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The Danish Riviera





Helsingør/ Elsinore







Esrum Sø

E 47







Frederikssund 16

E 47 19

E 47

19 O2

Roskilde Fjord

København/ Copenhagen 21

Roskilde 21

E 20 E 47 E 20

Københavns Lufthavn/ CPH Airport

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5 km

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ROYAL NORTH SEALAND and The Danish Riviera Royal North Sealand is just a 45-minute train journey north of Copenhagen. There’s a good reason behind its name, as North Sealand has been the favourite bolthole for Danish kings for centuries. For generations, the royals have been heading north to relax in their castles, sample the local produce and enjoy hunting and other leisure pursuits. Today, with its protected nature reserves, forests and kilometres of clean, white sandy beaches with clear bathing waters, North Sealand has become a favourite bolthole for many tourists. This is where you’re guaranteed peace and quiet, great experiences and fun activities. Welcome to Royal North Sealand along the Danish Riviera.

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Experience North Sealand through a camera lens KNUD RASMUSSEN’S HOUSE Relaxed ANNA QUEENS STRÆDE, ELSINORE AND SPODSBJERG LIGHTHOUSE Cobblestones, timbered buildings and The house is close to Spodsbjerg Lighthouse pictures make a great combination. The street with fabulous views overlooking the Kattegat. can be traced back to the 17th century. In clear weather you can see all the way to Hesselø, which is 26 km away. NIVAAGAARDS ART COLLECTION Works from the Renaissance and the Golden Age. GILLELEJE HARBOUR The spring provides an obligatory photo opportunity There are plenty of activities and photo for all photographers in the garden with old, beautiopportunities at Gilleleje Harbour. ful trees and innumerable rhododendrons.


Romantic KRONBORG CASTLE Hamlet’s and Shakespeare’s castle with the ­opportunity to greet Holger Danske in the vaults, where vigilant photographers may get the opportunity to snap Hamlet’s father’s ghost. THE CASTLE ROUTE IN NORTH SEALAND A 75-kilometre cycle route that focuses on castles, castle ruins and monasteries in North Sealand, which offers great photo spots.

FREDENSBORG PALACE Exceptionally photogenic. Don’t forget to visit the atmospheric Palace Gardens. Established at the same time as the palace, but converted to French Baroque style in 1759-69.


FREDERIKSBORG CASTLE Picturesque location in the middle of the Castle Lake in Hillerød. The largest renaissance castle in the Scandinavia, with the opportunity to take pictures with world-class water reflections.


Esrum Abbey


Frederiksborg Castle


North Sealand is full of royal history, a vibrant ­cultural life and unique nature experiences – all within a short driving ­distance from Copenhagen.

Royal North Sealand Experience the new Royal North Sealand National Park with its outstanding natural landscape and cultural riches. Visit impressive castles and a medieval abbey full of experiences. Soak up the special atmosphere of the old fishing villages and enjoy a boat trip next to one of the most beautiful beaches in The Danish Riviera. Active holidays on two wheels If you want an active holiday, you can cycle your way around North Sealand, with fresh wind in your hair and stunning views of open landscape, forests and the sea. Peaceful bicycle routes wind their way through the scenic countryside, away from busy traffic, so you can safely reach your destination. Rich cultural scene North Sealand towns have rich cultural scenes. There are live music and theatre


venues, outstanding museums and active cultural centres, which means there are a wide variety of artistic and cultural experiences on offer all year round. Culinary experiences A holiday in North Sealand has to include great food. The area’s lush nature makes it a veritable natural pantry with farm shops and eateries full of quality local products. Many of Denmark’s top chefs seek inspiration and new Nordic ingredients in North Sealand North Sealand is full of royal history For centuries, the green and fertile area of North Sealand has attracted Danish kings. So in no time at all, you can follow a king’s footsteps in one of North Sealand’s castles. The first castles in the area were built in the Middle Ages, but it was during the reign of Frederik II that Royal

North Sealand finally took on the form we recognise today. Gunpowder, cannons and industrial history The western part of North Sealand also became an area of interest to kings in the latter half of the 1700s. Industry and a cannon foundry were established to ­supply the Danish army. Today, the gunpowder works in Frederiskværk is an outdoor museum, and the cannon foundry’s buildings are used as a cultural centre. Experiences for everyone Whether you want to experience ­Danish history, enjoy being active in the country­side, on the coast or sea, or want to explore diverse cultural opportunities, it’s all there for you in Royal North Sealand.

Fredensborg Palace

Gunpowder Works

FREDERIKSBORG (page 12) Magnificent Renaissance castle from the beginning of the 17th century, with an impressive park. KRONBORG (page 10) Kronborg Castle was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2000 and is rich in history. FREDENSBORG (page 14) The elegant baroque palace garden has an attractive outdoor sculpture collection, called Normandsdalen (A Nordic Community in Stone). ESRUM ABBEY (page 8) The Cistercian abbey in Esrum was founded in 1151 as a daughter house to Clairvaux Abbey.

Kronborg Castle



& MILLYARD Esrum Abbey was founded in 1151 by French Cistercian monks and was once one of the most powerful monasteries in Northern Europe. Today, Esrum Abbey is an open attraction, where you can enjoy beautiful scenic surroundings and immerse yourself in 800 years of ­fascinating history.


Adventures for the whole family Culture & nature Discover the fascinating history of abbey life and the Middle Ages both indoors and outdoors. Sit and enjoy the nature wherever you like – in the large abbey meadow, on grassy river banks, on benches around the campfire or in the café garden behind the old mill. Enjoy the tranquillity of the abbey garden among the stories and fantastic herbs from the Middle Ages. Nature playground & children’s activities There’s plenty of fun and activities for children in the nature playground and

one of the abbey wings. And there are special child-friendly activities during the school holidays. Café & shop Enjoy a light meal in the café with a glass of cold draft abbey beer. And browse the shop with tempting French abbey delicacies, quality local products, abbey beer, medieval goods and much more. Activities all year round Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegård has events all year round – keep yourself updated on the calendar on the website.

SPECIAL EVENTS IN 2019 • Beer  festival 3 and 4 May – a beer mecca for beer enthusiasts. • Esrum Medieval Days 15 - 16 June – the biggest family event of the year with music, entertainment and authentic market atmosphere. • Harvest festival 17 - 18 August – discover a wealth of local seasonal produce and organic temptations. • Christmas market 29 - 30 November and 1 December – a tribute to the ­abbey’s French and medieval origins. • Holiday activities – child-friendly Easter, summer holidays and ­autumn half term. • Food stories – experience five staged meals spiced with stories about the abbey. • Pilgrimage stories – enjoy stories about pilgrims, wild plants, and how the forest and lake were used for storage.

The 2019 North Coast Art Triennale can be enjoyed here!

Buy tickets and see all activities on ESRUM KLOSTER & MØLLEGÅRD Klostergade 11-12, Esrum DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00 OPENING HOURS See




The UNESCO Kronborg castle is home to the famous Prince Hamlet, great Danish kings and the legendary hero Holger Danske. Throughout 2019, visitors can meet Kronborg’s famous residents and discover the renaissance castle’s dramatic and heroic tales.

KRONBORG CASTLE DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 21 30 78, TRANSPORTATION Elsinore Station is only 45 minutes from Copenhagen Central ­Station by train. The castle is in walking distance of the station.


2019 HIGHLIGHTS AT KRONBORG CASTLE During the Danish school holidays, the castle will buzz with children’s activities and tours in eye level. During the high season, Hamlet moves in at the castle. Please visit for activities and prices.

TOURS On the daily tours you can meet the main characters of the castle. Please visit for current tours. It is possible to book group tours. Please visit or call (+45) 49 21 30 78. OPENING HOURS Please visit for opening hours and closing days. ADMISSION Adults: DKK 95 / Children: free. Please note, that during Hamlet Live, special events and holiday activities, prices may change. Please visit for current activities and prices.

Kronborg was built in the late 1500s to impress The Royal Houses of Europe. The castle’s impressive advanced fortifications and the modern canons frightened both enemies and the thousands of sailors who sailed past the castle. But Kronborg also spellbound courtiers and guests with its menacing beauty. The towers soared towards the sky and sun beams danced on the copper roofs. Hamlet returns to Kronborg From 1 June until 31 August, Hamlet and his friends and foes take up residence in the castle. During the summer months, Kronborg is a living backdrop for Shakespeare’s dramatic story. Hamlet ponders in his room. Ophelia runs in the halls looking for him. The Ghost appears shrouded in mist and glides through the dark passages of the Casemates. Therefore, guests tumble right into the drama and meet the characters in the castle halls and their private chambers. Renaissance Fair with fighting knights Each year in October, a Danish Renaissance King is celebrated with a spectacular Renaissance fair. Knights fight on horseback and the King’s musketeers patrol the market and merchants offer goods from the “New World”. Cannons thunder, cooks make food, and girls and boys learn how to fence and dance. Keep an eye on Kronborg’s annual family activities at Christmas shopping at Kronborg In December, Christmas is celebrated at Kronborg Castle with a Christmas Market, where guests can buy unique Christmas gifts for the whole family. In the rooms and halls of the castle, you will find a great variety of stands selling Christmas decorations, art and crafts, unique design, clothes, toys and small goods. Kronborg makes sure that the Christmas spirit is felt. The tall Christmas tree in the Ballroom is decorated and the children are entertained with Christmas shows. The Danish mythical hero Holger Danske Throughout the year, visitors can meet Denmark’s legendary hero, Holger Danske. He sits asleep, deep down in the underground passages of the casemates, where he has slept for hundreds of years. According to an old legend, Holger Danske will wake up when Denmark is threatened by enemies. Only then will his eyes open and he will get on his feet and raise his sword.



Experience 500 years of Danish history Frederiksborg Castle and its Baroque Garden are picturesquely located on the banks of the castle lake in Hillerød. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century to signify his position as a powerful North European monarch. Evidence of this can be seen in the abundance of symbolic and decorative elements, such as the statues and reliefs, the impressive Neptune Fountain and the Marble Gallery­in The King’s Wing. The castle was no longer a royal residence in the 18th century but was still used for official


royal functions. Kings were anointed in the Castle Church during the period of absolute monarchy in Denmark (1660– 1848), and a wave of national romanticism in the 19th century resulted in the castle becoming a national memorial. The Museum of National History A terrible fire in 1859 destroyed a great part of the castle interior. Reconstruction of the castle was financed by national collections, special arts lotteries and generous private donations. J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Group bre-

wing company, played an active role in the project and in 1878, he proposed the establishment of the Museum of National History. He donated resources to the project, and the museum was created as part of the Carlsberg Foundation, which still runs and funds the museum. The museum tells 500 years of Danish history, containing history paintings, portraits, furniture and art manufacture, set in the many halls and rooms of the castle, such as the Castle Church, the Audience Chamber and the Great Hall. There are changing exhibitions, fixed tours on Sundays and seasonal activities for children, as the museum encourages people to engage in the past and put Denmark’s history into perspective.

FREDERIKSBORG Museum of National History DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39 OPENING HOURS Open every day all year round: 1 April – 31 October: 10-17 1 November – 31 March: 11-15 PRICES Adult DKK 75, Child (6-15) DKK 20, Senior/ student/group (10+) DKK 60, Family ticket (2 adults + 3 children) DKK 150 CHANGING EXHIBITIONS AND ACTIVITIES All year round there are changing special exhibitions and activities for children at the Museum of National History. Exhibitions reveal new aspects of the museum’s traditions, Denmark’s history, portraitures and history paintings. The castle’s old wine cellar houses the Children’s History of Denmark, which is open every day during school holidays. Children can become princesses or knights as they dress up in renaissance dresses and armour and learn more about the castle’s owner, Christian IV, and his childhood. To stay up to date with the museum’s activities visit


OPENING HOURS The public areas of the palace gardens are always open. The palace is only open for guided tours. GUIDED TOURS Guided tours are available in the palace, orangery and kitchen gardens 1 July – 4 August from 12.30 – 16.00 all days. Guided tour admission: Adult: DKK 95 / Children: DKK 45 Tours in English: 13.45 & 14.45. Group bookings can be made on tel. (+45) 33 40 31 87 or ADMISSION Adult: DKK 95 Child (4-17 years): DKK 45 Children under four: Free Tickets can be purchased on TRANSPORT It only takes one hour by public transport from Copenhagen Central Station FREDENSBORG PALACE DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 33 95 42 00


One of the Queen’s favourite palaces Visit Fredensborg Palace, where the Queen of Denmark often stays. Discover the palace and the magnificent baroque gardens. For every day and festivities Fredensborg Palace by Lake Esrum in North Sealand is the Queen’s most frequented residence during the spring and autumn months. The beautiful rooms and halls often form the setting for major official state visits and royal events. Many of the large royal parties are hosted here. State leaders on official visits are received here from all over the world and foreign ambassadors submit their official credentials to the Danish Queen. Meeting place for the crowned heads of Europe The palace enjoyed its heyday during the reign of Christian IX, who became known as the ­father-in-law of Europe. In the late 1800s, he gathered royals from far and near at the palace. His children were given prominent positions in the European royal houses, e.g. Alexandra was married to Edward VII of England, Dag-

mar to Alexander III of Russia and Vilhelm was crowned King of Greece under the name Georg I. “Palace of Peace” The history of the palace as a whole dates further back. Between 1720-26, the architect and head gardener J.C. Krieger created a palace complex, comprising a small main palace with a dome and lanterns and an octagonal courtyard. Frederik IV named the white, elegant baroque palace “Fredensborg” to commemorate the Great Northern War that ended in 1720. In the following decades, the palace was extended several times, but still appears as an architectural entirety. See the palace halls In the summer months of July and early August when the Queen is not in residence, the palace halls are open for guided tours. Highlights include the Dome Hall, where many official din-

EXPERIENCE THE POMP AND CEREMONY OF THE 18TH CENTURY Denmark’s largest baroque gardens have recently been renovated with endless rows of avenue trees, artistically patterned lawns, fabulous sculptures and lavish ­monuments. Combined with the surrounding scenic landscape, this makes ­Fredensborg Palace one of the main attractions in the area all year round. Fredensborg is one of the Royal Court’s favourite palaces, yet large parts of the palace and gardens are open to the public. And even in the busiest summer months, the gardens do not feel overcrowded and it is easy to find cosy and peaceful corners.

ners take place, the Garden Room and a number of other representative rooms. The Orangery with kitchen gardens and ­Fredensborg’s well-preserved palace chapel – where Queen Margrethe was confirmed – are also ­included in the tour. Palace garden with magnificent grounds The impressive Fredensborg Palace Gardens are some of Denmark’s largest historic gardens. They were laid out at the same time the palace was built, but were later converted to French Baroque style in 1759-69. During this period, the sculptor John Wiedewelt created many sculptures, including the magnificent double avenue, Brede Allé. Nordmansdalen, with its 70 sandstone statues of Norwegian and Faroese farmers and fishermen, created by Johann Gottfried Grund, has its own unique spirit. Adjacent to the palace is the Royal private garden, the Orangery and the historic kitchen garden, which supplies fresh flowers and vegetables to the royal household. These three areas are only open to the public in July and early August. The rest of the gardens, including the finest baroque landscaping in Denmark, have free admission all year round Summer shop with royal plants The Orangery dates from 1995 and houses a summer shop where the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties sells plants that have been left over from the royal nurseries and seedlings from the garden. Take lilies, geraniums and myrtles home as a special souvenir from Fredensborg Palace Gardens. Plant sales are exclusively for guests who are on summer tours at Fredensborg. 15

Get a guide book Visit to find a map and guidebook.


The guidebook is available in DK, EN, DE, SE, CH, AR, TR The route is wheelchair accessible and has been approved by the local Disability Association.

Follow the trail through Elsinore’s 800-year history

Now you can enjoy a walk through the town that has become world-famous for Kronborg Castle and Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, and enjoy a glimpse of an era when the Sound Dues ensured the city’s prosperity for more than 400 years. The town walk ‘Elsinore Walk’ is a unique walk through Helsingør’s historical development. The route takes you back to the times when the town was a fishing village. It then continues through the town’s heyday with the Sound Dues and industrialization until today, when Helsingør is recognised as a modern cultural town with world-class attractions. The route firmly establishes the town centre as an attraction in itself, on a par

with Kronborg Castle, Kulturværftet and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. The old town centre has so much to offer, if you open your ears and eyes and take the time to explore. The route leads you around the narrow cobbled streets and ‘secret’ places, that you could only previously find, if you knew the city really well. A free offer Elsinore Walk is totally free. If you want to follow the route, you can pick up a guidebook containing a map of the route at Kulturværftet, in the town’s museums and at Kronborg Castle. You can also fol-






low the route on our digital map on the website. So head to Helsingør and start your trip by planning to walk the route, as it will take you to almost all the places worth seeing in Helsingør. Pitstops and playgrounds You can make as many pitstops as you like along the way. Along the route you will discover delicious restaurants, cafés and Helsingør’s renowned sailor taverns. And the children can explore the playgrounds you’ll encounter en route, where younger and older children can let off some steam.



Elsinore Walk Highlights 9

CULTURE HARBOUR KRONBORG Helsingør’s old shipyard has been transformed into a modern intersection that combines art, culture, history and world-class events. This is where you’ll find Hamlet’s Castle Kronborg and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, designed by star architect Bjarke Ingels and elected as best culture building in the world. This is also where you can find Kulturværftet with its impressive library, which has been named the best in Europe. At the back of the museum, you can experience the shipyard museum, Værftsmuseet.


SKIBSKLARERGÅRDEN Visit the unique well-preserved house, which today is a museum furnished from the days when Helsingør was a rich cosmopolis from collecting duties paid on the Sound. Go into a shop from 1780 and buy your groceries as you did back then, such as ship’s beer and biscuits.


TOWN MUSEUM Set in the small Carmelite monks’ hospital from 1520, Helsingør Town Museum is a sight in itself with a fascinating history. Once you step inside, you will discover an amazing model of the original Helsingør town and enjoy exhibitions about Helsingør’s history.


CARMELITE MONASTERY A wonderful feel of calmness spreads through your body as you walk through the open arcades looking onto the green lawn and the large tree that stands in the middle of the cloister in Scandinavia’s best preserved monastery complex.

19 ANNA QUEENS STRÆDE There are lots of old historic houses in Helsingør, but this little cobbled street really stands out with its very special atmosphere and the original old houses.




Havnepromenaden Marienlyst strand


rd h



Attraction Seværdighed





Sculpture Skulptur


m ro


n ra St


ad en


l rd





Museum Museum



Kirke Church

Dronningens Bastion


Grønnehave Station






Information Information

Kr on



rg v


Handicapruteroute Handicap Kronborg (Indgang)


Kr on b

or gv


12 13

Den Røde Plads “Danserindebrønden”


M/S Museet for Søfart

Spisestedto eat Places Shopping Shopping


t. A







Legeplads Playground

n Lu


de de


15 Ny



en Kong

14 14

Latinskolen (H.C. Andersen)






a nb j ve



ah Br






“Kirkens historie”




t. O










le øl


Bus Bus



Helsingør Bymuseum







Station Station

Kulturhavn Kronborg

Tidl. Wiibroes Byggeri

Sct. Mariæ Kirke og Karmeliterklosteret

“Erik af Pommern”




Axeltorv og handelslivet





“Middelalder & Sundtold”


ad erg








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20 18

de ga en St Fiolgade

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e ld Gy træ ns



18 18









Simon Spies Plads

1 Helsingør Station


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ws lo ol e Gr ræd st

Munkegade (tidl. kloster)

Strandgade 55

Anna Queens Stræde



e rg

Nordre Mole “Herakles & Hydraen”

Skibsklarerergården Gl. Færgestræde


ræ st





t os Br



Skt. Olai Kirke

Parking app The app ‘Parkering Helsingør’ gives you an overview of all the car parks in the town. The app shows information about the town’s parking areas and a map, so you can always park close to the city’s attractions. Download ‘Parkering Helsingør’ for Android and iOS in your app store.



The town at the top

Gilleleje is a special experience, no matter what time of year you visit the town. Gilleleje offers beautiful scenery, an authentic harbour, delicious specialty shops and eateries, as well as a wealth of cultural activities. Gilleleje welcomes everyone, and twice in recent years the town has received awards – one for excellent service and most recently the prize for Denmark’s most creative town. Since the beginning of the 1900s, Gilleleje has attracted many tourists during the summer months, and the harbour has always been the heart of the town. It’s a real experience to visit the harbour, which is Sealand’s largest commercial harbour, offering fish auctions, fish shops, boat builders, nature playground for children and views of fishing boats arriving at and leaving the harbour. The town’s commercial life is another major attraction, with its large selection of small shops and 26 different eateries and cafés, while the older part of Gilleleje has quaint, authentic fishing cottages, which are nestled closely together with 18

wonderful sea views. The scenic countryside around Gilleleje also attracts many guests and is ideal for hiking and cycling. Enjoy, for example, a trip along the coast with views of the Kattegat and Kullen in Sweden. In Søren Kierkegaard’s footsteps From May 2019, you can follow in the footsteps of the world-famous philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. A new 12km walking route has been established that gives you the opportunity to consider a number of Søren Kierkegaard’s most famous quotes along the way. Download the app Useeum, where you’ll find ­“Kierkegaard by nature”, which is recorded in Danish by the musician and actor Michael Falch. The route officially starts and ends at the playground in the harbour. The town offers a wide selection of outdoor cultural activities over the summer months. It starts at Whitsun with ‘Sildebord’ in the town square, followed by ‘Bakkefest’ and ‘Travaljesfest’ at the

harbour, Gilleleje Festival, Open Air Opera, ‘Vild med Vand’, Herring Day, ‘Kunst i Fileten’, activities at the town square, Culture Night, small local concerts at the town’s restaurants and many other events. Every week during the summer months, there’s an exciting programme planned for the week ahead. The Harbour of Culture Gilleleje Right in the middle of the town, the Culture Harbour Gilleleje is a modern, and eye-catching architectural masterpiece with plenty to offer: music stage, premiere cinema, library and Italian restaurant. During the year, events are organised that combine music, food, lectures or films. Children throw themselves into creative projects, and there’s something for seniors, families with babies and everyone in between. Down by the canal, ‘Snedkeriet’ is connected to the Culture Harbour Gilleleje. It is home to original art workshops, displaying jewellery, arts, stonework and ceramics from local artists.


