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Simulation and ViSualization FOR OFFshORe OpeRAtIOns Reduce the costs and risks of offshore and subsea operations with Vortex — a comprehensive simulation and visualization software platform. CM Labs helps offshore energy industry leaders engineer, test, plan, and train for operations with interactive, real-time simulations and visualizations — from the drill deck, to heavy lifting, to subsea operations. Vortex is the de facto standard in the industry and is already under the hood of many major maritime engineering and training applications today. It’s our collaboration with offshore leaders that gives us insight into the most efficient solutions to the biggest challenges facing the industry — now and in the future. Vortex is a modular platform that allows for the creation of specific solutions — training, visualization, planning, live-visualization, and prototyping. From shore to seabed, Vortex has been used to simulate the dynamics of virtual cranes, equipment, ROVs, AUVs, vessels, robotics, cable systems, tethers, and sonar.

Simulation-baSed training foR Safety, loweR RiSkS, and ReduCed CoStS When you’re operating expensive assets in hazardous conditions, time is not the only thing that’s at a premium. safety and environmental considerations play a critical role in your ability to take advantage of development opportunities. that’s why marine industry leaders are adopting Vortex.

Safety human error causes 60 to 80 percent of maritime accidents. Comprehensive simulation-based training can significantly reduce the risks of complex offshore, remote, and lifting operations, as well as the associated human and financial costs.

CoSt ReduCtion Because there’s a dollar figure attached to every second you spend offshore, the value of an integrated marine simulation solution quickly adds up. simulation-based training helps de-risk and more efficiently perform offshore operations — and uncover operational issues before they become critical field issues.

enViRonmental meaSuReS the regulatory and financial incentives for environmentally sensitive operations have never been more compelling. A fully integrated simulation solution ensures that the risk of incidents is minimized. train to prevent incidents — and react quickly and effectively to hazard conditions when they occur.

PrePared foR the Challenge the offshore industry is utilizing simulation and visualization more and more to enhance skills training and project planning. simulation is being rapidly adopted, since it has been proven to improve site safety and reduce incidents offshore. As the industry evolves, you need the right tools and solutions.

that’s why it makes sense to work with dedicated simulation experts. We can help you navigate the world of simulation and visualization technology in order to make informed and effective decisions. With over 15 years of experience developing simulation solutions, CM Labs is the de facto simulation expert in maritime operations. What’s more, Vortex is designed to integrate with industry-standard tools, which ensures not

today, the market for simulation solutions consists largely

only that your technology investment is protected, but

of specialized point solutions, which can make it difficult

that it grows with you.

to determine which pieces you need to assemble in order to meet your current and future needs. potential integration

We’ve been solving the marine industry’s toughest

concerns and headaches associated with synchronizing

simulation and integration challenges for over a decade.

these solutions mean you risk taking two steps backward

With a mature commercial product that includes

for every step forward.

upgrades, documentation, and support, we know what it takes to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Vortex in aCtion CRew tRaining

opeRationS modelling

Vortex simulators set the standard in the offshore industry.

For epIC projects, Vortex is used to virtually plan operations

From Class A DnV ROV pilot simulators to drill deck

from the deck to the seabed—from lifting and rigging

simulators to crane simulators built to ApI, nORsOK,

to tooling systems and asset deployment. With Vortex,

and OMheC training guidelines, Vortex training solutions

operations can be simulated, not just animated. this

are used every day to prepare operators for the challenges

provides engineers with a complete understanding of

offshore. Our team-based training solutions train your

equipment layout, functionality and control. It assures

entire crew in immersive multi-role-play environments.

operational predictability and lower risk, and reduces

Our customers have proven that simulation-based training

commissioning time.

allows them to build effective operators in less time and with higher levels of competency.

Operations modelling can be used to optimize existing projects, as well as new projects at the FeeD stage.

simulation-based learning translates into real skills on the

Vortex is available to project engineering teams through

job. It also benefits training organizations, since it allows

services and desktop applications designed to meet

them to objectively measure student performance, train

your particular project requirements. this includes the

a larger number of students in classroom settings, and

simulation of critical lifts, sURF installation, material

lower training costs. We deliver engaging training programs

handling, deck layouts, field visualization, and ROV

in a classroom environment that lead to a high level of

operations. Vortex provides a 360° view of operations

skills retention.

and also allows organizations to share simulations for offshore team training.

Setting the StandaRd foR offShoRe Simulation there’s a reason Vortex technology is already under

every day, systems are tested and operators are trained

the hood of many of today’s major subsea training and

using Vortex by industry leaders such as FMC technologies,

engineering applications.

schilling Robotics, Oceaneering, technip, Aker solutions,

Industry leaders have made Vortex their solution of choice because it’s designed to operate as a common layer for the entire back end of training and engineering simulation solutions.

Forum energy, subsea7 and many others. When you select Vortex, you’re in good company.

