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Volume 2, Issue 4

Stockton Early College Academy

May 20, 2011

Striving for strength in every teal ribbon Sophomore Stephanie Braithwaite speaks out to her community

On Apr. 18, sophomore Stephanie “The teal ribbon stands for sexual awareness and makes the comBraithwaite gave a short presentation at a re- munity aware of it. It’s a symbol of hope and healing for survivors,” said treat called Strive for Strength in Elk Grove Braithwaite. with her organization Saving Stephanie, Whether Braithwaite is speaking about it, creating educational preformed in January of 2011, to educate girls about sexual assault awareness. sentations, or tying ribbons to police cars, each form of awareness impacts Braithwaite’s audience, girls between the ages of 13 and 17, heard her community and survivors everywhere. her explain her story on surviving “Being able to make a difsexual assault. The presentation, ference by making my commutitled “Speak Out,” also included nity aware of sexual assault has monologues recited by her Savhelped me in my healing proing Stephanie team on the topic of cess,” said Braithwaite. sexual assault awareness. Braithwaite receives emails “I try to make the community from across the country every more aware of what sexual assault week from sexual assault suris through educational presentavivors who are able to tell their tions,” said Braithwaite. stories to her. Strive for Strength was a spe“Just knowing those people cial event for Braithwaite since it look up to me has really made took place in the month of April, [Saving Stephanie] worth it,” also known as Sexual Assault said Braithwaite. Awareness Month. There have Each story makes her think also been many events in previous about her organization and the months by the Saving Stephanie impact it’s had on not only vicorganization to promote sexual astims but, also on those inspired sault awareness. by her actions. Braithwaite dedicated Saving “She is inspiring to me bePhoto courtesy of Debra Sbragia Stephanie to the awareness and (Above) Stephanie Braithwaite distributes sexual assault awareness bracelets to teenage cause she made a bad experience prevention of sexual assault. into one that she could help peogirls at tables during her Strive for Strength presentation. In trying to make her comple from,” said Stephanie Avalos, munity more aware, Braithwaite sophomore. “She didn’t let that created the Teal Ribbon Project. Between the end of February and the experience ruin her life and instead she decided to make something good beginning of March, Braithwaite started tying teal ribbons to the Univer- out of it.” sity of the Pacific (U.O.P.) and San Joaquin Delta College police cars. The For now, Braithwaite will continue her presentations on sexual aslaw enforcement agencies of San Joaquin County also had these symbolic sault prevention and awareness with Saving Stephanie. She hopes to even ribbons tied to their cars throughout the month of April. The ribbons rep- have a presentation at school. The date for this presentation, however, is resent every person affected by sexual assault. yet to be deteremined. Sucharita Yellapragada Staff member

Contact Info Email: Phone: (209) 828- 9044 Website:

Upcoming Events To Be Determined

Past Events

Feb. 14: Community Awareness Project with the Manteca & Ripon Police Feb. 21: Community Awareness Project with Tracy Department Feb. 28: Community Awareness Project with San Joaquin Delta College and University of the Pacific’s Police Department Mar. 5: Stop Human Trafficking Workshop Mar. 22: Take Back the Night at University of the Pacific Apr. 18: Strive for Strength

InSIDE: Special Section about the end of the world. Will it end tomorrow?


News Editorial


The loveable Ken doll turns 50 He’s middle-aged & still going strong They first met while shooting a commercial. It was the year 1961 and love was in the air. She was 2 years older than he was, but they loved each other, and everyone loved them. Now it is 50 years later. Their love has dwindled and died down, but Ken and Barbie are just as famous as ever. This year Ken turned 50 years old, which has rekindled the world’s love for such classic toys. From the moment it was placed on the shelves, the Ken Doll was an immediate success. Children all over America could not wait to take him home to Barbie. Even LEGOs, Etcha-Sketch, and other popular toys at that time, could not keep interest and attention away from the new, happy couple for long. Nowadays, most people are quick to imagine Ken as the stereotypical Californian surferdude. In fact, this is exactly how he was originally portrayed to the public, wearing red swim trunks, sandals, and a yellow towel. Camillia Butler, sophomore, said when thinking of Ken, she is reminded of a “tan, muscular guy. He usually looks like he is going to the beach and is constantly smiling.” However, there were two versions of the original Ken Doll; one was brunette, while was blond, though both versions still had the same bright blue eyes and ideal figure as he does today. While most men his age are victims of receding hair-lines and are carrying a few extra pounds, Ken has managed to keep his youthful appearance. Most likely, his constant good looks are due to the overwhelming amount of plastic surgery he has received throughout the years. Jasmine Fredericksen Staff member

Still, Ken did not become so popular among children simply because of his physical features, but rather, the fun opportunities he provided for so many kids. “I used to like Ken and Barbie because they come with so many different accessories,” Butler said. “You can make your own world.” In fact, most other successful children’s toys encourage creativity, too. Some of Ken’s toy rivals of his era, Etch-a-Sketch and LEGOs, also fall under the same category of generators of creative thoughts. Even toys from later dates were used as outlets for a child’s creativity. “[My favorite toy from my childhood] was a toy microphone. It was fun to sing to my friends,” said Melinda Pho, freshman. For the most part, human beings are very creative. So naturally, children enjoy toys that allow them to use as much creativity as possible. Ken and Barbie are perfect examples of these toys. They let the children playing with them imagine new events to happen and different personalities for each doll every time they are used. Though most people would expect otherwise, Ken and Barbie’s ages have not had a very noticeable effect on the adoration their numerous fans have for them. They are just as highly revered and idolized as ever before, by many different generations of people ranging from young toddlers to adults who collect dolls. Ken even made his big screen debut in Toy Story 3, which included over 50 costume changes. Barbie and Ken have proven to be popular toys for children of a variety of different ages over a long period of time. Although he is now 50 years old, Ken is still an admirable, classic example of what all toys should be.

Bet You


didn’t know

originally had fleece hair.





it was

changed to plastic.