Restaurant Far til 4

Adamsens Fisk


Brdr. Petersens Maskinfabrik


Nordkyst Revision



Gilleleje Harbour Screaming gulls, crashing waves, the wind in your hair, the reassuring sounds of the fishing boats, happy children playing among the nets or catching crabs and the smell of fresh fish leave you in no doubt. You are at Gilleleje Harbour. Sealand’s largest fishing harbour with fish auctions, ice plant, filleting ­factory, smokehouse, fishmongers and fish export. The harbour is a bustling workplace with many employees to service commercial fishers, anglers and pleasure sailors with a shipyard, engine workshop, ship painter, smithworks, crane service and slipway, while offering visitors unlimited views of the ­fishermen unloading their boats and unravelling their nets. When hunger strikes, the harbour is home to many inviting restaurants with cosy patios and courtyards, or you can buy delicious fresh fish from the fishmongers, ranging from langoustines, salmon and plaice to warm fish cakes, delicious fish dishes, a tasty burger or sandwich that can be enjoyed at one of the numerous tables alongside the harbour. Or buy a ready-made meal to take home or enjoy in your boat. Pleasure sailors come from afar to use the modern facilities, experience art and culture, visit the cinema, go shopping in the town’s numerous shops and enjoy cool refreshments in the town square. Many events are held at the harbour throughout the summer. Art at ‘Kunst på Filet’en’, Herring Day, open air opera, lifeguard patrol visit, various sailing competitions, nature experiences, weekly vintage car rallies and live lunchtime music. Gilleleje Harbour is an all-round sensory experience of sounds, smells, feelings, sensations, wind and weather, brimming with life all year round, making it a unique gem you’ll want to visit time and time again. Gilleleje Harbour, Harbour Office, Havnen 5, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 16 63,,


The Harbour of Culture in Gilleleje

A unique and modern centre for art and social events in North Sealand Traditional and modern music, Italian food, ­lectures, debates, art exhibitions, films and books. Authentic art workshops. Kulturhavn Gilleleje (The Harbour of ­Culture in Gilleleje) has everything and every week thousands of people flock to this culture centre to use the library or cinema, attend the many cultural events or enjoy meals in Restaurant Bolværket. Kulturhavn Gilleleje is an architectural ­masterpiece, which you notice immediately when you see the main entrance in the foyer. Excellent materials and a high ceiling are part of the building’s well-thought-out design. As soon as you enter Kulturhavn Gilleleje, you see and feel the special atmosphere and vibe because of the powerful interplay between contrasts, light and dark. It offers creative e­ xperiences, music, excitement, festivity but also space for reflection and peace and quiet – all at the same time. The first floor has two 20

ultra modern cinemas showing premieres and films for all tastes. The ticket sale kiosk is on the ground floor, where volunteers sell sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and popcorn. Drinks and snacks purchased on the premises can be taken into the cinemas and so can items purchased in ­Restaurant Bolværket. See the programme on and follow Kulturhavn Gilleleje on Restaurant Bolværket is located on ground floor, and has a view of the canal. It provides light meals, pizza and menu selections all made from high quality Danish/Italian food and at reasonable prices. Professional Italian pizza makers work in the kitchen and chefs who ­prepare the simple and delicious courses. Naturally, all of the food is prepared and cooked in the restaurant using the freshest ingredients, including fish from Gilleleje Harbour, prepared in the scullery. The wine menu is made up of carefully selected delicious wines at a range of

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Kulturhavn Gilleleje is open from 07-22.

prices, supplemented with the restaurants own sparkling Gilleleje Beer on tap. The exceptionally good Italian coffee (supplied from Copenhagen Coffee Lab) is the perfect finish to any meal (luckily for everyone, the coffee is available all day) followed by something sweet to finish. Restaurant Bolværket is often used as the venue for events. It also provides special menus for events held elsewhere in Kulturhavn ­Gilleleje whenever it makes good sense to the audiences to do so. The delicious, elegant and rustic rooms are the ideal setting for any kind of gathering. Contact the restaurant manager to learn about the options available for private parties and for company events. To learn more, please visit the website. Table reservations can be made by email at or by telephone at (+45) 70 25 12 61. Gilleleje Library has moved to Kulturhavn Gilleleje and it is one of the most beautiful libraries in Denmark. It is open from 07-22. You can borrow books and films, use the computers and browse online, or just enjoy the view of ­Gilleleje as you read the daily newspapers. There are always plenty of visitors in the library!

Kulturhavn Gilleleje’s website: To see the cinema programme, visit Tickets can be purchased via the website or at the ticket kiosk on the ground floor.

Compared to other libraries, the facilities are used a lot more by local residents. Visitor numbers confirm this. There are many different music events held on the music stage Mezzaninen on the 1st floor. Live music and enthusiastic audiences. Lectures are also held on a variety of interesting subjects. During the summer season there is also music on Kulturbroen, which leads over the canal to Snedkeriet. Visit the website to learn about upcoming events. The gallery on the ground floor has changing­ exhibitions with works by accomplished artists­. The works are often for sale, making them ideal artistic souvenirs from Gilleleje. It also has museum-worthy exhibitions on subjects related to Gilleleje. Børnetrappen in the library stages shows, theatre and lectures – very often for children. Discover the lovely little shops with crafts jewellery and more in Snedkeriet and in ByC on the other side of the canal The Red Cross shop on the 1st floor is a potential treasure chest if you’re looking for lovely second-hand clothing.

See Bolværket’s menu on the website. Bolværket is open from 10-22. Table reservations by telephone at (+45) 70 25 12 61 or by email at kontakt@ There is access for wheelchair users throughout the premises. Parking is limited to two hours ­between 08-18. Parking is free – remember to set your parking disc. When films are screened during the day it is possible to purchase an extra hour of parking – ask at the cinema’s ticket sale kiosk. Kulturhavn Gilleleje is owned and built (2016) by Gilleleje Brugsforening, a co-operative society. Kulturhavn ­Gilleleje activities are run by about 200 volunteers who belong to Fund Kulturhavn Gilleleje, and are supported by Kulturhavn Gillelejes Venner, which is a voluntary association.


The Royal Town

HILLERØD Welcome to the birthplace of Christian IV, and Frederik VII’s and Countess Danner’s bolthole. Its cultural history dates back to Christian IV’s ambitious trade plans and Frederik VII’s desire to retreat to the countryside, far away from the noisy town. Hillerød is North Sealand’s commercial centre, where you can quickly walk, bike or drive into green forests and find space to unwind and follow in the kings’ footsteps.


Oplevelser i Hillerød

Få overblikket ove r de mange oplevelser i cen trum af Hillerød





HILLERØD.NU Hillerød’s new webs ite with inspiration for cultu ral experiences, shopping, cafés, res taurants etc.


Music and festival days


There’s music abound in Hillerød, and HILLERØD. NU keeps you up to date with the many concerts ­arranged by e.g. the local music venue Klaverfabrikken, FrederiksborgCentret, Hillerød Musik and Theatre and Jazz in Rosenhaven. The biggest events are Sankt Hans (Midsummer’s Eve) at Posen with a bonfire by the Castle Lake, Hillerød Town & Lake Festival the last weekend in August, Horrorwalk on Friday in the autumn holidays and Christmas Night/Black Friday on 29 November. See more on HILLERØD.NU

Denmark’s loveli­est 3 nautical mile The Frederiksborg ferry on the Castle Lake sails between Torvet and Frederiksborg Castle every half hour from spring to autumn. The views from the middle of the castle lake allow you to enjoy the town, the castle and the beautiful Baroque Gardens with the historical waterfalls from a new perspective.

The great outdoors


Frederiksborg Castle lies right in the heart of the town and is Hillerød’s most beautiful landmark. With Gribskov and Store Dyrehave forests on its doorstep, Hillerød makes an excellent starting point for combining all your cultural, outdoor and shopping pleasures. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Parforce Hunting Landscape, can be enjoyed in both forests. Hillerød has many cycling paths that connect the urban and natural landscapes, but you can also stroll out into nature directly from the pedestrian streets. At Frederiksborg Castle, you can wander around the romantic garden with its small lakes and shrubberies. It is also home to Frederik II’s Bath House from 1580 and Countess Danner’s cabin on Louise’s Island, which became famous in DR’s TV Christmas calendar show “The Other World”. You can also enjoy a lunch or a coffee break in Café Havehuset, which is situated in the middle of the fairytale Frederiksborg Castle Garden. 23

HILLERØD.NU Hillerød offers a wealth of experiences and www.hillerø allows you to search for shops and restaurants, museums and banks, beauty clinics or bakeries. You can also keep an eye on concerts, theatre, exhibitions, Hillerød Town & Lake Festival and other events.

HILLERØD Shopping in North Sealand’s commercial centre Atmospheric pedestrian streets The town centre has 200 shops, distri­ buted along the main shopping street, with the town square ‘Torvet’ in the middle and the stylish shopping centre ‘SlotsArkaderne’. Small unique shops are interspersed with popular chain stores and there’s something for all the family. Hillerød offers many specialty shops within delicacies, fashion, home inte­riors­ and lifestyle, which are dotted among cosy cafés and restaurants. You’ll find Nordisk Film Cinemas on the road from Hillerød Station to the pedestrian streets, and a fun, new playground is ready for play at Posen, the green area by the Castle Lake. From here, the lake path leads you up through Frederiksborg Castle and to the town square. 24

North Sealand’s cosiest shopping centre With direct access from the pedestrian street, SlotsArkaderne is harmoniously ­integrated into the town centre. Slots­ Arkaderne’s very special atmosphere is a result of its amazing architecture. The glass ceiling structure lets light flood down from a height of two storeys and large chandeliers are lit when twilight falls. SlotsArkaderne offers fashion-forward clothing for both men and women, and represents some of North Sealand’s largest fashion, interior design and sport stores, including a 2,500m2 H&M with an H&M Home and the supermarket Bilka. When you need a break from shopping, you can relax in the cosy Espresso House lounge or eat at the popular Café Dalle Valle.

Treats for the tastebuds There is a wide variety of eateries in the pedestrian streets, but if the weather is good, Hillerød also has several cosy ice cream cafés with homemade waffles and ice cream – ideal for enjoying on a walk around the Castle Lake or through the town. In Helsingørsgade you can get expert wine advice at Vinhuset Stoltz, treat yourself to delicacies at Jakobs Fisk, Bisgaard Bakery and Irma, and in the ChocoladeMageriet you can enjoy homemade chocolate in the café and visit the workshop to see how the exclusive chocolates and cream balls are made. In Slotsgade you’ll find the larger chain stores, as well as the small tea and wine shop By Dorthe and the luxury bakers City Bakery.


Tisvildeleje – an authentic seaside town Tisvildeleje is a historic seaside resort where generations of city bohemians have sought refuge from the limelight and hectic city life. The sea, forest and hedgerow areas make the perfect place to gear down and become one with nature. The kilometre-long white sandy beach has plenty of room for everyone, and you can always find your own private spot in the dunes, just as it’s possible to go walking in Tisvilde Hegn and enjoy the silence all for yourself. But Tisvildeleje also offers a thriving social life: In just a few years, the music festival ‘Musik i Lejet’ has become so popular that tickets are sold out in less than an hour. The annual Kildemarked attracts lots of visitors with handicrafts, entertainment, food and drink, and there’s a Saturday flea market at Birkepladsen in the summer months. Tisvilde Bio plays excellent films, and Bio Bistro ensures entertainment and good food throughout the year. Experience the authentic seaside atmosphere at historic, lovingly restored seaside hotels, where pampering in a homely atmosphere is paramount. Or stay at the familyfriendly Sankt Helene holiday and course centre, with animals, nature playground, sports facilities and plenty of space for relaxation.

Lifeguards are on the beaches every day from June to August

Dronningmølle Dronningmølle is tucked inside the bay, 5 km from Hornbæk and 6 km from Gilleleje’s tips. It provides a lovely long beach for children and adults during the summer months, equipped with lifeguards, parking and toilet facilities for the town’s many summer house guests and campers. From the beach, guests can walk north of a wide green meltwater valley to explore the protected landscape of ‘Russia’s Hills’, Tegner’s Museum and Statue Park, and visit the organic farm Thorshøjgård. Walking west along the beach, you’ll discover the art exhibition venue Munkeruphus with the neighbouring public beach park. You can also enjoy the network of beautiful footpaths along the coast to Hornbæk and Gilleleje. Close to the beach you’ll find Gribskov municipality’s only ‘Put & Take’ lake, Lake Lergrav, where rain-bow- and gold trout are regularly 26

released. Ideal for enjoying an active holiday with fishing fun for young and old alike. Fishing licenses for the lake can be bought in the adjacent town, where you can also overnight in the town’s B&B. The town’s centrally located shops include grocery shops, specialty shops, bookshop, pet shop, home furnishings and two second-hand shops. You can try eating strawberries in the Jordbær Café, tapas at Spanske Fristelse, Italian at Il Vero, takeaway at Café Rose and enjoy a draft beer at Bodegaen and Galleri Gudme. Esrum Abbey lies south of Dronningmølle, with fascinating exhibitions about the times when the area was inhabited by monks, and where Queen Sophie allowed the first water mill to be built at Esrum Å, which is the reason behind the town’s name Dronningmølle (literally meaning ‘Queen’s Mill’).


RISTORANTE BELLONA (LEFT) Nørregade 19, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 92 42 42 MENY (CENTER) Nørregade 11, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 79 79 YO-YO CHINESE & FAMILY RESTAURANT (RIGHT) Nørregade 29, Hundested Tel. (+45) 36 16 81 68

Midway between the sea and the fjord, and with one of North Sealand’s best beaches as its neighbour, lies the idyllic town of Hundested. Here there is something for everyone. The fishing boats start landing their catches of fresh fish from first light, nestled among the visiting yachtsmen who enjoy the fascinating sight of busy harbour life. Visit the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen’s House, which is now a living museum in the heart of the unique nature area by Spodsbjerg Lighthouse. Lynæs Harbour is just 2km from Hundested. Watch windsurfers abound on the perfect waves around the idyllic headland, and quench your thirst and hunger in the cosy harbour shops. The church in Lynæs is also well worth a visit. It was built of granite boulders in 1901, which makes it blend harmoniously with its surroundings. Tasty treats for your palate Fancy a juicy tender steak for dinner, fresh fish or delicious organic vegetables? You can easily find whatever you like in Hundested’s shops.

MENY Hundested is a modern supermarket that focuses on high quality at everyday prices. We believe that the better you eat, the better you live! Here you can find fresh fish, delicious meat, fine wines, seasonal fruits and vegetables and a wide range of organic products under one roof. Customer-friendly opening hours: daily from 8-20. Eat well The Chinese & Family Restaurant Yo-Yo is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and great service. You can choose between Chinese food, Japanese sushi and much more. Yo-Yo is located in the middle of Nørregade in Hundested. Or pamper yourself at Ristorante Bellona, located in the heart of Nørregade, where delicious Italian dishes are served indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. With Hundested’s endless opportunities, you can be sure a warm welcome awaits you in this cosy harbour town in Halsnæs.

Events 2019 • Hundested by Night • Sand Sculpture Festival • Beddingen Arts and crafts market • Hundested Harbour Festival • Himmelstorm Festival • TimeWinder – Nostalgia on land, water and air ... and much more



Hundested Harbour Hundested Harbour is perfectly situated between the inlet and the sea. The Culture Harbour has something for everyone – from music, local beers and freshlycaught fish to children’s activities, open workshops, galleries, sandy beaches and cruise ships. It’s always full of life at Hundested Harbour. The freshly caught fish sold from the quayside attracts masses of seagulls and people, and the adjacent Culture Harbour exudes a wonderful atmosphere both inside and out. The pat-a-fish platform and nature playground attract the youngest children, while the galleries and active workshops offer solid craftsmanship and quality art. There’s an abundance of delicious eateries, and the train goes all the way to the sandy beach behind the dunes. Over the summer, there are many activities such as the arts and craft market Beddingen, the Sand Sculpture Festival, the annual harbour festival in July, Herring Day in September and the annual Veteran Rally with Hundestedmotorer in September. Several cruise ships will also be stopping at Hundested Harbour in summer 2019. Add an active industrial harbour and the result is a totally unique harbour town characterised by its friendliness, quality and authenticity. Discover everything from beautifully crafted woodwork to exclusive jewellery design on the quayside Egeværk reflects an uncompromising dedication to the exquisite craftsmanship and love of wood. Owners Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen are inspired and guided by craft traditions dating back to their great grandparents’ time, while their insistence on quality craftsmanship is not nostalgic, but focused on adding something a contemporary dimension, which is actually an old design process. At Egeværk, all products are made in the workshop and with an almost spiritual approach to working with wood. Come and experience the world-famous and beautiful glass ships, created together by Egeværk and their glassblower neighbours Backhaus & Brown. Goldsmith Christina Bendix owns and runs the jewellery shop Bendix Copenha28

gen at Hundested Harbour. Quality and aesthetics are the focal point of her exclusive jewellery, which is crafted in the highest quality and consists of materials like untreated Tahiti culture pearls in natural colours, top quality diamonds and 18 kt yellow gold and white gold. Bendix Copenhagen prioritises expertise and service, and aims to give visitors much more than just lovely jewellery, sunglasses and watches to look at – it offers a complete experience! Harbour with own brewery and delicious fish restaurant Halsnæs Bryghus is open all year, where you can meet over local beer, good food, intimate concerts, beer tastings and much more. The focal point of ‘Our Brewery’ at the lovely Hundested Harbour is the beer, which challenges you with manifold taste experiences. Seasonal beer, specialty brews and beers from the regular range are all available on draught. The food is simple and homemade – we call it ‘a good, solid meal’. Choose lunch or dinner from the menu or the ‘Blackboard’, which varies according to the daily ingredients and the chef’s mood. At weekends you can enjoy a brunch buffet with salty, sweet, healthy and tempting dishes. Havfruen offers a friendly atmosphere, great ambience and good food. Havfruen specialises in delicious homemade fish dishes and freshly bread-crumbed fillets of fish, with all the other dishes being made with equal care and quality. Food can be bought to take away or enjoyed at Havfruen, which offers lovely views of the harbour from the quay and from Havfruen’s charming terrace. During the year, various music and food events are held, such as seafood night. You can also enjoy harbour views inside, from both the ground floor and the first floor. At the cosy Café Proviant Hundested, our focus is on good atmosphere and quality. Enjoy great food, wine, beer







HUNDESTED HARBOUR Nordre Beddingsvej 24 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 72 34


FJORDENS MINIGOLF, CAFÉ & ICE CREAM PARLOUR Havnegade 16 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 20 84 80 81 Facebook/fjordens minigolf



HAVFRUEN HUNDESTED Ndr. Beddingsvej 21 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 93 63 33 90, Facebook


BENDIX COPENHAGEN Kajgaden 7 D DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 31 79 10 60 Mondays closed


HALSNÆS BRYGHUS Nordre Beddingsvej 35 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 26 16 70 46


EGEVÆRK Ndr. Beddingsvej 24 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 23 96 62 94


PROVIANT HUNDESTED Havnegade 2 B DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 42 15 87 14


HUNDESTED SAND SCULPTURE FESTIVAL Kajgaden 7 C DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 50 47 98 30

Events on Hundested Harbour in 2019

and coffee, as you admire fine views of ­Hundested Harbour.

• Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival • Arts and Crafts Market Beddingen • Hundested Harbour Festival • Cruise ship arrival • Herring Day • Hundested Motor rally See much more at

Fun and sea views for all the family If you’re after some family fun, have a go at mini golf at Fjordens Minigolf Café and Ice Cream Parlour. Everyone can enjoy its maritime-themed 18-hole mini golf course. The café and ice cream parlour offers light dishes, desserts, various ice creams and hot and cold drinks, which can be enjoyed outside with a lovely harbour view. For the 8th consecutive year, the success continues at the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Hundested. This year’s theme is ‘Masterpieces’ and the artists have been given free rein to interpret art, culture, music and architecture from ancient times until today. Inside the large boat hall, coloured rays dazzle over ‘The Danish Song Treasure’. You can answer the fun quiz all the way round the exhibition – dare you take up the challenge of guessing a song? Discover a special cultural attraction at the thriving harbour, where international sand sculptors, including several world champions, create world-class monumental and transitory sculptures from golden grains of sand. The festival is fun and inspiring, and allows you to create your very own sand sculpture. People of all ages can explore their creativity with various activities and become immersed in their sand creations. And you can enjoy refreshments at the café while the kids play happily in the sandpit. The sand sculpture festival can be enjoyed at Hundested Harbour from 10 May to 20 October every day from 10am. 8


Events 2019 • Frederiksværk Music festival • Halsnæs Jazzfestival • Cannonball Friday • Gunpowder Works Festival • Town Square Markets • Art in Halsnæs – Open Arts Studios • Frederiksværk Steelman • Canal Festival – Celebrating 300 years of the canal • Constitution Event ... and much more

FREDERIKSVÆRK The town’s pedestrianised shopping street enjoys a unique location between the canal and the forest – and offers lovely shops, cafés and cultural experiences One of the main features of Frederiksværk town is the winding canal that connects Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø, to Roskilde Fjord. The water flows slowly through the town, bringing nature into the urban environment. The canal has always been the pulse of the town, already providing energy to the local industry back in the 1700s. Enjoy a break in one of the town’s picturesque squares: the charming Nordtorv, the new Valsetorv or on the grassy area in front of the Cultural Centre Gjethuset. Take a look inside Frederiks Vaerk Museum of Industry, where you can enjoy changing historical exhibitions and an excellent museum shop. Frederiksværk Handel (local business association) ensures the streets are always full of life with concerts, Cannonball Friday and activities during public and school holidays. The town in the forest and the forest in the town Frederiksværk is beautifully located in a large and hilly forest area. Just behind Nordcentret, some steps show the way to a footpath leading to a forest area, where you can enjoy beautiful views over-looking the city, harbour and fjord. An idyllic 30

path runs from Frederiksværk Church along the canal through Arresødal Forest all the way to the east of Arresø. Wooden decking provides dry passage on the last stretch through Ellemosen and the dense reed forest. The lake’s covered birdwatching platform enables you to enjoy the view and discover the rich bird life – and you might be lucky enough to spot the rare kingfishers who lives along the canal. The tour boat M/S Frederikke offers boat tours on Arresø all summer. At the end of the pedestrian street, Nordcentret shopping centre offers a wide selection of shops and supermarkets. It is also home to the local baker and patisserie, where you can enjoy great coffee, sandwiches and delicious cakes. The bakery has a view overlooking the town’s activity and information wall that can provide inspiration for your continued journey in the local area. A sense of history and culture Frederiksværk is Denmark’s first industrial city and this sense of history can be experienced at close hand in several places in the town. Visit the Gunpowder Works, which was established by J. F. Classen and is considered the best

preserved in the world. The museum tells the stories of the dangers involved in manufacturing the black powder, explosions, death and mutilation. The industry museum Frederiks Værk takes pride in recounting Frederikværk’s history through thematic walking tours throughout the summer season. The ticket works as a combined ticket and is valid for both Krudtværksmuseet (the gunpowder works museum) in Frederiksværk and Knud Rasmussen’s House in Hundested. The town’s proud culture centre is called Gjethuset. It is the largest and most beautiful culture centre north of Copenhagen – the building alone, which was originally a cannon foundry, is worth a visit in itself. Today Gjethuset serves as an active music and culture centre, which creates the setting for everything from rock concerts and conferences to children’s theatre, professional touring theatre, chamber music and international exhibitions. In cooperation with the libraries in Halsnæes Municipality, Gjethuset also has a children’s club - with free membership. In Halsnæs Children’s Club, children aged 2-14 years can enjoy diverse concerts, shows and creative workshops.

EXPERIENCE FREDERIKSVÆRK Gjethuset will be hosting a diverse range of exciting experiences this season. Performances for 2019 i­ nclude Emil from Lønneberg, Lis Sørensen, Michael Falch, Hardingerband, Halsnæs Jazzfestival 2019 og Torben Chris (standup comedian). Read more on Also discover Vild med Vand ­ (Wild about Water), Harbour Festival at Frederiksværk harbour, midsummer events on St. John’s Eve, Kanonfredag (Cannonball Friday), Frede­riksværk Music Festival, Gunpowder Festival and much more. Visit the Gun­powder Works Museum (June, July and August) and Mansion at the Square or take a boat trip with M/S ­Frede­rikke on Arresø, the largest lake in Denmark.


LISELEJE Beach holidays like in the good old days

Just a few hours drive from Copenhagen, the North Sealand coast boasts something very special – the romantic seaside town of Liseleje. Spring is fresh and clear on the north coast, and the summer is even better than in the rest of the country, with less rain and more hours of sunshine. When the sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky on a windless summer day, there’s no better place in the world. The sand stretches as far as the eye can see, the blue-green water is clear, the large stones in the dike bake in the sun.


In the autumn and winter, there are fewer people on the north coast and the weather becomes harsher. You can experience the raw force of nature and find peace of mind listening to the wind and falling waves – and magnificent sunsets on the north coast happen all year round. Plenty of space for everyone ... Do you enjoy yoga or lazing on the beach? Kayaking on the sea? Or market days, games and parties? Liseleje has something for everyone and the town buzzes with life throughout the summer with activities for people of all ages. Jump on a bicycle or go for a walk from Liseleje and go through Asserbo. The area includes an idyllic enchanting

forest and pastures. Sunbathe on the sand dunes or take a walk to the sea and enjoy the long coast. Havtyren, one of the country’s most beautiful nature playgrounds, is well worth a visit. In calendar week 30, experience Liseleje Week, which is full of exciting activities – including kite workshop, treasure hunt, painting workshop and concerts. Participate in the annual town festival White Night, when the town is decked out in white and people eat and dance. Enjoy an intimate concert on the new town square on the beach. Visitors to Liseleje can enjoy seaside holidays like in the good old days with a brilliant mix of leisure, experiences and fun. To keep up to date with all of the activities in the town, visit www.liseleje. dk, which features a selection of stores and restaurants, and has an overview of accommodation.

Peter Tanev

My Liseleje Peter Tanev is one of Denmark’s most well known weathermen, and he has presented the weather on TV 2 since 1996. As an expert on the weather and climate, he is frequently asked to take part in debates and discussions. When not working, Peter Tanev spends his time relaxing with his family in his holiday home in Liseleje, enjoying the beach, eating ice cream or fishing for crabs. Like his childhood home Allerød, which Peter explored on his tricycle as a child, Liseleje is also a small local community that Peter loves being part of. What does Liseleje mean to you? “I never feel I’m alone when I’m up here. All I have to do is cycle down the road and I meet someone I know. I know the local grocer, I chat with people at the ice cream kiosk and I love to share a beer with the regulars every Friday in the local pub, which has the traditional moped with the milk crate on the back parked outside,” Peter says. “I love contrasts – those quirky characteristics, going to the market wearing sandals or walking to the baker’s shop in your bathrobe. Around here, I’m one of the locals and I love Liseleje for that. It’s

about feeling secure and having a sense of togetherness, we take care of each other around here,” Peter says. Peter has childhood memories of family trips to the wonderfully long white beach and of summer evenings spent together with friends in their family holiday homes. “Now we’ve purchased our own holiday home in Liseleje, which has become a regular place for me and my family to get away. Now we don’t just visit the beach and the town, we’re part of it. We feel at home here. We meet the same people, again and again. People out shopping. Locals. This place has a down-toearth atmosphere and a sense of togetherness, which the whole family loves and when the seasons change the town changes; from buzzing with life during the summer to being the grocer’s only customer one cold day in February.”

Do you have a secret spot in the town that you would like to share with us? “One of my favourite spots has to be the mound at the end of the crest of the hill and Bjergstigen, where the sheep graze and the children go sledging in winter. I almost have the place for myself, ­especially when there are thunderstorms and it’s amazing seeing the sky and the clouds lit by lightning and hearing the sound of thunder. There is a wide open view, the sea, Liseleje, plantations, all the way across to Frederiksværk.” If this was your first visit to Liseleje, what should you do and see? “Families with children should definitely visit Havtyren, a large nature playground right next to the beach car park. Otherwise, I recommend a walk on the paths from the same car park, which take you through old Liseleje, past the old fishermen’s houses, ending at Liselængen. Pure nostalgia.”

Visit us in Liseleje • Din & Min Bager • Feriepartner Liseleje • Salon Confetti • Fru Måge • Liseleje Borgerforening • Liseleje Erhvervsforening • • Lisestuens Café & Burger Bar • Lisestuens Isbar • Lokalbolig Liseleje • Rytterhusets Butik • Liseleje Badehotel • • Mit Sommerhus



HORNBÆK A town loved by residents and tourists alike

Hornbæk is one of the most popular seaside towns on the north coast. But the town has so much else to offer, making it well worth visiting all year round. A visit to the North Sealand seaside town, Hornbæk, provides opportunities for fun and activities on the beach and sea, wellness, shopping and many cultural experiences too. During the summer, the city’s Local History Association offers guided walks of the town. One of these walks might take you through small charming streets where the town’s fishermen lived in the ‘old days’, and every summer would move into sheds and annexes to rent their own houses out to tourists. Other walks might include fascinating stories about the numerous seaside hotels in the town over the years. One of the town’s running clubs has also started guided tours at a running pace, which includes cosy stops and stories along the way. If you’re into an active lifestyle and physical challenges, you can also find plenty of opportunities for just that. The beautiful nature by the forest and the beach provides space for both running and cycling. There are also facilities for playing tennis, croquet and golf. The town also enjoys an extremely active 34

surfing and SUP community. All equipment can be rented or purchased from Hornbæk surf and SUP companies. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping too. The town has three wellstocked supermarkets, as well as interesting shops with fashion for men, women and children, lifestyle and interior design, and food and wine. Enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with delicious homemade cake in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere in Hovedgaden. You can even buy the table you’ve been sitting at, or the cup you’ve been drinking from. If pampering and wellness are at the top of your wish list, you can treat yourself to a visit to the town’s Kurbad. And Hornbæk has even more to offer. The city has six beautiful and charming hotels, two of which have been completely renovated, and more renovations will follow in 2019. If you’re not a hotel person, there are many other options for staying in the town overnight. Hornbæk has a campsite and numerous B&Bs. There are several cosy restaurants and eateries dotted around the town that can

satisfy all kinds of hunger pangs. And over the ­summer, the restaurants stage live music – often with free admission. You’ll find the town library and Tourist Information in Bytorvet, where you can immerse yourself in the daily papers or gain internet access. During the summer, the Tourist Information is manned by friendly staff who are happy to answer all your questions. It takes 1-2 hours to reach the town from Copenhagen, depending on whether you come by car or public transport. If you prefer to arrive by boat, Hornbæk also has a wonderful and well-functioning harbour. The harbour also offers a well-equipped shop with several famous shoe and clothes brands, a cosy harbour kiosk, a well-stocked fish shop with an eatery, and a fast food place that specialises in Thai food. Hornbæk welcomes tourists and residents alike – all year round Sunshine and summer breathe life into Hornbæk, and this year’s fantastic summer really brought it to life. During the

industrial holiday, more than 500,000 guests visited the beach. And those who choose Hornbæk beach certainly aren’t disappointed. For many years, the beach has been awarded the ‘blue flag’ and with its long stretch with fine sand and crystal clear water, it’s a perfect choice for all ages. Many families with children opt for this beach because the waves aren’t too strong and you have to go quite far out before the water gets deep. The beach café is very cosy, while the two lifeguard stations ensure top-level safety. One of Denmark’s best beach playgrounds is close by, and the family dog can run freely on the town’s ‘dog beach’. If beach life doesn’t appeal to you, you can visit Hornbæk Plantage, which doesn’t just offer beautiful nature, but also has an exciting history from World War II, or Hornbæk lake where you can work up a sweat on various outdoor fitness equipment. Summer kicks off with Big Swimming Day, where about 600-700 ‘Hornbækkians’ charge en masse into the sea. And weeks 27-30 offer several major sporting events at Hornbæk beach, including ‘the Hornbæk Run’, where you can run or walk 5 or 10 km for a small fee, with the entire payment benefitting the town’s numerous clubs and associations. Another major event is the Harbour Festival in the last weekend of July. You can enjoy activities such as children’s party, plank battle, ladies’ breakfast, herring table and ramp race. Hornbæk’s first harbour festival took place in 1881. Week 31 is dedicated to health and

wellness. This is when the event ‘Week 31’ takes place, which is named after the town’s postcode – 3100. Local clubs and associations freely offer their services, so everyone can try e.g. dancing, fitness, fencing, cycling, running, golfing, sailing, SUP and diving, free of charge and without prior registration. There are also guided walks in the plantation, tennis and children’s crab fishing. Finally, there’s also the chance to enjoy entertaining street theatre at selected sites places around town. Other exciting activities over the year include Culture Night, the art exhibitions ‘Kunst i Teltet’ and ‘Kunst på Molen’ and Herring Day. The year is finished with ‘Christmas in the old huts’. The tiny huts form an authentic Christmas setting for serving glögg and other traditional Danish Christmas delicacies, and guests can buy wreaths, decorations and anything else for the cosy Christmas season. A new internet portal provides an overview With so many activities over the year, it’s easy to lose your overview. Therefore the Tourist Association, together with Helsingør Municipality and Visit­ Northsealand, has developed the internet portal This provides everyone with a quick and easy overview of what’s happening in Hornbæk – where you can eat, stay overnight and much more. The portal is constantly updated with information, so regular visits are definitely recommended. 35

KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN A.R. Friisvej 16, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 70 60 60 20 ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK A.R. Friisvej 1-3, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 49 70 16 98 BLOMSTEN by ILSE JACOBSEN A.R. Friisvej 3, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 49 70 04 90

Ilse ­Jacobsen

Spa KURBADET by ILSE JACOBSEN enjoys a scenic location by Hornbæk Beach and offers the perfect environment for ultimate relaxation and self-pampering. Enjoy the luxurious spa and wellness facilities and experience a wide range of professional beauty and wellness treatments. The treatments use the award-winning spa and beauty range ILSE by ILSE JACOBSEN.

Eating The restaurant at KURBADET epitomises the spirit of Hornbæk. We serve food and drink with great passion for excellent taste, quality craftsmanship and good service. Based on new Nordic cuisine, our chefs prepare food using organic ingredients from local farms and fish caught in Danish waters. Enjoy food and wine with good friends and get an authentic feeling of Hornbæk’s soul.

Shop The Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen built up her lifestyle brand in the little charming seaside town of Hornbæk. Ilse Jacobsen’s shops offer an aesthetic shopping experience with shoes, accessories, handmade rubber boots and practical rain jackets. The cosy little backyard offers a wide selection of seasonal flowers and plants, interior design objects and handicrafts.


Fabulous Fredensborg

Heavenly Humlebæk

Fredensborg Castle is understandably the most visited tourist attraction in the town, but there are many other things to see and do, such as Fredensborg Castle Museum under Fredensborg Store Kro, a beautiful bird display at Falkonergården, an interesting guided tour of the town or castle gardens by an entertaining and knowledgeable local guide, a nice lunch on the banks of Esrum Lake – these are just some of the other reasons for visiting Fredensborg.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art attracts many guests every year, and an increasing number of people are noticing other good places in Humlebæk are also worth a visit, including Gl. Humlebæk Harbour, Krogerupstien with the incredibly wellstocked farm shop, Strandvej’s stores with a good selection of quality products, and a little sustenance from the coffee shop or the restaurant with its historic interior and terrace with wonderful views.

Experience history at Falkonergården Just outside Fredensborg, visitors can experience the presence of history when the falconer’s eagles, hawks and falcons display their hunting and flying techniques at close range. During the 1-hour presentation, birds of prey are trained and century-old hunting traditions are brought to life with tales of falconry. The training of falcons, hawks and eagles takes place in an area which has been the hunting grounds of Danish kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. Davidsvænge 11, DK-3480 Fredensborg, tel. (+45) 48 48 25 83, Skipperhuset in Fredensborg The restaurant is part of a cluster of small, charming maritime buildings on the lake shore, where the old buildings – apart from the restaurant – include a royal barge house, boathouse, kayak rental and boat sheds with surrounding jetties. Restaurant Skipperhuset serves classic Danish/Scandinavian lunches. The evening menu offers more modern Nordic dishes. Function rooms with space for 60 guests. Skipper Alle 6, DK-3480 Fredensborg, tel. (+45) 48 48 10 12,, From our Founding Father to Jørn Utzon Walking tour to suit your needs with wit and wisdom. Hear the interesting story of how King Frederik IV built the castle as his secret love nest with Anne Sofie Rewentlow. The town gradually grew around the castle until it reached its current size. Learn about the many interesting people and events involved in the story of Fredensborg. Guided tours offered in Danish, English and Scandinavian. Enquiries to: or tel. (+45) 22 36 44 55 / (+45) 48 48 04 25. Gl. Humlebæk Kro The inn’s history dates back to 1740, when King Christian VI granted it a royal license. The atmospheric rooms provide a cosy setting for enjoying good homemade Danish food and open sandwiches in a charming environment that is full of royal and maritime memories. Or relax with a steaming cup of coffee on the terrace overlooking the Sound. With the motto “Do not eat to live, but live to eat” the host, Jane Krensler, and her talented staff bid you a warm welcome. Humlebæk Strandvej 2A, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 02 65, Lind’s Kaffebar Just a hundred metres from Humlebæk station on ”Louisiana’s high street” is ”Lind’s Kaffebar”. Lind’s Kaffebar is a charming blend of nostalgia, art and great coffee. There’s always a wide ­selection of home-baked, season-inspired cakes on offer. Brunch & Lunch dishes. Savoury tart of the day. Serving Espresso, Mocca, Cocoa, The, Chai, an interesting range of soft and fizzy drinks and plenty more. Gallery and shop with local artists. Come along to Oscar Brunsvej 9, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 18 18,



Fredensborg, Humlebæk, Nivå and Kokkedal are four unique towns linked by a network of paths and roads amid the beautiful sea- and lakeside scenery. Fredensborg Humlebæk Nivå Kokkedal 38


UNIQUE PLACES Plenty to fill a day or two – on water, by bike or on foot

FREDENSBORG Start your visit in the palace town of Fredensborg. The town is famous for the palace – Fredensborg Palace – the royal family’s spring and autumn residence. The palace and its beautiful gardens are located right by Lake Esrum. In the summer there are guided tours to take you around parts of the palace and The Royal Private Garden. You can also try a boat trip on Lake Esrum with ‘Bådfarten’ and enjoy the tranquillity and idyllic views. The lakeshores in Sørup are ideal for taking a break with something to eat and drink. In Fredensborg town, you can combine a cup of coffee or a bite to eat with a visit to the town’s pedestrian shopping area and small, winding streets.

Like pearls on a string the three towns – Humlebæk, Nivå and Kokkedal are dotted along the Sound’s coast. HUMLEBÆK Humlebæk is literally a living culture town, full of first class art and cultural experiences. Humlebæk’s many local shops, cafés and restaurants are brimming with quality and speciality goods, while Krog-

erup Farm Store and Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art – are always worth a visit. Humlebæk’s long coastline with harbours, beaches and cultural settings offer plenty of opportunities for fun, activities and relaxation, while the surrounding forests give you free access to recreational nature. NIVÅ The tour goes on to Nivå, which lies just south of Humlebæk – Nivå is a familyfriendly town and is ideal for active families. Nivå lies like a unique green and natural pearl on the North Sealand coastline, surrounded by forests, bogs, rivers, beaches and clay pit lakes. Nivå’s nature and strong historical identity are closely linked to the brickwork production, which still defines the urban space and creates the framework around the nature town of Nivå. Visit the unique Ring Oven, which years ago produced clay bricks from the clay pit lakes. Drop by Nivaagaard’s Art Collection, where you can also admire one of Denmark’s largest rhododendron gardens. The tour takes you down to the Sound and its unique protected tidal meadows, rich with diverse birdlife and breathtakingly beautiful. The harbour

and beach park is an active watersports area, offering challenges for old and young alike, while the clay pit lakes offer plenty of active play, learning, training and nature adventures for families with children. Nivå Harbour offers great opportunities to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, a beer or delicious meal as you soak up the idyllic and authentic harbour atmosphere. KOKKEDAL The last point on the tour is Kokkedal. Kokkedal is a unique place where creative solutions for sustainability are merged with creating an attractive framework for a good life. If you are interested in urban development and how large amounts of rain are tackled, Kokkedal is definitely a place to visit. The river and the green areas bind the town together physically and socially. The town features a future-proof rainwater system, which also creates new attractive and safe urban spaces with play areas and experiences. Visit Bølgepladsen’s new exciting activity area and go down to the river and work up a sweat on the zigzag wooden steps ‘Naturhængslet’.





Vintage train For over 50 years, North Sealand’s Vintage train has been a major cultural attraction on the Sealand railways. For several generations, thousands of happy guests have followed the year’s progression from the open-ended platforms and beautiful coupes on the Vintage train, starting with spring rides through green forests, to summer trips along the north coast and leafy autumn rides later on, before the year ends with the traditional Christmas train. The Vintage train regularly participates and organises many events including the annual Whitsun event in Græsted, “Children’s vintage train” in September and Halloween in October, as well as many private customers who hire the vintage train to celebrate life’s great moments: confirmations, weddings, round birthdays and visits from abroad. A trip on the Vintage train gives you ­unforgettable memories for life.

