly disease. As we sank more and more into this pandemic, my fellow ATU members felt more and more exposed. We were not allowed to protect ourselves by wearing our own masks and putting up some kind of barrier between passengers and drivers. When I asked several drivers how Covid-19 affected them, some were a little hesitant with telling me what they had to do to stay safe. Having a husband that got to work from home, this driver felt that she could still come to work. Though her husband had an underlying condition, they came up with an idea for when she came home from work. Use their garage as a changing room. (which, of course, would work in the summer, winter.....brrrr). Another felt a very deep appreciation for her children's teachers. Ready to pull her hair out after the second week of at-home teaching, she couldn't wait until her children would be in front of the computer with their teachers. She thinks she asked more questions

Duo through your phone, if your symptoms required a Doctor to see them, angling the camera for better viewing was a bit challenging. Having had an accident right before the shutdown and not getting in, resulted in me working with a bruised bone. Making everything I did on the bus hurt worse. Zoom, WEBEX, Microsoft Teams, Instant Messenger, became the ways and means to get in contact and have meetings with others. It had become the normal way to talk to people. As another person told me, she was beginning to get depressed. She is a very big "people person" and not seeing friendly faces or real people had put her in a funk. Others took an early retirement. They were thinking about it, and this just made it easier. For the employees that were able to stay home to look after an elder or a child, home-school, or had an underlying condition themselves, Metro Transit was gracious in paying them a regular paycheck. Though Covid-19 is still here, it's not so rampant. We are able to wear masks or gaiters. We are giving out masks to passengers that don't have them. We have barriers on the buses. There is a vaccine that we can get. Hopefully, the world will get back to a "new" normal soon.

than her daughters. After working the PM shift until 2 AM, it was an eye-opener (or a rude-awakening) to only be working until 11 PM or 12:30 AM, which would mean that he would have to come in earlier, which would be having to get up earlier, which messed up his sleep pattern. Luckily, he is back to regular working conditions. A lot of people had a lot of things to say about missing over time (OT). It's not so much about the extra pay, but what the extra pay is used for. While I don't do OT, my husband does. OT was paying for college costs, tuition, and loans. While some colleges were letting you skip payments, the interest still adds up. Others had medical bills and daycare costs, vehicle payments, mortgages, and rent. The list goes on and on. OT dried up. After a couple of months, over time started to trickle in, but slowly. Even though back door boarding began in late March, the buses were still jam-packed. A driver had told me that her anxiety would flare up with the number of passengers on the bus. Signage of "Next Bus Please" was being used, but how can you stop people from coming on the bus while others were leaving? So with her anxiety, her asthma kicked in. She said she tried, but she couldn't handle the problems from day-to-day on the bus. Many had problems with getting to see their doctors. Doing Google

Sources: Many ATU members. Gov. Tim Wa/z'.s Coronavirus updates. Metro Transit newsletters. WebMD.

Highlights from ATU International ATU calls for U.S. and Canadian governments and health officials to recognize aerosol transmission of COVID-19 as public health risk In a petition signed by 10,000 concerned citizens, addressed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the ATU and 44 other organizations are demanding the agency update its official guidance on how COVID-19 is spread. ATU Canada has also sent a letter to all Premiers and transportation ministers on the need to recognize aerosol transmission of COVID-19 as a public health risk. This recognition is essential for adopting improved prevention measures like better personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation, and air cleaning technologies. "The ATU has been saying aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is a problem on public transit as evidenced by our 135 brothers and sisters killed by this deadly virus and more than 4,600 infected. The ATU has been pushing for better airflow, more effective filtration systems on buses and trains, and improved PPE for transit workers and riders to help stop the spread of COVID-19 along with other safety measures," said ATU International President John Costa. "We hope the CDC and Canadian health officials acknowledge the danger of aerosol transmission of this deadly virus and make serious safety recommendations that will help save the lives of transit workers, riders and the public."

International President Costa testifies at Senate hearing on "The Coronavirus Crisis: Paving the Way to An Equitable Recovery" "Transit workers have been true heroes during this pandemic. They've put their lives on the line each day to keep America moving," International President John Costa told a hearing of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on paving the way to an equitable recovery from the coronavirus crisis. Costa thanked the Senators for the $30 billion in emergency aid for the transit industry but called for an additional $39.3 billion to keep essential transit running and frontline transit workers paid. "Of course, the downside to staying on the job as a bus operator is that you are continuously exposed to COVID-19. We have had 135 ATU members die from the virus. TWU has lost even more," Costa testified. While applauding the new mask mandate on public transit, Costa called for better mask enforcement, more safety measures, and priority access to vaccines for transit workers. After testifying, President Costa fielded various questions from Senators about the challenges for transit workers and the industry during the pandemic.



