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BIG BULLY SPECIAL What is forum bullying, how to control it, how to get involved without making it worse... And how to stop it.

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s I write this, everyone in the Christian world is suffering from chocolate overload. New Year’s resolutions are made: “I WILL burn all of this off, starting 1st of January... Right after I destroy the rest of the chocolate around the house... You don’t want to have it around when you start, and binning it would be unthinkable.” Yes. That’s me, too. Don’t you just envy Barbie’s plastic figure? I want one of those. This issue of the Vinyl Idol is a free sample for all you new readers. This is how we roll, hey. The new year will bring a new, revamped start to this magazine, no longer a newsletter, but a magazine. Hopefully, in time, we’ll make it even better. Please, if you like the mag, do send a link to this issue to your friends and family members who you think might be interested. I believe even those grown girls who don’t play Barbie might still have a soft spot for Barbie and they might find the magazine interesting regardless. This is certainly not a collectors only magazine! In fact, very little of it has to do with actual collecting.

Next, I have to apologize the length of the bully-article. It turned out longer than anticipated and I decided it is such an important matter that some of the columns that usually would be in have to give way to it. This article applies for other forums as well, not just Barbie-forums, so again, if you know someone who might find it helpful, you know what to do! Without further a-do,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!! Sebby & Team

In This Issue: 6. Barbie Identification 12. The Vinyl Idol Survey: Cat Fights on Barbie forums

22. Vinyl Gossip! 24. theBdoll OOAK doll-group project 28. Secret Santa 30. The Elders Christmas story 38. Tell a friend

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Barbie Ide

6 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

ntification I

t has been a long time dream for me to get a searchable Barbie database available for my website users. It was nearly the first idea I had when I started my first Barbie site in 2004, but it took me until September 2009 to find a script that was flexible enough to do what I needed. The script is one thing, but in addition I needed people to add dolls, because I couldn’t rely on my own very limited collection of dolls. The dream is coming true thanks to the tireless work of theBdoll members such as Shirkku, who has been updating the database for about a year now. In November, we copied the available files over to the Vinyl Idol, where they will be translated into English. The database is still far from finished, however. And with the copying, they are now on their own. What Shirkku adds on theBdoll won’t be transferred over to the Vinyl Idol, as the websites run on different servers. Hopefully, we can do some combining later on, but that is uncertain if we can. The database is designed so that it will be as easy as possible for the user to find a match for their doll by searching by the hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, body type, age (era) and by the most unusual feature of the doll. The text search helps to find the name of the

doll, and it also searches through the description area. User must pay attention whether she’s using an exact phrase -search or any-word search, as that can alter the results quite a lot. Anyone who adds photos into the gallery can add their own url to their website or blog or Flickr photo stream, for example. All photos used are from our members or have been specifically requested from Flickr users. You can help by adding your dolls into the gallery, or by identifying those dolls that have been entered into the “Please Identify” category. “More photos needed” category holds dolls that either have no photos or have photos of redressed dolls that can be improved upon. Although nude doll -entries could definitely need help, they are generally not added in the more photos needed category, to make it easier to find the ones with the most dire need of photos. The identification database is there to help those of us who have an obsession about needing to identify each and every doll we’ve got. “They all look the same” might be true, but it’s the detail that counts with most of them.


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The Small Things That Count

Don’t you agree, that one of the most exciting things about Barbie are her little accessories? Some collectors are crazy about her shoes, while others squeal at the sight of a tiny compact powder accessory or a detailed hand bag... Or a teeny bag of tights! The detail that goes into the finest of Barbie accessories usually means collector line these days. But there is one thing that is to be said about adulthood: You get to decide what toys you’re going to play with, because we know it’s the little things that count.