KunstHuset KunstHuset is a unique shop, located in the small and charming station town of Græsted. It sells fantastic clothes, plenty of Danish designers, handicrafts, some Danish crafts and paintings, so the shop has something for everyone. Visit this lovely town and pop by KunstHuset – it’s well worth a visit. Open Tuesday-Friday 10-17.30, Saturday 10-14 (Monday closed). Mårumvej 9, DK-3230 Græsted, tel. (+45) 48 24 40 10,

Græsted Kro og Revy The idyllic Græsted Kro on the town square was built in 1869 and this year celebrates its 150th anniversary. This event will be celebrated with several events throughout 2019. In addition to its restaurant, the inn has also opened a Pub & Wine Bar, where you can enjoy a well-poured draft beer or a glass of wine from the bar’s wine list in cosy inside and outside surroundings. Græsted Kro specialises in a delicious ­fusion of traditional Danish dishes and pub dishes, as well as seeking inspiration from Spanish and Indian cuisines. ‘Græsted Revyen’, which has been at the top of the most acclaimed revues in Denmark for many years, received the award for ‘Best Revue of the Year’ in 2014 and 2017. Græsted Hovedgade 5, DK-3230 Græsted,

Medina Interior Medina Interior consists of two shops, centrally located in Græsted. One specialises in bathrooms and kitchens, and the other stocks furniture and everything else to embellish your home. Carina Essid, who owns both shops, has been in the design industry for 20 years, and started by importing quality hamman towels, tiles and taps. She has gradually extended her product range, ensuring everything possesses a special touch. Carina is pleased she established her business in Græsted. Its convenient location enables her to serve customers from all over North Sealand, and her web shop helps the business reach all those interested in exclusive and unique designs for the home. Græsted Stationsvej 2, DK-3230 Græsted, tel (+45) 50 14 44 16,

Erna Erna Erna Erna is a spacious and inviting fashion and lifestyle shop. It offers a wide assortment of items, including specialties, interior furnishings and the latest fashion styles. Erna Erna strives to offer a personal and professional service to all its customers and give them the best possible shopping experience. Erna Erna looks forward to giving you a warm welcome inside its stylish universe. Græsted Hovedgade 7A, DK-3230 Græsted,






GRÆSTED VINTAGE RALLY As always, held at Whitsun: 8-10 June 2019 See opening hours and info re. ticket sales on

Græsted Vintage Rally in Whitsun The traditional Græsted Vintage Rally, brimming with old machines and nostalgia for all the family, is held over the Whitsun weekend, which in 2019 is 8-10 June. Enjoy a fun family outing to Græsted, where you can experience genuine nostalgia. Children love hearing about times gone by from their parents and grandparents, as they recall their own experiences when they stand in front of all the old, beautiful and nostalgic vehicles. There are ample opportunities to admire steam engines, vintage cars/trucks/motorcycles/ mopeds, steam and other vintage locomotives, veteran agricultural machines/tractors, American cars, tractor pulling, 4x4s and old Danish craftsmanship. Or let the kids try the rides in the old fun fair, the old air swings or a go in Denmark’s only wall of death. There’s also an animal show for children, where they can see Danish farming livestock and other animals. Of course, a ride in the veteran train is also included and often very popular with the children, just like the rest of the kids’ entertainment. There are

battle scenes with historic military people and vehicles that many children love being photographed with. If you need a spare part for your own old vehicle, you might be able to find it at the ‘Stumpemarket’ or look around the large Græsted flea market. And there are many other experiences/exhibitions that you can read more about on the website. The old coffee tent from the 1910/20s serves coffee and cake, and offers a totally new and original experience. If you get hungry and thirsty, there are of course many other food stalls. And if you stay a little longer, in the evening you can enjoy a variety of cheerful music and entertainment from the good old days. And help is at hand from the Samaritans/defibrillator if any accidents should happen. If you’d like to spend the whole Whitsun weekend at the vintage rally and have an old caravan or suchlike, you are welcome to use the Nostalgia camping area. Read more on the website. Since 1996, vintage rallies have been held in Græsted and always with surprises on the programme, such as in 2017 when Store Krone”, the royal family’s oldest and finest car came to visit. Further-

GRÆSTED REVUE Performances during 2019 14 June - 29 September Read more and order tickets on

more, there have been various exhibitions and experiences that vary from year to year, among the numerous regular attractions. The rally opens on 8 June at 10 o’clock and is officially launched at noon with an opening speech. You can read more about this and the previous year’s vintage rally on the website. You can also find this year’s programme, when it’s on and other inspiration at You can also find directions by car to the rally if you opt not to arrive by vintage train or the local train. Admission: Children under 15 years free, day ticket DKK 100, ticket for all days DKK 200. Buy tickets on Tel. (+45) 48 39 13 40, Holtvej 40 DK-3230 Græsted,




Helsinge There are lots of activities in commercial town Helsinge. “Gadekærforening” – the town’s trade association, organises events throughout the year. Events include cars in the pedestrian­ street, summer concerts on the town square, nice summerdays next to Gadekæret (the town’s central pond area), Halloween and Christmas. The town’s trade association is also responsible for the town’s changing decorations and provides deckchairs at Gadekæret. Helsinge also boasts a popular swimming pool called Gribskov Svømmehal, which has a 25 m pool with six lanes, 1 m and 3 m ­diving boards, 1-metre deep fun pool with play equipment for ­children and a mammoth shower that sprays water out into the pool, young children’s pool (34 °C, 0.3–0.5 m deep), warm water pool (34 °C and sitting bench with massage jets), long water slide, steam bath, sauna and family and disabled changing areas. If you are more interested in culture, then Gribskov Kultursal offers everything from plays, stand-up comedy and fashion shows to great music experiences. Food can be purchased at many of the events, which can be enjoyed before the performance. Johnny ­Logan will be performing for the eighth time in Kultursalen in 2019. There are many excellent shops in Helsinge. The shopping centre VP Arkaden is worth exploring, with many exciting stores and a relaxed atmosphere. It also has one of North Sealand’s most dramatic playgrounds with wooden cars all made by local craftsmen. Supermarket chain Kvickly’s biggest store is located in ­Helsinge, selling almost everything you need for your holiday. Children’s toys, clothes for the whole family and beautiful items for the home or the holiday home. The delicatessen and butcher’s counter offers a selection of fresh ingredients and prepared food and the wine section is stocked with fine wines. You can invite the family to enjoy the dish of the day in the eatery, before purchasing cake from the well-stocked baker’s shop to enjoy with coffee back home. Helsinge has two pharmacists – Rådhus Apoteket and Apoteket in Østergade. Both pharmacists handle prescriptions and are well stocked with personal care and healthcare products. Rådhus Apoteket is located in Kvickly and is open every day all year round. If you enjoy caravan and camping holidays, Bijé Fritid- & Camping is well worth visiting. The large, beautiful shop has camping equipment and many beautiful caravans, as well as a large professional workshop that helps with inspections and ­repairs.

GRIBSKOV SWIMMING POOL Boagervej 26, DK-3200 Helsinge www.gribskovsvø GRIBSKOV CULTURE HALL Østergade 52, DK-3200 Helsinge KVICKLY Frederiksborgvej 20, 3200 Helsinge BIJÉ FRITID & CAMPING Bomose Alle 19, DK-3200 Helsinge VP ARKADEN (SHOPPING ARCADE) Østergade 12, DK-3200 Helsinge






HELSINGE PHARMACY Østergade 35, DK-3200 Helsinge Monday-Thursday 9-17.30 Friday: 9-18 Saturday: 9-14 RÅDHUSAPOTEKET PHARMACY Frederiksborgvej 20 (Kvickly) DK-3200 Helsinge Monday-Friday: 8-19 Saturday: 8-18 Sunday: 9-18 Public holidays: 10-13



Shopping in North Sealand Shopping in North Sealand offers a wealth of different experiences. Whether you’re visiting the large historic market towns like Hillerød and Helsingør or enjoying a lovely day in one of the coastal towns, you’re sure to be tempted by the unique items in the numerous specialty shops. North Sealand’s towns are full of atmospheric shopping streets and you can also go under cover in large, inviting shopping centres, where there’s a large assortment for the whole family. If you need ­reviving during your shopping trip, the area’s diverse cafés and restaurants are brimming with all sorts of treats for your tastebuds. If you’d like to try some local specialties, there’s also a rich selection of farm shops, where local food producers ­present and sell their produce.

Helsingør Bycenter

Helsingør Bycenter is a cosy oasis in the heart of Helsingør, located right at the end of Stengade. There are 25 exciting shops to enjoy, great eating places, fun children’s playland and free parking. Helsingør Bycenter has a wide selection of women’s and men’s fashion, delicacies, groceries, personal care, games, sports and home inspiration. Helsingør Bycenter is the perfect destination for a family shopping trip or if you’re after a cosy lunch or coffee break. The playground is popular with young children, providing the freedom and space that makes this the perfect visit for families with children. With 550 free parking spaces and easy access to buses, ferries and trains, getting to Helsingør Bycenter is nice and simple, whichever transport mode you choose. Helsingør Bycenter, Stürups plads 1, DK-3000 Helsingør,


Art culture in North Sealand

Ultra modern architecture, art and design North Sealand is one of the richest regions in Denmark when it comes to art and culture. It has ultra modern architecture, art and design, international theatre and above all, a magnificent Renaissance castle that records Denmark’s history. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a world-class museum, where art, nature and architecture come together to make something very special. Experience the changing exhibitions of leading international artists as well as a brilliant permanent exhibition. M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark The museum is an example of groundbreaking architecture, which attracts at-


tention all over the world. Bjarke Ingels Group has designed the underground museum, which has won many international awards and been described as ‘the most beautiful hole in the ground”. Arboretet Arboretet in Hørsholm is part of the University of Copenhagen and was esta­ blished in 1936 as an expansion to Forst­ botanisk Park in Charlottenlund, with the objective of supporting teaching in forestry and garden botany. Arboretet is still used for botany teaching today. With over 2,000 species of trees and plants, the collection is the biggest in Denmark. A large number of visitors and horticultural enthusiasts visit every year. Open daily from 07:30 to dusk.

North Sealand has a wealth of art and culture on offer. Below are some excellent examples. Find lots more in the magazine or visit

Karen Blixen’s home Rungstedlund was Karen Blixen’s home and is now the Karen Blixen Museum, just a few minutes walk from Rungsted harbour. Karen Blixen (1885–1962) remains one of Denmark’s greatest writers. Rungstedlund opened as the writer’s museum in 1991. Karen Blixen was born and grew up in the house and she spent a large part of her adult life there. Her grave lies under a great beech tree, in the park close to the museum. Trommen in Hørsholm Culture centre in the middle of Hørsholm with cinema, theatre and large library. Trommen stages more than 200 events every year and offers the possibility of holding private conferences.

Hamletscenen The Shakespeare Festival takes place at Kronborg ­Castle every August. Surprising, entertaining and ­original performances are staged from home and abroad. Watch original Shakespeare plays under the open sky and enjoy a delicious picnic at Prinsessens Bastion with views overlooking Sweden, the sea and Kronborg. As the sun moves toward the horizon, it’s time to find your place and when dusk falls and the swans ­settle in the moat, William Shakespeare’s immortal drama takes to the stage with the beautiful Kronborg Castle as its backdrop. It will be a truly magical evening! Shakespeare Festival 2019 is from 1- 23 August. Read more at


LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Gl. Strandvej 13, DK-3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19, OPENING TIMES Tuesday-Friday: 11–22. Closed Mondays. Sat, Sun and bank holidays 11–18.


Museum of Modern Art Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is world-famous. It is also a vibrant cultural centre and a very special place where art and architecture meet parkland with direct access to the Sound. Every year Louisiana hosts several major international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum has a long tradition of presenting visual culture in alternative and diverse forms – including photography, design and architecture exhibitions. Louisiana’s collection covers a period dating back from 1945 upwards and includes superb masterpieces and examples of nearly all genres – painting, sculpture, photography, film and installations. Architecture and sculpture park Architecturally, Louisiana is considered to be one of the finest examples of 1950s elegant and understated modernism. The museum blends perfectly with the land-


scape and the surrounding sculpture park with views overlooking the Sound. The park sculptures are an important part of Louisiana’s collection. Works are displayed by artists such as Moore, Calder, Ernst and Miró – all precisely positioned amid the sculpture park’s verdant setting. The Children’s Wing, café and shop Children of all ages have unique opportunities to work creatively and explore their imaginations and senses in the Louisiana Children’s Wing. A 500 m² three-storey building. Louisiana Cafe offers panoramic views across the Sound, and the outdoor patio is open in the summer. The kitchen serves modern Danish food, prepared from scratch us-

ing seasonal ingredients. There is a new menu every week, as well as a lunch and evening buffet. Louisiana Shop is one of Denmark’s leading design stores, focussing mainly on Danish and Scandinavian design. The product selection is a good reflection of the latest trends on the design scene. A living culture house Guided exhibition tours, art kick in the collection, creative workshops, painting schools, concerts, Friday lounges, live debating events, professional lectures – and an international literature festival. Art, contemporary culture, words and sounds are brought to life all year round in Louisiana’s creative surroundings.


Museum guide KAREN BLIXEN MUSEUM Rungstedlund, her childhood home which she returned to in 1931 after 17 years in Africa. Rungsted Strandvej 111, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Tel. (+45) 45 57 10 57

PIBE MILL Some summer Sundays the local Miller’s Guild operates the mill Høbjergvej, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

ESRUM ABBEY Cistercian abbey founded in 1151, which is now an attraction with events, exhibitions and family activities. Klostergade 11-12, Esrum, Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00,

SKIBSKLARERERGAARDEN Museum in Helsingør’s best-preserved merchant & ship clearing office from the Sound Dues period. Strandgade 91, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 36

M/S MARITIME MUSEUM OF DENMARK Denmark’s story as a maritime nation is told from past and present in a unique setting. Café and shop. M/S Museet for Søfart, Ny Kronborgvej 1, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 06 85,

RAMLØSE MILL & CRAFTS MUSEUM Flour mill from 1908. Still operated on many Sundays. Tradesmen’s museum in side building. Møllelodden 4, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

MUNKERUPHUS Listed building with changing exhibitions of art, design and architecture. Little shop and café. Beautiful park with access to the Sound. Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dr. mølle, tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06

FLYNDERUPGAARD MUSEUM The history of agriculture and fisheries. Historical farm, garden and nostalgic recreated kitchen.

DANISH MUSEUM OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Experience a world of technology with fun, fascinating and epochmaking inventions. From vintage cars to mobile phones. Fabriksvej 25, 3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 22 26 11,

KNUD RASMUSSEN’S HOUSE Museum in the famous polar explorer’s study and holiday cottage, with many items from his Greenland expeditions. Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, DK-3390 Hundested, tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

LAUGØ SMITHY Smithy demonstrating the old craftsmanship. Discover the importance of horseshoes in folklore.

RUDOLPH TEGNER’S MUSEUM & STATUE PARK Museum and statue park in the beautiful area, Rusland. Permanent Tegner exhibition. Museumsvej 19, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, tel. (+45) 49 71 91 77

ÆBELHOLT ABBEY MUSEUM Skeletons and medical instruments illuminate the quality of life, diseases and death in 1175. Beautiful abbey garden and ­Æbelholt abbey ruins. Æbelholt 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

FREDERIKSBORG MUSEUM OF NATIONAL HISTORY Discover 500 years of Danish history at Frederiksborg Castle through portraits, historic paintings, furniture and art industry. Frederiksborg Slot, DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39

MUSEUM OF HILLERØD Take the children along to ‘Time Street’, where you can play with history and be a grocer, laundry wife or pupil in the old schoolroom. Also learn about Hillerød’s fascinating history. Helsingørsgade 65, DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40


Laugø Byvej 2, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40,

Agnetevej 9, DK-3060 Espergærde Tel. (+45) 49 28 19 00

MUSEUM OF HØRSHOLM Learn the fascinating story of Hirscholm Castle and Struensee, and meet Stone Age hunters from Nivå Fjord. Sdr. Jagtvej 2,DK-2970 Hørsholm Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

Be inspired Read more about all the museums at

THE POWDER WORKS MUSEUM World’s best preserved gunpowder works. Working machinery. Krudtværksalléen 1 DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

THE NIVAAGAARD COLLECTION Works from Italian and Northern European renaissance, Dutch baroque periods and golden age of Danish art. Gammel Strandvej 2, DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 10 17

THE HAMMER MILL Built in 1765 on Kronborg Geværfabrik (Weapon Factory). Museum and cosy café with idyllic location. Bøssemagergade 21, DK-3150 Hellebæk, tel. (+45) 49 21 89 72

FREDERIKS VAERK MUSEUM OF INDUSTRY The Ironmaster’s Mansion houses the museum ’s administration, exhibitions, shop, library and archive. Torvet 1, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05,

GILLELEJE SHIPHALLS Explore the old fishing boats and the fisherman’s house, and discover the story of the fisherman’s dangerous life through 500 years. Hovedgaden 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

NAKKEHOVED LIGHTHOUSE Admire the beautiful scenery and climb to the top in good weather. Learn about the history of the lighthouse and its royal influence. Fyrvejen 20 + 25 a, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

THE CARMELITE ABBEY The Carmelite Abbey (Vor Frue) with St. Mariæ Church is one of Scandinavia’s best preserved medieval monasteries. Guided tours by prior arrangement. Sct. Anna Gade 38, DK-3000 Helsingør,

FREDENSBORG MUSEUM Exhibition about rural culture, historical schoolroom and fine collection of artistic tiles. Museum shop and museum garden. Avderødvej 19, DK-2980 Kokkedal Tel. (+45) 48 28 01 76 / 23 41 54 40

THE RING OVEN AT NIVAAGAARD BRICKWORKS In Nivå you’ll find Denmark’s last preserved ring oven. See the website for opening days and guided tours. Teglværksvej 23 DK-2990 Nivå,

KARLEBO MILL A well-preserved Dutch mill. Open for schools and groups by appointment. Kirkeltevej 161 C, DK-2980 ­Kokkedal, tel. (+45) 60 68 27 82

THE HYLLINGEBJERG STONE Denmark’s most engraved 3,000-years old stone at entrance to Frederiksværk Library. Frederiksværk Bibliotek, Torvet 41 DK-3300 Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 47 78 41 00,

THE SHIPYARD MUSEUM It tells the history of Helsingør Shipyard’s heyday and the lives of the shipyard workers. Allégade 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 16

LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Leading international museum of modern art. Unique location by the Sound, where art, ­architecture, park and nature create a whole experience. Gl. Strandvej 13 DK-3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19,

KRONBORG CASTLE World-class renaissance castle, listed on UNESCO World Heritage site. World-famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s immortal play, Hamlet. Kronborg 2 C, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 30 78

DANISH COLLECTION OF HISTORY OF PHARMACY Pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry and history of medicines in Denmark over the past 100 years. Milnersvej 42, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 20 60 00

MUSEUM STREET IN GILLELEJE Discover Denmark’s smallest holiday cottage, a holiday apartment from 1960s and a classroom from 1920. Enjoy some coffee in the old fruit orchard. Østergade 20, DK-3250 Gilleleje. Tel. (+45)72 17 02 40


The 2019 North Coast Art Triennale can be enjoyed here! OPENING HOURS

Welcome to

MUNKERUPHUS – a meeting place to enjoy art, architecture and design Exhibition space and artist’s home Munkeruphus is a former artist’s home beautifully located overlooking Øresund on the stretch of coast between Gilleleje and Dronningmølle. Since 1989, it has served as an exhibition space for art, architecture and design. In addition to changing exhibitions showing Danish and foreign artists, the house also has a small shop and café with outdoor serving in the summer and expansive gardens with sculptures. The wooden building was designed in 1916 by architects Terkel Hjejle and Niels Rosenkjær, and in 1987 it was listed as one of the finest and most complete examples of this style of building, which came to Denmark via the Arts and Crafts movement in England and the American Colonial Style. The hybrid artist Gunnar Aagaard Andersen The history of Munkeruphus is closely associated with one of the most versatile and experimental Danish artists of the 20th 50

century, Gunnar Aagaard Andersen (19191982), who lived and worked in the house with his family from 1958 until his death. The house’s old garden room has become a permanent space for Gunnar Aagaard Andersen’s hybrid works of art that ranged from painting, sculpture and architecture to scenography, furniture, wallpaper and textiles etc. Visitors are welcome to use the room’s furniture and look into books, iPad and drawers, that are available for those who wish to delve into the world of Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. Café and shop The old dining room contains a cosy café, with a view of the sea, where you can buy light lunch dishes, home-baked treats, quality coffee and tea, speciality beers, cordials and wine. In the summer months you can enjoy the café’s delicacies in the garden, and we light the cosy fireplace on colder days. The shop sells its own catalogues and books on art, photography, architecture, design and landscape. You can also buy

Exhibition season from the beginning of April to the ­beginning of November. See website for more ­information on opening hours, exhibitions and events. Munkeruphus Munkerup Strandvej 78 DK-3120 Dronningmølle

homemade Munkeruphus Honey from our own bees, who live and work in the gardens at Munkeruphus, special designs made from Gunnar Aagaard Andersen textiles and small objects made by Danish designers and craftsmen. Park and beach The lovely park area surrounding Munkeruphus is characterised by its undulating and varied terrain, old exotic trees and a number of permanent sculptures, including works by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. In the summer months, the park is also used for openings, concerts and other events. There is direct access to a lovely sandy beach via Dronningekløften at the bottom of the park. In the summer, it’s a wonderful place for swimming, fishing or enjoying your ice cream from the café. Everybody is welcome to use the garden from sunrise to sunset all year round.

The 2019 North Coast Art Triennale can be enjoyed here!

