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World-class cultural experiences 3 of Denmark’s largest castles M/S Maritime Museum, Louisiana

Summer events  Hamlet Live, Esrum’s Medieval Days, Sand Sculpture Festival, Musik i Lejet

My North Sealand Meet Peter Beier and Anders Blichfeldt

The Danish Riviera Enjoy what North Sealand has to offer with family and good friends

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... and The Danish Riviera

Royal North Sealand is just a 45-minute train journey north of Copenhagen. As Copenhagen’s lush green garden, the royals have been coming here for centuries, to relax in their castles, sample the local produce and enjoy their leisure pursuits. And this is also where the Danes head, when they need peace and quiet for their souls. Historically, North Sealand has always played an important role, and has been the Danish kings’ favourite sanctuary for centuries. Today, it serves as the tourists’ favourite sanctuary, with its protected nature reserves, forests and miles of clean, white sandy beaches with beautiful clear water. Welcome to Royal North Sealand along The Danish Riviera.

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4-13 D  enmark’s largest

castles & Esrum Abbey 14-32 I nteresting towns 27&78 My North Sealand

Meet Anders Blichfeldt (p. 27) & Peter Beier (p. 78)

33-43 A  rt with edge



Louisiana, M/S Museet for Søfart and others

44-49 The Danish Riviera

Denmark’s best beaches

50-60 Active nature holiday 61-64 F  or kids


65-77 A  ccommodation


78-81 E  at your way through

North Sealand 82-85 S  hopping 86-91 H  arbours along the Riviera

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Pearls on a string


W  orld-class events

 amlet Live, Esrum’s Medieval Days, H Sand Sculpture Festival, Musik i Lejet

THE TOWNS OF NORTH SEALAND Elsinore . . . . . . . . 6-7, 20-21, 36-37, 60-61, 88-89 Fredensborg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9, 30, 71 Humlebæk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31, 34-35 Nivå . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30



Hillerød . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11, 28-29, 82-83 Esrum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13 Frederiksværk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 Liseleje . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17, 48 Hundested . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19, 90-91 Hornbæk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23, 49 Gilleleje . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-26,69


Helsinge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32, 84-85 Tisvildeleje . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48


Fredensborg Castle

FREDERIKSBORG (side 10) Magnificent Renaissance castle from the beginning of the 17th century, with an impressive park. KRONBORG (PAGE 6) Kronborg Castle was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2000 and is rich in history.



FREDENSBORG (PAGE 8) The elegant baroque palace garden has an attractive outdoor sculpture collection, called Normandsdalen (A Nordic Community in Stone).

Royal North Sealand North Sealand is full of royal history, a vibrant cultural life and unique nature experiences – all within a short driving distance from Copenhagen. If you’re after an active holiday, you can pedal your way around the area, with the fresh wind in your hair and stunning views of the forest, sea and sky for a wonderful nature experience. The cycling routes wind their way through the landscape, enabling you to cycle safely in any direction you want, whether you’re off to visit the newly named national park, the local castles or head to some of Europe’s best beaches and soak up the atmosphere of the charming old fishing villages along The Danish Riviera. With colourful cultural centres and attractions in many North Sealand towns,


the area offers up-to-date cultural inspiration. You can always find an abundance of entertainment, contemporary art and cultural events and activities. You should also give yourself the chance to taste North Sealand. The area’s lush nature makes it a veritable natural pantry, with farm shops and eateries full of quality local products. Moreover, many of the country’s top chefs seek inspiration and new Nordic ingredients in North Sealand History gathers North Sealand For centuries, the green and fertile area of North Sealand has attracted Danish kings. You don’t have to go far today, before you can follow a king’s footsteps in one of the area’s numerous castles. The first castles in the area were built in the

ESRUM ABBEY (PAGE 12) The Cistercian abbey in Esrum was founded in 1151 as a daughter house to Clairvaux Abbey.

Middle Ages. But it was during the reign of Frederik II that Monarchic North Sealand finally took on the form we recognise today. The western part of North Sealand also became an area of interest to kings in the latter half of the 1700s. Industry and a cannon foundry were established to supply the whole army. Today, the gunpowder works is an outdoor museum, and the cannon foundry’s buildings are used as a cultural centre. Whether you want to experience the historic castles of North Sealand, enjoy beautiful nature at sea or land or explore the diverse cultural opportunities, the possibilities are all there for you in North Sealand.

Frederiksborg Castle

Gunpowder Works Esrum Abbey

Kronborg Castle




Kronborg Castle is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses the famous Prince Hamlet, great Danish kings and the national legend Holger Danske. Throughout 2017, visitors can explore Kronborg’s famous residents and the dramatic story of one of Northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles.


2017 HIGHLIGHTS AT KRONBORG CASTLE During the Danish school holidays, the castle will buzz with children’s activities and tours in eye level. During high season, Hamlet moves in at the castle. Please visit for activities and prices.

TOURS Meet the three stars of the castle, Hamlet, Holger Danske and Frederick II, on daily tours. Please visit for current tours. It is possible to book group tours. Please visit or call (+45) 49 21 30 78.

OPENING HOURS Please visit for opening hours and closing days.

TRANSPORTATION Helsingør Station is only 45 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station by train. The castle is in walking distance of the station.

ADMISSION Adults: DKK 90 / Children: free. Please note, that during special events and holiday activities, prices may change. Please visit for current activities and prices.

Kronborg Slot, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 30 78,

Kronborg was built in the late 1500s to impress The Royal Houses of Europe. The castle’s advanced fortifications and the modern canons frightened both enemies and the thousands of sailors who passed the castle at the Sound. But Kronborg also spellbound courtiers and guests with its menacing beauty. The towers soared towards the sky and sun beams danced on the copper roofs. Hamlet returns to Kronborg From 1 June until 31 August, Hamlet and his friends and foes take up residence in the castle. During the summer months, Kronborg is a living backdrop for Shakespeare’s dramatic story. Hamlet ponders in his room. Ophelia runs in the halls looking for him. The Ghost appears shrouded in mist and glides through the dark passages of the Casemates. Therefore, guests tumble right into the drama

and meet the characters in the castle halls and their private chambers. Renaissance Fair at Kronborg Castle Each year in October, a Danish Renaissance King is celebrated with a spectacular Renaissance fair. Knights fight in shining armor on horseback and duel blade against blade. The King’s musketeers patrol the market and merchants offer goods from the “New World”. Cannons thunder, cooking wives bursts, and girls and boys learn how to fence and dance. Christmas shopping at Kronborg In December, Christmas is celebrated at Kronborg Castle with a Christmas Market, where guests can buy unique Christmas gifts for the whole family. In the rooms and halls of the castle, you will find a great variety of stands selling

Christmas decorations, art and crafts, unique design, clothes, toys and small goods. Kronborg makes sure that the Christmas spirit is felt. The tall Christmas tree in the Ballroom is decorated and the children are entertained with Christmas shows. The Danish mythical hero Holger Danske Throughout the year, visitors can meet Denmark’s legendary hero, Holger Danske. He lies asleep, deep down in the underground passages of the casemates. He has slept for hundreds of years. According to an old legend, Holger Danske will wake up when Denmark is threatened by enemies. Only then will his eyes open. He will get to his feet and raise his sword. In the meantime, he poses on The National Football Team’s shirts.


OPENING HOURS The public areas of the palace gardens are always open. The palace is only open for guided tours. GUIDED TOURS Guided tours are available in the palace, Orangery and kitchen gardens 2 July – 7 August. Group bookings can be made on tel. (+45) 33 40 31 87 or ADMISSION Adult: DKK 95 Child (4-17 years): DKK 45 Children under four: Free Tickets can be purchased on TRANSPORT It only takes one hour by public transport from Copenhagen Central Station FREDENSBORG PALACE DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 33 95 42 00

One of the Queen’s favourite palaces Visit Fredensborg Palace, where the royal couple often stay. Discover the palace and the magnificent baroque gardens. For every day and festivities Fredensborg Palace by Lake Esrum in North Sealand is the royal couple’s most frequented residence during the spring and autumn months. The beautiful rooms and halls often form the setting for major official state visits and royal events. Many of the large royal parties are hosted here. State leaders on official visits are received here from all over the world and foreign ambassadors submit their official credentials to the Danish Queen. Meeting place for the crowned heads of Europe The palace enjoyed its heyday during the reign of Christian IX, who became known as the father-in-law of Europe. In the late 1800s, he gathered royals from far and near at the palace. His children were given prominent positions in the European royal houses, e.g. Alexandra was married to Edward VII of England, Dagmar with Al-


exander III of Russia and Vilhelm was crowned King of Greece under the name Georg I. “Palace of Peace” The history of the palace as a whole dates further back. Between 1720-26, the architect and head gardener J.C. Krieger created a palace complex, comprising a small main palace with a dome and lanterns and an octagonal courtyard. Frederik IV named the white, elegant baroque palace “Fredensborg” to commemorate the Great Northern War that ended in 1720. In the following decades, the palace was extended several times, but still appears as an architectural entity. See the palace halls In the summer months of July and early August when the royal couple are not in residence, the palace halls are open for guided tours. Highlights include the Dome Hall, where many offi-

EXPERIENCE THE POMP AND CEREMONY OF THE 18TH CENTURY Denmark’s largest baroque gardens have just been renovated with endless rows of avenue trees, artistically patterned lawns, fabulous sculptures and lavish monuments. Together with the surrounding scenic landscape, this makes Fredensborg Palace one of the main attractions in the area all year round.

cial dinners take place, the Garden Room and a number of other representative rooms. The Orangery with kitchen gardens and Fredensborg’s well-preserved palace chapel – where Queen Margrethe was confirmed – are also ­included in the tour. Palace garden with magnificent grounds The impressive Fredensborg Palace Gardens are some of Denmark’s largest historic gardens. They were laid out at the same time the palace was built, but were later converted to French Baroque style in 1759-69. During this period, the sculptor John Wiedewelt created many sculptures, including the magnificent double avenue, Brede Allé. Nordmansdalen, with its 70 sandstone statues of Norwegian and Faroese farmers and fishermen, created by Johann Gottfried Grund, has its own unique spirit. Adjacent to the palace is the Royal private garden, the Orangery and the historic kitchen garden, which supplies fresh flowers and vegetables to the royal household. These three areas are only open to the public in July and early August. The rest of the gardens, including the finest baroque landscaping in Denmark have free admission all year round Summer shop with royal plants The Orangery dates from 1995 and houses a summer shop where the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties sells plants that have been left over from the royal nurseries and seedlings from the garden. Take screen lilies, geraniums and myrtles home as a special souvenir from Fredensborg Palace Gardens. Plant sales are exclusively for guests who are on summer tours at Fredensborg. Fredensborg is one of the Royal Court’s most favourite palaces, yet large parts of the palace and gardens are open to the public. And even in the busiest summer months, the gardens do not feel overcrowded and it is easy to find atmospheric and peaceful corners. 9

The Museum of National History at


Frederiksborg Castle and its Baroque Garden are picturesquely located on the banks of the castle lake in Hillerød. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century to signify his position as a powerful North European monarch. Evidence of this can be seen in the abundance of symbolic and decorative elements, such as the statues and reliefs, the impressive Neptune Fountain and the marble gallery in The King’s Wing. The castle was no longer a royal residence in the 18th century but was still used for official royal functions. Kings were anointed in the castle church during the period of abso10

lute monarchy in Denmark (1660–1848), and a wave of national romanticism in the 19th century resulted in the castle becoming a national memorial. The Museum of National History A terrible fire in 1859 destroyed a great deal of the castle interior. Reconstruction of the castle was financed by national subscriptions, special arts lotteries and generous private donations. J.C. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Group brewing company, played an active role in the project and in 1878, he proposed the establishment of the Museum of National History. He donated resources to the

project and the museum was created as part of the Carlsberg Foundation, which still runs and funds the museum. The museum records 500 years of Danish history, containing history paintings, portraits, furniture and art manufacture, set in the many halls and rooms of the castle, such as the Castle Church, the Audience Chamber and the Great Hall. There are changing exhibitions, fixed tours on Sundays and seasonal activities for children, as the museum encourages people to engage in the past and put Denmark’s history into perspective.