•The average sized man would have to grow 20 inches taller and add nearly 8 inches to his neck circumference, 11 inches to his chest and 10 inches to his waist to resemble Ken. •Ken and Barbie officially separated on Valentine’s Day in 2004 but appeared to have gotten back together in 2006, when a revamped version of the Ken doll was launched. •Ken has had many different jobs such as a photographer, rock star, pizza delivery boy, and tennis player. •Ken has his own fashion magazine called “Stylish!” •Ken is from Willows, Wisconsin. •Ken stands at 12 inches tall, ½ inch taller than Barbie. •Ken’s official birthday is March 11, 1961, making him a pisces. •Ken is exactly 2 years and 2 days younger than Barbie. •Ken has a younger brother named Tommy and a best friend named Alan.



Get your head in the game

Get involved and great things will be in store for you We are one. We are a wolf pack. We help each other out. We should interact with each other and get involved. We have made it into our first and second years and we will be going into our third year as the Timberwolves. To ensure a livelier pack next year we need to get more involved. Commitment to our school is what we need. It is where we are most of the day, five days a week. For 18 years of our lives we are put in school to be educated and we spend four of those years here in high school. Being a new school, it is understandable to not have everything, but we are a family and we are setting the bar for future Timberwolves. There have been a lot of fundraisers and activities for clubs such as Journalism, Key Club, and Student Government. Participation for some of these events was scarce. For instance, during Scholastic Journalism Week, there were events held to promote and celebrate the art of journalism, but there was a lack of participation during the bingo game and the scavenger hunt. There are 238 students in this school right now, but there were only 5 participants. Student Council tried to plan a snow trip for students, but not enough people signed up and it had to be cancelled. During dances and lunch fundraisers, many students show up and line up to get food. Is food the main attraction to events? Sure, food is great, but it should not be the only thing to get people to be involved. There are other great benefits to participating in events that do not involve food.

Wolves’ Chronicle Staff: Editor in chief: Sucharita Yellapragada Managing editor: Josephine Espinoza Design Editor: Desiree Alcocer Webmasters: Holly DeHonestis & Emily Wilburn Layout & Design: Angelynn Jose, Jonathan Kwan Photo Editor: Karen Alvarado-Contreras Staff members: Jorelyn Calam, Melissa Cruz, Faviola Paz, Richard Huynh, Jasmine Fredericksen, Mikey Aguilera, Chanchharath Ros, Aman Paneser, Delecia Velasquez-Stump, Andrew Palacio Adviser: Rachel West

What is it going to take for us to start getting involved? Does there have to be extensive prizes? This is not elementary school anymore. We will not always be awarded with prizes. The real prize we should aim for is a school with great unity. We have had all these opportunities to interact with one another and have fun events, but it takes more than just showing up to an event to be “involved.” What we need to do is get out of our shells and out of our comfort zones to have a good time. We need to become interested in all of the activities in our school rather than having all these apathetic attitudes towards everything we do. We all want to look back at our high school memories when we are older. To do this there is one thing we need to do in order to get those memories and to get that high school experience we want: Get involved! Know your peers. Talk to someone you have not talked to before. Make a new friend. Life is short and high school will be over before you know it. If there was more participation, there would be more success; there would be more fun. If we are involved in the activities in our school, then there is no doubt we will have more funds coming in. It is a chain reaction. If we hit involvement, we will hit fundraising, and hitting fundraising hits all those opportunities for us. While we are all out on summer break getting ready for the new school year, let us all think of ways to become the pack we were destined to be.

Editorial EditorialPolicies: POlicies: The Wolves’ Chronicle newspaper is published quarterly and distributed free of charge. Our newspaper is an open forum for free student expression. Student editors and reporters make content and style decisions with the adviser offering guidance. Editorials reflect the view of the entire editorial board and therefore are unsigned. Opinion columns reflect the view of the writer. Readers are welcomed to write letters to the editor. We will make every effort to print any letters as long as it is not libelous. Letters longer than 250 words will be edited. Unsigned letters will be printed only in unusual circumstances, and only when we know who the writer is. Letters may be brought to the newspaper room, room 6, or emailed to

About Aboutus: Us: Stockton Early College Academy (SECA) is in its second year as a dependent charter school in the Stockton Unified School District in Stockton, CA. We currently have freshman and sophomore classes, with a population of 250 students. We are located at 640 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton, CA 95202. Our newspaper is published by Herburger Publications in Galt, CA and distributed for free to all students. Go Timberwolves!



Opinion Life

Everyone loves YouTube - or maybe not

The world’s largest video sharing website and why it is banned We’ve all heard enough about the social networking sites to last for a decade. Yet there is another website, one which gave many artists of today a boost into the world of fame. You’ve heard many of their names: Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, Fred, Justin Bieber, and yes, even Rebecca Black. You know this site as YouTube. YouTube isn’t just a video sharing website. It’s a way to access new learning, provide a creative outlet, explore the sounds of different bands or the graphics of new directors, and more. Emil­y Wilburn Created in February 2005, YouTube released its beta Staff member test to the public in May of the same year and was officially launched that November. One year later, YouTube was purchased by Google, and today it operates as a subsidiary-- a company inside a company. In the past few years, it has undergone multiple transformations as the layout, home page, and account setup evolved to suit the rapidly changing technology of our world. YouTube also has localization, or a different version of the website for different countries-- plus it’s available in about thirty different languages. Although YouTube is “the world’s largest video sharing website,” according to its home page, not everyone in the world loves it. As its popularity has increased over the years, it’s been blocked by multiple countries all across the globe. No, “Some of the videos are inappropriate for I’m not just talking about school age and they distract students. Kids Egypt-- it has also, for can be immature, but sometimes teachers example, been banned in need to show us something.” the People’s Republic of –Suman Singh China since 2009. In a CNN interview the same year, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang stated China “is not afraid of the Internet,” but is trying to prevent harmful information from spreading. There have been past examples of countries blocking YouTube for periods of time, usually during times of civil unrest. We may complain about not being able to watch our favorite music videos at school, but compared to entire countries censoring the website, our blocks aren’t so extreme. We can still access much of YouTube on our phones, at home, and at places like the public library. Thanks to the First Amendment, we can keep on enjoying funny or interesting videos and sharing creations of our own.



