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Ateljé Johanna’s Sewing School Starts

Adalia’s 300!

Introducing Adalmina


Photo: Sebastyne (Eagle Hawk Neck, TAS)

Photo: T채ti Monika

Photo: Hilja

Greetings June is traditionally a month that Finland sleeps. As the Finnish law requires paid holidays for all employers, and running your own company is fairly unpopular, that means virtually everyone is out of the work place, out of the town, enjoying life in the slow lane - quite possibly away from the computer. This means a slow time for websites as well, and it’s certainly been a slow month in that regard. Taking advantage of the sleepytime, I’ve been toiling away with Search Engine Optimisation efforts, which I have, neglected to a large degree up until recently. I have been hoping that the word of mouth would work for me or that simply talking about Barbie on the website would be enough to convince Google that theBdoll is about Barbie. Turns out not. Now that I have looked into it, to my horror and dismay, Google hardly knew theBdoll excised only a couple of weeks ago. The situation has changed for the better - dramatically so - but there is still a lot of work to be done in that regard. The good thing is, that now that I found a way to measure the results, I am motivated. What ever you try to achieve, be it losing weight or raising money, you will need a way to measure that your work pays off. And that’s what I’ve been lacking. TheBzine introduces another new story type. Barbie Society is an adjunct to Gossip, for stories that do not belong on the pages of the sensationalized and lie ridden gossip pages, but deserve a more respectful approach. The Society will only be published when there is stories that fit in it, so keep them coming to keep it on. In addition, the long-awaited Sewing School of Atelier Johanna is starting to dish out instructions for those that have grafts near the heart. You are encouraged to send in photos of the finished projects that you have made using the instructions. And to point out the gorgeous cover, it is a photograph of an Argentinean photographer Juli Revolver, called ”Argentina”. Juli is one of the newest members of theBdoll, led here by hand from Flickr. You can find more of her amazing shots from our gallery and the blog address mentioned below. The photos are, as you can see, very artistic, starting from the clothes, settings and finishing with the flawless photo editing. Wonderful!

Without longer ado, enjoy reading,

Sebastyne Cover Phoo: Juli Revolver -—theBzine 7/2010


Atelier Johanna’s Sewin Are you sometimes bored with the pink and glitter of the ready made Barbie clothes? Would you like to sew something specific, but don’t have the right pattern? Welcome to Atelier Johanna’s Sewing School! On offer we have patterns with photographic instructions, tips, tricks and help on theBdoll forums. Threads to help you along with the sewing will be started on the Customization areas on theBdoll forums. You can always contact Johanna with a Private Message as well. 4

What do you need? For any sewing project, you need some basic tools that will make your sewing a lot more pleasurable. I recommend hunting down the following tools: - Scissors. The sharper the better. A dull pair will kill your interest already before you’ve gotten started. Sharpness is the most important part. (Get Fiskars scissors if you can find a pair.) - Sharp sewing needles. It is a matter of taste what size you want to use, but very thick ones will leave ugly marks on the fabric. - Pins. Sharp and glass-ended. The glass tipped pins can withstand the heat of the iron, the plastic ones will melt... Cleaning the melted plastic of your iron will turn you mental. - Iron and an ironing board, but if you don’t have such, you can use a towel folded on a counter. Also a sleeve ironing board is great for tiny clothes. - Seam picker is the best friend of a seamstress. Even the professionals own one, so should you we all make mistakes! - Pattern paper. Baking paper will do just fine. If you want to use the normal printouts, it’s up to you but it’s a lot easier to use thinner paper - lot less cutting errors! - Thread, different colours. In this case, quality does matter. Very cheap threads tend to get tangled up on their own, break and wind your nerves up to a breaking point. - Fabrics. Thin cotton and cotton blends are ideal. Of course anything will do, but for a beginner cotton is certainly amongst the easiest materials. Man made materials tend to unravel easily, and that means you have to be careful to trim the edges. Stretchy materials are most forgiving, so they are also friends of a beginner. When sewing stretchy materials, it pays to use a single stitch instead of a thicker interlock stitch so that the seams will stay thin. - Sew-on push buttons or Velcro. You need something to keep the clothes on the dolls. :) - Thin rubber band for waistbands etc. - Decorations. Lace, ribbon, buttons, pearls, sequence and labels as you wish. When choosing lace, synthetic materials tend to be thinner and thus nicer on Barbie. Sometimes I have managed to find very thin cotton lace at online stores as well.

