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What’s good everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well as things slowly start to turn a little back to normal in every day life. I was stoked on the reception issue 1 got and I wasn’t sure if issue 2 was even gunna be a thing but I’m glad I got to work on this as theres some really fucking sick bands featured. As always, massive thanks to anyone involved in this or who reached out to be included, I’m always looking to fetaure pretty much anyone and everyone so hit me up on any social media if you wanna be involved (that includes anyone who wants to contribute to writing/design etc). Thinking about making this a little more varied from just hardcore, maybe something like New Morality Zine (check that out if you’re out of the loop) which is also a bit more to my own personal interests. I got a few names in mind who I wanna feature for issue 3, plus I’d love to maybe bring out a demo or cassette or just some cool shit really, just have fun with it. We’ll see. But for now, sit back and enjoy. - Ryan Manning


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SYDN EY, AUSTRALIA HARDCORE Hey! So, who are you and what do you do? I’m Jem and I sing in SPEED.

How did Speed come about? Just five long time friends with a mutual love for hardcore. SPEED’s been a bucket list project that my brother, Aaron (bass) and I have wanted to tick off for some time. Australian hardcore saw a bit of a dip in recent years and this was the way we thought we could best contribute to pushing things forward.


You guys just released “2020 FLEX”, two new songs that came out last month. What were the songs about and what was the inspiration behind it? SPEED’s mission is to challenge the bullshit cultural stigmas which still permeate our society. As political divide continues to grow, these songs advocate for compassion and empathy to be at the core meaningful action. They’re a cry against racism, xenophobia and gender inequality. Most of our members are ethnically Asian, and being 5 hetero males, it’s important to us to use this privilege and representation wisely. Inclusivity is strength. Understanding is strength. Ignorance is for the weak. What was the response to your guys first show? What was it like? It was the best show we could’ve asked for. Sydney really turned up, all our homies in the room like animals in a cage going off for the love of hardcore. No egos, no fights, no bullshit. Just high energy and fun.

2020 FLEX Whats the hardcore scene like in Australia? I think it’s our diversity which makes us unique. Geographically, our cities are super distant so we have hubs for this culture spread out across the country. And with that comes a whole bunch of styles and demographics at our shows, which is really sick. As I said, hardcore took a dip in the past five years. Bands broke up, tours stopped happening as regularly and people fell out. So most of those who stuck around have come to share this mentality of unity and savouring what we have, not only to regrow the scene but make it thrive. And in the past year or so, it’s been coming back in a huge way. There’s always going to be division and conflict but I honestly feel those barriers are breaking down more than ever and the enthusiasm around is so palpable. We have some amazing bands, labels and most importantly - our own unique culture here. The world is gonna know more about us in 2020 and beyond.


Any bands you think our readers should check out, hardcore or not? You must go and suss the Last Ride and Life.Lair.Regrets Records discog. Beyond that, I’m super pumped on these two bands at the moment: Fuse (Singapore) Whispers (Thailand) Whats the plan for when shows start to go back to normal? Go hard as fuck. Whats your favourite show you’ve played and what was it like? We’ve only played 6 shows since we put our demo out last October. Honestly, they’ve all been fucking sick which is so humbling to be able to say. But our first show in Melbourne was at an awesome streetwear store called ‘Brick And Mortar Supply’ - a fully packed room full of kids from all different demographics going bonkers. There’s a couple vids on our Instagram. Where can people find out more about you guys? @gangcalledspeed on all the normal joints.

SPEED’s “2020 FLEX” is out now on Flatsp ot Records. Massive thank you to Sabrina Loong (@sabrinaloong) for letting me use her photos of Speed



