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February 2010 - year 10 – Nº 75

INTRODUCTION It is tremendously appealing, the radical option that Jesus expects of his followers: all or nothing, the trust in God that allows moving forward or the distrust that makes us trip over our limitations, the charity that is inventive until infinity or a meaningless life without love‌ Yes, Jesus calls us as an Association and as individuals to root our lives in His Word, to drink from the fountain that He is, in order to discover the beauty of life, the greatness of our vocation and the wonder of being brothers and children of a God who offers everything to human beings. "I am the vine, you are the branches: he who abides in me and I in him will bear much fruit for without me you can do nothing" (Jn 15, 5). What an invitation to begin 2010 and fully enter into the immediate preparation of our General Assembly! An Assembly invites us to be sowers of hope, to look ahead with liberty and happiness, as is represented by the logo of the gathering.

All of the Association, rooted in Christ, as one person, can open their arms to the future with hope to give and receive the benefits that Christ wants to spring forth for the good of youth and the disadvantaged. Hope also amid the pain of the Haitian people and ruins that Haiti has turned into. Hope because, from the first moments, we stood with our fellow suffering brothers and sisters, organizing aid, assisting in collections of goods and money, praying with passion and crying out that God receive the deceased in His mercy, fill with strength those who have survived and that God be the basis of the new life that is emerging from this cross. When the media have forgotten about this terrible tragedy, the Vincentian Family and many people of good will continue offering seeds of hope ... Yes, the year begins with hope, because God never disappoints. God stands by those who suffer, enables us to love by the sweat of our brow and direct, with provident love, the future of our Association and our lives. Let us to abandon ourselves like children in His arms and let us keep rhythm with His Spirit.

Yasmine Cajuste VMY International President

AMERICA Argentina-Uruguay: December 28-29, the group held a retreat with the theme: "And your loving embrace rescues me today," in order to prepare young people for the mission that took place from January 3 through 10, 2010.  Chile: The youth of the Association have continued their missionary project that began in 2009 and will be completed in 2011. This time 37 young missionaries visited 6 communities in rural areas.  Brazil:

@.Belo Horizonte: The 1st Provincial Meeting was held on February 7th, during which the activities of the year were planned. The new provincial advisor, Sr. Emilia Santos, DC, was introduced during the meeting @.Curitiba: Planned provincial formation gathering for VMY and those interested in forming new groups, with the dates February 20 28, 2010, on the theme of the 350th anniversary of death of the founders. @.Fortaleza: November 20 – 22, 2009 - XI Provincial Assembly accompanied by Father Mizael. Pugioli CM. @.Recife: The regional coordination team of Natal had its first meeting of 2010 on 30 January in which the schedule of activities for the year was prepared.  Ecuador: Preparing for the two national missions celebrating the 350th anniversary of St. Vincent and St. Louise.

United States: @.VMY Alaska: members of VMY-FIAT held their annual reception of the Miraculous Medal and Consecration to Jesus through Mary on November 16. @.VMY Missouri: January 10, 2010 - Gathering to celebrate 6 years of its existence.  Honduras: A National Assembly was held February 5-7 to choose a new National Council, whose motto was "Every member of VMY is at the service of others". The new president is Cristian Enríquez Hernández..  Haiti: On 12 January, an earthquake marked a before and after in the life of the Haitian people. Yasmine Cajuste thanks, on behalf of Haiti VMY, your prayers and the support, all the generous contribution to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. They still need our prayers to see this with eyes of faith and view the future with hope. So far, the death of Alain Gourgues of our Association has been confirmed. He belonged to a university group of the Association.

EUROPA OCCIDENTAL France: From December 21 to 23, the VMY National Meeting was held in Paris. Three young men made the promise in the Chapel of the Apparitions. We thank VMY of France for its generous contribution to the Solidarity Fund of GA2010.  Italy: Two members of VMY participated in the International Youth Forum in Rome as official representatives of our Association at this event. We were invited by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.


Saint Louise was born in the sixteenth century in France. Her life was a project of God's love for the poor and for each of us. God is always surprising.

