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chocolate wellness.

The exact details of this project cannot be shared due to the signing of a confidentiality clause. The outcome of this project may potentially go into production in the future.


How do we make it stand out? What makes products communicate that they’re healthy? Look at other Nestle brands.

Make use of Nestle’s new 40% lower sugar chocolate recipe. Exploit new technology. No negative health claims, instead concentrating on positives (more wellbeing).

Your task is to design the brand for an entirely new chocolate bar. Every design choice you make about your concept must promote this new products’ naturally healthier credentials. You will design the visual identity (packaging) and a supporting digital campaign.

Sharable or standalone? Materials? Colours? Transportation considerations. Shelf-presence. Can be integrated into other Nestle brands.

Guerilla campaigns. Viral. ‘Clickbait’. Possbility of conveying message without sound?


brand premiumisation.

Simmental by

What defines Casio as a brand? What defines something as a premium product?

Review, and delver options for a new premium Casio timepeice . You must research, design , and develop innovative concepts to push elements of the Casio brand into a more premium marketplace standing. Consideration of new consumer behaviours, product packaging and brand impact is essential. What can redefine Casio as a brand? Look into their subsidaries, possibly creating a new one? Can we work on what Casio already has and redefine it into the luxury sector or do we completely redesign their packaging?


mood and development





a sample of sketchwork & illustrator mockups


presentation of work

watch the unveiling

Markers at 5 second increments as seen on all Casio timepieces.

Chronograph control at your fingertips.

Removable screws for changing the strap.

Easily interchangable, with the use of the provided screwdriver, genuine leather strap.

Buckle design echoes that of the loop on the main body of the watch.


packaging and presentation

packaging mockup. Simmental is packaged similarly to other Casio products in a minimal box, with the addition of a custom screwdriver, warranty card and cleaning cloth.

a sample of sketchwork

/outcome. marketing

magazine advert Placed within the Gentleman’s Journal publication, to target the right audience.

online store mockup. Retailing at £500, the Simmental by Casio range is within the affordability of many ‘fashion watches’, with the style and sophistication of higher end brands.


designing for production.

in collaboration with

What does design mean in Berlin? What are the current trends shown?

Should be suitable for mass production. In what way can we use wood to it’s full advantage?

Using the findings from your cultural trip report you are asked to explore the commercial homeware market developing a product or small range of products specifically for wood fabrication. Alongside these techniques there may be the need for stock fittings, further fabrication, additional materials and finishing. Please research and specify these in your final presentation. This is an individual project designing within the production method of wood fabrication. There are no restrictions on the type of item/items you produce As with your previous projects focused research and awareness of target market/route to market must be considered.

Analysis of Heal’s current market scope is key. How much does it cost to manufacture, how will it be marketed etc?


mood and development

sample model development


intricate detailing


simple mechanics

The time is read vertically, with the central cylinder rotating as the hours pass. The metal hands are stationary, so the time can always be read at ease. There are markings every minute on the top, to allow for more accurate timekeeping, while the vertical axis only gives the time to each hour.

the clock itself. Retailing at ÂŁ117, the AXIS clock is a premium product for the core cosmopolitan. It incorporates iconic design cues normally associated with the dials of workshop machinery. Elements such as the delicate hands and the engraved numbers echo the accuracy and refinement of such engineering.


life on wheels.

The Hockley

in collaboration with and commended by

The current three fold bed action is attched within the development folder.

You are tasked to review and develop three fold bed action. You are asked achieve the same requirements within of user experience and the

solutions for the current industry standard to explore new and innovative ways to current space/price restrictions. Awareness environment of use is essential.

Alongside the development of a new and improved bed action you are also tasked to design a new two seater sofa for one of the user profiles provided.


mood and development

sample model development


beautifully engineered


the classic redesigned

The Hockley takes the traditional Chesterfield sofa and brings it into the 21st century. Small details, such as the customised buttoning, makes it a truly unique piece.


enhanced experience

Helm by

in collaboration with

Interfaces Price Useability Primary Research Case Study on Apple Watch Waterproof Products Tech Swimming Aids Emerging Technologies

Independent/Reliant on external Tech Accesibility Ergonomics Anthropometrics Interfaces Location Rivers and Seas

Research why people dont go swimming as much as they did before.

Through primary and secondary research your task is to observe and identify the reasons for the current reduction in regular swimming participants. You must review the quality, accesibility and experience of existing swimming facilities/products. Making suggestions on how design lead solutions can be implemented to engange in swimming as regular fitness activity. Define regular Primary research into council facilities, univeristies and leisure centres


mood and development

a sample of sketchwork

/outcome. the network

Helm is a new social network and sub-brand of speedo. With Helm you have a more fun, social and structured swimming experience. Get a free loop, schedule and one item of choice from the stash upon sign up with a 12 month plan. With the 3-6 month plans there is a small extra charge. The membership includes access to a swimming pool of your choice that is kitted out with the Helm system.

the website Sign up, enter your serial to enable your ‘loop’ and compare statistics with your swimming crowd. Set your initial goal upon first use.


packaging and presentation

packaging Helm is presented in its case alongside a protective sleeve, containing the branding. This is how it will be given to the customer.

the case The loop’s case uploads all the users data to the network via a wifi network. The USB is there for charging purposes, retracting back into the base after use. The LEDs indicate its status.

