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A warm welcome to Royal North Sealand ... AND THE DANISH RIVIERA Everyone has tried it – and we know that feeling: Those days when you really feel you’re alive. When life is more than eat, work and sleep – when all of your senses are singing and the energy just flows through every part of your body and you feel full of life. Days where reality seems sharper, more vibrant, and in the middle of an experience or an activity you may stretch and say “I’m really living in the moment now.” It’s a feeling you get when holidaying in North Sealand. This is the place where you leave dull everyday life behind and live life to the fullest and become full of zest. This is the place where you seek excitement, beauty, indulgences and new experiences, that can stimulate soul and body. It is a place of freedom where there is room to live it up – room for happiness and creativity. That’s what Danish kings of old looked for when their official duties were


over, when they wanted to better their quality of life and be able to feel the joy of life and taste its rewards – just like people today, when they need to find new inspiration for living a happy and rewarding life. Whether you are a king, artist, engineer, whether you want to hunt, paint, play golf, go horseback riding or cycling – whether you prefer a paintbrush or a keyboard, wine or water, one thing is certain: Living life is extra special in Royal North Sealand! A warm welcome

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North Sealand

Royal Denmark „Let the Lord keep his heaven, just so long as I keep Gurre.” Valdemar IV talking about Gurre Castle

FREDERIKSBORG (PAGE 6) Magnificent Renaissance castle from the beginning of the 17th century, with an impressive park. KRONBORG (PAGE 8) 10) FREDENSBORG (PAGE Kronborg Castle was palace added The elegant baroque to the listoutdoor of World has anUNESCO attractive Heritage Sites in 2000. Rich sculpture collection, called in history. Nordmandsdalen (A Nordic Community in Stone), in the FREDENSBORG (PAGE 10) beautiful Baroque Garden. The elegant baroque palace has an attractive KRONBORG (PAGEoutdoor 8) sculpture collection, Kronborg Castle wascalled added Nordmandsdalen to the UNESCO list(A ofNordic World Community in in Stone), the Heritage Sites Rich beautiful in history.Baroque Garden. ESRUM KLOSTER (PAGE 12) The Cistercian abbey in 1151, Esrum was founded in 1151 sister abbey to the as a daughter house to one in Clairvaux. Clairvaux Abbey.


By museum curator Søren Frandsen The first castles in North Sealand were built in the Middle Ages. Søborg Castle was the principle royal castle from the 12th century and Gurre Castle was the principle royal castle during the reign of Valdemar IV (14th century). But it was during the reign of Frederik II that Monarchic North Sealand finally took on the form we recognise today. Royalty of that period had no conception of tourism or national parks. What drove Frederik II was his passion for hunting. The kings’ official residences were in Copenhagen but they came north whenever they could. By the 16th century, North Sealand was already known as the playground of kings. The area was given over to creativity, well-being, nature and leisure. Copenhagen’s green front garden was the place where kings could relax and enjoy life. And when kings wanted to play, that meant hunting. Created from hunting The forest was the king’s playground; his favourite recreational area. He designed animal parks where it was easier to rear and hunt game

and enjoy the Danish chase hunt; a sport where hunters drove red deer until the animals were exhausted, allowing the king to kill the prey. Frederik II (1534 – 1588) was the first king whose obsession for the sport led him to establish a hunting area in North Sealand. He saw the area’s hunting potential and immediately began to establish his royal hunting ground where he could indulge his hobby and allow the royal court to be self-sufficient in meat. Frederik II wanted to the crown to expand its estate as much as possible and he achieved this through exchanges of property. The North Sealand noblemen more or less willingly exchanged their country estates and farms with the king. It took the king just 18 months to acquire five private estates and 350 farms in North Sealand. In 1574, the king’s chief negotiator, Herluf Trolle, was the last man who had to relinquish his property – Hillerrødsholm – today known as Frederiksborg Castle. It became the king’s official residence in North Sealand. And anything that belonged to the king was the king’s forever. When the Danish constitution came into being in 1849, the popular Frederik VII signed the forests and the properties over to the state.


Frederiksborg Castle The Museum of National History Frederiksborg Castle and its Baroque Garden are picturesquely located on the banks of the castle lake in Hillerød. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century to signify his position as a powerful North European monarch. Evidence of this can be seen in the abundance of symbolic and decorative elements, such as the statues and reliefs, the impressive Neptune Fountain and the marble gallery in The King’s Wing. The castle was no longer a royal residence in the 18th century but was still used for official royal functions. Kings were anointed in the castle church during the period of absolute monarchy in Denmark (1660–1848), and a wave of national romanticism in the 19th century resulted in the castle becoming a national memorial. The Museum of National History A terrible fire in 1859 destroyed a great deal of the castle interior. Reconstruction of the castle was financed by national subscriptions, special arts lotteries and generous private donations. J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Group brewing company, played an active role in the project and in 1877 he proposed the castle should be the location for a Museum of National History. He donated resources to the project and the museum was created as part of the Carlsberg Foundation, which still runs and funds the museum. The museum records 500 years of Danish history, containing history painting, portraits, furniture and art manu6

facture, set in the many halls and rooms of the castle, such as the Castle Church, the Audience Chamber and the Great Hall. There are changing exhibitions, fi xed tours on Sundays and seasonal activities for children, as the museum encourages people to engage in the past and put Denmark’s history into perspective. The Museum of National History Frederiksborg Castle, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39, Open every day all year round: April-October 10:00–17:00 November-March 11:00–15:00 Prices: Adult DKK 75, child (6-15) DKK 20 Senior/student/group (20+) DKK 60 Family ticket (2 adults + 3 children) DKK 150 Changing exhibitions and activities: There are changing special exhibitions and activities for children at the Museum of National History all year round. Exhibitions reveal new aspects of the museum’s traditions, Denmark’s history, portraiture and history painting. The castle’s old wine cellar houses the Children’s History of Denmark, which is open every day during school holidays. Children can become princesses or knights when they get the chance to dress up in renaissance dresses and armour and learn more about the castle owner and childhood of Christian V. To stay up to date with the museum’s activities visit

TOP LEFT The castle’s old wine cellar houses Christian IV – child and king – a children’s exhibition where children can immerse themselves in Martin Bigum’s four exciting history paintings, follow the daily tours, write with quill and ink and try on the large assortment of historical costumes. The exhibition is open every weekend and during school holidays, from Easter until the autumn holiday. TOP CENTRE A walk through the castle’s beautiful halls and rooms is a wonderful experience. The renaissance Castle Church and baroque Audience Chamber were saved from the fire of 1859 and thus can be enjoyed in their original state. CENTRE RIGHT The Baroque Garden lies immediately north of the castle and was originally landscaped by Frederik IV in the 1720s and restored in the 1990s. The castle also has a surrounding romantic landscape garden, containing the Bath House Castle. The ferry M/S Frederiksborg sails Denmark’s loveliest sea mile from a small jetty. BOTTOM LEFT Frederiksborg Castle was built by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century and for decades was the biggest Renaissance castle in the Nordic region. Since 1878, Frederiksborg Castle has housed the Museum of National History, which records 500 years of Danish history, containing history paintings, portraits, furniture and art manufacture.


OPENING TIMES April: Tue–Sun 11:00–16:00 May–Sep: everyday 10:30–17:00. Nov–Mar: Tue–Sun 11:00–15:00 Oct: Tue–Sun 11:00–16:00 ADMISSION Adult: DKK 70 Child (6–14): DKK 25 Free admission for children under six GUIDED TOURS Guided tours are included in the price. All year round: The vaults 11:00 and 13:00. The royal chambers 11:30 and 13.30. To book guided tours for groups, telephone (+45) 49 21 30 78 or email TRANSPORT It takes just 45 minutes by train to reach Helsingør Station from Copenhagen Central Station. Kronborg Slot, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 30 78


Living history

Kronborg Castle Experience an interactive exhibition, learn about dramatic naval battles and explore with a torch – the history of Holger Danske. There are few places in the world that are steeped in as much history and drama as Kronborg. It is a place where deadly cannon-mounted fortress meets beautiful Renaissance castle; where Hamlet haunts the corridors. No wonder then Kronborg Castle is a UNESCO world heritage site! Experience one of Denmark’s greatest attractions Clattering horses’ hooves, neighing horses – and canon balls flying past your ear! The acoustic imagery hits you just as you cross the first stronghold bridge to Kronborg. You pass over another bridge and on through a large gateway in the rampart: There, surrounded by the wide rampart, stands Kronborg with its towers, spires and copper roofs. Frederik II, father of Chris-

tian IV, built the castle in 1574 – 1585, on the smallest part of the Øresund, which was the equivalent of a major modern motorway in the Renaissance Period. Trade ships from all over the world sailed past here and they had to pay a toll to the king. Vaults, Holger and Hamlet A damp, stale odour pervades the air as you move down the steps to the vaults below the castle. In a labyrinth of dim passages and rooms you’ll find the gloomier parts of the castle: dungeons, stores and the soldiers’ quarters. Here sits sleeping Holger Danske, perpetually ready to awake and fight for Denmark in times of national danger. But how does Hamlet come into the picture? William Shakespeare probably learned or read about the legendary Danish

Looking for a present for a friend or something special for yourself?

Kronborg Gallerierne Handmade porcelain pearls, glassware and stylish scarves. Kronborg Gallerierne sells arts and crafts and is located in the romantic old buildings just inside the fortress rampart. The small shops and workshops have a wonderful atmosphere and offer

prince and because Kronborg was already famous all over Europe in the Renaissance Period, he may well have thought: Krongborg must be Hamlet’s castle. The largest Great Hall in the Nordic region An interactive exhibition inside the castle explains its history; all the gold that the toll brought, how the castle was used in Christian IV’s childhood and how the Swedes plundered the castle. And in one of the rooms you will be completely surrounded by the strange and enticing flames from the Fire of Kronborg in 1629. A chequered floor stretches into the gigantic Great Hall, which at 62 m in length is the largest in the Nordic Region. Further on hang the huge Kronborg tapestries, which Frederik II proudly used to display his royal forefathers. The woven Gobelin tapestries were created specially for the

jewellery, clothes, glassware, ceramics, paintings, photography, sculptures and graphic design. And it’s free to look around! Kronborg Gallerierne, Kronborg, DK-3000 Helsingør,

castle – in their day the finest of luxuries that only kings and the richest of people could afford. All-day adventure Outside the castle you can climb the ramparts and look across at the Swedish coast and feel the wind blowing in off the Øresund. The powder room is Krongborg’s playground for small princesses and brave little knights and a lovely world heritage trail meanders on the fortifications that surround the castle. Kronborg is an allday adventure!



Fredensborg Palace may be more modest than its famous French counterpart, but it does not suffer from overcrowding and it has a peaceful atmosphere.

The Danish

The Danish Royal Family, local residents and visitors from Copenhagen (less than an hour by train) have long treasured the romantic charm of the palace and its 18th century gardens. For Danes, this Danish Royal Family residence is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, a perfect destination for peaceful walks through the forest, picnics by the lake or a place where they can jog along the recently built Princess Isabella route. The elegant Baroque palace was named by King Frederik IV, whose mind was occupied by peace at that time, and who wanted to commemorate the ending of the Great Northern War in 1772 (Fredensborg literally means the Palace of Peace).The peace accord ending hostilities between Sweden and Denmark was signed while the palace was being built. Construction of the palace was started by King Frederik IV, who asked architect and master builder J.C. Krieger to build a replacement to the royal summer residence Rosenborg Slot (which at that time was already being surrounded by the expanding Copenhagen). The palace was extended and improved during the 18th century by the likes of Danish architect Nicolai Eigtved, who also was responsible for a large part of inner Copenhagen. Fredensborg Palace was to be a place of relaxation and hunting, where members of the royal family could retreat from the world. During the 19th century, the Danish Royal Family became related through marriage to many other European Royal Houses, and this meant that at one time or another, the majority of European monarchs enjoyed the hospitality of the palace. The palace has frequently been used as the setting for important events in the life of the

Danish Royal Family – wedding receptions, silver wedding anniversaries and birthday parties. State leaders from around the world have been received in the palace during official state visits, and foreign ambassadors submit their official credentials to the Danish Queen at the palace. It has been a long-held tradition for visiting state leaders to inscribe their names in one of the palace windows using a diamond pen. The present queen has upheld the centuryold tradition of allowing the palace church to be regularly used by Asminderød-Grønholt parishioners, who hold open church services on most Sundays. The Royal private garden, the Orangey (built 1995) and herb garden are located adjacent to the palace. They are open to the public in July, as are parts of the palace and the chapel. The surrounding palace gardens, which include some of the finest historical gardens in Denmark, are open to the public all year around and admission is free. Open air concerts and events are held during the summer and you can sail from the palace garden across Esrum Sø (Denmark’s second largest lake) to Gribskov. If any of the Danish Royal Family are staying at the palace, you will be able to see the changing of the guard take place in the courtyard in front of the palace just before 12:00. You may even catch a glimpse of the Royal Family as they enjoy the surrounding gardens and beech woods. The woods are ablaze with beautiful autumn colours in September and October. Fredensborg Palace is frequently called Denmark’s Versailles. It may be more modest than its famous French counterpart, but it does not suffer from overcrowding and its unique and peaceful atmosphere is timeless. To see more, visit

NORDMANDSDALEN A Nordic Community in Stone. Extremely popular series of sculptures in Fredensborg Palace garden. 68 stone figures depicting real farmers and fishermen from Norway and the Faroe Islands. The undisturbed landscape, with 16 km of paths, makes the area around Fredensborg Palace a top regional attraction all year round.


Culture and countryside in Esrum Do you dream of becoming a knight or a princess? Is there a little biologist hiding inside you or are you aching to taste delicious Abbey fare? Or perhaps you love days filled with tranquillity and contemplation – or days bursting with activities? Esrum Kloster & Møllegård has something for everyone – all year round.

Esrum is located in the heart of national park candidate, Monarchic North Sealand. French Cistercian monks arrived in 1151 to establish a monastery and they exceeded everyone’s expectations. Esrum Kloster became one of the most important abbeys in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages. Located in beautiful bountiful countryside, to this day the abbey lies far from the busy and noisy towns. Medieval Market 23 - 24 June The Medieval Market is an annual highlight where for two days the meadow between the abbey and Esrum Møllegård is transformed into a vibrant historical market with tents, horses, glowing fires, lethal knights and virgin maidens. Boys and girls can become knights and princesses while mums and dads can slake their thirst with foam-topped aromatic beers and enjoy the travelling clowns and musicians or purchase gifts and delicious food from the stalls.

ESRUM KLOSTER BEER Taste the excellent Esrum Kloster beer in Restaurant Broder Rus’ Kælder or in Daniels Kilde café.


Summer, autumn and Christmas school holidays When school closes, the meadow opens for fun and adventure. During the summer the countryside around Esrum Kloster & Møllegård fills with laughter and fun family activities. During the autumn school holidays, the whole family can enjoy great outdoor activities. And at

Christmas, Esrum Kloster is transformed into a Christmas market full of Yuletide charm. Abbey Exhibition The abbey exhibition is open all year round, detailing monastic life in and around Esrum Kloster. The Middle Ages are for children too. Children can do more than touch things – they can dress up and go on treasure hunts or make a knight’s sword or a princess’s mask. There is a new special exhibition every year from April to October. The 2012 exhibition will be about pilgrims and pilgrimage. You can also explore the wonderful photographs from the whole world and learn about medieval and modern pilgrimages. Esrum Kloster & Møllegård Klostergade 11 3230 Græsted


World-class bathing on Denmark’s north coast riviera LIFEGUARD-MANNED BEACHES 2012 Espergærde Snekkersten Grønnehave – Helsingør Hornbæk Dronningmølle Gilleleje Smidstrup Rågeleje Strandbjerggård Tisvildeleje Stængehus Lille kulgab Liseleje Gråstenvej – Hundested Hundested BEACHES WELL-SUITED FOR VISITORS WITH DISABILITIES Espergærde Tisvildeleje Liseleje Dronningmølle

Almost 100 km of beautiful beaches. Kissed by the clean waters of the Kattegat and Øresund. A paradise riviera for families, nature lovers and adventure-seekers. This is a region of rich and varied countryside with dramatic cliffs towering over countless small and intimate bays, long and wide beaches encircled by sand dunes and forests. The Kattegat glints in the sun alongside the coast road as you pass by charming and romantic fishing villages and lively seaside towns. The towns are popular summer and bathing destinations with lots of activities, shops and eateries; from fashionable cafes, family restaurants and pizzerias to specialist top-class restaurants. The sea teems with sailing enthusiasts and the area has some of the best surfing spots in Northern Europe. And if the Kattegat begins to get a bit extreme, there are several locations where you can surf Hawaiian style. Hundested and Gråstenvej Hundested is a marina town that lies in the west. The popular sandy beach with sand dunes is just a two-minute walk from the harbour and


Hundested. The beach is popular with visitors and locals alike and the town’s commercial centre is just a short walk away, offering great food and excellent shopping. There is good parking and a fine view across the mouth of Isefjord and Rørvig to the west. Five kilometres further east, the beach at Gråstenvej is equally popular and more child-friendly. Liseleje – eight kilometres of golden beach Liseleje is a romantic seaside town by the edge of Tisvilde Hegn, with classic timbered houses and hollyhocks and a wide sandy beach. Plenty of parking space, so the town is easily accessible. The water is shallow but children and bathers must keep clear of the stone breakwaters because of the risk of strong currents and rip currents. Visitors enjoy the magnificent view along the arc of golden beach and sand dunes, against a backdrop of open heather-covered areas and tree-covered hills, running all the way

to Tisvildeleje, eight kilometres away in the north east. Tisvildeleje and Stængehus The old fishing village in Tisvilde is the essence of a very traditional seaside town that has become a fashionable and popular destination with cafes and intimate night life in recent years. The popular beach is studded with classic bathing huts painted in charming colours. The bay behind the jetty provides ideal shelter if the wind gets up. From the large car park, visitors can walk along the beach and enjoy the unspoilt nature and the large sand dunes. Visitors can also drive to the car park by Stængehus; located in the centre of Tisvilde Hegn, about the midpoint of the long beach between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje. There is a lot of space to walk in and a long distance to the nearest shop so remember to bring your lunch and essentials. Cliffs and small coves The stretch between Tisvildeleje and Rågeleje has steep and impressive cliffs towering over the Kattegat. The view is magnificent. At the foot of the slopes

there are rarely-visited small coves with fine beaches. With luck, you can find an intimate beach just for yourself. Use the many sets of steep steps set along this stretch of coast to descend the slopes. Rågeleje Location of a superb and very classic promenade that along with the coast road follows a long stretch of coastline, close to the water’s edge. The beach is very child-friendly and ideal for the family. And on very windy days, windsurfers make an exciting and colourful spectacle as they enjoy ideal windsurfing conditions, surfing the breaking waves, making impressive, breakneck manoeuvres in the shallows. Gilleleje The old fishing town continues to fish from a large harbour that is lively and atmospheric. The beaches on either side of the harbour are excellent. To the east lies Strandbakkerne, a

Your safety is my job … Julie has a demanding job with a lot of responsibility. As one of the life guards working on the north coast, she helps to ensure the safety of the many bathers who visit the popular beaches.

BEACH FLAGS Green flag: Bathing permitted Yellow flag: Bathing permitted but care is needed. Red flag: Bathing is strictly prohibited LIFEGUARD SERVICE Visit to read more about lifeguard services.

protected and family-friendly beach at the foot of a grass-covered slope in an area scented with wild roses. It has an excellent view of the lighthouse on the top of Nakkehoved, which along with the other lighthouse on Kullen, marks the approach to Øresund. On the other side of the sea is Veststranden, with slightly deeper water, often with more waves.

Snekkersten and Espergærde Past Helsingør the coastline turns south, where there are lots of small but very charming and intimate beaches. Snekkersten and Espergærde lie side by side with lawns and old sites once used to dry fishing nets hint at a time when fishing for herring in the Øresund was a vital source of wealth. Both neighbourhoods have fine sands and a lovely view of Sweden across the Sound.

Hornbæk Hornbæk is the most well-known seaside town on the north coast. It is a lively place with a charming marina atmosphere with timbered houses in the old fishing area. The town teems with life and activities and the beach is large and impressive with lots of fine sand and towering sand dunes. The beach can be very busy on hot summer days, especially the area around the kiosk in the direction of the harbour.

Rungsted A lovely bathing beach lies next to Rungsted Harbour, where children and adults play in the waves and on the beautiful sands.

Strandlegepladsen at Hornbæk harbour The new playground on the beach at Hornbæk is designed as a harbour, with timbre pier, bridges, lighthouse, boats, chutes, swings and much more. There are organised weekly activities on the playground in May, June, July and August. For example, fishermen filleting plaice and letting the children grill their own fish fillets. There may also be sandcastle building competitions, or a member of staff from Øresund Aquarium, may give a talk about crabs. For more details visit

Nivå Lovely child-friendly bathing beach that extends from Nivå Harbour. Bathing beaches around the fjord Close to Jægerspris Castle, Vester Strand is a wonderful bathing beach with a bathing jetty. Park the car by the castle and walk though countryside used for military exercises. Kulhuse is the best bathing beach in Frederikssund Municipality, with a sandy seabed, public resting areas, ice cream kiosk and inn. Marbæk Strandpark is a very popular beach south of Frederikssund. Close to the town with a municipal bathing jetty. Hammer Bakke Isefjorden lies adjacent to the Orø ferry. It is a large green area with a lovely bathing beach and a municipal bathing jetty. The fjord path goes right past. Skuldelev beach is a delightful and lovely bathing beach with a municipal jetty.

Excellent beaches & bathing and lots of activities The north coast is known for its many excellent bathing beaches. Bathing water quality is checked throughout the season to ensure visitors can trust the water quality. Many beaches along the north coast display the results of the quality measurements and the local munici-


palities show bathing water quality information on their websites. Some beaches are Blue Flag beaches, which means the quality of the water is first-rate and the local environment is cared for. Blue Flag beaches also host lots of exciting events during the summer.

Visitors can play stone bingo, learn to tell the difference between male and female crabs, participate in crab betting races and other fun activities.

Visit to read about it and much more.