;tg,� COMMITTEE HEARING RI· �t::O-ATF. � �· CHANNELS * * * * ; . ..


Hearing entitled, ''The Coronovirus Crisis: Paving the Woy to An Equitable Recovery."

1005 Line - March/April 2021

Into The Fold ........ Training the Trainer by Dorothy Maki-Green#9082 (ATU 1005 Vice President 2008-2020) On January 1st, 2021 I was back to my previous job as one of 8 Full-time Instructors. Though it was like a duck to water in driving, there were so many skills that I needed to sharpen again.

Soultar is a very thorough trainer and gifted. He got me focused on my weaknesses, One of which is watching the doors close EVERY TIME! This was to get me ready for my In-Service test on 17B with Safety Specialist Bobby Redd. Watching the front door close is part of the 8 count.

great and 'needs some work' in regards to routes associated with this garage. Good: pre-trip switch /cup holder's Great: new park and rides with decent bathrooms for us Improve: The cup holder! It needs an adjustable piece to firmly hold our cups. I don't appreciate my coffee mug being dropped to the floor and possibly breaking.

1) Look in the center mirror and close back door. 2) Look at front door while it closes. 3) Look for runners in your right mirror

Soultar That's where Allerai-Beaumont came in! I trained with Soultar for the month of January, where we had time to reminisce and belly laugh about days gone by.

4) Look in center mirror to check your interior situation

through the same program you use to view your paychecks, the Employee Self Service (ESS).

6) Left turn signal on

Soultar and I were part of 27 Full-time Instructors hired in 2000. We are the ONLY ones left of 27 Full-time Instructors! WOW!

7) Look for runners AGAIN in your right mirror

Dorothy with MJR Relief Instructors Wasiu Sodeinde#73165 (left) and Michael Wright#71041 (right).

8) Look in your left mirror before you begin to move. P.S. Putting your signal on at number 6, allows at least 3 blips of warning to the traffic that you are coming out.

Dorothy with Full-Time Instructor Sou/tar Allerai-Beaumont#6307 at the Instruction Center. Our group of 27 did it all....CDL, In-service, Safety Keys, Ride Checks, Transit Ambassador, creating training films and curriculum and SOP's to name a few. We were given professional development such as accident recreation (I remember it required advanced math. Which I was soooooo proud that I passed that test)

As this newsletter goes to press (early March), Metro Transit is planning to use email to confirm who wants and needs the vaccine among Metro Transit employees. It's very important that everyone follow through! Please make sure your email address is up to date in Metro Transit's system. You can do so

5) Look in left mirror for traffic/conditions on leaving bus stop

Here's a little of our Instructor history:

Important Info Regarding Vaccine Roll-out

We were also joined by Wasiu Sodeinde, another Garage Instructor at MJR. Together we had an awesome training that covered the finer details of driving the routes AND the different equipment.

I wanted a perfect score, but NOOOOOOO, Bobby caught me not watching the front door close completely! Uuugh! ( I was rushing a stop downtown on Nicollet mall so I could make the light.) So I lost passed but some points comfortably.

We started out in articulated buses and coaches. Dang! Those are fine pieces of machinery! Who gets to drive almost a million dollar vehicle everyday?!!

Metro Transit is not hiring Drivers right now, so Management sent me off to MJR until they begin hiring.....April??? We shall see.

Thank you to the IC and MJR teams for taking the time and patience to get me up to speed! Thank you for your welcome back into the fold!

At MJR I was blessed to be put with Michael Wright. He is a bright, articulate, and focused Garage Instructor at MJR. His up to date knowledge and my past experience led us to have valuable conversations about what is good,

With Love and Gratitude, Dorothy Maki-Green

The process is simple. When you log into ESS, instead of clicking on 'Payroll and Compensation', click on 'Personal Information'. From there you can update your phone number, emergency contact and your personal email address. You may choose to have Metro Transit contact you through your work email or your personal email address. That's up to you. Just make sure you mark it as "preferred" on the ESS site. As always, you can access ESS from any Met Council computer, or externally from home. Go to https://pspess. metc.state.mn.us on your personal device. While you are not required to receive the vaccine, please make sure you respond to any communications from Metro Transit regarding the roll-out, to ensure things can go as smoothly as possible as more vaccines become available. THANK YOU

ATU 1005 Executive Board Ryan Timlin

President I B.A.



