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Dec 2017

Thar to become the energy capital of Pakistan “Thar Coal project will turn the underdeveloped Tharparkar into a developed city center�


Thar: Energy Capital of Pakistan

Dr Ishrat Husain

Late, But Not Left Out Adult Literacy Program


months certificate course

In the efforts of making Block II 90 per cent literate, four Adult Literacy Centers in the villages of Aban jo Tarr, Seengaro, Thariyo Halepoto and Maansingh Bheel were established offering a six months certificate course. At the end of the course each participant will have grade three equivalency. A four-day workshop from the 5th – 8th was conducted by JICA after a one-day recruitment process. The classes begun on the 15th of December in three centers while the fourth center conducted classes on the 17th with more than 90 participants in all centers.


Inspection of Mining Operations by Chief Inspector Coal Mines

Chinese officials from the CMEC including Mr. Liu, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Denice and Mr. Li Chengsheng also updated the delegation on safe practices at mine from the contractor’s side.

The Chief Inspector Coal Mines, Mr Irshad Ali Shaikh and Inspector Coal Mines, Mr Rasool Bux Channa along with Deputy Director SEPA and Chief Engineer PQA visited the Thar Coal Mine Block II as part of the official inspection. The CICM monitored the mining operations at different times to witness different shifts’ functioning. Prior to their official tour, the mandatory safety orientation was given to the officials followed the a comprehensive presentation on site safety statistics and updates by the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department. The sessions were conducted by the HSE and Production Department teams mutually in which it was communicated as official word that safe operation stayed the first and foremost priority of the SECMC management, a fact espoused by the safety statistics presented.

The inspection team visited mine pit and keenly observed the on-going mining operations. They checked equipment inspection checklist, safety berms and excavation and loading activities. The inspector also inquired about the slope stability, bench width, height, angles and current water table depth etc. The documentation audit was also conducted as part of the inspection during which the compliance with the legal requirements as per Sindh Coal Mines Act 2016 was checked to be satisfactory. The inspection team left satisfied, appreciating the project and suggesting recommendations for further improvement in different areas.


Cover Story

“Thar to become the energy capital of Pakistan” -Ahsan Iqbal

The foundation has been laid to make Thar the energy-capital of Pakistan”, was declared by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal Choudhary, the Federal Interior Minister, who also holds the portfolio of Planning and Development as well. While speaking to media after a daylong visit of mining and power projects at Thar Coal Block II, he also announced that federal government will also establish a university in Thar. The federal minister was briefed by Mr. Shamsuddin Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer of the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) on the status and progress of the mining and power plant operations. Following that, he also visited the 2x330MWs power plant and witnessed the progress underway at coal mine excavation work. He also inaugurated safe drinking water plant at village Seengario and visited Model House being constructed at Senhri Dars Resettlement Model Village. During his visit to various plants Mr. Iqbal also met with women dump truck drivers and lauded their efforts to join the hard job and set an example for other women of the country. “Our country would not be able to progress without the active participation of women,” he expressed. The minister said that the Thar coal energy project is a glowing example of cooperation between the Sindh and federal governments. “If provincial and federal governments cooperate with each other on projects like Thar Coal, no one can stop the destined economic development of Pakistan,” he added. He said that despite the continuous crises created by unscrupulous elements, the federal government has almost put an end to the energy crises in the country and added that the investment of more than $5 billion would change the fate of the whole country and destiny of the rain-dependent Tharis.


Mr. Iqbal said, he is happy to see the revolution and change taking place in Thar due to the Thar Coal energy projects. He said that under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) all provinces would get equal share from respective projects. He said that Thar coal field and its projects were included in CPEC by PLMN government and said that different power plants being installed in Thar Coal Block II would produce more than 4000MWs of electricity soon. He came down hard on those, who according to him, instead of focusing on improving the economy were creating hurdles by staging the sit-ins. He said that the government is contesting India and other contemporary economies by improving the country’s economy, adding he said countries like India and Bangladesh had not progressed through sit-ins but they focused on the core issues particularly their economies.