Rudolph Tegner’s Museum and Statue Park Russia is the name given to this natural area at Dronningmølle, where the sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873-1950) established his enchanting Statue Park and architecturally groundbreaking modernist museum. The museum houses 300 of his own beautiful, poetic, dramatic, voluminous and masculine sculptures in plaster, clay, marble and bronze. They provide a unique insight into the sculptor’s lifetime works, and his skills within symbolism, vitality and classism. Fourteen bronzes are arranged in the outside landscape, interacting with heather, sky and seasonal changes. Sheep graze freely among the works in the summer months. The museum has a small coffee shop (see opening hours and order three days in advance when possible on Children can go on an art treasure hunt, borrow drawing equipment and climb trees in the park. Special exhibition ARV – The North Coast Art Triennale 2019 22 June – 20 October 2019 with: ‘Tovborg and Tegner’s Heritage’ exhibition by Alexander Tovborg ‘A Hymn to the Port of Life’ sound installation by Tim Hinman/Third Ear ‘Rudolph’s Onion’ in the statue park by Sophia Kalkau The Triennale exhibits works in several places around ­Gribskov. See

Rudolph Tegner’s Museum and Statue Park Museumsvej 19, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, tel. (+45) 49 71 91 77 The park is accessible all year round and the museum during the summer months. Opening hours on



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@visitnordsjaelland Knud Rasmussens Hus k Credit: Daniel Overbec @the.newborn

Knud Rasmussen’s House In North Sealand, all the way out to the west of Hundested, lies Knud Rasmussen’s House. Denmark’s famous polar explorer built the house by Spodsbjerg Lighthouse in 1917, where he worked in between his journeys to the North Polar Region. ­Today, the house remains as in Knud Rasmussen’s time. The ­interior is filled with original furniture, paintings and photos. Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, DK-3390 Hundested,

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival Kajgaden 7 Hundested Harbour DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 50 47 98 30


For the 8th consecutive year, the success continues at the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Hundested. This year’s theme is ‘Masterpieces’ and the artists have been given free rein to interpret art, culture, music and architecture from ancient times to today. Inside the large boat hall, coloured rays dance and dazzle over The Danish Song Treasure. Try quizzing your way through the exhibition – dare you take up the challenge – of guessing a song? Discover a very special cultural attraction at the thriving harbour, where sand sculptors, including several world champions, create world-class mon-umental and transitory sculptures from golden grains of sand. The festival is fun and inspiring, and gives you the chance to create your very own sand sculpture. Children and the young at heart can explore their creativity with various activities and become immersed in their sand creations. You can enjoy refreshments at the café while the kids play happily in the sandpit. The sand sculpture festival can be enjoyed at Hundested Harbour from 10 May to 20 October 2019. Open daily from 10am.

Museum North Sealand

Museum North Sealand’s administration Frederiksgade 9 DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40 An annual ticket for DKK 70 can be purchased from VisitNordsjælland and the exhibition venues.

Museum North Sealand’s exhibition sites have plenty to amuse both adults and children. An annual ticket for DKK 70 gives you unlimited access to all exhibitions. Read more about the exhibition sites and opening hours on

Museum of Hillerød

Museum of Hørsholm

You can touch things in Time Street! Kids can play their way into history at the grocery store and the children’s asylum. Immerse yourself in the history of Hillerød.

See furnishings from Hirschholm Castle, where the Queen and Struensee’s love affair ensued. You can also see 7,000-year-old tombs from the Stone Age fjord at Nivå.

Helsingørsgade 65, Hillerød

Sdr. Jagtvej 2, Hørsholm

Gilleleje Shiphalls Exploring the old fishing boats, and learn about fishermen’s dangerous lives over 500 years. Visit a fisherman’s house, a ­schoolroom in 1920 and a holiday apartment as it looked in 1950. When the weather is mild, you can enjoy some coffee and cake in the old orchard. Entrance via Gilleleje Hovedgade 49 and Østergade 20, Gilleleje

The 2019 North Coast Art Triennale can be enjoyed here!

Æbelholt Abbey Museum

Nakkehoved Lighthouse

Enjoy the abbey ruins and garden. The museum displays skeletons and finds from the ruins, which was the largest Augustine monastery in the Nordic countries in medieval times.

Discover the beautiful scenery around the lighthouse. Come to the top of the tower and see the exhibition about Danish lighthouse history.

Æbelholt 4, Hillerød

Fyrvejen 25A, Gilleleje

Æbelholt Abbey Market 15 and 16 June 2019

The 2019 North Coast Art Triennale can be enjoyed here!


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@visitnordsjaelland Vejby Beach Credit @t_________rex

@visitnordsjaelland Spodsbjerg Fyr

Credit @dennispiilgard

@visitnordsjaelland Esrum Lake Credit: Daniel Overbeck @the.newborn

Danish Museum of Science & Technology The Danish Museum of Science & Technology is a bona fide mecha­ nical wonderland where you can explore a world of technical inventions that have changed the way we live. Enjoy full-power family experiences and learn all about wonderful and epoch-making technical inventions and the people behind them. At the museum you can get up close to the spacecraft that made Andreas Mogensen the first Dane in space in 2015. You can also ­discover Denmark’s first car from 1888, which is also the world’s oldest working car, see the pioneer Ellehammer’s plane from 1906, enjoy the sight of numerous cool Nimbus motorbikes and robots and feel the nostalgia roaring through one of Europe’s best technical collections. The exhibitions range from cars, bikes and airplanes, to things you have at home, e.g. TV, game consoles, computers and your smartphone, which has certainly changed the way you live. Come along on a wondrous journey with machines that changed the world. Fabriksvej 25, 3000 Helsingør,


The Øresund Aquarium Did you know that sharks and octopuses live in the Sound?

The Øresund Aquarium invites all children and adults to dive below the surface of the Sound to explore the fascinating and surprising fishing and wildlife found in these unique waters. Discover octopuses, sharks, big lobsters and colourful fish and get close to them in the touch pools, where you can touch crabs, starfish, flatfish, rays – and small sharks if you dare! All year around, the fish are fed every hour in different aquariums, where the expert guides share stories about life in the Sound. At the aquarium’s outdoor Water Laboratory you can explore the local marine flora and fauna in a completely natural environment – try fishing and take a closer look at the fish and animals that live in the Sound. Many fun activities are organised during the school holidays, where you can get even closer to life in the Sound – including crab catching, guided tours and special “Touch living sea animals” events. Throughout the summer and autumn season you can join a boat safari on the Sound, where you can try to spot the little whale – the porpoise – as well as rare tuna and seabirds. More information and booking: Øresundsakvariet, Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70


Antique Vintage 1 Bror og Søster Antique shop with fascinating bric-a-brac items brimming with soul and history. Open Thursday-Friday 13-18, Saturday 10-15. Grollowsstræde, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 40 96 21 27

5 Røde Kors Butik Gilleleje Come and visit this lovely Red Cross second-hand shop, selling quality clothing for all the family, as well as ornaments and books at very reasonable prices. Gilleleje Hovedgade 2F, DK-3250 Gilleleje Facebook: @rodekorsbutikgilleleje

1 LUMI Genbrug Helsingørsgade 18, furniture and interior design, and 19B with café, glassware, clothes, toys, books and records. Support the Lutheran ­Mission’s international relief work., tel. 33 12 00 56

5 Esthers Garage French and Swedish antiquities and vintage items for home and garden. Vintage lamps from all over Europe. Tibirkevej 17, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 29 66 34 98


Kirppu Loppe­ supermarked Go treasure hunting all year round in Kirppu’s indoor flea markets for good bargains for the whole family and enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea at the same time. Open 7 days a week. Kirppu Hillerød, Frejasvej 32, DK-3400 Hillerød Kirppu Frederikssund, Kocksvej 23, DK-3600 Frederikssund, tel. (+45) 70 25 00 12


Welcome to

Active holidays in North Sealand Do you prefer lush forests and gently lapping sea to pulsating city life? Does going on holiday for you involve having the wind in your hair and sweat on your brow or backpacking at a steady walking pace? Being in nature invites exercise, plenty of fresh air and unforgettable experiences, whether they’re from riding a bike or a horse, on water or in treetops. North Sealand is the perfect place to enjoy lots of exercise. Outdoor fitness There are plenty of great opportunities for exercise and keeping fit in nature. Nature fitness is ideal for old and young alike, and can be a good supplement to walking or jogging. In North Sealand, you can exercise outdoors with lovely forest and lake views from many nature fitness areas including: • • • • •

Glenten exercise and play area Egebæksvang exercise and meeting area Montebello exercise and meeting area Nature fitness by Hornbæk Lake Ølsted Grusgrav (Gravel Pit)

Bijé Leisure & Camping Do you dream of freedom, spontaneity and relaxation? Visit the cosy camping centre in Helsinge. Discover a large, beautiful shop with camping equipment and many beautiful caravans, as well as a large professional workshop that helps with inspections and repairs. Bijé Fritid & Camping, Bomose Allé 19 DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 48 79 31 10


CYCLING through North Sealand Many people have discovered the wonderful cycling opportunities in North Sealand - and there is plenty of space for everyone. The area is criss-crossed by bike routes passing though amazing landscapes, including forests and along the coastline, and should you grow tired, you can take your bike on the train. We have made it easy for you to enjoy North Sealand by bike. Whether it’s your own or rented. Visit www.visitnordsjaelland. com to find information and inspiration for unique experiences.

Nordkystens Bicycle Rental Rent high quality bicycles for the whole family. The company will deliver and collect bicycles across the whole of North Sealand. Svend Henriksensvej 14, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 51 29 29 43

Hotel Sleep2Night Hotel Sleep2Night is located just a few minutes’ drive from Helsingør’s charming city centre, in the opposite direction to the mountain bike routes in Teglstrup Hegn. In addition, the Marguerite Route runs both south and southwest from Helsingør. The hotel is the ideal base for your trips around the North Sealand countryside, above all for busy people who just want a good and inexpensive place to sleep between activities. Hotel Sleep2Night has 64 double rooms with all of the facilities travellers require. All of the rooms are located at street level with parking directly in front of the room. Enjoy the breakfast buffet before you move on. Should you require assistance in finding the next great experience, just ask the friendly staff for help. You can also hire bicycles from Hotel Sleep2Night during the period 1 April to 30 September. Industrivej 19, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 270 100,


On horseback in Royal North Sealand

Horseback riding is a popular activity in North Sealand, and it is possible to ride in many different natural areas. Several places offer direct access from one area to another. Most of the forests in North Sealand are stateowned. This means you can go horseback riding in the forests free of charge. There are several places where you can stay overnight with your horse, or you can rent horses and enjoy guided tours with or without accommodation. The Hillerød Horse Show is held in Hillerød every year at the end of September. It is a 3-day event for horses and riders, talks, shows and exciting clinics. In the last few years, a conference focusing on horse-related tourism has been held on the Friday. Work is underway to create an exciting conference in 2019 that focuses on breeding racing horses. Follow it on Facebook: Hillerød Horse Show Hestegruppen Gribskov is also a horse ­enthusiasts’ group that is worth looking at on Facebook. Horse lovers from all over share exciting information and news about horses that the traditional disciplines tend not to ­cover. You can learn about what is happening in the area, ask questions and/or find other horse

enthusiasts who perhaps you can do something new with. Facebook: Hestegruppen Gribskov Experience horse-related world heritage In the North Sealand forests, you can still see the straight hunting tracks laid down in a ­regular star pattern in the forests, dividing them into triangular areas. The tracks were ­established for par force hunting by Christian V during the 17th century. The historical royal hunt landscape is an amazing area to ride a horse in. Beautiful ­countryside, exciting cultural trails, excellent riding tracks and lots of hygge-filled resting areas make this trip in the par force hunting landscape one of North Sealand’s most magnificent horseback riding experiences. You can learn much more by visiting, which includes a description of the different horseback riding routes. The route descriptions are also found in an app “Parforce rideruterne”, which is available on AppStore and Google Play.

App: “Parforce rideruterne” The app “Parforce rideruterne” can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play. It includes a description of different horseback riding options in the varying landscape, images with descriptions of sights and rest areas, and a map with GPS to help you to find your way.


Forests lakes in Royal North Sealand Living history Whether it’s the white-tailed eagles swooping after its prey across the lake or reflections of the royal history, North Sealand brings the feeling of history and heritage alive. Between the beech trees and still water lies pure peacefulness and the possibility to be active. White-tailed eagles have bred in North Sealand since 2009 and the osprey built its first nest in North Sealand in Gribskov in 2011. This is a testimony of the excellent conditions, as eagles need good hunting and nesting terrain. The red kite has also returned to breed in North Sealand. Denmark’s largest lakes Esrum Lake holds the greatest volume of water, located between hilly farmland and Gribskov, Sealand’s largest forest. A sailing trip along the lake banks offers wonderful experiences. Rich bird life, forest barbecue sites, a magnificent view of Fredensborg and its castle garden avenues and the lakeside restaurant Skipperhuset. Lake activities on a sunny day include swimming, barbecuing, bird watching, bicycling, sailing and fishing. A boat trip will take you over the lake to a forest café that is located on the lake shore. Close to the west lies Arresø, Denmark’s largest lake. The lake waters can be as still as a mirror or heave with buckling waves in 60

a storm. The lake is a protected area for birds and western marsh-harriers can be seen flying over the reeds. And you might be lucky to spot a white-tailed sea eagle or sea hawk. Meadow lakes line Arresø’s hinterland like pearls on a string: Strødam Engsø, Solbjerg Engsø and Alsønderup Engsø, through which the Pøle river flows before joining Arresø. To the north lies the lake Holløse Bredning. The lakes support rich birdlife and grassy meadows run down to the lakesides. In 2009, the first beavers were ­released into the area and more came along in 2010 and 2011. They quickly spread throughout Arresø’s hinterland. There have also been sightings of beaver cubs in North Sealand, as far inland as Hillerød. Gurre Lake is a more mystical place. The ruins of Gurre Castle lie by the lake. Valdemar IV of Denmark’s fabled connection to the location adds an exciting dimension. The lake lies in a forested area with Gurre Vang in the south and Horserød Hegn in the north. The majority of the forest is protected, and its tranquillity treasured. A charming little trail circles the lake and a brand-new bird tower offers lovely views of Mågeøen. There are also primitive barbecue- and overnight facilities along the path.

The royal forests and UNESCO World Heritage North Sealand owe its existence to the popularity of hunting sports among royalty. In the 17th century, Christian V returned from visiting France’s Sun King, and full of enthusiasm he introduced par force hunting in Denmark. You can still see the old forest hunting routes with their long, straight paths that meet in star- and cross-formations in the forests of Gribskov and Store Dyrehave. Stand at Rødepælsstjernen in the heart of Grib­ skov or at Kongestjernen in Store Dyrehave, and you can imagine the horns, the galloping hunters and baying hounds chasing their prey to its exhausted doom. There are new pamphlets and an audio guide at the centre of the star formations to aid your imagination. This par force hunting landscape, along with the landscape in Jægersborg Dyrehave and certain road sections outside of the forests have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Wild deer and leaf roller moths Four species of deer are found in North Sealand: Red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and roe deer. All four are found in Gribskov. Fallow deer and roe deer are the most populous. They are most active in the mornings and evenings, and it is

CALL UP HISTORY AND THE COUNTRYSIDE Get more out of your forest walk and call your way to history – to learn about the very place you are in. Selected historical sites are equipped with an information post with a telephone number. Themed folders with GPS points can be downloaded from FIND YOUR WAY AROUND NATURE AND FOREST AREAS IN NORTH SEALAND “Find vej I” is a kind of treasure hunt/­ orientation run that takes you around the sights and attractions in a forest, park or nature area. Visit to learn more

easier to see them. The wild deer mostly stay within the Tisvilde area, but also wander across the fields to other forests in North Sealand. It’s a magnificent sight to spot a herd of red deer appearing from the morning mist. Tisvilde Hegn has its own special history. The forest was planted on the sand – lots of sand. Sand which had been drifting in from the beach for centuries and had covered several villages. Not all trees thrive on sandy soil. The Scots pine can though. But the sea winds and tree moths larvae have transformed parts of the wood into a troll-like tree-contorted fantasy world. Legend says it was the Sea Bull that spread the sand all those years ago. Now the Sea Bull is back, guarding the seaside-inspired nature playground at Liseleje beach. Active on land and water Danish Forest and Nature Agency forests and lakes offer plenty of activities. Bicycle tours, horseback riding, camping overnight in tents and kayaking. There are barbecue picnic areas in beautiful surroundings, especially along the lakeside. There are countless walking and running routes, Health trails, mountain bike routes and nature playgrounds. And there is wonderful wildlife and a rich history

of local culture. There are medieval abbeys and castle ruins, and 5000-year old burial mounds and passage graves. Using your mobile phone, you can hear the local history of a particular site simply by using the phone number provided on the information post at that particular site. Disabled people and those with mobility difficulties can also enjoy nature as short routes with good surface have been made in several places. Grazing for growing flowers Certain areas in North Sealand have a more open feel to them. Hellebæk Kohave is an old grazing area next to Teglstrup Hegn. Around 150–300 cattle grazed here, which lets the local flowers grow freely in the naturally cropped grass. In many other places, including the forests, you might suddenly spot a herd of horses in a clearing or between the trees – they help keeping the plants kept low with their teeth. On Melby Overdrev, between Liseleje Plantage and Asserbo Plantage, the heather grows all the way to the dunes. The abundant flowers in the sunny open areas attract beautiful butterflies and other rare insects. Grasshoppers sing in the grass, while bumblebees buzz drowsily from flower to flower. The same idyllic scene

can be experienced at Gilbjerg Hoved and Rusland by Tegner’s Museum. Rungstedlund garden and forest Rungstedlund is located close to the Øre­ sund coast in Rungsted, with 17 hectares of land, gardens and park stretching behind the buildings. In accordance with Karen Blixen’s wishes, the area is a designated bird sanctuary open to the public. Visitors can also visit Karen Blixen’s grave, at the foot of Ewald’s Mound. Folehaveskoven Hørsholm Folehaveskoven is one of the lushest ­forests in North Sealand, where many species of trees thrive. The forest has many ancient monuments, like Bronze Age burial mounds and single Bronze Age barrows. This is described in greater detail in the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s hiking brochure. As are the designated hiking routes. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN NORTH SEALAND EXPERIENCES AND PLACE DESCRIPTIONS naturguider/ UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE www.kongernes-nordsjæ


Go on a hike Holidays are freedom – from the everyday humdrum, routine and office. Freedom to spend active time outdoors and feel the weather and the changing seasons on your body. North Sealand offers a wide range of activities for action-packed holidays in the most beautiful settings you can imagine.

Take the slow route through North Sealand’s wonderful cultural and historical landscape. Whether you like pilgrim walks or just hiking with new experiences. Discover the spectacular castles, palaces and abbeys, the unspoilt coastal villages, locally grown produce and familyrun accommodation where you’ll be given a warm welcome. Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace. When you go hiking in North Sealand, you can follow a route using detailed routes and maps. But there’s no time pressure. You can stop when you want to explore something that interests you along the way, take your time to look around a village, chat with people you meet, enjoy a drink at a local café and just watch the world pass by. Experience more, enjoy the moment and the slower pace of life.

in Royal North Sealand

The Pilgrim Route ‘Esrum Tisvildevejen’ A culturally historical route brimming with unique experiences that perfectly encapsulate North Sealand’s nature, culture and local products. Join the special summer walk, which is planned from 12-16 July in 2019, or enjoy the route at your own pace. For more details visit Rudolph Tegner’s Museum and Statue Park Visit the Statue Park in ‘Russia’ with sculptor Rudolph Tegner’s beautiful sculptures. There are 14 bronzes scattered in the landscape, interacting with the skies and seasonal changes. The park is open all year round. For more details visit

Overnighting outdoors Royal North Sealand has many beautiful public forests where visitors are allowed to stay overnight. On the Danish Nature Agency’s website, you can find information about the sites.

Outdoor Season Hiking, Climbing, Snow & Outdoor. Stjernegade 4C, 3000 Helsingør, tlf. (+45) 49 20 21 27,


Tee off in the green Enjoy a golf holiday in Royal North Sealand­with some of the country’s very best golf courses, where many of Denmark’s professional golfers have started their careers. Royal North Sealand is rich in beautiful scenery and cosy accommodation options, and it’s never far to the first tee on one of North Sealand’s beautiful golf courses. Gilleleje Golf Club

Hornbæk Golf Club

Asserbo Golf Club

Fredensborg Golf Club

‘Kongegolf’ in North Sealand

Asserbo Golf Club Tel. (+45) 47 72 14 90

Fredensborg Golf Club Tel. (+45) 48 47 56 59

Kongegolf is the brainchild of four of North Sealand’s best golf clubs, which offers a special discount on green fees. Purchase the Kongegolf Green Fee Offer with four green fees for only DKK 1,300 and can play on all

Gilleleje Golf Club Tel. (+45) 49 71 80 56

four golf courses or take a companion and play on two courses. Visit www. to purchase the offer or contact the clubs. You decide what you want to do and book your times on Golfbox. All four 18-hole courses

Hornbæk Golf Club Tel. (+45) 49 75 95 70

are located in North Sealand’s beautiful countryside and the golf clubs’ restaurants provide delicious food and refreshments before and after your round of golf.