New game everyone’s trying to avoid By the way dude, you just lost the game! “You just lost the game!” This phrase makes many people think about the game, therefore making them lose. Many who are unaware of “the game” ask: What can this possibly mean? What is “the game?” “At first I didn’t get it, but then after a while I kind of just went with it and started playing it,” said Sophomore Anissabel Diaz. Other students like Diaz, have no idea what the point of “the game” is. They also ask how it is possible to win the game, but according to the rules, there isn’t anyone who can win the game. “The game,” just like any other game, has a set of rules. In this game, however, there is only one main rule which is not to think of “the game.” Other rules include not being able to lose more than once every half hour. “I just lost the game” must be said out loud or written somewhere. This would cause others playing the game to lose as well, which is a large point of “the game.” “The game never stops. Everyone in the world is playing it all the time,” said Sophomore Emily Wilburn. According to Wilburn, there is a legend which states there were once two men stuck at a train station overnight in England. They decided to play a game in which, whoever thought of their situation, would then lose. This is Karen Alvarado-Contreras Staff member

how “the game” came to be. “[There is] no real purpose, it’s just a game,” said sophomore Alexander Salcedo, “Now that you know about ‘the game,’ you just lost the game.”

Rules of “The Game” •No thinking or talking about the game •You can’t lose more than once every half an hour •If you lose, you have to say it out loud or tell someone about it. •Try to make others lose the game. •Everyone is playing all the time. •No one can ever win the game.

Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day

The celebration between mothers and fathers

What are you doing on Youtube?

Photo Credit: Emily Wilburn All kinds of creative videos can be found on YouTube. Here, Desiree Alcocer poses in a series of frames for a time lapse project. Time lapses are just one of many different types of videos you can find using the search box. YouTube is a creative outlet for artists all across the globe--except in places where it’s blocked, of course.

Mother’s Aman Paneser Day has just Staff member passed and Father’s Day is yet to come. Everywhere around the world people celebrate these holidays to give back to their parents, but to which parent do we give back the most? Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world. It’s an annual holiday that recognizes mothers and their constant support. On the second Sunday of May, one could find a mother receiving flowers, greeting cards, and even chocolate candy. Children and adults try to show how much they appreciate them. Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June. Its celebration is slightly different from Mother’s Day. Instead of receiving flowers and greeting cards, fathers are given more male-orientated gifts such as tools or electronics. “[Father’s day is less celebrated then Mother’s Day] because more kids have a

mom rather than a dad, and moms get offended if you don’t get them nothing, but to the dad it doesn’t matter,” said Freshman Veronica Campos. Father’s Day celebrates the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. “[Being a father is] awesome, just ‘cause you’re shaping and creating a little person. I hate being a dictator, but sometimes it is necessary to ensure that you are showing them how to make the correct decisions in life,” said faculty member Russel Lewis, a father of two. Through these annual celebrations, it is shown that Mother’s Day has always been a greater celebration. If the world wants to change this they can, it’s just a matter of fact of giving back the equal amount of appreciation. “[Mother’s Day is celebrated more] because they do more things for us [which makes them] more appreciative,” said Freshman Anitha Chann.

Mom vs. Dad

-Shirt and Perfume -A personalized card -Teddy Bear -Breakfast in bed -Brunch -Chili -Roses -Bacon

-Gift card -A personalized card -Tools -Gift of Happiness -Wallet -Big Hug -Dancing Stuffed Toy

By: SECA Students




10 neglected random inventions

Inanimate objects taken for granted daily The daily used inventions of students are constantly beJonathan Kwan ing mistreated throughout the day. Whenever students become frustrated, these inventions are taken for granted and become Staff member replaced by other inventions. Many students throw their backpacks on the ground and kick them under their desks. Soda cans stay up throughout long, stressful nights as students try to finish their homework. The zippers on jackets used to keep students warm during cold weather and to maintain the student’s health are being mistreated as well, just as toilet paper is being used and then crumpled and thrown away without a second thought. Aglets are torn off after long, extensive periods of usage; leading to the removal off the shoelaces. Dictionaries are being replaced by online versions, which keep those dictionaries on the shelves, never to be touched again.  Massage pens help students with taking notes or homework, as well as, relaxing the tensions of the muscles. Nowadays, technology is being updated continuously and making the previous products the “outdated” products.   Students are continuously receiving new inventions which make other inventions from the past “yesterday’s” invention. Photo Credits: Jonathan Kwan, Chanchharath Ros, & Richard Huynh

The daily inventions used today, have impacted our lives, and aren’t given the right amount of credit. Items like a soda can are unappreciated & used only to satisfy our daily needs. These inventions get abused when people feel frustrated or angry. However, these inventions are still there for people even through tough times.

Special Section: The Apocalypse The beginning of the end?

Two different views of the apocalypse Will the apocalypse occur religiously?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Backpack: (also known as rucksack, knapsack, packsack, or sack) a cloth sack carried by a person with one or two shoulder straps to keep belongings Soda cans: made of tin-plated steel or aluminum which contains a single serving of soda Zippers: (also known as zip or zip fastener) device to temporarily join two edges or sides of fabric Toilet paper: soft paper used to maintain personal hygiene after urination, also used to absorb spillages or for craft projects Aglets: small plastic holder typically used on each end of a shoelaces to keep the fibers of the cord from separating and making it easier to hold and easier to feed through the eyelets Dictionary: (also known as lexicon, wordbook, or vocabulary) collection of words in one or more specific languages listed alphabetically with usage information, definitions, phonetics, pronunciations, and other information Massage pen: a pen which can be used as a writing utensil containing ink, used to massage any tension in muscles Tape: strip of plastic coated with a thin powder of ferric oxide metal and covered with thin protective coating Pencils: type of writing utensil or art medium usually constructed of narrow, solid pigment core inside a protective casing; the protective casing prevents the core from breaking and from touching the pigment (lead) Paper bags: (also known as paper sack) performed container made out of paper and usually with an opening on one side of the container; used to carry items or for packaging Cited from The Free Dictionary website (