Eric Ega n (a lso


Hey dude! How are you? Feelin good feelin great! So, how did Highway Sniper come about? I know you guys come from a few different bands. George and I have played in bands together before and wanted to start something new, melding our appreciation for raw d beat punk and total ass beater breakdowns. George and Skylar have also been friends for a long time, so it just made sense to try something new. We all love having various projects to keep everything else in our lives fresh, because variety is the spice of life as they say lil bit o bada bing mama mia. What would you say has inspired you from a lyrical perspective? I didn’t write the lyrics; Skylar did; but Greatest Hits is about a lot of the hypocrisy and double standards of the US political system. The US political system is now just a reality TV show between shallow, corporate liberals and brain dead conservatives; completely out of touch career-politician wastes of life; seeing who can throw the most shade at each other and they’re all complete jackasses that don’t actually care about the people. Whats it like writing songs for Highway Sniper compared to your other project Heart Attack Man? Well, sonically they’re obviously very different bands, but Highway Sniper writing wise is a bit more collaborative—I lead the charge with Heart Attack Man writing-wise, but with Highway Sniper George and I kinda split writing the music. He writes more for it than me because he is a prolific musical mastermind.


You brought out “Greatest Hits” back in January, how would you describe it to someone who’s never listened to you? Tough guy crust punk. Are there any future plans to play any live shows? I know your first show with Pummel got cancelled. No set plans yet but we’ll play a show someday! Bummed that one fell through. In due time though! Are there any standout records or bands that have inspired Highway Sniper? From Ashes Rise and Dystopia. Where can people find more out about you guys? We have an IG (@highwayxsniper) and Twitter (@highwaysniper).

“Gre ates t Hits” EP is out now


Josh Gibbon s, aka Jag ua, also vocals in Whats up man! How’s things right now? Pretty hectic, with sorting out my visa & protesting it’s been a tiring couple weeks.

How did the idea to start Jagua come about? Jagua’s been an idea for a loooong time, it’s had many names n probably 3-400+ demos but I’ve been been such a particular bastard about releasing anything up until now.

What’s it like putting together songs for Jagua compared to Nihility? Is it harder to write lyrical/instrumental ideas? It’s different, and it took some getting used to, I’ve been singing since I was a kid, but I took a few years off between 2013-2016, as I was really zoned in on finishing Imprisoned Eternal & touring. So getting back into writing calmer music was difficult at first, it took some ironing out for sure, that’s why there’s so many demos. When shows start happening again, how different do you think it’ll be singing and performing as Jagua compared to in Nihility? Oh I got some plans! Can’t give too much away but I’m very excited. And shitting myself slightly. What sort of artists/records inspired you to start an rnb project? That’s too hard of a question man, there’s just too much good shit out there. My dad grew up in the 60’s n 70’s listening to all sorts of shit, when I was younger he had this fat stereo system he’d play all his records on, so I was constantly surrounded by jazz, rnb, soul, funk, you name it. I just wanna drop some records for my old man to spin. Do you think it’s important to explore other inspirations when writing music? 100%, but you gotta blend it the right way, or you’re just ripping shit off.


On Jonny’s podcast (PC4PC) you said it feels like it’s taken forever to start your own solo project. How does it feel to finally get started? Feels great! Still got way more to do though! You brought out Grown2Feel back in March, is there any more music coming soon you can tell us about? Uhhh it may be out it may not be, but there’s a coming with some Lil extras on top, and I’m working on a bunch of separate projects as we speak. What would you want someone to take away from listening to Jagua? Do what makes you happy, don’t take me too seriously.

The PC4PC Podca st What is PC4PC? A lot of you probably all know Jonny Pipes (Realm of Torment, was in the first zine) but I thought as it links well to what Josh said, I thought I’d give his new podcast a plug. PC4PC is Jonny’s new podcast where he basically just interviews really interesting people from a range of subcultures. So far hes had photographers, tattoo artists, conservationists and I’m guessing has a shitload more of cool people hes yet to interview. New episodes are every wednesday (like 99% sure of this) and you can find it on Spotify/ iTunes/Podbean/the usual joints. “Real life conversations brought to you with the champions of independent subculture” - @pc4pcpodcast


