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DFW  Area  Chapter    

New Mom  Information  

Name  _________________________________________________________________     Address  ________________________________________________________________     E-­‐Mail__________________________________________________________________     Home  Phone  ___________________________Cell  Phone  _______________________     How  did  you  Hear  about  Second  Saturday?___________________________________   _______________________________________________________________________    

New Boy  Information    (Please  submit  paperwork  for  each  boy  applying.)  

Name  ________________________________________________________________      School  /  Grade  for  2012-­‐2013  _____________________________________________     Anticipated  High  School  __________________________________________________     Please  return  via  US  Mail     Applications  must  be  received  by  May  15,  2012   Second  Saturday  5303  Maple  Lane  Colleyville  TX  76034    

MANDATORY NEW  MEMBER  ORIENTATION   Friday,  May  18,  2012   1:00  PM  at  the  (New)  Compass  Center     Pool  &  Hall-­‐Johnson  Roads     New  moms  will  be  contacted  via  e-­‐mail  to  confirm  membership.   Membership  is  based  solely  on  space  available.   Sibling  groups  will  not  be  split.  


2012-­‐2013 School  Year    

Second Saturday New Member Application  

Attached is an application for New Members for the DFW Area Chapter of 2nd Saturday. Please share with your friends. The application is fo...

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