The human race, we were supposed to be dead about two years ago. It has always been one of our struggles as mankind to figure out how and when we will all end. Our end has been proposed in a variety of forms, from our world ending in a religious second coming to a scientific phenomenon. It could take a more science fiction role if some plague ravaged the earth and turned us into the living dead. “Zombie apocalypse, [that is how the world will end] something will click in nature and everybody will be eating flesh,” said Sophomore Daisy Mendoza. There have been many novels, movies, and even guidebooks about the zombie apocalypse and surviving them. The source of the zombies themselves has been a hot topic of discussion whether it is a magical curse of the undead or a medical mishap mutates the average human being into a flesh hungry monster. Perhaps the answer to saving ourselves from the apocalypse is not written inside some sort of science fiction comic about how to survive zombies. Although this form of the apocalypse is an unlikely possibility, it has always provided a source of comic relief or a good scare for those movie nights. The ever-standing complex of war, or the inevitability and endless cycle, will possibly annihilate the human race through series of bloody struggles. Not too long ago the Cold War loomed over the Earth. There was a constant fear of nuclear fire consuming the world in total destruction if the leaders of the world had decided to declare war. Between the major world powers alone, they had enough nuclear power and weapons to destroy the Earth approximately sixteen times. The war is over now, but the threat of destruction by our own creation still is present. “[Nuclear war wouldn’t happen] we’re too scared to press the button,” said Sophomore Taljinder Singh. Some even believe the human race itself is becoming the cause of the end of the world. The human race is consuming resources at such extreme rates. This leads us to believe the Earth will no longer be able to support the human population. “Eventually we’ll reach the maximum capacity of Earth,” said Freshman Chase Ross. Outside the world of science, humans have always held some sort of religious belief of the end of the world. Even the most polar opposites of religions have commonalities of a second coming or an apocalypse to finally cleanse the Earth of impurities. Second comings are often characterized by chosen people being saved for believing in their religion and practicing it in accordance to its guidelines. “According to the book of Revelations in the Bible, God will come back in a certain form, no one knows when, but according to my religion, soon,” said sophomore Jonathan Kwan. If not a second coming then it could be the predicted end by of a calendar or a prophet. For example, the Mayan calendar predicted the end of days to be roughly around 2010-2050. These calendars were followed originally for harvests and religious practices, however calendars, specifically the Mayan, came to a sudden end or reached a “reset point” in which a catastrophic event was supposed to occur. Regardless of pseudo-scientific or religious beliefs, there is an opposition. Pseudo-scientists often criticize religious authorities and their belief with reason and what is known to us of how nature works. Religious authorities also criticize the new found sciences with their sense of faith and longstanding beliefs. However, neither side of the debate knows for sure when or even how this world will come to an end. Even yet if we are going to survive it the only sure thing will be when it happens, and who knows when that will be. Richard Huynh Staff member

I believe it will [end] religiously [by the] Catholic [way]. Specifically, the second coming of Christ. - Rosa Martinez, freshman

[Scientifically], something is going to blow up and everyone will die. - Veronica Hall, freshman

Or scientifically?

Scientific, solanum virus zombies, nuke to kill zombies, nukes fail and radiation kills everyone. - Benjamin Robles, sophomore

Natural Disasters Around the World Where: Lorca, Spain; near the Mediterranean coast What: Earthquake When: Wednesday, May 11 at 6:47 p.m. Magnitude: 5.1 preceded by a 4.5 earthquake. Additional information: Worst to hit Spain since 30 years; 80% of homes suffered damage Where: In the city of Tohoko, Japan and in the northern region of the country What: Earthquake When: March 11 Magnitude: 8.9 to 9.0, then triggering a 23-foot tsunami in the northern region Speed: 800km/h (500mph) of the waves Additional Info.: the largest earthquake in Japan’s history was only

Look out, they are coming your way A tornadoes’ view about humans

Many topics about global warming or the apocalypse are talked about

According to Transportation Almanac: Pollution on,

every now and again. But what about all those natural disasters actually occurring

more than half of the people in the United States live in areas which fail to meet the

around the world? Both are a big deal to humans and they have caused some trag-

federal air quality standards several days of the year.

edies but they come naturally.

people. Though it may not be their fault, I feel like they have not really trying to

I, one of those causes of tragedy, just follow mother nature’s orders.

My destruction as a tornado is the cause of much unhappiness to many

I’ve heard stories from others about threats to the Earth caused by humans. Some

take care of the world. For one moment, this drastic situation occurs and people

people do not believe in global warming, but for those who do, they believe the

can care for a few weeks, but once a celebrity gets arrested or when a random per-

world’s temperatures will increase because of the greenhouse effect -- the warming

son moves on with their life, they forget about what has just happened in the world.

of Earth’s surface because of pollution. Whether the pollution comes from a hair

dryer or even someone’s car, it all hurts the Earth. I’m not saying you cannot use

have been your fault. But understand this, when there is a natural disaster, remem-

those products, but just be aware of the danger they cause.

ber those affected by it and try to help the people.

As one of those tornadoes that tore through the south, what I did may not

230 km from Tokyo

Source: Where:

10 fun Summer Activities before the world ends

Southern and Southeastern portions of the United

States: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas

What: Flooding of the Mississippi River When: During the month of May Why: Due to excessive snow from the Midwest blizzards and rainfall from recent storms

Additional Info.: By far the largest and most damaging flood along the Mississippi River; flood rose to 48 feet in Memphis, Tennessee

History of the Apocalypse A Jewish self-proclaimed Messiah, Thesudas, took about 400 people with him to the Jordan River. He claimed to be a prophet who could divide the river so his followers could

1000 A.D.

pass. Roman soldiers, however, beheaded

Joanna Southcott, a prophetess, claimed,

predicted the end of the world would be

at the age of sixty-four, she was pregnant

in September of this year. According to the letter, sand and earth would cover all the towns and houses so people should

1666 A.D.


and would give birth to the Messiah. Her due date was on Oct. 19th, but it turned out to be a false pregnancy.