A le c Dav ies from

Yo dude! How have you been? Hey Ryan! I’m great thanks, just trying to stay busy and out of trouble. I hope you’re doing good too. What made you want to start Mentally Vexed? I basically wanted something to do during lockdown to keep my mind active, and wanted to help some smaller bands that may have been pushed back a few steps by the pandemic. I’d never written or reviewed anything before, never created or curated a zine or anything but it’s super fun and fulfilling. What do you want to achieve with the zine? I just wanna write about artists that I like and think others should check out. There’s no “end goal” really, but interviewing and chatting with artists I’ve idolised for years would be a cool achievement I guess. What’s the process like behind putting a zine together? For issue 2 I’ve done 28 pages, which works really well. First I offer ad space (free of charge!) to friends who run labels, and put a bit of space aside to promote our own stuff. Then I pick a “main” feature, a visual artist to feature (paint, tattoo, whatever) and some smaller bands and UKHC scene regulars/contributors. My partner in crime Jack BB always contributes a couple of pages too, which I like to do as the centre spread as his stuff looks so much better than mine haha. I’ll basically contact everyone with interview questions, get them to send over answers, photos, new material to review, and get writing. I write everything in word and save that, then just copy and paste into an image manipulator (I use GIMP for the zine as it’s more basic than photoshop and quicker to drag and drop stuff). I made a basic A4 template so it can be quite quick to put an article together if I have a nice bank of images and lots of written content to choose from.


I saw you started up the distro recently as well as your first release as a label. How did both of those come around? Yeah! So basically I wrote the first issue alone, and Jack contributed a feature and gave loads of advice on the general layouts etc. The distro started because me and Jack wanted some records from the US and wanted to justify the shipping (haha). I guess that’s the stage he officially got on board with the whole Mentally Vexed thing. We were talking about doing a label a bit further down the line, but this sort of fell on us to be honest. Me and Jack both play guitar in a couple of bands, Mantlet and Suppress. We were talking to Mason at Danger Close Records about releasing the Suppress EP, and he basically said why don’t we all do it together. So between the zine, the distro, the label, it’s me, Jack BB and Mason Hussain. I like to call it the Mentally Vexed Empire, even though It makes me look like a dickhead. What bands would you love to feature or work with? I’d love to chat with Pierre from Knuckledust/Bun Dem Out/BDF - Pierre if you read this, please HMU! Who should people be checking out right now? Vent and Phaze 2 are two of my favourite new-ish U.K. bands. The Payday record that came out last year is insane. If you want a list of great bands to check out, I would basically work through the UKHC Returns lineup, those guys have fucking smashed it with that show. What can we expect next from mentally vexed? More zines and more releases, I hope! I wanna do something fun with the releases - the guys at Nuclear Family Records just dropped a tape for Kombat (Texas Death Metal) that comes in a 3D printed coffin. That’s fucking insane. I want to be doing fun stuff like that. We’ll be at the UKHC Returns show (whenever it happens) writing a huge feature. We would love to speak to anyone in bands or the crowd to add to the article, so just come say hey to us! Shout out to Josh at NFR for helping with the label stuff, Adam at Rev for helping with the Distro stuff, and Jack and Mason for doing this with me. DEATH TO FALSE HARDCORE.


t now: u o 2 & 1 s Iss ue d zine e x e v y l l a t n @ me

Hey guys! How are you? We’re fine thanks for asking!


How did Regressions start? Me (Patrick) and Liam decide to write a few demos that we felt were different from the other bands in our local scene. What sorta bands have inspired you? The bands that influenced our sound include Arkangel, Sanction, Renounced, old Parkway and bands like that. We take a lot of inspiration from older metalcore bands. How important is the straight edge community to you as a band? As a group, we look up to the American Straight Edge scene a lot more than the UK scene. However, the US scene seems so strong, and that’s what we would love our scene to grow into. You brought your demo tape back in April. What’s the feedback been like? We were overwhelmed by the positive response. We were so surprised when the tapes sold out in 48 hours. The tape is opening doors to some cool opportunities that are currently in the works. Are there any UK bands you’d love to play/tour with? We’ve basically got that covered…. But we would kill to play with Renounced. Are there any post-coronavirus plans you can fill us in on? I heard the virus fucked up a few shows. Yeah sadly we had to cancel our second show and a potential tour. However we have a few things in the works that make up for it. The one thing we can say, is that were are very close to finishing our Debut EP “The Sins From Which We Abstain”. What do you want people to take away from listening to you? We want people to know its okay to be straight edge, It’s okay to go against the grain, and you don’t have to conform to what society expects of you. Where can people find more about you guys? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @xregressionsx.