He asked the opposition parties to shun the politics of sit-ins instead and worked like them to improve the economy of the country. He said that Pakistan got great triumph against USA President Donald Trump against his decision to make Israel stronger by changing its capital city. Federal Minister praising the Chinese government and people said that the neighboring country was greatly helping Pakistan in different projects under CPEC and vowed to foil all the attempts to create any hurdle or obstacle in carrying out these projects on the path of success. Ahsan Iqbal said the CPEC has a vital role in Pakistan’s economic development achieved during the last three years, adding that “with the completion of CPEC projects, Pakistan-China relations will get further strengthened.� He said deployment of Chinese workers in Pakistan on CPEC projects was a matter of pride for Pakistan.

"Foolproof security cover is being provided to the workforce as a special security force has been set up for the purpose" he added.

The minister said the two countries would work in unison to secure the western border, adding, economic benefits of the CPEC were equal for Pakistan and China. The Federal Minister said that some anti-Pakistan elements through their agents and pawns had tried their best to create the hindrances in their selfless endeavors to serve the people but they neither got anything in past nor would succeed in future. "Future of the country is in safe hands since majority of people wanted the continuity in the projects and development schemes in the country launched by PML-N government, he added. The officials of SECMC briefed the minister said that the company had completed the 112 meters open-pit mining and remaining work would be completed within the stipulated time. The Federal Minister inaugurated the Drinking water plant in village Seengario and also visited the modern school set up by Thar Foundation and highly lauded the efforts of the mining firm to provide the basic facilities to the villages falling within the Thar Coal Block II.


Prominent Delegates Thar Visit

Thar Coal project will turn the underdeveloped Tharparkar into a developed city center

Former Governor State Bank, Dr Ishrat Husain

Prominent economist and former governor of State Bank of Pakistan Dr Ishrat Husain has said that the Thar Coal project will turn the currently underdeveloped area of Tharparkar into a bustling city center soon.

Tarr, Dr Ishrat Husain lauded the Foundation’s social development model saying, “We could do away with illiteracy, poverty, and hunger if Pakistan’s private sector adopted the development model in place in Thar.”

“The Pakistan government as well as other corporate sector organizations should adopt the social development model devised and implemented by the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) in Thar to help uplift other lagging areas of the country,” he added.

He said that mining and power projects are comparatively an easy job when juxtaposed with the area’s social and economic uplift, which are very well handled by the SECMC here. “This”, Dr Husain added, “was quite a satisfying factor in the entire project.”

Oxford University Press Pakistan’s head Ameena Saiyid inaugurated a Thari handicrafts shop established by the Thar Foundation to empower the Thari women economically by removing the middleman factor.

Prior to the inauguration sessions, SECMC Chief Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh gave the delegates a comprehensive briefing on the mining and power projects as well as the CSR activities carried out from the Thar Foundation’s platform. The delegates visited the SECMC’s mining project, Engro Powergen Thar Limited’s under-construction 660MW

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a Thar Foundation-established school in the village Abban jo


Thar Foundation school and handicrafts shop inaugurated at Thar Block II power plant and model house for the resettlement village before witnessing the school inauguration at village Abbas jo Tarr. The community welcomed the guests by presenting traditional Ajrak and Loee. Head of Oxford University Press Pakistan Ameena Saiyid said that the cultural handicrafts made by the Thari women are commendable and that we should promote them at all potential platforms. “SECMC’s bid to empower women of the area, socially and economically, in the form of women dump truck driving program is innovative and exemplary,” Saiyid said after engaging with the trainees of the program on field. Speaking at the occasion, SECMC chief Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh reiterated, “The social and economic uplift

of Tharparkar is part of their duty, and not something as favour.” “Provision of free quality education for children, safe drinking water for communities, and modern-day health facilities for constitute our commitment,” Shaikh asserted. The delegation visiting the Thar Block II also comprised prominent analyst Dr Huma Baqai, president Meezan Bank Irfan Siddiqui, Chief Executive Officer Habib University Parvez Ghias, senior journalist Murtaza Solangi, columnist Zofeen Ebrahim, Masood Akhtar, former diplomat Alam Brohi, Aijaz Nizamani and among others.