This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

ng School for Beginners The fore mentioned things are basic tools that you will need whether you sew by had or with a machine. I prefer doing the smallest parts by hand, but use the machine for straight and long seams. Trimming the fabric edges there’s no beating the machine however. Edge trimming will make the clothing last longer and brings you style points. It would be good to wash dark fabrics before use, they can stain the doll. It might be a good idea to at least rinse all fabric that you fear might stain dolls in warm water. Before cutting, it is a good idea to first lay them out on the fabric, pin them on and cut one big piece out around the layout. It is easier to handle the smaller piece when the big piece is not in your way. Adding seam allowance can be done approximately or draw on the fabric with a ruler. Marking on the under side of the fabric will hide the markings. How much you should leave for seams depends on the fabric. If you are using easily unravelling fabric, or your sewing machine ”doesn’t like” the fabric, it pays to reserve wider seam allowances. You can always trim them down later if you need to.

Onto the sewing... When using the sewing machine, it’s best to use a fairly short stitch setting, something like 2 mm stitch and for edge trimming (and stretchy materials) narrow and tight zik zak. I also recommend a test piece to be used before actually sewing the seams, so you can adjust your machine settings accordingly. When sewing by hand, I usually use a backstitch (image 1), that is very good for stretchy materials as well, because the seam gives in a little. Top stitching like seams that will show on sleeves must be sewn from the top down to ensure a tidy result. When sewing by hand, the edge trimming can be done by whipstitching (image 2).

Image 1. Backstitch

Image 2. Whipstitch

While sewing, the iron is a friend. It is a good practise to iron all fabrics before sewing, so you’ll save yourself a lot of grief. It’s also good to iron any folds before sewing. To iron tube like clothing I sometimes use a rolled sock to help me, as it can be difficult to reach a lot of the tiny tops without stuffing the dress with a rolled sock and ironing on top. Another good friend is tacking stitching, even though it sounds labour intensive. I opt to long stitch pieces together when I feel that pins are not quite enough. The end result will be tidier when no edge will be sliding over or under the other where you don’t want it. This is especially true when using a sewing machine. The extra time spent will pay off, I have noticed through tough lessons... It’s also good to snip any long pieces of thread out, so you will have easier time finishing the work. This doesn’t look quite right...? If you find yourself struggling with something, instead of throwing your work at the wall, why—theBzine 7/2010


don’t you ask the others for some advice. I’m willing to bet there’s someone who has struggled with the same thing before, and sometimes a break with a cup of coffee or tea will be enough to solve the problem.

Cutting images


T-shirt / sleeveless shirt Difficulty: Pattern parts: 1. front, 2. back, 3. sleeves Suitable fabric: Thin jersey cotton (the usual T-shit material), a piece of about 20x25cm Other: thread, push buttons or Velcro, decorations as wanted. Pattern can be found on page 8.

Sew the shoulder seams first

Cutting: Cut all pieces off a folded fabric, the front off the crease. The sleeve is drawn in 3 different lengths. Make a note of the yarn direction (straight line length wise) and if necessary, make a note of matching the pattern (pictures, stripes, checks) on the fabric you are using. Add seam allowance. (If sewing by hand, 3-5 mm should suffice.) Seam allowance don’t need to be added on the mid back, that has been taken into account in the pattern.


This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Pin the sleeves on the arms eye, sew.

Fold the other back seam allowance onto the reverse side, iron and sew. Trim the edge of the other back seam with zik zak or overlocker. Normally the left side is the folded side (top).

Fold the sleeve edges onto the reverse side, iron and sew. If sewing by hand, sew from the top side to make it tidier.

Fold the neck seam allowance onto the reverse side and stitch. (I would do that by hand.)

Pin and sew the sleeve and side seam.

Attach push buttons or Velcro on the back edges. Decorate if you wish - Done!

Fold the bottom edge onto the reverse side and top stitch.

Variations: - To make a sleeveless shirt: Sew the side seam right after shoulder seam and fold the arms eyes the same way as the neck. - You can cut the neck in several shapes to change the look of the shirt. - To make the shirt tighter, simply reduce from the sides as desired, or add some to loosen it up. A looser and longer version is great for a nightie. Copyright 2010 © theBdoll’s Johanna Commercial use of the pattern and distributing the pattern without permission is forbidden.—theBzine 7/2010

















T-Shirt pattern and instructions theBzine #7 2010 pages 8-10 Copyright 2010 © theBdoll’s Johanna Commercial use and redistributing of this pattern and instructions is prohibited.