The Museum of National History Frederiksborg Castle DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39

OPENING HOURS Open every day all year round: Opening hours: 1 April – 31 October: 10-17 1 November – 31 March: 11-15

PRICES Adult DKK 75, Child (6-15) DKK 20, Senior/student/group (20+) DKK 60, Family ticket (2 adults + 3 children) DKK 150.

CHANGING EXHIBITIONS AND ACTIVITIES There are changing special exhibitions and activities for children at the Museum of National History all year round. Exhibitions reveal new aspects of the museum’s traditions, Denmark’s history, portraiture and history painting. The castle’s old wine cellar houses the Children’s History of Denmark, which is open every day during school holidays. Children can become princesses or knights when they get the chance to dress up in renaissance dresses and armour and learn more about the castle owner and childhood of Christian IV. To stay up to date with the museum’s activities visit


ESRUM ABBEY From the monks’ to the kings’ North Sealand

Esrum Abbey was founded in 1151 by French Cistercian monks. During the Middle Ages, the abbey was one of the largest and most powerful buildings. After the Reformation in 1536, the monastery and its many landholdings became state property.


History, food & games – there’s something happening all year round Whatever the time of year, you’re always sure to find unexpected pleasures at Esrum. At the former abbey, you can immerse yourself in the over 800-year-old building and its long history of the Middle Ages. Visit the abbey shop with its wide variety of unique goods, breathe in the aroma of the herbs in the abbey garden, participate in the many events or eat and drink like a royal in the mill café or the atmospheric abbey cellar. Walks in the national park Esrum Abbey’s location in the middle of the new national park and by the gateway to Gribskov forest also makes it an ideal starting point for lovely walks in the nature.

SPECIAL EVENTS IN 2017 •B  eer Festival, Medieval Market, Harvest Festival and Christmas Market (the four annual major events) •F  ood stories (experience food and the atmosphere before, during and after the Reformation) •R  eformation game (test your knowledge by playing one of the most important roles of that time) •H  oliday activities (winter, Easter, summer and autumn) See the full annual programme at

ESRUM ABBEY Klostergade 11-12, Esrum DK-3230 Græsted, tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00, OPENING TIMES Summer: 1 April - 29 October 2017 Tuesday – Sunday 11-17 Winter: 4 November – 23 March 2018 Saturday – Sunday 11-17 TRANSPORT AND PARKING Bus 390 R / Helsingør to Helsinge Bus 362 / Mårum to Græsted Parking at Møllegården, access from Frederiksværksvej


Events 2017 • Music festival • Cannonball Friday • Gunpowder Works Festival • Gunpowder Works Market • Town Square Markets • Open Arts Studios • Culture Night • Culture Power ... and much more


The town’s pedestrianised shopping street enjoys a unique location between the canal and the forest – and offers lovely shops, cafés and cultural experiences One of the main features of Frederiksværk town is the winding canal that connects Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø, to Roskilde Fjord. The water flows slowly through the town, bringing nature into the urban environment. The canal has always been the pulse of the town, already providing energy to the local industry back in the 1700s. Enjoy a break in one of the town’s picturesque squares: the charming Nordtorv, the new Valsetorv or on the grassy area in front of the Cultural Centre Gjethuset. Take a look inside the palace, where you can enjoy changing historical exhibitions and an excellent museum shop. Frederiksværk Handel (local business association) ensures the streets are always full of life with concerts, Cannonball Friday and activities during public holidays and school holidays. The town in the forest and the forest in the town Frederiksværk is beautifully located in a large and hilly forest area, which is clearly visible from a short walk away, such as from the pedestrian street and up Bakkestien. Just behind Nordcentret, some


steps lead to footpaths offering beautiful viewpoints overlooking the city, harbour and the fjord. An idyllic path runs from Frederiksværk Church along the canal through Arresødal Forest all the way to the east of Arresø. Wooden decking provides dry passage on the last stretch through Ellemosen and the dense reed forest. The lake’s covered bird hide enables you to enjoy the view and discover the rich bird life – and you might be lucky enough to spot the rare kingfisher who lives along the canal. The tour boat M/S Frederikke offers trips on Arresø all summer long. At the end of the pedestrian street, Nordcentret shopping centre offers a wide selection of shops and supermarkets. It is also home to the local baker and patisserie, where you can enjoy great coffee, sandwiches and delicious cakes. The bakery has a view overlooking the town’s activity and information wall that can provide inspiration for your onward journey in the local area. A sense of history and culture Frederiksværk is Denmark’s first indus-

trial city and this sense of history can be experienced at close hand in several places in the town. Visit the Gunpowder Works, which was established by J. F. Classen and is considered the best preserved in the world. The museum tells the stories of the dangers involved in manufacturing the black powder, explosions, death and mutilation. The industry museum Frederiks Værk takes pride in recounting Frederikværk’s history through thematic walking tours throughout the summer season. The ticket works as a combined ticket and is valid for both Krudtværksmuseet (the gunpowder works museum) in Frederiksværk and Knud Rasmussen’s House in Hundested. The town’s proud culture centre is called Gjethuset. It is the largest and most beautiful culture centre north of Copenhagen – the building alone, which was originally a cannon foundry, is worth a visit in itself. Today Gjethuset serves as an active music and culture centre, which creates the setting for everything from rock concerts and conferences to children’s theatre, professional touring theatre, chamber music and international exhibitions.

EXPERIENCE FREDERIKSVÆRK Gjethuset will be hosting a diverse range of exciting experiences this season. Performances for 2017 include Mads Langer, Burhan G, Lis Sørensen, Folkeklubben and Peter A.G. Read more on Also discover Vild med Vand (Wild about Water), Harbour Festival at Frederiksværk harbour, midsummer events on St. Hans evening, Kanonfredag (Cannonball Friday), Frede­ riksværk Music Festival, Gunpowder Festival and much more. Visit the Gunpowder Works Museum (June, July and August) and Palace at the Square or take a boat trip with M/S Frederikke on Arresø, the largest lake in Denmark.



LISELEJE – beach holidays like in the good old days Liseleje is one of those towns in North Sealand that has managed to preserve the authentic, quaint atmosphere that you fondly remember from the good old days. Here you can stop by fishermen’s old ice house, take bike rides in the beautiful local nature and enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the bakery, green grocer and grocery store. There are plenty of adventures for all the family in and around Liseleje. Beautiful bicycle paths lead you into an idyllic enchanting forest, with a stunning sunset from Hyllingebjerg, offering unparalleled views of the winding coastline. The little ones will love the natural playground or the playland, and there are loads of activities for the whole family organised throughout the summer. Liseleje has some of North Sealand’s best bathing beaches, with plenty of space for all the beachgoers. After a day at the beach, you can visit the town’s charming and unique shops, which are refreshingly different from the big chain stores found in larger towns. There’s a guest house and hundreds of summer houses if you are looking to stay overnight, and plenty of cosy restaurants and cafés to satisfy your hunger and thirst. The Tourist Office is open during

Events 2017 • Liseleje Run • Liseleje Day • Artist’s Day • Liseleje Week 30 • Beach Party • Liseleje by Night • Kattegat Kite Festival • Family Day • White Night • Market Day


the school summer holidays and is always happy to send you in the right direction. Liseleje Business Association takes good care of its small authentic seaside town. The Borgerforening aims to develop Liseleje and contribute to improving and beautifying the town. The Borgerforening organises a wide variety of activities that are greatly enjoyed by local townspeople and tourists alike. You can keep yourself updated about upcoming events and see lovely pictures from Liseleje on Sleep well in Liseleje At Feriepartner in Liseleje, you can find and rent the summer holiday cottage that best suits you and your family. Holiday cottages come in many different price categories – from luxurious to more simply appointed accommodation. Christina, Ditte, Mette, Lene and Bent are ready to give you a warm welcome. Read more and book your next holiday at Eat well in Liseleje Liseleje has a wealth of great eating choices. Make a good start to the day by visiting to the baker Din & Min Bager, where the friendly atmosphere and quality of the bread, cakes and tarts are legendary. The restaurant Le Papillon offers traditional Danish smørrebrød, seafood and juicy steaks. And you can enjoy the fabulous views of the town and sea from the sky bar.

Lisestuens café and burger bar provides great food in a friendly family atmosphere – just 100 metres from Liseleje Beach. Lisestuens Isbar can’t fail to tempt you with ice cream, home-made waffles and everything else for sweet tooth lovers. There’s plenty of space for all the family, both inside and out. Treat yourself and your family You don’t need to go far to discover great experiences for old and young alike. Frisør Confetti, run by the exclusive Copenhagen hair stylist, Gitte Jarholm, offers you a unique hairstyling experience where you and your needs are in focus. Professional pride and pampering are paramount, in luxurious surroundings down by the seashore. Lisen is a small shop located right by the beach in the heart of the holiday cottage area. It stocks fashion clothing, shoes and interior design objects. You might like to browse our web shop, where we have an even larger section of items. Opposite Denmark’s largest natural playground, Havtyren, and just 100m from the child-friendly beach, is Liselegeland playland. Children will love controlling the electric cars on the fun driving track. The whole family will love the challenge and fun of the adventure minigolf course. Købmand Vad, which has been around since 1946 has now been renamed “Min Købmand”. Tina and Niels Vad are the third generation in the store and still sell everything to cover all your holiday needs.




1. FERIEPARTNER LISELEJE Liselejevej 60, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 74 63 34


2. LISEN.DK Classensvej 10, Liseleje 3. DIN & MIN BAGER Liselejevej 44, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 74 73 61 Facebook/dinminbager

6 3

4. LISESTUENS ISBAR Liselejevej 44, Liseleje Facebook/lisestuens isbar 5. LISESTUENS BURGERBAR Liselejevej 44, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 74 70 89


6. RESTAURANT LE PAPILLON Liselejevej 64, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 74 61 97 Facebook/le Papillon

1 4


7. MIN KØBMAND Liselejevej 117, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 74 72 24 www.minkø 8. FRISØR CONFETTI Classensvej 2, Liseleje Tel. (+45) 47 72 40 82 9. LISELEGELANDET Lisehøjvej 1, Liseleje 10. LISELEJE BORGERFORENING (LOCAL CIVIC ASSOCIATION)



CAFÉBUTIKKEN CUP & CAKE Nørregade 22, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 98 13 53 NØRREGADE’S BUTCHER SHOP Nørregade 56, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 94 01 04 YO-YO CHINESE & FAMILY RESTAURANT Nørregade 29, Hundested Tel. (+45) 36 16 81 68 MENY Nørregade 11, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 79 79 ERANTIS Nørregade 43 A, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 74 51 51 CAFÉ MØDESTEDET Nørregade 35, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 91 00

EVENTS 2017 • Hundested By Night • Sand Sculpture Festival • Open Arts Studios • Beddingen Arts and crafts market • Hundested Harbour Festival • Herring Day • Time Winder.– Nostalgia on land, water and air • … and much more




Hundested Midway between the inlet and the sea and with one of North Sealand’s best bathing beaches as its neighbour, lies the idyllic harbour town of Hundested. The town possesses its own unique atmosphere, both down by the harbour as well as in the town centre, where you can enjoy plenty of shopping opportunities with a good selection of boutiques, cafés, supermarkets and speciality shops.


Where people meet A well-deserved break with a steaming cup of coffee and delicious cake is a welcome part of any shopping trip. Café­butikken Cup & Cake is a combined specialty shop and café, where you can succumb to its sweet tempations and take the weight off your feet. Cup & Cake is located in an old fishing cottage with a charming garden offering outdoor service in the summer months. The café offers diverse kinds of teas and coffees, hot chocolate and cold soft drinks, homebaked bread rolls and cakes. Light lunch dishes are also available during the summer period. All food is prepared with quality ingredients - mostly organic and home-produced. The shop’s wide assortment includes freshly ground loose coffee and tea, chocolates and delicacies for both the sweet and savoury tooth, as well as porcelain and decorative objects for the home. Gift hampers for any occasion can be ordered. Café Mødestedet is located in the heart of Hundested, and is a friendly café and bar where people meet and socialise.


