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Lonsdale Fitness Catalogue

Rowing Machine

L001 › Computer: scan, count, time, calories used and strides per minute › Product Size: 138.5 x 42.4 x 40 cm › Net Weight: 10.5kg › Max User Weight: 100kg

Twister Stepper

L002 › Computer: time, scan, count, total count and calories used › Product Size: 45.5 x 45 x 32cm › Net Weight: 9.2kg › Max User Weight: 100kg

Foldable Weightlifting Bench

L003 › Main Frame: 38 x 38mm › Adjustable incline, folds for easy storage › Product Size: 168 x 145 x 120 › Net Weight: 23kg › Max User Weight: 100kg

Exercise Bike

L004 › Dark grey coating w/o pulse › Black chain cover, hand grips, pedal, seat › Computer: scan, speed, distance, time and calories

Punch Bag

L005 › PVC punch bag, w/cotton, filing › PVC gloves w/rubber, foam filing › PVC hook and jab and cotton hand wrap

Push-Up Stands

L006 › Hand Grip material: steel & foam › Resistance Tubing material: TPR, plastic handle and EVA foam › Size: 11 x 7 x 1400mm ,three times than original, can reach about 4200mm › Sit-Up Strap material: woven, webbing size: 80 x 5cm › Zippered Travel Bag, 100% polyester

Ankle / Wrist Weights

L007 Perfect for aerobic exercise. › Conformed to fit securely around an ankle or wrist › Tone arm and leg muscles

Chin and Sit-Up Bar

L008 Excellent for aerobic conditioning. › Includes 2 sets of brackets for easy move from high-level chin-up position to low-level sit-up position without having to reinstall soft, foam covered bar for comfort › Fully-adjustable to any doorway as much as 38” wide with in-and-out telescope › Holds as much as 300 pounds

Folding Sit-Up Bar

L009 Get instant support for your sit-up reps at home. › Easily attaches to any door › Folds up when not in use › Foam bar provides comfort and traction to your feet › Foam-lined bracket protects door

Extra Strength Hand Grip

L010 Helps develop the hands, arms and wrists by offering a high degree of tension. › Durable wood › Sold in pairs

Plastic Hand Grip

L011 Enhance strength in the hands, wrists and forearms. › Utilizes high tension to develop strength › Tough plastic handles for long-term use and comfortable grip › Sold in pairs

Hand & Finger Strengthener

L012 Pocket size exerciser strengthens fingers, hand, wrist and forearms. › Challenge each finger individually to ensure balanced conditioning › Great for athletes who need to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination and dexterity › Individual spring-loaded buttons for each finger › Ergonomic palm bar adds to comfort

24” Inflatable Ball

L013 Infinite training possibilities with this one piece of equipment. › Excellent for trimming your abs › Build lower back and leg muscles › Inflates up to 24” › Pump and fitness guide included

Leather Weighted Jump Rope

L014 The classic of all jump ropes. › Genuine leather › Precision ball bearings for extra speed › Contoured and polished wood handles › Available in 8 or 9.5 feet

Folding Exercise Mat

L015 Perfect for all your fitness needs. › Non-absorbent shell › Sewn handle for easy transportation › Folds quickly and easily › 1 5/8” thick and 2’ x 6’

Push-Up Stands

L016 Maximize the benefits of standard push-ups. › Versatile design allows for front, narrow and wide grip › Foam covered for comfort, a secure grip and floor protection › Sold in pairs › Extra large size

Inflatable Punching Bag

L017 Serious exercise, serious fun. › Anti-leak water-fill base keeps the rebounds coming › Comes with an easy-to-use foot pump › Folds flat for compact storage › Rugged PVC construction

Resistance Stretch Tubing With 3 Strengths

L018 Ideal for increasing muscle tone, strength and flexibility. › Light-weight and portable › Cushioned grip handles › Includes 3 interchangeable levels of light, medium and heavy resistance tubing › Fitness Guide included

Deluxe Speed Jump Rope

L019 Improves speed and endurance. › Super fast light-weight plastic with sealed ball bearing handles for speed and precision › Extra long and durable plastic rope for every day workouts › Plastic comfort grip handles are light and anatomically correct


L020 Double the tension, double the results. › Develop quick, explosive jabs and straight shots › Great for aerobic and anaerobic workouts › No straps, buckles or other adjustments

Duo Exercise Wheel

L021 Build sculpted abs and a powerful core. › Easy-guide wheels provide balance and stability › Molded handles offer a secure grip › Fitness guide included

Packaging Sample

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