The founder of The Children of God, David Brandt Berg, also known as Moses David, predicted the Earth would be hit by a comet. All people in the United States, according to him, would cease to exist.

leave their homes and find refuge in the

him and killed many of his followers.

44 A.D.

A letter written by Toledo astrologers

mountains. Many, all social classes included,

100,000 people fell victims to

Mary Bateman owned a chicken who

bubonic plague in London.

laid an egg with the words ‘Christ is

The Great Fire of London also

coming’ inscribed on it. She was later

possessions in the month of December

struck. The year also ended in

discovered trying to force an egg into

999 A.D., preparing for Judgment Day.


the hen.

believed Jesus Christ would return on January 1, 1000. Many gave away their


1186 A.D.


Halley’s Comet appeared creating chaos among many. They believed the comet was signal for the beginning of the end of the world.





Emergency Preparation Info.

What you’ll need in case of a major disaster In any emergency, where friends or family may suffer injuries, these basic supplies can help those in need. They can help stop bleeding, infection, and decontamination. Remember, many injuries are not life threatening and don’t require immediate medical attention. Knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a difference in an emergency.

FACT SHEET cut out and keep in case of emergency

Food: •Store at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food •Select foods that require no refrigeration, preparation, cooking and little or no water •Pack a manual can opener, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils •Choose canned foods as well as protein, cereal, or fruit bars to consume •Have light snacks on hand like dried fruit, nuts, and crackers •Also don’t forget, non-perishable items as food for infants •Comfort/stress foods

Clothing: Have on hand one or two day’s worth of warm layers and shoes per person. This includes:

1. Shelter

•Stay indoors at home or in the nearest building. •Keep away from doors and windows. •Also protect pets inside the building.

•A jacket or rain coat

2. Secure the premises

•A long sleeve shirt

•Shut and lock all doors and windows for protection. •Turn off the air conditioner, any fans, and/or heater. •Close all window shades, blinds or curtains if there is threat of serious winds or explosion.

•Shoes or boots

3. Listen

•Listen to radio or television local officials for updates on information. Be attentive to any word saying it it is safe to leave the shelter or to evacuate. •When leaving the shelter, follow instructions from of- ficials to avoid debri outside. •Avoid using telephones unless someone has a life-threatening condition. This is to keep lines free for emergency responders. Communication in emergencies is extremely important and listening is vital to rescue of forts.

•Long pants

•A pair of gloves, hat, and scarf •A sleeping bag or blanket per person


•Keep at least a gallon of water for each person •Store water tightly in sanitary plastic containers

Information collected from: www.




“This will be the hardest school you’ll ever attend” The down-low on the Stockton Unified statistics

When we sign up to go to school here, we are told of all fights, and less violence.” More people [here] want to get good grades and that motivates the achievements we hope to accomplish as a school. Stockton all of us.” Early College Academy (SECA) promised students our school Schools are rated mostly on API (academic performance index) scores. A school’s would end up being one of the best in the state, if not the nation. API score is affected by state testing scores, attendance, and student grades. This score is Getting high API scores is basically to rank how well a stressful yet students help school is performing. rake in the medals to add In the chart on the prestige. left, most Stockton Unified Before new students high schools rank barely show up for their first day over 600 API and have the at SECA, they no doubt lowest ratings when comhave an image in their pared to other California minds of what to expect to high schools. Our school see when they arrive. For scored an API score of many, this school is exactly 884 in only the first year what they thought it would of operation, a score that is be, but many others are dis200 or more points above appointed about not having the other Stockton high a new campus or having schools. Add to this the fact long work hours. As far that 100% of our sophoas the school’s actual permores passed the California formance though, SECA High School Exit Exam in is proving we have the English and 99.1% passed capacity to outshine other the math portion. It is clear schools. SECA is letting the statis“I imagined a school tics prove their point: this [where] we could have is no normal high school. more variety with picking our classes,” said Jasmine Photo Credit: Holly DeHonestis Singh, sophomore. “[We Information from chart via and the California Annual API Score Report. State rating compares do have] less drama, less schools statistically with other schools in the state and ranks them from 1 to 10. Holly DeHonestis Staff member

Shifting expectations for the school year The points of view of freshmen and sophomores Jorelyn Calam Staff member

The school year is coming to an end and as the year progresses, introductions of final exams, information for the following year, and goals are

issued. One commonality freshmen and sophomores have at this school is the “SECA” experience including sleep deprivation. “I never really expected to love sleep so much, since starting SECA. Sleep has become very precious,” said Isabelle Tham, freshman. Opinions differed with many students about their expectations for this year. Not just because of the grade level difference, but also because of the pace everyone works in with the curriculums. “Honestly, I expected that it would be more difficult, but no, it’s kind of easy,” said Eldwin Li, freshman. “I mean all you do is study, do your work and you are fine.” The year did not provide as

much as it should have, according to some students, because there were less field trips and school activities. However, the following school year keeps the spirit of these students alive. “[Next year], I am going to improve and concentrate on homework,” said Tham. However, it’s not just next year’s difficulty everyone is analyzing. Students are also looking back at the school year. “School has been really stressful at times, but then there are some points where it’s not as tense,” said Tham. “But overall, it’s been great and I’m kind of scared because I hear and see the sophomores have much more to do than we [freshmen] have.” These students have new plans for the new school year. They have learned the term “changes,” which they will try to make in order to surPhoto Credit:Jorelyn Calam pass the challenges in the following Stephanie Ochoa-Gonzalez, freshman, (left) and Jonathan Moreno, sophomore, (right) finishyears at this school. ing up their last minute work. Breaking habits of procrastination is needed to meet the rigor“I wish I didn’t procrastinate as ous curriculum of the upcoming year. much,” said Tham.