Ben Brod ie from Hey Ben! So what do you do? ​ Hey! Thanks for mailing. I do a project with Robbie called Second Sight Bootlegs. We started just making boots for bands we liked, but it’s coming into its own thing a bit lately. How did Second Sight start?​ We were both going through a Manic Street Preachers kick and wanted an old Generation Terrorists era shirt of theirs. They go for dumb money online, so we intended on bootlegging it. Our friend Connor (who runs suggested doing our own original designs in a style the band would have done, as opposed to exactly copying a shirt. We gave it a shot, and as an exercise made a bunch of additional collateral that would have looked the part back then. It really works since it means the vibe and look changes drop to drop, keeping it fresh. We’ve started stepping into video based visuals too which is so cool. Any grail pieces of merch you’d love to own?​ The Manics shirt in question for sure. There’s one on eBay right now that’s amazingly well kept, but I dunno if I can justify spending a month’s rent on a shirt.


How did the Division Of Mind collaboration come about?​ Robbie’s always in Richmond. Since his old band toured with Bent Life they’ve always kept in touch, and he’ll go over often, especially for stuff like United Blood. Since we started last year the Richmond lot have always support our stuff. Before all the Covid bullshit happened we were sorting out getting DoM to play over here. The incentive for the shirts was to gauge UK interest & raise funds to cover flights. I’m super thankful for the trust and they seemed to love the designs, so it feels awesome. Is there any bands you’d love to work with? No Warning, The Story So Far, Higher Power. Any current guitar bands that have that vibe like Jaws, Teenage Wrist, etc. What can people expect next from Second Sight?​ Nothing that’s half assed. Printing bootlegs these days is the modern day equivalent of ‘metalcore frontman’s clothing brand’ from days past. The DoM stuff is a step in the right direction for us having a more unique output. In a dream world we’d get our own cut & sew shirts made - but time will tell where we end up. As long as it’s considered and done in a way no one else can do, I’m happy. Where can people find out more about you guys? @secondsight_gla on instagram, or email ​​and we’ll keep you in the loop with shit we’ve got going on. Thanks for checking it out!

se cond sightgla .bigcar


De c Breckon (Guita r) Hey! So, who are you and what do you do? I’m Dec, I play guitar in Severance. How did Severance start? Me and Jack met when I was asked to join an old band that Jack was in. We realised pretty quick that we had a similar taste in music/writing music that differed from what we were already playing and started writing some new songs on the side with a metal/metalcore feel. We only lived about 5 minutes away from each other at the time so we’d sit in my room in my flat and write/jam pretty much everyday after I’d finished work. The songs went through so many structural changes, different song names, the band name changed at least 4 (?) times and we had a few different members in between our writing sessions and releasing our EP.

I’m guessing the lockdown affected you guys quite a lot. Did you have any plans in place/do you have any for when this shit is over? It hit hard yeah, we’d just had our first proper band practice after the EP had released with all of us present and we had a few shows in the works that we were really excited to play. I think the only benefit of it has been the time we’ve had to write some music ready for a next release.


It’s looking like lockdown is starting to ease up a bit now and practice rooms/studios are reopening slowly. Hopefully we’re going to get in for a practice or two soon and look to start recording a next release. We’d like to say play some shows but who knows when that’ll be able to happen again.

You guys put out “A Shallow Hill For You To Die On” back in February. What’s the reaction been like? The reaction has been great. We put out a run of tapes with The Coming Strife (Big thanks to Oli Jack) and they sold out really quick. Think the Matrix rip we ran was gone in less that 10 minutes which was sick. The listens across spotify/bandcamp/apple music has been steady, but with not being able to get out and play shows it’s better than we’ve expected it to be for sure.

