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December, 2010 – Year 10 – Number 79


Christ expects us to be men and women of integrity which is the fruit of love. Christ is the light and the way that leads us to the truth. We are called to be witnesses of the faith, witnesses by our words and actions, witnesses in every situation and every place. We are about to close the year 2010 with all its joy and pains, its successes and failures. We now have to be open to embrace the year 2011 and throughout this coming year we can always ask the fundamental questions that ought to guide our lives: what would Jesus Christ do in my situation? What does Jesus expect of me?

The Third General Assembly of the VMY has been closed. But the period of 2010-2015 is open to us and offers the opportunity to live out the motto of our Assembly: VMY, rooted in Christ, sowers of hope! Yes, each day let us sow hope in our lives and above all, let us, in the spirit of Mary, serve the less fortunate. The celebration of the 350th anniversary of the death of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise has come to a close, but the Vincentian charism remains open for as long as we continue to manifest the infinite creativity of love. The time of Advent has opened a new liturgical year. These days we are celebrating the mystery of the incarnate Word. Incarnation in the world and in our hearts means that Christ became incarnate and lived in the world. Therefore as Christians we cannot deny or flee from our situation. We need to be Christians in the world in order to reveal the face of the Savior to other people.

Closed and open seem to be opposites, but in fact they are very closely united. Like Mary, let us know how to embrace the gift of God who became man and who each day waits for us, especially as we serve those people who are poor. During this Christmas Season pause to contemplate this God who became man because God loved all people. Let us go quickly to the encounter with the new born Jesus and let us do so with simplicity and with joy, aware of the fact that Jesus is born again in the heart of every person who is beside us.


I want to share with you two words, which in my opinion, express the gift of life and the situation in which we find ourselves today: closed and open.


AFRICA… Algeria Organized various meetings in parishes to sensitize people about the problem of HIV-AIDS and also to make the Association known in these parishes. Cameroon

Held their National Assembly (July 14-15) and their National Field Trip (July 15-22) in Awae Messa-Mvele. During the Assembly the National Statutes were revised and a new National Council was elected which will presided by Jules Zambo. During the field trip ten young people consecrated themselves to Mary and six others renewed their Marian consecration. Madagascar The VMY and the whole Vincentian Family celebrated with great enthusiasm the closing of the Vincentian Jubilee Year with a pilgrimage during which the relics of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise were publically displayed. These processions took place in every diocese where the Vincentian Family is present, especially in Fort-Dauphin where the first Vincentian missionaries arrived in 1896. In September a Diocesan gathering of young men and women was held in Farafangana. Mozambique VMY Mozambique visited San José House of Lhanguene. It was a time of formation and entertainment, in addition, food and clothes were donated.

Central African Republic In July, the first group of the VMY outside of Bangui was created in the Diocese of Bangassou, the parish of Saint Joseph (Nzako). In September and October different meetings were organized which allowed the groups to strengthen the bonds of collaboration and at the same time meet the new National Advisor. Other Activities: October 22nd: formation meeting and planning of activities; November 27-28: retreat under the motto: Let us go out to the encounter of the one who is coming!. This retreat was directed by the new National Advisor. Democratic Republic of the Congo We have recently been made aware of the existence of VMY group in Isiro (Eastern Province), in the parish of Holy Rosary. This group was brought together by Brother Frédéric Kamby, RSV (Religious of Saint Vincent). This group began their activities on August 5, 2009 and has eighty-five (85) members. Rwanda On July 18th in Nemba seven young people from two parish groups of the VMY renewed their promise during the Sunday Eucharist. On November 19th in Kigali the group participated in a formation session on prayer and Mary and then concluded with a day of retreat on November 20th.


Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay On October 29th the members of the Leadership Team visited Villa Elisa, La Plate which was inaugurated with the celebration of the Eucharist. The members then participated in a formation session on the foundation stones of the Vincentian Marian Youth. Guatemala On December 3, 4, and 5, a National Encounter was held for the purpose of electing a new Council.

♫ - We're waiting for you in Madrid to celebrate Vincentian


Youth Gathering (12 to 16) & WYD (16 to 21/08/2011). More info: & e th

Panama: September 5 : meeting of the National Council; October 16: formation session for the leaders of the Association and other individuals who were invited.

Peru: November 20: The advisor and the national president (Sister Iris and Guiliana) directed a formation session to the members of the VMY in the area of Selva-Tarapoto. There was also a Marian pilgrimage to celebrate the feast of the Miraculous Medal. United States: Southeast Missouri June 20-26: Operation Overhaul in Kansas during which 92 young people and adults traveled to Baxter Spring, Kansas for a week for service, formation and recreation; July 15: Marian Consecration during the celebration of the Eucharist in Perryville; August 21-22: Vincent Mission #10 – celebration of the 350th anniversary of the death of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise with the whole Vincentian Family in Saint Louis (the Superior General was present for this celebration); October 16-17: 2nd Mission Box Experience: the young men and women experienced for a night what it feels like to be a person with no place to live or sleep. Brazil Amazon: A formation session was held on May 28-30 in Igarapé-Miri and was directed by the Advisors, Fr. Mizael Puggioli and Sister Kelen Rodríguez. Belo Horizone: November 13-16: Provincial Encounter Rio de Janeiro: steps are being taken to create a group in the city of Bragança. Fortaleza: November 11-14, XII Provincial Assembly under the motto Rooted in Christ (40 participants). Recife: October 9-12: X Provincial Congress of the VMY in Serra Talhada (participation of 100 young people); the Vincentian Marian Group of Pau de Pau dos Ferros inaugurated a project called Vincentians on the Highway by which they are able to visit, engage in missions and establish groups of the VMY in distant places and will do all of this by the use of motorcycles.