Live music is often staged on Fridays and Saturdays. Café Mødestedet is open daily from 10.00, Sundays from 12.00. Beautiful objects for your home Erantis is a flower and lifestyle shop that is right up to date with the latest trends. In addition to flowers and plants, they also sell beautiful objects for your home and exquisite chocolates, wines and delicatessen from Danish suppliers. Seasonal freshly-cut flowers are carefully selected from Copenhagen Market and creatively arranged in bouquets, floral baskets, boxes and wreaths. Modern home owners will love the wide choice of succulents and other special potted plants, decoratively arranged in glass vases, baskets and pots. Supplement it with specially selected flower books and stylish interior decor to finish off the look perfectly. And of course you can also send a floral greeting in Denmark and abroad by Interflora. Tasty treats for your palate Fancy a juicy tender steak for dinner, fresh fish or delicious organic vegetables?


You can easily find whatever you like in Hundested’s shops. Nørregade’s Slagterforretning guarantees quality produce, whether you’re ordering tender steaks, half a pig or tasty traditional ‘smørrebrød’ open sandwiches for your lunch. Come and give your tastebuds a treat. MENY Hundested is a modern grocery supermarket that focuses on high quality at everyday prices. We believe that the better you eat, the better you live! Here you can find fresh fish, delicious meat, fine wines, seasonal fruits and vegetables and a wide range of organic products under one roof. Customerfriendly opening hours: daily from 8-20. Hundested’s new Chinese & Family Restaurant Yo-Yo is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and great service. You can choose between Chinese food, Japanese sushi and much more. Yo-Yo is located right in the middle of Nørregade in Hundested.


Get a guide book Visit to find a map and guidebook.


The guidebook is available in DK, EN, DE, SE, CH, AR, TR The route is wheelchair accessible and has been approved by the local Disability Association.

Follow the trail through Elsinore’s 800-year history

Now you can follow the blue dots through the town that has become worldfamous for Kronborg Castle and Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, and enjoy a glimpse of an era when the Sound Dues ensured the city’s prosperity for more than 400 years. The newly established town walk, Elsinore Walk, gives you the opportunity for a unique journey on foot, which will take you through Helsingør’s development from a small fishing village through its prospering heyday collecting the Sound Dues, to industrialisation and up to the world-class modern culture town that Helsingør is recognised as today. The route firmly establishes the town centre


as an attraction in itself, on a par with Kronborg Castle, Kulturværftet and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. The old town centre has so much to offer, if you open your ears and eyes and know the right places to go. The route leads you around the narrow cobbled streets and ‘secret’ places, that you could only previously find, if you knew the city really well. A free offer Elsinore Walk is totally free. If you want to follow the route, you can pick up a guidebook containing a map of the route at VisitNordsjælland, at Kulturværftet, in the town’s museums and at Kronborg

Castle. You can also follow the route on our digital map on the website. Head to Helsingør and start your trip by planning to walk the route, as it will take you to almost all the places worth seeing in Helsingør. Pit stops and playgrounds You can make as many pit stops as you like along the way. Along the route you will discover delicious restaurants, cafés and Helsingør’s renowned sailor taverns. And the children can explore the playgrounds you’ll encounter en route, where younger and older children can let some steam off.

Elsinore Walk Highlights CULTURE HARBOUR KRONBORG Helsingør’s old shipyard has been transformed into a modern intersection that combines art, culture, history and world-class events. This is where you’ll find Hamlet’s Castle Kronborg and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, designed by star architect Bjarke Ingels and elected as best culture building in the world. This is also where you can find Kulturværftet with its impressive library, which has been named the best in Europe. At the back of the museum, you will also find the shipyard museum, Værftsmuseet. SKIBSKLARERGÅRDEN Visit the unique well-preserved house, which today is a museum furnished from the days when Helsingør was a rich cosmopolis from collecting duties paid on the Sound. Go into a shop from 1780 and buy your groceries as you did back then, such as ship’s beer and biscuits. TOWN MUSEUM Set in the small Carmelite monks’ hospital from 1520, Helsingør Town Museum is a sight in itself with a fascinating history. Once you step inside, you will discover an amazing model of the original Helsingør town and enjoy exhibitions about Helsingør’s history. CARMELITE MONASTERY A wonderful feel of calmness spreads through your body as you walk through the open arcades looking onto the green lawn and the large tree that stands in the middle of the cloister in Scandinavia’s best preserved monastery complex. ANNA QUEENS STRÆDE There are lots of old historic houses in Helsingør, but this little cobbled street really stands out with its very special atmosphere and the original old houses.




Havnepromenaden Marienlyst strand

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Attraction Seværdighed





Sculpture Skulptur


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Museum Museum



Kirke Church

Dronningens Bastion


Grønnehave Station






Information Information

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Handicapruteroute Handicap Kronborg (Indgang)


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Den Røde Plads “Danserindebrønden”

M/S Museet for Søfart


Spisestedto eat Places Shopping Shopping


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Legeplads Playground

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Latinskolen (H.C. Andersen)






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“Kirkens historie”




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Bus Bus



Helsingør Bymuseum





Station Station

Kulturhavn Kronborg

Tidl. Wiibroes Byggeri

Sct. Mariæ Kirke og Karmeliterklosteret

“Erik af Pommern”




Axeltorv og handelslivet





“Middelalder & Sundtold”


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Nordre Mole “Herakles & Hydraen”


Skibsklarerergården Gl. Færgestræde








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Skt. Olai Kirke

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Simon Spies Plads

1 Helsingør Station


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Strandgade 55

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Munkegade (tidl. kloster)

Anna Queens Stræde



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Buzzing with life all year round

HORNBÆK Hornbæk – town of light in Royal North Sealand

Hornbæk is buzzing with life all year round. Spring, summer, autumn and winter – North Sealand is beautiful and alluring whatever the season. The local ‘Hornbækers’ will vouch for that. It’s the Hornbæk townsfolk’s friendly and helpful attitude that helps make this town so unique – and they love welcoming happy holidaymakers into their little corner of paradise for twelve months a year. Neighboured by the beautiful sea and wild nature, it’s impossible to be bored when you’re in Hornbæk. On baking hot summer days, many locals and tourists head for the beach’s cooling waves. But there are plenty of other things to do too. Hornbæk is surrounded by paths that lead you around the ever-changing nature – often with beautiful views of Sweden. When the wind gets up, the sea’s daredevils love the big, crashing waves that turn Hornbæk into a popular surfer’s paradise. The water’s never gets too cold for the hardy winter bathers. Runners and mountain bikers enjoy the challenging terrain in the plantage. The harbour and the town invite you to sample the numer22

ous food and café choices, and enjoy shopping in the town’s many specialty shops. And the Hornbæk townsfolk are always working on new ideas to bring together the locals and attract the tourists, who are after authentic experiences. One such event is Herring Day in October, where for very little money, you can taste traditional herring specialties, enjoy a wee dram and experience the unique autumn atmosphere down at the harbour. In early December, you can also find one of Denmark’s most charming Christmas markets in the historic hutted area by the harbour. Hornbæk also regularly hosts international sports events like Scandinavian Beach Polo Gold Cup, the harbour festival, Week 31, talks, flea mar-

kets, fun runs, marathons, jazz concerts, exhibitions, gourmet days and much more. If you haven’t been to Hornbæk for a couple of years, you will notice that the cosy seaside town has been completely revitalised, with many improvements such as a new beach promenade and new eateries. Hornbæk is a modern seaside resort where all your senses can be pampered all year round. A real gem of a town, where a wonderful eclectic mix of cultural tourists, jetsetters, families, urban hipsters, athletes and sailors meet with the locals to enjoy life, each other and the town’s many qualities – all year round. Follow it all on Hornbæk Tourist Office’s website on Facebook.



Rainwear, fashion, spa, restaurant, Spa- and beauty products and flower shops. 23


Visitors have named Gilleleje as Denmark’s most hospitable town!

is the town on top

Gilleleje has Sealand’s largest commercially active harbour, a rich business life, great restaurants and cafés, a large selection of grocery stores, hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and camping – which altogether create a great setting for your holiday. The town buzzes with life all summer long with many events and activities being held from May until the end of August. ‘Sildebord på torvet’ (Herring table in the town square), Bakkefest, St. Hans Bonfire, White Saturday, Market Day, Flea Markets, Gilleleje Festival, Vild med Vand (Wild with Water), Herring Day, Music Week, Travalje Race, ‘Spark Dæk’ veteran car rally, Open Air Opera and art exhibitions at ‘Kunst i Fileten’. The town’s atmosphere is totally unique and if you visit on Saturdays in the summer months, you can also admire the beautiful Flag Allé. Gilleleje has its own free event calendar, which you can find in shops, cafés and eateries all over the town. Other more permanent activities in and around Gilleleje include the Bird Park, the vintage train, Tegner’s Museum, Esrum 24

Abbey, two golf clubs, Smidstrup farm as well as some fantastic hiking and running routes. Gilleleje has a beautiful lighthouse Nakkehoved Fyr, which is well worth a visit, and Gilleleje Museum and Gilleleje church, where you see where the Jews hid in the attic during the Second World War, until they fled to Sweden in fishing boats. The new major Danish film “Across the Waters”, was filmed in Gilleleje, and is an account of the events of the Jews’ flight in October ‘43. Gilleleje is also fun to explore by bicycle, and if you don’t have one with you, you can rent a bike from North Coast Bicycle Rental. For several hundred years, Gilleleje has been a thriving fishing town and you can see the old fishing houses at close hand if you wander through the old town. The charming houses are built closely together and are idyllically situated right on the shores of the Kattegat. No matter how long you plan to stay in Gilleleje, you can’t fail to have a fantastic time.

Gilleleje Harbour

AT GILLELEJE HARBOUR Speedy’s facebook/speedys pølsebar

Restaurant Far til 4

Crying gulls, crashing waves, the reassuring sounds of the fishing boats, happy children playing among the nets or catching crabs and the smell of fresh fish leave you in no doubt. You are at Gilleleje Harbour.

Adamsens Fisk


Bisgaard Subcontracting

Brdr. Petersens Maskinfabrik


Nordkyst Revision

Hyperbaric Consult



The harbour, which is now the biggest fishing harbour on Sealand, and is located in the heart of Gilleleje, is also a favourite destination for yachts, which make good use of the harbour’s facilities. It is teeming with life from morning to evening. The shops at the harbour sell everything from fresh and smoked fish, take-away and sushi to hotdogs, burgers or a refreshing ice cream you can enjoy on the harbour quay or whilst you head towards exotic and maritime handicrafts. The unrestricted access to the areas where the fishermen unload their boats and unravel their nets, where commercial vessels that operate above and under water are kept, where trawlers are pulled on the slipway or cranes to be painted, sanded, have their engines repaired or see the smith welding, is outstanding. If you are hungry, sit down for lunch or supper at one

of the charming eateries with a sea front location. There are many different activities at the harbour all summer long. Very few places have the same unique blend of culture, history, originality and modernity, holiday and daily life as Gilleleje Harbour. It makes Gilleleje a precious gem – a place which you will want to return to again and again. Welcome to Gilleleje Harbour.

GILLELEJE HARBOUR OFFÍCE Opening times summer: 07-08, 16.30-17.30 and 20-22 Opening times winter: Contact Harbour master on tel. (+45) 40 16 66 63


Gilleleje’s biggest supermarket When you have a long shopping list there is only one destination in Gille­leje that you need – SuperBrugsen, a store that specializes in having everything that you could possibly want.

Visitors to the store are welcomed with the aroma of freshly-baked bread in the large open bakery, where the baker is making more dough and delicious cakes. You can watch the bread being made and make some small talk with the busy baker. Further into the store you will find a wellstocked selection of everything you need, fruit/­ vegetables, staple goods, hardware, textiles, post ­office, Danish lottery and sports betting, and last but not least a large delicatessen selling delicious salmon, cheese, cold cuts and warm food for lunch. Again you can watch food being prepared, this time by the butcher and delicatessen staff, working with exciting ingredients.