Vinyl Survey: Catfights on Barbie forums A recent survey we conducted confirmed what we had heard. A lot of Barbie forums are considered to be bitchy places. Here are the results and the dirt we dug up. Then, I ’ m going to tell you what I personally know about bullies on forums.


he results to this survey have been collected on Facebook (on my personal profile as well as the Vinyl Idol page and some doll club pages + an ad), Twitter, both of my forums (theBdoll and the Vinyl idol) for a month and on BFC for 2 days before the link was removed. I have also requested people to forward the survey to the forums they frequent. This survey was not conducted to target a specific board, as the problem is wide spread even outside Barbieforums, and at least two Barbie forums were repeatedly mentioned in the comments areas. Problems were seen to have risen in ALL forum types asked: Forums that are officially associated with Mattel, private forums as well as forum

hosts that host conversations in several topics. What we did not expect was the sheer relief in some of the comments, stating that it was wonderful to finally be able to talk about the problem openly. Here is what we found out, question by question: Are you an active participant on Barbie collectors or hobbyists forums? 60.7% of respondents use Barbie forums nearly every day, 10.7% daily, 14.3% weekly and the rest less frequently. What is your general view on the Barbie forums you know? Nobody thought EVERYONE is great, but majority thought most people are wonderful with a few bad apples in the

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“I say all forums have problems simply because the trouble makers look to find something they can say to start problems. It is like a game to them.”

midst. Unfortunately, 28.6% think that there are even whole forums that have a culture of bitchiness about them. In addition there was a 10.7% of the respondents who said ALL of the Barbie forums they visit have serious problems. Does size count? Do you think it's true that the larger the forum, the more likely it is to have serious conflicts? The majority (67.9%) of respondents didn’t believe it was the size of the forum that is the main issue. I personally think that it is due to the size, up to a point. The

bigger the forum is, the more likely it is to attract bullies that are mainly after attention. Small forums don’t have enough potential for a big drama. Secondly, for a large forum administrator it is hard to a) monitor everything b) pick a moderator team that is 100% competent. A smaller forum admin is likely to know the members pretty well, and know who is likely to start a fight and who is not, and is therefore better equipped to handle the situation. Smaller forums are not immune to bullying, just that they are a less

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attractive for a bully to start trouble. Smaller forums are also easier killed off by a bully, because they don’t have enough influence for people to stick around on despite all the drama.

“On the Mattel site BFC the mods are doing all they can to stop it but are hamstrung by political correctness and are On the forums that you've found bending over backwards to to have problems, how do the do the right thing by moderators cope with it? everyone including 28.6% said moderators are copping abuse themselves really good and quick to react, which would not be 25.0% said they remove tolerated by any mod on a offending posts but leave it at that. 21.4% thought they private forum “ don’t really care and a whole 25.0% thought the moderators are the ones who are creating the drama. The usual complaint is that the moderator has favourites who can get away with murder without correction, while others are moderated due to a mildly negative, nonpersonal comment about a standard Mattel doll.

Forum bullying Unfortunately, forum bullying, flame wars, cliques and targeting certain members is not something that happens only at forums used by adolescents. It is very much a thing even grown ups have to deal with, and will nearly always happen on female-dominated forums. The moderators must stay vigilant about it, but as we conducted from the survey, it seems that sometimes they are the very people creating the problems. I am not surprised

about this, because once I was a problem administrator myself and unfortunately know how things work on both sides of the equation. My experience made me very aware and interested about this problem so I’ve been studying it for over 5 years now. Let me tell you the story.

In early 2000’s I was running a personal website together with a forum as the form of communication between me and my readers - evolving into a general forum without a specific theme. It was a fantastic group of people, smart, funny, entertaining, and supportive of each other. It was gaining popularity when a woman about my age (mid 20’s) joined up. She was witty, charismatic, had that exhilarating bite of tongue that she used to amuse and entertain others, and quickly I befriended her and thought of her as one of my best friends. To show my appreciation toward her, I made her a moderator of the forum, together with another friend of mine. To make it easier to keep everyone posted, I also created a secret area that was hidden from everyone but us. The indented purpose of this area was completely innocent, but it turned out to be the downfall of my forum. This new friend of mine, let’s call her Lauren, started to post topics on the hidden forum about the other members, using that witty biting tongue of hers, and we all joined in. I didn’t think it would do

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Just Because You’re a Ken doll, doesn’t mean you can’t be your own man.