Lebanon August 20-22, National Assembly during which the participants reflected on the present situation of the Association in Lebanon and elected Danielle Damianos Sassine as National President; August 26-30: National Field Trip for Formation. Philippines September 25 in Paradian: presentation of the life of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise, Mass, program, sharing of meal and distribution of packages of joy to the poor; September 26: Eucharist and meal for the street children in Ozamiz (Mindanao); September 27: Eucharist to celebrate the closing of the Vincentian Jubilee Year in the cathedral of Manila with the presence of the cardinal (after the Mass the Nuncio gave a conference). Indonesia

September 4th: the medical students organized a clinic where they provided medical attention to the poor; September 26th: the Vincentian Marian Youth, Vincent de Paul Society and the Daughters of Charity provided social services for about 500 people; Thailand September 25th: The Vincentian Family organized the celebration of the Jubilee Year in Ban Phuwan Pastoral Center, Samphran. Taiwan July 18th: Celebrated the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the VMY in the parish of Saint Joseph in Taiwan with the participation of 200 Philippinos.

♫ - From January 6 to 9, 2011, New International

Council meet for the first time in Madrid. We count on your prayers.

EUROPE... Belorussia: September 27th: to close the Jubilee Year the young people prepared a theatrical presentation on the life of Saint Vincent; November 7th: in the cities of Shereshevo and Pruzhanah 11 young men and women made their promise as aspirants. France: August 16-24: organized a summer field trip near Lourdes; the Vincentian Family celebrated the closing of the Jubilee Year with the Eucharist in Saint Lazare which was televised directly; this was followed by an afternoon picnic in the gardens and Vespers. For the year 20102011 the motto of the group is Discover the paths of hope and the group has published a very interesting calendar for 2011. November 14th: fifty members of the VMY animated the Mass and the praying of the rosary at the Rue du Bac and a member of the Association gave a brief testimony about his/her experience in the Vincentian Marian Youth. Slovakia: September 15 – October 10: the VMY participated in a campaign Fight against hunger. The group sold crackers to favor the people of Haiti. October 16-17: Formation Encounter for animators; October 29-31: meeting of the National Council; November 26-28: Vincentian weekend in Kosice and celebration of the 180th anniversary of the Miraculous Medal; December 3-5: weekend celebration in honor of Saint Nicholas.

Spain: The Association held missionary formation sessions as well as courses for coordinators and advisors during the months of October, November and December. Greece: October 24: celebrated the one year anniversary of the formation of the group in Athens; November 21: organized a program, VMY has talent. Poland: November 12-14: National Assembly during which Aleksandra Zolynska was elected President; November 20: various groups from the Province of Krakow gathered together with much joy in Dabrowa (85 young people participated in this encounter under the motto: On the road to Christ with Mary, the Mother of hope); in November new members were received into the groups at Laskowka and Dabrowa. Portugal: August 26-29: XXVI National Encounter of the Vincentian Marian Youth in Fatima. Czech Republic: October 20th: Sister Margita visited the families of the members of the Association in Prague, Benesov, Pribram, Svata Hora, Dubno, Rosovice u Dobrise and the surrounding areas; October 24th: the young men and women of Vysktna prepared the campaign Missionary Crackers in which they sold ginger crackers and the monies received from this activity will be sent to the mission countries to be used for children in these countries. Ukraine: November 27th: new members were received in Kharkiv.

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL AND SECRETARIAT... ♫ - The Director General confirmed the following appointments: Sister Clarisse Modi Tchinda (Advisor, Cameroon); Danielle Damanios Sassine (President, Lebanon); Zamble Be Tra Berenger (President, Ivory Coast); Aleksandra Zolynska (President, Poland). th ♫ - On October 18 the Director General approved the Statutes of the VMY in the Ivory Coast. ♫ - We have made a call for new volunteers to serve at the International Secretariat. Candidates should send the required information before

Merry Christmas...

February 28, 2011. ♫ - We have sent out a survey concerning Vincentian Youth. We ask that the different branches of the Vincentian Family fill out this form and return it to us by April 20, 2011. Forms can be sent to: ♫ - We express our gratitude to those countries that have paid their annual quotas and we encourage those who still have an outstanding debt to make your payment as soon as possible.

...and Happy New Year 2011!

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VMY International Bulletin Vincentian Marian Youth December 2010 - year 10 – Nº 79

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