GILLELEJE BRUGSFORENING SuperBrugsen · Parkvej 1 · DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 00 06 ·


Anders Blichfeldt’s North Sealand Born in Hundested, a teenager in Espergærde and musician and composer in Hillerød. Big Fat Snake’s lead singer Anders Blichfeldt is a North Sealander at heart, enjoys the unique “North Coast vibe” and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in Denmark. What does North Sealand mean to you? North Sealand is my home; it’s my area. It’s a place I know and love really well. Being a musician means you have to drive all over the country to play concerts. Based on that perspective, it might have been a smarter move to live on Funen. But even though I often have far to drive to work, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the country. Can you recommend your own “secret place” at the destination? When the children were young, we had a summer holiday cottage at Klikhavn. It’s such a lovely area. But if I really had to recommend one great place, it would be top of the cliff in Hundested, which points towards Isefjorden; 36 metres

above sea level, the same height as the Round Tower in Copenhagen and with stunning views towards Holbæk on one side and Frederiksværk on the other. It’s called ‘Ved Klintebakken’ and the viewpoint is beautifully situated at the end of a little path. Do you find sources of inspiration for your work in the area? Right now I’m writing something together with Billy Cross in Liseleje. But it’s not like I always go to a certain place and write my songs. The ideas just pop up at the weirdest times. However, I do use the peace and light as inspiration in my songs such as “Made in heaven”, which is about the special light and the “North Coast vibe” we have up here.

If you’ve never been to North Sealand before, you must experience ... ... Frederiksborg Castle. You can go for a lovely walk around the castle and enjoy the beautiful gardens. I live nearby and on the whole, I really like Hillerød. Our café is there too, which my wife and I run together. It’s called Kaffebar, in Slotsgade, and I can guarantee a cosy atmosphere, great coffee and we frequently have entertainment – some slightly alternative events, music quizzes and jams with good names. If you’d like to eat out in the area, I can recommend the charming Restaurant Skipperhuset close to Fredensborg Castle and right next to Esrum Lake. It’s definitely worth a visit.


THE GREAT OUTDOORS Hillerød has many cycling paths that connect the urban and natural landscapes. Seven kilometres from the centre of Nødebo in Gribskov lies the unique par force hunting landscape, which was added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites in 2015. You can also stroll out into nature directly from the shopping streets. Adjacent to Frederiksborg Castle, you can wander around the romantic, English-inspired garden with its small lakes and shrubberies. Frederik II’s Bath House from 1580 is also situated here.


The Royal Town

HILLERØD With Frederiksborg Castle as its beautiful landmark and Gribskov forest on its doorstep, Hillerød makes an excellent starting point for combining all your cultural, outdoor and shopping pleasures. Hillerød sets itself apart from other towns by containing a wide range of activities that are all within easy walking and cycling distance from the main town square, ‘Torvet’. The winding pedestrian streets offer a wealth of small, charming shops and the popular shopping centre ‘Slotsarkaderne’. The whole area is dotted with cosy cafés and restaurants, and you’ll also

find the supermarkets Irma in Helsingørsgade and Bilka in Slotsarkadene. Frederiksborg ­Castle is located at the end of the pedestrian street Slotsgade, but a slight detour walking along the scenic path around the castle lake or sailing across on the quaint Frederiksborg ferry is highly recommended.

DENMARK’S LOVELIEST NAUTICAL MILE The Frederiksborg ferry on the castle lake sails between Torvet and Frederiksborg Castle every half hour from spring to autumn. The views from the middle of the castle lake allow you to enjoy the town, the castle and the beautiful Baroque gardens with the historical waterfalls from a new perspective.


FREDENSBORG NIVÅ KOKKEDAL FREDENSBORG The town is located just by Esrum Lake and Fredensborg Palace. The inside of the palace is open to the public during the month of July. The palace gardens are open all year round and have recently been impressively restored. The heart of the town is Jernbanegaden, with its numerous small and charming shops and diverse restaurants. There is a magnificent view of Esrum Lake and it offers a wide variety of activities including boat trips in a canoe or kayak or a swim in the designated area. The beauty of nature can be perfectly combined with cycling, running or walking along the exercise routes, or by using the natural exercise equipment on Glenten in Knurrenborg Vang. You can find a selec-


Humlebæk Sletten Nivå Kokkedal



tion of tourist brochures at the Tourist Information at Hotel Store Kro in Slotsgade. Experience history at Falkonergården Just outside Fredensborg, visitors can experience the presence of history when the falconer’s eagles, hawks and falcons display their hunting and flying techniques at close range. During the 1-hour presentation, birds of prey are trained and century-old hunting traditions are brought to life with tales of falconry. The training of falcons, hawks and eagles takes place in an area which has been the hunting grounds of Danish kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. Davidsvænge 11 DK-3480 Fredensborg, tel. (+45) 48 48 25 83 Skipperhuset in Fredensborg The restaurant is part of the cluster of small, charming maritime buildings on the lake shore, where the old buildings apart from the restaurant - include a royal barge house, boathouse, kayak rental and boat sheds with surrounding jetties. Skipperhuset restaurant serves classic Danish/ Scandinavian lunches. The evening menu offers more modern Nordic dishes. Function rooms with space for 60 guests. Skipper Alle 6, DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 48 48 10 12

NIVÅ Nivå is a lively family-friendly town close to the water, with a popular and picturesque harbour. The restaurant at the edge of the harbour provides a stunning view of the Sound, which is a favourite place for yachts and water skiers. With its safe, shallow waters, the beach is particularly good for children. The beach meadow by the coast is home to a rich birdlife, making it a perfect environment for birdwatchers. Nivå came about in connection with Nivaagaard Brickworks, which has Europe’s most well-preserved kiln. Many buildings such as Copenhagen Town Hall were built with bricks from here. Nivaagaard’s Art Collection contains an impressive collection, including art from the Danish Golden Age and a beautiful rhododendron garden. Nivå Camping in Lave Skov is a family-friendly camping site close to Nivå Harbour and beach. KOKKEDAL Kokkedal is a sustainable town with creativity and diversity, where you can currently experience Denmark’s largest climate change adaptation project. Not far from the town you’ll find Mikkelborg Beach down to the Sound, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature on a lovely summer day. At the Local History Museum in Avderødvej, you can discover the local history, especially in the wellpreserved old classroom.

HUMLEBÆK HUMLEBÆK Humlebæk is a town of culture, offering unique art and taste experiences. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions. Humlebæk is clearly characterised by its “art-town” status. Take your time to enjoy a wander around the town. You are already greeted by art at the train station in the form of Per Kirkeby’s sculpture in red brick and Erik Heide’s “Den gående, søjlerne og den stående” as well as several other locations around the town. The Krogerup path will take you past some beautiful and breathtaking scenery. Below Louisiana, you can admire the charming and authentic marina. A peaceful experience that can be complemented with a nice meal or a cup of coffee in pleasant surroundings in one of the cosy restaurants in Humlebæk or Sletten Harbour. The specialty stores on Strandvejen are really exceptional. The butcher and the baker supply expertly crafted products, and there’s always a fascinating selection of high quality items in the antique shops. Local brochures can be picked up from Humlebæk Library, Humlebæk Center 40, as well as the tourist inspiration in Lind’s Kaffebar, Oscar Brunsvej 9. Slagter Bagger Solid craftsmanship. This has been the driving force behind Slagter Bagger for half a century. Jens Chr. Lundgaard is the third generation of butchers, and therefore knows exactly what is needed to make a really good steak. Animal welfare is a top priority. Ensuring the animal has had a happy life is key in terms of good ethics and craftsmanship, and Slagter Bagger makes sure only the best quality animals end up in the shop. The right treatment and hook maturation of the beef in special ripening cabinets is the secret behind the excellent taste of the wonderfully tender meat. The shop has a wide range of homemade meat products. Everything is made from scratch, including Denmark’s best chicken salad, as named by consumers at Food Expo 2016, made of free-range chickens from Hopballe Mølle. There is also a selection of fine chocolates and ice

cream from Svaneke. Visit the store or website, Ida Tesdorpfsvej 8, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 03 99 Brødsnedkeren At Brødsnekeren, good craftsmanship, taste and quality are paramount. For baker Thomas Jørgensen, it is important that his bread and fancy cakes are developed and produced with soul and authenticity. His focus is on healthy, low fat bread which are rich in minerals. A fancy cake from Brødsnedkeren’s ‘workshop’ is a guaranteed unique taste experience. Crown princess Victoria from the royal Swedish court knows exactly who bakes the best birthday Danish pastry. Every year Brødsnedkeren in Humlebæk delivers a fabulous Danish pastry to her on her birthday - of course decorated with lots of birthday flags. Humlebæk Strandvej 52, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 03 53, Gl. Humlebæk Kro The inn’s history dates back to 1740, when King Christian VI granted it a royal license. The atmospheric rooms provide a cosy setting for enjoying good homemade Danish food and open sandwiches in a charming environment that is full of royal and maritime memories. Or relax with a steaming cup of coffee on the terrace overlooking the Sound. With the motto “Do not eat to live, but live to eat” the host, Jane Krensler, and her talented staff bid you a warm welcome. Humlebæk Strandvej 2A, DK-3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 02 65, www. gamlehumlebæ Lind’s Kaffebar Just a hundred metres from Humlebæk station on ”Louisiana’s high street” is ”Lind’s Kaffebar”. Lind’s Kaffebar is a charming blend of nostalgia, art and great coffee. There’s always a wide selection of home-baked, seasoninspired cakes on offer. Brunch & Lunch dishes. Savoury tart of the day. Serving Espresso, Mocca, Cocoa, The, Chai, an interesting range of soft and fizzy drinks and plenty more. Gallery and shop with local artists. Come along to Oscar Brunsvej 9, DK3050 Humlebæk, tel. (+45) 49 19 18 18,


HELSINGE – a lively town

Helsinge is one of the most exciting commercial towns in North Sealand. It offers a wide selection of supermarkets and speciality stores – as well as plenty of free and convenient parking areas. Throughout the year you can enjoy different kinds of activities including Concerts in the Town Square, Culture Night, Town Festival and Children’s Festival. Helsinge does it’s utmost to be Denmark’s Best Children’s Town, with playgrounds, fountains and lots of children’s activities in the town centre. It’s definitely worth 32

visiting the idyllic pond area with Christiern Pedersen’s commemorative wall, where you can sit on one of the benches and enjoy the fountain and the beautiful Rhododendron bushes in full bloom. All these elements combine to make Helsinge a lively and attractive town to visit.

HILLERØD TOWN’S HISTORY Helsingørgade 65, DK-3400 Hillerød

SKIBSHALLERNE IN GILLELEJE History of fishing on Sealand’s north coast Hovedgaden 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje

STONE AGE HUNTERS FROM NIVÅ Sdr. Jagtvej 2, DK-2970 Hørsholm


ÆBELHOLT KLOSTERMUSEUM Scandinavia’s largest medieval Augustinian abbey Æbelholt 4 (by Isterødvejen), DK-3400 Hillerød FYRHISTORISK MUSEUM AT NAKKEHOVED Culture and nature at the lighthouse museum Fyrvejen 25A, DK-3250 Gilleleje

Museum North Sealand Museum North Sealand (Museum Nordsjælland ) is a group of small and large local museums in the region. By purchasing a yearly ticket, you can explore Royal North Sealand’s history to your heart’s desire. At the museums you will encounter Stone Age hunters and farmers, fishermen and citizens from later times. You will also meet Danish kings because for many centuries, the majority of North Sealand belonged to the Crown. From the northern fishing village Gilleleje, head towards the market town of Hillerød and to the whisky belt around Hørsholm. For more details visit


Museum Nordsjælland, Sdr Jagtvej 2, DK-2970 Hørsholm, tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40. Annual ticket DKK 100. Can be purchased from VisitNordsjælland and the exhibition venues.



Museum of Modern Art Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is world-famous. It is also a vibrant cultural centre and a very special place where art and architecture meet parkland with direct access to the Øresund. Every year Louisiana hosts several major international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum has a long tradition of presenting visual culture in alternative and diverse forms – including photography, design and architecture exhibitions. Louisiana’s collection covers a period dating back from 1945 upwards and includes superb masterpieces and examples of nearly all genres – painting, sculpture, photography, film and installations. Architecture and sculpture park Architecturally, Louisiana is considered to be one of the finest examples of 1950s elegant and understated modernism. The museum blends perfectly with the land-


scape and the surrounding sculpture park with views overlooking the Øresund. The park sculptures are an important part of Louisiana’s collection. Works are displayed by artists such as Moore, Calder, Ernst and Miró – all precisely positioned amid the sculpture’s park verdant setting.

pared from scratch using seasonal ingredients. There is a new menu every week, as well as a lunch and evening buffet. Louisiana Shop is one of Denmark’s leading design stores, focussing mainly on Danish and Scandinavian design. The product selection is a good reflection of the latest trends on the design scene.