The Danish Riviera ... beautiful adventures for lovers of life The world is full of wonderful beaches but the top of Sealand has some of the best beaches in Europe, dotting the coast like pearls on a string. The Danish Riviera stretches from Sejerøbugten in the west to Øresund in the east – 230 km of coastline. One day you’re enjoying the vibe in Gilleleje Harbour, the next day you’re in Rørvig. You decide if your journey from one harbour to the next is on a bicycle, in a car or on foot. If the wind is blowing at Sejerø Bay in the west, then choose a beach on the north or east coast. Every beach has its charm. Naturally, your journey includes a trip on the Riviera’s own ferry service: Hundested/Rørvig or vice versa. In addition to miles of child-friendly beaches, the Danish Riviera offers you a wide selection of holiday homes, Denmark’s largest castles, ferry services to Helsingborg, Ebeltoft and Aarhus, good hotels, abbeys, cathedral, lovely camping sites, delightful restaurants, a wealth of local food producers, art museums, hundreds of artists and authentic large and small commercial towns. And only about one hour’s drive to City Hall Square in the centre of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. To learn more about the areas visit:











Light over Halsnæs Sea and fjord on three sides, Arresø on the fourth, excellent bathing beaches, forests, three marinas, artists, museums and delightful commercial towns. Home to Frederiksværk, Hundested and Liseleje.

TOP LEFT The light over Halsnæs is beautiful all year round. CENTRE Hvide Klint . TOP RIGHT J.F. Classen, who established weapons factory Frederiks Værk in 1753. BOTTOM RIGHT Gjethuset is a thriving arts and culture centre; a venue for rock concerts, conferences, children’s theatre, professional touring theatre, chamber music, exhibitions and much more.


Frederiksværk has grown considerably since the 18th century and is considered to be the cradle of industrialisation in Denmark. A cannon foundry was built here in 1751, though it closed again a few years later. Afterwards, J.Fabritius and J.F. Classen established the weapons factory Frederiksværk, which made canons, gunpowder and other weapons materials. The factory quickly expanded and added an iron foundry and copper rolling mill and a settlement grew next to the industrial site. Today you can visit the gunpowder museum Krudtværksmuseet and Gjethuset and get a feel for the site’s history. Hundested has grown from a small fishing village at Hunderevet at the end of the 19th century to a highly-attractive maritime town with a commercial harbour, fishing harbour and marina. The summer is a really special time when there are lots activities for children and adults at the harbour. Liseleje was originally a small fishing village, but centuries of holiday makers flowing into the area have transformed it into one of North

Sealand’s best areas for bathing towns and thousands of holiday homes. The sandy beaches are child-friendly with sand dunes and planted vegetation and most of the beaches are manned by lifeguards throughout the summer. Art and light The area’s very special light, which is partly due to reflection from the sea and fjord, has attracted many artists for centuries. The local art galleries have a large number of their works. Naturally, exhibitions also include works by other artists. Gjethuset in Frederiksværk has regular exhibitions of international artists and once a year Halsnæs holds the Open Arts Studios, when local artists open their studios to the public for the day. Glassworks Glassmedjen is located on the harbour in Hundested, where you can experience the fascinating artistic glassmaking process and the harbour is the venue for the annual artists market in June, with artists from the whole of Denmark.

Take your bike Halsnæs offers a wealth of outdoor adventures, from the lush shores around Arresø to winding paths along the rolling fields and shaded forest areas. Bicycle routes like Halsnæsstien, Fjordstien and Nordkyststien open up the countryside and there are excellent paths where you can go on foot, for example from the harbour in Frederiksværk along the canal to Arresødal and the viewing platform in Arresø.

For families with children, the nature playground Havtyren (the Sea Bull) in Liseleje and the adventure platform in Hundested Harbour where visitors can touch fish are must-see attractions. Halsnæs loves parties and colours. During the year it hosts the Harbour Gala, Beach Party, Day of the Fish, Kite Festival and the Krudtværks Festival.

World of music Music means a lot to Halsnæs. Frederiksværk Music festival is Denmark’s largest chamber music festival and attracts large audiences throughout July every year. Halsnæs is also home to jazz, rock and pop music with the Lynæs Jazzfestival and small and large music concerts are held in Gjethuset. Authentic sights and experiences The sights in Halsnæs are very authentic. Visit Knud Rasmussen’s House and get a feel for the life of the famous polar explorer. He commissioned the house to be built on the slope by Spodsbjerg Lighthouse because of the view. The same view we enjoy today. Industrimuseet Frederiks Værk, museum of industry includes the Arsenal, Krudtværket (gun powder works) museum and Gjethuset, which was the setting for production in Frederiksværk.


Royal Fredensborg in Denmark’s Royal Retreat The town’s history stretches back to the 1720s when Fredensborg Palace was built. For many years the town’s existence depended upon the daily life of the castle and the royal family’s household and this dependence has had a lasting affect on the town’s development. Today the town is an authentic, well-preserved and lovely urban environment, with several well-preserved old houses. The pedestrian street with its many small businesses, the lovely green areas with the castle garden and Esrum Lake naturally framing the town environment, give the town a unique and special atmosphere. Fredensborg Palace is the official residence of the royal couple for most of the year. For hundreds of years the town and its development has been very positively shaped and influenced by its close relationship with the royal family’s presence and the daily life of the castle. Welcome to Fredensborg Every April, when the royal couple moves into Fredensborg Palace, their official residence, they are welcomed by several hundred local residents, orchestra music and a large torchlight procession. Several ambassadors of foreign countries will present their credentials to the Queen at Fredensborg Palace during her stay there. An entertaining spectacle unfolds in the town as the foreign ambassadors, accompanied by mounted Hussars, move through the town centre towards Fredensborg Palace. The Danish Royal Life Guards in the town centre When the royal couple stays in Fredensborg, the Royal Danish Life Guards stay with them. Every week local residents and tourists watch the Danish Royal Life Guards parade through the town centre on their way to the castle. On festive occasions the Band of the Royal Life Guards performs in Fredensborg and in Fredensborg Palace garden. The town’s business community and the municipality work together to ensure that the town is always attractively decorated whenever the royal family hosts an event in the palace.


Welcome to

At the tip of Sealand’s top, the old fishing village Gilleleje is also a charming and enterprising commercial town. There is always something for the whole family in the town at the top. The wonderful harbour, unspoilt countryside, beach and many different businesses and stores give the town a special feel. Unique businesses cater for kids and adults, with styles and prices to suit any preference and budget. You can find very inspiring arts and crafts and extremely creative hobby stores, several exciting hairdressers, attractive toy stores, bakers, shoe shops and fashion stores that go out of their way to stock lovely , unique and popular high-quality brands. Gilleleje also has many stores selling daily staples, special goods, delicatessens and lots of cafes, restaurants and eateries serving culinary delights to satisfy the tastes and standards of the most demanding guests. Gilleleje is a commercial town offering a wide range of services and goods to shoppers and more stores are opening because the town is very popular, attracting a lot of visitors from the surrounding area.

Summer in Gilleleje The summer is a very special time in Gilleleje because the town really buzzes. People from all over the world mingle in the town. The colourful market day is held every Thursday and Saturday and locals and tourists have taken this event to heart. Stalls, music, flags and especially the town’s special atmosphere make Gilleleje one of the most attractive towns in North Sealand. Summer is also Gilleleje’s festival season. Bakkefest (summer party), Harbour Gala, Jazz at the Harbour, Kunst i Filet’en (art exhibition) and much more. See more at Gilleleje the town on top – a small oasis with a lot to offer. To see more visit



– the heart of Royal North Sealand

Whatever your heart desires, you’ll find it in Hillerød Hillerød is located in the heart of Royal North Sealand and whether you prefer history, art, music, countryside, cafes or shopping, Hillerød will give you a royal welcome. Because the good life is having the opportunity to do what you really love. Hillerød is the place for enjoying the good life Take a small walk though the winding pedestrian streets, look around a charming back yard gallery, enjoy a cup of coffee in one of

the small cafes, take the little ferry from Torvet (town square), and enjoy a relaxing sailing tour on the castle lake. Eat a delicious lunch in one of the modern cafes on the Torvet and enjoy the uninterrupted view of the castle and its lake. You can also relax listening to one of the many small concerts on the Torvet or explore the town’s many original specialist stores which also sell local delicacies and visit Denmark’s most beautiful shopping centre: SlotsArkaderne has some of North Sealand’s largest fashion, interior design and sport stores, as well as Bilka; North Sealand’s largest department store.

FREDERIKSBORG CASTLE – ALWAYS WORTH VISITING Frederiksborg Castle is unique, a natural part of the town’s proud history and one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in the world. Definitely worth a visit! DENMARK’S LOVELIEST SEA MILE You can take the small ferry directly from Torvet in Hillerød and sail Denmark’s Loveliest Sea Mile. It is a romantic sailing trip to the castle, where you can experience the beautiful Baroque garden and see the impressive water cascading from a completely new perspective. TORVET IN HILLERØD Torvet is the heart of Hillerød. The town square has a large selection of charming cafes, delightful restaurants, ice cream stalls serving homemade waffles – all with a wonderful view of the castle, its beautiful lake and the surrounding countryside. Summer’s many bright nights are even more beautiful when you experience them in Torvet in Hillerød.


Helsinge has it all Helsinge is one of the liveliest commercial towns in North Sealand. All year round you can experience lots of different activities, which together with the rich variety of supermarkets and specialist stores makes the town a lively and attractive place to visit. HELSINGE HAS IT ALL 75 specialist stores 6 supermarkets 12 eateries/restaurants 5 estate agents 12 hairdressers 8 authorised car dealerships 6 large petrol stations 1 large Caravan Center Lots of commercial enterprises


Stroll along Helsinge’s pedestrian street and get a feeling of an old commercial town that has undergone an amazing development. The lovely street pavement, together with the newly renovated building facades vividly illustrates a town where older properties and residences have been modernised. The new infrastructure and street furnishings ensure the town has a cohesive identity. Sit on a bench by the town’s large fountain and enjoy the charming atmosphere. Take an evening stroll through the town and enjoy the elegant street lighting that comes from the pavements and experience a very special town that has a long history yet which is very modern. Thousands of small lights are strung along the trees to light up the darkness in the winter season.

There is free parking in Helsinge Wherever you intend to shop in Helsinge, there will be a parking space close by. The town has over 2,000 parking spaces to choose from and they are all free to use. You may have to display your parking disc in one or two parking spots but otherwise it will not be necessary. Town pond with fountain The sound of the large fountain mingles with the calls of the ducks and the seagulls, and frequently the bubbling music of nearby children’s laughter. The green pond frog lounges on his big grey stone, and sends a playful jet of water through the air. A wonderful oasis in the heart of Helsinge. Green and lush. The area around the pond consists of stores, benches, large grass lawns, beautiful flowerbeds and plants and large trees.

Christiern Pedersen memorial Author and translator Christiern Pedersen (1480-1554) spent the last ten years of his life in Helsinge. Christiern Pedersen was a supporter of Christian II and stayed with the king during his exile in the Netherlands. He joined the Lutheran reformation and criticised his own earlier Catholic writings. He became a canon in Lund and lived in Paris for several years where he wrote a new Latin grammar book and prepared to write his later Latin-Danish lexicon. Later in life, he lived in Malmø and in Copenhagen and in 1550 he was given the task of translating the Bible into Danish. A beautiful memorial to Christiern Pedersen was erected next to Helsinge’s beautiful village pond in 1956. The memorial was restored as part of renovation of the village pond area in 2005.

Sculpture by the town hall The well-known Danish sculptor Hans Christian Rylander installed a large fountain-based sculpture in front of Gribskov Municipality’s town hall. Called „De talte om skæbnens uforsigtighed bl.a.” (They talked about fate’s imprudence, etc.), the work was finished in 1999. Children’s play area at VP Arkaden At the end of the cosy shopping arcade VP Arkaden, there is a very untraditional children’s play area, consisting of wooden cars, boats and planes, all made by the town’s tradesmen and maintained by the Lions Club Helsinge. The play area is made ready every spring, for even the youngest of children. The play area is fenced off and there are benches for adults.


Welcome to Helsingør Experience the intimacy and atmosphere of Helsingør’s small narrow alleys, where carefully restored medieval houses testify to its long and exciting history. Or visit the historical landmarks such as the abbey, cathedral and castle that make Helsingør a world-class destination. Standing by Kongekajen in Helsingør, you get a feel for a setting where the past, the present and the future meets. The quay starts opposite from the train station and follows the Øresund down to the Culture Yard; the brilliant transformation of the former shipyard; now a world-class culture centre. Kongekajen also has a perfect view of Kronborg and Sweden and Helsingborg on the other side of the Øresund. You can walk in town from Kongekajen and explore Helsingør’s old town, whose sights include Sankt Olai Cathedral and Sct. Mariæ church with the Vor Frue Monastery. These are two of Helsingør’s most important buildings and they are almost situated side by side. The cathedral’s current form dates from 1559 but it had already been established in the 13th century, which makes it the oldest building in the city. Sct. Mariæ Church’s monastery was estab-


lished in the late medieval period by Eric of Pomerania, who also introduced the Sound Dues (Øresundstolden) in Helsingør. The Sound Dues no longer exist but it’s more than likely you will still spend money as you explore Helsingør. For example, Stengade is full of stores, from well-known chain stores to wonderful specialist stores offering a wide range of exciting goods. At the same time, the setting’s wealth of centuries-old buildings makes your shopping experience even more special. If you need to take a time-out, then head to Axeltorv. The square has always been a natural meeting place for people in Helsingør. During the summer you can enjoy a meal in the sunshine in any one of the many eateries that have outdoor seating.


Get loads of discounts in Copenhagen

The card is as small as a credit card but opens the doors to many exciting experiences. cOPENhagen CARD provides you with free entrance to or discounts for almost hundreds of attractions in the Copenhagen area and free transport by train, bus and metro. You can purchase copenhagen CARD here • Via the Internet at the address:, so you can have one sent to you beforehand. • At tourist agencies everywhere in Denmark for example, the tourist information Copenhagen Right Now, diagonally across from Tivoli’s main entrance. • In the airport, at larger train stations and in many hotels, camping sites and hostels. cOPENhagen CARD is your adventure card that makes it easier and cheaper to explore the many cultural, historical and entertaining attractions of the Copenhagen area. The card provides free entrance to almost 70 different attractions, from Tivoli and the Zoo to royal castles and ARKEN Museum of Modern Art and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek sculpture museum. Do not miss the free canal boat trip and enjoy Copenhagen from the waterside.

Besides free entrance to many of the capital’s best attractions, cOPENhagen CARD also provides discounts to approx. 30 other places and activities, from the Guinness World Records to the Swim Centre in DGI-byen. With a cOPENhagen CARD you can travel for free by train, metro, bus and harbour bus, just as the card provides substantial discounts on everything from bike taxi transport and sightseeing tours in open double-decker busses to car hire. Prices and validity for Copenhagen CARD • You can purchase a card valid for either 24, 72 or 120 hours • The price for a 24-hour card is DKK 249 for adults and DKK 119 for children (10-15 years). • The price for a 72-hour card is DKK 479 for adults and DKK 239 for children (10-15 years). • The price for a 120-hour card is DKK 699 for adults and DKK 349 for children (10-15 years). • One adult can have two children under 10 years of age included on the card. • Read more about which places you have free entrance to and get discounts with cOPENhagen CARD at www. or in the little handbook about cOPENhagen CARD you receive together with the card.


Shopping in Frederikssund Holidays mean shopping too! Frederikssund market town is the ideal destination for discerning shoppers. Visit North Sealand’s newest shopping centre Sillebroen Shoppingcenter, located next to Frederikssund S-train station in the town centre. Or take a stroll along the old streets and explore the many original specialist stores and wellness centres. Put your feet up and relax with a drink in any one of the many charming cafes or experience the maritime atmosphere in Frederikssund’s old commercial harbour, now an attractive part of the town with a unique view across Roskilde Fjord.


Sillebroen Shoppingcenter – lots of fashion and fun Sillebroen Shoppingcenter is Sealand’s largest and most attractive shopping centre – located in the heart of Frederikssund, next to the S-train station. Travel by train and walk directly into the shopping centre from the station platform or take the car and park in any one of the 800 parking spaces, all with three hours of free parking. Fashion mecca (and much more) Sillebroen Shoppingcenter has 75 attractive stores. You can purchase staple goods, shoes, children’s clothes, jewellery and electronic goods, and it has a large selection of eateries. The shopping centre has an impressive number of clothing stores, making it North Sealand’s premier fashion mecca. There are over 20 womenswear stores alone, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits your age, preferences and budget. Shopping should be fun Sillebroen Shoppingcenter is for the whole family. The shopping centre provides entertainment for the kids while mum and dad shop. Visit to read more about the activities and the stores that make shopping a wonderful experience for everyone. Sillebroen, Nygade 1 A, 3600 Frederikssund Tel. (+45) 47 33 80 90,


Gilleleje’s biggest supermarket When you have a long shopping list there is only one destination in Gilleleje that you need – SuperBrugsen, a store that specializes in having everything that you could possibly want. OPENING TIMES Monday-Friday: 9:00–19:00 Saturday-Sunday & bank holidays: 8:00–17:00 Week 26–32 open every day until 19:00 SuperBrugsen Parkvej 1, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 00 06


Visitors to the store are welcomed with the aroma of freshly-baked bread in the large open bakery, where the baker is making more dough and delicious cakes. You can watch the bread being made and make some small talk with the busy baker. Further into the store you will find a well-stocked selection of everything you need, fruit/vegetables, staple goods, hardware, textiles, post office, Danish lottery and sports betting, and last but not least a large delicatessen selling delicious salmon, cheese, cold cuts and warm food for lunch. Again you can watch food being prepared, this time by the butcher and delicatessen staff, working with exciting ingredients.

Kulturhavn Gilleleje Kulturhavn Gilleleje is a major visionary project, located in the heart of Gilleleje. The project aims to contribute to the development of a dynamic and attractive town centre; ensuring Gilleleje has a thriving and sustainable commercial and cultural life. The first stage is called Snedkeriet, an arts centre with studios, exhibitions and many different kinds of courses, such as flower arranging, painting and jewellery. Kulturhavn Gilleleje is expected to have an area of 10-12.000 m² and it will house staple goods stores, specialist stores, a market, a health centre, a library, a museum, a culture hall with cinema, music and music stage, a restaurant and café, arts studios and gallery, housing and parking spaces. The first residents have moved in Kulturhavn Gilleleje’s first residents moved into Snedkeriet at the beginning of November 2011. Ilse Jacobsen established BLOMSTEN Gilleleje in collaboration with flower arranger Lars Jon.

Courses in flower arranging, decoration and much more will be held during the year. Ilse Jacobsen is probably better known as a designer of colourful wellington boots, waterproofs, feminine shoes and gorgeous clothes. But flowers are also a big part of Ilse Jacobsen’s world, which she wants to share with you in BLOMSTEN Gilleleje. More artists will soon move into Snedkeriet, which is built along the canal and has space for all kinds of working studios. The first artists will move in at Easter. Smykke-Snedkeriet is a studio/gallery/store with jewellery from Cleopatra Design and paintings by Kirsten Herse. Several artists will open studios during the year.



ABOVE Enjoy Hillerød’s café culture in the beautiful town square FROM LEFT Visit Hillerød’s many fashion and specialist stores in pedestrian streets and in SlotsArkaderne, 300 stores in total

Hillerød – for those who love to shop! Two shopping centres, one main pedestrian street and a total of 300 stores Slotsgade and Helsingørgade form a lovely winding pedestrian street through Hillerød. On North Sealand’s most beautifully located main street – next to Frederiksborg Castle and the castle lake – temptations are everywhere. It has everything that your shopping heart may desire and whether your family prefers charm-


ing restaurants and cafes or full-on power shopping, there’s something to catch your eye, from fashion to music and interior design. Hillerød’s two shopping centres SlotsArkaderne and Gallerierne have direct access to the pedestrian street and both are beautifully integrated into the town centre. With over 300 stores, there’s hours of shopping for everyone!

Visit Denmark’s most beautiful shopping centre The elegant shopping centre SlotsArkaderne is directly accessible from the pedestrian street and with 60 stores it is a destination in its own right; transforming the everyday into something special. SlotsArkaderne’s very special atmosphere is a result of its amazing architecture. The glass ceiling structure lets light flood down from a height of two storeys and large chandeliers are lit when twilight falls. It is an inspiring and inspirational place on several levels. SlotsArkaderne is very big on fashion – for men and women. It houses

some of North Sealand’s biggest names in fashion, beauty products, sports and interior design. It is also home to North Sealand’s biggest department store, Bilka. Opening times: Mon-Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat 10:00–16:00, first and last Sun in each month 11:00–16:00. Bilka: Mon-Fri 8:00-21:00, Sat 8:00-18:00, first and last Sun in each month 10:00-17:00.

The sound of North Sealand For a long time people have wanted to set music to the many beautiful pictures of North Sealand. Guitarist Finn Olafsson has done it for them. Finn Olafsson’s Music from North Sealand CD contains 13 captivating tracks which he has composed and which he plays with four other talented musicians. The melodies are like oases of tranquillity and idyll, long enough to let listeners become absorbed in the songs and to recall their own special moments in North Sealand. In the CD booklet Finn Olafsson writes about his North Sealand: „Here where I live, I’m surrounded by marvellous nature: meadows, fields, marshes, forests, lakes, cliffs and beaches teeming with wildlife. It isn’t strange that many people have found it so alluring down

through the ages. Including Denmark’s kings, who built the incredible, almost fantasy-like castles and castle gardens in the landscape. Nature is an everlasting source of inspiration to me – it places me in a heightened emotional state where I literally feel the possibilities are endless. But when I experience nature in a historical context; in the form of a castle ruin, Esrum Abbey and the castles, I instinctively write music that perhaps is reminiscent of the kind of music that was played in the medieval fields and renaissance courts. I hope the listener can feel this quality in the music.”

Helsingør City welcomes you Helsingør invites you inside the city, where the ramparts surround Kronborg Castle, the harbour bustles with activity and ships cross the sound, where old and well-preserved timber-framed houses still stand, and last but not least, the site of Denmark’s richest cultural heritage sets the scene for a wealth of wonderful experiences. And there are so many wonderful experiences to be enjoyed in Helsingør in the summer. There is something for every taste in Helsingør – whether you want an intimate sunset on the beach, a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants, delightful song and music or world-class cultural experiences. Helsingør is home to original specialist


stores full of exciting goods, charming cafes and restaurants that lie in lovely surroundings and fine courtyards settings. To read more about the many activities in the city during the summer visit We look forward to you and your family visiting Helsingør. You’ll get a heartfelt welcome when you arrive. Helsingør City, 250 specialist and staple goods stores, free parking. To read more about the city and what it has to offer visit www.helsingorcity. dk. Opening times: Mon-Thurs to 17:30, Fri open to 18:00, Sat open to 14:00, first and last Saturday in the month open to 15:00.