Saint Louise was close to suffering. She had some very difficult times but did not despair in the face of suffering. God helps us and He helps us find the motivation for living. For Luisa, her sufferings were preparing her for an extraordinary sensitivity to be with the poor. Why? God was important throughout the life of St. Louise, guided her by the Light of Pentecost. She obtained a security that changed her life forever, despite difficulties, and was ready to fulfill the will of God - this would be her reason for living. As an educator and catechist her work was very important. If there were great works in the company it was because of St. Louise’s

intervention, tells us Jean Calvet. She acquired great formation and knew how to transmit this to those around her. She cultivated her formation throughout her life, reflected in letters and at a Conference of St. Vincent to the Sisters shortly before his death, devoting part of his time to her personal training. This makes it of particular interest that the Sisters are formed. We could say today that catechists are formed to give witness to the Gospel to all who do not know it or are in the catechetical process. Catechists are formed in the Word of God to evangelize society, fulfill the will of God. Here are some of the attitudes of Louise de Marillac which are valid for our time:

Think about each person, their living conditions and chooses the right person in each case, makes periodic visits to see how people are; Be attentive to details, taking into account the age and needs of all who pass by your side; Always have good Hygiene Eat at the proper times; Treat everyone equally to avoid arousing jealousy; Encourage the good and even seek placement for the elderly. Saint Louise was a woman of great conviction. She had been chosen by God for a mission and never let Him down. She always did the will of God and was guided by the Holy Spirit. She was committed to formation, not only in broad strokes, but through many small

details. Show sensitivity and care was what she emphasized to the Sisters for their delicate service to the poor. She insisted on the rights of children, even when this put her in conflict with the Ladies of Charity. Is not relevant today to work for human rights and especially rights of children? She established principles and basic rules on health, education, social work. She took note of working conditions, activities and the motivation of the Ladies, and gave importance to specific training. Continuous formation and unconditional surrender without hoping for results, giving witness where we are, makes us grow and nourishes our knowledge of God and the experience of His love. Today we might ask ... What is God's plan for me? How do I care for my formation? What sources of generosity and free service do I offer?

Sr. Bernardita GarcĂ­a,DC VMY International Delegate

CHARITY CARNIVAL IN VMY BELA CRUZ - CE BRAZIL 2 years ago, VMY of Bela Cruz began the "Carnival of Charity" campaign. The first one was held in February 2008, the second in 2009 and we plan to make the third between the 13th and 17th of February 2010. This coincides with the national carnival festivities. We start with a planning meeting, during where we divided the city streets up - for pairs of VMY. The activity consists of asking for food donations, mostly near expiration, from homes and businesses. The food is then distributed to needy families in the Ipuerias neighborhood. Usually people are generous and collaborate with what they can. The donations are taken to the Immaculate Conception Institute, home of the Daughters of Charity, where we met to organize food baskets, to thank God and the people who donated the food, and pray as a group. We then leave to deliver the baskets to families. When we reach the homes, a short prayer is said and we ask if they accept the gift, which is always welcome. At the next meeting we reflect on the experience. Our hope for this year is that the total food donations will surpass the previous two years. We are aware that this campaign is not in itself a great thing, being a humble action to provide assistance and not solve the problem of hunger of those families. But yes, it is a great little example of concrete service of charity, altruism and empathy - the fact that some young people give part of their time to think of others and love them with the donation of their service. Praise God for that! Bela Cruz, February 5, 2010. Clebio Morais President of VMY Bela Cruz

COUNCIL AND SECRETARIAT In recent months, the Superior General, Father Gregory Gay, has confirmed the appointment of Sister Lettemedhin Abraha, DC (Advisor of Eritrea), Jenny Coca (President of Ecuador); Sister Clementine Rasoavololona, DC (Advisor of Madagascar). December 14-19 in San Jose, Costa Rica – The Gathering of Councils of Central America and Mexico (CENMEX 2009) took place with the participation of the Fr. Gregory Gay and Argelys Vega representing the International team. January 14-17 - The International Council meeting was held in Madrid. The International Secretariat participated in the International Vincentian Family Gathering from January 28 through 31 at the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity in the Rue du Bac - Paris. The International Vincentian Family will continue with the International Micro-finance Project in Haiti. The launch of the website will be April 1, 2010. You can subscribe to be informed in advance of the launch. We hope this will allow the Vincentians of the world to help finance projects that benefit the poor. VISIT US

We remember that for the occasion of the Feast of St. Louise (March 15), as the Fr. Gregory Gay informed us in his letter of invitation, a plenary indulgence will be granted to all those who participate physically or spiritually in the celebration to be held at Notre-Dame de Paris on March 14. We thank all the countries that participated in the contest to choose the song and the logo for the General Assembly. The hymn proposed by Peru was chosen as was the logo developed by Guatemala. Our website has a new space “Ask Father Pavol”, where we intend to give young people the opportunity to ask about their doubts about faith, morals, relationships ... etc..

VMY International Bulletin  

February 2010 - year 10 – No. 75 Vincentian Marian Youth International Bulletin

VMY International Bulletin  

February 2010 - year 10 – No. 75 Vincentian Marian Youth International Bulletin