The Children’s Wing, café and shop Children of all ages have unique opportunities to work creatively and explore their imaginations and senses in the Louisiana Children’s Wing, a 500 m² three-storey building. Louisiana Cafe offers panoramic views across the Øresund, and the outdoor patio is open in the summer. The kitchen serves modern Danish food, pre-

A living culture house Guided exhibition tours, art kick in the collection, creative workshops, painting schools, concerts, Friday lounges, live debating events, professional lectures – and an international literature festival. Art, contemporary culture, words and sounds are brought to life all year round in Louisiana’s creative surroundings.

LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19, OPENING TIMES Tuesday-Friday: 11–22. Closed Mondays. Sat, Sun and bank holidays 11–18.




Visit one of Denmark’s most talked about, spectacular new museums M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, in front of Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, is in the shape of a huge ship, built underground and surrounding the port’s old dry dock. The unique, underground museum has been designed by the worldfamous Danish architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Their sloping bridges take you down to a whole world of maritime history. Eight theme exhibitions take you through the story of Denmark as one of the world’s leading shipping nations, where you can explore the museum’s rich collections in an atmospheric and dramatic setting of film projections and


soundscapes. You can stand face-to-face with a torpedo, get an old-fashioned sailor’s tattoo, see the biggest model of a container ship in the world - and much more. An Award-Winning Museum Since the dry dock museum opened in 2013, it has won a number of international prizes for its architecture and exhibitions, winning great acclaim from international media. The musem has been called ’A cutting-edge cultural venue’ by The New York Times and ’One of the eight greatest new museums’ by the BBC.

More than a Museum M/S Café has Denmark’s most stunning underground view. The café’s panorama windows open onto the rough-hewn dry dock and BIG’s spectacular architecture. During the summer season the open-air dock is transformed into a sheltered ‘subterranean’ terrace. M/S Café serves lunch, hot and cold drinks, and a selection of delicious cakes. The museum shop M/S Cargo has a wide selection of maritime books, designer items, clothes and toys. Entrance to the museum café and shop is entirely free of charge.

M/S MARITIME MUSEUM OF DENMARK Ny Kronborgvej 1, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 06 85 Instagram: @maritimemuseumdenmark OPENING HOURS Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm July and August: Daily 10 am - 6 pm Closed 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December and 1st of January



North Sealand has a wealth of art and culture on offer. Below are some excellent examples. Find lots more in the magazine or visit

Elmgreen & Dragset’s sculpture “HAN” at Culture Harbour Kronborg in Helsingør

Art culture in North Sealand The Culture Yard in Elsinore The culture centre contains North Sealand’s largest stage, cafe and restaurant, exhibition room, meeting facilities, museum and a modern library. The converted shipyard buildings, which were inaugurated on the 10th of October 2010, are located just a few metres from the harbour front in Elsinore; between Kronborg Castle, the new M/S Maritime Museum and Elsinore’s old town centre. Kulturværftet is spread over an impressive 13,000 m², all of which is dedicated to concerts, theatre, performing arts, events, conferences, exhibitions, festivals and a 3-storey library brimming with books, exciting facilities and experiences. Together with Kronborg Castle, M/S Maritime Museum, Elsinore Harbour and the culture centre Toldkammeret, Kulturværftet forms a part of Elsinore’s ambitious Culture Harbour Kronborg project. Allegade 2, DK-3000 Helsingør, 38

When a polar explorer plans In the most northern part of North Sealand, all the way out to the west of Hundested, you’ll find Knud Rasmussen’s House. Denmark’s famous polar explorer built the house by Spodsbjerg Lighthouse in 1917. He lived in the house between his journeys to the North Polar Region. The house has been left as it was in Knud Rasmussen’s day. The interior is intact, including furniture, paintings and photographs. Arboretet Arboretet in Hørsholm is part of the University of Copenhagen and was esta­ blished in 1936 as an expansion to Forst­ botanisk Park in Charlottenlund, with the objective of supporting teaching in forestry and garden botany. Arboretet is still used for botany teaching today. With over 2,000 species of trees and plants, the collection is the biggest in Denmark. A large number of visitors and horticultural enthusiasts visit every year.

Open daily from 07:30 to dusk. Karen Blixen’s home Rungstedlund was Karen Blixen’s home and is now the Karen Blixen Museum, just a few minutes walk from Rungsted harbour. Karen Blixen (1885–1962) remains one of Denmark’s greatest writers. Rungstedlund opened as the writer’s museum in 1991. Karen Blixen was born and grew up in the house and she spent a large part of her adult life there. Her grave lies under a great beech tree, in the park close to the museum. Rungstedlund garden and forest Rungstedlund is located close to the Øresund coast in Rungsted. Behind the buildings stretches nearly 17 hectares of gardens and park. The area is designed as a bird sanctuary, as Karen Blixen wanted, and it is open to the public. Visitors can also visit Karen Blixen’s grave, at the foot of Ewald’s Mound.

PHOTOS FROM TOP LEFT Live koncert at Kulturværftet in Helsingør, Knud Rasmussen’s House in Hundested, Rungstedlund (Karen Blixen Museum), the Aboretum in Hørsholm

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival Theme of the year: “Once upon a time” 11 May – 17 September 2017, Kajgaden 7 Hundested Havn, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 50 47 98 30







Kajgaden 9, Hundested Tel. (+45) 40 14 50 05 / 24 82 15 24

Ndr. Beddingsvej 39C, Hundested Tel. (+45) 27 49 75 49

Ndr. Beddingsvej 17 Tel. (+45) 47 98 01 22 facebook/DenBlåAnsjos

Ndr. Beddingsvej 39 H, Hundested Tel. (+45) 21 84 42 31





Kajgaden 9, Hundested Tel. (+45) 22 82 31 05

Ndr. Beddingsvej 39, Hundested Tel. (+45) 24 84 60 74

Ndr. Beddingsvej 39J, Hundested Tel. (+45) 23 67 43 12

Ndr. Beddingsvej 21, Hundested Tel. (+45) 53 82 10 66 facebook/HavnensPerle


Denmark’s largest private art collection Discover Denmark’s largest private art collection at close hand when you hold meetings and conferences amid Konventum’s stunning architecture, where art can be enjoyed in all shapes and forms. More than 1,200 works of modern art from the 1950s until present day, grace the walls, ceilings and floors. Konventum is a conference centre, and not a museum, so the art is displayed randomly, allowing you to experience the works in a living and changing environment. Artists including Asger Jorn, Katrine

Ærtebjerg, Per Kirkeby, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Lizzie Mallow, Egil Jacobsen, Kurt Trampedach, Kristian Hornsleth and many others offer you some unique and outstanding experiences at Konventum. Check the website for guided tours or explore the building on your own. Or book your next conference among the art. Konventum Gl. Hellebækvej 70, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 09 00,

Rudolph Tegner’s Museum and Statue Park Rudolph Tegner’s Museum og Statuepark Museumsvej 19 DK-3120 Dronningmølle Tel. (+45) 49 71 91 77 The park is accessible all year round and the museum during the summer months. Opening times on


Bearing testimony to the talented sculptor Rudolph Tegner’s (1873-1950) works and life, lies the Tegner Museum and surrounding Statue Park in the heathery landscape known as Russia, between Dronningmølle and Gilleleje. Tegner’s beautiful, delicate, poetic, dramatic, expansive and masculine works interact harmoniously with their surroundings: outdoors set against a backdrop of heather, sky and sea, and indoors against bare concrete walls. The museum dates from 1938 and is considered one of the 100 most innovative architectural works in Denmark, housing a permanent collection of over 300

works in plaster, clay, marble and bronze. Take a stroll around the park and visit the museum. The café ‘Traktørstedet’ serves traditional coffee and cake (lunch can be ordered online, at least 3 days in advance). There is an art treasure hunt and drawing workshop for children.  017 Exhibitions 2 • Pontus Kjerrman “Ned med våbnene – Livets landskab” (Down with the weapons – Life’s landscape) – sculptor meets sculptor • “Fra Gulv til Loft” (From floor to ceiling) – Rudolph Tegner’s paintings

OPENING TIMES April, May, June: Thursday-Sunday 12-17 Open every day over Easter.

Welcome to

MUNKERUPHUS – a meeting place to enjoy art and nature Exhibition space and artist’s home Munkeruphus is a former artist’s home beautifully located overlooking Øresund on the stretch of coast between Gilleleje and Dronningmølle. Since 1989, it has served as an exhibition space for art, architecture and design. In addition to changing exhibitions showing Danish and foreign artists, the house also has a small shop and café and expansive gardens with sculptures and outdoor serving in the summer. The wooden building was designed in 1916 by architects Terkel Hjejle and Niels Rosenkjær, and in 1987 was listed as one of the finest and most complete examples of this style of building, which came to Denmark via the Arts and Crafts movement in England and the American Colonial Style. Gunnar Aagaard Andersen The history of Munkeruphus is closely associated with one of the most versatile and experimental Danish artists of the

20th century, Gunnar Aagaard Andersen (1919-1982), who lived and worked in the house with his family from 1958 until his death. The house’s old garden room has become a permanent space for Gunnar Aagaard Andersen’s hybrid works of art that ranged from painting, sculpture and architecture to scenography, furniture, wallpaper and textiles etc. Visitors are welcome to use the room’s furniture and look into books, iPad and drawers, that are available for those who wish to delve into the world of Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. Café and shop The old dinning room contains a cosy café, where you can buy light lunch dishes, home-baked treats, quality coffee and tea, speciality beers, cordials and wine. And in the summer months you can buy locally-produced ice cream. The shop sells its own catalogues and books on art, photography, architecture, design and landscape. You can also buy

July and August: Tuesday-Sunday 12-17 Thursdays open until 20.00 September and October: Thursday-Sunday 12-17 Munkeruphus Munkerup Strandvej 78 DK-3120 Dronningmølle

homemade Munkeruphus Honey from our own bees, special designs made from Gunnar Aagaard Andersen textiles and small objects made by Danish designers and craftsmen. Park and beach The lovely park area surrounding Munkeruphus is characterised by its undulating and varied terrain, old exotic trees and a number of permanent sculptures, including works by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. In the summer months, the park is also used for openings, concerts and other events. There is direct access to a lovely sandy beach via Dronningekløften at the bottom of the park. In the summer, it’s a wonderful place for swimming, fishing or enjoying your ice cream from the café. Everybody is welcome to use the garden from sunrise to sunset. Free entrance to the park. 41



MUSEUM OF NATIONAL HISTORY Frederiksborg Castle, used by hunt-loving Danish Kings since the 16th century. Frederiksborg Castle, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 48 26 04 39

M/S MARITIME MUSEUM OF DENMARK Learn about Denmark’s story as a shipping nation in past and present in a spectacular framework. Ny Kronborgvej 1 , 3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 06 85,

KAREN BLIXEN MUSEET Rungstedlund, her childhood home which she returned to in 1931 after 17 years in Africa. Rungsted Strandvej 111, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst, Tel. (+45) 45 57 10 57

SKIBSKLARERERGAARDEN Historic house with Denmark’s oldest preserved shop. From the town’s prosperous Sound Due era. Strandgade 91, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 36

ELVÆRKET Hillerød’s old power station, now museum with special exhibitions in the high-ceilinged turbine hall. Frederiksgade 11, DK-3400 Hillerød,Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

ESRUM MØLLEGÅRD, WATER MILL Dates from 1151 when Cistercian monks built Esrum Abbey. Klostergade 11-12 - Esrum DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

ESRUM ABBEY Old medieval abbey. Today an attraction offering an extensive activities programme. Klostergade 11, Esrum, DK-3230 Græsted, tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

FLYNDERUPGÅRD Living history agriculture from 1930 with animals and farm equipment. Eatery and classroom. Agnetevej 9, DK-3060 Espergærde Tel. (+45) 49 28 19 00

TECHNICAL MUSEUM OF DENMARK History of development of transport machinery, etc. Kids can play being fighter pilots. Fabriksvej 25, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 22 26 11