Private sector investment in in Thar will change the fate Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) media and communication in-charge Mohsin Babbar said in a press statement that Thar Foundation has been established by the SECMC and Engro Powergen Thar Limited (EPTL) together with the Sindh Government for the betterment of the principal stakeholders of Thar Coal, the people of Tharparkar. “The foundation, with the help of other organisations, has so far spent Rs 4 billion on healthcare, education, livelihood, skills development and social and cultural preservation of the dwellers of Thar. Various NGOs are keen to contribute their part to the development of the district. Highlighting plans, Babbar said a 250 bed Thar Foundation Hospital would be constructed in Islamkot in collaboration with Indus Hospital, Shahid Afridi Foundation and Government of Sindh by the end of 2018. The project would cost $ 15 million. Architectural designs of the hospital have already been finalised. As many as 28 local Thari women have been trained for driving trucks in the first batch of ongoing ‘women dump truck programme’. We have received nearly 100 applications for the coming batches, he said. In collaboration with the Global Health Directorate and Indus Hospital, TB and immunisation camps have been started in Block II. SECMC and Engro Powergen Thar limited (EPTL) along with other partners are working on lignite excavation and construction of 660 MW indigenous coal-based power plant in Thar Coalfield Block-11. Thar Coal project is among the largest public-private partnerships in Pakistan’s history. With a combined investment of $ 3 billion, it is largest private investment under CPEC with the majority of equity being contributed by local investors.


Implementation of of multi-billion dollar projects in Thar entail a large network of community

n billion-dollar coal projects e of the Thari communities He said SECMC has signed a MoU with TCF to establish 1000 students’ capacity schools in each taluka of Tharparkar. A total of 8 schools will be constructed. Similarly, Thar Foundation has constructed 3 primary schools in Bitra, Mansingh Bhee, and Thariyo Halepoto villages which would cater to 580 students. Moreover, 215 Thari locals were trained as dumper drivers in 3 months. These locals form an integral part of the mining workforce accounting for 73 per cent of the drivers at the mine. Meanwhile, 75 per cent out of the total 2000 local employees in SECMC belong to Tharparkar, he said. The ‘one-year programme’ has been designed in collaboration with Saylani Welfare Trust to train 50 Thari students at Saylani Institute in Karachi. The course will cover web development, Javascript and mobile app development along with soft skills training. The students will also be provided mentorship by Engro’s IT department. Senhri Dars and Thariyo Halepoto villages will have to relocate for mining purposes for which SECMC has developed a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) in consultation with the GoS and the local population of Block-II.

development schemes under the corporate social responsibility

SECMC has planted around 30,000 trees with a vision to plant 10 trees for every tree cut. So far we have also installed and operating at our own expense 4 RO plants in the nearby area of the reservoir to provide drinking water to the local community. Thar Foundation is working with the Government of Sindh to take over all government schools (700) in the Islamkot Taluka over the next 5 years which will be the largest public-private partnership in the social sector.


Pakistani and Chinese Business Leaders Laud Thar Coal Project

SECMC chief briefs participants of CPEC Investment Opportunities Conference & Exhibition on Project and CSR Activities undertaken in Tharparkar The participants of the conference, CPEC Investment Opportunities, applauded the efforts of the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company and Engro Powergen Thar Limited in uplifting the community in Tharparkar through strategic interventions in the Health, Education, Livelihood, and Cultural Promotion and Preseveration – all undertaken from the platform of the Thar Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life of the Thari people. The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company’s chief executive Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh briefed the business leaders from Pakistan and China, on the company’s progress in the mining and power projects at Thar Block II. He stated that the project progress at the mining was 59% as against 54% planned, with the depth achieved at 108meters. A total of 10.22 million safe man-hours achieved for the entire work in which the workforce


involved comprises 1,359 workers from Tharprkar, 734 from other areas of the country, and 484 hailing from China, making it a mix of 2,577 workers. The power project has been functional for more than 7million safe manhours and as many as 2,674 human resources from Tharparkar, other parts of the country as well as from China. He also outlined the community development framework adopted by the company, implemented from the platform of the purpose-made Thar Foundation. He presented case studies of the Thar Foundation Primary Schools, TCF Engro Campus (Islamkot), Marvi Clinic, Women Dump Truck Driving Program, Khushaal Thar initiative, and biosaline agriculture. Selected project videos and documentaries were also screened at the occasion, which were well-received by the audience and the hall echoed with the sound of the applause. The Thar Foundation’s biosaline agriculture project and women dump truck driving program were specially mentioned by the hosts of the event as ‘unique, innovative, and inspiring hope’. The conference was organized with an aim to “provide participants with a holistic overview of economic, trade and business relations between China and Pakistan, with an emphasis on highlighting areas for increased industrial cooperation between both nations.”