The CD costs DKK 149 and can be purchased from VisitNordsjælland tourist information offices (p. 91). and

Visit the Diva girls in Helsinge Diva & Design is a lifestyle store with a flair for beautiful fashion, arts and crafts and interior design, located at the end of Helsinge’s pedestrian street. The Diva girls provide free personal styling as part of their customer service … The Diva girls are always ready to provide first-rate styling and advice. We place great value on delivering the best service to our customers. We are professional and honest. We don’t want to sell clothes that hang in closets. We want to sell clothes that are worn; so they bring pleasure. Our 200 m2 store is located close to the village pond in Helsinge. We sell a range of clothes, footwear and arts and crafts from contemporary Danish and foreign brands. Our brand selection reflects our desire to have a store that offers a wide choice and which is dynamic and stocks the latest new trends.

DIVA & DESIGN Frederiksborgvej 4 DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 70 26 44 64

OPENING TIMES Monday-Thursday 10:00–17:30 Friday 10:00–18:00 Saturday 10:00–14:00




Museum of Modern Art Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is world-famous. It is also a living cultural centre and a very special place where art and architecture meet parkland with direct access to Øresund. Every year Louisiana hosts major international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum has a long tradition of photography, design and architecture exhibitions. The collection covers a period dating back to 1945 and has examples of every genre – mainly focusing on painting and sculpture. The collection has major works by Picasso, Giacometti, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Bourgeois, Jorn, Baselitz and Kirkeby. The museum has the largest collection of art in Scandinavia, with over 3,000 works. Architecture and sculpture park Architecturally, Louisiana is considered to be one of the finest examples of 50s discreet modernism. The museum blends perfectly with the landscape and the surrounding sculpture park with its panoramic view of Øresund. The park sculptures are an important part of the museum’s collection and each sculpture is precisely placed so that its expression is fully realised. The sculpture park contains work by Moore, Calder, Ernst, Miró and others. The Children’s Wing, cafe and shop Children of all ages have the unique opportunity to work creatively and explore their imaginations and senses in the Louisiana Children’s Wing, a 500 m² three-storey building.

Louisiana Cafe has a panoramic view across Øresund and the outdoor patio is open in the summer. Modern Danish cuisine based on seasonal ingredients is prepared and served in the cafe. Lunch and dinner buffets are available. Louisiana Shop is one of Denmark’s leading design stores, focussing mainly on Danish and Scandinavian design. The selection of goods available in the store reflects the latest design trends but also reflects the museum’s changing exhibitions. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Gl. Strandvej 13 DK-3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19 Opening times: Tuesday-Friday: 11:00–22:00 Sat-Sun and bank holidays 11:00–18:00 Closed Mondays Note open evenings until 22:00 Tuesday-Friday

TOP FROM LEFT Rudolph Tegner’s monumental sculptures in Dronningmølle The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle Polar explorer Knud Rasmussen’s house in Hundested Munkeruphus

A more artful holiday As Copenhagen’s front garden, North Sealand is rich in history, with a wealth of exiting historical artefacts. The area has probably the highest concentration of museums anywhere in Denmark – from small, specialised sites to major museums housing internationally-recognised collections. Whether you prefer world famous works of art in Louisiana or the more humble cooper’s works at Ramløse Mølle, North Sealand has something to match your tastes. You can take the whole family on a cultural tour through time, experience historical sites and buildings – from as far back as medieval times. Or bring them back up to date as you enjoy modern art concepts and installation art. Karen Blixen in Rungsted, Rudolph Tegner in Dronningmølle, monks in Esrum, Knud Rasmussen in Hundested, lighthouses, agriculture and skeletons. It’s all there in North Sealand. With such diversity and abundance, you might find yourself pushed for time. You might have difficulty making your mind up. North Sealand isn’t going anywhere – visit us again and again

Munkeruphus A charming art exhibition centre on the top of North Sealand. Munkeruphus has existed for over 20 years and has around five new exhibitions every year, showing high-quality art, sculpture, arts and crafts, architecture and special themed exhibitions. The Colonial-style building is protected and lies on the coast road between Hornbæk and Gilleleje, surrounded by 16 hectares of parkland that leads directly down to the Øresund. The centre has a charming cafe and visitors can eat outside in the summer. Visitors can also buy a picnic and take it with them on a walk along the beach or eat their lunch while resting in one of the sun loungers in the shade of large trees. Summer or winter, Munkeruphus is a wonderful experience, providing art, culture and beautiful nature for all the family. Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dronningmølle Tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06,

The Culture Yard The Culture Yard is 13,000 m2 of cultural adventure. Visit the modern main library, the Værftsmuseet museum, exhibitions in the Krydsfeltet exhibition room, enjoy excellent food in the Spisehuset restaurant or enjoy world-class cultural events on North Sealand’s largest stage. You can enjoy concerts, theatre, shows, events, talks, debates, exhibitions, festivals and much more at the Culture Yard. Starring local talent, Denmark’s biggest stars and international acts.


THE CULTURE YARD Allegade 2 DK-3000 Helsingør

Sommer events in Helsingør city of culture Helsingør is worth visiting all year round and especially in the summer because as the season heats up so too does the city. Summer in Helsingør is warm evening walks in the narrow cobblestone streets, laid-back days by the city’s beach and cheerful and cheering picnics and walks in the forests. Summer in Helsingør is also the season of festivals with the Shakespeare Festival and the Street Theatre Festival. To be or not to be? Experience the annual Shakespeare Festival Every August Kronborg Castle is the setting for an international world-class acting performance when the Shakespeare Festival is held. Some of the world’s best theatrical companies present their interpretation of Shakespeare’s immortal classics. Experience the spectacular special performances under an open sky, accompanied by the cry of the gulls and the whispering breeze. An overwhelmingly magical and unforgettable

evening takes place when the torches along the rampart are lit and the sun sinks below the old fortress. International Street Theatre Festival in Helsingør Helsingør is home to street entertainers from 31 July to 4 August. Helsingør Theatre invites Danish and foreign artists to the city to fill the streets with theatrical events, happenings and experimental performances for the annual Street Theatre Festival. The festival is a collaboration spanning the Øresund with culture centre Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg. Since 2004, the festival has focused on uniting major international and artistic ambitions while keeping a firm footing on both sides of the Sound. This explains why the city centre and outlying areas are equally involved in the festival.


Viking Town Frederikssund Market town Frederikssund is beautifully located next to Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord with idyllic villages and rolling hills – 42 km from Copenhagen.


The shallow coastline area is the closest you will come to finding such truly unspoilt, uncultivated landscape, with unique tranquillity, an abundance of fish, birds and glittering water. The quiet waters are ideal for canoeing and kayaking for beginners and more experienced canoeists. Frederikssund has castles, visionary and international art and lots of beautiful summer events. Locals and visitors love the Snake City Jazz Festival in Slangerup with its New Orleans atmosphere. Blå Nat (Blue Night) in Jægerspris, the annual harbour gala Frederikssund for Fulde Sejl and Frederikssund Festival, guarantee lots of fun and music. Viking Festival Every year Frederikssund becomes all things Viking, as more than 250 adults and children dress in Viking costumes and create a fantasy Viking world on the most beautiful outdoor stage in Denmark, by the banks of Roskilde Fjord. As evening twilight falls and tales from Saxo’s Danish History and Nordic mythology are enacted on the stage, you can easily imagine the time when Vikings traded, lived and sailed on Roskilde Fjord. Don’t miss a trip to the “outdoor museum”. The Viking village has historically accurate copies of what were local Viking houses. The local cultural history museum, Museet Færgegården, is located inside Jægerspris Gods’ Færgegård; a manor building from 1839 and has various collections, mainly from the Stone Age hunter-gather period.

Castles and international art Frederikssund is home to castles and international art. Countess Danner’s Jægerspris Castle with the beautiful castle park has exciting exhibition from the countess’s childhood and other changing special exhibitions. At Selsø Castle, you can perhaps meet the castle ghost, the white lady. If you prefer art and innovative art, then J. F. Willumsen’s Museum is a must. Organic and Danish wine making adventure Do you prefer locally produced and low carbon food? Visit Hansens Is and enjoy delicious ice cream, fresh from the old cooperative dairy in Lyngerup. At Svanholm Gods, Northern Europe’s largest organic farming collective, you can take a guided tour, visit the shop or go for a walk on the new forest paths. Experience a Danish wine adventure at Degnemosegård in Ferslev and taste the award-winning wine and purchase other quality wines in the farm shop. At Østergård Frugtplantage fruit plantation you can purchase juice and old Danish varieties of apples and in the autumn you can press your own apples. Willumsen’s Museum Paintings, sculptures, drawings and ceramics made by the Danish symbolist and expressionist who was groundbreaking and controversial in his day. Families with children will love the VÆRKboksen – a three-dimensional, sensorybased and interactive arts first aid box for kids

(6–10 years old), which entertains and inspires and creates shared art experiences for children and adults. Selsø Castle Selsø Castle is one of Denmark’ most virgin manor houses, a unique example of a typical Danish manor house from the 18th and early 19th century. The main building was built in the 1570s and redeveloped in the 1730s. From 1829 the house was uninhabited, which explains the sense of fairytale magic that surrounds the beautifully located castle, hidden and forgotten for generations. None of it has been modernised since 1829. Selsø Castle has one of the country’s grandest Great Halls with a magnificent plastered ceiling, marbled panels that are four metres high, large wall paintings by the court painter Hendrick Krock and two very large Versailles mirrors, considered to be the best 18th century objects in Denmark. Hornsherred and Jægerspris Castle Countess Danner and Frederik V11 loved Hornsherred and Jægerspris Castle. King Frederik VII acquired Jægerspris Castle on 21 April 1854 – the birthday of his wife Louise Danner. The House of Oldenborg Kings’ old hunting castle became a private residence for the King and afterwards dower house for Countess Danner. The couple immediately renovated the castle in the style and fashion of its day. The Countess Danner opened parts of the castle to the public in 1866. Everything here should be left exactly where it was. Because Countess Danner wanted the rooms to be a permanent memorial for the popular King. The castle museum has memorial rooms with the beautiful plastered ceiling and silktapestry of the audience hall, reliefs by Thorvaldsen, the King’s study with its impressive collection of pipes and the large oil painting of the Countess in her wedding dress, painted in 1850 by David Monies.


Cultural excursions in North Sealand

A wealth of attractions awaits you in North Sealand. Here’s a small taste of just some of the exciting locations you can visit. Your local tourist information office will supply you with material on many more exciting experiences.

Asserbo Castle Ruin Bishop Absalon founded Asserbo as an abbey in the 12th century. The abbey was once a Carthusian monastery. The monks abandoned the monastery after a few years and entrusted Asserbo to Sorø Abbey, which allowed different vassals to manage and redevelop the abbey. The castle was excavated in 1849. Søren Kierkegaard Stone Memorial in Gilleleje A memorial to Denmark’s world-famous philosopher. He was also a pioneering tourist in Gilleleje, when already in 1835, he enjoyed the peace and quiet of the place, as he put his thoughts to paper. The stone memorial is located by the path Gilbjergstien, which goes west alongside the water. Helenekilde in Tisvildeleje Helenekilde is one of Denmark’s most famous springs. The spring can be found on a slope, facing the Kattegat. Parking is difficult here, so use a bicycle. Better still, walk along the coastal road Strandvejen, or walk along the beach. Hammermøllen in Hellebæk Built in 1765. One of several watermills at Kronborg Geværfabrik. Exhibition with artefacts from Kronborg Geværfabrik gun factory and local history of surrounding area. Dolmens in Valby Hegn No less than seven Neolithic long dolmens (4200–2800 BC) are located in the western part of the forest, many of them very well-preserved, their grave chambers almost intact. Baroque Garden at Frederiksborg Palace The Baroque Garden lies immediately north of the palace. It was originally designed by


Frederik IV. The magnificent garden was built in 1720–25 by architect and royal gardener, Johan Cornelius Krieger. Since 1850, people have wanted to restore the by now dilapidated garden to its former glory and this was finally achieved in 1993. J.C. Krieger’s fully-restored baroque garden was officially opened on 5 June 1996. Esrum Canal Runs from Esrum lake via Esrum and Snævret Forest to Dronningmølle. The canal, which was 9 km long, 9 m wide and 1.5 m deep was used to transport firewood from Gribskov to Copenhagen from 1805–1873, until it was replaced by Gribskovbanen. Sandflugtsmonumentet in Tisvilde For centuries, up until 1730, the area turned into a sandy desert, known as Tisvilde Hegn. In the years that followed, the advancing sand was halted thanks to a great deal of hard work put into planting trees in the area. Sandflugtsmonumentet (sand drift monument) was built in 1788 as memorial to this enterprise. It is located at the top of a hill at the end of Alléen in Tibirke. Søborg Castle Ruin In medieval times the castle, which was then a fortress (built 12th century), stood on an island in a fjord connected to the Kattegat. Søborg was one of Denmark’s strongest fortified castles and was also used as a prison. Frog in the Village Pond in Helsinge Created by sculptor Jean René Gauguin (18811961). The sculpture is over a meter long and sits on a granite base. It was donated to Helsinge Civic Association by Holger Børge, a doctor who worked in Helsinge.

Rungstedlund garden and forest Rungstedlund is located close to the Øresund coast in Rungsted. Behind the buildings stretches nearly 17 hectares of gardens and park. The area is designed as a bird sanctuary, as Karen Blixen wanted, and it is open to the public. Visitors can also visit Karen Blixen’s grave, at the foot of Ewald’s Mound. Gilleleje Harbour The biggest commercial harbour in Sealand you can watch the fishermen at work and purchase delicious fresh fish at the well-stocked fishmongers. There are many excellent restaurants on the harbour, and together with the stores and shipyards, this is a destination you’ll enjoy visiting. Helsingør’s oldest house There are a lot of lovely old houses in Helsingør. The oldest is at Strandgade 27, a timber framed house, which dates back to 1577. Dronningholm Castle Ruin Built with a rampart and drawbridge at Arresø’s southern bank, it was one of Denmark’s largest castles, built by Valdemar II of Denmark around 1200. According to legend, Queen Dagmar was given the castle as a morning gift (dower). The castle was partially destroyed in a great fi re in 1525. Gurre Castle Ruin The castle dates from medieval times, and originally stood on an island in Gurre lake. The massive stone tower in the centre of the ruin is the oldest surviving part of the fortification, and dates from the last half of the 12th century. The main tower was originally encircled by wood, almost certainly a palisade. The ring wall with its four high towers was built by Valdemar IV of Denmark in the middle of the 14th century. Jægerspris Castle park Frederik V decided to create a national and cultural monument in the historic countryside in the 18th century. Sculptor Johannes Wiedewelt was tasked with making 54 memorials, which were erected in the period 1777–1789. The castle park also contains Countess Danner’s burial mound.

Julianehøj Just north of Jægerpris Castle lies Julianehøj, originally a passage grave dating from 3,000 BC. Excavated in 1776, by Heir Presumptive Frederik. He allowed sculptor Johs. Wiedewelt to rework the site. Seven surrounding memorial stones were erected to represent the previous heathen kings. Entering the ancient passage grave is a mesmerising, sense-of-history feeling. Hyllingebjergstenen This Bronze Age engraved stone at the entrance to Frederiksværk Library is named after the location of its discovery. The stone is the most decorated of its kind in Denmark, with engravings of ships, sun wheels and signs. Selsø Castle The buildings had been derelict for nearly 150 years when married couple Grete Gunnar Nielsen and Bernhard Linder took over the lease in 1972 with the intention of restoring the castle and creating a museum. They worked with the Special Buildings Inspection authorities and the national Museum of Denmark’s conservation department to painstakingly restore the venerable hall and chambers.

OPPOSITE FROM LEFT Asserbo Castle Ruin Dolmens Lur players at the Viking event Great outdoors Sandflugtsmonumentet in Tisvilde Rungstedlund TOP FROM LEFT Julianehøj Jægerspris Castle Selsø Castle Gilleleje Harbour BOTTOM Hyllingebjergstenen

The Vikings Every year more than 250 adults and children dress in Viking costumes and create a fantasy Viking world by the banks of Roskilde Fjord. The Viking event is a great day out for the whole family with deadly duels, fire, war and love and you can also enjoy a genuine Viking meal or a glass of Viking mead. The year’s Viking drama is entitled Holger Harehjerte and will be premiered on 23 July 2012. Hundested Harbour Hundested Harbour is a modern harbour that developed from a fishing harbour serving essential local needs to a harbour that has various functions serving the whole region. The harbour has three sections; the northern and oldest basins are reserved for sailboats and recreational fishing; the central basin has a jetty and is reserved for commercial fishing and to the south lies the commercial harbour, which is a modern freight port.


TOP PICTURE Karen Blixen Museet Gjethuset in Frederiksværk Tegners Museum in Rusland Kunstnerhuset (inserted) Bodil Studio (inserted)

Art culture in North Sealand North Sealand has a wealth of art and culture on offer. Below are seven excellent examples. Find lots more in the magazine or visit Karen Blixen’s home Rungstedlund was Karen Blixen’s home and is now the Karen Blixen Museum, just a few minutes walk from Rungsted harbour. Karen Blixen (1885–1962) remains one of Denmark’s greatest writers. Rungstedlund opened as the writer’s museum in 1991. Karen Blixen was born and grew up in the house and she spent a large part of her adult life there. Her grave lies under a great beech tree, in the park close to the museum.

When a polar explorer plans In the most northern part of North Sealand, all the way out to the west of Hundested, you’ll find Knud Rasmussen’s House. Denmark’s famous polar explorer built the house by Spodsbjerg Lighthouse in 1917. He lived in the house between his journeys to the North Polar Region. The house has been left as it was in Knud Rasmussen’s day. The interior is intact, including furniture, paintings and photographs. /

Kanonstøberi in Frederiksværk A large and pompous cannon foundry was built in Frederiksværk in the 18th century. Today it has been transformed into Frederiksværk’s arts and culture centre, Gjethuset. A series of exciting exhibitions and cultural arrangements have replaced the cannons. And every year it hosts a series of wonderful classical concerts. /

Rusland in Dronningmølle In Rusland, an attractive park in North Sealand, the public can enjoy the many large and impressive sculptures created by sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873–1950). In addition to the sculpture park, Tegner’s museum is also worth visiting. The museum is located in the park and has over 250 works, executed in plaster, clay, bronze and marble.

LaMa Glas LaMa Glass glassworks is located on an idyllic farm in North Sealand. There is something fascinatingly simple about Laura Madsen’s glass design. Using Italian techniques she learned in Venice, Laura Madsen creates unique glass, with Scandinavian design sensibility and an intense feeling for strong colours. Often, you can catch a glimpse of the glassblower at work. LaMa Glas, Holløselund Strandvej 51, DK-3210 Vejby, Tel. (+45) 48 70 48 10, Opening times: 1 July – 31 August: Wednesday-Sunday 10:00–17:00. Rest of the year Saturday 10:00–15:00. Or by agreement.


Industrimuseet Frederiks Værk

Krudtværket, Krudtværksalléen 1, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Knud Rasmussen’s House, Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, DK-3390 Hundested

New maritime museum on the way Once again Helsingør is about to be placed firmly on the maritime world map. The days of the Sound Toll are long gone. The shipyard is no more. But now the proud maritime history of Helsingør is reborn. The new maritime museum is being built in the dock between the Culture Yard and Kronborg. The museum building will be unique and internationally renowned. As far as is known, no other maritime museum is being built from docks of this scale. The museum is designed by BIG architects. The new maritime museum will be a completely new experience for visitors. The exhibitions are designed by the museum in, collaboration with exhibition architect Kossmann.dejong from Amsterdam, and will involve new elements in the exhibitions and in the museum’s online presence. The museum will open at the end of 2012. Kunstnerhuset Kunstnerhuset is located behind Gjethuset in Frederiksværk and consists of six art studios for very different artists - painter Carsten Dahl, textile artist Paul Jensen, potter Lene Dahl and sculptors Misja K. Rasmussen, Jan Lohmann and Jane Balsgaard. Open house 5 and 6 July 15:00–19:00. Also open as part of Open Arts Studios 11 and 12 August 10:00–17:00. Or by prior agreement. Gjethusparken 4-8, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Bodil Krogh Colourful textiles for body and wall, printed on silk and on linen. Open by prior agreement and second Saturday in every month. Motifs include nature, people, birds, plants, sheep and horses. Bodil Studio, Søndergade 44, Lynæs DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 94 08 44

Munkeruphus A charming art exhibition centre on the top of North Sealand. Munkeruphus has existed for over 20 years and has around five new exhibitions every year, showing high-quality art, sculpture, arts and crafts, architecture and special themed exhibitions. Opening times: from April – December Fri-Sat-Sun 11:00–17:00.In July and August, and during school autumn holidays Tues-Sun 11:00–17:00. Closed Mondays. Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dronningmølle Tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06,

Noyons Galleri on top of Sealand in Gilleleje The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 13:00–17:00 from 1–26 July 2012. In this period there is a presentation about H.C. Andersen as a tourist every Wednesday 15:00–16:00 in Danish and English. Or open by agreement. In addition to Tanja and Bente Noyons’ work, exhibitors live in ports in Denmark. Opening ceremony Sunday 1 July 2012. Theme will be smiling, majestic and unfathomable life and nature! Noyons Galleri, Ndr. Strandvej 6, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 21 67 89 06,


New exciting holiday concepts in Royal

Dessert Weekend Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you passionate about getting delicious fresh ingredients from farmers and gardeners? Perhaps you also dream about brightening a hard week with a festive ending? North Sealand serves great tasting food and offers you the ultimate in indulgence – Dessert Weekend. Because here dessert isn’t ‘just’ a sweet dish served at the end of a good meal. It is a complete luxury concept. Spa bath and wellness with friends. Intimate moments in a romantic setting. Irresistible temptations in the farm shop with fresh berries or chocolate. Local wine for dessert. Or visit one of the local food producers who supply Copenhagen’s Michelin restaurants.


A Dessert Weekend in Royal North Sealand can also be a family outing to pick your own juicy strawberries and prepare them with expert help from one of North Sealand’s talented pastry chefs. Or perhaps a trip to a restaurant where there is only desserts or a menu where sweetness is the main theme for the evening. The experiences that can be enjoyed as a dessert both literally and metaphorically are endless. If you’re willing, we’ll give you a taste of North Sealand. Dessert Weekend can be experienced from 1 June 2012. Details will be available at from that date.