This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Barbie in numerology

Barbie adds to the number 13 - Regeneration - Change 13 is not an unlucky number as many people believe. The ancients claimed that "he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion". The symbol of 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down mean in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It is associated with power, which, if used for selfish purpose, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for negative. 13 is associated with genius - also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds. It also relates to the number 4 as 1 + 3 = 4 Number 4 The following applies to both people and entities. 4 entities are seldom understood by their friends and family. They are an enigma to everyone they know. They make their own rules, and these rules don't always match those of society. Marked individuality colours every thought and action. If there is a different way to do anything, the 4 entity will find it. Their speech and actions frequently shock others and it often seems the attempt to shock is deliberate. It is. 4 entities live in the future, caring little about the present. They are light years ahead of others in their ideas and ideals. Going along with this trait is a innate talent for prophecy, for knowing what will happen tomorrow long before tomorrow arrives. Their lifestyle ranges from unconventional to the bizarre, yet their "crazy" ideas are successful more often than not. Anything far-out or off the beaten path appeals strongly to the 4 entity's questing, curious nature. That is because such incredible, unproven and so called unscientific theories never deter, but instead excite the 4 entity, who is deeply convinced of the reality of whatever can be conceived in the mind. To be told that a thing is impossible only intensifies and spurs the 4’s resolve to prove it is possible. The phrase "mission impossible" rings the great bells of mental challenge in the very soul of the 4. Although the 4 vibration advocates change in every area of life, from politics to art, these entities are strangely reluctant to accept change in their personal habits, which remain rather fixed. They can be quite stubborn when people try to dictate to them or try to mould them into a more acceptable social pattern. Because prophets are often unrecognised in their own time, and because 4’s live far into the future, their grandest and truest visions are often ridiculed or ignored. They are fascinated by UFOs and their secret wish is to be contacted and taken aboard, hopefully, not to return to the chaos of Earth. Reform movements like Women's Liberation and Equal Rights for Minorities attract the 4’s, who are genuinely dedicated to tolerance and brotherhood (and sisterhood). Friendship is vital to the 4 vibration, and these entities not always but usually - have bushels of friends from all walks of life. Money means little to them, they are as likely to mix with Kings as with Paupers - they care nothing about class distinction, have no desire to impress anyone, and would just as soon live in a van, a tent or a sleeping bag as in a mansion. It is not that they are prejudiced against comfort or wealth, its because they simply don't notice their surroundings. They live in their imaginations. One of their finest virtues is the tendency to "live and let live". The 4 doesn't give a ginger snap what you do or say, however outrageous or against his or her own principles - and expects you to return the same consideration. Extract from Linda Goodman's book Star Signs

The name Barbara is the feminine form of the Greek

word barbarous meaning "foreign" as in “Barbarian”.—theBzine 7/2010


A Heart Divided by Six If a heart of one sixth of the size of yours is broken, it is equally as broken as a full size heart is. You can reply to the letters or write your own, ask and we will reply. We are all just plastic here. Dear Tears of Vinyl, (Bz #6 2010) I am writing to you because your experience is familiar to me, and I want to support you. I lived in a box on a shelf for years, a long way from my beloved, who also was a prisoner of his own box. Years went by, and the rubber bands in my hair was fused into my hair. It wasn’t really much of a life. I was tightly shut into my box and there was o hope for release. It happened though, that one day our collection was sold, I don’t know why but our collector vanished and we were sold one by one around the world. I was CERTAIN that I would not see my beloved ever again. The Universe has a habit of making things better though, and we were both bought by the same person, who happened to be the deboxing type hobbyist! We had hardly gotten in her house when she already set us all free. She had bought a lot of dolls at once, and we wondered what was to become of us, but she only took one look at us and gasped: ”Oh but you two are made to be together!” I am sure my jaw dropped, because we are not made to be together, we’re not even the same year release! I managed to pull my jaw back up before she noticed, but ever since then we’ve lived happily as free dolls and unbelievably happy. I believe this was meant to happen, and there was higher force in play. Luckily, we don’t grow old, us dolls, and the years spent in boxes doesn’t deteriorate us into complete junk! We got bathed and scrubbed, and in no time even the icky rubber band was gone! My beloved didn’t have that many problems - boys always get things easier - but you can bet both of us needed to stretch after all the boxed years! Yours, Keep the Faith. My Survival Story Last summer I was given as a gift along with other old toys to a little girl who was delighted to find that I was a scuba diving Barbie. At once she asked to get to the beach for a play, and since Cornelian Bay play ground is right on the beach, there was no reason why her wish wouldn’t be granted. I was taken with them to the beach and I got to dive in the shallow waters again, after a few years break, which was fantastic! The day got an undesired twist, from my perspective, when my little owner got distracted - just for a minute, but it was long enough for me to start floating away from the beach, so far in fact, that her mother told her nobody was going to go that far into the water after an old doll. They left, and I was left there floating. I tried my best to swim, but lacking practise I got tired soon so I trusted that being hollow and all, I would stay afloat. At any rate, I was soon confused about the direction too. 10

