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hen I spotted an advert on the Air France website in June for a new flight from London City to Brive I was delighted, being a Londoner with a second home in the Lot. I booked, not realising it was for the inaugural flight. A champagne reception at the gate and on time departure was a good start, though arrival at Brive was very slightly delayed. My theory is that we flew round twice and admired the view because the ducks were not lined up for our arrival. The ducks were assorted dignitaries required for the welcome and photo-opportunity. It was worth the wait when two fire trucks sprayed their hoses over the plane to welcome us. It's also the first time I've been met on the runway by hulking great rugby players offering free tickets. On the plane I talked to the City Jet representative. This is only a summer/weekend route, and its success will depend on the predictable - bums on seats/revenue. They were selling tickets at low prices for a full service scheduled airline. City Jet is an Irish airline, based in Dublin but 100% owned by Air France/KLM. The City Jet for Air France network was first initiated in 2007 and serves a number of cities out of London City Airport. There wasn't a bar, restaurant or shop at Brive airport or even a drinks machine. A visit to the ladies required hopping over the detritus left behind by the builders and checking that the paint was dry. But this isn't an airport requiring lots of facilities because there's no need to be there long. Car hire, if you need it, is quick and easy. AVIS were efficient and it takes just three minutes to get to the A20. City airport being the smallest and most central of London's airports, it's also quick in and out at the other end. This is a great option for a Friday/Sunday night getaway. Air France has changed its pricing policy so you can also now get one-way tickets without breaking the bank. And remember that there's no extra charge for a bag, a drink or a sandwich; and unlike some airlines, I can't see them thinking about charging to use the loo. Since that first weekend, I've used the route again and can happily report that the airport toilets are now fully functional, the paint dry and a drinks machine and extra seating have appeared. Not sure if I'll ever make it to a Brive rugby match, but I will be using the airport again soon. Karen

Village Life : Mauroux Peter V. tells Le Forty-Six about his integration in the Lot and his involvement in the activities of the village.


veryone who has moved to France over the past 10 years will be aware of how the influx of étrangers has influenced many of the rural villages. This has been a huge change for the locals but they have welcomed and supported us and helped to resolve day to day problems that have arisen. In response to the kindness shown, three local ladies decided that they could help raise funds for community projects and the idea for a Marché de Noël was formed. However, nothing is ever simple and it soon became clear that we would have to put our intentions on a formal basis by forming an association. "Aurora Borealis" was registered in March 2009. That done, we entered into discussions with the local school (which is in the heart of the village) to enlist support from the children and their parents to raise money for the two Plateau schools .The Maire was enthusiastic and promised a Christmas tree, lights and decorations around the village. The plans for the Marché gradually began to take shape with offers of help, home produce and gifts for the Tombola. We were delighted with the range and diversity of the 36 stalls. The event was attended by about 350 people ! The book stall that had books in French, Dutch and English was busy throughout as was Chateau La Tuc selling vin chaud. But the Tombola was a runaway success with many winners returning again and again. One elderly lady who emptied her pockets and handbag of all her change managed a win with every one Euro ticket she bought and told us she was able to buy all her Christmas presents for her family with just nine Euros! Father Christmas made several appearances throughout the afternoon dispensing sweeties to the children and the fishing game proved very popular with everyone winning a prize. Face painting and pottery decoration have been added to the extra attractions this year.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 octobre - 15 décembre 2010


films in English (VO)