North Sealand ...


Royal North Sealand destination development

on a bicycle

Do you and the love of your life long for some space and tranquillity? Do you long to feel freedom that riding a bicycle brings?

Do you remember when you cycled to see the sights during the summer – when you got more than exercise, when you experienced new fragrances and tastes? Goodbye to kit, equipment and gruelling hardship. Hello to a single journey or a week’s tour and a cascade of experiences. Royal North Sealand’s romantic setting is perfect for tranquillity, intimacy and sensuality – the magic that can make your stay very special. Together you will experience or rediscover the essence of North Sealand. Stay at one of the beautiful beach hotels and wake softly to the scent of the sea and cycle round to the local farm shops that make their own products, from wine to chocolate. Or what about art on the wall or in the park? Visit the attractive small marina settings with charming cafes and restaurants and end the day watching the sunset on a local fishing boat from Gilleleje Harbour. The bicycle links all of these many experiences together, so you’ll feel you really have a feel for Royal North Sealand. Love on a bicycle is a well-earned refuge for those who want to share something that is healthy, fun and inspiring.

ROUTE SUGGESTION Cycle from Hornbæk to Dronningemølle and experience North Sealand’s wonderful coastline. Stop off at Tegners Museum and let the museum’s wonderful surroundings form the setting for a picnic with delicious food from local farm producers Smag på Nordsjælland. Take a well-earned break at Kyssebænken, Munkeruphus after the next stage and cycle to your goal – a refreshing dip in the sea, a lovely dinner and an overnight stay at Helenekilde Badehotel. It’s love on a bicycle in Royal North Sealand. Love on a bicycle can be experienced from 1 June 2012. Details will be available at from that date.




MUSEUM OF NATIONAL HISTORY Frederiksborg Castle, used by hunt-loving Danish Kings since the 16th century. Frederiksborg Castle, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39

HUSMANDSSTEDET Folkemuseet’s outdoor museum Has two buildings: sheep pen from Tisvildeleje and a small holding from Laugø. Sophienborg Allé 9, 3400 Hillerød

KAREN BLIXEN MUSEET Rungstedlund, her childhood home which she returned to in 1931 after 17 years in Africa. Rungsted Strandvej 111, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Tel. (+45) 45 57 10 57 www.

FLYNDERUPGÅRD Living history. Agriculture from 1930 with animals and farm equipment. Eatery and classroom. Agnetevej 9, DK-3060 Espergærde Tel. (+45) 49 28 19 00

FREDERIKSGADE POWER STATION Hillerød’s old power station, now museum with special exhibitions in the high-ceilinged turbine hall. Frederiksgade 11, DK-3400 Hillerød,Tel. (+45) 48 24 34 48

ESRUM MØLLEGÅRD, WATER MILL Dates from 1151 when Cistercian monks built Esrum Abbey. Klostergade 11-12 - Esrum DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

ESRUM ABBEY Cistercian abbey opened in 1151. Now active museum and culture centre. Klostergade 11 - Esrum, DK-3230 Græsted, Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

GILLELEJE MUSEUM Exhibition on Holbo Herred. Ice Age to present. Section on Danish Jews escape to Sweden in 1943 and 20th century Gilleleje. Vesterbrogade 56, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50,

TECHNICAL MUSEUM OF DENMARK History of development of transport machinery, etc. Kids can play being fighter pilots. Fabriksvej 25, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 22 26 11

PIBE MØLLE Some summer Sundays the local Miller’s Guild operates the mill (currently under restoration). Høbjergvej, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50

MUNKERUPHUS Exciting art museum in attractive park with changing exhibitions. Access to Øresund. Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dr. mølle, Tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06

DET GAMLE HUS Fishermen’s house from 1820s. Shows how a typical family lived in the middle of last century. Gilleleje Hovedgade 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50

HILLERØD BYMUSEUM Lovely location in Frederiksborg Castle garden. History from 16th century onwards. Helsingørsgade 65, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 26 43 79

RAMLØSE MØLLE & HÅNDVÆRKSMUSEUM Flour mill from 1908. Still operated on many Sundays. Tradesmen’s museum in side building. Møllelodden 4, 3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 71 25 98,

KNUD RASMUSSENS HOUSE Former home of famous polar explorer, now museum with items from his Greenland expeditions. Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

ESRUM MØLLEGÅRD Part of Esrum Abbey. Activities for the whole family. See the old water mill. Klostergade 12 - Esrum, DK-3230 Græsted, Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

DANISH MARITIME MUSEUM Unique collection from Denmark and around the world, from 15th century onwards. Kronborg, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 06 85

HELSINGØR BYMUSEUM The town museum is located inside Carmelite House – previously an Abbey hospital and poorhouse. Sct. Annagade 36, Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 00,

SKIBSKLARERERGAARDEN Historic house with Denmark’s oldest preserved shop. From the town’s prosperous Sound Due era. Strandgade 91, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 36

J. F. WILLUMSENS MUSEUM Artist’s visionary and original work inspired by fauvism, symbolism and expressionism. Jenriksvej 4, DK-3600 Frederikssund, Tel. (+45) 47 31 07 73

ÆBELHOLT KLOSTERMUSEUM The Abbey museum has skeletons and medical instruments that illuminate quality of life, diseases and death in around 1175. Æbelholt 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 34 48

LAUGØ SMEDJE Smithy. Blacksmiths demonstrate old skills in making horseshoes and explain history of horseshoeing. Laugø Byvej 2, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50

RUDOLPH TEGNER’S MUSEUM AND STATUE PARK Museum and statue park in beautiful area, Rusland. Permanent Tegner exhibition. Museumsvej 19, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, Tel. (+45) 49 71 91 77

FYRHISTORISK MUSEUM AT NAKKEHOVED ØSTRE AND VESTRE FYR Time travel to 1800 and a coalfired lighthouse. Fyrvejen 20 + 25 a, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50


DANISH MUSEUM OF HUNTING AND FORESTRY Experience the countryside and its cultural history with all five senses. Folehavevej 15-17, DK-2970 Hørsholm, Tel. (+45) 45 86 05 72

GJETHUSET (CANNON FOUNDRY) From 1761-67. Now cultural centre for arts and music venue. Gjethusgade 5 DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 77 06 07

NIVAAGAARDS MALERISAMLING Works from Italian and Northern European renaissance, Dutch baroque periods and golden age of Danish art. Gl. Strandvej 2, DK- 2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 10 17

HØJSAGER MØLLE Dutch hiiltop mill. Great outdoor location for a picnic. Open by prior agreement. Højsagervej 8, DK-3480 Fredensborg, Tel. (+45) 60 68 27 82

INDUSTRIMUSEET FREDERIKSVÆRK “KRUDTVÆRKET” World’s best preserved gunpowder works. Working machinery. Krudtværksalléen 1, DK-3300 Frederiksværk, Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

ØRESUNDSAKVARIET Saltwater aquarium showing the sea animals in and around Øresund. Child-friendly touch tanks. Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70

LOUISIANA World-famous museum of modern art. Unique location in park facing Øresund. Gammel Strandvej 13, DK-3050 Humlebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19

HELSINGØR VÆRFTSMUSEUM Small museum about shipyard workers and shipbuilding in 20th century. Free entry. Allégade 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 16

KARMELITERKLOSTRET The Carmelite Abbey. Lovely and exciting 16th century abbey. Also Sct. Mariæ church. Sct. Anna Gade 38 DK-3000 Helsingør

SKIBSHALLERNE IN GILLELEJE Museum halls about history of fishermen in North Sealand. Gillleje Hovedgade 49 DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 72 49 99 50

KRONBORG CASTLE One of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and world-famous setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Helsingør

THE TOY MUSEUM OF NORTH SEALAND Wide selection of toys through the ages. Hørsholmvej 32, DK-3490 Kvistgård, Tel. (+45) 49 16 28 40

BYMUSEET KONGENSGAVE Newest museum in Helsinge. Town’s history from beginning to present day. Østergade 55, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 98 99

SELSØ CASTLE HERREGÅRDSMUSEUM Derelict for 150 years. Now restored and uniquely authentic. Selsøvej 30A, DK-4050 Skibby Tel. (+45) 47 52 01 71

DANISH FOUNDATION OF THE HISTORY OF PHARMACY Pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry and history of medicines in Denmark over the past 100 years. Milnersvej 42, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 45 81 66 87,

HAMMERMØLLEN Mill built in 1765 on Kronborg Geværfabrik. Water from nearby forest lakes. Operated until 1870. Bøssemagergade 21, DK-3150 Hellebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 70 88 67

JÆGERSPRIS CASTLE Home to King Frederik VII and his wife Countess Danner, who could not be queen. Slotsgården 20, DK-3630 Jægerspris, Tel. (+45) 47 53 10 04

HYLLINGEBJERGSTENEN Denmark’s most engraved 3,000-years old stone at entrance to Frederiksværk Library. Frederiksværk Bibliotek Torvet 41, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 78 41 00

JÆGERSPRIS MØLLE Working mill from 1854. Milling at site dated as far back as 1415. Møllevej 52 DK-3630 Jægerspris Tel. (+45) 47 53 16 64

FREDENSBORG LOKALHISTORISKE MUSEUM Has a historical classroom with the largest collection of historical school items. Avderødvej 19, DK-2980 Kokkedal Tel. (+45) 48 28 01 76

For more details about museums and for directions visit


Hillerød viewed from Torvet

Hillerød is called the heart of Royal North Sealand for very good reasons. Hillerød’s dynamic commercial and cultural community makes the town a warm-hearted place to stay in. Whether you’re here with family, friends or partner, you’ll enjoy wonderful experiences that will make you smile and warm your heart. Torvet is the name of Hillerød’s beautiful town square and it has an uninterrupted view of the castle and the beautiful countryside surrounding the castle lake. Castle and town together – a unique setting!


For lovers of life Torvet in Hillerød is one of Northern Europe’s most beautiful town squares. Enjoy a break with a tasty homemade ice cream waffle from the comfort of a bench – or sit back in a café and enjoy a brunch or lunch while taking in the uninterrupted view of the castle.

For art lovers Explore the small backyard galleries where you can see unique paintings, including works by Trampedach. Or enjoy the arts festival Hillerød Art Days in March, when the entire town is transformed into a gallery and arts mecca.

For music lovers Love the vibe when the town square concerts spread excitement and atmosphere among the café guests on Torvet. Or experience music in the smaller, more intimate setting of the Buddha Lounge or go to a major concert in the FrederiksborgCentret. In August, the New Note Festival fills the town with concerts.

For avid shoppers Choice plus quality equals a brilliant day out shopping. Hillerød has it all – with two shopping centres Slotsarkaderne and Gallerierne and a main pedestrian street with lots of stores. With a total of 300 stores ranging from specialist stores to wellknown chain stores, there’s enough choice to satisfy every avid shopper.

For romantics Experience Denmark’s Loveliest Sea Mile on the small ferry M/F Frederiksborg, which sails between the castle and Torvet. A romantic and soothing sailing trip, surrounded by ducks, swans and fountains.

For nature lovers Hillerød is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and forests in Denmark. A walk along Slotsstien offers a wonderful view of the castle and the unique park in the Baroque Garden. The park is the setting for the beautiful Garden Living Fair in August.


Forests and lakes in Royal North Sealand Grib is an old Danish word that translates as common – a piece of land which everyone could use, which had no specific owner. Gribskov covers an area of 5,500 hectares and is one of our oldest forests. Esrum Lake is the second largest lake in Denmark, with an area of 1,736 hectares.

Living history You really feel the living presence of history in North Sealand, as hunting White-tailed Eagles swoop over the lakes and you think about the Danish kings. Between the beech trees and still water lies tranquillity. Or you can enjoy more active relaxation. White-tailed Eagles have bred in North Sealand for two years in a row, evidence of the restored and thriving hunting and nesting terrain. Even the Red Kite flies in North Sealand again. Denmark’s largest lakes Esrum Lake holds the greatest volume of water, located between hilly farmland and Gribskov, Sealand’s largest forest. A sailing trip along the lake banks offers wonderful experiences. Rich bird life, forest barbecue sites, a magnificent view of Fredensborg and its castle garden avenues and the lakeside restaurant Skipperhuset. Activities on a good day include sailing, barbecuing, bird watching, bicycling and fishing. And now you can enjoy a trip on the lake in a ferry. Close to the west lies Arresø, Denmark’s largest lake. The lake waters can be as still as a mirror, or heave with buckling waves in a storm. The lake is a protected area for birds and Western Marsh-harriers can be seen flying over the reeds. And now you can see White-tailed Eagles too. Several meadow lakes dot Arresø’s hinterland like pearls on a string. Strødam Engsø, Solbjerg Engsø, Alsønderup Engsø, which the Pøle river flows through before joining Arresø and fifteen-year old Holløse Bredning lies to the north. The lakes support rich birdlife and grassy meadows run down to the lakesides. Beavers were released into the area in 2009, 2010 and 2011. More than 20 of them have now been released into the area. Gurre Lake is a more mystical place. The ruins of Gurre Castle lie by the lake. Valdemar IV of Denmark’s fabled connection to the location adds an exciting dimension. The lake lies in a forested area with Gurre Vang in the south and


Horserød Hegn in the north. The majority of the forest is protected; its tranquillity treasured. A small path circles the lake. You can barbecue and sleep out in the open. The royal forests North Sealand owes its existence to the popularity of hunting sports among royalty. Christian V returned an enthusiast of chase hunting, which he had learned from France’s Sun King in the 17th century, and introduced it to Denmark. You can still see the long forest hunting routes that meet in star-crossed formations in Gribskov and St. Dyrehave. Stand at Rødepælsstjernen in the heart of Gribskov or at 7-korset (7-cross) in Store Dyrehave, and you can imagine the horns, the galloping hunters and racing hounds chasing their prey to its exhausted doom. There is an audio guide at the centre of the start layout to aid your imagination. Wild deer and leaf roller moths Four species of deer are found in North Sealand. Red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and roe deer. All four species live in Gribskov. Fallow deer and roe deer are the most populous. They are most active in the mornings and evenings and easier to see then. A viewing platform was built in Gribskov in 2011, giving people a better chance, to see the animals. Red deer tend to stay close to Tisvilde Hegn, but they will wander across fields to other woods. A herd of deer emerging from the morning mist is a moving sight. Tisvilde Hegn has a special history because it was planted on sand. Mountains of sand. Sand that had drifted in from the coast for centuries and had buried several villages. Only certain species of trees thrive on sandy soil. The forest trees you see today can tolerate the sand. But the sea winds and tree moth’s larvae, have transformed parts of the wood into a troll-like treecontorted fantasy world. Legend says, it was the Sea Bull, who spread the sand all those years ago. Now the Sea Bull is back, guarding the nature playground in Liseleje.

Active on land and water Danish Forest and Nature Agency forests offer plenty of activities. Bicycle tours, horseback riding and camping overnight in tents. There are barbecue picnic areas in beautiful surroundings, especially along the lakeside. There are countless walking, hiking, jogging and mountain bike routes. And there is wonderful wildlife and a rich history of local culture. There are medieval abbeys and castle ruins, and 5000-year old burial mounds and passage graves. If you carry a mobile phone, you can hear the local history of a particular site, simply by using the phone number provided on the information post at that particular site. Grazing for growing flowers At various locations in North Sealand you get a feel for more open spaces. Hellebæk Kohave is an old grazing area next to Teglstrup Hegn. Around 150–300 cattle are grazed here, which lets the local flowers grow freely, in the naturally cropped grass. On Melby Overdrev, between Liseleje Plantage and Asserbo Plantage, the heather grows all the way to the dunes. The abundant flowers in the sunny open areas, attract beautiful butterflies and insects. Grasshoppers sing in the grass, while pollen-laden bumblebees buzz drowsily from flower to flower. The same idyllic scene can be experienced at Gilbjerg Hoved and Rusland by Tegners Museum. Countryside for special needs visitors A new special needs path has been built at Esrum. The path is around 1.5 km long and has benches, tactile signs and audio guides. Visitors who are blind or who use wheelchairs or have difficulty in moving around, can now enjoy the beautiful landscape without any difficulty. Another path goes from Nødebo to the barbecue sites at Dronningens Bøge, with a view of the lake. The bird tower at Stenholt and the viewing platform in Gribskov, are both equipped with wheelchair ramps. So there are plenty of options and challenges, also with the new Heart and Health path in Valby Hegn. The countryside in North Sealand: Maps and descriptions:

Royal North Sealand National Park The national park in North Sealand is expected to be established in 2012, though the foundations had long existed; with its large forests and lakes, open countryside in between and unique royal history. The area is home to magnificent castles, like Kronborg, Frederiksborg Castle and Fredensborg Palace, Esrum Kloster & Møllegård. And there are the ruins of older royal castles: Søborg, Asserbo, Dronningholm and Gurre. The forests hide a long history of hunting and the lakes have neighboured to most of the castles and fortresses. But the forests and lakes also hold a rich history of the abundant countryside and countless experiences. The main objective of the Royal North Sealand National Park, is to better care for this natural treasure and the adventures it has to offer. Already today you can explore and discover the countryside and its cultural history. And there is a wealth of activities in which to enjoy the area, such as sailing, bicycling, fishing, horseback riding and jogging.


Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry Experience the countryside and its cultural history, with all of your five senses at the Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry. DANSK JAGT- OG SKOVBRUGSMUSEUM Folehavevej 15-17 dk-2970 Hørsholm Tel. (+45) 45 86 05 72 OPENING TIMES Tues-Sun 10:00–16:00. Closed Monday. Special opening times for school holidays and bank holidays.


For children, families and the young at heart Visitors to the Dansk Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseum are allowed to touch a lot of artefacts and there are several places in the museum where they can use their own bodies to explore history, e.g. try on forestry workwear or Stone Age hunter’s clothing and practically drive a Ferguson tractor. The exhibition has everything from motor saws, hunting weapons, skeletons and many stuffed animals, some of which can be touched. Throughout the winter, summer and autumn school holidays (week 7, July, week 42) there are holiday activities for the whole family. The archery course is usually open and there is lots of cooking over open campfires. There are different activities for the whole family nearly every Sunday of any ordinary weekend. You can try and make your own paper

or try and find out what kind of animals are in the waterhole. The museum’s website has a full up-to-date listing of all activities. … and for the adults There are plenty of activities for adults at Dansk Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseum, where people can meet in large groups and learn. Enjoy the beauty of old hunting weapons, the many trophies and perhaps recognise an old motor saw or wooden toy. The museum cafe, Café Sneppen, serves coffee, cake, home baked tarts and delicious sandwiches. What else is happening at Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry? Follow the development of the two-man saws to forestry machines and learn how Danes have lived off and coped with the natural world, for the last 14-15,000 years. The exhibitions explain the history of traditional forestry, old hunting weapons, bow and crossbow and modern hunting weapons. Visitors can also see the world’s oldest, stuffed wild animal, a red deer from the 17th century, a spruce that was higher than the Round Tower and a chamber of horrors of deformed animals from the forest. The museum has sheds and barns from the demolished Hirschholm castle.

World heritage site in North Sealand?

Danish chase hunt from 1750. Gouache by Johan Jacob Bruun. By museum director Jette Baagøe North Sealand forests are not as natural as you may think. They were designed as the backdrop for the most magnificent forms of hunting: The monarchic Royal Chase Hunt. 300 years ago, the forests were filled with the bedlam of baying hounds, hunting horns and riders leaping rivers, hunting the largest red deer in the forest until it fell from exhaustion and the hounds pinned it down. A cry would go up “Halali” and the King would come forward and kill the deer with his hunting dagger, because the deer belonged to the King. The hunt illustrated the fact, that the king could use large areas of forest for his own purpose. The forest was deliberately traversed by a carefully coordinated system of uniform hunting routes, that were

numbered and marked with stones and which crossed each other in a star pattern. The King and his guests could follow the hunt on horse or in caravans from the paths. And when the cry “Halali!” went up, they could quickly reach the stricken deer. The French chase hunt was introduced to Denmark by Christian V in 1670 and the hunting routes were built in the 1680s and 1690s but by 1777 this form of hunting had fell out of fashion. The forests would now be managed and the red deer eradicated but the hunting routes were kept. North Sealand’s old hunting forests are now on the waiting list of UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and everyone who knows the history of the hunting routes, can take the shortest route.


The coast of North Sealand is beautiful and varied, and together with the forests, plantations, lakes and fields, North Sealand is a wonderful destination.

Space for big thoughts Gribskov North Sealand has forests and woods. At 5,600 hectares, Gribskov is the fourth-largest forest in Denmark. Gribskov was originally shared between the Church and the Crown, but after the reformation it was solely owned by the Crown. Up until the 18th century, Danish monarchs used the area mainly for hunting and to graze horses from the famous Frederiksborg stud farm. Forestry became the predominant activity in the area after the 18th century. Grib is an old Danish word that translates as ‘common’ – a piece of land which everyone could use, which had no specific owner. Arresø A charming trait of the North Sealand countryside is the unpredictable and changing weather. But despite the changeable weather – or perhaps because of it – sailing on Arresø is a wonderful experience. With an area of 40.7 km², Arresø is Denmark’s largest lake. The lake offers a very special view of the landscape and bird life can be seen close-up. There are Grey Herons and White-tailed Eagles in this internationally protected area. You may even see one of the beavers that have recently been released into the area. Nordskoven forest and old oak trees at Jægerspris Nordskoven consist of two forest areas. Fælledskoven in the west and Studehaven in the east. The forest has many marshes and waterholes, which has for hundreds of years produced fertile soil for the many oak trees to thrive and grow in the forest. Three venerable examples: Kongeege, at almost 2,000 years old is Frederikssund Municipality’s oldest living resident, even if somewhat trimmed. A graft named Danneregen was planted in the park by Jægerspris Castle in 1986. Snoegen once grew on an island surrounded by


swamp, so that it was unreachable. The tree is approx. 600–700 years old and though no longer living, it is still wildly impressive. Storkeegen is also dead. It lived for nearly 800 years. The tree was given it’s name from a painting by P.C. Skovgaard called “Eg med Storkerede i Nordskoven ved Jægerspris”. Esrum Lake Esrum is 20 m deep in some places and should be treated with respect. You can bathe in a few spots close to the bank. Esrum lake is Denmark’s second biggest lake, shaped like a bathtub, with sheer inclines not far from the lake edge and a large, relatively flat bottom. The lake’s bird life is varied. There are several barbecue sites along the lake. Tisvilde Hegn You might not know it to look at it but Tisvilde Hegn is the oldest dune plantation in Denmark. The first Scotch pine seeds were sown at the beginning of the 19th century. Spruce, birch, beech and oak were planted later. A survey carried out in the 70s estimate around 1 million people visited the area in one single year. The area is also home to Troldeskoven, a 100–180-year old Scots Pine forest. Store Dyrehave Store Dyrehave is marked by its royal history. The forest paths were constructed in 1670–1680, formed as long hunting routes that meet in star formations. For a time Store Dyrehave was also used for the summer grazing of the famous Frederiksborg horses. Hørsholm Slotshave Hørsholm church is located in the centre of this original castle garden. The castle that this garden belonged to was considered one of the

finest in Europe – Hirschholm Castle. The castle is gone but the castle garden is restored, with inviting avenues and small lakes. A fairytale stetting from the past. Gurre Lake Gurre lake is located in the forest, close to Horserød. The major part of the forest that extends to the lake edge is protected. So the lake area is exceptionally quiet and peaceful. The lake itself is about 20 hectares in size and 4 m deep. Arboretet Arboretet in Hørsholm is part of the University of Copenhagen and was established in 1936 as an expansion to Forstbotanisk Park in Charlottenlund, with the objective of supporting teaching in forestry and garden botany. Arboretet is still used for botany teaching today. With over 2,000 species of trees and plants, the collection is the biggest in Denmark. A large number of visitors and horticultural enthusiasts vist every year. Open daily from 07:30 to dusk. Flynderupgaard’s Garden The garden around the main building has been restored to how it looked in the 1920s, with a lawn surrounded by rose beds and box trees.