After floating in the bay for weeks, I was washed ashore on a beach near a dog walking area. Tired and exhausted, I stayed in the water line for who knows how long. While walking her Rottweiler, a woman let the dog go into the water to cool off, and while waiting, she noticed me in the water line, with sticks in my hair and stinking of sea weed. She picked me up and carried into a near by tree near the walking path. She said to her dog that maybe my owner will find me there. So I was left in the tree like a monkey, while the night fell upon the bay. I don’t know how long I spent up in the tree, when one unusually beautiful autumn day I was passed by a group of people speaking an odd language. Two men and a woman, and a gorgeous brown dog. They passed me by chatting away happily, and I looked around them hoping to find a child. Without a child, I didn’t have much of a chance being noticed. But you can imagine my surprise when they returned, and after the woman had already passed, one of the men pointed at me and said something in that strange language, but I knew one word: ”Barbie.” The woman turned around and I realized she was delighted to see me! They took a photograph of me in the tree, and I believed they would keep going after that, but to my astonishment she reached up and picked me up to take me with her. They continued chatting on, and I didn’t really understand much of it, but every now and then I was pointed at and ”Barbie” was repeated a lot. I was in such a poor condition that I was assuming I would end up in a art display of some brutal kind that I had heard of; cut body parts, melted, even, everything torture done in the name of art! I was shaking of fear as much as of cold, and I wished I could shake myself loose and run away. After a long walk the men left the group and I was taken into a house with the dog. The warmth overwhelmed me, and for a while I forgot to worry about my horrid fate. More photographs. Then the woman took me into the bathroom and prepared me a bath. She washed my hair and took the twigs off my hair, somehow not even pulling my hair! She was so gentle! The warmth! The hot water warmed me up so nicely, and before I knew it, my hair was tidy, detangled and shiny - just as it was when I was new! I was dressed and sat on a table when the men returned and I was left to follow the course of the evening, without understanding much of the strange language. Then, more men came into the room and finally I understood the language, spoken in plain

This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

English! I understood quickly, that the woman was a Barbie collector and the man who saw me was her brother, and the man speaking English was her husband. I signed of relief so hard I thought they’d hear, even though I wasn’t sure what a ”Barbie collector” was, but it sounded a whole lot better than a ”Barbie murder artist”! Now I know it means a grown up person who still loves Barbie-dolls so much that she or he surrounds themselves with them, just for the joy of it! What a lovely hobby! When the men who found me went to bed - apparently they too had travelled for a long long time and were atrociously tired - I got another bath because my heroin noticed that my joints were a bit sandy and I still smelled of sea weed. After that I was redressed again and I was told I would be a cover girl for a charity campaign! What a day! I am gobsmacked and very happy! I have been in my new home for a week now, and I have been treated like a VIP-guest, even though I’m only a sea weed stinking old nineties doll... Or I was! Now I am a radiant nineties Barbie that smells of roses! Cover Girl of Dear Cover Girl, Your story is inspiring and quite unbelievable! As it happens, I too work for your heroin, so I know her and I am a good friend with her too. I know she is especially happy to find us... Hopeless girls! We, Cover Girl and I, already met at a photo shoot for an article about the charity campaign for this issue, and I know we will be great friends. Our stories are similar - I was found at a dip shop where I was rescued to just after I had lost all hope of survival. Sonja My heart is broken - My friend is gone. I always thought that the life span of a plastic toy was endless. Nothing could destroy us, age us or deteriorate us. Put new clothes on and you’re good as new! Not long ago I found out though, that our life span is short if humans so decide. Spring cleaning, Christmas cleaning, garage sales... There’s three words that make chills run down my back. In my case, the days of horror were before the spring cleaning. My owners mother ordered all of her children to clean out their rooms and throw away all toys they no longer wanted. I was not worried for myself, I haven’t been in the house for many months at all, but my friend’s clothes were all worn out and her hair was matted and the children’s attempts to refreshing her worn out look by crayons hadn’t quite paid off. She was tossed into the bin without a second thought.

long as there is life there is hope. But how can I go on with my duties as a toy, when I cannot stop thinking what happened to my friend and what will happen to me after the comb no longer can sort out my hair and after the kids find crayons won’t make me look new. So Far So Good So Far So Good, I cannot tell you how my heart aches for you. The destiny of a toy is not easy, and it is hard to understand why some of us are played with year after year and generation after generation, while others are tossed away in a couple of years. I can only hope with you that your friend will get lucky and someone will pick her out of a garbage bin or the dip - I know things like this can happen as you can tell reading the other stories of this issues Heart. You might be able to help your own fate by combing your own hair at night when you can’t be seen. I know that as long as your hair is good the crayons tend to stay away. If you are accompanied by other dolls, comb them as well. Hopefully you can find a brush or a comb if you do, hide it so that you have an access to it when ever you need it. I hope that the campaign we started, Rescue Barbie will open people’s eyes to notice that worn out Barbie is not equivalent to used up Barbie. It only means she needs a bath.


To write to us at <3 : 6, please use the email address

I am so angry I could break my seams! How can it be right and legal to neglect a poor doll like that for years and then when the signs of neglect start to show she can be tossed out like she had no value at all?! Where is she going to end up now? The dump? Trash compactor? Does she have ANY means of survival from now on? I can’t do anything but sit here and play dead. I wish for a miracle that would save my friend from a horrible fate and maybe would bring her back. I have no idea how that could happen, but they say as—theBzine 7/2010


Barbie Society The cream of the Barbie world was collected in June to celebrate the 300 doll mark of Adalia’s collection. Our society columnist and photographer were there - enjoy the glamour!