Coastal tourism started with The Danish Riviera When Denmark’s cultural elite began to spend its recreational time in the country, it marked the beginning of cultural tourism in Denmark. The Danish Riviera is not just a smart catchphrase for North Sealand’s coast. Neither is it a modern attempt to market the area. It defines the history of the traditional seaside holiday that has existed in the area for almost 100 years. The first tourist brochure to use the phrase Danish Riviera was published in 1923. Going as far back as the 19th century, many Copenhagen residents have taken advantage of the short distance from the capital to the countryside. The North Sealand coast welcomed the first tourists in 1847. Well-known artists spread the message North Sealand’s first resident was a famous member of the capital’s elite. Actress Johanne Louise Heiberg and her husband, the playwright Johan Ludvig Heiberg and some of their friends were on their way to Sølyst, but chose instead to take an adventure in the “charming Hellebæk”. At Hellebæk they could “enjoy the stillness of the lonely forest and the joy of each other’s company undisturbed”, as Johanne Louise Heiberg wrote in her memoirs. Their circle of friends included Hans Christian Andersen and various poets and painters. Their six-week stay at Hellebæk Inn was of priceless promotional value for North Sealand’s coastal area. The sea, great expanses and green forests were very popular. Copenhagen’s prominent icons travelled north at the same time that the 64

small fishing villages were being transformed into seaside towns. Denmark’s first holiday home is located in Hornbæk In the 1880s, the first plots of land that were specifically zoned for holiday homes in Denmark were located in Hornbæk. However, these holiday homes were strictly the preserve of the upper classes. Today, some of the oldest, most exclusive holiday homes are located there. Hornbæk quickly became known as the fashionable “capital” of holiday homes. Local people still talk about P.S. Krøyer and his circle of artist friends as Hornbæk’s first tourists, even though Drachmann had already started the process when he stayed at Hornbæk Inn. The artists were attracted by the sea and its special light, and they created an artistic collective, which after a time, moved further north and became known as “The Skagen Painters”. Original seaside hotels are still popular And not just Krøyer and Drachmann, but Søren Kierkegaard also often made his way to the North Sealand coast. He is also known as Gilleleje’s first tourist. He visited for the first time in 1835 and was very attracted to the “empty” part of Gilleleje and Gilbjerg Hoved, which today has a memorial stone in his honour. But only after the cultural elite became weary of the many summer visitors to Hornbæk,

did the residents of Copenhagen begin to flock to Gilleleje in numbers and from 1896, they could book a room in Gilleleje Badehotel, one of Denmark’s original ­seaside hotels which still exists today. Tourists moved yet again, this time west and in the middle of the 1880s, the first seaside boarding house opened in Tisvilde, called Tisvilde Badehotel. Inns and seaside boarding houses popped up everywhere in 1904, Helenekilde Hotel & Badepension was built. Originally built as a private summer home, today it is known as Helenekilde Badehotel; renovated and run by Alexander Kølpin. Once the rail line Gribskovbanen was established, people started to build a lot of summer homes. The coastal towns became holiday destinations at the same time that the artists and writers moved west. Hornbæk, Gilleleje and Tisvildeleje then became the preserve of “ordinary people”. The Danish Riviera is not a new phrase. It is the definition of a recreational area with beaches, open expanses and cultural background that has attracted artists, writers and philosophers, who have found inspiration in the countryside for over 200 years. Today, its cultural beginnings and the wonderful countryside continue to attract many tourists who spend their holidays in North Sealand, all along the Danish Riviera. Source: “Ferie ved havet – hvilken rigdom” by Jørgen Hansen, Tex Tour 2013

The Danish Riviera is located only an hours drive north of Copenhagen. For generations, the area has boasted some of the most popular seaside destinations in Scandinavia. The wonderful countryside, the outstanding beaches and harbour towns, a rich history and world-class culture make this a unique recreational area in Denmark all year round. Here, life is enjoyed at a more laid-back, ­leisurely pace, regardless of whether you are looking for experiences or just want to enjoy the splashing of the waves. WWW.THEDANISHRIVIERA.COM


Enjoy the water on North Sealand’s beaches Beaches, dunes and plantations. Charming seaside towns, high skies and fresh sea air. Sealand’s north coast has it all. Here you can find peace in your soul and soak up the summer atmosphere in the 11 idyllic seaside towns, scattered like pearls on a string by the Sound and Kattegat along the North Sealand coast. The Danish Riviera has plenty of experiences in store for families with children, nature lovers and bathers. Beautiful beaches stretch all the way along the coast, and 21 of them are manned with life-guards. These specially trained lifeguards ensure the bathing water along the almost 70-kilometre stretch between Nivå and Hundested is the safest in Denmark. Popular sandy beach with lovely dunes Far west is Hundested with its popular sandy beach and dunes, just a two-minute walk from the harbour and town. The beach is popular with both tourists and locals alike. There are good parking facilities and a fine view across the mouth of Isefjord and Rørvig to the west. Five kilometres further east, the beach at Gråstenvej is equally popular and more child-friendly. Eight kilometres of golden beach Liseleje is a romantic seaside town by the edge of Tisvilde Hegn. It has charming timbered houses and hollyhocks, a wide sandy beach and a large car park that is easily accessible. Enjoy the shallow, childfriendly sandy beach with lifeguard supervision and disabled access. In August you can enjoy the Kattegat Kite Festival on Strandengen.


Classic seaside town The old fishing village in Tisvilde is the essence of a traditional seaside town that has become a fashionable and popular destination with cafes and nightlife in recent years. The popular beach is studded with classic bathing huts painted in charming colours. The bay behind the jetty provides ideal shelter if the wind gets up. Further down the beach from the car park, you’ll find beaches with large dunes in wild nature, and Stængehus beach is roughly halfway between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje. Classic seaside promenade Rågeleje has a classic seaside promenade, which follows the coastal road, staying close to the water’s edge. You can enjoy a stroll in all kinds of weather and when the wind gets up, you can admire the fearless windsurfers darting about on the waves. Perfect family beach Dronningmølle beach is one of North Sealand’s most child-friendly beaches. Fine sand, clean, shallow water and two lifeguard stations make the beach a popular choice for families with children. There are good handicap facilities with ramps down to the water, toilets and parking by Dronningmølle Camping. There is also parking and steps to the beach in Dronningmølle town. Charm and atmosphere Hornbæk is the most well-known seaside town on the north coast. It’s a lively harbour town, brimming with charm and atmosphere around the timbered houses in the old fishing area. The town is buzzing with life and activities and the large beach

has lovely fine sand and high dunes. There are many visitors to the beach on warm summer days. The new playground on the beach at Hornbæk is crafted in wood and designed as a harbour with breakwaters, bridges, lighthouse, boats, slides, swings and much more. Fishery and atmosphere Gilleleje is an old fishing town that still has an active fishery and a large, busy harbour. The beaches on either side of the harbour are excellent. The lovely familyfriendly beach of Strandbakkerne lies towards the east, and on the other side of the sea is Veststranden, with slightly deeper water, often with more waves. Delightful beaches with a view On the other side of Helsingør the coastline turns south, where there are lots of small but very charming and private beaches. Snekkersten and Espergærde lie side by side with lawns and old sites once used to dry fishing nets; reminders of a time when fishing for herring in the Øresund was a source of wealth. Both beaches have fine sand and lovely views of Sweden across the Sound. Child-friendly beach close to the harbour Nivå has a lovely child-friendly beach that extends from Nivå Harbour. Children can swim and catch crabs in the shallow water. Lovely sandy beach for the whole family A lovely bathing beach is adjacent to Rungsted Harbour, where children and adults can enjoy the waves and the sun on the cosy sandy beach.

Lynæs Surfcenter Possibly North Sealand’s most exotic café and surf school right next to the water! Rental and teaching in safe surroundings. Activities and events for children and adults all summer long. Lynæs Havnevej 8, DK3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 29 87 77 66,

North Sealand’s proud lifesaving tradition For over 75 years, the North Sealand Coastal Lifesaving Service has watched over the sandy beaches of the Sound all the way to Kattegat’s beautiful dune-filled natural beaches. The lifesaving stations in North Sealand are located only a few kilometres apart, which is closer than anywhere else in Denmark.

Lifeguard-manned beaches 2019 • Espergærde • Snekkersten • Hornbæk E+W • Villingebæk – Dronningmølle • Strandbakkerne • Gilleleje Veststrand • Smidstrup • Rågeleje Strandbjerggård = Good disabled facilities

• Tisvildeleje E+W • Stængehus • Hundested • Lille Kulgab • Liseleje E+W • Gråstenvej – Hundested • Grønnehave/Marienlyst Helsingør • Nivå Strandpark

Every year, over 100 volunteers and professional lifeguards help to ensure visitors have a good and safe day at the beach. The volunteers make it possible for children and young people, locals and tourists to learn how to use the sea all year long. For decades, the tradition of sharing advice and prevention methods has helped to make North Sealand’s beaches some of the safest in Denmark. Green flag: Bathing permitted  ellow flag: Bathing permitted but extra Y care is needed Red flag: Bathing is strictly prohibited



along the North Coast

Bring your fishing rod with you on holiday. You can fish almost anywhere on the coast, from Helsingør to Hundested. The unique countryside along the North Sealand coast was formed by huge ice sheets during the last Ice Age. This has formed a landscape of large, towering cliffs that have since been shaped by the wind. These processes have made the coast beautiful and the sea bottom is also perfect for fishing for cod and flatfish. But above all, there are good chances for catching trout, which attracts many anglers to the coast. Øresund is right next to Kronborg Castle and is well known for its excellent cod fishing caused by the special current and sea bottom conditions. When the tide


falls or rises in the Kattegat, the Øresund acts like a river, draining water from the Baltic Sea. The fish are practically pushed up to the beach next to Kronborg, where eager anglers wait to catch them. The local tour boats at Helsingør have always had a reputation for being the best because they know every single fishing spot in the Øresund and Kattegat. During the summer season, you can catch garfish and flatfish, herring and above all, ‘summer cod’ that weight 3–10 kg. During the winter season, there is herring and large cod. You can also try sea fishing from your own boat, which can be launched from

one of many local harbours’ slipways. Or you can rent a boat from one of the harbours. Pier and harbour fishing is a type of fishing that does not require much experience or tackle. A simple rod and line, hook and sinker and patience is all that is required. Some of the best spots for catching mackerel, cod, flatfish and garfish are located at Helsingør (north pier), Gilleleje, Hundested and Frederiksværk harbour. Visit to learn more about fishing spots, the purchase of fishing gear, rules and events you can participate in.

Sandmanden Sandmanden sails out on fishing trips on Øresund and Kattegat all year round. During the summer season, it sails from Vedbæk and for the rest of the year, it sails from Helsingør North Harbour. Seasonal fish are caught. See the sonar on your smartphone when on board. Get the code from the captain. Booking tel. (+45) 30 25 32 05

Kongernes Feriepark If you want to fish, Kongernes Feriepark is the ideal starting point. Cleaning area, freezing of fish, rinsing area and knowledge of local coastal fishing and tour fishing. We can offer apartments, rooms and cabins, as well as ­caravan/tent pitches.

Elida Fishing Fishing trips on the Øresund and the Kattegat from Helsingør harbour. Weekdays 08-15, weekends and public holidays 07-12 and 1217. Evening trips in June, July and August, Monday-Thursday 17-21. Kiosk and fishing tackle hire available on board the vessel. Booking tel. (+45) 20 32 07 24,

Helsingevej 44, Smidstrup Strand DK-3230 Græsted, tel. (+45) 48 31 84 48

Wonderful royal sea trout fishing Anglers from all over the world visit to enjoy the many unique spots that dot the Gribskov coast. The area offers 30 km of beautiful and varied coastline with sandbars, seaweed belts and basins between breakwaters and piers, which form magnificent settings for fantastic natural experiences for children and adults, new beginners and experienced anglers. The superb opportunities for catching trout are down to the efforts of local enthusiasts and landowners, who over decades have carefully managed the waterways, respecting nature and improving fishing along Gribskov’s coast – and they have succeeded beyond all expectations. You do not have to wait until spring to fish on Gribskov’s coast. You can fish there all year round – even during the winter season. Do you want a good tip to ensure you have a great fishing trip during this time when the cold wind is blowing hard? When the wind is blowing strongly west of Gilleleje, conditions at the coast east of Gilleleje Harbour ­towards Hornbæk are quieter. Happy fishing!


To sail is to live Small, idyllic harbours tucked away behind tarred wharfs. Fishing harbours, where yachts are moored side by side with fishing boats. Large, fashionable marinas, with modern facilities. North Sealand has all kinds of marinas and with its varied coastline, it offers a wealth of exciting maritime experiences from Rungsted Harbour by the Sound coast to til Lynæs Harbour by Roskilde Fjord.

Maritimt Center Explore the Sound up close, take the family swimming in the big blue, watch porpoises on a quiet day, see the beautiful Swedish island of Hven, or visit one of the many charming harbours along the Sound coastline as your own skipper in a rented boat. Maritimt Center rents dinghies of different sizes from Helsingør North Harbour. With or without speedboat driving license and sailing experience, there are dinghies for all levels and you’ll be shown how to manoeuvre safely to and from the quay. The rental includes life jackets, safety equipment, sea maps, introduction and cleaning. Fuel is paid according to consumption. Book on the website or call to make an appointment. Maritimt Center ApS, Nordhavnsvej 2 B DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 27 79 49 00

Sundbusserne Experiences on the Sound 70

Set sail with Sundbus MS Pernille, which runs a regular ferry service between Helsingør and Helsingborg. Close to everything – the ship docks right in the centre of both Helsingør and Helsingborg. Buy a refreshing drink or delicious lunch on board. If you want more time to enjoy your food and drinks, feel free to stay on board as long as you like – it doesn’t cost any extra. See the website for timetable, fares and on-board music- and activities, as well as Evening Cruises on the Sound. Sundbusserne, Færgevej 24, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 53 73 70 10,

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Discover Øresund from its best side with

ForSea Ferries The little big journey Take the car or travel as a foot passenger when you’re off on your adventures in neighbouring Sweden. You can park right below the gangway. Enjoy a lovely break on board and get the best view of the twin towns Helsingør and Helsingborg from the deck as we cross the Sound. Treat yourself to coffee and cake, sandwich and soft drink or Danish ‘smørrebrød’ and wine. Our cafés have everything you need, and our shops always have great offers on fragrances, sweets, wine and spirits. Stay on board and take the trip back and forth a couple of times and take a seat in the restaurant for lunch or dinner in the middle of the Sound. The ferries guarantee fantastic front-row sea views. You can also hop off in Helsingborg and enjoy exploring the town. The romantic Sofiero Castle is situated in the

outskirts of Helsingborg. It is surrounded by a magnificent park that overflows with thousands of blooming rhododendrons in summer. The charming town is brimming with modern and older art and architecture. If shopping is more your thing, the town centre has over 400 shops selling everything from famous brands to craftwork and Swedish design. And the shopping centre Vala is just outside Helsingborg – a shopping heaven with over 200 shops under one roof. Taking your car over gives you endless opportunities for all the fantastic experiences you can manage in one day. Visit Skånes Djurpark (Zoo) in Höör if you want to see Nordic animals in authentic surroundings, or the Kullaberg nature reserve if you’d like to wander along the wild Swedish cliffs and enjoy the view from the lighthouse at the top. Or drive

Make taking the ferry even easier by downloading ForSea’s mobile app. Then you can quickly see which ferry you can get and buy the ticket on the go

around Skåne’s small towns, visit Tomatens Hus, Glasriget or Flickorna Lundgren and enjoy authentic local specialties and unique products. Find inspiration for your trip on Sail with the current The ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora have both been converted to 100% battery operation for your benefit, as well as the environment. ForSea work actively to protect the marine environment and are proud that two of their large ferries have been converted, enabling them to reduce total CO2 emissions by 50% – without changing the sailing schedule. Ferries sail every 15 minutes most of the day and night, and everyone is welcomed on board a greener journey across the Sound.


With Frederikke on Arresø Set sail on Denmark’s largest lake: Arresø on board the charming wooden boat “Frederikke”. The trip starts from the jetty on Arresødalvej, with the leg stage passing through the narrow canal where you might be lucky enough to spot a kingfisher. Then it sails out on the wider lake, with views of not less than 3 churches. On the way, the skipper explains the lake’s history and shares various anecdotes about life on the lake. 1-hour trips at 14:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. In the high season there are departures every day. There are also several 3-hour adventure tours, as well as the possibility to charter the entire boat. M/S Frederikke, Arresødalvej 103, DK-3300 Frederiksværk, Booking: or directly by the boat

See Frederiksborg Castle from the lake ‘Den Lille Færge’ sails Denmark’s loveliest sea mile on the castle lake around Frederiksborg Castle. Departs every half hour from Hillerød Torv (Town Square), Rosenhaven (Rose Garden) and Barokhaven (Baroque Garden). 15 May to 15 September weekdays 11-17. Sundays 13-17. Every day last trip departs from Torvet at 16.30. In the autumn holidays, 12 October – 20 October departs daily 12-16. Ticket sales on board Den Lille Færge, Torvet, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 26 26,

HundestedRørvig ferry – the natural short cut Take the fast connection between Hundested and Rørvig and enjoy the trip across the entrance to Isefjord. The crossing takes 25 min. Departs every 30 min. (in the high season). Hundested Rørvig Ferry, Bookings tel. (+45) 47 93 71 50


What is the National Park of Royal North Sealand? The National Park of Royal North Sealand was established to enhance the nature and culture and develop opportunities for outdoor life, enabling even more people enjoy the area. The National Park was established in 2018 and covers an area of over 26,000 hectares of forests, lakes, fields, meadows, marshes and towns in North Sealand.

Green forests. Blue lakes. Beautiful castles.

THE NATIONAL PARK OF ROYAL NORTH SEALAND With its stunning nature and unique cultural history, the National Park of Royal North Sealand is a treasure trove of experiences for all nature and culture lovers. From Kronborg in the east to Roskilde Fjord in the west. The varied landscape, brimming with deep forests, large lakes, charming towns and impressive castles, offers a wealth of activities. From long, tranquil walks to kite surfing by the north coast cliffs to extraordinary cultural experiences at the numerous museums. Did you know that the National Park of Royal North Sealand has ... • A unique biodiversity with a rich animal, bird and plant life. • Denmark’s largest lake (Arresø), and the lake with the most water (Esrum Lake) • Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Par force hunting landscape in North Sealand and Kronborg Castle.

5 gems in the national park The National Park of Royal New Sealand is brimming with nature of a national value and fascinating cultural tracks. Five small gems have been specially selected: • The sand-covered village of Torup. Enjoy a walk in beautiful Tisvilde Hegn, where you’ll discover the remains of the abandoned village of Torup, which disappeared under a metre-thick layer of sand when large parts of the area were covered by sand in the 1500s • Auderød Harbour. At the tip of Arrenæs, surrounded by Arresø’s blue water, lies the small and charming harbour of Auderød. The place is great for kayaking trips and enjoying coffee by an open fire with beautiful views from the shelter area, which is located on a small hilltop overlooking the lake. • The bird tower at Alsønderup Enge. Grebes, common shelducks, mute swans and whitetailed eagles. Get your binoculars out and visit the bird tower at Alsønderup Enge with its rich bird life. • Humlebæk Fishing Village. The idyllic Humlebæk Fishing Village is situated between the Sound and Babylone Forest. The thatched fishing cottages with white fences are dotted like pearls on a string. • Hellebæk Kohave. Several hundred cows graze peacefully in the fenced area of Helle­ bæk Kohave. The abundance of cow dung makes a natural fertiliser, so rare flowers and plants thrive over the grassy areas.

WORLD HERITAGE North Sealand forests are not as natural as you might think. They were actually designed as the backdrop for the most magnificent form of hunting: The monarchic Royal Par Force Hunt. Christian V loved riding with his huntsmen and hounds after a fleeing deer and experience the triumph of defeating it. The terrain in the Store Dyrehave and Gribskov was unsuitable for the king’s par force hunting. It was too dangerous to ride in the swampy, hilly forests so the king decided to tame the wild nature. In the 1680s, hundreds of soldiers were ordered to create a network of winding paths in the forests to make it safe for the king and his guests to ride. Everyone who knew the system could understand it because the paths were formed in stars and squares grid systems, and the paths had

numbers that were carved in stone. The forest became well organised. Denmark’s almighty king had once again proved the power he had over nature and people. Everyone could see this and everyone enjoyed using it, including the king’s foreign guests. He had learned about par force hunting in France, he got his ideas for the road system from France and Saxony, and his hounds came from England. However, Christian V combined the different elements he had discovered and created something completely new. The par force hunting landscape in North Sealand is unique, but it is also an

expression of its time and reflects how ideas were disseminated in Europe in the 1600s. This is why it was made a World Heritage Site in 2015. Discover the World Heritage site in the forests of Gribskov or Store Dyrehave. You can find information boards and leaflets at the four parking areas, which give inspiration for lovely forest walks along the old parforce hunting path system. Learn more about the World Heritage site and find the parking areas on:


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Nature playgrounds and outdoor exercise areas North Sealand has a wealth of nature playgrounds. The playgrounds are located next to forests or beaches and built from natural materials. Children can balance, hop, crawl, climb and play in their own fantasy world, as well as enjoy their lunch over an open fire.


Arresødal Forest Frederiksværk, parking behind the church

Egebækvangs exercise and meeting area Strandvejen south of Snekkersten Harbour

Eghjorten Jespersvej 309, Fredensborg close to Hillerød

Glenten exercise and play area Knorrenborg Vang, south of Fredensborg

Havtyren nature playground Lisehøjvej, Liseleje

Hellebæk Next to Hellebæk School Nordre Strandvej 141, Ålsgårde

Hornbæk beach playground Near Havnevej 32C, Hornbæk

Høbjerg Hegn East of Helsinge

Nature/activity route with playground at Hundested

Nature playground Esrum Abbey Klostervej 11-12, Esrum

Nature playground in Tisvilde Nyruphus – for young children Kongevejen 270, Espergærde

Teglstrup Hegn Near Gl. Hellebækvej 79, Helsingør

Ullerup Forest, Hundested Ølsted Grusgrav, nature playground Rakenhøj, Ølsted


North Sealand


There’s no mistaking such happy music – the song of children playing gladdens every heart. Be inspired by fun and exciting child-centred play all year round.

