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Second Pride Update


DJ Snooze (Opinion Piece)


Interview with Bock McMillan by Eddi H.


DJ Ralphy's Top 10


Poem & Art Photo


Cover Interview: Chief Magistrate of Romanum


Peer's new Beau Homme Line of clothing


China in Second Life – A Virtual Travelogue by Eddi H.


Club Spotlight: The Hangover


Tipping Etiquette 101


Avacar's A-List Photo Credit: Dancing Veeper

Photo by Avacar Bluestar

Talking Personal With Romanum's Chief Magistrate...

An Exclusive Interview with the Chief Magistrate of Romanum, Marcus Antonius by Avacar... Consider how much more you often suffer from your anger and grief, than from those very things for which you are angry and grieved. Mark Antony (c. 82 - 30 BC) also known worldwide as Marcus Antonius Marcus Antonius solidified his position in history through many wars and civil battles in ancient Rome, Egypt, and other Alexandrian regions of this world. He was also known for his organizational skills and ability to surround himself with influential people. After my time spent with SL’s Marcus Antonius, I would have to say he has picked a very appropriate role model. An admitted resident of Spain, SL Marcus is a well-traveled person often enjoying trips in his region or a trip abroad like where he will be when this magazine issue is released. My conversation begins with me explaining how I am chatting from my real-life work desk using a chat-only application. Marcus asked if I needed help seeing where I was. I was just answering a ringing phone to didn’t have time to fill the pause in chat just yet. Probably nervous because sometimes that pause is where humor and rumor begin. So he adds “Sorry, I didn’t mean sexually...” I replied, “I know, Marcus - I'm not the type that walks around with my mind in gutter all the time.” He adds,” Good, thanks, me neither. But that’s why I think some say I am boring, but I don’t care.” During our talk, Marcus spends his time reading up on the new DeS (a confederacy of roleplay sims) and going over the latest Romanum Senate Meeting minutes. Marcus is the appointed Chief Magistrate of Romanum compound of sims. He carries out the mission set forth by his seniors and reports of the sim activities and livelihood to their owners. I ask him to explain the chain of command in Romanum, starting from the top down. He explains there is the Emperor, then Senators (landowners). Then there are Ambassadors, tavern owners, Commander of the Legion, Pontifex, and other important titles. Me: So what is your official title? Marcus Antonius: I am the Chief Magistrate of Romanum and Senator from Romanum for DeS Me: Can you fit all that on one tag? Marcus Antonius: Nope, in Romanum I can use both, but I am the Magistrate of Romanum. I have my own household called Tribune with 15 guards & 5 servus’. I ask is there a certain historic period the Sims attempt to recreate more than other Roman eras? Marcus Antonius: “I don't think so. As I experience, it is a few years after AD, that time Marcus Antonius has died already. I like history and my favorite person was Marcus Antonius so I use this character.”

We discuss our real life occupations and experiences semi-important to Second Life and Role Play itself, but it did lead me to interject this: Me: ‌ahhh, that explains your level nature. Marcus Antonius: I like to Role Play in Second Life and meet nice people . Me: How much Second Life gets in the way of your Role Play? I guess talking about drama and busy work. Marcus Antonius: Never talk about drama. I just like to learn more of how things work in second life. Me: It is a little bit amazing. Me: Say an inworld magazine reporter wanted to find out more about the Sim group Romanum. Would you say they should contact you first? Marcus Antonius: They can, but I think the Emperor should be the better person for it. My English is not so well. Me: Well, one of my gigs is doing interviews. Marcus Antonius: It could be good to have an interview and promote the Sims. Me: But I think you are as interesting a subject. The Emperor has been done a few times before on other sites I know. Does Romanum have a website? Marcus Antonius: Yes - Me: I think you would be surprised at how your English gets better every day while in Second Life. You have been talking just fine with me. It’s true. I could have contacted the Emperor of Romanum for an interview, but I think I would have gotten mostly leader hype and all the pretty statistics. Or I can speak with those who spend much of their rezzed-in time on the Sim, meeting all the players and carrying on the day to day operations for a more frank position on how Role Play matters in the grand scheme of Second Life compared to what we only hear from others. I applaud the work Marcus is doing to help keep Romanum running & to be a relevant member & contributor to the Gay Second Life community. ~Avacar Bluestar

Bring me my bow of burning gold! Bring me my arrows of desire! Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold! Bring me my Chariot of Fire! -William Blake Milton, preface. Stanza 3

Photos by Avacar Bluestar


Spring 2012 Fashion Spread Brought to you by Designer Phinneas Vella & his popular store known as 'PEER' All photos by Dancing Veeper Models: Ricky Silentghost, Maxboi, & Andy Archer

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China In Second Life – A Virtual Travelogue

Story & Photos by Staff Writer Eddi Haskell-Constantine A feature designed to highlight common creativity of places you can visit now in Second Life..