PIBE MØLLE Some summer Sundays the local Miller’s Guild operates the mill Høbjergvej, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

MUNKERUPHUS Exciting art museum in attractive park with changing exhibitions. Access to Øresund. Munkerup Strandvej 78, DK-3120 Dr. mølle, Tel. (+45) 49 71 79 06

HØRSHOLM EGNS MUSEUM Meet the Stone Age hunters from Nivå Fjord and see Hirschholm Palace among the museum’s exhibitions. Sdr. Jagtvej 2, DK-2970 Hørsholm Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40,

HILLERØD BYMUSEUM Lovely location in Frederiksborg Castle garden. History from 16th century onwards. Helsingørsgade 65, DK-3400 Hillerød, Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

RAMLØSE MØLLE & HÅNDVÆRKSMUSEUM Flour mill from 1908. Still operated on many Sundays. Tradesmen’s museum in side building. Møllelodden 4, 3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

LAUGØ SMEDJE Smithy. Blacksmiths demonstrate old skills in making horseshoes and explain history of horseshoeing. Laugø Byvej 2, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

RUDOLPH TEGNER’S MUSEUM AND STATUE PARK Museum and statue park in beautiful area, Rusland. Permanent Tegner exhibition. Museumsvej 19, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, Tel. (+45) 49 71 91 77

ÆBELHOLT KLOSTERMUSEUM The Abbey museum has skeletons and medical instruments that illuminate quality of life, diseases and death in around 1175. Æbelholt 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

HELSINGØR BYMUSEUM The town museum is located inside Carmelite House – previously an Abbey hospital and poorhouse. Sct. Annagade 36, Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 00,

KNUD RASMUSSENS HOUSE Former home of the famous polar explorer, now museum with items from his Greenland expeditions. Knud Rasmussens Vej 9, DK-3390 Hundested, Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

DET GAMLE HUS Fishermen’s house from 1850s. Shows how a typical family lived in the middle of the 19th century. Gilleleje Hovedgade 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

Be inspired Read more about all the museums and how to find your way around at

ESRUM MØLLEGÅRD As part of Esrum Abbey, you can visit Esrum Møllegård with café and water mill dating back to Christian IV’s era. Klostergade 12, DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00,

ØRESUNDSAKVARIET Discover the marine life in the Øresund. Touch pools and marine summer activities. Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70

KRONBORG CASTLE One of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and world-famous setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 21 30 78

FREDENSBORG LOKALHISTORISKE MUSEUM Has a historical classroom with collection of historical school items. Avderødvej 19, DK-2980 Kokkedal Tel. (+45) 48 28 01 76 / 23 41 54 40

KRUDTVÆRKSMUSEET World’s best preserved gunpowder works. Working machinery. Krudtværksalléen 1 DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 72 06 05

SKIBSHALLERNE IN GILLELEJE Museum halls about history of fishermen in North Sealand. Gillleje Hovedgade 49 DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

DANISH FOUNDATION OF THE HISTORY OF PHARMACY Pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry and history of medicines in Denmark over the past 100 years. Milnersvej 42, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 20 60 00,

THE RING OVEN AT NIVAAGAARD BRICKYARD In Nivå you’ll find Denmark’s last preserved ring oven. See the website for opening days and guided tours. Teglværksvej 23, DK-2990 Nivå,

FYRHISTORISK MUSEUM AT NAKKEHOVED ØSTRE AND VESTRE FYR Time travel to 1800 and a coalfired lighthouse. Fyrvejen 20 + 25 a, DK-3250 Gilleleje, Tel. (+45) 72 17 02 40

HYLLINGEBJERGSTENEN Denmark’s most engraved 3,000-years old stone at entrance to Frederiksværk Library. Frederiksværk Bibliotek, Torvet 41, 3300 Frederiksværk, Tel. (+45) 47 78 41 00,

KARLEBO MILL A well-preserved Dutch mill. Open to schools and groups by arrangement. Kirkeltevej 161 C, DK-2980 Kokkedal, Tel. (+45) 60 68 27 82

MODEL RAILWAY MUSEUM BY GERT’S IMPORT Large model railway with 130 m of rails, many train sets and masses of fascinating details. Shop and model railway club. Strandgade 93, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 30 43 57 85

KARMELITERKLOSTRET Vor Frue Abbey with St. Mariæ Church is one of Scandinavia’s best preserved medieval monasteries. Built in 1450-1500. Sct. Anna Gade 38 DK-3000 Helsingør

NIVAAGAARD MALERISAMLING Works from Italian and Northern European renaissance, Dutch baroque periods and golden age of Danish art. Gl. Strandvej 2, DK- 2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 10 17

HELSINGØR VÆRFTSMUSEUM It tells the history of Helsingør Shipyard’s heyday and the lives of the shipyard workers. Free admission. Allégade 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 18 16

GJETHUSET (CANNON FOUNDRY) Built in 1761-67. Now cultural centre for arts and music venue. Gjethusgade 5 DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 40 70 50 30

LOUISIANA World-famous museum of modern art. Unique location in park facing Øresund. Gl. Strandvej 13, DK-3050 Humlebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 19 07 19

HAMMERMØLLEN Mill built in 1765 on Kronborg Geværfabrik. Water from nearby forest lakes. Operated until 1870. Bøssemagergade 21, DK-3150 Hellebæk, Tel. (+45) 49 21 89 72


The Danish Riviera The world is full of wonderful beaches but the top of Sealand has some of the best beaches in Europe, dotting the coast like pearls on a string. The Danish Riviera stretches from Sejerøbugten in the west to Øresund in the east – 230 km of coastline. One day you’re enjoying the vibe in Gilleleje Harbour, the next day you’re in Rørvig. You decide if your journey from one harbour to the next is on a bicycle, in a car or on foot. If the wind is blowing at Sejerø-bugten in the west, then choose a beach on the north or east coast. Every beach has its charm. Naturally, your journey includes a trip on the Riviera’s own ferry service: Hundested/Rørvig or vice versa. In addition to miles of child-friendly beaches, the Danish Riviera offers you a wide selection of holiday homes, Denmark’s largest castles, ferry services to Helsingborg, Ebeltoft and Aarhus, good hotels, abbeys, cathedral, lovely camping sites, delightful restaurants, a wealth of local food producers, art museums, hundreds of artists and authentic large and small commercial towns. And only about one hour’s drive to City Hall Square in the centre of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.




Julie has a demanding job with a lot of responsibility. As one of the lifeguards working on the north coast, she helps to ensure the safety of the many bathers who visit the popular beaches. BEACH FLAGS Green: Bathing permitted

offers activities and adventures for everyone Sealand’s north coast is a long string of beautiful beaches, all offering safe swimming water and outstanding experiences. During the swimming season, you will also encounter specially trained lifeguards. They man the lifeguard posts at 21 beaches and ensure the bathing water along the almost 60-kilometre stretch between Espergærde and Hundested is the safest in Denmark. And there is something for everybody. The north coast’s beautiful beaches are among the most popular in Denmark and are widely used for a wealth of activities. From wet-suit clad sea swimmers, swimming along the coast, to families with children, parents and grandparents, they all enjoy the clean water and Kattegat’s blue waves. There are also some fantastic opportunities to get out on the water. Perhaps try a surfboard, SUP or kite? Or boat or sea kayak? Or just in wellington boots and waders, armed with a fishing rod? There’s an abundance of marine life in the dip between the water’s edge and first sand bank, and it is fascinating to explore this area with a snorkel and mask. Or, if you’re in a lazier, more relaxed mood, you can just go paddling

Yellow: Bathing permitted but extra care is needed. Red: Bathing is strictly prohibited

with rolled-up trousers and a bucket for crab hunting. In the holiday season, the lifeguards are on the beach 10-18 daily. No matter the weather conditions. They take care of first aid incidents and keep an eye on water safety. An important part of the lifeguard’s function is also to provide information about local conditions on the info boards and hoisting a green, yellow or red safety flag. This gives visitors at the beach the best opportunities for a positive and safe experience. Regardless if the day offers currents and waves, offshore winds or perhaps just dead calm with blazing sunshine. You can check the beach conditions even before you set off from home on It is always a good idea to walk past the lifeguard when you get there. Then you can say ‘hi’ to the lifeguard and hear about any special conditions you might have to be aware of that day. And the lifeguard is always ready to help visitors on the beach with answers and guidance about local conditions. And with the lifeguard’s help and advice, you can have the best possible time doing your favourite seaside activity.


Beach life

Where the clean, fresh waters of the Kattegat and Sound wash up on North Sealand’s shores, you’ll discover a string of almost 100 kilometres of beaches, which offer great experiences to families with children, nature -lovers and adventurers.

Denmark’s fantastic riviera

Do you dream of spending summer on one of the world’s best beaches with fine white sand between your toes, lyme grass around your ears and sun shining from a cloudless sky? Here where the clean waters of the Kattegat and Sound wash up on North Sealand’s shores, there are 11 idyllic coastal and seaside towns, which are dotted like pearls on a string, tied by a stretch of almost 100 kilometres of coastline. The beaches, the light, dunes and plantations high skies and fresh sea air, which all combine to create a wonderful sense of calm in the soul. ‘The Danish Riviera’ has plenty of experiences in store for families with children and nature-lovers. It is no surprise that artists have been drawn over the years to the atmosphere and this picturesque scene. Back then and still today, the timbered houses were flocked with hollyhocks and cobblestones with blue-green fishing boats along the Danish Riviera. Perhaps you already know the charming and most well-known


seaside towns of Hornbæk, Gilleleje and Tisvildeleje. Each town has its own fine details that make them worth a visit just as much as the lesser known places, which are perfect if you prefer idyllic and peaceful experiences. Popular sandy beach with lovely dunes Far west is the harbour town of Hundested with its popular sandy beach and dunes, just a two-minute walk from the harbour and Hundested town. The beach is popular with both tourists and locals. There are good parking facilities and a fine view across the mouth of Isefjord and Rørvig to the west. Five kilometres further east, the beach at Gråstenvej is slightly less busy and more child-friendly. Eight kilometres of golden beach Liseleje is a romantic seaside town by the edge of Tisvilde Hegn, with classic timbered houses and hollyhocks and a wide sandy beach. Plenty of parking space, so the town is easily accessible. Enjoy the child-friendly, lifeguarded beach, which offers disabled access too. The Kattegat Kite Festival is held on Strandengen in the month of August. The water is shallow but children and bathers must keep clear of the stone breakwaters because of the risk of strong currents and rip currents.

Classic seaside town The old fishing village in Tisvilde is the essence of a very traditional seaside town that has become a fashionable and popular destination with cafes and intimate night life in recent years. The popular beach is dotted with classic bathing huts painted in charming colours and the bay behind the jetty provides ideal shelter if the wind gets up. Further down the beach from the car park, you’ll find beach areas with large dunes in wild, raw nature. Further along you’ll find the beach at Stængehus, roughly in the middle of the long beach between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje. Own beach behind impressive cliffs The stretch between Tisvildeleje and Rågeleje has steep and impressive cliffs towering over the Kattegat. The view is magnificent. At the foot of the slopes, there are rarely-visited small coves with fine beaches. With luck, you can find your own private beach at the end of the many sets of steep steps which you will find along this stretch of coastline.