Esrum Abbey & Møllegård A visit to Esrum Abbey and Møllegård promises adventures for all the family, with plenty of fun and activities for children in the nature playground and one of the abbey wings. There are special childfriendly activities during the school holidays. Vintage train Enjoy a trip on this fine vintage steam train during the summer, lovingly restored and maintained by a group of steam train enthusiasts. Grønnehavegaard Visitor Farm Three generations welcome guests at the four-winged yellow timbered farm, where you’ll find 15 different kinds of animals to enjoy. Help feed the animals and the carp in the pond as the farmer shows you around. Sit on a bench under the apple tree and stroke the cuddly animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, kittens, chicks and ducklings). Jump on the farm trailer and enjoy a tractor ride to the Scottish


Highland cattle, enjoy looking at deer, pheasants, etc. Try riding a pony with mum or dad leading the way. Visit the little museum with stone axes and other fascinating items found in the fields. There are also many old tools on display. The farmer is a lively and entertaining storyteller, ensuring a fun and educational day at the farm. Admission, including tickets for all the above activities is DKK 75 for everybody above 2 years. Grønnehavegaard, Helsingevej 98, Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 24 48 26 13, open in summer 30/6-12/8 (closed Fridays) 11-16. See other opening hours on or Facebook/Grønnehavegaard Hundested Harbour adventure platform Discover the large floating platform at Hundested Harbour. The platform is equipped with two shallow touch pools where visitors can get close to the sea’s amazing animals. Welcome to “Tickle a fish”. Open from April-October. Hundested Harbour,

Experience history at Falkonergården Just outside Fredensborg, visitors can experience the presence of history when the falconer’s eagles, hawks and falcons display their hunting and flying techniques at close range. Davidsvænge 11, Fredensborg, Olliestedet, Skatetopia & Multipark There are plenty of opportunities in North Sealand for you to slide the rails or do ramp drops in the numerous skater parks. Read more about the skater parks on, or onørsholm Tothavens Visitor Farm Outside the old fishing village of Kikhavn, adjacent to Ullerup forest and 1 km from the gentle waves of the Kattegat, lies the friendly little visitor farm Tothaven. The farm dates from 1796, and is home to dairy goats, ponies, donkeys, wool pigs, kunekune pigs, muscovy ducks, Indian runner ducks, turkeys, honey bees, hens, rabbits and cats. During

summer there are plenty of baby animals to cuddle, and our passionate animal keepers love helping you and telling you about the animals. Explore the farm and animals at your own pace. Watch the goats being milked, jump in the straw, relax in the hammocks under the linden trees, eat your packed lunch in the garden, or enjoy an organic ice cream, tea, coffee or a piece of homemade cake in the little café. Admission DKK 40. A ride on one of the farm’s ponies costs DKK 20. See opening hours and read more about what’s on offer at Tothaven on, Torupvejen 2, DK-3390 Hundested, tel. (+45) 20 36 02 26 Sommerland Sjælland There is plenty of space for fun and thrills on a family visit to Sommerland Sjælland, right in the middle of beautiful Odsherred. Sommerland Sjælland offers more than 60 rides, great places to eat and green areas where the family can relax and enjoy time together. Remember you can buy a combination ticket with ferry ticket to Hundested-Rørvig and admission to Sommerland Sjælland.

Open from 17/5-15/9 in the 2019 season. See events, opening hours and much more at Museum of Science & Technology Do you dream of being a fighter pilot or maybe just sitting behind the steering wheel of one of the earliest cars? Then come and visit the museum, where we have an impressive collection of steam engines, electrical inventions, bicycles, cars and airplanes. Fabriksvej 25, Helsingør, Explore the Sound with Øresund Aquarium We open a window to the sea life in the Sound and welcome all children to come and enjoy the amazing marine life that exists at the bottom of the sea. Special activities for children and their parents are held throughout the summer holidays. The Øresund Aquarium offers many other activities, such as porpoise- or snorkelling safaris. Porpoise- and snorkelling safaris take place throughout the summer holidays. Opening hours and online booking at

Culture Harbour Gilleleje for kids The Culture Harbour offers activities for kids in both summer and winter: Halloween, street theatre, magic shows, reading aloud, role-play or good films. Babybio welcomes parents with their babies, while older children can let off steam in the library’s playroom. Winter holidays, Easter and autumn holidays always have special events designed to appeal to children. For more details visit Ocean Rescue Camps On the coasts of North Sealand, lifeguard training already starts at the age of eight. More than 300 kids and youngsters from all over the world spend at least one week working and playing hard at the Lifesaving Services’ popular Rescue Camps. Children are taught how to save themselves and others in open water. Ocean Rescue Camp is open to all enthusiastic kids who are not afraid of water and are ready for lots of beach fun. Read more at


Accommodation in North Sealand

Staying away – and yet feeling at home. You’ll most probably recognise this feeling when you stay in North Sealand. We make a real effort to provide the best service, in a friendly and relaxed way. Historic and atmospheric seaside hotels, carefully renovated to meet your expectations of modern comfort and luxury. The light, the sky, the sea, with gently lapping waves that lull you to sleep. Breakfast in light, charming dining rooms, followed by a long stroll along the beach. That’s one type of accommo-

dation in North Sealand. Alternatively you could try a Bed & Breakfast along one of the many good bicycle routes, where the local host will warmly welcome you, and give you his personal recommendations for some interesting experiences. Would you like to stay in the heart of North Sealand, with the magnificent castles of Frede­riksborg and Fredensborg as your neighbours? If so, Hillerød and Fredensborg have excellent hotels that make ideal bases for exploring the whole area. North Sealand’s beautiful and varied scenery appeals to campers, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by a lack of lovely campsites, whether

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you’re travelling by bike or car. Along the Danish Riviera, they lie dotted like pearls on a string, close to the sea and beach, and within walking distance of major cultural experiences in the towns. North Sealand’s hostels are conveniently located with day-long distances between them, and offer a comfy bed and friendly atmosphere, which is ideal for getting to know the other travellers. If you are in North Sealand for a meeting, conference or event, you will feel extraordinarily pampered. Unique Meeting Places in Royal North Sealand is a network of 14 meeting venues that professionally take care of facilities, experiences and accommodation.

@visitnordsjaelland Fredensborg Castle Credit: @carstenfrid

Beach Hotel


You’ll notice plenty of changes at Marienlyst Beach Hotel, but the location remains exactly the same. This means that in addition to Marienlyst Beach Hotel’s perfect location – right by the Sound and with views of the beach, Kronborg Castle and the Swedish coastline – you can also enjoy beautiful rooms, unique meeting facilities, gastronomic experiences and the 1,600-m² large beach spa, which is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. As soon as you step inside the newly renovated and enhanced lobby, you’re welcomed by a world of pampering. The individual and beautifully designed rooms offer everything from freestanding bathtubs to large terraces that lead you directly to the beach. If you stay in a room with a sea view, you’ll wake up to the most beautiful morning with the sound of lapping waves and sunrise over the Sound. Several of the hotel’s terraces overlook the Sound and are close to the beach – where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, a cool drink or dinner during the summer months. At any time you can just sit and breathe in the fresh air, enjoy a time out and totally relax. Gastronomy plays a key role at ­Marienlyst Beach Hotel. We strive to ensure every meal is a culinary experience. Whether you’re dining in the newly

renovated and elegant surroundings in Restaurant Marienlyst or with sea views in Brasserie 1861, you can look forward to carefully prepared delights for your tastebuds. The dishes are based on FrenchNordic cuisine, using seasonal ingredients and focusing on sustainability and local products. In the hotel’s cosy and recently redecorated bar & lounge area, you can relax and read the newspaper or meet family, friends or colleagues for a drink, a good lunch, a light evening meal or a delicious cocktail. In January 2018, the hotel opened its new Marienlyst Strandspa – a unique ­paradise of wellness and pampering from the inside out. Guests can look forward to over 20 different spa facilities and treatments. These include indoor and outdoor heated pools, outdoor whirlpools, two beach saunas situated right on

the beach, one with views of Kronborg Castle and the other of the Sound, bathing room, salt therapy, lounge areas and cosy spa café. A professional spa team offers ‘saunagus’ in the beach sauna with a dip in the Sound, unique spa treatments, Copper spa and much more. Just a few minutes from Marienlyst Beach Hotel, you’ll find forests, the marina, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, Kronborg Castle, Helsingør Culture Yard and Helsingør town centre with cosy cafés and historical streets, narrow lanes and beautiful churches. You might like to pop over to Sweden or take a trip along North Sealand’s beautiful coastline by car, train or bicycle. Marienlyst Beach Hotel Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00


Welcome to


Helenekilde Badehotel is a place that values traditions and good memories. Over many years, we have celebrated weddings, confirmations, round birthdays and other important milestones. We’re proud to be a part of people’s lives, and our hearts soften when we think of all the wonderful experiences we’ve shared with our guests year after year.

Helenekilde Badehotel Strandvejen 25 3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 70 01

Drop by the hotel and get the full programme


But you don’t need an excuse to visit us at Helenekilde. We love being surrounded by plenty of life – even if it’s just for a drink. We reveal below some of the events we have planned for 2019. Let’s call it an open invitation – we hope to see you at some of them. Life-affirming spring: January - April This year we’ve made a small bonfire area at the hotel with lovely views of the Kattegat. You can make ‘snobrød’ (twisted bread on a stick), marshmallows with hot chocolate and enjoy a good old-fashioned bonfire atmosphere. We’ll also hold a little concert in February, and fill our historic hotel with wonderful jazz music.­ Finally, we’ll celebrate Easter in great style with an Easter lunch, children’s egg hunt and schnapps tasting for adults. Summer in Tisvilde: May - September Summer is always busy at Helenekilde, with happy days and long, light evenings. Even on rainy days the view is still spectacular, and our

covered terrace is conducive for relaxing and socialising. Throughout July we’ll also have the fine company of Sanders’ cocktail bar TATA, so you can enjoy cocktails and drinks from the a­ fternoon. Lastly, we hold our prestigious Petanque Tournament at Helene­kilde, which ­always goes off with a bang. The beautiful autumn: October - December: As something new, we’re dedicating the month of October to hunting. There’ll be hunting ­dinners with local game from the Hegnet, strong drinks, cosy bonfires and mushroom hunting. In late November, we’ll make an early start on Christmas with tie-yourself Advent wreaths for all the family, and of course our ­famous white ‘gløgg’. We’ll end the year with a cracker of a New Year’s Eve party, where we welcome the new decade together. If you would like to hear more about our activities or sign up for events, please call our reception on (+45) 48 70 70 01 or visit


Conference in North Sealand? 14 UNIQUE MEETING PLACES TO WELCOME YOU 93 meeting rooms 路 9 auditoriums 路 111 group rooms 路 945 rooms for accommodation Up to 4,509 participants 路 Up to 5,609 dining capacity

Contact Cristel Mydske Tel. (+45) 41 78 67 76 82

Welcome to


Gilleleje Badehotel sits on the top of a 30-metre cliff at Sealand’s northernmost point, Gilbjerghoved. If you add the hotel’s three floors to the height, you have the most amazing view of land and sea. You can see all the way to Kullen in Sweden and enjoy watching the multitude of birds performing air acrobatics

over the Sound and Kattegat. Gilleleje Badehotel has 25 beautiful double rooms, 16 of which are in the main building and 8 in Gilbjerghuset. All rooms have private bathroom and toilet and many have a view overlooking the sea, Kullen and Denmark’s most beautiful sunset. All hotel guests are welcome to use the hotel’s

spa area, where you can enjoy treatments and pamper yourself and your partner or friend. Try, for example, the hot stones in our Turkish hamam, steam bath or the mahogany sauna. Gilleleje Badehotel, Hulsøvej 15, 3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 13 47,


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HOTEL BRETAGNE Hotel Bretagne warmly welcomes you to its restaurant and terrace with stunning views of Hornbæk Lake and town. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant offers high quality Nordic and French cuisine. Hotel Bretagne strives to provide the best service and wine expertise in North Sealand in relaxed surroundings. Every month, together with the sommelier, the head chef creates a monthly menu that is adapted to the season. The restaurant also offers light and more substantial à la carte dishes. Welcome to ­Hotel Bretagne. Please reserve a table on or on ­telephone (+45) 22 60 31 00.

@visitnordsjaelland Tisvildeleje Strand Credit @morten_b_soelberg

Hotel Bretagne, Sauntevej 18, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 22 60 31 00,

HOTEL VILLA BRINKLY The historic Villa Brinkly is located halfway between the forest and the beach. With only 10 rooms, an idyllic location and close proximity to Kronborg and Louisiana, it’s the perfect setting for a unique stay far away from noise. Originally, the hotel was a summer residence for prosperous families from Copenhagen. The hotel’s unique surroundings are brimming with charm and atmosphere that will take you on a journey back to the good old days. The hotel’s ­location in the beautiful North Sealand countryside also makes it an ideal base for cycling fans. Hotel Villa Brinkly, Strandvejen 258, DK-3070 Snekkersten, tel. (+45) 49 13 20 91,


Forest . . . . . . . . . . . 5 m Beach . . . . . . . . . . . 80 m Kronborg . . . . . . . 7 min Louisiana . . . . . . . 7 min Copenhagen Central Station . . 35 min

HOTEL GILLELEJE STRAND In the heart of the town, with the beach as its garden and the harbour as its neighbour The historic hotel dates from 1896 and reopened in 2017 after a thorough renovation. Today it offers ultra-modern and comfortable facilities, but has retained its original character and atmosphere. The hotel enjoys a unique ­location on the town square. It is just 100m to the town’s best beach, and the authentic and atmospheric fishing harbour is just around the corner. All rooms are tastefully decorated with carefully selected furniture, blissful beds and new bathrooms with underfloor heating. Visit the cosy pub/café, the bright and friendly restaurant or the town square with its almost southern atmosphere. The hotel offers everything from Danish open sandwiches with homemade delicacies to delicious dinners prepared from scratch at a reasonable price – with the focus on ­organic- and local produce. Hotel Gilleleje Strand Vesterbrogade 4 B, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 05 12, www.

HOTEL HILLERØD Hotel Hillerød is situated in the heart of lush North Sealand. The hotel is surrounded by magnificent forests, royal castles and proud hunting traditions, while the town’s attractions include great shopping, lovely lakes and sports trails. At Hotel Hillerød and Restaurant krydderiet, you will be welcomed with real dedication and passion to ensure the

best environment for your stay. The staff take great pride in inspiring and helping you to find the best experiences – whatever it is you are looking for. Restaurant krydderiet will serve you the best and freshest seasonal ingredients. Depending on the season, strawberries are picked from local farmers’ fields, wild plants are gathered from the forest and the restau-

World-class hospitality rant has its own herb garden right outside its window. Our genuine passion for food and our professional dedication makes a visit to Restaurant krydderiet a unique experience. Hotel Hillerød, Milnersvej 41, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 08 00,


KONVENTUM Stay in world-class Danish design and architecture sourrounded by art. Read the paper sitting in furniture designed by the greatest Danish designers. Discover Denmark’s largest private art collection of unique pieces from the 1950s to the present day. Enjoy the sumptuous break-

fast buffet with panoramic views overlooking the Øresund. And explore North Sealand’s beautiful nature and culture right on your doorstep. Konventum has 259 rooms and space for 370 diners in the restaurant, making it the ideal choice for larger or smaller travel groups, who want

World-class culture to find peace for contemplation and space for unique experiences in beautiful surroundings. Konventum looks forward to giving you an unforgettable experience. Konventum, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 28 09 00,

Family holidays for all tastes in lovely Tisvildeleje

Sankt Helene Sankt Helene in Tisvildeleje is a first-rate holiday and conference centre for anyone who ­enjoys staying in beautiful surroundings. Copenhagen is just one hour’s drive away from Sankt Helene. Use Sankt Helene as your ‘holiday home’ by the sea, as and when it suits you. Close to forest and beach; a countryside idyll with its own animals in the field. Sankt Helene has holiday apartments, family rooms, cabins and camping sites. The large outdoor area is ideal for ball games and other games. 86

Sankt Helene, Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50,


SLEEP2NIGHT A few minutes’ drive from Hotel Sleep2Night takes you downtown Helsingør with its paved streets, beautiful old houses, many specialty shops, and a hectic business life. Denmark’s most festive corner - Helsingør and the rest of North Sealand – has so much to offer that the most people cannot help themselves but repeat the words of the fairytale poet H.C. Andersen: “to travel is to live” Hotel Sleep2Night is a simple concept – first and foremost it is especially made for the person on the move who only needs a nice and cheap place to sleep in between the experiences. Hotel sleep2Night is strategically located with easy access to the motorway, trains and ferries – just 3 kilometers from Helsingør´s charming Centre. Hotel Sleep2Night offers 64 double rooms with all the facilities a traveler needs. You can drive right up to the hotel. All of the rooms are on ground floor with their own parking space outside. In other words – a perfect starting point. Enjoy the large breakfast buffet before you are on the go again – maybe with inspiration or help from the friendly staff, to find the next experience. Hotel Sleep2Night, Industrivej 17-19, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 27 01 00,

Havgaarden Badehotel –coming the feeling of home Havgaarden Seaside Hotel enjoys a set back location, with just a few minutes’ walk to the beach. A little gem of wellness, well hidden off the road, along the beautiful North Sealand coast. Enjoy peace, harmony and each other’s company, take a short break, romantic holiday or getaway. Visit the restaurant, where the great love of Italian cuisine is apparent in the delicious menu. Celebrate your next party at Havgaarden when you’ve got a reason to celebrate. Havgaarden Badehotel, Strandlyvej 1, 3210 Vejby Strand, tel. (+45) 30 56 40 56,


Campsites & Hostels along the Danish Riviera Scents of the forest, water, beach and cool night air mingle with the Nightingale’s tender song. The sky stretches out with a carpet of stars and it’s time to digest the day’s impressions at one of North Sealand’s many lovely campsites and hostels. Gilleleje Harbour

Fredensborg Palace

Esrum Abbey Louisiana Frederiksborg Castle

Frederikke on Arresø



7 2

Kronborg Castle 9 10

Hundested Harbour

4 1 6





NIVÅ CAMPING Sølyst Allé 14, DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 52 26

KONGERNES FERIEPARK Helsingevej 44, Smidstrup Strand DK-3230 Græsted, tel. (+45) 48 31 84 48

DANHOSTEL HILLERØD / NORDIC CAMP & CONFERENCE CENTRE Lejrskolevej 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 19 86,

Nivå Camping is located in North Sealand’s loveliest countryside by Lave Forest, just 800 m from the marina and Nivå beach resort. Cabins with and without private bathroom/ toilet. For active families: Nivå Klatrepark.

Kongernes Feriepark is located close to forest and beach, with swimming pool, mini golf, horses, mini-market, restaurant, playground and bouncy cushions. Apartments, rooms and cabins, as well as caravan/tent pitches.

Outstanding location by the large forest and nature deer park area Store Dyrehave. Walking distance to Hillerød station, Frederiksborg Castle, pedestrian street with shopping centre, shops cafés and restaurants.




HELSINGØR CAMPING & VANDRERHJEM Strandalleen 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 49 50

HILLERØD CAMPING Blytækkervej 18, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 48 54

FREDENSBORG VANDRERHJEM Østrupvej 3, DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 60 54 97 00

Small and cosy. Direct access to bathing beach, promenade and town. Views of ­Kronborg Castle and Sweden. Cabin hire, kiosk with café, outdoor TV and WiFi.

A wonderful, lush oasis with a peaceful atmosphere and hospitality as top priority. Small/large cabins, some with bathroom and toilet. Walking distance to castle, shopping and train. Close to cycling and walking areas.

Adjacent to Fredensborg Castle, close to Esrum Lake and shopping facilities, lies this beautiful old family-run hostel, brimming with authentic atmosphere. A place where you don’t just sleep well, but eat well too.



DRONNINGMØLLE STRAND êêêê Camping & Feriehuse, Strandkrogen 2 DK-3120 Dronningmølle, tel. (+45) 49 71 92 90

SANKT HELENE DANHOSTEL TISVILDELEJE Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50

BYAASGAARD CAMPING Amtsvejen 340, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 92 31 02

The best located campsite in North Sealand, with a large play area in safe surroundings and possibility for 6-person holiday homes, large caravan pitches and a unique car-free tent area by the beach.

Sankt Helene is the perfect base for your mountain bike/bike ride, located only 800 metres from mountain bike trails and cycle routes in Tisvilde Hegn.

Located between forests, fields and with direct access to Roskilde fjord. Whatever season you visit, the nature is amazing, and offers a host of experiences e.g. fishing, kayaking, relaxation, hiking and cycling.



FREDERIKSVÆRK CITY CAMPING & VANDRERHJEM Strandgade 30, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 23 44 88 44, Situated in the heart of nature in the town centre. Sail from us by canoe directly to Roskilde Fjord or Arresø. We offer accommodation, dog area, canoe and bicycle hire, bike workshop, tennis, BBQ and bonfire area.