Booming China will soon surpass France and the United States as the most visited international destination in the world. And for good reason – no other nation fascinates as much due to its relatively recent opening to the rest of the world, and its rapid emergence as the second leading world power. China is also incredibly beautiful in terms of geography, art, and architecture. On the downside, so much of China is being transformed at a rapid pace that much of the unique tourist aspects of the country is being lost to “disneyfication”, or ubiquitous Western homogenization. Fortunately for those who do not have the resources or time to make a trip to China, Second Life contains several virtual China destinations that offer a good semblance to the real world. We begin our tour to Beijing’s Forbidden City, the old imperial capital and monumental center of this great city. Note that I visited China in 2008, right before the Summer Olympics, and am providing some observations based on my real life experiences.

The Forbidden City in Beijing

Beijing’s Forbidden City lies at the center of the modern city. It served as the heart of the Chinese Empire for over 500 years, and served as its governmental and ceremonial heart of China. The Forbidden City contains 980 buildings in an area that is over 7 square kilometers and almost 3 square miles. It is enormous and a bit unbelievable when first seen. The city is contained in a series of huge walls- each enclosing plaza containing impressive red buildings and Chinese sculptures. It is one of the greatest sights in the world. Second Life offers a replica of the Forbidden City in Fantasy China Dynasty Land. This is not the first Second Life rendition of this destination. Back in 2009 there was a much larger version of the Forbidden City built over two Sims, that to date remains one of the largest inworld building projects ever completed. Although no longer standing, I produced a You Tube video of this destination which is no longer standing. Despite the prominence of too much advertising, the current Second Life Forbidden City destination is well done, and makes good usage of textures and scale to give a good indication of the actual destination. It can be visited here:

The Great Wall of China  is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China. The wall was built primarily to protect China from invasions from various nomadic groups from the North and West, and also as a trade and tariff barrier as well as a transportation corridor. The wall was not built at once – but built over a period of over 2,000 years in different stages. The walls were eventually unified, to a length of over 5,500 miles or 8,800 kilometers. It is by far the largest manmade structure ever built, and awe inspiring to see. A very good simulation of The Great Wall is located on Sichuan Island, part of a four-sim build containing both Japanese and Chinese structures. The build itself is very good, and can be walked up and down winding mountains just like the real wall. The only distraction is water around the due to Second Life’s placing of sims in ocean environments. The real world Great Wall is inland, and water distracts from the realism of the build. If you can block out the island placement when you tour, you get a very good simulation of the grandeur of the real world site. You can visit the The Great Wall here:

More images of the Great Wall

The Terracotta Army or the "Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses", is a collection of over 8,000 terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. They are a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BC and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife, and to make sure that he had people to rule over. The sculptures were discovered in the spring of 1974 by farmers digging a well in the eastern suburbs of Xi'an, in the Shaanxi province China. Most of the sculptures remain buried; they have since been considered a wonder of the ancient world. You can visit the destination in Second Life by walking in the tunnel at the destination and seeing a very well done partial reconstruction of the warrior excavation. The real world restoration is many times larger, use your imagination when viewing the two uncovered rows of warriors and horses. The shop above land lets you buy souvenir statues. You can visit the Terracotta Army here:

Kowloon is the part of the urban area of Hong Kong that resides on the Chinese Mainland. Kowloon, together with Hong Kong Island, is one of the most densely populated, as well as most wealthy, parts of the world. Hong Kong has had much modernization since its return to China by the United Kingdom in 1997. The Kowloon build in Second Life takes us back to the last 50 years of the 20 th century before the turnover when poorly constructed apartment blocks and shopping districts contained crowded and mysterious streets and alleyways. Here, just about anything that a tourist would want to purchase or procure as a product service would be available at a great price. The Second Life virtualization of Kowloon is more sinister and threatening than the real world destination. However, the massiveness of the skyscrapers, the neon in crowded alleyways, and the small shops and restaurants give a good indication of what Hong Kong was like 40 years ago. Make sure to visit Kowloon at night to take best advantage of the lighting effects. You can visit Kowloon here:

Kowloon Main Street

Photos By Avacar Bluestar

Tipping Etiquette 101: In Second Life, once you graduate out of your newbie status in the first 30 days of existence, you by then have acquired a taste for possessions in your inventory that make you unique. Your friends have all laughed at you in your Freebie Galaxy's best duds and you have not yet found out the joy of hunting or group-gifting. You do begin to look at and study how other avatars and friends that have taught you the basics of the standard club work in SL that gains you both popularity and pocket change. If you don't have a creative bone in your body and no other practical business skills, this is the most common form of income-producing work. If you have spent any considerable time in the game, you become accustomed to the club entertainment & host/hostess barking out “Tip the staff, DJ, & Dancers� every time they get an open space in conversation to interject. The next most popular means of income would be entering contests, sploders, & various other gambling games on the grid. A little social skill & a lot of luck helps in these games, but cannot be counted on for any kind of steady income. Some of you came to town without any knowledge of how the economy in Second Life works. The fastest way to gain acceptance & attention from club workers is to as early as possible develop a habit of tipping club staffs in real-world money terms. What am I saying with this real-world money terms? Since I am in USA and many cultures value their currency against the North American Dollar, it should make relatively easy sense. The rate varies but not by much in how many Lindens you get for One Dollar. It is generally in the 250 range. SO When you go into a club and tip the staff $50L, that is the real world equivalent of Twenty Cents on the Dollar. I often compare this to what real-world entertainment cost to me would be. If I went to see a movie and buy a drink and popcorn for me and a date, I am looking at an entertainment expense somewhere in the $30-40 dollar range. Say that was my habit to do once a week either before I found SL or even still while enjoying my Second Life. Divide that by seven for a daily entertainment rate of average Five Dollars per day. If you spent and tipped $5.00 in tips per day, your Linden account would spend about $1250L in entertainment expenses per day. If you only attend one party per day, try to tip the party staff using this equivalent as your daily amount to tip. Some days you don't party and have surplus Lindens from not tipping anyone that day. Most staff are dedicated and caring about their venue & work only for tips. You can decide which works best for you as far as splitting between staff. The staff member with the most potential setup work and expense to bringing the party to you is the DJ. The next in line for party expenses is the Club owner, who usually always has a jar for the venue rezzed somewhere. Sadly, this is statistically the least-used tip jar in the house, so the owner usually but not always resorts to other income producing games and tip-sharing with party staff and those types of arrangements vary widely between venues. If you gain a reputation as a real-world tipper, you move to the front of the line when staffers hear you are looking for work yourself and will bend over backwards to help you join the working ranks in Second Life. Common sense in learning good tipping habits wins every time. I hope more of you do some soul searching, look at what you have been tipping compared to Real World currency values, and help the Second Life Economy in the process. ~Avacar Bluestar

Avacar's A-List This inaugural issue, I wish to thank and list everyone who contributed in some form or fashion to the contents of this realized labor of love. It means very much to me that everyone could see and imagine our vision and help in any way possible with their talents and time. As you can see, it was not an easy thing to put together & each and every one deserves a big round of applause. When you see them out in the grid, give them the thumbs up for me and thank them greatly as I do! Here's looking to the Summer issue in early August. In random order: Spike Clemenceau-Silent Eddi Haskell-Constantine Doc Spad Bock McMillan Marcus Antonius Skip Rae Phinneas Vella Dancing Veeper Ricky Silentghost Andy Archer Maxboi Cronan Ralphy Triellis-Ludlow Insyx Piranha Grunt Popstar Gargravarr Rau Draghan Marksman Mikedacook Dinzeo Robin White Aizen Arentire Xade Undamann Darren Dionysus Duke Magneto Gracin Beaumont-Jameson Floyd Arun MJSHotboy Lockjaw Love ya all! Photo Credit: Avacar Bluestar

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