LIFEGUARD-MANNED BEACHES 2017 Espergærde Snekkersten Hornbæk E+W Villingebæk – Dronningmølle Strandbakkerne Gilleleje Veststrand Smidstrup Rågeleje Strandbjerggård Tisvildeleje E+W Stængehus Hundested Lille Kulgab Liseleje E+W Gråstenvej – Hundested Grønnehave/Marienlyst Elsinore Nivå Strandpark GOOD DISABLED FACILITIES Espergærde Tisvildeleje Liseleje Dronningmølle Hornbæk

Classic Boardwalk Rågeleje has a superb classic seaside promenade, which along with the coast road follows a long stretch of coastline, close to the water’s edge. When the wind gets up, there are many windsurfers to watch out at sea. Fishery and atmosphere Gilleleje is an old fishing town that still has an active fishery and a large, busy harbour. The beaches on either side of the harbour are excellent. The lovely, familyfriendly beach, Strand­bakkerne, lies in the east. On the other side of the sea is Veststranden, with slightly deeper water, often with more waves. A perfect family beach Dronningmølle beach is probably one of North Sealand’s most child- and familyfriendly beaches. With fine-grained sand, clean, shallow waters and 2 lifeguard posts for optimum water safety, the beach is a popular choice. Handicap accessible with a ramp to the water’s edge, toilets and parking at Dronningmølle Camping. Also parking and stairs to the beach in the village of Dronningmølle. Charm and atmosphere Hornbæk is the most well-known seaside town on the north coast. It is a lively harbour town with a charming marina

atmosphere with timbered houses in the old fishing area. The town is buzzing with life and activities and the large beach has lovely fine sand and high dunes. Warm summer days attract lots of sun-seekers to the beach. The new playground on the beach at Hornbæk is crafted in wood and designed as a harbour with breakwaters, bridges, lighthouse, boats, slides, swings and much more. Delightful beaches with views of the Sound Past Elsinore the coastline turns south, where there are lots of small but very charming and intimate beaches. Snekkersten and Espergærde lie side by side with lawns and old sites once used to dry fishing nets that hint at a time when fishing for herring in the Øresund was a vital source of wealth. Both neighbourhoods have fine sands and a lovely view of Sweden across the Sound. Child-friendly beach close to the harbour Nivå has a lovely child-friendly beach that extends from Nivå Harbour. Perfect for safe swimming and catching crabs. Lovely sandy beach for the whole family A lovely bathing beach is adjacent to Rungsted Harbour, where children and adults play in the bobbing waves and on the beautiful sands. 47


– a pearl among seaside towns along The Danish Riviera There is activity in Tisvildeleje all year, but in the summer when the sun is high in the sky, the town really comes to life. Do not be surprised if you bump into a well-known TV personality, actor, politician or celebrity. No, because they are

obviously doing what so many others do in the summer – head for Tisvildeleje. Fortunately there is plenty of space for everyone on the wide, ten-kilometre-long beach, which is patrolled by lifeguards in the summer. Many people enjoy walking

or cycling through Tisvilde Hegn towards Liseleje. This takes you past Troldeskoven forest, a lovely plantation with large sand dunes, before you reach the water. In Tisvildeleje, there is a cinema, an observatorium and lots of activities all year round.

Liseleje Beach holidays like in the good old days on The Danish Riviera The old whitewashed “ice house” on the grassy area behind the beach testifies to Liseleje’s origins as a fishing settlement. Enjoy the lovely child-friendly beach where lifeguards are on duty during the summer. The grassy area behind the beach provides a perfect setting for the 48

annual Kattegat Kite Festival in August. Liseleje is a wonderful place for a good and happy family holiday. The nature playground Havtyren (or Sea Bull) will keep the kids occupied for hours, or go for a nice long stroll along the beach or at Melby Overdrev. The north coast path

from Hundested to Helsingør passes through Liseleje, which is a popular place to stop off for cyclists following the Kattegat coastline. There are lots of different options for staying in Liseleje, to experience the sunset and enjoy the Danish summer at its best.

Hornbæk is hot hot hot

Another fabulous summer awaits on Denmark’s Riviera Hornbæk, on the North coast of Sealand, is a classic Danish summer resort full of fun, sun and love. In 2017, the cosy seaside resort will provide the setting for a series of spectacular events like the Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup, which is once again returning to Hornbæk’s white beaches. It will run concurrently with the town’s annual traditional summer events, such as art exhibitions, Hornbæk Harbour Festival, street theatre and of course, Week 31, where the whole town invites tourists to take part in up to 150 free activities that focus on physical activity and wellness. The summer season kicks off with ‘Store Badedag’ on Hornbæk Beach, where it is time for Hornbæk’s winter bathers to hand over the sea to the summer people. On this day, hundreds of

Hornbæk townsfolk, guests and tourists swarm together to take over the sea from the winter bathers. The town’s atmospheric Midsummer Eve celebrations on the west beach outside Hornbæk Harbour are well worth a visit. If you have ever experienced this along with the late sunset, you will understand why Hornbæk is also called the Town of Light. Hornbæk has everything that a modern tourist could wish for in a seaside and holiday resort. Even though the town is only a 45-minute drive north of Copenhagen, it feels like you are in another world. The air is cleaner, the sand is whiter and life seems a lot more fun. Hornbæk offers everything from lavish luxury to primitive accommodation in a shelter in Hornbæk plantation. Sailing folk love Horn-

bæk’s charming harbour and the friendly harbour master, and most people return year after year. You can enjoy a wide variety of shopping and eating places down by the harbour, and there’s a lovely beach playground by the harbour, where families can barbecue their own food. The town has a thriving commercial centre, where tourists can relax and enjoy themselves. You can enjoy world-class ice creams, and the delicious cafés and restaurants serve just about everything your heart desires, regardless of your budget and tastes. Practically every week, Hornbæk hosts some kind of art, nature and culture event. If you have any questions, just ask the knowledgeable staff in Hornbæk Tourist Office, which is in the town library at Hornbæk Square. 49

Tisvildevejen can be enjoyed all year round

THE SANTIAGO ROUTE in North Sealand The pilgrim route ‘Tisvildevejen’ is a culturally historical route brimming with experiences that beautifully reflect what North Sealand has to offer in terms of its nature, culture and local products. North Sealand has been home to many kings and queens through the ages and you can find a wealth of cultural and historical sights. The vibrant story of its cultural history plays an important role in creating high quality content in the National Park Royal North Sealand and giving tourists from around the world unique and authentic experiences. Due to its location, North Sealand has also experienced a great deal of commerce, settle50

ment and traffic, and these elements have contributed to its exciting cultural history in the form of burial mounds, ruins and other buildings that can now be enjoyed as cultural tracks in the landscape. Tisvildevejen points out the most beautiful destinations in North Sealand, highlighting the culture and nature and making it accessible, inviting, attractive and understandable. You can travel along the Tisvildevejen route all year from Esrum to Tisvildeleje, or participate in the unique exclusive culture hiking event in week 27 for only 30 participants. This is when the Pilgrim route Tisvildevejen offers four days filled

with special experiences – an abundance of culture, food, togetherness, singing and music, nature, art, stories and much more. As a fixed route, Tisvildevejen goes from Esrum Abbey to Mårum, Annisse, Ramløse and ends up at Helene Kilde (Helene Spring) in Tisvildeleje. Books and paper maps of the Pilgrim route Tisvildevejen are available from Esrum Abbey and can be seen on VisitNorthSealand’s website, where you can also see the full programme for the guided hiking trip and learn much more.


in Royal North Sealand

North Sealand forests are not as natural as you might think. They were actually designed as the backdrop for the most magnificent form of hunting: The monarchic Royal Par Force Hunt. By Jette Baagøe, Museum Director Christian V loved riding with his huntsmen and hounds after a fleeing deer and experience the triumph of defeating it. The terrain in the Store Dyrehave and Gribskov was unsuitable for the king’s par force hunting. It was too dangerous to ride in the swampy, hilly forests so the king decided to tame the wild nature. In the 1680s, hundreds of soldiers were ordered to create a network of winding paths in the forests to make it safe for the king and his guests to ride. Everyone who knew the system could understand it be-

cause the paths were formed in stars and squares grid systems, and the paths had numbers that were carved in stone. The forest became well organised. Denmark’s almighty king had once again proved the power he had over nature and people. Everyone could see this and everyone enjoyed using it, including the king’s foreign guests. He had learned about par force hunting in France, he got his ideas for the road system from France and Saxony, and his hounds came from England. However, Christian V combined the different elements he had discovered and created something completely new. The

par force hunting landscape in North Sealand is unique, but it is also an expression of its time and reflects how ideas were disseminated in Europe in the1600s. This is why it was made a World Heritage Site in 2015. Discover the World Heritage site in the forests of Gribskov or Store Dyrehave. You can find information boards and leaflets at the four parking areas, which give inspiration for lovely forest walks along the old parforce hunting path system. Learn more about the World Heritage site and find the parking areas on:


Royal North Sealand National Park is on the way and is expected to open in 2018.

Forests lakes in Royal North Sealand Living history Whether it’s the white-tailed eagles swooping after its prey across the lake or reflections of the royal history, North Sealand brings the feeling of history and heritage alive. Between the beech trees and still water lies pure peacefulness and the possibility to be active. White-tailed eagles have bred in North Sealand since 2009 and the osprey built its first nest in North Sealand in Gribskov in 2011. This is a testimony of the excellent conditions, as eagles need good hunting and nesting terrain. The red kite has also returned to breed in North Sealand. Denmark’s largest lakes Esrum Lake holds the greatest volume of water, located between hilly farmland and Gribskov, Sealand’s largest forest. A sailing trip along the lake banks offers wonderful experiences. Rich bird life, forest barbecue sites, a magnificent view of Fredensborg and its castle garden avenues and the lakeside restaurant Skipperhuset. Lake activities on a sunny day include swimming, barbecuing, bird watching, bicycling, sailing and fishing. A boat trip will take you over the lake to a forest café that is located on the lake shores. Close to the west lies Arresø, Denmark’s largest


lake. The lake waters can be as still as a mirror or heave with buckling waves in a storm. The lake is a protected area for birds and western marsh-harriers can be seen flying over the reeds. And now you can see white-tailed eagles too. New meadow lakes line Arresø’s hinterland like pearls on a string: Strødam Engsø, Solbjerg Engsø and Alsønderup Engsø, through which the Pøle river flows before joining Arresø. To the north lies the fifteen-year-old lake Holløse Bredning. The lakes support rich birdlife and grassy meadows run down to the lakesides. In 2009, the first beavers were released into the area and more came along in 2010. They quickly spread throughout Arresø’s hinterland. More beaver cubs have since been spotted in North Sealand. Gurre Lake is a more mystical place. The ruins of Gurre Castle lie by the lake. Valdemar IV of Denmark’s fabled connection to the location adds an exciting dimension. The lake lies in a forested area with Gurre Vang in the south and Horserød Hegn in the north. The majority of the forest is protected, and its tranquillity treasured. A small path circles the lake. Here you can barbecue and sleep out in the open.

The royal forests and UNESCO World Heritage North Sealand owes its existence to the popularity of hunting sports among royalty. In the 17th century, Christian V returned from visiting France’s Sun King, and full of enthusiasm he introduced parforce hunting in Denmark. You can still see the old forest hunting routes with their long, straight paths that meet in star- and cross-formations in the forests of Gribskov and St. Dyrehave. Stand at Rødepælsstjernen in the heart of Gribskov or at the Kongestjernen in Store Dyrehave, and you can imagine the horns, the galloping hunters and baying hounds chasing their prey to its exhausted doom. There is an audio guide at the centre of the star formations to aid your imagination. This par force hunting landscape, along with the landscape in Jægersborg Dyrehave and certain road sections outside of the forests have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Wild deer and leaf roller moths Four species of deer are found in North Sealand: Red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and roe deer. All four are found in Gribskov. Fallow deer and roe deer are the most populous. They are most active in

CALL UP HISTORY AND THE COUNTRYSIDE Get more out of your forest walk and call your way to history – to learn about the very place you are in. Selected historical sites are equipped with an information post with a telephone number. Themed folders with GPS points can be downloaded from FIND YOUR WAY AROUND NATURE AND FOREST AREAS IN NORTH SEALAND “Find vej I” is a kind of treasure hunt/­ orientation run that takes you around the sights and attractions in a forest, park or nature area. Visit to learn more

the mornings and evenings, and it is easier to see them. The wild deer mostly stay within the Tisvilde Hegn area, but also wander across the fields to other forests in North Sealand. It’s a magnificent sight to spot a herd of red deer appearing from the morning mist. Tisvilde Hegn has its own special history. The forest was planted on the sand – lots of sand. Sand which had been drifting in from the beach for centuries and had covered several villages. Not all trees thrive on sandy soil. The Scots pine can though. But the sea winds and tree moth’s larvae have transformed parts of the wood into a troll-like tree-contorted fantasy world. Legend says it was the Sea Bull that spread the sand all those years ago. Now the Sea Bull is back, guarding the brand new nature playground at Liseleje beach. Active on land and water Danish Forest and Nature Agency forests offer plenty of activities. Bicycle tours, horseback riding and camping overnight in tents. There are barbecue picnic areas in beautiful surroundings, especially along the lakeside. There are countless

walking and running routes, Health trails and and mountain bike routes. And there is wonderful wildlife and a rich history of local culture. There are medieval abbeys and castle ruins, and 5000-year old burial mounds and passage graves. Using your mobile phone, you can hear the local history of a particular site simply by using the phone number provided on the information post at that particular site. Disabled people and those with mobility difficulties can also enjoy nature as short routes with good surface have been made in several places. Grazing for growing flowers Certain areas in North Sealand have a more open feel to them. Hellebæk Kohave is an old grazing area next to Teglstrup Hegn. Around 150–300 cattle grazed here, which lets the local flowers grow freely in the naturally cropped grass. In many other places, including the forests, you might suddenly spot a herd of horses in a clearing or between the trees – they help keeping the plants kept low with their teeth. On Melby Overdrev, between Liseleje Plantage and Asserbo Plantage, the

heather grows all the way to the dunes. The abundant flowers in the sunny open areas attract beautiful butterflies and insects. Grasshoppers sing in the grass, while bumblebees buzz drowsily from flower to flower. The same idyllic scene can be experienced at Gilbjerg Hoved and Rusland by Tegner’s Museum. Folehaveskoven Hørsholm One of the most lush forests in North Sealand, where many species of trees thrive. The forest has many ancient monuments, like Bronze Age burial mounds and single Bronze Age barrows. This is described in greater detail in the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s hiking brochure. As are the designated hiking routes. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN NORTH SEALAND EXPERIENCES AND PLACE DESCRIPTIONS naturguider/ UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE


Royal, magical and private gardens in North Sealand

Do read more at our website www.