DICE Energy and Water 2017 (DEW’17)

Thar Coal Project to Solve Pakistan’s Energy Crisis“

The youngsters appreciated the fact that, as informed by Rizvi, the coal is the cheapest, local energy source which could provide us energy for hundreds of years. The speakers included VC MUET Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili, CEO HESCO Reham Ali Otho, Chairman DICE Foundation USA Dr. Khursheed Ahmed Qureshi, and CEO BridgePower Asif Memon.

SECMC Chief Operating Officer Syed Abul Fazl Rizvi tells moot The energy experts and professionals in the DICE Energy and Water 2017 (DEW’17) recommended a ‘fuel mix policy’ to help address the current energy problems facing Pakistan. Titled ‘Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) in Energy and Water (DEW '17), it was organized by the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group (EEERG), Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC) MUET on December 12-13, 2017 at the university campus. As a guest of honor, the chief operating officer of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Syed Abul Fazl Rizvi addressed the audience comprising young engineers, mostly, and presented his views on the topic, “Energy Sector of Pakistan and the Role of Thar Coal in Managing the Current Energy Crises”. “In the current scenario where Pakistan is facing acute energy shortage, the Thar Coal is the solution which we can all look forward to for helping the country retrieve its energy and, thus, industrial power,” Rizvi said. “The coal energy should not be the only source of energy, however, but part of the energy mix.”


Community Development Initiatives


o Hepatitis-Free Campaign: Initiated in 2014, the program to make Block II and Gorrano community, ‘Hepatitis Free’ has completed successfully, 99% school students in Block II for and approximately 98 II of the local community has been vaccinated. With almost 17 patients undergoing free of cost treatment for being hepatitis B or C positive, and over 4,000 total awareness sessions in the community, the end of 2017 this program pledged to control, contain and treat hepatitis B and C from Block II.

o Four Adult Literacy Centers in the villages of Aban jo Tarr, Seengaro, Thariyo Halepoto and Maansingh Bheel have been established offering a six-month certificate course. o As part of the Green Thar drive by the Health, Safety and Environment Department of the SECMC, a select group of students of The Citizens Foundation, Engro Campus Islamkot planted 20 trees.

o Marvi Clinic: During the month of December, a total of 856 patients were treated in OPD, consisting of both children as well as adults.


o Sindh Culture Day was celebrated at the Thar Foundation Primary Schools in Block II by the students, teachers, community members, and officials of SECMC, EPTL, and the Foundation.

o Former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Dr. Ishrat Hussain performed the ground-breaking ceremony of the Thar Foundation Primary School, Jaman Samoon Campus.


o Students of the Primary School Bitra visited the powerplant where they were briefed in simple terms the process of electricity generation and what it means for their area, province and, ultimately, country. Project Khushaal Naari: As a maiden initiative, purchase orders were given to local women for the Thar Foundation school uniforms for approx. 2.3 million resulting every woman with a monthly income of Rs21,140. The stitching training will commence from January 8th, 2018. Thar Hunar Gift Shop was inaugurated by Ameena Saiyid, head of Oxford University Press Pakistan.

Discovering the beauty of hand-crafted products, and providing economic empowerment to Thari Women

Business Concept

As we are aware of Thar, widely known for many things such as handicrafts, embroidery and handmade items which are made almost in every house. Women support their family by preparing handicrafts and selling it to local market. To help those women we have started an initiative by opening up a handicrafts store named “Thar Hunar Gift Shop” for visitors at one of the rooms at Model House on 24th December 2017. The idea is to market their products and support them through enhancing their capacity in handicrafts business by eliminating the influence of middle - men.

How We Work:

Keeping in view, we have started to purchase handicrafts directly from working women at reasonable rates and to sell it at model house for now and to the rest of world at later stage. These women will be given their due share and consumer will get to buy these items at the same price as on purchased (No profit). The initiative aims for the welfare and development of poor women of the area.

win-win situation for both the producer and consumer. The consumer, now, get to buy goods at a very reasonable price as compared to the market.

What is the Competitive Advantage?

