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The Bloody Scarf Alexandre Raynor, Camille Hermouet, Sonia Gofman, Rapha¨el Laffargue October 18, 2012

It was already the fifth girl to die... We found her in the woods the other day. She was wearing a scarf, a beautiful one, as red as the morning sun. The same that those we had found on the other victims. Now we were sure. It couldn’t be a coincidence, it was a serial killer, a perfectly insane one. We started looking for him a while ago but still couldn’t find him. The other day, while walking my dog in the forest, I saw a little hut. It seemed old and uninhabited but I decided to check it that night. Harvey wasn’t here, of course. Colleagues are never here when you need them! Especially him, ah ah... But I nevertheless chose to go alone, even if in Scotland Yard, we are advised not to do so. After a short walk, I reached the little hut. It was totally ramshackled. The windows were broken, the door debunked and some ivy was growing on the walls. Worthy of a detective series, eh! I climbed the rotten wooden stairs, put my hand on the handle, pushed a bit and finally got in. I shivered. A morbid sight offered itself to me. A real nightmare. Higgledy-piggledy were on the floor tissues and chloroform, ropes and bags, sharp knives with blood on them and the corpse of a lady I didn’t know. On the walls, some pictures of the five girls we found, blurry but clear enough to distinguish notches on their bodies. I stood speechless and tried to calm down. ”Ease off, John, ease off”, was I repeating to myself. I noticed a little bag in the corner of the room. I walked towards it. This bag was a pretty bag, black with large handles. At least, murderers have good taste! I unbuckled it and found inside a red scarf, as red as an autumn leaf. But what I found under it made me shudder. The exact same gun as the one they usually equip policemen with. That madman was one of us the whole time! That’s why we couldn’t lay our hands on him! I couldn’t believe what I had just found. Harvey, you might be sleeping but it’s more than time to wake up! I dialed the number and heard a ringtone coming from outside. It got closer and closer. The door opened. Harvey.



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