Ken’s Fashions 15 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

I’ve done in my life and I wish I could apologize to the people I hurt there. The end result of “The worst I've seen done it all was that the people went is a moderator starting elsewhere, I lost the trust of threads all over a forum most of them and I had to tell hunting for someone and Lauren that we could no inflaming and inciting the longer be friends. In a word: a whole forum to attack a complete disaster. I loved that forum. I loved the people on the member who had it, and look what I did to it! I reported this moderator on decided I would never let that another board for happen on my forums again. I breaking their rules.” would never play favourites like that again, and no matter what my feelings were towards a specific member, I As the moral of the forum would not make it public knowledge. hadn’t been affected too much, Lauren took up more and more power and Why do they do it? influence on there. As I am a loyal friend, In the beginning of all this, if someone I didn’t want to reign her in too much and would have told me that there are people make her feel bad about what she was who thrive on “causing drama” I wouldn’t doing, so eventually I let her run rampant have believed them. However, after on the forums insulting anyone she having an inside look at it, I know pretty pleased, editing posts, deleting posts and much how it works. It’s all done out of being quite unreasonable, I saw what was need for attention and power, and to happening, but I felt powerless to stop create an ‘elite group’. Therefore, if you’re her, and quite unwilling to confront her ever confused about who is the instigator myself. I started to be a little bit scared of and who is the victim, consider this: Which her myself. The worst thing is that in one of them is doing it publically, seeking many cases I was easily being out conflict on a public forum, where manipulated to turn against a member she others can join in on the conversation and didn’t like for no good reason to better the take sides? It doesn’t matter to them forum by letting the “undesirables” know which side you’re going to take, as you they were no longer welcome on our always need two sides for a good fight, precious forum. As we had no real reason and conflict is what they want. Often to ban them, we had to chase them away bullies accuse the victim for “speaking by personal attacks. behind her back” and calling them out to Now, I’m not proud of what I was doing. “say it to my face?” trying to appear “fair” This is one of the most shameful things any harm as it was secret. But once we got going about someone, things got out of hands, and suddenly we riled each other up so bad, that we felt compelled to take up issues with some of the members, something as “serious” as using an animated avatar on the forum or using too much punctuation in the messages. It sounds unbelievable what I did in order to “better” the forum based on Laurens ideas.

16 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

or “brave” when in fact the whole idea behind is to keep the fight public and keep it causing disruption on the forum in question. Disruption also creates more power to the instigator, because people will be too afraid to state their opinion and are too afraid to even suggest the removal of this person out of her position, be it a moderator (demote) or a regular member (ban). Often the ring leading bully manipulates their friends to do their dirty work for them, and they certainly expect them to “have their back” on the very public fight. This is done to show strength in numbers and to show others who is calling the shots on the forums. The victim usually has friends too, but instead of urging them to join the fight, they may tell them to keep out of it, so that they wouldn’t be targeted too. That’s not always the case for victims though, some appreciate all the support they can get, but generally speaking the victim isn’t rallying up troops to make the fight bigger, but rather seeking ways to solve the conflict with as little damage as possible - often leaving the forum, or limiting the use of it to bare minimum in the hopes that it will be better off without them - and more peaceful for themselves.

How to get involved without making it worse? If you have any fighting spirit in you, you probably want to get into the fight as well, supporting justice. That is usually not a good idea, especially if there’s a moderator involved. What ever you do, your first

“Cliques are started usually by one. They will start by inciting the person they feel like attacking that day and their ass kissers take up the cause and defend the abuser. The abused person or persons then try to ‘fight back’ which is normal in most cases. So many members including myself have just left the forums.“

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item on the to do list is 1.

Stop and consider.

think anyone who is trying to stop them is being unreasonable, unfair and playing favourites, and they can genuinely feel “bullied” themselves. All you can do is to find out exactly where it all started and what it is that both parties are so upset about.

It is important that you Worst thing? understand the situation “The person took another's before you jump into conclusions. Bullies use a lot wedding picture and did of smoke and mirror -tactics something completely to appear in a favourable obscene with it.“ light and sometimes they make you believe they are 2. Don’t take the first the victim, and you should version of the story as the not forget they are often truthful one charismatic people. This is the toughest So very often when we must pick who is part of it all. You WANT TO believe that right and who is wrong, we tend to go with the bully is telling the truth, because you the first story offered. We just tend to think you like them. That is the very thing believe it, take it as the truth, and who they rely on. So. Consider. Who is being ever changes the story afterwards must be unreasonable here? Is a dancing avatar the liar. really worth all the fuss? Is one of the people involved defending her rights to 3. Consider other things break the rules (or even the law) saying The better you know the parties involved, that a person who called them out on it is the better chance you have to make the an insufferable spoil sport? It is very right judgement call. Bully-types often common for a bully to think that rules are embellish the truth for the entertainment made for other people, not them, certainly value of their friends, and to make this was the case with Lauren. Sometimes themselves look more interesting. They they break the very rules they enforce, or can come up with stories that are only wrote! The reasoning goes something like small, subtle lies, or embellishments this: “It’s okay for me to break the rules sometimes you may have been with them because I know how to break the rules so to the event that she describes to be just that it’s entertaining for everyone. The a little more glamorous what it actually rules are there for others so that normal was, to a friend who was not there, for people would understand not to attempt it example. Sometimes, when they are because it wouldn’t be funny if they did confronted about something, they can it...” When called out on it, they genuinely make up stories about illness or even feel that their rights have been violated, death in the family to gain sympathy and and that the request of them playing by avoid responsibility. the rules just like everyone else is ridiculously flawed because in their mind they HAVE THAT GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. They