Flynderupgaard is now a local history museum and open air cultural centre, and a dining room where you can enjoy food and drink as it was served in the 1920s. Opening times: Everyday 12:00–16:00 (closed Mondays). Agnetevej 9, Espergærde.


Folehaveskoven Hørsholm One of the lushest forests in North Sealand, where many species of trees thrive. The forest has many ancient monuments, like Bronze Age burial mounds and single Bronze Age barrows. The Danish Forest and Nature Agency hiking brochure describes the monuments in more detail, as well as hiking routes. New exciting countryside and activity path by Hundested Sundhedskorridor Halsnæs is a completely new and exciting path that has adventure along the way. For example, a labyrinth in a dark fir forest, a forest playground and an integrated campfire shelter with a view across a lake. The path passes through town, forest and beach. Along the way there is an audio guide and signs with suggestions for little things to do. A brochure with a description of the route can be downloaded from

Call up history and countryside If you have a mobile phone, you can do more than go for a walk through North Sealand’s forests. Many locations bear traces of the past and they have signs with pictograms and telephone numbers. You can listen to a history of the location, all at standard mobile rates. The Danish Forest and Nature Agency for North Sealand has six themed brochures with GPS coordinates, which you can download from the agency’s website. The themes are: Hunting, Antiquity, Memorials, Water, Settlements, Castles and ruins. The special needs path Handicapstien at Esrum also has an audio guide at the eight information boards. And on the countryside and activity path in Halsnæs also has an audio guide for the route’s six information points. So explore the great outdoors and hear a good story! The brochures about these paths can be downloaded from


Hundested harbour is located between the fjord and the sea, in the heart of the town. The harbour is the ideal setting to enjoy the beautiful landscape while the old fishing harbour is the place for culture and adventure.

ABOVE Boats in Hundested Harbour Harbour view from Restaurant Nemo Glas-Smedjen


Hundested Harbour Local fishermen land their catches in the morning and later on the galleries, restaurants, glassworks, a brewery and an adventure platform, where people hand touch fish and catch crabs, are open to the public. The train to and from Copenhagen takes only an hour and stops right next to the pier. The harbour is the setting for many highlights – the artists market with captivating art objects made from iron and metal and exhibitors from the whole of Denmark, the Harbour Gala famous for fried fillet of plaice, visiting famous ships, Culture by Night, Day of the Fish and not forgetting all of the activities linked to the harbour’s 150th anniversary. Welcome to Hundested. The unique little harbour town has an intimate, high-quality and heartfelt feel, with lots of small wonderful specialist stores and modern retail shops. Glas-Smedjen Glass-Smedjen design centre is elegantly situated in a marina setting, where glass artists, Nanna and Andrew Brown, create beautiful and unique series of wine glasses, water glasses, jugs, bowls and lamps. Nanna has worked in France, while British man Andrew was educated in Eng-

land. The couple’s art embodies Scandinavian design concepts and is influenced by the very inspiring surroundings of Hundested Harbour. This gives their work a very special look. Visitors can watch the couple working and see the glassmaking process and of course the finished products. Glas-Smedjen’s meeting room Udsigten (The View) really lives up to its name; with a large patio and it is available for hire for special occasions. Whenever the harbour hosts events, there’s always something exciting going on at Glas-Smedjen. Restaurant Nemo The restaurant owner has created an excellent and cosy setting on the harbour jetty with good high-quality meals at prices, families can afford. You can enjoy the sunset and the view across the harbour from inside the restaurant or from its large patio. There is a large 50 m2 playroom designed for younger and older children, so everyone can enjoy their meal at a relaxed tempo. Be picked up for free in Nemo’s Ferrari 360 Spider with over 400 HP.

TOP FROM LEFT Halsnæs Bryghus X-Porten Havnens Perle Hamiltons Havne Galleri De Underlige Fisk Galleri Bichel Art-Antique-Design Galleri Liisberg Galleri Rosenberg (bottom)

Galleri Liisberg The art gallery directly faces the harbour and has an attractive interior design and a popular cafe. Annette Liisberg exhibits her own pictures incorporate motifs based on the harbour, Knud Rasmussen’s House or other local sights, or are influenced by her artistic travels around the world. The gallery also exhibits high-quality works by other artists and craftsmen. Hamiltons Havne Galleri The gallery is perfectly located on the pedestrian street; with a view of the ferry, fjord and sea. Hamiltons Havne Galleri has changing exhibitions focusing on quality, painting and ceramics. Birgitte Hamilton welcomes visitors to the beautifully renovated Gallery/Workshop with entrance via the alley. Opening times: Visit the gallery website. Galleri Rosenberg Visual artist Tina Rosenberg has travelled throughout the Nordic region: Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Svalbard. Her paintings and drawings feature motifs from magnificent nature: birds, landscapes, animals and portraits. The gallery has a gift shop that sells postcards, books, posters, bowls, furs and napkins. The gift shop is decorated with stuffed birds and seals. Opening times: April - June and August - October weekends 11:00–16:00. School holidays every day 11:00–16:00.

X-Porten X-Porten is located in one of the harbour’s old charming buildings. It is a cultural development centre; renting rooms for exhibitions by various artists during the summer. Occasionally it also hosts other events such as revues and arts markets.

HUNDESTED HAVN DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 93 72 34

De Underlige Fisk On the sunny side of the harbour next to the old marina, is the arts and crafts store De Underlige Fisk (the weird fish) – the smallest gallery in the harbour but with the largest selection of unique arts and crafts. Throughout the summer many new and exciting guest artists will exhibit their paintings and arts and crafts wares. The season will also feature a couple of exciting workshops.

RESTAURANT NEMO Havnegade 18, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 52 90 01 00

Galleri Bichel Kunst-Antik-Design The 100 m2 gallery on Hundested Harbour caters for all tastes and has many beautiful objects, including antique glass, fine porcelain and naturally, a lot of peculiar objects. Open 1 April - 31 October. Telephone for opening times. Halsnæs Bryghus The jolly beer flows with the intimate atmosphere as beer lovers enjoy a wonderful array of tastes and flavours. Meals are made from highquality ingredients and seasonal vegetables. Simplicity is the culinary philosophy here – traditional dishes are lovingly made and given a twist. Regular good music, interesting talks and never far from laughter. Everyone loves the cosy brewery on the beautiful harbour. Havnens Perle In a real harbour you should be able to eat warm fishcakes made from freshly caught fish. You’ll get that and much more in Havnens Perle, which has a food business, selling fresh fish, smoked food, seafood and takeaway and a café, where great food can be enjoyed on the pier or roof terrace. Havnens Perle creates new and stylish recipes with herring and other delicious and healthy fish.

GLAS-SMEDJEN Nordre Beddingsvej 26, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 74 85 20

GALLERI LIISBERG Kajgaden 2, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 22 82 31 05 HAMILTONS HAVNE GALLERI Nordre Beddingsvej 39, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 27 49 75 49 GALLERI ROSENBERG Nordre Beddingsvej 39, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 26 23 00 71 X-PORTEN Nordre Beddingsvej 39, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 22 92 00 55 DE UNDERLIGE FISK Havnegade 12, DK-3390 Hundested, GALLERI BICHEL KUNST-ANTIK-DESIGN Nordre Beddingsvej 39 DK-3390 Hundested HALSNÆS BRYGHUS A/S Nordre Beddingsvej 35, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 26 16 70 46 HAVNENS PERLE Nordre Beddingsvej 21-23, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 98 10 66


Active holidays in North Sealand

MORE INFORMATION Danish Cyclists Federation, Danish Forest and Nature Agency,

Are you on holiday or just taking an extended weekend break? Summer or winter? Whatever the reason or the season, North Sealand has the location to suit your cycling interests, whether you are a strictly laid-back tourist, keep-fit enthusiast or experienced cyclist. There are easy or difficult forest cycling routes to suit everyone. A lot of North Sealand locations have marked cycling routes and the tourist offices have a series of maps to keep you on the right track. You can also purchase a guide book to cycling in North Sealand from the Danish Cyclists Federation. National quality labelling scheme We want to give our bicycling visitors the best service and quality in Denmark. So the Danish tourist industry has developed a labelling scheme for visitors. The scheme is run by Aktiv Danmark, an association that was established by VisitDenmark and a series of other organisations and associations involved in the tourist industry. The following locations in North Sealand have been assessed by the scheme: Holiday Centre Sankt Helene in Tisvildeleje, Hotel Hillerød, Rågeleje Strand Camping, Hillerød Vandrerhjem and Hotel Sleep2night in Helsingør. For more details visit Fjordstien Fjordstien (The Fjord Route) is a wonderful adventure for nature-loving cyclists and hikers exploring Roskilde Fjord and Isefjorden. The Fjordstien often brings you very close to the fjord,


where you can see the water, breathe in the cool air and feel the breeze. The route follows the old agricultural and forestry paths and there are also newly-built stretches. For more details visit Are the fish biting? With your favourite waders and fishing rod you can enter the peace and quiet of a Danish summer sunrise. Birdsong begins. Marsh mists stir. Are the fish biting? North Sealand has a wealth of fishing activities. In Helsingør fishing boats sail fishermen onto the Øresund (remember your fishing licence). You can visit a Put and Take in Fredensborg. The streams and the coastline have lots of excellent fishing spots. Fishing on the fjord Garfish move down Roskilde Fjord in May and June and leave in September. So summer is the season for grabbing your fishing rod and waders! The channel by the bridge Kronprins Frederiks Bro is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts – and easily accessible by car. Fishermen line the water’s edge and enjoy the excitement of the catch and the beautiful view of the fjord and the forest. Fishing is permitted along the entire fjord and the cove Vellerup Vig is an especially good area to catch a trout for supper. But always remember your fishing license. Fishing along the north coast The stretch of coastline from Hundested to Rungsted offers plenty of chances to catch your supper. There are great fishing spots along the entire coast and in many of them you can park

the car right next to the water. Purchase your fishing license at Møllekilde Golf Pay & Play. Denmark’s first 100% eco-friendly 9-hole golf course in idyllic Torup. Opening times: 1 April - 9 April Easter. 13 April - 10 June: Friday-Sunday. 15 June - 19 August every day. 24 August - 14 October: Friday-Sunday. All days 09:00–18:00. Café with beverages and Bed & Breakfast. Møllekilde Golf, Torupvejen 118, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 61 77 27 94,

Asserbo Golf Club The golf club has an 18-hole golf course and a 6-hole Pay & Play course where everyone can play on the course without requiring a license. Equipment may be hired from the club. You can purchase a 1 month Introductory Package for DKK 500, which includes loan of equipment, free play on the small course, training and much more, or purchase the Introductory Membership for DKK 3,500, which last for a whole year and includes

all membership rights, except for DGU card. Asserbo Golf Club, Bødkergårdsvej 9, DK-3300 Frederiksværk, Tel. (+45) 47 72 14 90,

Hørsholm Skate Park – Skatetopia Hørsholm’s latest and hottest attraction for children and young people is located in Hørsholm Sports Park. Skatetopia skating park was opened in the autumn of 2010. Skaters and inliners, from beginners to pros, can practice their moves on the various ramps and rails. Show the others your skills. Drop from the large ramp or slide the rails. To contact local skaters and get tips and tricks, join Facebook profile: Kultur Fritid Hørsholm Kommune (Culture Leisure Hørsholm Municipality).

TOP LEFT Møllekilde Golf Asserbo Golf Club Visit one of the two skating parks in Hørsholm or Helsingør

Multipark in Helsingør Helsingør’s new multipark opened in 2011 and is a huge activity area with a skating facility, covered playing field, parkour course and other sport and activity facilities. There’s plenty to keep everyone busy all day long.

The Magical Garden Bijé Leisure & Camping

Rex Cykler

A camping holiday in Denmark begins with a visit to Sealand’s most well-equipped camping store, with all that you could possibly need for caravans, inside and out. You can have your caravan inspected and checked in the large service centre. If you’re looking for a new caravan, Bijè is the ideal location. They always have hundreds of new and used caravans in storage and you and your family are always welcome.

North Sealand’s biggest bicycle store, in Helsinge and Helsingør. In North Sealand there are a lot of bicycles – all year round. Do you need a new bicycle? Do you need spare parts? Are you looking for accessories or some nice looking cycling gear? Does your bicycle have a flat tyre? Rex Cykler can meet all of your requirements. A total of 1,200 m2 of cycling inspiration.

Bijé Fritid & Camping, Bomose Allé 19, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 31 10,

Rex Cykler, Bymosevej 9-11, DK-3200 Helsinge, Tell. (+45) 48 79 49 99 Rex Cykler, Klostermosevej 123,DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 45 79 49 99


Active family holidays Øresund’s location gives you plenty of opportunities to jump in the waves at Helsingør. And the surrounding forests have idyllic walks. If you want to up the tempo you can swap your hiking boots for a pair of running shoes and go for a jog around one of the forests or try the mountain bike route in Teglstrup Hegn. Or up your street cred with a skateboard session on the ramps and rails in Helsingør’s new multipark. Helsingør Municipality is full of attractive forests that cry out to be explored. So pack a picnic and some practical clothing and get out in the great outdoors. There are miles and miles of well-marked paths and beautiful forest lakes. For example, you can choose to visit Kohaven, one of the most popular forest areas in Helsingør Municipality. But be prepared – you’ll be sharing the 290 hectares of land with 150–300 beef and dairy cattle! In the middle of the forest by Hellebæk there is an old water-driven mill, Hammermøllen, once an important part of Kronborg Geværfabrik, which was a gun factory and cannon foundry. Today it’s only used for pleasure and the mill building, which dates from 1765, is now a café. Flynderupgård is always worth visiting. Surrounded by forest and fields, the old manor is now a museum and its exhibits include an example of an old grocers and a North Sealand peasant’s living room. There are also changing special exhibitions. If you prefer more energetic pursuits in the great outdoors, then try out the mountain


bike route in the forest area at Teglstrup Hegn. Happy mountain bike enthusiasts can complete a 14.7 km route of varying difficulty. If you prefer solid ground and a skateboard under your feet then visit Helsingør’s new multipark. It’s a huge activity area with a skating facility, covered playing field, parkour course and other sport and activity facilities. Helsingør swimming pool is next to the multipark, so you can enjoy a swim after an action-filled session in the multipark. If you prefer swimming outdoors, then naturally there are fine bathing beaches in Hornbæk, Espergærde or Helsingør. Or you may opt to stay dry and take a walk down to one of the many children’s events in Helsingør’s new cultural centre, the Culture Yard.

A trip to beautiful Helsingborg with Scandlines A holiday in North Sealand should always include a visit to Helsingborg. The ferry to Helsingborg is quick and easy. And there are lots of bargains to be had when you shop in Sweden. Take your car on the ferry and visit the attractions outside the city, or leave it in Helsingør if you’re planning to spend the day in Helsingborg.

Fantastic Helsingborg lies directly across the Øresund and has a wealth of exciting stores, shopping centres, museums, cosy streets and alleys. The city caters for all ages – children included. Four or five ferries sail between Helsingør and Helsingborg every hour, so there’s never any waiting time. And the short crossing only takes twenty minutes. You can purchase a foot passenger ticket if you only want to visit Helsingborg or are planning to use public transport for the rest of your journey. Or you can pay to take your car and drive to some of the many nearby attractions. On a daytrip you can easily visit the Kullaberg peninsula with its charming villages, Mølle and Arild. Or visit the beautiful Bjärehalvøen just a little further north, where the coastal towns Båstad and Torekov lie invitingly. Vallåsen is less than an hour from Helsingborg, and its wildly attractive alpine terrain is great for skiing and snowboarding in winter and mountain biking in summer. Or perhaps you just want to take a hike through Scania’s wonderful countryside. The low value of the Swedish krona, makes shopping in Sweden a very attractive prospect.

Helsingborg itself has no fewer than around 400 stores, while just outside the city, is the very large and attractive Väla shopping centre, with a wide variety of stores. The romantic castle Sofiero is situated in the northern outskirts of Helsingborg towards Øresund. It is surrounded by an enchanting park that overflows with thousands of blooming rhododendrons in summer. Princess Ingrid of Sweden (1910-2000), who became Queen of Denmark, often holidayed here as a child with her royal cousins. Frederiksdal outdoor museum is very large and has changing exhibitions – a mini version of Scania that you can walk around. It has an abundance of beautiful gardens, trees, bushes and flowers. There are many attractive bargains on offer on the ferry, including cosmetics and perfumes. You can eat in the on-board restaurants and enjoy an enchanting evening just by sailing toand-from Denmark and Sweden. A visit to Helsingborg and its surrounding countryside is a wonderful addition to your holiday in North Sealand. Visit Scandlines at for more information and ticket prices.


Break a sweat on holiday Breathless, groaning and with sweat running down your tired but happy face. This is a form of holiday enjoyed by an increasing number of people. Whole families are doing it and so can you. North Sealand shows you how ...

SWIMMING POOLS Helsinge Badet, Boagervej 28, dk-3200 Helsinge Helsingør Svømmehal Borgmester P. Christensvej 14 dk-3000 Helsingør Hillerød Svømmehal, Milnersvej 39 , dk-3400 Hillerød Frederikssund Svømmehal Odinsvej 2, dk-3600 Frederikssund, www.svoemmehal. Frederiksværk Svømmehal Sportsvej 5 C, dk-3300 Frederiksværk, Hørsholm Svømmehal Stadionallé 11, dk-2960 Rungsted Kyst, www.


Paragliding at Gilbjerghoved If you have a hang- or paragliding certificate, then you may already know that the steep slopes of Gilbjerghoved in Gilleleje are perfect for these outdoor sports. Excellent parking facilities close by provide easy access. Wind in your sails and under your board It goes without saying that beach life and bathing are in focus in North Sealand. The beach at Tisvildeleje, for example, has a special southern yet North Sealand feel to it – but the coast and marinas are also alive with yachtsmen. North Sealand’s surf resorts are among the finest in Europe. In fact, one of the very best spots is at Lynæs, just a few kilometres from Hundested. The area offers excellent sailing and windsurfing opportunities throughout the year as you head out from the beautiful area by Lynæs harbour. Canoe or kayak on Esrum Lake Sailing on Esrum Lake in a canoe or kayak is a unique experience. You will be surprised by the quietness of the lake, broken only by birdsong and the sound of your paddle, as it cuts through the water. During the summer period, you can rent a canoe or kayak at the ice cream shop at Fredensborg harbour right by the lake. For information visit

The exercise spiral The exercise routes in Rungsted Hegn and Folehave Skov are of different lengths. You decide whether to walk or run the distances of 2.4, 5.2 or 8.9 km. An informative route folder is available. Visit for further information. Health routes in North Sealand Health routes are an activity for everyone wanting to stay in shape – also while they are on holiday. Together with local authorities in North Sealand, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency has devised 8 different health routes. The idea is that you either walk or run a short distance of between 1 and 3 km. Based on your time, BMI, age and gender, erected boards indicate your current fitness rating and an indication of your general state of health. Get a folder from the tourist centre or find out more at The Princess Isabella route In 2007 the 5.8 km exercise route in Fredensborg Castle gardens was named the best exercise route in the Capital Region. The route follows the magnificent natural scenery, with numerous panoramic views of Esrum Lake and Fredensborg Castle. Along the way you will pass Kancellihuset (the Chancel-

lery), Kirkeledshus (the Church House), Thehusene (the Tea Houses), Nordmandsdalen (the Norwegian Valley) and Orangeriet (the Orangery). Pick up a folder from the tourist office. Run and jump… North Sealand has a wide range of running and orienteering clubs, but you can of course go for a run without being a member of a club. Opportunities are abound in the region’s many beautiful forests, some of which even have their own exercise grounds. Pop into a tourist centre and ask for maps of the forests. That way you are sure not to get lost. In Tisvilde Hegn, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency and local tourist information centre have jointly published a special booklet – Run and Jump in Tisvilde Hegn – which pinpoints 90 large numbered stakes spread throughout the forest. The stakes are GPS marked and there is plenty of opportunity for exciting runs – or strolls. The Danish Forest and Nature Agency has also published a special booklet on routes in Gribskov. Go on a whale safari with Øresund Aquarium Go on a whale safari with Øresund Aquarium in Helsingør and explore Øresund in a large safety-approved dinghy and see the porpoises; sometimes in large numbers. Danish waters are full of the small whale the porpoise, which as an adult grows to around 2 m in length and weighs around 70 kg. There are approximately 40,000 porpoises in Danish waters. The porpoise tour takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in week 26 – 33 06:00–08:00 in the morning and 19:00–21:00 in the evening. Øresund Aquarium’s new dinghy carries up to 12 passengers and 2 crew members (a marine biologist and nature guide) and in addition to public tours which require booking (see later) it is also possible to book the boat for private tours. You can reserve a place on the boat from 18 June 12:00. To stay up to date visit

Visit the farm Grønnehavegård Open 11:00–16:00 on the following days: 12–17 February, 1–8 April, 4–6 May, 25–28 May, 2–5 June, 25 June – 9 August, 13–19 October (though closed Friday-Saturday in the summer holiday). Admission: Adults and children DKK 50. Babies free (up to 1 year old). Visit the farm Grønnehavegård Helsingevej 98, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 24 48 26 13


North Sealand for kids

There’s no mistaking such happy music – the song of children playing gladdens every heart. Be inspired by fun and exciting childcentred play all year round.

Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegård Esrum activities are designed for kids. During the summer and autumn holidays they can enjoy serious outdoor fun and adventure with their friends and families; become knights and princesses at the Medieval Market (23-24 June) or hear a scary story on Ghost Night. All year round they can dress up, get hunting licences, be countryside detectives, go on treasure hunts, make swords and princess masks and much more. And animal lovers will enjoy the goats, horses, rabbits and chickens. For more details about kids activities visit Machine Rally Enjoy a trip on this fine vintage steam train during the summer, lovingly restored and maintained by a group of steam train enthusiasts. Ask your tourist information office for train times. For more details visit Hundested Harbour adventure platform Hundested has a new attraction - the floating adventure platform. The 75 m2 platform at the harbour jetty is equipped with shallow touch pools where visitors can get close to the sea’s amazing animals. Come and tickle a fish. Hundested Harbour, Ndr. Beddingvej, DK-3390 Hundested, Øresundsakvariet (Øresund Aquarium) Get close to Øresund’s marine life at Øresund Aquarium. You can touch starfish, flatfish and scallops or take a tour of the seabed and see the fish being fed every hour in the large habitat aquariums. An entrance ticket is valid all day long and you can use it, as many times as you want. You can watch the fish being fed, etc. There are many different activities going on, from the end of July to mid August, such as dinghy safaris in the Øresund and crab fishing in the Kronborgbugten. For more details visit Hørsholm Skate Park – Skatetopia Hørsholm’s latest and hottest attraction for children and young people is located in Hørsholm Sports Park. Skatetopia skating park was opened in the autumn of 2010. Skaters and inliners, from beginners to pros, can practice their moves on the various ramps and rails. Show the others your skills. Drop from the large ramp or slide the rails. Helsingør Skate Park Helsingør’s new multipark opened in 2011 and it’s a huge activity area with a skating facility, covered playing field, parkour course and other sport and activity facilities. Helsingør swimming pool is next to the multipark, so you can enjoy a swim after an action-filled session in the multipark.

Nature playgrounds North Sealand has a wealth of free-to-use nature playgrounds. The playgrounds are connected with forests and built from natural materials. Children can balance, hop, crawl, climb and play in their own fantasy world. For example, visit Havtyren (the Sea Bull) in Liseleje or the new Glenten Exercise and Play Area at Fredensborg. Havtyren nature playground Havtyren (the Sea Bull) has risen from the sea to stand on dry land. According to legend the entire area by Liseleje and Tisvilde was covered in sand because the farmers would not give the mermen their sea cows back. So the Sea Bull started the sand drift. Everything but Tibirke Church was covered. Inspired by the legend, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency worked with locals and opened an exciting new playground in Liseleje, with the Sea Bull in front. Among the trees are balancing bridges, slides, climbing frames, swings and a storyteller’s seat with sea creatures. The nature playground is next to the large parking area in Liseleje by the beach. Glenten Exercise and Play Area Glenten is three kilometres of obstacles and fun in changing terrain and the chance to get wet and dirty. Glenten Exercise and Play Area is a completely new forest installation for children and adults, offering great fun and healthy exercise.

Full-on family fun Danmarks Tekniske Museum (Technical Museum of Denmark) is a full-on family experience. The museum records the complete history of modern Denmark, and the things that have become part of the everyday in Denmark. Electricity, telephones, cars, computers, sewage systems, etc. The museum has a huge exhibition of transport machinery: Trains, bicycles, cars, motorbikes and airplanes. Toddlers can pretend they are fighter pilots in a real fighter jet. Machinery and equipment of all kinds and sizes, steam-driven machines, glass eyes, microchips. You can experience the technological wonderland of the modern society – everything from washing machines to televisions and this history of unique inventions. A technological paradise for children and adults. Danmarks Tekniske Museum, Fabriksvej 25, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 22 26 11, www.

EXCITING NATURE PLAYGROUNDS Glenten Motions- og legerum (Glenten Exercise and Play Area), Knorrenborg Vang, Fredensborg. Eghjorten, Jespersvej 309, Fredensborg. Havtyren (the sea Bull), Lisevej, Liseleje. Høbjerg Hegn, Helsinge. Arresødal Forest, Frederiksværk (parking area behind church). Ullerup Forest, Hundested. For more nature playgrounds visit (to search click “+” box next to Faciliteter (Facilities) and then click box next to Naturlegepladser (Nature playgrounds).

Øresundsakvariet (The Øresund Aquarium) From the sands of the low tide venture further into the deep, over the stonebed’s fascinating animal life, to the mud bottom’s raised banks of horse mussels, overgrown with corals, and further out still, over Kullen’s underwater rocks, until you reach the many wrecks in Øresund where octopuses love to hide themselves. You will experience all that at Øresundsakvariet, an aquarium dedicated to the marine life in Øresund. In the charming atmosphere of the aquarium, you can touch starfish and scallops in the large touch tanks. An entrance ticket is valid all day long and you can use it as many times as you want. You can watch the fish being fed, etc. There are many different activities going on from the end of July to mid August, such as dingy safaris and seining in the Øresund. Øresundsakvariet (The Øresund Aquarium) Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70


Accommodation Relaxing overnight stays

Scents of the forest, water, beach and cool night air, mingle with the Nightingale’s tender song. The sky is a tapestry of stars and there is time to reminisce about the day’s events. Caravan, campsite or hostel? The choice is yours. Royal North Sealand has some of the most charming and welcoming caravan, camping and hostel sites imaginable. Calm green oases where you can enjoy peace and quiet, high-quality locations with beaches, countryside and experiences right at your front door. When you have had enough of the beach and sunbathing, it’s time for an excursion – you can choose a trip to one of the charming commercial towns offering a wealth of choices or perhaps visit one of the small farm shops that are dotted throughout the area. Perhaps you prefer to take a bicycle ride through the wonderful countryside or hike in the one of the large forests. Or perhaps the family wants to visit one of North Sealand’s most beautiful castles: Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Fredensborg Palace in Fredensborg or Kronborg in Helsingør.

If you prefer visiting a museum then there is a great choice, including Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Nivaagaards Malerisamling (art museum) in Nivå or Danmarks Tekniske Museum (museum of technology, science and industry) in Helsingør. You will find inspiration to many small and large destinations in this 5 magazine.

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Hostels  DANHOSTEL HELSINGØR VANDRERHJEM Ndr. Strandvej 24, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 49 49,



The only four star campsite in North Sealand. Five completely new luxury cabins. Located next to one of North Sealand’s best bathing beaches. A pedestrian tunnel goes under the beach road and leads directly from the site to the wide child-friendly sandy beach.

Own bathing beach with sauna. Beautiful campfire area with a view. Attractive guests’ kitchen. WiFi. Breakfast served all year round. Town centre, Kronborg, etc., within walking distance. NORDISK LEJRSKOLE &  KURSUSCENTER / DANHOSTEL HILLERØD Lejrskolevej 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 19 86,



Comfortable hostel close to St. Dyrehave, Frederiksborg Castle and Hillerød town centre. Lots of things to do.

DANHOSTEL FREDERIKSVÆRK  VANDRERHJEM Strandgade 30, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 77 07 25,


DANHOSTEL FREDENSBORG VANDRERHJEM Østrupvej 3, DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 48 48 03 15



SANKT HELENE TISVILDELEJE  Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50


HILLERØD CAMPING Blytækkervej 18, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 48 54


NIVÅ CAMPING Sølyst Alle 14, DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 52 26


Located in North Sealand’s loveliest countryside by Lave Forest, 800 m from the marina and Nivå beach resort with lifeguards during the season.


SØLAGER STRAND CAMPING  Kulhusvej 2, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 93 62, Located in beautiful countryside, direct to Roskilde Fjord with own child-friendly beach. Plenty of wonderful paths along the fjord or in the forest. Just 2 km to Lynæs, an old fishing village and popular marina with one of Denmark’s best surfing locations.

Restful, calming surroundings next to countryside, beach, forest, fields. Holiday centre Sankt Helene is the natural choice for overnight stays.

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 NORDSJÆLLANDS FERIEPARK OG CAMPING Stormlugen 20, DK-3140 Ålsgårde Tel. (+45) 49 70 99 71, Family campsite in absolutely beautiful countryside. Direct access up to Hornbæk Plantation. Close to Øresund and excellent rail connections to Copenhagen. Cabin and apartment hire, swimming pool, bouncing cushion, playground, animals and much more.

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Small green and floral oasis with a quiet atmosphere in the middle of town, within walking distance of castle, pedestrian streets and cafes. Cabin and caravan hire available. Nice service facilities.

Bed & Breakfast. 7,000 m² garden, playground, free parking. Neighbour to Fredensborg Palace and Esrum Lake, with bathing. Free and powerful WiFi. Double room from DKK 329.


HELSINGØR CAMPING Strandalleen 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 49 50

Small and cosy. Direct access to bathing beach, promenade and town. View of Kronborg Castle and Sweden. Cabin hire, kiosk with cafe. TV and WiFi available.

A charming hostel in the town centre, 6 km from Liseleje beach and close to the forest. With large outdoor areas and a laid-back atmosphere. Playground, bouncing cushion, canoes for hire, tennis courts, excellent guest kitchen and lots of space for children.


 TOP CAMP DRONNINGMØLLE Strandkrogen 2 b, DK-3120 Dronningmølle Tel. (+45) 49 71 92 90,

BYAASGAARD CAMPING Amtsvejen 340, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 92 31 02


Campsite located in wonderful countryside yet close to larger towns. By the banks of Roskilde Fjord. Wealth of options. Cosy atmosphere, water, meadow, forest and countryside. 9

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Endless possibilities in North Sealand No matter where you live or stay in North Sealand, the possibilities are endless. North Sealand is only 40 minutes drive from Copenhagen but it is another world, open spaces, forests, beaches, cliffs and countryside.

When you stay overnight in any of North Sealand’s beautiful hotels, you will most likely hear the Nightingale sing just beyond the window. Or perhaps the song of the waves falling on the quiet shore will lull you to sleep. Or perhaps the stirrings of a breeze in the treetops will catch your eye. Or the ghostly tapestry of glistening stars in the night sky will leave you enchanted. The possibilities are endless in North Sealand. And it is beautifully dark at night. The many lovely hotels are all very different, with their own unique charm, offering the possibility of unexpected adventures. Charm that is free and simply part of the adventure. Tourist information office (see page 91) staff will help you with information of the many hotels, youth and family hostels holiday centres and campsites listed in the magazine. They will also inform you about Bed & Breakfasts, holiday homes, and hotels in the rest of Denmark. Hotel Strand The hotel was built in 1896 in Gilleleje centre and has been carefully restored over time. Because of the build-

Stay in beautiful Tisvildeleje, with magnificent views, simple and relaxed luxury. The hotels have classic and harmonised interior designs. Their mantra is tranquillity and relaxation. Guests are made to feel at home in their rooms and throughout the hotels.


Helenekilde Badehotel

Tisvildeleje Strandhotel

ing’s age, whether you’re staying on the 1st or the 2nd floor, each of the 25 rooms is unique. Facing the waterfront, there are five lovely double „suites” and a single „suite” – all with a balcony so you can enjoy the lovely sea view. Only 100 metres to the seafront, and even less to the harbour – you couldn’t be more central. Vesterbrogade 4c, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 48 30 05 12, Kildegård Kildegård in Tisvildeleje is an older boarding house and it has that charming old-time feeling. Originally a large farm, the first rooms were added in 1904 so holidaymakers from Copenhagen and elsewhere could enjoy the countryside, beach and forest. Today, Kildegård still looks a little like „Fawlty Towers” rather than the Ritz. It is a charming, cosy place for guests and provides polite and friendly service. Hovedgaden 52, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 71 53,

Hotel & Restaurant Madam Sprunck 37 lovely, comfortable rooms with lovely interior designs and with all mod cons. You are guaranteed a comfortable stay and the ideal setting for a good night´s sleep. The hotel restaurant and café offers delicious brunch, light lunch and magnificent gourmet experiences. Hotel & Restaurant Madam Sprunck Bramstræde 5, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 05 91,

Konventum – Lo-skolen’s conference centre The Konventum seminar and conference centre in Helsingør, with its art, culture and park surroundings, is the perfect setting for engaging people in seminars, education, experiences – and offers overnight accommodation, at reasonable prices. Konventum is special and unrivalled; it represents 42 years of cultural history and is one of the most beautifully located centres

of its kind in Denmark. Located in high-lying park surroundings, with its own golf course, the 20,000 m2 Konventum offers a wonderful cultural setting. Only the prices can be described as low. And at Konventum you get full value for money. Konventum has a high capacity. The centre has 212 rooms. The restaurant can serve up to approx. 350 people.

KONVENTUM Gl. Hellebækvej 70 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 09 00



Soft pillows and late

Scents of the forest, water, beach and cool night air mingle with the Nightingale’s tender song. The sky is a feast of stars and there is time to rest in a good warm bed and reminisce about the day’s events.

Hotel Hillerød – exceptional service Hotel Hillerød is located in the beautiful countryside in historic North Sealand and combines tradition and modernity. The staff are helpful and attentive, making you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. The hotel standards are extremely high, whether you are staying in a family room, suite or similar. Relax and enjoy delicious meals in the Restaurant Krydderiet, in exqui-


site, charming and atmospheric surroundings. The restaurant serves à la carte at lunchtimes and in the evenings. The menus are based on local traditions, with strong emphasis on Danish ingredients – all of the highest quality. Hotel Hillerød, Milnersvej 41, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 24 08 00

Welcome to Hotel Sleep2Night Hotel Sleep2Night has a simple concept that keeps prices affordable for everyone. 64 single/double rooms with modern interiors and 26 large apartments. All of the rooms and apartments are allergy friendly, except for seven rooms where smoking/ dogs are allowed. There is free parking in front of each room/apartment. Enjoy a delightful morning buffet in the well-lit rooms in the reception area or on the patio on sunny days. The hotel is located close to the motorway, train, ferry connections and Helsingør. The hotel is the ideal base from which to explore North Sealand attractions. For prices and current offers, visit Hotel Sleep2Night, Industrivej 19, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 270 100,

Relax with your loved ones A good chat with family and friends in the lounge at Hotel Marienlyst. Or a soft chair and a good book in your room. Or a jog along the water’s edge or in the forest. Or maybe a shopping trip in Helsingør’s charming city centre. Whatever your preference, you can relax the way you like best. With your family and best friends. Single rooms and suites available – all with a view of the Øresund or the hotel’s green garden. Overnight guests have free entry to Casino Marienlyst and Marienlyst Pool. Good to know Marienlyst has free parking, restaurants and bars, lounge, pool, casino, 4-star accommodation with 158 rooms and suites and a 450 m² patio with direct access to Øresund. Free 100/100 Mbps internet access throughout. Visit and get the season’s best prices. Hotel Marienlyst, Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00,

A stone’s throw from Copenhagen Along the coast of North Sealand from Rungsted to Hornbæk, you can experience unforgettable hours in our charming and unique hotels. Centrally located from Copenhagen and close to the main road. The perfect starting point to experience the countryside, golf courses, castles and wealth of attractions in North Sealand. hotel villa strand – primarily open June–September, with 16 rooms and garden gate direct to the first sand dunes.

hotel hornbækhus – open all year round for overnight accommodation, conferences and parties. Has 27 rooms. 100 m from the centre and 200 m from the beach. hotel bretagne – overnight accommodation, conferences and parties all year round. A la carte restaurant in summer. The hotel is suitable for wheelchairs, has 26 rooms, 150 m to the town and a fantastic lake view. sophienberg slot – in Rungsted, has 32 rooms, overnight stays, conferences and parties.

HOTEL VILLA STRAND Kystvej 12, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 49 70 00 88, HOTEL HORNBÆKHUS Skovvej 7, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 49 70 01 69 HOTEL BRETAGNE Sauntevej 18, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 49 70 16 66 SOPHIENBERG SLOT Rungsted Strandvej 219 , DK-2960 Rungsted Tel. (+45) 45 76 09 00,


Sometimes it’s nice to roll the dice ... Casino Marienlyst Apart from the capital, Helsingør is the only location in Sealand that has a casino. Casino Marienlyst has it all: Lovely view of Øresund, beautiful interior and lots of exciting games. Try your luck on the American Roulette, or play Black Jack and Texas Hold’em Poker or have some fun with the many slot machines in the Jackpot Club. Casino Marienlyst is the oldest casino in Denmark, dating from 1902 when crown prince Frederik (later King Frederik VIII) granted Marienlyst a casino license. Marienlyst is now an international casino and the most elegant of its kind in Denmark. Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 01 27, Tel. from 18-04 (+45) 49 28 01 87,

Beautiful nature for all the family You need to recharge your batteries during your holiday. You need to feel like you’re staying in a home from home. So your surroundings have to be restful and calming. You need the countryside right at your door, beach, forest and fields. An environment that’s full of good vibrations and energetic staff with a twinkle in their eye. Sankt Helene has it all. It’s for good reason, that clever wives and husbands tell us about Sankt Helene’s life-giving energy, and throughout history Tisvildeleje has attracted many special guests. For example, Christian IV took water 74

from the holy and kept it with him as he travelled around Europe. Sankt Helene provides holiday apartments, family rooms, holiday cabins and tent sites. Moreover, it has Restaurant Sofie, café and bar and several party rooms. The large outdoor area has a campfire area, animals, nature playground, obstacle course and a wide range of sports activities. Children are well-catered for with a children’s club, nature school and a large programme of activities. Sankt Helene, Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50,

Private overnight accommodation Yellow fields of rapeseed stretching to the horizon, the scent of flowers, new cut grass and the sound of birdsong. For many people staying at a Bed & Breakfast is the only way to experience an unforgettable holiday. Because they get peace and quiet in charming surroundings. Bed & Breakfast is a special and cosy way to spend the night, for couples and families and a great base for adventure. Enjoy the hospitality, the charm, the peace and quiet of an idyllic and laid-back atmosphere that is so characteristic of the locations that specialise in this form of accommodation. Whether you’re travelling alone and looking for solitude or a couple on a romantic break or a family looking for a cosy get-together, a Bed & Breakfast is the ideal choice.

If you’re more to a cosy thatched house with a secluded address, that’s still close to town life, which has modern rooms with your own shower and toilet yet still has creaking floorboards – there are many options available. Enjoy meeting the locals as you take a long walk along the beach and feel the soothing thrum of the waves, the forest’s scented stillness and become immersed in the tranquillity of the countryside.

WHERE CAN I SPEND THE NIGHT? There are many private addresses where you can stay overnight in North Sealand. For addresses visit or visit your nearest tourist information office (see page 91) and get a brochure detailing all of the options.


North Sealand for body and soul Miles of beach where sea meets strait, and light that enchants artists and romantic lovers of life. The long coastline, stretching from Hundested via Helsingør and down to Copenhagen, is a part of the Danish Riviera. Romance blossoms to the sound of the waves, as hand in hand you cross the pretty dunes, through charming villages and fishing hamlets, enchanted by the sunset and the ever-changing light. This is the coastline that the great Danish poet Holger Drachmann loved and where newlyweds August Strindberg and Harriet Bosse spent their honeymoon. Soothe your body There are a lot of charming hotels along the coast, many of them offering new and different experiences. Slip into a soft thick bathrobe and enter a luxurious world of wellness, beauty treatments, aromatherapy, algae body packs, oil massage, swimming and hot baths. Share a weekend with your mother, daughter or best friend, and become immersed in the highly satisfying wellness programme. Or maybe you just want to have an intimate weekend with the one you love? Relax and reflect upon the everyday challenges you face, re-charge your batteries, dream wonderful dreams and

appreciate life, enjoy the moment, with the one you love. You can finish your day in the hotel’s restaurant or choose to dine in one of the many exciting restaurants in the area. Soothe your soul North Sealand is an eldorado for flower lovers. Savour the colours and scents of the trees, bushes and countless numbers of radiant roses. You’ll find the roses everywhere, in private and public gardens, castle gardens, parks, horticultural schools, or decorating a table or space in the spirit of Karen Blixen. Love the place with the one you love. You will discover the most beautiful of art in North Sealand. Visit Louisiana, Nivågård or Rudolph Tegner. Or visit the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle with its large Baroque garden, or the gardens and Orangery at Fredensborg Palace. The wealth of wonderful destinations may make your head spin – because you can’t see it all in one go. North Sealand can be experienced again and again. You can always choose to take an extended timeout and do nothing. Just sit back and relax, and enjoy the moment.

Comwell Borupgaard Comwell Borupgaard hotel is located in Snekkersten by Helsingør in the beautiful countryside of North Sealand. The hotel is close to Øresund and the view from the outdoor spa pool on the roof terrace takes in Sweden. When you arrive at the beautiful thatched Manor Borupgaard you enter a special atmosphere, amplified by the surrounding park. A special place that will reinvigorate you; where there are many options for quiet contemplation or for more vigorous activities. The spa facilities are among the largest and most luxurious in the country. There is a wealth of wellness treatments available, as well as the pool, sauna, steam baths, etc. Comwell Borupgaard, Nørrevej 80, DK-3070 Snekkersten, Tel. (+45) 48 38 03 33,


Places to unwind in … COMWELL BORUPGÅRD Snekkersten, Tel. (+45) 48 38 03 33

HOTEL SLEEP2NIGHT Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 27 01 00

HELENEKILDE BADEHOTEL Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 47 70 70 01

HOTEL VILLA STRAND Hornbæk, Tel. (+45) 49 70 00 88

FERIECENTRET SANKT HELENE Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50

SOPHIENBERG SLOT Rungsted, Tel. (+45) 45 76 09 00

KONVENTUM, LO-SKOLEN Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 28 09 00

HOTEL BRETAGNE Hornbæk, Tel. (+45) 49 70 16 66

HOTEL HILLERØD Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 24 08 00

BYMOSE HEGN Helsinge, Tel. (+45) 48 79 84 00

HOTEL MARIENLYST Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00

KYSTHUSENE Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 48 36 54 44

HOTEL HORNBÆKHUS Hornbæk, Tel. (+45) 49 70 01 69

PHARMAKON Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 20 60 00

HOTEL STRAND Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 48 30 05 12

TISVILDELEJE STRANDHOTEL Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 71 19

KILDEGÅRDEN Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 71 53

HOTEL MADAM SPRUNCK Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 05 91

Spa & Comfort · Wellness Hornbæk Wonderful wellness and beauty treatments for body and soul, in lovely and evocative setting by Hornbæk lake. Massage, facial treatments, spa, couple spa, etc. Spa & Behag, Søvænget 27, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 20 75 60 77,


Taste of

North Sealand The Taste of North Sealand is an association made up of local food producers and food processing businesses in Royal North Sealand 3


8 12

North Sealand produces fruit, vegetables, juice, egg, milk, meats, sausage and cold cuts. And more exotic food and drink that has become part of Danish food culture through the centuries. The producers are passionate “food lovers� and you can taste this passion for quality ingredients in the food they serve. Quality that also stems from our Nordic climate, which allows crops to grow more slowly and produces more intense flavours. The association members that are listed below sell their produce from farm shops throughout North Sealand. Their shops are typically part of rustic old farms, idyllic destination in themselves. At some locations you can take a walk in the local countryside, see woods and animals in the fields, or watch the farmer at work. Ask for a guided tour in the shops.