0 0 3 The queen of the evening was none other than Pink Jubilee Barbie, the first doll of the collection.

Barbie’s little sister Skipper was dressed in a lovely frilly dress.

Heart Family mum and dad were present at the party while their children were taken care of by the grand parents.


Garden Party Barbie’s ball gown was festive and attention grabbing.

SuperStar Barbie 2010 did not comment on the alleged cosmetic surgery.

Childhood favourites were Day to Night Barbie and Ken

This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Ken and Ken are snazzy dressers.

The guest who travelled furthest comes from Japan.

Generation Girls -group was represented by Barbie and Tori.

Magic Moves Barbie brought in Hollywood Glamour.

The classic couple Totally Hair Barbie and Ken were posing in the spot light.

Princess Anneliese was representing the royals.

Www.theBdoll.comâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;theBzine 7/2010


Barbieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best friends Midge and Midge were also present.

The legendary SuperStar Ken 1977 drove in in his Corvette.

A world famous ice-skater Ice Capades Ken also arrived.

Reporting: Adalia

Barbieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s large group of friends would be nothing without Christie and Christie in their lilacs.


Steffie was one of the beauties of the evening.

Very Velvet Teresa is so far the latest addition to Barbie Room.

This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Barbie Society Continues

Natalie Fleur is dead Who ARE these dolls?! collections/72157624293394726/

Drowned in the Sand The Mid Summer festival in Finland is traditionally the time of deaths by drowning. In Trolliwood nobody drowned in water, luckily. However, actress Natalie Fleur, 36, ended her earthly journey in a sand box that was a part of her movie set, The Eye Swinger. The early departed actress Natalie is mostly remembered of her journals The Natalie Fleur Chronicles documenting her early cabaret career. The Trolliwood Police believes the death was an accident.

Melody has Suitors The devestated Johnny Walker attended his fianceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s funeral along with his friend Melody Jones. Melody also took Artem A. Moreland, with her, nobody knows how or why Mr. Moreland was attending. The Trolliwood press is saddened by the fact they were not allowed to be present at the ceremony. It is certain however that Melody, who has long been single, wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t remain that way now that Johnny, too, is alone.

Stylish Guests Most of the invited gests did not comment on what happened. The Karma sisters, Romola and Christabel stopped for a moment to pose for the cameras. They were stunningly gorgeous. Romola carried Lukki-bag by Ana Lucia Eden, and Christabel spiced up her black outfit with a white rose. Rita Tulip told the reporters where the group dressed in black was going, and also remembered to promote her new hand bag line Cutify. The 18year old looked stunningly beautiful and stylish - Maybe the songstress has really matured as the word has been on the streets.

Text and photos: Charity Case and Vanity Fair

Barbie Water Party Once again we were invited to Kathy’s for a Barbie day. The theme was discussed and decided on “water” as no matter how old you get, Barbie and water games never get old. There is one thing to remember to bring to Kathy’s parties: Your Camera. The smell of cooking and baking greets us at the door. Our hostess has been up since five in the morning cooking and baking for us, at the same time as she’s digging through her Barbie stuff to find water related toys and items - complaining she didn’t have much. That’s okay, because Rachel brought an aquarium and sea shells and I have some fabrics and backgrounds and everyone, Jen included, brought Barbies ready to swim. However, my dolls swimming gear was actually a ball gown, but let’s get back to that later.

Kathy’s doll shelves are depressingly empty. She says she doesn’t collect anymore, but shows massive archives filled with dolls in alphabetical order. Then she shows the dolls in the living room, somehow they appeared after she ”stopped collecting”. We agreed that from now on she’ll call herself a Barbie hobbyists primarily and collector secondarily when the hobby part so demands. The arrangement is better for the wallet... Hopefully. We start by deciding on where to set up our photo studio. We end up on a sunny terrace, so we wouldn’t get Kathy’s floors too wet, as the weather turned out to be wonderful even though it’s the middle of the winter in Australia. First, we decided to go take some photos in the shore, which was easy to get to through Kathy’s back yard. A few mermaids ended up on the rocks, or at least the Heidi Klum Barbie dressed in a sparkly mermaid tail and genuine sea shells. Rachel and I had finished photographing and decided Jen and Kathy must have changed their minds about coming down to the shore even though they said they would. When we returned, it became clear why they hadn't. They were dressing their dolls in balloons. Yes indeed,


This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Top: Kathy and Rachel photographing the balloon mermaids and merman. Right: The balloon babes.

balloons. Jen’s mermaid tail she had with her didn’t quite fit Barbies, so they quickly needed to come up with something else. Jen had mentioned that her doll would need a swimming cap, and Kathy had replied she had some balloons. One thing led to another and ended up in two balloon mermaids and one merman. The glare in the photos is a bit annoying, but doesn’t change the act that we were laughing so much it hurt. The next one to go down in the water was Rapunzel Barbie in the dress of Raider Barbie.