What sort of bands/records have inspired Severance? When we started writing a couple years back now me and Jack were heavily into Revolve. We’re both huge on riffs, like dumb, fast paced riffs but our stuff takes influence from a couple of other places too. Melodic parts come from being big fans of Misery Signals and there was definitely a lot of listening to Veil of Maya in the mix too. People might scoff at that but 20/200 from Eclipse has one of the most dumb breakdown patterns I’ve heard, ironically our track with a dumb breakdown pattern is named Eclipse (didn’t actually realise that till now). What are you guys up to when you’re not working on Severance? We’re all doing different things, a few of us are in full time work, and we’ve all got a few hobbies of our own. Dec’s a photographer as well as working full time as a developer. Jess has other music projects (Check out Graywave for shoegaze vibes) as well as a full time graphic designer/illustrator. Conner works as a full time project manager and an avid AFI fan while saving cats from Greece. Jack’s smashing a HND in music production and was responsible for the recording/mixing/mastering on our EP and Luke plays in Mantlet CVHC as well as Severance but he’s probably making TikToks while he’s furloughed... Who do you wanna play a show with when you can? There’s definitely a lot of bands we’d love to play with, but I think we’re most excited to play shows with our good friends in Cauldron and Phaze Two. Where can people find you guys on social media? You can find us on; Facebook - Severance UK Instagram - severancehc Twitter - @Severance_hc

“A Shallow Hill For You To Die On” is out now on The Comin g Strife 17

CALIFORN IA DISCHORD/ HARDCORE Shane (Drum s) Hey! So, who are you and what do you do? Hello. My name is Shane and I play the drums. How did Bent Blue come about? In the summer of 2015 Diego, our guitarist, responded to an ad I posted on Craigslist about wanting to join/start a hardcore band and we decided to meet. We jammed a couple times, but it didn’t ever materialize into anything during that time due various life circumstances. Flash forward to last summer - We began to revive an old project of Diego’s from the 00s called Hardwar, which is a sort of an indie/post-punk/synthpop blend. We were having a lot of fun with that, but also still very much wanted to get a hardcore project going like we originally intended on. We took to Craigslist again and were lucky enough to meet our singer Tony, then shortly after, our bassist Alex. We learned some covers, wrote some songs and played our first show on December 8th of last year. Your demo, “Between Your and You’re” came out in March. Whats the response been like? We’ve been really stoked to see such an overall positive response. We had no idea what to expect, especially after quickly realizing it was right on the heels of the covid19 lockdown... but we’re so grateful for the love and support we’ve received online from the hardcore community despite everything. And a huuuge shout out to War Records for all their help!


Shoutout to Collin Schlesinger (@_collincollins ) for letting me use his photos of Bent Blue @ Programm e

How would you describe your sound and influences to readers who haven’t heard you before? Hardcore punk. We draw a lot of Inspiration from the early 80s era of the genre, Dischord Records across their roster, late 80s and 90s youth crew, and 00s straight edge and melodic hc bands. A few notable influences for us would be Bad Brains, Rites of Spring, Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime and Have Heart. You first show what a huge bill with bands like No Right, Absence of Mine and Modern Color. How was it? Yes! We were super nervous, but it felt fucking great and we were honored to be included on such a stacked bill at one of our favorite skate shops/venues- Programme Skate & Sound in Orange County Whats the first thing you’re planning to do when life gets a little bit more normal? Shows and hopefully a West Coast tour by next summer! Prior to that, we’re planning on having a split EP released by the end of this summer, so keep an ear out for it! What bands would you love to play a show with? We can’t wait to get back to playing out again with local friends like Redwoods, All Beat Up, Glean, and Headcount. Some other bands we’d love to have the opportunity to play with would be One Step Closer, Sunstroke, Fixation, Therapy, Time & Pressure, Buggin, Praise, Dying For It, Mil-Spec, Be Well, Faim, Restraining Order, Truth Cult, and so, so many more.


La tes t Rele a ses

Near the end of putting the zine together I made the realisation that I somehow managed to miscalcuate how many pages I had left. Seeing as I’m writing this on Thursday (as in, the zine goes out tomorrow lmao) I thought I’d use these last two pages to highlight a mixture of some sick releases from the last few weeks and some stuff that’s coming out in the next few days/weeks/months. Probably missed out some really sick stuff but this is mostly just what I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks. Maybe you’ll find your new favourite band or something.