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Rec. Sec. I Asst. B.A.


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Fin. Sec. I Treasurer


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1005 Line - March/April 2021

[ March/Apr ATU 1005 Calendar] Check out the website for changes or updates!

Membership Meetings

( (



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Tuesday March 23, 10am & 7pm Minneapolis United Labor Centre 312 Central Ave SE

ATU Committees

Wednesday March 24, 7:30pm Eagles Club Rochester 917 15th Ave SE

ATU Local 1005 Black Caucus Thursday, March 18 Thursday, April 22 7pm United Labor Centre Room TBD

Tuesday April 27, 10am & 7pm Minneapolis United Labor Centre 312 Central Ave SE Wednesday April 28, 7:30pm Eagles Club Rochester 917 15th Ave SE

NOTE: Until further notice, all Tuesday membership meetings will be held in Minneapolis at the United Labor Centre due to complications with building use agreements in St Paul.


ATU 1005 Retiree Gatherings Northside Breakfast Club

Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month 8:00AM VFW Post 9625 1919 Coon Rapids Blvd Coon Rapids, MN (on the east side of street between Egret and Hanson)

ATU Local 1005 Women's+ Caucus (1st Monday of each month) Monday April 5 Monday May 3 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Please contact Union Office to confirm details)

Labor-Management Committees


TSSC (Transit Safety & Safety Barrier & Parking Lot Safety Committee Security Committee) Now meeting only Thurs March 18 - Webex as needed Thurs April 15 - Webex 10:30am - 11:30am Next (Elected TSSC Reps only) Meeting 11:30am - 12:30pm TBD (All committee members)

St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club

Meets 2nd Wednesday of each month 12:00pm Matties-Concord Lanes 365 N. Concord Ave So St. Paul, MN

Metro Transit Mechanic Teammates

Southside Breakfast Club Meets 2nd Wednesday of Meets 1st Wednesday and each month 4th Thursday of each month 12:00pm 8:00am Old Country Buffet 14150 Nicollet Ave VFW Post 5555 Burnsville, MN 6715 Lakeshore Drive Richfield, MN (off Lyndale Ave and 67th)

Bathroom Committee (2nd Wednesday of each month) Wed March 10 - 2pm Wed April 14 - 2pm MPTD Rm 316 or on Webex Video Conference

NOTE: Please contact the Union Office with any questions regarding the status of retiree gatherings www.atu1005.com

ATU Local 1005 Education Committee Tuesday, March 16 Tuesday, April 20 11:30a-1pm United Labor Centre Room TBD


1005 Line - March/April 2021

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS Under "Weingarten Rights", if an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequence may result from what is said, he/she can say something like this:

"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer or steward be present at this meeting. Without representation present, then I choose not to participate in this discussion."

. ATU 1005 Negotiations Update! In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, approximately 350 members sent GM Wes Kooistra Valentine's Day postcards demanding Wes stop stalling and settle a fair contract.

On Monday, February 1st and Tuesday, February 16th 1005's negotiations committee met with Metro Transit to continue contract negotiations. It was clear they felt pressure from our direct action. During negotiations Metro Transit withdrew the following proposals: • Extending the light rail pick from 1 year to 2 years. • Making Foreperson crews for light rail need based. But for every step forward, Metro Transit tries to take a step back, in mid-February they submitted a wage proposal and it is a slap in the face! Metro Transit is proposing the following: • •

Upon ratification: one-time payment of $1500 for full-time workers, $1125 for part-time workers, 0.5% wage increase 1% wage increase scheduled for August 1st, 2021.

Meanwhile, transit systems across the country are settling contracts with wage rates of 3% each year and higher! Metro Transit is feeling the heat, but clearly they don't realize the fire is on their doorstep. It's time for us to knock down the door and show them! That's why we are starting Property Action Teams at each work location! Sign up to join yours today by texting Organizer James Rosenstein-Hopkins at 240-701-9975. Stay connected with your union Text ATU1005 to 47400 www.atu1005.com


1005 Line - March/April 2021

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1005 Line March/April 2021  

ATU Local 1005 Newsletter

1005 Line March/April 2021  

ATU Local 1005 Newsletter

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