Health Features

“Sit in your chair properly,” said mom Maybe you should have listened to your mom May is National Correct Posture Month, and it looks like mom was right when she told you to sit up correctly. Correct posture is not just sitting straight; it’s also about the posture in a form that is good. There are many ways people can have better posture, and there are negative effects of having bad posture. According to Manyhands, a Magazine for Holistic Health, studies show people with better posture are healthier and actually live longer. From kids with heavy backpacks to caneusing seniors, studies show poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain for all ages. Though people may not think much about it, it does affect them, because the weight of the stuff they carry is heavy. There are good benefits to having a good posture; some of them are reducing and preventing stress, preventing pain, and greater concentration and mental ability.    “The way you sit affects the pressure Photo Credit: Creative Commons in your backbone. So if you slouch it’s going to mess up your back,” said Sophomore Alyce  “The way you sit affects the pressure in your backbone. So if you slouch it’s going to mess up your back,” said Sophomore Alyce Gomez-Dawson. Slouching Gomez-Dawson. can be a common cause for scoliosis. At first glance when one sees someone sitting down, it may look as if they are sitting the Physical Therapy Dictionary, “the state of muscular correctly, but in actuality, may not be. As it is defined in and skeletal balance protects the supporting structures of Faviola Paz Staff member

the body against injury or progressive deformity [depending on the way] in which these structures are working or resting.” Good posture is not about standing or sitting up right, which just tightens back and leg muscles, and forcing yourself in a stiff position. There are activities such as leaning over to do homework or straining to peer at the computer screen that cause bad posture. Even sitting on a chair can affect one’s posture by curving their back. These activities cause bad posture overall because it is a risk, and therefore, you may get scoliosis which means one’s spine is curved and it may need an operation to fix it. Having good posture can help to protect it. “Whatever is in your backpack is going to affect your posture and make you walk hunched. It’s not good to strain your body,” said Sophomore Cindy Munoz. There are ways one can improve this, and those ways are yoga and pilates. Just doing some kind of exercise can help with an individual’s posture. They are all great for building body awareness and control. Also choose smart posture habits by sitting on a good chair and change seating arrangements during the day.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep,” said the alarm clock Everybody wants to hit the snooze button and sleep in Jasmine Fredericksen Staff member

This month, there are many events taking place making the lives of SECA students even more

hectic than usual. The end of school is coming up which means there are tests that must be taken that can make or break a final grade. Homework and studying often keeps students awake far too late to get the recommended amount of sleep for teenagers, seven to nine hours a night. The overwhelming number of people who are not getting enough sleep has caused the entire month of May to be dedicated to sleep awareness; showing just how important sleep really is. Gustavo Bartolo, freshman, said that since attending this school, “I now have to stay up late or wake up real early just to finish my work. I used to get a full eight hours of sleep, but now I only get about half of that.” This seems to be the consensus among most students. The homework, when done correctly, often takes a long time. When studying is added to the hectic schedule, it sometimes pushes the limits of how long a student is able to stay awake. But with some perseverance and a lot of dedication, they eventually get the work done, along with the pride of accomplishing such a difficult task. “In order to succeed, you must stay up late and

study,” said Geena Moreno, sophomore, “It is worth it.” Moreno, along with many others, feel the opportunities they are able to take advantage of at school are worth the long hours of hard work and loss of sleep. Many people will often admit they do need more sleep, but have no idea how to find time to follow through with such plans. This month of sleep awareness encourages people to stop and think about why they may not be getting a desirable amount of rest. A number of these students have found a lack of time management seems to be a large part of the problem. Many students must try and resist the temptations of procrastination and be weary of distractions if they wish to succeed. Bartolo said, “Less free time and having to do more work is an adjustment that I have to adapt to. Video games and skating are big distractions, but now the majority of my time is taken up by homework.” With so many important tests quickly approaching, the month of May definitely seems like an excellent time to change old habits, ensuring better sleep. Students everywhere should be more aware of the fact that SECA is a challenging school and will undoubtedly keep many students awake too long, but with a few alterations to their normal routine, anyone can have a good night’s sleep.