/outcome. the loop

‘bump’ to add new friends on our social network

Placement of technology within single capsule. Aluminium pin to hold the band in place.

Placement of Speedo and Helm branding on the buckle.

the loop The loop is an independent piece of technology linked into the Helm network. It has a unique ‘bump’ function that allows the user to add another member by bumping the two ‘loops’ together.


the future of health.

your personal sleep aid

in collaboration with

Are we talking about 5, 10 years into the future or the very near future? This does not have to be a product? Could be a campaign or service design.

The brief asks you to think about how the future experience of living with a long-term, lifestyle-related disease could be improved through taking a greater role in managing care at an individual level, in home, in the workplace and in a range of social institutions. There are a number of behavioural risk factors that contribute to chronic diseases, including poor diets high in salt and sugar, low levels of physical fitness and long periods of inactivity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. The means of preventing chronic lifestylerelated diseases are well-established, so you are asked in this instance to think about how those already affeced by these diseases can be empowered to live better with their conditions. You may consider the rise of wearable technologies and self-generated data (‘the quantified self’) that allow people to track their food consumption, activity and more, and how these devices could be better used to encourage people to change their behaviours when living with a long-term condition, and improve their health. You should also bear in mind that not all chronic conditions are due to lifestyle-related activities and ultimately, this brief is about helping people who live with long-term conditions of any kind to live better for longer.

Not curing the disease Alleviating or lessening the effects of the symptoms

Long-term solution


mood and development

/outcome. the system

Insomnia is a huge issue in modern society, with 11% of adolescents having been diagnosed with the illness. The aim of this particular project was to design a product that aided those suffering from elements of insomnia in an unobtrusive way to make everyday life slightly easier. Upon researching insomnia I noticed a trend in that most of the products that claimed to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia were actually designed in a way that made the illness worse. There was a clear gap in the market for a non-medical solution to the issue of insomnia that relates to the modern landscape where mobile phones and laptops are overused before bed. Phase is the solution to this problem. It is an intuitive system encased within an aesthetically appealing and friendly form, a bedside lamp. The idea of this product is to create an environment where the mobile phone is not to be used when one is attempting to sleep. When the phone is placed on the base, during the scheduled sleep time, notifications are barred and the perfect sleep environment is created through the manipulation of light and thermal temperature. The key here is that if the phone is then removed from the base during the sleep phase, the lights immediately come on and the heating is raised. This is to prevent the usage of the phone while attempting to sleep, which is a habit that only worsens the condition.

light slowly turns off

notifications disabled

room temperature lowered

sleep phase begins according to the schedule set on the app. phone charged until full

light slowly turns on

sleep tracked by watch app

wake up time

room temperature raised


presentation of work

Main LED light for reading and daytime use (dimmable).

Comes with an app for the setup and monitoring of phase.

NFC base wrapped in a fabric of choice.

Natural oak enclosure.

Colour changing accent lighting on both the top and bottom of the base.

phase Notifications are barred and the perfect sleep environment is created through the manipulation of light and thermal temperature

/outcome. the app

easy setup process through the phase app.

adjust how your smart devices interact with phase.

test it at

comes with a smart watch app that can track your sleep.

adjust the length of sleep, colour of light and view your stats.


concrete speaker.


This means it must fully function as a speaker both practically and aesthetically.

Your task is to design and manufacture a fully-functioning concrete speaker, complete with a bespoke stand. The shape of your speaker must be selected from a list of three pre-determined forms: cube, cup or kite.


mood and development

a sample of sketchwork


the final working prototype


bpma competition

a finalist for

ÂŁ2.50 per unit produced (based on a batch of 10,000). Think of low cost manufacturing techniques. Estimate cost of production (minus tooling and setup).

The BPMA are keen that the winning design is actually prototyped and ordered to companies who use promotional products. Your promotional item must be suitable for cost-effective mass production. Production costs must not be higher than ÂŁ2.50 +VAT, based on 10,000 units, and this can exclude moulds and set up costs. The product must have a reasonable life cycle, as a product that can only be used once or a few times will be less cost effective. Because promotional gifts must be able to be posted without the risk of damage in transit, no fragile materials may be used. Furthermore, the design must not contain food, drink or perfume.


mood and development

a sample of sketchwork


finalist for the award

exploded view Removable micro-suction pads allow for easy manufacture of the product through the extrusion process.

in-use AirPerch allows the phone to rest in two positions: it can either be attached to the back of a seat or placed on a desk.


seb holt I am a student at Nottingham Trent University, studying (BA) Product Design. I am currently in my second year of study. An enthusiastic designer interested in a challenging and rewarding internship opportunity. Passionate about simple and honest design.

skills Proficient in the creative cloud suite (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, muse, lightroom, premiere pro, after effects, experience design), keyshot 3d, solidworks, sketch and autocad. I am experienced working within a team as well as managing one, and have good time management.

/personal. web design

Over the summer I created my own brand and website to showcase my work. This took just over a month to produce, with the use of Adobe Muse. The website is designed to work responsively on all devices.

/personal. photography

Kenya, Africa |

Croatia |

Morocco, Africa |

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SMH Design - Product Design Portfolio of Work  

A compilation of the best projects completed during the course of my degree.

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