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NZL 2011


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Tim Watson, Brewery. Photo Mein

Cover: Beach Thurlow, frontside ollie. Photo: Mein Here: Matt Hosey, switch kickip. Photo: Francis

Photo: Vercoe.

Editors: Adrian Vercoe Jake Mein Art director: Adrian Vercoe Contributing photographers: Jake Mein, Glen Smith, Mark Barber, Adrian Vercoe, Kevin Francis, Simon Kerr, Justin Watene, David Read, Sean Aickin. Contributing writers: Tom Hull, Max Couling, Fred Shallcrass, Jake Mein, Sean Aickin For submissions/ Advertising enquiries please email The opinions expressed within Seconds do not necesarily reect the opinions of Seconds or its associates.

All material copyrighted. Seconds Magazine 2011.

Photo: Mein

We all know that beach rips on pretty much anything you put in front of him, but here are a few things that you may not know. Beach cant push. Sorry Beach. In a game of S.K.A.T.E he will always do some sort of shitty nollie super shuvit that crop dusts, lands primo yet he will still make it and get you a letter. He is always in bed by midnight, always. He will vanish from the bar and race home just like Cinderella so he can be at the park by 8:30am ready to beat your ass in a hungover game of S.K.A.T.E. His Mum will make you a mean dinner then give you heaps of pain killers for the skate/ alcohol related injuries. Don’t ever make a bet on a trick with him at the Wanaka park no matter how ridiculous the trick might be. He will make it first go then say “double or nothing” if he kickflips into it and make that too. There goes your deluxe cheeseburger money. Beach is a good bastard who can destroy anything on a skateboard, just make sure when he crashes at your house you get the box of beers he promised up front. – Tom Hull

Backside 360, Queenstown. Photo: Mein

Bleach Thurlow-Meyer

360 flip, Wanaka. Photo: Mein

Gap nose manual, Wellington. Photos: Vercoe

Backside smith grind, Invercargill. Photo: Mein

Frontside ollie, Benmore. Photo: Kerr

Photo: Mein

Kickflip, Wadestown. Photo: Mein

Second Favourite city? Sydney. Second favourite skateboarder? Sam Williams. Second favourite trick? Stiffy. Second favourite video? Fake D3 wearing female pissing on another girl in public. Second favourite video part? Gherkin Mostly - opinion. Second favourite song? Loretta - Townes Van zandt. Second best font? Times New Roman black, bold, italic, underlined. Second favourite Wellington spot? Brewery / Brewery bar. Second best artist? Michael Sieben is hecka tight. Second best T.V show? East Bound. Second best movie? Shit Life feature length movie (coming soon (maybe)).

Chain ollie, Te Aro. Photo: Mein

Second favourite beer? Coopers. Second best thing to do when not skating? Sit on the corner and watch all the girls go by. Second best quote? “I’d give her both inches”. Second favourite website? Redtube. Second favourite dish to make? Hollandia sandwich (Hollandia sandwiched between 2 other Hollandias). Second worst piece of advice? Leave your socks on. Second last song you listened to? I’m on fire - Bruce Springstein. Second best time? 11:11. Second best job? Boarder D. Second best energy drink? Lucozade. Second best country? Egypt.

Wallie, Upper Hutt. Photo: Mein

50-50, Wellington CBD. Photo: Mein

Lipslide,Wellington Waterfront. Photo: Mein

Text and Photos by Jake Mein.

A quick conversation over a bowl of Ramen. So should we start this off with a glossary? Of what? Of the words you use, otherwise no one will understand what you’re talking about. Dunno eh. I’ll take it. Well what’s a ‘crendeavour’? Setting sail on a voyage of crending (career ending). And ‘mars bloody’? It’s ‘may as well’, somehow it became ‘mars bloody’, now it’s just ‘mars fucking’. When I first heard it I though it was literally Mars as in the planet. Oh real, as in Total Recall as fuck, three titted women and shit, that movie is next. I love shit movies like that. How did you come up after new years, you kept going on about being crack faded on our recent trip to Duds? I slept a full day, 11 am til 1 p.m the next day, couldn’t move to get a glass of water. So crack faded. Ever worry about having an acid flashback? Yeah my Dad was telling me about brutal flashbacks, his mate can’t walk anymore. What are your thoughts on digi video’s? To be honest pretty I think they’re pretty wack, it takes away a lot of the effort “Oh I filmed it digi, don’t have to do anything legit”. I mean their fun and shit, but no kids want to see digi shit. Okay to reverse that, what about the new DSLR cameras that people seem to be filming with? Oh, some of the shit looks pretty good, don’t know though. I mean HD will replace everything eventually but you can’t beat VX colours with a good fisheye.