And this is what the original idea was about: Bring a dry land dress into a water, creating flowing hair like no other with flowing skirts and interesting colours. Here the glare is just as annoying, but let’s just call this a test shoot and leave it at that. And then we ate. Salmon, shrimp, pumpkin salad, risotto. And then some desert that I wouldn’t dare to attempt to find a name for. And that’s how we roll in Tassie. Sebastyne

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Barbies Do Good charity campaign Rescue Barbie trusts Barbie to be more than just a toy or a decoration. If by bathing a Barbie can help a living and breathing creature, be it a tree, an animal or a human, it should be worth a try, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you think? At the moment the project is focussing on finding skilled and excited volunteers from everywhere in the world, and to jon in you can register yourself at without agreeing to do anything yet at this point. (If you are interested but not sure what you can or want to do, registering is safe.) You can also help by blogging about the idea, sharing Facebook updates and joining the theBdoll Rescue Barbie Project Facebook page. 18

Important Links:

Facebook find or click: theBdoll Rescue Barbie Project

This publication is not associated with Mattel Inc.

Barbie-News Toy Story 3 is out and in theatres, with one of the important side roles being assigned to our dear old friend Ken. He is in a leading position at the day care centre where Woody and co are donated to after their owner Andy is going to college. Ken does not need to be alone for long, when he meets the girl of his dreams: Barbie. Disney-Pixar production company has released a bunch of “behind the scenes” movies, including interviews with Ken, where he is asked questions like how does he feel about being a girls toy or a mere Barbie accessory. He is also talking about his role in the movie, where he can be seen in a new outfit in every scene - where as Barbie only has one outfit. The Ken-clips can be seen on You Tube. Michael Keaton has given his voice for Ken to use during the movie. theBzine thanks him. - Adalia

Movie Review Toy Story 3 has already been on the Big Screen for a couple of weeks and I took the first opportunity to see it. Without revealing too much of the plot, I must say Ken had found himself in a bad crowd, and it was lucky Barbie appeared when she did before he was completely swept into the dark side. And Barbie - well she turned out to be quite the brainie, even though we knew that this blond is more than just a pretty head! The movie was, in a word, hilarious, and on the other hand, impossible to sit through without having a tear in your eye at times. You will not regret a night at the movies with Toy Story 3, if not for anything else, just to check out Barbie and Ken. The whole story reminds us why it is so important to keep old toys safe - even if they had lost some of their shine. Because all of us understand that toys have emotions and they are alive we can safely say this movie is based on a true (toy) story. - Sebastyne

The Quote of the Month “And this nut case is setting up a shoe store for dolls. I got wiser after hours of explaining myself to the business officials where I’ve been running filling out forms and applications: I packed up a doll wig on one of those doll wig stands, one rerooted Barbie head, shoes for Tonner, and couple of skeins of hair. It was amazing how much faster they got the idea of a doll world! They’ve been admiring and sighing. I know a few business women have logged on to theBdoll to check out what the... Are we about! :D”

Avotuli about starting a private business - June 22, 2010, 10:29—theBzine 7/2010


Adalmina is educating

Adalmina is 34-years old and from the west coast of Finland. She has a good excuse for playing Barbie in her daughter, should she need an excuse. At any rate, the touch of a professional has been transferred into the youngster early on. 20

Sebastyne: This time we are interviewing Adalmina, and before we start, I have to tell you something about her. We share a step cousin. The rumour had it, that our step cousin as well as Adalmina had tons and tons of Barbiedolls and I was so incredibly jealous that I nearly went permanently blind for it. I was so jealous, that I refused to play with our cousin’s dolls because ”I didn’t feel like it”. I’m not a jealous person normally, but I do remember one visit to our step cousin, when my mother was coaxing me to go play with our step cousin by saying she Manta (~Maria) has soooo many Barbies! I was grinding my teeth thinking: ”And is it my fault I only have 3?!” Later I’ve gotten over my jealousy, (through compensating by buying every doll I want I suppose) but now I find it hilarious remembering how I felt as a kid. Adalmina’s grand mother lived right next to our step cousin’s, so they played together a lot, but despite all the dolls they had.... Adalmina, do tell us about Sisko and Sisko! (Finnish: Sister and Sister.) Adalmina: What do you know about the sisters?! I had completely forgotten about them! My grand mother lived next to our step cousin, as you said, and I rode my bike there during my summer holidays, every day when my parents were at work. Most of the time we played inside at grand mother’s, and they didn’t really have names, they just were sisters and they called each other ”Sister”. (Editor's remark: Sisko, ’Sister’ can also be a Finnish girl’s name.) Often granny was chasing us out of the house to play outside, but it was hard to obey when the Barbie’s were so much more fun than out doors game... So sometimes we did as she asked and