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4. Don’t make it public

make them feel special and therefore more likely to turn to the victim on their behalf.

Once you have figured out who is being attacked, show “A person who was 5. Contact a moderator, them your support by email or regularly condescending admin or the owner private message. That will mean the world to her. (If she to other members and who If there is a moderator on the requests you to say that I personally registered forum that isn’t involved in all publically, go back to step one complaints about later this, and hopefully there is, and reconsider... Consider the became a moderator and contact them privately and tone she makes the request is now untouchable.“ share your insights to the and why she would want it situation. Moderators are public. There are good often faced with two reasons for a victim to ask problems: a) needing to get this, consider if they’re valid.) rid of someone b) needing to To any normal person just knowing that keep that same person for the sake of people see the situation clearly and to get peace (due to her perceived popularity a confirmation they are not being as with her cliques). They need the members unreasonable as their attacker wants them insight to situation to make better to believe is a great relief and destresser. judgement calls, and to find out how It doesn’t matter who the attacked is, if important the offending member is to the it’s the forum moderator or administrator, other members on a personal level. They no matter how high up in the rank they need to know if banning the bully would are, how popular they are, they still need result into a large scale “mutiny” or not. your support and understanding. Just To have the backing of at least a part of don’t make it public because you want to the community, gives them a lot better protect the peace on the forum for all of options to solve the situation. you. If you are concerned about the behaviour Mind you, that even though I say victim of some of the mods and there isn’t should keep it private while the bully tries anyone else that can sort them out, you to make it public, that doesn’t mean that can try your chances of talking to them the bully can’t use private messaging and directly. Especially if they are the “talking behind people’s backs, too”. Of followers, not the ring-leaders. Often, the course PM:ing and even making your followers are simply loyal friends who friends PM people about the victim is one don’t know how they got themselves into of the bully’s tools to interrupt the system. the situation, like I was. I wish someone This is done to create trust and a private had sent me a private message explaining relationship with the other members of the to me what an idiot I was being, that forum. Again people are biased to who would have snapped me right out of it I they know first or better, so the bully tries believe. Again, sending a public message to be “friends” with everyone they can to

19 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

to a moderator does not work, because it will force them to publically defend their position and also defend the other moderators because they can’t undermine each other’s authority in public, which would again only make matters worse. Keep things private, and you’ll have a lot higher chances of a conversation that will lead to a solution. 6. Don’t reward bullies with attention This is similar to not making it public, but not quite. These sort of bullies grave for attention. Don’t give it to them in any shape or form. Treat them with the same attitude you’d treat someone you didn’t care one way or another. Don’t ignore them completely, but just comment mildly, don’t praise, don’t put down. And above all: Don’t get provoked! (BITE YOUR TONGUE.) 7. If all else fails... If you think you’ve done your best to diffuse the situation but find out there’s nothing left to do but to speak up... Here’s what you must remember. Messages not naming any names do not work. The people who you want to aim it at either don’t realize it’s about them or pretend not to notice, while the people you don’t mean get worried about the possibility that they have done something to offend you or your friend. You will have to face the bully head on if you want to discus it on the forum. Choose your words very carefully, and be sure that what ever you say your bully will react with a fight and accusations. There is no way to phrase anything in a way that pleases the bully, but your tone matters a great deal to those who observe. Be as mild as possible, state your problem with as

