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THE EDWARDIAN GAZETTE Message from the Headmaster

Dear Parents and Community Members The students have quickly settled into the examination schedule. Please be aware that the reports can be accessed from the website on Thursday 14 July. Of course one needs the access code to do this. I ask that you enter the report website now to ensure you have no difficulty in accessing your child’s report. If you do experience any difficulty please email me. The Edwardian I hope you enjoy reading last year’s Edwardian. I am sorry for the delay. This year’s Edwardian is on track and will be produced in late October.

Best wishes Michael Chittenden Headmaster

Important date for parents

Thursday 14 July


Reports available on Website

THE EDWARDIAN GAZETTE Notice Board Drama Workshops for Dyslexic Children Dear Members Last March, the Malta Dyslexia Association in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Malta PSD Association organized a four-day event portraying Matthew Scurfield’s autobiographical performance. This was seen by over a 1000 professionals, parents and students who also had the opportunity to participate in a forum. Since the performance was largely autobiographical in nature, it provoked the audience to understand this profile as a challenge and a gift. It also aimed to address the importance of self esteem and its role in students’ and future adults’ quality of life and effective living in the community and the important role that Drama can play in addressing these aims. Comments received were evident of how moving the performance had been. One mother commented: “Attending this event I could feel the anger and frustration of people who are dealing with Dyslexia. The most important thing that I took from this event is when Matthew concluded by saying he learnt to channel his anger and frustration creatively, rather than destructively, and not to be intimidated by it. Dyslexic children will surprise you eventually.” Plans to repeat the performance went on after the March 2010 event. Matthew’s, Lena Scurfield’s and Clare Agius’s hard work led to a performance on the opening night of the London Dys-Pla festival and another performance during Discover University this March 2011. This inspired MDA to develop a series of Drama workshops for dyslexia children aged 11-15 years. MDA submitted a proposal to the Malta Arts Fund. This Proposal was accepted. Children between the ages of 11 and 15, with a profile of Dyslexia are encouraged to apply for a series of workshops. In a relaxed atmosphere, they will explore their stories, their possibilities and their strengths. At the end of the workshops, those who want to be part of Dyslexia awareness week in November will have an opportunity to share their experiences. The workshops will run twice weekly between the months of July and November 2011. Two sessions a week will be held in Malta and another two a week will be held in Gozo. Each workshop will take a maximum of 12 participants. Since places are limited, applications will be on a first come first served basis. Applications must reach us as soon as possible. The first 15 participants from Malta and the first 15 participants from Gozo will then be contacted in order to pay the €20 nominal fee. Carmen Muscat President MDA Kindly follow this link for application form

THE EDWARDIAN GAZETTE Notice Board We are pleased to announce that Ms Charmaine Agius Ferrante has been appointed Teaching Support Consultant at the College. She shall, during the coming weeks, be carrying out an independent study of the School’s current policy with a view to evaluating and implementing a programme towards Inclusive Education. Ms. Agius Ferrante joins the College with a wealth of experience in the field spanning over 20 years. She is a lecturer in Inclusive Education at the University and has been involved in Inclusive Education at Government policy level. She has been instrumental in implementing effective models of inclusive education in various Church and Independent Private Schools. Any parents wishing to meet or contact Ms Agius Ferrante during the summer recess to discuss their children’s particular requirements, can do so by contacting her personally on: Email:

THE EDWARD Kinder To celebrate Fathers' Day, the Daddies of all the Kindergarten children were invited to College to take part in some fun water games with their children. The men joined their child’s respective class and took part in several games. Some games involved passing wet sponges down a line of Dads and children while others engaged participants in relay races using small cups to transfer water. Other games entailed an imaginary trip to the beach, complete with a quick swim! The Daddies really joined in with the spirit of the activity and some were very determined to be the winners! There was lots of laughing, happy faces that made the day bright and special. The featured photographs here and in the following page, show some of the Daddies and Kindergarten children, together with the rest of their families, having a great time!

Julie Mangion Head of Kindergarten

Father’s day




y Activities

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Sports Dep Inter-House Term 3

House Shield Po

Yr 6 Rugby Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

1-0 2-0 1-2

Football Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

10-8 5-7 4-3

Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

1-0 6-0 0-1

Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

2-1 1-0 2-2

Yr 7 Football Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

2-4 2-2 7-4

Yr10 Football Campbell vs Congreve Congreve vs Ducane Ducane vs Campbell

2-7 14-8 15-5

House Point





oints Round-Up


ts Updates


19 pts 19 pts 14 pts



Sports Dep

Winners’ R






Summer L

Once again, St Edward’s College invites students and the The programmes will be tailored by the students themselves, in order to ensure that only the mo (Parents’ suggestions on ac

Popular activities voted

Banan Bon Water Ball BB Bumpin Dinner b Water Slides (M Camping Out

Applications are available from M plication

Friday 17 Month


Tuesday - Thu July

5-7 19 - 21 26 -28


2-4 9 - 11

For further enquires contact Mr Sammut on: gsamm



Live-Ins 2011

eir friends to experience 3 days of fun-filled activities. ost popular and approved activities will form part of our Summer Live=Ins Programme 2011. ctivities will also be considered).

d for by students are:

na Rides n Fire loon Games BQ ng Cars y the pool Middle School) (Senior School)

Mr G Sammut. Deadline for apns is:

7 June Groups

ursday Yr 6 Yr 8 Yr 10 Yr 7 Yr 9

THE EDWARDIAN GAZETTE This Week at St Edward’s College Monday 27 July

Annual Examinations Year 3 - Year 12 13.15

Tuesday 28 July

Headmaster’s Farewell drinks in the Senior School Staff Room

9.00 – 12.30

Yr 1 - Yr 5 students outing to the cinema

9.00 – 12.40

Yr 6 - Yr 8 students outing to the cinema End of Annual Examinations Last Day of School for all Section

Wednesday 29 July

Public Holiday Feast of St Peter & St Paul

Thursday 30 July

Last day of school for teachers

Friday 01 July


School Leaving Ceremony for Year 11 & Year 13 Students

Saturday 02 July Sunday 03 July

Calendar Information Please follow this link for the Advent, Lent & Trinity Calendar The latest version of the Calendar is on the website. Please do not refer to the College Student diary as it contains errors.

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