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g the next generation. Adalmina: Well, not quite that many! I think I had 9 Barbies and 2 Ken dolls, one Skipper and a few cheapos.. Which ads up to a fair amount, I suppose! My all time favourite was the Hispanic Barbie, Sisko, which is the doll you got for our step cousin for her wedding day. I’m glad my Sisko is in a pretty good condition still. The other favourite was a Ballerina Barbie that had short curly Marilyn-style hair. Sebastyne: Oh yes, that I did. The poor girl was so excited about the Hispanic Barbie, that she told my mother the next day she had no idea what else they got for presents, being so captivated by Sisko III. So how did you start collecting when you grew up?

Sisko (~Sister) - Hispanic Barbie 1979

took our Barbies outside to play with. In addition to the Sisters, we also had a doll named Manta. (Editors remark: Stereotypically, she might be called Maria in English speaking children’s games, but as you can see, the Latina sisters were the ladies of the house in this case.) Manta was one of those cheapo ken dolls that was full of air, hollow. She was wearing ”a maid’s uniform” and her hair was that stuff that lamps are often trimmed with - what ever it’s called. The ”hair” was attached with pins. (See photo.) In addition to Barbie, we also played with paper dolls. We had a whole room reserved for paper dolls at granny’s. Oh the good old days! Sebastyne: It was our step cousin who told me about the sisters, and I can see she has given me false information! She looked me straight in the eye and said their names were Sisko and Sisko! It is quite possible that my memory of the thousands of Barbies you owned can be very much an exaggeration of the real situation, did yo really have that many?

Adalmina: I think it was about ten years ago when I got up to the attic to get the Hispanic Barbie back thinking I’d make some new clothes for her, something nice to fiddle with. I made one outfit and pushed her back on the shelve. She stayed there for quite a while, being rearranged amongst the Spanish souvenir dolls. I’ve been buying those Spanish dolls at flea markets in all rapture, until, around Christmas 2007 cleaning up I was again moving the doll on the shelf. I remembered the thought about making doll clothes again. I was on maternity leave (Editors remark: 105 working days’ paid ML is the standard in Finland) and as I felt I could do something else other than just watch the child I started sewing again. I had heard somewhere that the new Barbie had a new type of a body so I had to get a new doll. And of course it didn’t take me long to go dig up the rest of the old dolls from the attic. I managed to save all old dolls even though there was a couple broken necks. I am sorry I didn’t know about theBdoll at that stage, as I didn’t know anything about boil straightening treatment so I went and cut too much of their hair for no reason. :( Sebastyne: At first when you joined theBdoll, I had no idea who you were. I only found out your real name when you won a Ken customisation competition organized on the site and I needed to know where to send the prize. How did you become a Barbie artist? Adalmina: I’m not a Barbie artist, more like a Barbie fiddler. I was looking at your OOAK dolls and other repaints online, and I wanted to try if I could do them myself. I figured that if I can’t or I don’t like it, I don’t have to keep doing that, but it was SO MUCH FUN. I do find that it is periodical, sometimes I feel more like it than other times, and it also depends whether I have peace and quiet or not. Cannot do it if the kid is constantly asking something.—theBzine 7/2010


Sebastyne: Well clearly you could do that and fantastically at that! In the last issue we asked Aurora what tip she would give for beginner repainter. What would you say? (For example, how do you get that very natural-looking powdery eye shadow done? :o) Adalmina: For the eye shadow, I use a fairly diluted paint. But it cannot be diluted in water, as it dries up way too fast. My ”loose paint” is that I wet my paint brush into the paint, then into the medium or the other way around. Then I dab the paint on with a makeup sponge very carefully. I use about four layers of glossy sealer on the lips to make a lip gloss effect. I don’t seal the eyes to avoid glare in photos. Sebastyne: What kind of an artistic background do you have? Adalmina: Artistic? I’ve studied fashion sewing but I don’t work in fashion. I keep designing for Barbie but I also keep forgetting the designs when I don’t draw them - and I wouldn’t have time for all of them anyway! ;) My mom talked me into painting porcelain when I was a kid, but even then we traced the images instead of actually painting them. There I was, me and other grannies... XD Well okay there was a couple of other youngsters as well. =) I do paint fairies sometimes. Sebastyne: She’s insisting that she’s not an artist. Don’t listen to that. You are a mixed fashion doll collector, which series do you collect? Adalmina: Along side Barbie I’ve been buying Integrity’s Fashion Royalties, Avant Guards and Dynamite Girls, because they’re really nice to paint. They’re cheaper than Fashion Royalties but have a bit more serious look about them than Barbie. I also like Obitsu bodies, despite the clumsy looking joints they have, but they do have the most flexibility. Let’s see if I get mixed up with Tonners as well. And it would be nice to get gentleman friends fr my Avant-girls... Which makes me a hopeless dollaholic. The most important aspect for me is the joints. I thought I’d leave a few model muse -dolls intact and switch everything else into jointed bodies. But I don’t think I’m alone in that plan. =D Sebastyne: I think that I got the first spark to Barbie from the mother of our step cousin - do you remember how Barbie came into your life? Adalmina: I really can’t remember how Barbie came in m life. I remember having three completely Barbiecrazed friends though, with each, the playing was a little different. But what was common with all of them was that the doll HAD TO be Mattel’s Barbie, and she HAD TO have the bent arms. The ballerina was an exception, because her arms also rose to the sides instead just back and forth.