much honesty and detail, but don’t exaggerate and try not to be insulting. If you are fighting a moderator, you know with a 100% certainty the post will be removed. Therefore, make a copy of it, and mention at the end of the post that if anyone wants to read it after it is removed, you’ll send them a copy. Hopefully enough people will see it to want to hear your side of the story and then tell their friends. One more thing: Don’t take the fight onto another forum, unless the forum admin wants to help you out as a personal favour. Even then, keep it as low key as you possibly can. Ask the forum admin to lock the topic where it is discussed and accept responses to it through email or PM only to the admin, not you, and if they get a response from the bully, ask her to publish that in the thread, as it is, unedited, even if it was inaccurate and full of lies. You must trust the readers to be able to tell who is telling the truth. If you are a member of several forums and you’re afraid things might get nasty on the new forum too after your bully joins, you can warn the moderators / administrators of the forum about the situation, and it would be wise to do so, but again, don’t make it public on another forum. If you are an administrator and get a warning from both parties, here’s something to look at: The victim usually knows exactly what the trouble is. She can tell where it started, how it escalated and what it is all about. The bully can’t. She will tell you that “she hates me and talks shit behind my back”. She continues: “she is negative, mean, and vindictive...” but can’t

20 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

tell you what the issue actually is about. In her view, she has done nothing wrong and did nothing to instigate the situation, it’s just that the other person is mean and shady and simply unlikable and uncool. And of course, that is not how it really is. In fact, the victim is often anything but mean. The reason why the bully doesn’t like her is something completely different.

To webmasters & moderators Choosing who is moderating your forum is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. J u s t b e c a u s e s o m e o n e i s technically capable of moderating a forum, doesn ’t mean that they s h o u l d b e . It can go bad many ways: The moderator being too lenient and giving everyone a free permission to run rampant, or the moderator might be too strict, limiting speech so much that eventually everyone is confused about what is allowed and what’s not. Or as we described above, a moderator going on a power crazed frenzy taking down everyone they don’t personally like. Transparency, Archives and finding the balance If you are the administrator, I have a few tips to share with you. First of all, do not delete. While it makes sense to just delete everything that is offensive and breaks the rules, I suggest you open a hidden forum that you name “archive”. That should be the place where you move all questionable content without deleting it. This is important when you are confused about the history of a certain dispute and when you want to tell your members why you decided

to ban a member. This is when you might need to consider making it public. When you ban someone, she will most likely have a group of friends who will not like it one bit that the person has been banned. You need to be able to state your point of view, and this is where the archives come in. You will also give other people the peace of mind that you don’t just attack anyone you don’t like and ban them. Do not give your moderation team rights to delete or edit posts or threads unless you trust them 100% to do the right thing. Allow them to move them, but not delete or edit. (Some mods need editing rights to help with broken code for example, but give that right to trusted moderators only.)

If you find yourself on the bully’s corner of the battle Don’t be embarrassed. These people are extremely clever and manipulative, and the more honest and upfront you are yourself, the less likely you understand why anyone would lie to you and thus you believe them more willingly. Now you’ll be facing the trouble of detaching yourself from this person with as little damage to yourself as possible, and that can be extremely difficult and dangerous to your reputation. I will not advice you more here for your protection, but if you would like some information what to do (in your specific case even), please don’t hesitate to contact me on the magazine email: Sebby

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Sofia Moralez and Alex Yelding are filing for temporary custody of Megan O’Toole’s child. Sofia speaks exclusively to Gossip! “We believe Megan is not fit to be a parent, simple as that. She says the child is Alex’s and we are prepared to raise that child. We didn’t plan it this way, but the child is here. Even if the child is not Alex’s, it should not be with that woman.” Sofia speaks candidly looking straight into the interviewers eyes. “I believe this whole thing is simply a ploy she wants to use to get Alex back into her life, as crazy as it sounds. If she would know that there is no other possibility of biological father

other than Alex, she would have agreed to the paternity test in a flash.” Says Sofia. “If we get the custody, we’ll find out who the real father is and take it from there.” Previously declared ‘childfree’, this couple may face difficulties proving the court that they are now ready to be parents. “People tell you all your life that you’ll change your mind about having children. Well. Let’s just say we’ve changed our minds.” Sofia huffs. “

22 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

Nobody takes my child! Megan is ready for the fight. She says she is willing to go to any length to keep her baby with her. “The child is the best thing that has happened to me, and I’m not going to give him up without a fight. Nothing that bitch says about me is true. I’m completely fit to be a mother, and that’s exactly what I intend to be. She took my man, but she can’t take my child. I won’t allow it.” When we ask her what she would do if the court ordered her to give up her child. “From my cold dead hands!” She hisses. “Nobody, absolutely nobody is going to take my child from me. Any mother would understand how I feel.” O’Toole has a lot of support. Parenting websites all across the country are rallying troops to support her in any way possible. There are even volunteers that have offered to hide the baby from the officials if the court rules her an unfit parent. “She has been completely screwed over by her ex. Poor woman!” Says the owner of one of the websites.