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ROKKEDYSSEGÅRD Lejrvej 45, Kirke Værløse DK-3500 Værløse, Tel. (+45) 44 48 58 96


Fresh berries and other summer produce on sale in the farm shop every morning. Bring the family and pluck your own berries and taste berries in the farm cafe. Visit the website for May - Aug opening hours and events.


SØRISGAARD Sørisvej 2a, dk-3650 Ølstykke Tel. (+45) 47 33 40 03

Run by Selma. Sustainable Danish lamb and dairy produce from East Friesian dairy sheep. Our farm shop sells fresh and frozen produce. Open all year round. Open from Easter to 1 Nov Fri 11:00–18:00 and Sat 11:00–17:00. Closed winter.


Organic farm shop with large selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Some chosen processed food and Hansen’s ice cream. Opening times: All year round MonFri 10:00–17:30. Sat 09:00–14:00. First Sun in month 10:00-15:00.


KØDSNEDKEREN Farvergårdsvej 14, DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 48 71 87 85 & (+45) 27 14 54 80



CHOKOLADEVÆRKSTEDET JOTA A/S Stæremosen 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 38 10 90 25


AGERSKOV ANGUS Præstehøjvej 6, Ll. Lyngby, DK-3320 Skævinge Tel. (+45) 48 28 82 80 / (+45) 28 76 82 67 Our animals have a fantastic life – they graze on meadows and pastures; strengthening biodiversity naturally. The animals are butchered humanely and the meat prepared by expert local butchers in approved private butchers.

STENGÅRDEN ØKOLOGISK GÅRDBUTIK Høveltevej 40, Bregnerød, dk-3460 Birkerød Farm produces organic eggs, 30 types of vegetables and diverse fruit and berries. All produce is sold in the farm shop, which also has other organic goods from around North Sealand and the rest of the world. Opening times: All year round. Mon-Fri 12:00–18:00. Sat 10:00–16:00. Sun 12:00–16:00.


We are a small chocolate producer, making traditionally hand-made chocolates. Visit our new shop for free tasting and enjoy the aroma of beautiful chocolate, chocolate-covered marshmallow and much more. Open Mon-Wed 10:00–16:00. Thurs 10:00–17:00, Fri 10:00–15:30.


CHOKOLADE MAGERIET Torvet 3, dk-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 25 48 26 Hand-made chocolate in own workshop. Visit shop and open workshop. Cafe serves coffee, hot chocolate and other delicious delights. Opening times: Mon-Fri 10:00–18:00. Sat 10–15. First Sunday in month 11:00-16:00.

Microbrewery Hornbeers farmshop and Gunhilds gallery is open Friday 13:00–17:00. Guided tours and beer by prior agreement. E-mail or Tel. (+45) 40 31 15 80 for further information and options.


DOMAIN AALSGAARD Ålsgårde Stationsvej 13, 3140 Ålsgårde Tel. (+45) 49 70 80 10 Elegant Danish white wine from vineyards on south-facing slopes at Ålsgårde (Falkenbergvej). Denmark’s first commercial vineyard. Guided tours and wine tasting for groups by prior agreement. Wine for sale at winery at Ålsgårde Stationsvej.

Charming small butchers. Emphasis on animal welfare and high-quality meat. Sells primarily meat from free-range animals from North Sealand, so transport times are minimal. Opening times: ThursFri 11:00-17:30. Sat 09:00–14:00.


HØJBOGÅRD Troldemosevej 2, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 51 99

GARBOLUND Helsingevej 7, Annisse dk-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 28 50 12 A farm in the centre of the charming village, Annisse. The farm grows grapes. Guides tour of vineyard by prior-agreement.


ESRUM KLOSTER & MØLLEGÅRD Klostergade 11, Esrum, DK-3230 Græsted, Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00, Abbey beer, schnapps, honey, mustard, herb salts, spelt bread, oil, vinegar and salami – find it all at Esrum Abbey shop or in the Esrum Møllegård café shop. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in Restaurant Broder Rus’ Kælder or in Café Daniels Kilde – and taste abbey beer on draught.


Restaurant Guide 2012

Restaurant Guide 2012

Spisesteder og mad der er værd at rejse efter i Nordsjælland

Guide to restaurants and food worth a trip in North Zealand

Restaurants und Reise Essen der sind eine wert in Nordseeland

A holiday also means being free from making meals or doing the washing up. You don’t have to make a shopping list or set the table. Instead, you can go into town and enjoy a really excellent meal together. North Sealand has a wealth of restaurants and cafes to choose from. 1 3

This page presents a selection of some of the many places in town where you can dine in North Sealand. Naturally, there are many more places to eat than are shown here or listed in the Restaurant Guide. 15 16 Finding a suitable restaurant or eatery in any of the large towns won’t take you long. 17 But North Sealand also has many harbour towns with excellent places to eat and with the most 22 beautiful harbour views and sea views imaginable. 23 There is something to suit every budget. Moreover, the tourist information offices (page 91) will always help you 27 to find the nearest eateries. Read more in the small brochure: Restaurant Guide 2012, which can be downloaded at



4 5


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14 11 10 9

26 25 21 20 19 24 18


RESTAURANT FAR TIL 4 Alfavej 21, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 49 71 76 72 2

RESTAURANT GILLELEJE HAVN Havnevej 14, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 30 39 3

ADAMSEN’S SKALDYR & SUSHIBAR Gilleleje Havn, Havnen 2, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 48 30 09 27 4

BRASSERIET Nordre Havnevej 3, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 48 30 21 30 5

MUNKERUP HUS Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, Tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06 6

LA CANTINA Græsted Hovedgade 7 DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 39 44 34 7

HOTEL & RESTAURANT MADAM SPRUNCK Bramstræde 5, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 26 48 49


CAFÉ CHAPLIN Axeltorv, Kampergade 3, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 30 53 54 56 9

MARIENLYST BBQ Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00 10

SEASIDE RESTAURANT Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00 11

GANDHI Sudergade 16, st. tv. DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 20 20 99 12

LA DOLCE VITA Kongensgade 6, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 18 80 13

DANSK Bjergegade 27 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 60 74 41 99 14

RESTAURANT PUNJAB Axeltorv, Kampergade 5 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 17 86


RESTAURANT SOFIE Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50 16

HELENEKILDE BADEHOTEL Strandvejen 25, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 70 01 17

TISVILDELEJE STRANDHOTEL Hovedgaden 75, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, Tel. (+45) 48 70 71 19 18

KRYDDERIET Milnersvej 41, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 08 00 19

SPISESTEDET LEONORA Frederiksborg Slot, Møntportvej 2 3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 26 75 16 20

CAFÉ HYGGESTEDET Slangerupgade 2, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 60 93 11 25


RESTAURANT TINGGÅRDEN Frederiksværkvej 182, 3300 Frederiksværk, Tel. (+45) 48 71 22 35 23

CHARLIES CAFÉ & STEAKHOUSE Nørregade 29, 3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 77 25 00 24

RESTAURANT TREKOSTEN Nivå Strandpark 29, DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 05 55 25

BOLETTES GÆSTEBUD Bakkehuset, Gl. Strandvej 7, 3050 Humlebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 19 45 00 26

GL. HUMLEBÆK KRO Humlebæk Strandvej 2A, DK-3050 Humlebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 19 02 65 27

RESTAURANT SKIPPERSTUEN – LYNÆS HAVN Lynæs Havnevej 3d, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 98 40 16


RIB HOUSE FAMILIERESTAURANT Slotsgade 52, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 43 52 54 00


Excellent food Danish cuisine has experienced quite a revolution over the last decade and, today, the Danes’ new appreciation for their indigenous raw ingredients, and their enthusiastic approach to eating according to the seasons have seen their culinary traditions grow in stature by the year.

Restaurant Guide 2012

Spisesteder og mad der er værd at rejse efter i Nordsjælland

Guide to restaurants and food worth a trip in North Zealand

Restaurants und Essen der sind eine Reise wert in Nordseeland

Above all, the Danes are proud of what they grow in their fields and the bounty from the sea that surrounds them. Ask any Dane and they will tell you that they have the best strawberries, the best asparagus and the best new potatoes in the world – to name just three crops grown in North Sealand – and come spring and summer, they are in abundance. Try them – we are sure you will agree. Also very much in evidence in this part of Denmark is glorious, fresh-caught seafood, often on sale direct from the fishermen in the small fishing harbours strung along the North Sealand coast. Danes are experts at smoking fish, so do try the locally smoked herring, mackerel and cod’s roe from one of the region’s excellent røgierier (smoke houses). Denmark has spearheaded the Modern Scandinavia food movement and visitors to North Sealand have plenty of opportunities to experience this in the region’s many excellent restaurants. Most towns have a good selection of local and international restaurants offering both fast food and more sophisticated dining But don’t overlook the rural kroer (inns), which

are bastions of traditional Danish country cooking. Perhaps the most famous Danish culinary export is smørrebrød (literally means buttered bread), the Danish open sandwich, which evolved from the practice of field workers who used bread like plates when eating their lunch. Smørrebrød features on the lunch menu at most inns and typically consist of a slice of rye bread topped by butter (or better still, dripping) and roast beef, tiny shrimps, roast pork or a breaded, fried fish fillet and various garnishes. Another classic version is served with pickled herring, capers, onion and dill - a perennially popular lunch time dish. See page 80-81 and VisitNordsjælland’s Restaurant guide for more restaurants. Delicious specialist stores Many of North Sealand’s towns have specialist stores full of delicious food. Chocolate, butcher shops, wine merchants, coffee/tea, homemade delicacies or cheese and delicacies, for example at Lynhjems Eftf. on Stengade in Helsingør (see below).

Restaurant Far til 4 Far til 4 is located at Gilleleje beach. A charming familyorientated restaurant with menu for grownups and kids. Guests enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere indoors or outdoors on the spacious patio with a view of the sea. On fine summer nights the large barbecue is lit and a barbecued buffet is served from 17:00. Family and Fish restaurant Far til 4, Alfavej 21, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 49 71 76 72 eller (+45) 21 48 38 25,


Luscious fare from Lynhjem Cheese and delicacies from throughout Europe. Lynhjems Eftf. Ole Jensen ApS, Stengade 19, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 12 18,

Major events in North Sealand 2012 You can look forward to these major events and tingle with anticipation when we tell you that since this list was devised at the end of December, more acts and events have been confirmed. See the latest listings. Visit and or the municipalities’ own websites. 8 March Cirkus Cirkör

8.–23. June Revyperler revue in Helsingør

16–18. March Hillerød Kunstdage

9. June Tisvildeleje Fish Day

24–25. March Spring fair in Frederiksborgcentre

15–16. June Artists market on Hundested Harbour www.

31. March Chris Minh Doky – A concert story

22–24. June Helsinge Byfest town festival

21. april North Sealand’s Gourmet and Wine Festival 3. May Alphabeat 18–19. maj Helsingør Jazzfestival 25. May Blå Nat (Blue Night) in Jægerspris 26–28. May Machine rally in Græsted 1 june Culture Night in Helsinge 2. june Dannermarked fair 3. june Great food – museums’ day 5. june Father’s Day Teknisk Museum 6. june – 28. july Gilleleje Revue

22–24. June Viking Festival frederikssundvikingfestival 23–24. June Medieval Market at Esrum Abbey and Møllegaard, 23. June – 8. July Viking Festival in Frederikssund 29. June Canon Friday in Frederiksværk 2–30. July Frederiksværk Music Festival 6–8. July Bakkefest summer party in Gilleleje 5–8. July Hundested Harbour Gala 13. July Hundested by Night 19–22. July Gilleleje Harbour Gala

27–29. July Hornbæk Harbour Gala and 31. July – 4. august International street theatre in Helsingør/Helsingborg 1–11. august Hamlet at Shakespeare’s Castle 4–5. august Kildemarked in Tisvilde 4. august Caroline Henderson, outdoor concert in Tisvilde 4. august Day of the Fish in Gilleleje 11. august Kattegat Kite Festival in Liseleje 11–12. august Jazz at the harbour in Gilleleje 11–12. august Open Arts Studios in Halsnæs 15. august Cruise liner Queen Mary 2 in Helsingør Harbour 17–19. august Garden Living Fair 2012, 18. august Hundested Harbour 150th anniversary

20–22. July Musik in Lejet,

23–26. august Snakecity Jazzfestival

26–29. July Lynæs Harbour Gala

25. august Culture Night in Gilleleje www.gillelejebyenpå

30. august – 2. september Bric-a-brac market in Hillerød 31. august – 2. september Tisvilde Folk Festival 1. september Posttrampet bicycle race 1. september Day of the Herring, Beer and Apple in Hundested 1–2. september Kunstrunden Arts Fair 1–2. september Workshop Days 8. september Krudtværks Festival in Frederiksværk 15–16. september Model Railway Fair at Teknisk Museum 15–16. september Junior DM various skiff series Rungsted Havn 21. september Culture Night in Hillerød 28. september Culture Night in Helsingør Espergærde and Hornbæk 5–7. october Big-Boat final Rungsted Harbour 7. october Merida MTB Maraton 12. october Carmen – Danish Royal Theatre tour


For hundreds of years the people of North Sealand have enjoyed freshlycaught fish. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the journey from fishermen’s nets to dinner table was a short one. Every morning, the fishermen’s hardy wives took the freshly-caught fish to the nearest towns to sell them. The houses of the small fishing hamlets were built close together, forming the alleys and narrow streets we see today.


Maritime North Sealand Very few places in Denmark can match North Sealand’s vibrant maritime locations. The region has wonderful marinas, excellent fishing waters, and first-rate bathing beaches – all close to golf courses and world-class sights and museums.

The highly-attractive Øresund coast is around 50 km long and stretches from the outer fringes of Copenhagen, where suburbia gives way to a large and affluent green residential area with lots of large and small villas along Strandvejen, a coastal route that has existed for 400 years and which links Copenhagen to Helsingør. It is a highly fashionable area and many Danes would like to live there. From marinas to ferry landings Sailing enthusiasts sail to the marinas in Rungsted, Vedbæk and Nivå, which have first-class facilities and are only a short distance from world-class museums and attractions. Nivå harbour is the only natural harbour on the coast of Øresund, located in an area of natural beauty, close to a fine sandy beach. With its clean and healthy waters, Helsingør has been a maritime city for as long as it has existed, offering ferry services, fishing and of course, sailing. Helsingør Nordhavn harbour – just a few minutes on foot from the city centre – is one of the biggest marinas in Sealand and has excellent sailing facilities. Shipping companies operate several ferries that sail passengers between Helsingør and Sweden several times a day, everyday, all year round. From Helsingør, the tour on the beautiful blue sea continues to destinations such as Hornbæk, a cultural and popular bathing and harbour town, and onto Gilleleje and the Kattegat sea. Gilleleje is home to a commercial harbour where fishing boats set out every morning to make abundant catches of fresh fish, so that the several fishmongers on the harbour stay well stocked. The Halsnæs dilemma A port of call at Halsnæs presents the sailor with a difficult dilemma. Frederiksværk, Lynæs and Hundested harbour are all very special in their own right. But you can’t be in two places

at one time, never mind three! The marina in Hundested is integrated with the ferry berth, fishing port and commercial harbour. There are charming eateries close to the quay with an excellent maritime feel. Lynæs is an idyllic gem on the tip of Halsnæs, with sturdy Lynæs skiffs tied to bollards and good restaurants on and close to the harbour. Frederiksværk is also very attractive; visitors can stroll along the canal into the town centre, which has many shops and restaurants. The small harbours in Roskilde Fjord Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord have long been associated with the Viking era and many Viking artefacts have been found there. The most significant finds were five Viking ships, discovered at Skuldelev harbour south of Frederikssund. You can see the ships in Vikingeskibsmuseet (museum) in Roskilde. Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord have many charming harbours and old fishing villages located close to attractions, restaurants and excellent shopping opportunities. Frederikssund marina is a free port, with a mast crane located on Kalvøen Kignæs harbour is a free port, located in Neder Dråby by Jægerspris, only 500 metres from the nearest store. Kulhuse harbour has a depth of 2.5 metres. It has a building berth, slipway and mast crane, wooden pier, excellent child-friendly bathing beach, inn, take away and kiosk and only 500 metres from a lovely camping site. Frederikssund harbour was previously a commercial harbour but now it has a lovely harbour square, it is close to the centre and there are just 50 metres to the shops. Marbæk marina is a free port with a club house and take away, always open. Skuldelev harbour is an idyllic well-sheltered harbour, with 300 metres to a bathing jetty.

HARBOURS IN NORTH SEALAND Rungsted Vedbæk Helsingør www.helsingor-havne. Nivå Espergærde Gilleleje Frederiksværk Hundested Humlebæk Sletten Snekkersten Hornbæk Lynæs Frederikssund Lystbådehavn – Kignæs Harbour Kulhuse Harbour Marbæk Lystbådehavn Skuldelev Harbour Frederikssund Harbour


To sail is to live North Sealand’s riviera takes in the Kattegat and Øresund and includes many lakes and fjords. Sailing is a natural daily activity for tourists and locals alike. A lot of large and small ferry services operate in the area. scandlines Large car ferry service sailing between Helsingør and Helsingborg every twenty minutes. Crossing takes 20 minutes www. hundested rørvig færgefart Car ferry between Hundested and Rørvig. The route ferry between North Sealand and Odsherred has existed for over 80 years. Crossing takes approx. 25 minutes. østre færge Car ferry sailing between Hammer Bakke in Hornsherred to Orø. Ferry sails every 20 minutes between 06:00–24:00 all year round. Crossing takes approx. 8 minutes. s/s skjelskør Sailing on the steamer Skjelskør is a wonderful cultural and historical adventure. Children and adults

can visit the engine room and see the steam engine running. Departs Frederikssund harbour and heads south along Roskilde Fjord. Tour last for approx. one hour. May - September. sailing trips on esrum lake Boat sails on Esrum lake. Sails 1 May - 30 September. Tel. (+45) 48 48 01 07 to reserve place. www.bådfartenesrumsø.dk columbus Car ferry sailing between Kulhuse and Sølager April - September. Crossing takes approx. 8 minutes. round isefjord Take the whole family on a round trip on one of Isefjord’s four ferries. For example, you can start in Holbæk and take the ferry to Orø. Take the ferry from Orø to Hammer Bakke with Østre Færge

and then travel to Kulhuse where you can sail to Sølager. Finish the trip by taking the ferry from Hundested to Rørvig and return to Holbæk. Tickets for bicycles, motorcycles and cars can be purchased on all four ferries and in tourist information offices in the fjord area and are valid from April to October. sailing boat m/f frederiksborg Boat sails Denmark’s loveliest sea mile on castle lake in Hillerød. The boat connects the town square to the Baroque Garden and a jetty close to Frederiksborg Castle entrance. Round tour takes approx. 30 minutes. the cutter teisten You can sail to Hven on the cutter or hire the cutter for a day to sail on Øresund.