So you’re off to lark in Melbourne for a while, when are you planning on going? Might go in a month, smash it for a bit. There’s a good crew over there right now. Head further or stay in Europe? Don’t know, need a heavy set for that. No plans yet, get to Melbourne and go from there I guess. Yeah true, head over with 10 grand and you only end up with 5. Haha yeah, “Oh fuck I’ve only got 5”, get it changed back again “Oh fuck I’ve only got 3”. So you were saying you might work with Geoff (Campbell) in a night club over there? Yeah might do, nightclub could be dangerous though. Could you handle living nocturnally? It’s only 2 nights a week, I’m more worried about finding drugs and shit, don’t think I’d be able to handle. (Then head to the park to meet up with the crew)

M: Oi look it’s Cunt Destroyer. Watch him, it’ll be something heavy, see that? Rock sex change on the quarter, took it. Haha, how did that guy get the name Cunt Destroyer? He turned up at the park with a t-shirt that had ‘Cunt Destroyer’ written in twink. I highly doubt that motherfucker has destroyed any vagina, let alone had intercourse with it, let alone destroy it. Why would he want to destroy the one thing he loves? I think that’s a good note to end on. Thanks you's? Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom, C1RCA, Quest

Three hours after Trevor made this nose manual I nearly got killed by Nigerian club owners, nearly. Photo: Mein

24 days sounds long, and it was, but once you factored in the imminent days of rain, sickness, travel and repair along with the extra curricular activities it becomes a lot less. We didn’t know what we were in for so 24 days seemed to be a safe period of time to do all of the above and keep everyone happy. For me it was the first time going on a trip where there was no team manager or veteran photographer calling the shots and organising everything/everyone. I’m not even too sure if Jake had even organised a tour before this one... Shot to the crew for a great time in Japan. Special thanks to Jake who pulled through with flying colours putting it all together. I should mention that with out the added support of : DVS, CIRCA, ELEMENT, ABC, MANUAL, REAL, SPITFIRE, THUNDER, LAKAI, plus the Japan connects of Wura, Simon Lockett and Trevour Houlihan this trip would not have been such a success.

Mosey chose to make his own path on this one. This spot was super fun; leading up to it is a kilometre of marble ledge, and opposite is the gap Janoski switch frontside flips on a analog tour. Odaiba, Tokyo. Photo Mein

Trevor knows his spots. This one sits on the fence of a school just off Tokyo’s main centre. Skating schools in Japan is complete taboo, with club activities apparent inside we hung around outside in the freezing cold looking like thugs. A group of hooded up foreigners lurking around a school in suburban Tokyo at 9:00 at night is rather suspect at the best of times. Despite it being pitch black and a short narrow run up he made it without any public concern. With that done we headed inside the school grounds to skate some amazing banks, we got the boot within 1 minute. Tokyo. Photo: Mein.

This spot has been pillaged and for good reason, it’s the best natural street bar you’ll ever skate. We got the boot before we got the session warmed up. Adro, Crooked grind. Photo: Mein

This is the front of the NEC headquarters.The spot being the very object of Popes demise the ankle buster! Max took this ollie to the grave before security came running out of nowhere at Trevor. This was our first day street skating in Tokyo and it didn’t take long to get a feel for how fast you had to make your tricks, so many amazing spots were 5 try or less affairs. Photo: Mein

This spot has a pole you have to carve around to make the run up and only a few feet of landing before you’re in the harbour. Mosey carves in to jam this switch stance frontside ip and carved out clean as a whistle. Photo: Mein

Joesph Whaanga, backside smith. Photo: Francis

Dan Yeoward, Frontside nosegrind. Photo: Mein

Harry Luxton, frontside 50-50. Photo: Mein

Dan Kaspar, switch frontside 180. Photo: Barber

Andrew Pope, wallie Photo: Vercoe

James Kingston, frontside 180. Photo: Kerr

Conan Marriot, benihana finger flip. Photo: Francis

Karl Truell, ollie. Photo: Mein

Matt Hosey, nollie flip. Photo: Mein

Luke Blackman, frontside 180. Photo: Smith

Alec Paul, kickflip melon. Photo: Watene

Jesse Egden, switch kickflip. Photo: Mein

Edwin Massold, switch backside tailslide Photo: Mein

Shibby, frontside wallride Photo: Mein

Dom Henry, switch ollie up switch kickflip. Photo: Mein

Adam Wharekawa, 360 flip. Photo: Barber

A lot of people say ‘its not about winning it’s how you play that counts’. They’re liars. Or losers. For men Second is and always will be the first loser. Skateboarding is different, there is no winner or loser, not first or second and if you cheat you’re cheating yourself. That’s precisely the thoughts behind the mag you just finished. The collection of images are “seconds” but as you see they are worthy of being seen by more than just skater and photographer | Photo and text by Sean Aickin/weSC.

Fred Shallcrass, no-comply tailslide. Photo: Read

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