Despize “Demo 1” Real good shit that came out back in May on Northern Unrest. Some insane bands coming out of Scotland at the moment and this band leads the charge with riffs like the one in Demons Theme.

Angel Du$t “Lil House” Yeah you probably all know who Angel Du$t are but I’ve had this on repeat since it came out. Proper good summer vibe here. Bands evolution has been crazy cool to see.

Pain of Truth “No Blame... Just Facts” Fake Eyes “A Drip Is All We Know” Aggressive hardcore that brings biohazard and This only came out on Wednesday but it’s so snapcase into 2020. Filled with guest spots sick. Some real good 90’s revival goodness here, sounds a lot like Hum (they probably get (YOTK, King Nine + more), this doesn’t stop going in. Album cover is you listening to this. that a lot). Out now on New Morality Zine. Primitive Blast Modern Color “From “Animalistic” The Leaves Of Your Fast heavy riffs from Garden” Australia, name honestly Big chance of this being could not be more fitting. of my AOTY. Seen a lot Reminds me a lot of the this rightful buzz about Restraining Order release think on twitter recently, from last year. Get on it heavier side of shoegaze, before they get big. Nothing/Narrow Head.

Upcom in g Relea ses Gulch “Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress” Thought I’d start with the big one here because not only is this band fucking insane but its also out tomorrow (my recomended listening for reading this zine). I wanna say Gulch is kinda powerviolence influenced hardcore but I just describe it to all my friends as serial killer music lmao. Think somewhere in between Regional Justice Centre and Candy, with a bit of old Ceremony thrown in. Also bands giving three days notice before an album with no singles or pre-orders is a cool. More of this please.

Dare California Straight Edge LP out this Fall on Revelation Records. Rev have been signing some sick bands recently (California Cursed baby) and Dare is no exception. If you’re new, start with Welcome To The OC (still gutted i didnt pick up that /50 UK cassette release a few months back) and work back from there. I’d kill for a Dare/Drain UK tour some day but for now I’m just hyped we’re getting a full length this year. FFO Rotting Out, Wild Side, Result Of Choice, Turnstile.

Anxious Made up of half of One Step Closer, this new Anxious LP which is supposedly to come out in the first week of August might actually take the AOTY from Modern Color. Featured on Hate5Six a few times, Anxious are a bit like when Saves The Day played TIHC last year, not really hardcore but would fit on so many sick bills and diversify line ups. Reminds me of Fiddlehead and Praise, listen to Small and Seeds.

I’m gunna say don’t quote me on these two but I’m like 99% sure alright Fleshwater Again another project made up of half of another band, I wanna say 2 (?) members of Vein are in this. Kinda a bit like anxious with members of a heavier band playing something a bit lighter, Fleshwater brought their demo out back in Febuary and it still hasn’t got old. Reminds me of like Koi No Yokan Deftones/Swervedriver with some really interesting vocal performances. Debut LP is meant to come out sometime this year based on what I’ve seen on Instagram, but for sure keep an eye out for this one.

Vein I should be able to leave this at “It’s fucking Vein” but I suppose I should write a little something. Same thing I’ve seen through instagram, there’s meant to be a new Vein LP this year and if its anything like Errorzone you just know this is going to be spun forever. Their set supporting Have Heart at the Palladium last year actually premieres on Hate5Six tomorrow (Friday that is) for their 4000th video so if you’re new to the craziness I’d tune in at 7pm or just stream Errorzone. Metalcore/Hardcore mix FFO Sanction, Typecaste, YOTK.


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Second Glance Zine - Issue 2  

Second Glance Zine Issue 2 - featuring interviews with Speed, Highway Sniper, Severance, Jagua, Bent Blue, Regressions and more! Created by...

Second Glance Zine - Issue 2  

Second Glance Zine Issue 2 - featuring interviews with Speed, Highway Sniper, Severance, Jagua, Bent Blue, Regressions and more! Created by...


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