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TheBdoll OO

24 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

OAK-project 2010 marks the year that the first theBdoll OOAK project was undertaken with the greatest of skill and inspiration. 5 artists one amazing doll! Isn’t it amazing what collaboration can achieve? And the best thing of it all: not a word of disagreement along the way!

In 2010 on theBdoll forum, the Finnish sister site to the Vinyl Idol, a group of talented OOAK artists were invited to take part in a collaborative effort of making the most amazing OOAK doll together. This doll would then be given to the most active member on the website, and went to our tireless Identification Guide updater, Shirkku. Shirkku has been almost solely responsible of the successful launch of our identification guide (more on page 4) so we do owe her a lot! Here’s what was done: The repaint and eyelashes were done by Aurora, who is known for her very life like repaints. Aurora was also the hair dresser extraordinaire. Please look at the cover for more detailed view. The reroot was done by ZyriFrost, who is also responsible for her OOAK jewellery, that she crafted by hand of bronze metal. Yes, you got that right, she didn’t go through piles of old jewellery to remake it into Barbie-jewels, all that is actually made for this doll! There are secrets about this doll, too. She is wearing a glamorous set of underwear, which is photographed on the next page, (if you are reading with a child, please proceed with caution, the photo is a little naughty.)

25 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

The lingerie and body modifications were both made by Poris. Her flaming dress was made by our fashion designer Adalmina, and the dress ties together with the theme; The Bride of the Devil. The doll’s name is Virva, which is a Finnish mythological name referring to a kind of fire that appears on top of water out of nowhere. It is a natural phenomena, but yet to be explained by science. (Will o Wisp.) Täti Monika (Auntie Monika) and her husband put together this extravagant wooden box, and she put everything together and took the photos as well. To top it off, she did a photo story of how this lovely doll ended up in the predicament of becoming the bride of the most undesirable of grooms. It was January 2010 when I started thinking what it would be like to have all this talent on theBdoll combined into one doll. Tentatively I asked if anyone would be interested, and without hesitation everyone who was asked to join, joined in. I was ecstatic! I wish I had enough talent to have taken part in this project, but I do know where my limits lie and decided to remain as the mother of the idea, that’s all. (I do have great ideas!) I even offered to pay for everyone’s effort, but nobody has yet to claim their pay check so... Hey. :D This project went so smoothly, and the result is so stunning, that I’m definitely hoping to organize this again next year. Fortunately we didn’t use all of the talent on the forum for this one, so there’s more talented OOAK artists where these came from! I have already lined up the crew for

the next year’s doll in my head... Just wait for your invitation if you know you’ve got what it takes - I hope you’ll accept it! And now, the most important part: THANK YOU ALL WHO PARTICIPATED to give Shirkku the most awesomest doll anyone has ever had: ADALMINA AURORA PORIS TÄTI MONIKA ZYRIFROST

You are the coolest!

Thank you, Sebby

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Photos by T채ti Monika Camera: Olympus Digital Camera Doll: Fashionistas Barbie body Hair fibre: Katsilk Saran and Nylon (mix) Head: Corduroy Cool Barbie 27 All customized.

The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.