ViRtual SyStemS teSting

life-of-field / woRkSite ViSualization

Vortex provides a complete dynamics simulation of heavy

From bid support to managing life-of-field operations,

equipment and robotics. It provides engineering-quality

Vortex can provide a 360° view of your project. Field

real-time simulations that can be integrated with controls

visualization allows engineers to better understand and

and systems design software to test and validate your

communicate the subsea engineering challenges. It

equipment and procedures. CM Labs supplies services

provides the ability to plan, design, and demonstrate

and software for ROV access studies, virtual systems

subsea layouts and systems. Bathymetry data, GIs

integration testing, and control systems development.

databases, and 3D CAD models from engineering design

Vortex not only simulates mechanical equipment and robotics; it also provides subsea hydrodynamics, cable systems, sonar, and other critical systems simulations

can be utilized to visualize the complete field. Vortex can also incorporate simulations and animations for project operations planning.

and visualizations. the simulations run in a real-time

In addition, Vortex can be deployed offshore, connected

environment that allows you to consider the impact of

to site telemetry from sonar and Gps systems to visualize

water currents, wind, and visual conditions. It provides a

operations subsea. ROV operations, lifting, and ship

comprehensive simulation of equipment operations in situ

positions can all be monitored, both on-vessel and onshore

and allows you to test in the virtual world what you can’t

in the engineering office through network-based links to

in the real world. It provides unique engineering insight

navigational systems and Vortex 3D visualization. Field

to design and operations that saves time offshore and

visualizations can also be extended to manage as-built

reduces project risk.

and operational changes over the life-of-field.

fRom SoftwaRe toolS to Complete SolutionS CM Labs provides scalable products and services to fit with your project requirements. From software toolkits to turnkey software and training solutions to bespoke software development, our solutions scale to your needs. Vortex dynamics — a software toolkit for real-time

Vortex training Solutions — software and turnkey

dynamics simulation of heavy equipment, robotics,

simulators for heavy equipment, lifting, pipe

vehicles, cable systems, sonar, and more.

handling, and ROV operations.

Vortex Frameworks — a software application layer

application development — services that utilize

for multi-channel visualization, distributed simulation,

Vortex to build software components or complete

network communication and software, and controls

applications to your specific requirements.


fmC SChilling RobotiCS RoV pilot tRaining poweRed by VoRtex dynamiCS

the FMC schilling Robotics ROV pilot training simulator is powered by Vortex. It provides the industry’s highest-fidelity simulation of ROV hydrodynamics, propulsion system, tethers, manipulators, and on-board sensors. ROV pilot training instructors have full control of a feature-rich training environment that allows them to adjust environmental conditions, such as current and visibility, as well as providing them with the ability to create fault conditions and challenges for the student.

a tRaCk ReCoRd of SuCCeSS

the simulator is fully integrated with the FMC schilling Robotics pilot console hardware and software to provide the next best thing to piloting the actual ROV. In addition to emulating precision operations with manipulators, the ROV simulator features sonar, cameras, and tooling for the most realistic interactions imaginable.

Cm labs is an active member of the industry’s leading associations. We regularly participate in panel discussions, industry events, and technical presentations.

akeR SolutionS SeleCtS VoRtex foR heaVy lift Simulation

pni deliVeRS adVanCed offShoRe lift CRew tRaining with VoRtex

Aker solutions Visioneering group in norway provides

pnI training Centre in stavanger, norway is a leading

simulation and visualization technologies for offshore oil

provider of hands-on and classroom training solutions

and gas drilling, field development, and production.

for offshore drilling as well as crane & lifting operations.

Aker solutions was looking to simulate the operation of a new davit on an existing oil rig, for lift planning and operator

pnI training leads to highly skilled operators and support personnel.

training. the solution: CM Labs’ Vortex Dynamics and

to improve offshore safety, pnI was seeking an advanced

services for onsite training, onsite integration support,

simulation-based training solution to simultaneously train

and software engineering services for crane/cable

offshore crane operators, slingers, and banksmen.

dynamics simulation.

CM Labs developed and installed an immersive training

Working with CM Labs allowed Aker solutions to benefit

solution that provides hyper-realistic role-playing exercises

from the expert services of the experienced Vortex team.

for all members of offshore lift teams, in order to prepare

Another advantage consisted of Vortex’s ability to work

them for a wide range of routine and unexpected working

within Aker solutions’ simulation platform, which included


a number of in-house tools as well as tie-ins to other simulation engines.

the addition of Vortex to the pnI training Centre has allowed them to accelerate and improve skills acquisition,

today, Vortex successfully and accurately simulates the

lower the costs of training on actual equipment, and enjoy

crane, cable systems, and loads for heavy lift applications

a substantial return on investment.

at Aker.

about Cm labS SimulationS inC. For over 15 years, CM Labs has provided simulation solutions and services to organizations around the world. With a long history in the real-time visual-simulation and gaming industries, CM Labs produces feature-rich simulation capabilities that set the industry standard for interactive 3D dynamics and simulated mechanical equipment behavior. With proven experience ranging from deep-sea to space projects, the CM Labs team features experts with decades of experience and wide-ranging backgrounds in training, vehicle dynamics, heavy equipment and robotics. Our engineers, scientists, and computing professionals excel at all aspects of visual simulation, from initial concept and R&D, to integration, training, and beyond. All CM Labs technologies and services are backed by our multidisciplinary staff, with phDs and master’s degrees in the fields of virtual reality, engineering, computing, physics, and mathematics. through Vortex, CM Labs provides capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing. Vortex customers include FMC technologies, Aker solutions, subsea7, Oceaneering, Forum energy, Marin Institute, and over 100 other leading organizations.

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Vortex simulation and visualization for offshore operations