or a photo of an 80’s Barbie and I’m convinced that I used to have it, but can’t find it anywhere - then I remember it was a friend’s or a cousin’s doll. A couple of years ago me and my cousin went through some of my old Barbie stuff. She had an amazing memory, she instantly remembered what kind of bottom goes with a top - she remembered all the clothes. I played with her at granny’s as well. :) Sebastyne: We are 80’s kids, do you still have a special place for the 80’s dolls in your heart or have the new ones taken over? How do you think the modern playline compares with the 80’s Barbie? Adalmina: 80’s Barbies have such a place that I will never part with my old dolls but I do think I’m going to move most of them into a box out of the display case to make room for my other dolls. I think the Hispanic gets to stay though. I don’t have a big adoration for the 80’s Barbies, and the new ones have stolen my heart. I think I played so much with them, that enough is enough. I do like today’s Barbie, they are somehow prettier than the 80’s one. In fact, one especially, the 2008 Chic Barbie with the non-bendable legs is incredibly pretty. The one with no darker lip liner on.. She’s gonna get a Fashionistas Body! I DO LOVE Fashionistas. I also wonder how long the joints will last before they get too loose. I’m glad they are not to expensive to replace. Sebastyne: That’s what I’m afraid too, I’ve been thinking I have to find replacement Bodies for my favourite dolls already, in case Mattel stops producing them. Let’s i magi ne Mattel lets you desi gn the doll of your dreams , and Mattel woul d do E VERYTH ING you ask . What would that doll be like? Adalmina: Let’s see... Well, we have to start with the joints, of course. If we start with the Pivotal, we have to change the hands a bit so they wouldn’t look so much like shovels. The elbow and knee needs better range of movement. Definitely I want a doll with wigs, that would have plenty of wigs in the package. No plastic cap nonsense like Jazz Diva, but fabric based. She would also have a pretty strong makeup, in Avant Guard -style. Maybe using Daria or Marisa face sculpt. (Although I still don’t know the official names of them). Rooted eyelashes. Some sort of a frilly chiffon dress with a corset top and some kind of a dress that you can put on in different ways to change the dolls look. Tell Mattel I said hi. Sebastyne: Sounds like a great plan to me, we should really tell Mattel! Thank you Adalmina for the interview. I hope our trip down the memory lane was as amusing to others as it was for us. We still need to get our step cousin woolled into grown up Barbie circles, won’t we... ■

I am amused these days when I see an old 80’s outfit 22

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A Small Photo Tutorial

Angle Barbie is a small photo model, and as such, it is easy to change the angle even by accident. Changing the angle will bring in some extra drama, (second and third photo below), but just as easily you may ruin the proportions of the doll. Most commonly a bad angle is a result of photographing Barbie on a table or even a sofa, while photographing standing up. For a Barbie, this angle is quite bad, especially in photo stories because the real size of Barbie will become painfully obvious. (4th photo below.) For Barbie, as well as human models, the best angle for basic photo shoot is at the height of the chest. At this height, the proportions remain intact and her outfit will be fully displayed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Sales photos, catalogue photos and identification photos, anything that has a purpose of documenting the doll, should be taken from chest height, except when photographing the face, in which case the lens should be on the level of the face. When the angle is in question, it is all about where the lens is compared to the doll, and we are not worried about where the focus point is in the photo preview. (Normally in the middle but some cameras have multiple focal points.) With angles, you only need to worry about how high or low your camera is compared to the doll, and sometimes you do have to actually LOOK from the side of the camera to see where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at, as itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s often difficult to tell from the preview if you got it right or not but end up looking up the dolls nostrils when you see the photo in 100% size.

Drama from the top Chest height

Drama from below Www.theBdoll.comâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;theBzine 7/2010

Photographed standing up


X-Mas Doll Swap This year we are organizing a Barbie doll swap. The idea is that everyone starts with a Fashionistas Barbie and alters it into a new kind of ”kit” with a minimum requirement of changed clothes, but there are no minimum skill requirements for participants. The participants can choose to do an international swap or stick to local to save in mailing expenses. Read more on Customisation and restoring board under Christmas Doll Swap 2010

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