TAMARA DREWE Directed byStephen Frears, 2010 Starring Gemma Arterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp Contemporary version of the Thomas Hardy classic “Far From The Madding Crowd” where a shy, unattractive country girl transforms herself into a sultry femme fatale. > Escamps. Oct 18th, 8.30pm > Le Bourg. Oct 23rd, 8.30pm CLEVELAND vs WALL STREET Directed by Jean-Stéphane Bon, 2010 Starring Barbara Anderson, Keith Taylor, Michael Osinski Examines the lawyer Josh Cohen and his team, hired by the City of Cleveland to file a lawsuit against 21 banks, which they held accountable for the wave of foreclosures that had left their city in ruins. Following the trial, the film takes apart, from a plain, human perspective, the mechanisms of subprime mortgage loans - a system that sent the world economy reeling. > Cinéma Liberty - LIBOS - From Nov 24th to 30th THE DEAD / LES GENS DE DUBLIN Directed by John Huston, 1987 Starring Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Helena Carroll Inspired by James Joyce's 'The Dubliners,' this creation by John Huston starring his daughter Angelica in the leading role, focuses on the closing story of the novel. Written almost as an elegy, the story based at the turn of the century illustrates the relationship between, Gretta Conroy and her two aunts by marriage. When the memory of Gretta's dead lover is conjoured by conversation, she has to explain to her husband that she may have been responsible his death. As the story unfolds, Huston stays faithful to Joyce's belief that the dead will always influence the living. > Cinéma Liberty - LIBOS - From Nov 30th, 8.30pm THE RED SHOES / LES CHAUSSONS ROUGES Directed by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1948 Starring Anton Walbrook, Moira Shearer, Marius Goring Boris Lermontov is a peerless ballet impresario takes a young dancer under the wing of his company and makes a star of her by coupling her unique skills with the inspired music of a hungry new composer. But when the ballerina and the musician start to develop romantic feelings for one another, Lermontov - inspired by both jealousy and fear that they will each squander their gifts - tries to come between them with tragically disastrous results. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - October 17th, 5.15pm > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - From Dec 12th THE 39 STEPS / LES 39 MARCHES Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1935 Starring Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Peggy Ashcroft A classic British spy mystery, and one of Hitchcock's best, THE 39 STEPS is the story of an innocent man who struggles to prove his innocence. Robert Donat gets more than he bargained for when he brings home a mysterious woman who confesses to be a British agent on the hot trail of a dangerous spy ring. The woman is killed in Donat's apartment and he immediately finds himself on the run, burdened with the charge for her murder and the dangerous knowledge of her mission. The film is distinguished by its pioneering use of contrapuntal sound effects, as well as the dynamism between Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll. > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - From Oct 20th to 26th GLORIA Directed by John Cassavetes, 1980 Starring Gena Rowlands, John Adames, Buck Henry Gloria, the quintessential "tough-talkin' dame" - complete with time in prison and ties to the mob - has put those days behind her, now living a quiet, solitary life. That changes when the Mafia marks her neighbors for death and Gloria is asked to care for their young son, Phil. She reluctantly agrees, but because the boy knows incriminating information, they must immediately go into hiding, which takes them on a journey through New York City and ends up sparking a mother-son bond that neither could have ever expected. > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - From Dec 1st to 7th THE LODGER Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1926 Starring Ivor Novello, Marie Ault, Arthur Chesney A couple renting a room to a mysterious young man realise that he is the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders around London. > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - Nov 11th + concert !!! DAYS OF HEAVEN Directed by Terrence Malick, 1979 Starring Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard Terrence Malick's follow-up to BADLANDS is an exquisitely photographed story of a group of early-20th-century itinerant workers who find themselves entangled in a deadly love triangle. > Cinéma ABC - CAHORS - From Dec 8th to 14th

As a result the Mauroux Marché de Noël will now become a regular annual event and improve each year to raise funds for a variety of local activities. Using some of the proceeds, the schools were able to organise coach hire to take the children from both schools on an educational visit to the Dordogne, an event that hitherto would be a rare treat... This year's event will be held at the same venue on December 4th starting at the earlier time of 11am to allow everyone to enjoy lunch in addition to the afternoon activities. Anyone with crafts to sell and who would be interested in participating in this year's Marché de Noël are asked to contact Gill Beattie on 05 53 70 18 86.

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Le Forty-Six n°36 – 15 octobre - 15 décembre 2010  

Le Forty-Six n°36 – 15 octobre - 15 décembre 2010

Le Forty-Six n°36 – 15 octobre - 15 décembre 2010  

Le Forty-Six n°36 – 15 octobre - 15 décembre 2010