The glorification of stupid behavior What lengths people go to please others

“People are not stupid. They believe things for reasons. one of the less intelligent “cool” kids, ruining their chances of possibly having a career, The last way for skeptics to get the attention of bright, curi- or even worse, a life. ous, intelligent people is to be little or condescend or to show However, being completely serious about things isn’t always a good thing, so stuarrogance toward their beliefs. One trend that bothers me is pidity is necessary in some cases. In order to bring ourselves back up, laughter is needed. the glorification of stupidity, that it’s all right not to know any- Studies have even proved more than once, laughing increases blood flow in the body, thing,” said Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and science popularizer, most famous helping the heart. At the same time, the type of stupidity matters greatly. for his books on science. There are two main types of stupidity: verbal and physical, with physical being the As Carl Sagan said, “People are not stupid. They believe things for reasons.” The more popular one. Verbal stupidity is usually in the form of comedy, such as shows like reasons for which they believe such “things” are unFamily Guy and American Dad, and physiknown, thus bringing about stupidity. Stupidity is evcal stupidity comes in the form of pain, such erywhere and in everyone, whether it’s seen or not, as the Jackass crew. A good source for both and on purpose or accident, but how it carries out would be YouTube, as most students already and how it is handled depends strictly on the person know. Both of these shows and website can observing. In many cases, stupidity takes place at the really cheer a person up, but trying to reenact main source: the education system. a stunt from them can sometimes cause seriDropout rates are increasing more and more ous injury, so do not try it at home. each year, so most of the new generation students “People prefer physical stupidity as a have grown to believe school is unimportant, thus better comedy because we have a very hudo not take it seriously, doing the bare minimum to man emotion called ‘schadenfreude,’ which pass. Those who do pass with flying colors are left means we take pleasure in the suffering of the laughing stock and are made fun of, being called others for our own amazement,” said Ansel names such as “smarty-pants” and “showoff,” leavEayrs, chemistry teacher. ing others thinking they just want to show off. In reSome safe and funny forms of stupidality, those who are making fun of others are actually ity are popping random jokes, pulling pranks, Photo Credit: Mikey Aguilera the ones wanting the attention. Failing seems to be an easier option since no intense studying is required. creating parodies, playing weird games such Simple things such as failing tests, accidently Though riduculed, stupidity is valued in society as entertainment. as “Would You Rather” or “Truth or Dare,” or misspelling your name, and acting immature are difeven trying to impersonate someone. ferent acts of stupidity. It can sometimes be funny, Stupidity comes a long way since “acbut on a more serious note, it is not. It only shows how easily you are pressured and how tions speak louder than words.” Seeing someone doing the action is way funnier than much a person loses interest in their life. Being an idiot now is considered “cool,” but in hearing about it, especially if someone was hurt during the process and it was missed. the long run, who is really the cool one? “I act stupid sometimes by impersonating someone to prove how some people who “Stupidity doesn’t make a person look better. Some people just get annoyed and it’s act stupid are weird,” said Katie Perez, sophomore. hinted that they just want attention,” said Sophomore Marissa Carpenter. There is no definite age, gender, or level of intelligence for stupidity. Anyone can People need to understand making fun of those who actually care and want to pass do it, some just better than others. All that matters is getting a laugh every day. could really damage that person mentally, if not physically. Hearing such name calling “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about can cause the person to lose self-confidence and eventually lead them into turning into the universe,” said Albert Einstein. Mikey Aguilera Staff member

Gossiping hurts like sticks and stones People want to believe the old cliché, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is true. Truth is, words can hurt as much as sticks or stones or even worse. Everybody has gossiped at some point in their lives or will probably do it in the future. Gossip spreads like wildfire, especially at such a small school. There’s no use in denying it, it’s human nature to talk about other people. Most people who gossip are kids trying to pass time and entertain themselves, not knowing the consequences which follow. “I try not to [gossip] but I find myself in situations where I do,” said Sharlena Edwards, sophomore. Gossip can be taken in many ways, most of those being as insults. No matter the perspective, gossip has the same general definition most use. “[Gossip is] talking about somebody behind their back without them knowing it,” said Adriel Escalera, sophomore. Sophomore Dario Morris gave a similar definition of gossip. “Gossip is the spreading of certain information about someone that might or might not be true and in turn, hurting the person’s reputation,” said Morris. Gossiping is like a disease which spreads and doesn’t seem to stop, but why do people gossip? “Some people do it just to be mean and others do it just to tell stories. But that’s just what I experienced,” said Morris. People should not have to experience gossip. According to, a site offering advice to teens in need, “malicious gossip can cause low self-esteem (which unfortunately has even caused some to try and even succeed at taking their own lives).” Whatever people define it as, it still hurts all the same. Some victims of gossip don’t Andrew Palacio Staff member

Photo Credit: Ms.West After a long day of testing, sophomore Andrew Palacio takes a nap in the jourmalism room.

Photo Illustration Credit: Andrew Palacio Gossping is common even within the school. Gossping takes place between a group of people, by phone,or on social networking sites.

even know people are talking about them which makes it hurt more when they find out. “I don’t know [if people gossip about me], probably. Everybody talks about somebody at some point,” said Edwards. Gossiping has gotten to be a normal part of teenager’s lives around the world and they learn to put up with it and hope they do nothing wrong to become a victim of gossip and its consequences. The only solution capable of saving us from this epidemic of gossip is the good old fashioned, “mind your own business.”




Wheels on the car go round and round



Finals fun Find the “unheard” words!

Prevent boredom during road trips

As the relaxation of vacation to socialize with. However, there are many activities to do ing hand held video games, such as the different kinds of time closes in on everyone, peo- alone as well. Some will listen to music, watch a movie in PlayStation Portables (PSP), Nintendo DS’s, and/or Game ple plan to go out of town. the car, use the phone, or just catch up on sleep. Boys, and listening to music. These portable game systems Although the apocalypse is “An activity to do alone is to simply text everyone in are made to be taken on-the-go, to subtract the boredom knocking on our doors, there are many activities people my contact list,” said Freshman Chanbopheak Choum. and entertain the player. As the player sits in the car to play can plan on doing, if it does not occur. Other activities, most people do in the car include play- the hand held video game system, they can also listen to Since there aren’t many big entertainment placmusic for awhile so time will pass by faster. es around Stockton, people will take their families “I listen to music and talk to other people in the and friends to places such as Disneyland, Santa car because it makes time fly by and so it isn’t borCruz Boardwalk, or even Yosemite. People sit in ing,” said Sophomore Simran Jit. one place, next to the same person or people, and Many people have their opinions on where the do nothing for hours. In fact, these destinations are most comfortable and worst seat in a car is, so the pleasant, but are far and take many miles of travelsitting part of the ride is enjoyable. Some may ing to get to. think the front is the most comfortable seat of all “It [the car ride] is boring because it’s a long because people have better views of the scenery ride, your bottom starts to hurt and after awhile of and they have the seat all to themselves, if they’re sitting your body starts to stiffen up,” said Freshjust into enjoying the scenery. However, others will man Sai Her. argue that the back is more comfortable because in Even though everyone in school is preparing the backseat there is more room, privacy, and fewer themselves to have fun and go on long road trips disturbances. for vacation, they hardly ever wonder what they “The most comfortable seat in the car is in the will do in the car. Some activities for the family back, where no one likes to sit, so you can lay to do while in the car are: sing songs, play games, down by yourself,” said Choum. or simply socialize with other family members to For people such as Choum, Her, and Jit, there is Photo Credit: Chanchharath Ros build nice, tight relationships within the family. a different approach when it comes to sitting and On the other hand, some people like to be left People have different opinions about the most comfortable method of waiting in the car during a long road trip...if the alone to have some time to enjoy themselves. Ei- traveling by car. Some say the back seat is best, as shown here. world doesn’t end that is. However, there are many ther they need some quality time or they happen to ways to get rid of car boredom. sit in the back seat by themselves and have no one Chanchharath Ros Staff member

Winner of American Idol already known?