We are selling our products on a no-profit / no-loss formula making us stand out from our competitors.

Revenue Model

Our operational cost is borne by the Thar Foundation and we are not making any profit.

Distribution Model

We are buying items from various villages and selling them at our shop.


Items to be displayed: “Quilts, Loees, file-covers, wall-hangings, bedsheets, stitched shirts for women, and hand-bags and our Thar coffee-table book”.

Market Drivers

There is a large vacuum in the handicraft industry that needed to be filled. We saw the room and started this initiative.

Target Market

As for now, our targets are SECMC and EPTL and our visitors at site. We plan to expand this in near future by opening a store at a prominent place.

Value Proposition for the Customer

We are focusing on socio-economic uplift of Thari women and the profit goes directly to working-hands. Also, it is a


Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) 10.6 million safe man-hours and 112m of mine depth achieved as of December 24, 2017. 64.5 million BCM of overburden was removed.

Land Acquisition: o

Phase I: At the end of year 2017, the payments were paid for the area of ~ 15-13 acres to the legitimate land owners. 88.6% of total payments were paid from phase-I; hence, ~ 3108 acres were so far paid out of total private land of ~ 3,507 acres.


Phase II: Land payments were made for the area of ~ 09-29 acres to the legitimate land owners. 15.6% of total payments were paid from phase-II; hence, ~ 222 acres are paid out of total private land of ~ 1,420 acres. The 2nd award of ~ 568-37 acres is passed now besides 1st award of ~721-10 acres.

Performance comparison of only TLD 90 and LGMG under evaluation. Current water level table reached to the depth of 124 meters and cumulative dewatering quantity 1.78 Million m3 etc.

Gorano Reservoir (1,500 Acres): The work on issuance of re-survey report is in process and will be finalized after one more joint visit of local revenue authorities and survey team.


Engro Powergen Thar Limited (EPTL) •

The Power Project continues to progress ahead of schedule with overall EPC progress by end October, of 63.5 actual versus 59.2% planned.

Engineering continued to progress ahead of schedule as well, with end December progress at 98.1% versus 82.2% Planned.

870 cumulative design volumes have been issued by the contractor against a planned number of 800.

Construction progress achieved was 43.5 percent actual versus 38.3 percent planned.

Main transmission line from Thar to Matiari Lot-1 – 110 Km (Thar Site to Nabisar witnessed good progress, as erection of 211/345 Towers were completed. 21 Km stringing was completed out of 110 Km. While in Lot-2 – 110 Km (Nabisar to Matiari), erection of 230/389 Towers were completed and 3km stringing has been completed in this lot.

Procurement progress was 75.6% Actual versus 71.1% Planned. Construction progress achieved at end of the month was 43.5% actual versus 38.3% planned.

• •

For GIS Building, all structure has been erected and 90% of wall panels applied.

In the Main Hall, installation of machinery continued which included Boiler Feedwater Booster Pumps, Motor driven boiler feedwater pump, Oil pumps, Condenser construction and condensate polishing system installation.

Main transmission line from Thar to Matiari is divided into two parts, with NESPAK being NTDC’s Consultants for both: o Lot-1 – 110 Km (Thar Site to Nabisar): Erection of 211/345 Towers has been completed. The 21 Km Stringing has been completed out of 110 Km. o Lot-2 – 110 Km (Nabisar to Matiari): Erection of 230/389 Towers has been completed in this lot. 3km stringing has been completed in this lot.




Un-Paid Land 8%

Under verification 9%

Under verification 3%

Established Claims & Paid Land 89%

Etsablished Claims & Paid 16%

Un-Paid 75%


Un-Paid Land 57%

Etsablished Claims & Paid 43%


Total Land

Private Land

Paid Land

Amount Paid





(Mn Rs)

Deposited by SECMC (Mn Rs.)













Gorano Pond






Resettlement Area






50 Cusec - EDS Project of SCA





60 (SCA deposits)

Vejihar to Block-2 36 km water pipe line (New project)






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Thar Coal News (December 2017) - English  

The December 2017 issue (English) of Thar Coal News, the official newsletter of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), Engro Powergen Thar...

Thar Coal News (December 2017) - English  

The December 2017 issue (English) of Thar Coal News, the official newsletter of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), Engro Powergen Thar...