Photo & doll: T채ti Monika

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cret Santa This year theBdoll also organized a OOAK Secret Santa -event. The idea was simple: Everyone who wants to participate makes a doll that fills certain specs designing it specifically to the receiver of the doll. Everyone sends one and receives one. We also had the option of choosing the difficulty level so that everyone could take part. We had 3 difficulty levels, simple; restyle a Fashionistas Barbie or Ken with Mattel original clothes and swap the BHS head for a “normal” one, medium; in addition to the above; change hair styles, and difficult; in addition to above: repaint, reroot, and/or design original fashion. Everyone did an amazing job delivering the best we could, and I picked undeniably the most amazing one for the example photo here. This is made by Täti Monika, (Auntie Monika) for Jennijee. This is Täti’s first OOAK she’s ever made, and boy does she deliver! She said knowing she had to make a doll for one of the most skilled Barbie fashion designers of our forum, she felt the pressure of having to perform, but I knew when I drew her name out of the hat for Jennijee, that if anyone can match Jennijee’s amazing talent, that would be Täti Monika. I can honestly say that in the whole time I have been looking at OOAK-Barbie dolls world wide, this is the most thrilling one of the lot. We have some amazing talent on theBdoll, that’s all I can say, and none more so than our beloved Täti Monika, I think I speak for all of us if I say she’s an inspiration and our #1 favourite. (And no, I didn’t tell her I’d write this. She would have never allowed it, being too modest.) Amazing, isn’t he? (She should start a shop, don’t you agree?)

Sebby 29 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

Christmas time is full of traditions. Friends and family get together at the Christmas dinner, gifts are given and received. Everyone is full of good will and noble intentions. This is how it is in Villa Leisure as well, where the Elders have invited their friends to celebrate Christmas. But as it happens, there are some uninvited guests amongst them...

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One of those uninvited guests is guilt. It troubles Afro Auntie’s and Afro Uncle’s family. It has been difficult for them to accept that their daughter is recently divorced, and a strange wall of silence has grown between them, despite the forced smiles on their faces. Euro Auntie always feels inadequate. She has hard time relaxing into the Christmas spirit, because she is too worried if the guests are happy about the dinner and maybe, after all, the turkey is too salty. And who knows if Santa arrives in time or not! Miss Real Estate Agent is troubled by jealousy. She thinks every woman present is either more beautiful than her, or at least thinner. Even Sutki the Taxi Driver is not happy. He is constantly missing his light blue car, and has completely failed to notice that Miss Real Estate Agent has been his constant client... Just “by accident” for months already... The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.


The Gallerist is suffering of greed. She has trouble focusing on her friends even during the Christmas dinner, because her thoughts are occupied by the sound of the cash register. The dinner is finished in any case, despite all the troubled thoughts weighing on them. Before desert Euro Uncle excuses himself because he needs to check something in the garage. Everyone else move to the other end of the attic room to wait for Santa Claus with a few Christmas carols.

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And here is Santa, finally! 33 The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

But Santa has the biggest surprise for them: He has no presents with him. Instead, he asks everyone to gather around and he tells them that this year he has a special gift for all of them. To Afro Auntie, Uncle and their daughter Santa gives understanding and trust. Euro Auntie gets self-forgiveness. Miss Real Estate Agent gets a bucket load of self-confidence, and Sutki the Taxi Driver gets courage to look around himself without prejudice. The Gallerist receives a gift of humility and honesty. And to all of them, Santa gives sincerity and courage to come together as who they are, even with their little flaws. (At this stage Euro-Auntie is bursting with pride over Euro-Uncle, how could he possibly know exactly 34 what to say!) The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.

And so it passes, that after Santa leaves, the room is filled with warm and cosy feeling, and everyone’s face melts into a warm smile. Hands meet hands and the genuine Christmas spirit is found and the festivities may begin. And that’s when Afro Uncle’s phone rings. The call comes form the Villa’s roof, where Euro Uncle is in a predicament. He has gotten stuck by his fake belly to the chimney, and asks if Afro Uncle could possibly come up and pull him out so that Santa can finally arrive!

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Afro Uncle r covered wit and this on

The Christm start a ring everyone w had!

When every have taken steaming h about the a mas Eve tu

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runs up onto the roof without further questions, and soon they return th snow to the surprised guests. Afro Uncle introduces the Santa #2, e has a bag full of the more traditional gifts to the kiddies delight!

mas desert is had, presents opened and then starts the real fun. They -round game around the Christmas tree and at the end of the night whole heartedly agree that this is the best Christmas anyone has ever

yone has gone home, the youngsters have gone to bed and the Uncles their seats in the sauna, the Aunties take a moment with a cup of ot Glรถgi (traditional Christmas drink) and sit into the greenroom to talk amazing turns of events they experienced tonight. And while the Christrns to Christmas Day, they decide on their latest wise words to share:

Never, ever stop believing in miracles! The Vinyl Idol Magazine is not associated with Mattel Inc. in any way.


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