Twitter popularity might bring singing success Delecia Velasquez-Stump Staff member

Twitter has been a major factor in measuring popularity generally, but now attention has turned heads to American

Idol and its contestants’ social networking. There has been a controversial theory that the number of followers, likes, or friends a contestant on a competition has will determine how popular he/she is. Even more, people may consider it as a foretelling of who will win the competition. Twitter “cheating” is a factor foretelling who will win American Idol. The first singer sent home this season on American Idol was Ashton Jones who had less than 7,000 followers on Twitter, while Karen Rodriguez, who a few

weeks later was sent home, had 12,000 followers. Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina, who both also have low Twitter popularity as well have been said to be in danger of going home next, a possible misconception. Sophomore Miguel Ventura said, “The followers might vote for them and that’s basically what popularity is consisted of. I don’t vote for American Idol, but I know many people who do and Casey Abrams has been a very common favorite.” In consecutive weeks, idols with the lowest amount of followers have been sent home; there is a definite correlation between the two. All contestants who have been in the bottom three have lower popularity on Twitter. Fans will have to wait and watch to see who will be eliminated next and who will win the title of American Idol.

Home of the Timberwolves! How much do you know about where you go to school?

Tweeting equals cheating?

Graphic Credit: Delecia Velasquez-Stump American Idol is very popular due to its dedicated fans. Contestants, like many of us, hang out on social websites.

e h T



(I Love Japan)! And so do millions of others On March 11, skyscrap- alive and well. ers collapsed as ocean water When “cultural Japan” comes into mind, a sedentary rushed into Japan, carrying ev- image of bonsai plants, sumi-e style paintings, kimonos, erything in its pull after the 9.0 tea tables, hanging samurai swords, Oni masks, and many “Great Tohoko Earthquake” struck. Already 10,000 lost other symbols form. Japanese beauty is portrayed by the their lives and damage costs rose past 300 billion, disturb- geisha, the distinctive, female entertainers. Western literaing many Japan-lovers flipping through news channels. ture revealed inspiration in Arthur Golden’s “Memoirs of To Americans, Japan is famous for its contemporary a Geisha,” and Giacomo Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly.” and historical culture. Animes hold high popularity in high “ It’s really sad that a country whose so many tradischools with many fans imitating popular art styles and tions in their culture, which are so intricate and beautiful, using Japanese phrases like “kawaii” or “baka.” would be destroyed so quickly,” said Sophomore Sandra Mangas are commonly read on laptops or laying in Mendez.   bags to later be read from right to left. Many watch mainUniversities, city halls, large structures, and small stream animes while some dig deep to find animes that businesses sheltered thousands of people evacuated from haven’t even released an English dub yet. Naruto is well- their homes promptly.   Widespread footage show ceilknown to non-fans and loved by regular ings crumbling as large furniture fans to hardcore otakus (extreme fanattumbles over. Already residents within “You go living on the ics of Japanese culture). Sophomore 50 miles of the Fukushima nuclear Earth, thinking nothing Kong Yang, states it’s “all about shinobi plant evacuated to avoid radioacbad’s gonna happen, and and ninjas.” tivity exposure and contamination. then it happens,” said Japanese developers are promiFor being an immense event, news staFreshman Thuy Tran. nent in the video game business, with tions stirred worry in the San Joaquin Capcom, Nintendo, Square Enix, KonCounty, claiming earthquakes higher ami, Namco, Sega, Sony and more than 8.0 would strike California shortmaking top-sells. Franchises from Japan grossing the ly after the happenings in Japan. greatest are Super Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Sonic “You go living on the Earth, thinking nothing bad’s the Hedgehog, Gran Turismo, The Legend of Zelda, and gonna happen, and then it happens,” said Freshman Thuy Dragon Quest. As “American” as some feel with mass pro- Tran. duction of their products in stores everywhere, their roots Natural distasters come and go. Though many are stay with Japan. forgotton now, Japan, being intergral to many, will perisist Already on social networking sites, such as Twitter as a sad memory. and Facebook, rumors spread about deaths of many fa“For the average person, it’s out of their mind, but mous Japanese innovators. people who have Japanese-culture in their everyday life Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokemon, became a vic- will never forget,” said Sophomore Sarah Palmer. tim of internet death hoaxes. Yuko Yamaguchi, creator of Upload after upload, hundreds of prayers followed Hello Kitty, was also rumored to be dead. each short video. Already celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nintendo of America relieved heart-broken fans and Charlie Sheen, and Justin Bieber worked to raise tribute. confirmed on Twitter that no one in Nintendo of Japan Barack Obama pledged a promise to Japan to aid them. was harmed. Unfortunately, Keiji Inafune, Megaman de- The least anyone can given to the amazing country are veloper, quoted in GameInformer that Japan fell back in their best hopes and prayers. technology about 5 years. As for Yamaguchi, she remains Melissa Cruz Staff member

Think of the Chibis!

If you really want to help Japan, you can visit these sites to make donations. If you choose any other options, you can go to to check the legitimacy of an organization to avoid scams.

Photo Credit: Melissa Cruz

(Top Photo) Sakura is one of the few stores in Stockton to sell Japanese groceries and gifts. Items like figurines, small accessories, and porcelain wares are sold. (Bottom Photo) Japanese pop-culture is blended into household commodities in America, such as “Manga Cookbooks” and instruction books for preparing Bento boxes in English.

Wolves' Chronicle - May 2011  

May issue of student newspaper at Stockton Early College Academy

Wolves' Chronicle - May 2011  

May issue of student newspaper at Stockton Early College Academy