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CJAY catering equipment stock a large selection of second hand cookers & ovens and other stainless steel used catering equipment.


WE SUPPLY A VARIETY OF NEW, SECOND HAND AND RECONDITIONED CATERING EQUIPMENT. The catering equipment we provide includes everything from cookers and fryers to dish washers and glass washers, all of which are at a high quality standard.

All of the products we provide are guaranteed to be quality, long-living devices, available at reasonable prices.

Catering can be a very competitive industry and with lots of competitors you need to do all you can to give your company the edge. Buying second hand catering equipment can allow you to start up or expand quicker than rivals because you're buying second hand catering equipment, you can afford more for the same price as competitors who are buying brand new! Your customers will have absolutely no idea you used second hand catering equipment and they won't care as long as the food you used the second hand catering equipment to cook was good!

Second Hand Catering Equipment

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