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The Local Church is the bride of Christ, the visible expression of the invisible God, which proclaims on earth His incredible work of Salvation and Grace. A Church of whichever denomination or expression is made up of her people, the Saints, and as Christ’s agents make known the manifold wisdom of God, reflecting God’s Glory upon the earth as mirrors, displaying His greatness and goodness, bringing out the God flavours and colours in this world as ‘salt and light’ so that people will praise this ‘Generous Father in Heaven’ (Matt 5). In the New Testament the apostle Paul states ‘From Galaxies to Governments, Principalities and Powers, all things in Heaven and Earth, for now and at all times, at the centre of all this - Christ rules the Church. The Church, you see, is not peripheral to the world the world is peripheral to the Church. The Church is Christ’s body in which He speaks and acts, by which He fills everything with His presence’. This is her true identity and Satans greatest fear is that the Church realises her true position and God given authority and rises up to fulfil Her courageous calling and destiny, freeing those in captivity. It is our honour and privilege to invite you to attend what will be two impacting days as we hear some of the finest speakers of our generation expounding and explaining the mysteries that are hidden in Christ and to experience worship that will bring us a taste and a glimpse of Heaven, skilfully led by the incredibly anointed Hillsong Church as well as our own dynamic 21CC worship team. Whether you are just an enquirer or are a more seasoned Christian, come along and discover the Wonder and the Grace, the Beauty and experience of God’s presence as we gather and respond in powerful, heartfelt Worship. We believe with all our heart that the Local Church is all this and so much more. The Local Church truly is God’s plan for the planet and the Hope of the World.

We look forward to seeing you there, don’t miss it! Geraint & Julia Jones, Senior Pastors

Hillsong Church is one of the great influences on the Church today. They ey have various locations, strategically placed around the globe. Th They are ffamous ffor th their i praise i and d worship, hi which hi h iis impacting and blessing churches worldwide. Wherever you go in the world, you will hear their songs being sung. Hillsong London is one of the fastest growing churches in the U.K. with approximately 6,000 in attendance on a regular Sunday. They are prolific writers of the ‘new song’ as is encouraged by the Psalms. Come along and be ready to be shocked and rocked by this incredibly anointed worship team. However, make no mistake, this is not just a musical performance but is worship focused, leading people into God’s presence and bringing Him glory.


Peter is one of the Executive Team at Hillsong Church London and works directly with the Senior Pastors Gary & Cathy Clarke. Peter leads and pastors the Creative side of the Church in London. With an absolute passion for the local Church, he strives to bring others to an understanding of who they are in Christ and who we are together as His body, the Church. He firmly believes that the Church is God’s answer to a world in need, that together we are His hands and feet and that side by side we are the visible representation of Jesus to humanity.

KEVIN ADAMS Kevin Adams is a passionate Welsh preacher with real insight into the history and present day issues affecting the Church in Wales. He has pastored for over 20 years in South Wales. He is regarded as an authority on the Welsh revival and is a highly sought after speaker in Wales and the USA on the subject. He has written books and filmed documentaries on the Welsh revival and is presently filming a documentary on the Churchs’ response to Nazi Germany. He is now Senior Pastor at East Baptist Church, Lynn MA, Boston USA. You will be greatly impacted by Kevin’s authoritative yet humorous Welsh fire-branded style of preaching. Be ready to have your world rocked!

CATH WOOLRIDGE Cath is part of the ‘Going Public’ theatre company, bringing educational and evangelistic creative projects to the Church and the Community. She is passionate about Jesus and sees her gifts of drama, acting and singing as gifts from God and lives to use them for his Glory.

21 C C


21CC is the worship team at 21st Century Church, Llanelli. They are modern and cutting edge but also unique in their unmistakeable anthemic Welsh sound. 21CC often mix traditional Welsh hymns with the very best of contemporary worship. Last year, 21CC shared the platform at the 21st Century Church Conference ‘09 with Rocknations’ RPM of Abundant Life Church, Bradford, England. As contemporary and relevant as 21CC are, they are absolutely Christ centred, with the primary intention to lead people into an encounter with God.


STEFFAN JONES Steffan Jones is Assistant Youth Leader and Worship Lea Leader ader at 21stt C 21 Century t Ch Church. h H He iis passionate i t about b th helping l i people connect with God and discover in Jesus Christ a purposeful, vibrant, living relationship by communicating through his unique style of teaching, and through powerful extravagant worship. Steffan, who is still only 20 years old, was a main platform speaker at last year’s conference. His apologetic style is now in great demand in schools, prisons and Churches.

ANDREA PARRY Andrea Parry is a highly entertaining, dynamic speaker who never pulls ll her h punches h with ith a profound f d message and d speaks k from providence. A qualified youth liaison officer who daily counsels young people today on issues such as drug taking, solvent and alcohol misuse, Andrea is Senior Youth Leader at 21st Century Church and shares her convictions on issues facing young people today. Due to popular demand after last years conference, Andrea agreed to come back and speak once again at this years conference.

DIRECTIONS Selwyn Selw Se l yn Samuel lw Samue uell Centre Centre e Llanel ellili Llanelli SA15 SA A15 3AE 3AE

TICKET PRICES Friday Evening FFriday Eve veni ning ng g-£ £10 1 10 Allll Day SSaturday Sa atu turday A D - £15 £15 Saturday Evening - £10 Full 2-Day Conference - £25




Tel: (01554) 741742 - Email:

21st CenturyChurch Conference 2010  

The Local Church - Hope of the World 16th-17th of April 2010 @ Selwyn Samuel Centre Llanelli, SA15 3AE Special Guests: Hillsong London - Pet...

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