Hundested-Rørvig ferry services The natural short cut Take the fast connection between Hundested and Rørvig and enjoy the trip across the mouth of the Isefjord. Tour takes just 25 minutes. Short cut ticket for Mols-Linien. Departure around every 30 minutes (high season). Hundested Rørvig Færgen Pladsreservation Tel. (+45) 47 93 71 50


r ø g n i Hels

tion a n i t s e d e s i cru ’s d n a l a e S h Nort

Helsingør is the only city in Denmark where very large cruise liners can land or anchor, with a view of Hamlet’s castle, a newly-build cultural centre and a historic market town. It has become a tradition that 3-4 cruise liners visit Helsingør every year. Some of them are so large they cannot enter the harbour but instead anchor offshore at the roadstead. Among them is the magnificent English cruise liner Queen Mary 2. It anchored at port twice in 2011. In 2012, it will anchor at port on 15 August from 08:00 to 22:00. Local people, tourists and visitors can get a whiff of the Seven Seas when the oceangoing cruise liners arrive in Helsingør. From Wiibroes Plads you can see the cruise liners anchored at nearby Kongekajen or watch passenger yawls bring the visitors in from the cruise liners anchored at the roadstead. Hamlet personally welcomes everyone on the Kongekajen! Waiting tourist coaches are ready to take excited passengers on a sightseeing tour of the North Sealand castles, the small fishing villages along the Øresund coast or a panoramic tour of Copenhagen. The majority of visitors choose to remain and explore beautiful historic Helsingør, just a few minutes walk from Kongekajen jetty. The distances are short, and it only takes a couple of hours to visit Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle, the cathedral and what was once the red light district, around Anna Queen Stræde. And you won’t be able to resist entering one of the cosy cafes on Axeltorv or tempting stores in one of the pedestrian streets! Further information Helsingør Havne, Nordhavnsvej 13 DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 28 10 80 VisitNordsjælland, Havnepladsen 3 DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 49 21 13 33



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Æ belhol


Kvinderup ievej elin e Lan g om mun K ne u d m om l erø j Hil und K Kvinderupve J Fr e d e rikss



ej je d e v Ne Møllehøj



Byg se ade



Torp m

ølle v ej





e vn ne ej

P ib

j en

Høbjer gvej


derupj Kæ ve


Fr e ej insv e Ru nd

æ rkv ej






ej ev

eg j

l Pø


L le L il

Fre d

Hel s in g

Sk ol

Alsønderup Enge

å rd svej Kovad

eve j ing





Høbjer Orned

Annisse Overdrev


Pr æ




ej øv ug

sv å rd

Skan e

v. Thore d s

J vg


ej sev



l ev

æ Gr




OV SK Egelund

H y lles tedvejen


Græse sle




vej By



53 207

da ls




Over Dråby

Over Dråby Strand



By v ej










By v e j



Jægers- Jægersprislejren pris Slot


e æs



Græse Bakkeby

Neder Dråby





vej G r æse Str and

e Væn g

KU Jægersprislejrens Skydeterræn





Havelse Mølle ØKSNEHOLM




kvej Hov e dgad e





M arkeb æ








by Å

h Ap


Jægersprislejrens Øvelsesterræn

ve up j




Ølsted Sydstrand

Langevad Plantage

a Mølle DSVE J UN




Rya ergårdg svej

yn gb y

Kildemose Å

Lill e H avelsevej Lille Havelse une m une m æ Kom n ls Ha d ø er Strølille Hill

St. Havelse



Jægersprislejrens Skydeterræn

ej dsv aar



Store Lyngby




gv ej

Annisse Nord

oseve j

Lille Lyngby

Str ø lil levej

Store Stra ndv Havelse Strand

rn Dy

Jægersprislejrens Øvelsesterræn

St Havelse ej


Nellerø dv

Nejede Lykkesholm



ste ve j




Gri m str










Ølsted Strand


Tho rs m


e ad dg


oret ds p San Skoven










kæ Anevej Kongens Lyng



e - Ho Gydkken ve ba



ej øjv




ah Bau t

ve j


St r a

tevej or Hj


Kregme Mose



ti es



s Rav n



sb or



Gribskov Kom mune Hillerød Kommun e


ste Øl




Hem mingstrup


de ri k






e Øst

ste ve


dvej Bred e rø

ØD d v e jen

ROSKILDE FJORD Barakkerne Re v vejen

ade terg Ves




ER an


Pr æ




Brederød S onner upv

avev ej

L HIL St r


d He


Lille Kregme



ve j







By Ly ng ba en

j ve ød de r Au


16 211


Aggeb Sig ers Å



Skærød Sk æ

Ramløse Grib skov Bakker Kom Hals mu næ ne s Ko mm une

ø er j Aud ve


Viking evej

VEJ HU S Hornsved





Præ s


Helsinge J Tofte VE j ØR rkve G N svæ I erik HE L S d Fre

Ramløse Søkrog



seve R amlø

SVÆ R Bækkekrog K VE J







Ramløse Sand Grib Kom s m kov Hals un e n Kom muæns e

Ry Å





r Auderød-

ne vej



Rygårds Allé



Grø v ha 207


Sk e lvej

Vinderød 205 Enghave HILL

ej rsv

arlsSt. Kdevej min

v N D ed HU n e h ov

Sverkilstrup Ellinge



Store Karlsminde




use Kulh er Sølamgin) (8 rmm)e (Soru te

de ga de r


K a rlshøjvej


S øn


istr du j In ve

j eve



e ev gl Torpmagle

Amager Huse

E nghaveve j

toft Eve



j ve kke

j pve ru nd ge

e egad Nørr






up Uller ej Skovv

Lille Karlsminde

je pve


MøllevaAsserbo n gsvej

Mel by

ba R æve


kov dS Vin derø Ellevej

ej dv an

vn hajen Kik ve

gjer s b ej v

Ll. K arl s m




Tibirke Sand










v by el M

j ej

us lin





j ghø


Tollerup Nødebove jen

eje ve

j pve eru Toll

ej ev


ve j

St r



j rgve bje

K ro

eru Toll


i nd


gvej ebjer

Electronic information


ve h

Tibirke Flyvesand


j jve hø ke B ir Laugø E V Huse EJ


in yll

L ind






BÆ K Ellemos e

ej nebje rg v B an

b Vi



Self Service




Tu ls trup


v. b ro Kurre






Asserbo Slotsruin


upvej Åger

us ASSERBO vej

Open throughout summer

Torplille Torupvejen

Bølleljungen Lejevej


v bo de


St æ ng eh

Maglebje r gvej

Open all year round







Tågerup Huse

Holløse Bredning Tibirke Bakker

Mø nge ve j Mønge


La u


j Valby Huse ve ds





Uglebrov ej


j Hø jbr


s ev e jen





ltvej sh o Ud






se Å lemo Øl

Kolsbæk Unneru p vej

ve j

ro To b




j dve




lun øs e


geve Møn



N 267






nsGo dhavj ve


d eLun vej bjerg


h ø jv.


j eb


Stok k eb

d un sel ej llø dv Ho tran S

d Jy




rd s Salgå

jby ej Ve ndv a Str



øjsSteenhn Åse

U dsh oltv g ej rgve Toft v j B J BakkeKirkevej ER bjerg


Hesselbjerg vej Råg e marks Råg


Ma glehøjvej


Vejby Strand

Helene Kilde j ve fte To



rdsegå Havr vej

Udsholt Strand

North Sealand Maps are available at local tourist information offices (see page 91). Different bicycle route maps have been published, and some town maps, and of course, maps of the whole of Denmark have been published.

Smidstrup Strand P RU ST EJ SMI D NDV STR A nglo E

Bures Sko v v ej






Stub bed



Kofod Anchers Vej

NY S T Gam RAN Stra mel D ndv ej




G t ran l. dv e j






Teg lg


ndv e

B og å rd s ve j

G l. Stra


nd ve j Gam mel Str a


Låg e gyde










Egebækve j

E47 19 14

df o


Atte mo s e v ej



Ru n



rbiv ej

Rygård Fredskov


ve j



Bak kegårdsvej


Island højvejs-

j j

Holmeg ård s ve












ej Plantagev



Gl. Holte o ltevej

. Borg md e Schnei j Ve Vestre svej Paradi






Hel leb v e æ kj olmvej



p ve j


m ar ksvej ne

Ree ej

olm v

Sø h Lan

Ag ilte v ej

Høje Sandbjerg


KGro TRØRØD HEGNej v gågr holm Trørød vejds- Trørød Frydenlu nds ej vev vej ha Ko






Fu g

in k

Br u

rø d


Bak ke v

Vest ervang Kajerø vej d-


Hø ve





e rh u s vej Horserød vej -





pv e j

Dan str

Aller ød Ko mm R


elt e Kir k


j m oseve



Ke ttingevej

erv ej

h Gr øn


ve j




Je sp






vej San dbj erg Øster Sandbjerg Sandbjerg





olms iksh enr Allé




ønge husv ej





Store Frises

Eng ej F Deputatvang o l e ha v ev Hø Folehave Rud rs ho l m Kommu ne e rs d a l Kommune Brådebæk-- Sandbjerg Ubberød Østerskov

E47 19




o s en





Fo le ha v evej




l me

ng ve e r ø dj

Bolb 152 rov ej

JEN VE OR l. OT Golte H de RM Ga GØ SIN


Va ssi



Ga m

Vrålyn gen



H k øø st e rbv ej





Ly n gev ej


l mvej

v re ho



Søru pv ej


Sø v

ej r lsberg vej -







Odderdamsv ej

er sv e






Koll e rød By




r o gsve j n tek







Lyng e Bygad e





Vallerød vej

ro Bolb

ang ev Gø g





Dam h


dve j


k B ir a P

Gy d


åkærve j







Als v

hav en








e Fr




k op Bis ane s Sv Vej

ak reb




akke vej




gerupv e

Usserød j ve


En g


ve j

de Rød k

Drags tru p vej

Hillerød Kommune Fredensborg Komm une

Ny Mår u m v ej

Kager upvej


Hov vej



sø v.

Ull er ø

osen Højm



ste vejen




år um



Gribskov Kommu ne Helsin gør Komm un e

j e ve


Krigs ag

Lan S ø dk b


em PÅRU M agl








ve j

dÅ rø

Nordhøjve j


rne dbusse Su n


U s se

EJ EV NG KO r revang







ej pv


ru st Ly

om mun

JE EVE NG KO rhu s




Kronborg Slot



o nh





S oldraget

ø ne r e eg B r Sk o v v

j ve øj


h og

mu o m m ne une



Esrum vej




S m ed e

D ig e lsve

EN v lte -



a geløkke ve

Nivåve j Niv er vej ød-



Høvelte Kattehale MAGLEvej Ulerne 16 Ka BJERG d t te h le j BI RK Sønderskov Lynge All E erø RØ Mark Vrålyng Kajerød D Fur d Ko KO m esø Høveltsvang Tusindeskifte HI Kom mun Skoven NG evej LL LILLE ler ø d K mu e EV Lyng ER RAVNSHOLT ne EJ RUDE ØLHØJ ØD Birkerød 11 MO ej v Vejrød r SKOV e n Breg TO Birkerød Uggeløse møllevej Kærhøjgårdsv R J 201 VE EVE ej Sø L J Ol EN dvej Uggeløse dK ØL Stavnsholt Skovrød e yg Hestrk rø ad 207 Overdrev ve d 16 køb 233 Lynge j SL ANGERUPVEJ e Stavn s holt V de Bistrup Hegn Vassingerød se rik BregneUGGELØSE SKOV vej 229 sb s evej dv Va S o n rød L AN rg Å enlu j angsø ø e G v ls ERU Tre Å 10 Ked e PV vangsvej BISTR U Nymølle FARUM 207 Bistrup Krogenlund EJ PVE LILLEVANG Rosenlundv J Vaserne . 207 SLAN sø GERUP VEJ ri KROGENTu Bastrup Aller ø d Kommu LUND Palth n Hestee olm lm Eged l Ko 9 Enghave

Ko m


ltv ej


o sh

Sjælsø ne Hørsh olm Kommu e un dersdal Kom mu n e u Ravnsnæs Nø

Rødegård s vej

ve ds år





ISTG rønn ERØ ega d e DV EJ










Eskemose Skov



K ro



e STASEVANG ne mu om rg K o sb n Frede ne mu Hørs holm Kom

Slutterup Stumpedyssevej


te ne Ag




s Don

Kettinge Stumpedysse





4 j sve eri

229 N ordvej






j ve b Vejenbrød

Sjælsmark EJ KV Kaserne SJÆLSØ AR LUND SJÆ LSM Sjælsmark

Høvelte Skov





N EJE d Gun


KO Teglværks- NGE VE huse J


ll Ke

rre Gu


lm vej










Fredtofte ej Fre dto f t ev 7



Lille Slutterup

Blovstrød Overdrev

mosev ej

ev nd





j ve

g or sb e en un ed m Fr om une K m m Ko

d rø rte



Dageløkke Skov




Bøs se m

e lm e n b æ r st e


ng va

re Å s re

se ek

l le Hi



r Ha

d Fiske



Ha vre

j ve





Da m

S t umped ys s evej




Røgle vej



Lyng e Å

ve R øgle




Lille Gunderød dve j rø de

Donse Overdrev





en V ej

dv ej erø Avderød A vd


Tykke Overdrev

a ev

v holm

Uv 233 el v ej



rg ve j



La ng st ru p




Store Bøllemose

B an

Frederiksb o

t Flin
















ej sev gelø Ug

L yn

r EJ K a DV


ksborgv e j eri







j ve lrød sse He


une om m e ej rød K mun Hille ød Kom Kirke l t ev r Alle



Niv å




Uvelse Enghave


kovvej des


Karlebo Mark

Ny Hammersholt Fre de rik Rågårds Lille s Mose Sverige


j ve

um S ø v Es r



d Fre




j rgve bo

Sl å e n

Byvangen j Højlundeve


ej øj v sh


Lille Hestehave


HILLERØD GOLF KLUB Store Hestehave æk

ej ev els 233 Uv

vej jerg

Gø rløsevej

up ter


ve j

stru pv






vej olt

l e bo

Ø RSVE NG LSI HE Munkegårde Skov

ToeToelt tv e 229 j N y Nybo bove j E47

Agesø j Hu bækv e Sø- m le holm

Humlebæ kvej




O2 6

n Fu

SV E OVER DR EV Hestehaven








B øt





Nørre Herlev


N JE VE V S Bjørnebakker






v ev.




O2 6


Mi l

y reha

Nyrup gen b ergvej



Kronborg La degårds V ej

ej Gurre v


He lleb æ





Karlebo Overdrev

Kongens Vænge

et vled

EJE ls

Slotssøen svej en

Amtmands- Salpetermosen vang


gn He

6 53

Jes p

Frederiksborg Slot

ej erv





MO lle ØD Eg e sp urs A LER HIL

Ved reerslev F

Pe de r O Alle x es

l Ku

j eve

O2 16

He rre d Tirsdagsskoven

Lille Dyrehave


mlebækv Hu ej


vej trup uls

6 19

b ov Lille Veksebo ej vej ule sh n ø er Br



Lille Toelt





205 ESR U






Gurre Sø

K ro

Reerstrup u rs

To eltv e





Sørup Overdrev

dve j



Stensholts Vang



EJ RSV GØ SIN ng e HEL rø Langerød





ltvan g en G r ønho

ej angsv G adev

Stensholts Indelukke




j ve lts ho en St

vej gs

ej sv



Endrup Hegn

dik ne Be


van ade

Dam v ejen


Frederiksværksgade ULLERØD

leb jer gv e


Fredensborg Slot

Slo ts - t væ n ge



ej rtvPederstrupvang





Pøl e Å


Ga deled

o ep ild



Fu g


er up vej T Tikøb Skovhuse




Slotssøen Gurre vej



ge RA Julebæk Bonde- rgade ND Bøgeholm dammen VE Sø KobberJ e dammen v k æ b

Ka r

Lille Ø’s Krog


lm v INDE- e


Gu rrevej

vej org ensb

ej a

rs ho


Gurre Sø


Fredensborg Slotspark




ej pv dru





Fredensborg Søpark

h de

ve æk





hø jve j


Skibstrup Overdrev evej kk


H ne mu e OR NB n K om Helsingør ommu Æ am sv. rg K o b s n e Fred


Store Gribsø

O2 19

Freerslev V EJ DE KIL OS




Strødam Vester Engsø Strødam



Fændrik Vang


vej je rg eb F ru Bendstrup


Plejel t vej



N e ll

p geru Ka tionsvej a St



Ha rre

Esrum Sø

Kongens Bøge

lm vej -

Ris b y


ej 213

Holme ne v

Borsholm r sh o




o rsh l m vej Bo


ev e j


Skibstrup Gør lu ej pv ve tru ibs k j Sk


Risby 235


Saunte Ho





E l lekil


Plejelt UM ESR VEJ


NO R DRE S Ellekilde TR AN DVE J

g Stenstrup a Sau nte ve j




ne mu Ko m ne gør u Helsi n Ko m m ov Gribsk



Hornbæk Sø

Havreholm K lo sterris


Gribskov Kommune Hillerød Kommune


løse vej


ru m Es vedHogade

Esbønderup Kohave

Esrum Sø






N JE VE O2 ØDPræ 267

VKildekrog illi ng eb


j dve



Stork eva dsv ej



Hellebjerg ve j G urre Å

rø Villing e


205 EJ KS V

Ostrup Kobbel


Solbjerg Engsø Tibberup



j ve ød ger um Å r






holm vej


Boland Vang


Kistrup Kobbel

e Pand

lin Vil

ve j


A lme





Mårum Tinghuse E J TING H US V E




umsMusevej RUSLAND Horneby j Horneby Fælled Sand


svej emark



Tin 227




So d



Nederste Kobbel



Kirke Esbønderup Øs












v. ingstru p

Harager Hegn



M årumvej

em m



Ke lds

Esbøn deru pv ej



ang Fuglev en



rø Ørbæk dv ej






Græsted Skovhuse



Søborg Sø

g or



Tof tev ej


b Sø


j ggebo vej Valbyve Agg e b o V EJ E LD mEVÆ Dønnevælde p NN

205 251





Søgår d svej


al an



e llev Mø

Bygad en

a Ørb





v er

ve j

K rg bo Sø





ose Å

s å rd


g rg





gnerød ej BreLille ve j Firh ø jv Bregnerød

Å le kist evej

g or al an

Sø b o



rg d





rv e



n veje




Pårup Porsa g

ej Tulstrup Tu lstrup v





ebjergvej Bø g

Nakkehoved Fyr

Øs t re Allé

Esru Kanam l

vej Park







p eru nk Ti



j e ve Alm

Strand Esbønderup od svej

Hågendrup ve



e gad rbro ste 237


Gilleleje Feriecenter










Vesterbrogade 10 3250 Gilleleje · Tel (+45) 48 30 13 62 Åbningstider:

FREDBOGÅRD-BUTIKKEN Vesterbrogade 26 · 3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48360350

Møllegade 4, 3250 Gilleleje Tlf. 48 36 82 37 Møllegade 4, 3250 Gilleleje Tlf. 48 36 82 37

Danmarks Smukkeste Sømil 15. maj - 15 september Man-lør kl. 11-17. Søn kl. 13-17 Børn kr. 10 - Voksne kr. 30


Åbningstider: Mandag - onsdag kl. 9.00-17.30 Mandag - onsdag kl. 9.00-17.30 Torsdag kl. 9.00-19.00 Torsdag kl. 9.00-17.00 9.00-19.00 Fredag kl. Fredag kl. 8.00-13.00 9.00-17.00 Lørdag Lørdag kl. 8.00-13.00 EKSTRA ÅBENT: EKSTRA St. Bededag kl.ÅBENT: 8.00 - 13.00 St. Bededag kl. 8.00 - 13.00 Kr. Himmelfartsdag kl. 8.00 - 13.00 Kr. Himmelfartsdag kl. 8.00 - 13.00

Kysthusene Tinkerup Strandvej 8A · 3250 Gilleleje (+45) 48 36 54 44 ·

Birds in Driftwood

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100 different subjects Lille Karlsmindevej 57 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 27 85 91 27

Havnekiosken Hornbæk Havn Tlf. 49 70 03 54

Havnekiosken Hornbæk Havn Tlf. 49 70 03 54

BICYCLE ROUTES ON NORTH SEALAND MAP Jens Erik Larsen, Dansk Cykel Safari Havnekiosken_annonce_41x86.indd 1

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Tourist inspiration sites Tourist inspiration sites are locations where there is a wide selection of local and regional printed holiday material for visitors. These locations are based on self service, so you may not expect any tourist information services there. For more details visit TOURIST INSPIRATION TISVILDELEJE Feriecentret Sankt Helene Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje TOURIST INSPIRATION FREDERIKSVÆRK Gjethuset, Gjethusgade 5 DK-3300 Frederiksværk

TOURIST INSPIRATION GILLELEJE Blomstertanken Vesterbrogade 17, DK-3250 Gilleleje

TOURIST INSPIRATION HILLERØD Hotel Hillerød Milnersvej 41, DK-3400 Hillerød

TOURIST INSPIRATION NIVÅ Nivå Camping, Sølyst Allé 14 DK-2990 Nivå

TOURIST INSPIRATION GILLELEJE Hotel Strand Vesterbrogade 4 C, DK-3250 Gilleleje

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TOURIST INSPIRATION FREDENSBORG Café Under Kronen, Jernbanegade 1 DK-3480 Fredensborg

TOURIST INSPIRATION HUNDESTED SuperBest Nørregade 11, DK-3390 Hundested

TOURIST INSPIRATION HELSINGØR Helsingør Havnekontor Nordhavnsvej 13, DK-3000 Helsingør

TOURIST INSPIRATION HELSINGE Bymose Hegn Hotel & Kursuscenter Bymosegårdsvej 11 DK-3200 Helsinge

TURISTINSPIRATION LYNÆS Købmandsgården, Lynæs Havnevej 8, DK-3390 Hundested

TOURIST INSPIRATION HELSINGØR Danhostel Helsingør Vandrerhjem Ndr. Strandvej 24, DK-3000 Helsingør

TOURIST INSPIRATION NORTH COAST: All life saving stations on the beaches from Hundested to Nivå.

Practical information NORTH SEALAND POLICE Call 1-1-4 EMERGENCY SERVICES Call 112 to request fire, police or ambulance services. ON-CALL DOCTOR Tel. (+45) 38 69 38 69 TANDLÆGEVAGT Tel. (+45) 70 25 00 41 FALCK Control Centre Tel. (+45) 70 10 20 30 PHARMACISTS Gilleleje Apotek Vesterbrogade 6 B DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 15 55

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Center for Fysioterapi & Træning Frederiksborgvej 18 1.sal, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 10 34

DENTISTS Tandlægehuset i Humlebæk Humlebæk Strandvej 56 DK-3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 49 19 00 56

DOCTORS Gribskov Lægecenter Tisvildevej 28 DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 48 70 70 45

MAIN LIBRARIES Hillerød Bibliotekerne Christiansgade 1 DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 72 32 58 00

Lægerne Kandrup og Wersoe, Murergade 5 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 20 89

Fredensborg Bibliotek Jernbanegade 3 DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 72 56 22 00

Frederiksværk Bibliotek, Torvet 41 DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 78 41 00 Helsinge Bibliotek Skolegade 43 DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 49 60 06 Biblioteket Kulturværftet, Allegade 2 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 36 20 Hørsholm Bibliotek Bibliotekstorvet 1 2970 Hørsholm www.biblioteket.

POSTAL SERVICES PUBLIC TRANSPORT HOSPITALS Hillerød Sygehus Dyrehavevej 29 DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 29 48 29 Helsingør Sygehus Esrumvej 145 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 48 29 49 49

Frederikssund Sygehus Frederikssundsvej 30 DK-3600 Frederikssund Tel. (+45) 48 29 50 00 ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Hillerød Sygehus Dyrehavevej 29 Indgang 04 DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 29 36 32


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Full of wonderful experiences ... Step inside the mysterious and authentic Helsingør, with Kronborg Castle, the dynamic Culture Harbour Kronborg; ships crossing the Sound, the old well-preserved market town with timbered houses, cathedral and market town gardens. A world of wonderful experiences awaits you. Helsingør has beautiful bathing beaches, wonderful marina settings, more than 200 stores and the richest cultural heritage in Denmark. What more could you want? Whether it’s an intimate sunset on the beach, a challenging experience, an exquisite evening meal in one of the many charming restaurants or a world-class cultural event – Helsingør has something to suit every taste.

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We look forward to you and your family visiting Helsingør. Visit to read more.

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