Bed Breakfast


SMÁTTAN B&B OG ANNEXE Charming villa opposite Gilleleje Church in the town centre. B&B with three rooms and two balconies. Charming annexe with courtyard garden. Free WiFi and private parking. Gilleleje Hovedgade 32, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 61 78 61 32

NORDSTRAND B&B Charming 40 m² annexe w/kitchen, bathroom, TV, internet and private terrace. Close to beach & harbour. Østre Alle 40, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 30 27 39 88

REFUGIUM SMIDSTRUP STRAND Unique opportunity in July for B&B in tranquil surroundings with direct access to Smidstrup Beach. All rooms have WiFi, terrace and private bathroom. Pre-booking is recommended. Sognevej 15, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 31 80 25


B&B SMIDSTRUP STRAND Cosy annexe in walking distance from beach/swimming bridge, shopping and restaurant. Bathroom in main building. Free coffee/tea. Double bed, sofa bed, dining table/ chairs. Furnished outside area. Wi-Fi. Akelejevej 7, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 60 15 03 68



B&B “ROSE-HOUSE” HILLERØD Romantic B&B 75 m² family apartment with 3 rooms. Rent partially or entirely. 1-7 pers. Tornskadevej 5, Ullerød DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 48 24 75 75 / (+45) 40 25 75 95

TIKØB B&B 3 double rooms with shared bath/ toilet, TV and WiFi and 2 cabins with shared bath/toilet. Access to kitchenette, terrace with outside kitchen and BBQ. Fredensborgvej 9, DK-3080 Tikøb Tel. (+45) 25 70 08 55


SKANSEN B&B Former boarding house with stunning location on the edge of the Kattegat. Views overlooking the sea, Hundested Harbour and town, and Trekanten Beach. Skansevej 28, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 26 35 62 09


HANNES BED & BREAKFAST Large well-furnished room in peaceful residential area. Private bathroom/toilet, kitchenette and entrance. Ridehusvej 14, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 20 81 36 50

LIS HERAND B&B 50 m² annexe with sea view. 1 dbl. room + 1 bunk bed. TV room, kitchen living area, bathroom, ­terrace. Prices from DKK 495. Lærkevej 11, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 40 34 31 35,

SOMMERS HUS Cosy B&B in Hillerød C. Close to Fredensborg Palace. 2 rooms, 50 m² retro summerhouse style. 1-6 pers. Frederiksværksgade 80 DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 25 70 99 69 / (+45) 26 84 01 88

MARIEHØNEN B&B 2 double rooms (one with bunk beds). TV, WiFi. Access to open kitchen/family room, terrace and garden. Parking area. Close to beach and marina. Frederiksværkvej 5 B, Lynæs DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 23 61 06 54

EBOGAARD BED & BREAKFAST B&B in scenic surroundings. Light rooms, kitchen facilities, TV, free parking, WiFi, private bathroom and shower. Kulsviervej 48, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 20 41 09 07

SKOVHUSETS B&B Lovely holiday apartment near private sandy beach in Hald Strand at Hundested. 30 m² holiday apartment with living area/ kitchen, separate bedroom and small bathroom with shower. Orehøjvej 4, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 23 27 33 79

DET GAMLE HUS I HORNBÆK Authentic fisherman’s cottage, lovingly renovated with modern comforts and original interior. Central location just by the harbour and beach. Øresundsvej 22, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 23 23 84 44


HUNDESTED HAVNEHYTTER Stay on the quay in the old harbour with views across the Isefjord. 200 m to the beach, 100 m to the centre. Nordre Beddingsvej 8, Hundested Havn, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 21 29 24 25

HÅRLANDSGÅRDEN Charming rooms, holiday apartment – large, mature garden – close to forest and beach. Hårlandsallé 12 DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 83 96



B&B MELBY SNEDKERI Spacious bedrooms with a large communal area and kitchenette in modern villa. Near Liseleje Beach. Melbyvej 83, DK-3370 Melby Tel. (+45) 29 16 16 67 / (+45) 28 33 20 33

NORDENSBJERG B&B 38m² holiday apartment on small farm in St. Havelse. Kitchen, bathroom and view overlooking fields and Roskilde Fjord. Store Havelsevej 74 DK-3310 Ølsted Tel. (+45) 47 74 92 92/ (+45) 40 85 39 37


Eat Well in North Sealand

Great food is an important part of a holiday. You will easily satisfy your ­culinary desires in North Sealand – as a guest in the region’s restaurants and cafes and as you explore the many local food producers. The holiday towns along the coast offer abundant fresh fish and the lively market towns have a large selection of cafes and restaurants. Many locations serve food outdoors where during the summer you can relax and enjoy a timeout from shopping. North Sealand has eateries to suit all tastes and budgets, for couples and for families with children on holiday. This section provides information about eateries and local food produc19 ers in North Sealand.



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Sletten Discover one of the most iconic places on Sealand’s east coast, with direct views of the Øresund, surrounded by idyllic fisherman cottages. Restaurant Sletten offers gourmet food with sea views, serving lunches, dinners for guests, conferences and parties. Based on traditional cuisine with focus on the individual ingredient. The restaurant strives to source ingredients from the best local producers and also includes European specialties. We are also proud to offer one of North Sealand’s most ambitious wine lists. 1

R  estaurant Sletten, Gl. Strandvej 137, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 13 21,


Lagunen Lagunen is a hygge-filled harbour-front restaurant and an important part of the local sailing community. The restaurant combines Danish and French cuisine and is passionate about preparing food from scratch using fresh seasonal produce. Enjoy a quality homemade meal in one of the atmospheric rooms – or watch harbour life go by from the large covered terrace. Combine your visit to Lagunen with a dip in the sea by the beautiful, childfriendly sandy beach or a stroll through Nivå Bay coastal meadows with its unique birdlife. Visit to see the latest concert programme and menu. 2

N  ivå Strandpark 19, DK-2990 Nivå, tel. (+45) 49 14 66 11,


Eat Well in North Sealand

RESTAURANT SKIPPERSTUEN 3 Lynæs – the sheltered harbour on the headland, has always been a popular destination. Here there is space to relax, with a view of the harbour. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Closed Jan-February and half of March. Lynæs Havnevej 3 D, DK-3390 Hundested, tel. (+45) 47 98 40 16

ØLSTED KRO & HOTEL 4 For the owners and staff, creating a modern inn with a hygge-filled atmosphere is paramount. Well-made food from fresh Danish ingredients, ideally sourced locally. Where possible, ingredients are organic. Hovedgaden 16, DK-3310 Ølsted Tel. (+45) 47 74 91 81


Frederiksborg Slot Møntportvej 2, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 75 16

FREDENSBORG STORE KRO 8 A traditional and modern eatery, where taste and experience can be described in one word: Adventure.

Slotsgade 6 DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 71 71 21 21

RESTAURANT 9 SKIPPERHUSET Traditional Danish/Scandinavian lunch. The evening menu offers more modern Nordic dishes.

Skipper Allé 6 DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 48 48 10 12

HALSNÆS BRYGHUS 5 Enjoy this hygge-filled local brewery with its panoramic view of the quay. Excellent ingredients and food characterised by simplicity and harmony.

KORN & KØER 10 Italian food, with Danish inspiration, made with love and passion.

Nordre Beddingsvej 35 DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 26 16 70 46

Jernbanegade 16 DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 26 85 84 98

CAFÉ FRK. JENSEN 6 Small attractive cafe named after Kristine Marie Jensen, famous author of an early Danish cookbook “Frøken Jensens kogebog”. The food is inspired by that classic cookbook – with a touch of 21st century cuisine.

RESTAURANT TREKOSTEN Next to the entry to Nivå ­Harbour with fantastic views of the island Hven and the ­Swedish coast.

Nørregade 7A DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 51 18 66 33


SPISESTEDET LEONORA Lunch restaurant set in the beautiful historic setting of Frederiksborg Castle with ­delicious á la carte menu and brunch at weekends.

Nivå Strandpark 29 DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 05 55


GL. HUMLEBÆK KRO 12 Homemade Danish food and Danish-style open sandwiches served in an attractive 18th century setting. Food can also be enjoyed on the terrace, which has a wonderful view. Welcome.

FYRKROEN 17 The restaurant Fyrkroen is located at the tip of Sealand and serves great Danish food with North Sealand’s most fabulous sea view. Opening hours during the season are 12-21.

Humlebæk Strandvej 2 A, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 02 65

Fyrvejen 29 DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 02 25

CHAPLIN SWEETS 13 Traditional boiled sweets. Everything is handmade with great care and top quality. Watch sweets being made in the store and mix your own bag of sweets. Bramstræde 3 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 70 70 15 48

BISTRO FRANCOPHILE 14 Delicious food devoid of complacency. In this bistro, food and wine are synonymous with a positive outlook, love and happiness. Professionalism is always in focus, and the bistro will make everyone feel at home. Stengade 81 st. th., DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 40 46 87 67

RISTORANTE AMICI MIEI 15 Authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Helsingør. Genuine Italian cuisine and wide range of wines from Italy’s best wineries. Food can be served outdoors.

Stengade 15 DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 26 26 71

HOTEL GILLELEJE STRAND 18 Are you looking for traditional Danish-style open sandwiches with homemade delights? Or maybe a tasty dinner cooked from scratch at a reasonable price? It’s all here. Served in a charming setting. Vesterbrogade 4 B, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 48 30 05 12

CAFE MAYA 19 Genuine Italian atmosphere in the centre of Tisvildeleje. Attractive restaurant offering homemade meals made from fresh ingredients. Strandbakkevej 1 DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 16 04

TINGGÅRDEN RESTAURANT 20 AND COUNTRY STORE Food, bread and delicacies made from fresh ingredients. Made by Jan Friis-Mikkelsen and staff. Frederiksværkvej 182 Tibirke Sand, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 48 71 22 35

LAGONI KAFFEBAR 16 Friendly and hygge-filled atmosphere. Fresh roasted coffee produced weekly. Large selection of tea. Authentic backyard setting. Mon-Weds: 07:45-18, Thurs-Fri: 07:45-22, Sat: 08:30-22, Sun: 09:30-18.

BYENS PIZZA 21 Enjoy freshly made crisp pizza made in Byens Pizza in Helsinge. Large selection of pizzas and pastas on offer. You can eat in the cafe or take your food home.

Svingelport 3, Simon Spies Plads DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 22 49 42 49,

Vestergade 9 B DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 38 86



A of Royal North Sealand 10 7 4 16






JAKOBS FISK 1 “My fish shop is based on two simple values: good quality and high professionalism. Therefore, you’ll always find the best seasonal fish and seafood in my fridge.” – Jakob Helsingørsgade 16 E DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 33 66 / 51 18 60 10

KØDSNEDKEREN 2 Lovely country butcher, who values animal welfare and meat quality. Mostly from free-range animals from North Sealand and Danish countryside. Sausage products are lovingly handmade by own sausage maker. Farvergårdsvej 14, DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 48 71 87 85 / 27 14 54 80

13 17

Meat, fish & shop

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HUMLEBÆK MICROMEJERI New and exciting dairy that produces dairy products from days gone by. Rich dairy cheeses, ice cream made from fresh cream and butter churned from sour cream. Værløse


Berries & Vegetables


Hørsholmvej 3 DK-3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 29 36 05 62


 UNDEKILDEGAARD G 4 Farm shop with freshly picked berries and variety of homemade berry products. Farm café with smoothies, cordials, ice cream, coffee and cakes. Pick-your-own strawberries in the high season. Open dayly from June to August.

 HOKOLADEMAGERIET C 6 Combined workshop, shop and café that produces the finest quality of handmade chocolate. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate in the café and take some of the shop’s exquisite delicacies home.

Rågelejevej 46, DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 31 57 07 40

Helsingørsgade 11, DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 48 25 48 26

ROKKEDYSSEGAARD 5 Fresh berries, ice cream, smoothies and cakes in the farm shop and café, where everything is grown and made on the farm. Pick-your-own strawberries and raspberries in the high season. Open daily from May - September.

 HOKOLADE-­ C 7 VÆRKSTEDET JOTA Traditional handmade chocolates. Visit the cosy shop, taste some samples and enjoy the aroma of chocolates, teacakes and more. Open Mon-Wed 10-16. Thurs 10-16.30, Fri 10-15.30.

Lejrvej 45, DK-3500 Værløse Tel. (+45) 31 57 07 40

Stæremosen 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 38 10 90 25

Ice cream, coffee & café

Food & Culture

GIOVANNI’S 8 There is ice cream – and then there’s gelato. Giovanni’s produces 40 homemade flavours based on traditional Italian recipes, carefully selected ingredients and Danish organic milk. Also serves great Italian coffee.

ESRUM KLOSTER & 11 MØLLEGÅRD Nordic cuisine meets medieval production methods. Seasonal lunch at Møllecaféen in the summer months – or a soul-warming casserole dish in the monastery cellar during the winter.

Slotsgade 57 A, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 53 54 27 17

Klostergade 11, DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

NINAS NATURCAFE 9 Direct access to Store Dyrehave. Try the small lunch dishes or the cake table, full of tempting homemade treats. Small shop with own production of mustard, seasoned salt, vinegar and jams. Different activities.

SPISEKAMMER 12 HALSNÆS Find your way to local ­specialties, markets, farm shops. ­Association of Halsnæs producers focusing on animal welfare, healthy vegetables and much more.

Kirkeltevej 101, DK-3450 Allerød Tel. (+45) 48 28 06 02 facebook/spisekammerhalsnaes

CAFÉ VAABENGAARD 10 Cosy café situated in the heart of Gilleleje Harbour, in the custom office’s original stable, with unique views of the fishing harbour. The café uses good quality, locally produced ingredients whenever possible. Nordre Havnevej 7, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 20 32 67 16

TORUP MARKED 13 People come from near and far to the small and cosy food market, which is held ten times over the summer months. The food has not travelled far – we call it ‘kilometre food’. Dyssekilde Station, Stationsvej 1 Torup, DK-3390 Hundested facebook/torupmarked

Wine DOMAIN AALSGAARD 14 Elegant Danish white wines from vineyards on the south-facing slopes by Ålsgårde. Denmark’s first commercial vineyard. Tours and wine tastings for groups can be arranged by prior agreement. Wine for sale at the winery.

ØRBY VINGÅRD 16 Own wine production, certified winery and accompanying shop that sells white wine, rosé, red wine and sparkling wine. Wine events with guided tours and wine tasting, 2 hours for DKK 125 per person.

Ålsgårde Stationsvej 13, DK-3140 Ålsgårde, tel. (+45) 53 54 56 71

Maglebjergvej 16, DK-3200 ­Helsinge, tel. (+45) 40 77 93 67

FREDERIKSBORG VIN 15 Cooperative of wine farmers who grow and produce wine. Primarily red grapes, which are used for rosé and red wine. Guided tours of the field and winery and wine tastings can be arranged by prior agreement.

ANNISSE VINGÅRD 17 The vineyard is run by Niels and Dorte Frees, and has received several awards for its wines, i.e. prize for Denmark’s best red wine. Farm shop with guided tours, talks and tastings for small and large groups by appointment.

Harløsevej 164, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 70 23 69 39

Præstevej 89, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 28 58 04


2019 12 january – 16 june Nivaagaard’s Art Collection – Julie Boserup – Passage 17 january – 28 april Louisiana on Paper – Dea Trier Mørch, 13 february – 16 june Nivaagaard’s Art Collection William Morris – Let Beauty Rule! 28 february – 23 june Louisiana – Pipilotti Rist 29 – 31 march Hillerød Art Days 5 – 7 april Jagt, Vildt & Våben 10 may – 20 october Sand Sculpture Festival at Hundested Harbour This year’s theme: “Masterpieces” 11 may Gunpowder works market and festival, Frederiksværk, Facebook/ krudtværksfestival-marked 18 – 19 may Click Festival, Helsingør 24 – 26 may LYNX-OPEN-Lynæs Watersports festival Lynæs Havn, 25 may Vild med Vand, Helsingør june, july and august Flea market every Sat in Tisvilde 1 june – 31 august Hamlet Live, Kronborg 5 june Father’s Day, Danish Museum of Science and Technology, Helsingør, 7 june Culture Night in Helsinge 8 june Harbour festival in Nivå 8 – 10 june TimeWinder Nostalgia by land, sea and air Grønnessegaard Gods, Hundested 8 – 10 june Græsted Vintage Rally 13 june Cruise ship arrival, Helsingør Harbour,

Major events in North Sealand

13 june Cruise ship arrival Hundested Harbour 14 june – 29 september Græsted Revue, 14 – 16 june Arts and Crafts Market Beddingen, Hundested Harbour 15 – 16 june Medieval Market at Esrum Abbey 15 june – 17 august Jazz in Rosenhaven 16 june Promenade concert by Fredensborg Castle Gates Fredensborg Brass Ensemble 21 june – 11 august ‘Kunst i Fileten’ art exhibition 22 – 23 june Æbelholt Abbey Market 23 june KMD Ironman, Helsingør 27 june – 15 september Louisiana – Homeless Souls 28 june Cannonball Friday in Frederiksværk 1 july – 4 august Guided tours at Fredensborg Palace 1 – 31 july Frederiksværk Music Festival Gjethuset, Frederiksværk 3 july Cruise ship arrival Hundested Harbour 5 – 7 july Hundested Harbour Festival 11 july Cruise ship arrival, Helsingør Harbour 12 july Hundested by Night 12 – 14 july Bakkefest Summer Party in Gilleleje 13 – 16 july Wordsfestival 2019, Helsingør 18 – 20 july ‘Musik i Lejet’ music festival

22 – 26 july Nordic chamber music festival 22 – 28 july Liseleje Week 30 26 – 28 july Hornbæk Harbour Festival 26 – 28 july Himmelstorm Festival, Eco-village Dyssekilde, 26 – 28 july ‘Travaljestævnet’ regatta Hillerød 26 july - 3 august PASSAGE Festival Int. Street Theatre, Helsingør 29 july – 4 august Week 31, Hornbæk 1 – 24 august Shakespeare Festival Kronborg, Helsingør 2 – 3 august Gilleleje Festival 3 august Vild Med Vand, Gilleleje 3 august Herring Day, Gilleleje 3 – 4 august Kildemarked in Tisvilde 4 august Open Air Opera, Gilleleje 9 – 10 august New Note Festival 10 august ‘Øresunds på langs’ yacht race Copenhagen-Helsingør 10 – 11 august Art in Halsnæs – Open Art Studios 16 – 18 august Lifestyle fair in Frederiksborg Castle gardens, 17 august Harvest festival at Esrum Abbey 17 – 18 august Cruise ship arrival, Helsingør 19 august Round Lake Arre, cycling race 22 august Louisiana – Lauren Greenfield opening: Generation Wealth 22 august Mads Langer + support

Find much more on These dates of major events are the ones known to the editorial team at the time of going to press 8 January 2019


23 august Anne Sanne Lis 24 august Sundstoldsmarked, Helsingør 25 august Esrum Lake run 30 august – 1 september Hillerød Town & Lake Festival 30 august – 1 september Hundested Motor rally Hundested Harbour Facebook/hundestedmotortræf 1 september Frederiksværk Steelman 5 september Cruise ship arrival, Helsingør 7 september Fredensborg Palace Market 14 september Culture Night in Gilleleje 19 september 2019 – 12 january 2020 Louisiana – Marsden Hartley 20 september Hillerød Culture Night 20 september 2019 – 26 january 2020 Nivaagaard’s Art Collection The artist brothers L.A. Ring & H.A. Brendekilde 22 september Merida MTB Marathon 27 september Culture Night Helsingør 27 – 29 september Hillerød Horse Show 4 – 5 october Knejpe Festival 6 october The Word is Loose Literary Festival 10 october 2019 – 19 january 2020 Louisiana – Tatiana Bibao The Architect’s Studio 18 october Hillerød Horrorwalk 1 – 11 november Hillerød November Festival 17 november MTB Fall Race, Tisvilde Hegn

in Hornbæk


Every year in week 31, Hornbæk is home to the health and wellness event “Week 31”. The event has its name from the town’s postcode, which is 3100. It all started in 2012, based on an EU project ‘World-class Hornbæk – the Danish Riviera in Hornbæk’ in collaboration with VisitNordsjælland. Already in the spring, the working group behind the event roll up their sleeves to get this fantastic event up and running. Glossy programmes are printed, which can be picked up in advance from the town’s tourist information, tourist cabin in the harbour and all campsites and hotels in Helsingør Municipality. The programme can also be picked up during the week from the info cabin at the harbour. “Week 31” has its own Facebook page, where the programme is regularly updated. Last but not least, in 2018 it was possible to read more about the event on the town’s new internet portal www. All volunteers and other involved parties are easily recognisable by their quality T-shirts and caps in stylish colours. Many participants have requested these items, so since 2018 it has been possible to buy T-shirts and caps from the info cabin. During the week, there is no doubt that something special is going on. The event is announced on big banners by the town entrance, and the main street as well as the smaller roads down towards the harbour is adorned with ‘Dannebrog’ (Danish national flag) and special Week 31 flags. The event takes place all over the town, where everyone can try e.g. dancing, fitness, fencing, golfing, sailing, SUP and diving, free of charge and without prior registration. The week also provides opportunities for fun runs, guided walks in the plantation, tennis and children’s crab fishing. On one of the days there’s also the chance to enjoy entertaining and fun street theatre at selected places around the town. “Week 31” has become an important part of the town’s identity. The working group behind the event are working constantly to develop it and the success is measurable. For example, in 2018 the event had 1,000 more visitors than the previous year, and several activities had more than 100 participants each time.



WELCOME HOME TO A WONDERFUL STAY AS NEIGHBOUR TO THE QUEEN Did you know that Fredensborg Palace was built because of King Frederik IV’s love for Anna Sophie Reventlow? The Danish King built Store Kro at the same time he built the palace at the beginning of the 1720s. The Store Kro functioned as the King’s meeting place, where he could meet the country’s departments and manage the country without it disturbing his private life and love life at the palace. And love is the essence and foundation of Store Kro today, nearly three hundred years after it all began. A love for the best ingredients and the best taste drives all of our chefs when they prepare food. A love of providing service and being an excellent host, which all of our waiters and waitresses provide when you visit us.


 ome inside and enjoy the hygge-filled atmosphere, C where warmth and good service are always present.

ROOMS All of our 54 rooms have tasteful interior designs that

match the historic setting and which complement an atmospheric stay. WELCOME HOME Our job is to make you feel at home. Naturally, this is

why there is always free Wi-Fi and free parking regardless of your length of stay.

LUNCH We serve both traditional and modern lunch dishes

for small and large appetites. COFFEE & CAKE Regardless of when you visit, we will always serve

freshly made coffee and a selection of delicious cakes. DINNER Our evening bistro consists of traditional French

cooking and excellent Danish ingredients. We use seasonal ingredients to give your taste buds a treat, spiced with wonderful hospitality.

SLOT SG A DE 6 · DK-34 8 0 FREDENSBORG · TEL . (+45) 71 71 2 1 2 1 · W W W.S TOREKRO.COM

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Visit North Sealand Holiday Guide 2019  

Visit North Sealand Holiday Guide 2019