Royal North Sealand is a must-visit destination if you love gardens, culture and nature. In North Sealand you will find sublime royal gardens and experience living history in a region that has been used as a royal retreat for centuries. You can also explore gardens and parks that contain world-class art, and unique magical parks that will invigorate all of your senses. Royal Gardens North Sealand is full of royal history. Experience the unique royal gardens, used as royal retreats for centuries. The gardens are exceptional, and you even can visit Margrethe II Queen of Denmark’s own private garden at Fredensborg Palace. 54

The Magic Gardens In Fredensborg you find The Magic Garden which is open for guidet tours in July. It is the architect himself who shows you the garden and explains the many symbols you find on your way over suspension bridges in the treetops and in the underground meditation room.

Private Gardens Gardening is hugely popular in North Sealand, and there are countless wonderful gardens, some well-known, others less wellknown. The most beautiful and most exciting and creative gardens are often hidden from view behind hedges and fences, where only the owners can enjoy them.


WEEK 31 Hornbæk Week

Sport, health and wellness Uge 31 – Sport, health and wellness Week 31 in Hornbæk is the week that gives you the chance to spice up your holiday with loads of fun and exciting sport, health and wellness experiences. Every day, professional instructors are ready to teach you lots of new activities including fitness, sailing, yoga, dance and running. And these activities are suitable for everyone: families with children, singles, teenagers and the elderly too. All activities take place outside in Hornbæk’s beautiful nature. So take your yoga mat to the beach, zumba-steps down to the pier

or your running shoes to the forest to add a fun and healthy experience to your holiday. Programme On, Week 31’s Facebook page and in the Hornbæk Tourist Information, we publish and update the programme. You can also read more information about the classes and meet the different instructors. It’s not a fanatical week – but just a fantastic week! We look forward to seeing you in week 31, when Hornbæk welcomes you out in the open!

Hornbæk week is run by volunteers, so all the instructors and people involved provide their services for free.


Active Holidays


Are you a total water freak? Then North Sealand is the perfect place for you. It has everything from challenging water sports like surfing, SUP and kayaking to fishing. Visit the town of Lynæs, which has the perfect setting for an exciting day of water-based activities. If you prefer fishing, there are plenty of fishing opportunities along the coast or in put and take lakes. Life under the sea can be explored at the Øresund Aquarium in Helsingør, where children and adults can learn about fascinating sea creatures. If you want speed on land, North Sealand has excellent skater parks where children and young people can let steam off on ramps and rails, parkour areas and playground equipment.

cosy hang-out at the beach has both oneand two-person kayaks and SUPs, which are all easy to handle, even if you’re a new beginner. In all four towns, there are onsite staff to guide you. You can book at the site or on

Kayak & SUP Take the opportunity to experience the North Coast and its beautiful scenery from the water. Throughout the summer season, in Hundested, Liseleje, Tisvilde and Gilleleje, you can rent kayaks and SUPs on an hourly basis, come on guided tours, take courses and much more. Our

Maritime experiences At the Øresund Aquarium, you can discover the amazing aquatic world at the bottom of the sea. In the summer holidays, you can go on a snorkelling safari, try fishing or crabbing or go whale spotting. Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70,

Lynæs Perfect wind conditions and high waves make Lynæs a popular place for water sports. Wind- and kite surfing, kayaking and SUP are just a few of the water activities you can enjoy at Lynæs. The harbour has a charming atmosphere, and is ideal for docking if you’re returning from a trip around Isefjorden. Lynæs Kro and other eateries help create a unique atmosphere in this idyllic and busy harbour.

With fishing rod & waders Do you yearn for that unique tranquility and presence you can only experience when you are out fishing? You can fish along the coast from Hundested in the west to Rungsted in the east – and might even catch your dinner. Purchase your fishing license on Skatetopia In Hørsholm Sports Park you’ll find Skatetopia – a magnet for children and young people. Skaters and in-liners can enjoy challenges on a variety of ramps and rails. Show the others your skills. Drop from the large ramp or slide the rails. Get tips and tricks from local skaters on the Facebook profile: “Kultur Fritid Hørsholm Kommune”. Multiparken In Helsingør, you’ll find a huge activity area with a skating facility, covered playing field, parkour course and other sport and activity facilities. Borgmester P. Christensensvej 4, DK-3000 Helsingør, www.

Outdoor Guide with action-packed experiences The brand new Outdoor Guide features inspiration for hiking, golf, fishing, cycling, surf, climbing, kayak & SUP. The Outdoor Guide can be picked up at Tourist Offices in North Sealand or seen on the website


Active Holidays

Holidays are freedom – from the everyday humdrum, routine and office life. Freedom to spend active time outdoors and feel the weather and changing seasons on your body. North Sealand offers a wide range of activities for action-packed holidays in the most beautiful settings – with your partner, family or children. Do you want to work up a sweat, on a forest mountain bike trail? Or slow things down, with some meditative fishing along the beach? Would you rather walk down ancient pilgrim routes or climb in treetops and view the world from above? North Sealand has it all, allowing you to combine an active holiday with unique experiences that suit your tastes exactly.


By bike Is there anything more wonderful than freedom on two wheels? Going wherever you want, stopping to admire a view, spontaneously jumping in the sea or dropping by a local farm shop? You’re assured a closer, more intense experience of North Sealand’s beautiful countryside from the back of a bike, and get some good exercise too. Find inspiration and routes on

To the Tops Get up high and enjoy the view from a different perspective. Til Tops enables you to enjoy nature from the treetops and feel the rush of adrenalin whizzing down a zipwire. Klosterrisvej 4, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 30 74 09 44.

HIKING AND BIKING ROUTES offers you biking and hiking routes for the whole area.There are descriptions of local walks as well as longer hikes e.g. The Nordkyststien along North Sealand’s coastline, which stretches for a total of 69 km from Hundested to Helsingør.

Be inspired by the abundance of stunning natural and cultural experiences you’ll find dotted around the landscape. Recharge your batteries and put some mileage behind you at the same time. North Sealand offers everything from idyllic footpaths and historic routes to the more authentic hiking trails, or test your stamina on North Sealand’s answer to El Camino. Here you will discover unique experiences in great company. The Santiago route – the Pilgrim route ‘Tisvildevejen’ highlights the most beautiful destinations in North Sealand. You can travel along the Tisvildevejen route all year from Esrum to Tisvildeleje. Books and paper maps are available from Esrum Abbey and can be seen on VisitNorthSealand’s website, where you can find lots more useful information. Ølsted Grusgrav (Ølsted Gravel Pit) Ølsted gravel pit is a recreational nature park with paths around and in the former gravel pit. Facilities include a bonfire area, picnic area, shelters, open-air stage, bird watching tower, nature playground and parking. From the top of the 47-metre-high gravel pit, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Denmark’s largest lake Arresø and Roskilde Fjord. Ørholmvej, DK-3310 Ølsted.

MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTES Read more about the route suggestions on www.naturstyrelsen. dk under naturoplevelser/aktiviteter/mountainbike. RUNNING ROUTES Find health trails and other running routes on under Motion. KAYAK ROUTES Descriptions of routes, kayaking conditions and places to spend the night can be found on under Sejllads. RIDING For riding tracks, visit where you can also find folders with maps and rules for riding. SKI RUNS For more details visit, search the map under “vinterlege/skiløjper”. MORE INFORMATION Danish Cyclists Federation, Danish Forest and Nature Agency,

Bijé Leisure & Camping A camping holiday in Denmark begins with a visit to Sealand’s most well-equipped camping store, with all that you could possibly need for caravans, inside and out. You can have your caravan inspected and checked in the large service centre. If you’re looking for a new caravan, Bijè is the ideal location. They always have hundreds of new and used caravans in storage and you and your family are always welcome. Bijé Fritid & Camping, Bomose Allé 19, DK-3200 Helsinge Tel. (+45) 48 79 31 10,


YOU CAN ALSO VISIT • M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark • Kronborg Castle • Øresund Aquarium • Kulturværftet • Multi-park (Skate and parkour park) • Helsingør Municipality’s Museums Find more information here in the magazine

EXPERIENCES IN ELSINORE & LOCAL AREA There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some unique and unforgettable experiences in Elsinore’s Culture Harbour, town centre and lovely surroundings. Take a guided history tour on a Segway – a fun and active way to experience Kronborg and the medieval town. All sea dogs will enjoy a boat trip on the proud vintage steamship S/S Bjørn, and technical fans will enjoy getting some wind beneath their wings at the Technical Museum of Denmark. Family and Nature Experiences Nyruphus offers children of all ages a warm open-air welcome. Children will also love a trip on North Sealand’s veteran train in smoke and steam. Finally, enjoy The Danish Riviera at sunset on an atmospheric Evening Cruise.

Evening Cruise along The Danish Riviera 60

Enjoy a glass of bubbly and some tasty snacks on the sun deck or in the salon as we sail slowly along The Danish Riviera. Discover charming seaside towns, authentic fisherman’s cottages and beautiful coastal scenery in the sunset’s glow. One destination – two countries Unfortunately, the Sundbusserne journey between Elsinore and Helsingborg only takes 20 minutes – it’s so cosy you won’t want to leave. Discover the friendly atmosphere on board and enjoy delicious Danish open sandwiches and a wee dram as you admire the stunning view of the Øresund. Read more on www. and buy tickets online, including combi-tickets to e.g. Sofiero.





Train rides like when great-grandfather was a boy The veteran train runs on different stretches in North Sealand, at weekends and evenings. It is mostly steam operated, but also uses diesel and railcars. The old station in Græsted has information about the time tables. See the stretches, prices and times on Stop & Sense – for all the family Family and Nature Experiences Nyruphus is North Sealand’s new nature and open-air meeting place. It has a forest café, natural playground, workshops, meeting facilities, nature advice, open nature and outdoor activities. The café has

a wonderful view of the forest and the fun nature playground. Familie and Nature Experiences Nyruphus, Kongevejen 270, Espergærde, tel. (+45) 41 86 86 86, www. Technical Museum of Denmark The Technical Museum of Denmark is a veritable paradise for all children and adults. You can explore a world of technical inventions that have changed the way we live. You can admire the world’s oldest running car, see the Danish aviation pioneer Ellehammer’s aircraft from 1906 and different models of the famous Danish motorcycle Nimbus. Enjoy the feeling of nostalgia as you stand in front of retro

radios and televisions from the 1960s or the popular Commodore 64 from the 1980s. You can enjoy plenty of full-power experiences that create genuine admiration for the wonders of technology and science. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to create new inventions that we can’t live without? With one of Europe’s best technical collections, it’s certainly brimming with inspiration. The Technical Museum of Denmark invites you on a journey where we build bridges between you and Denmark’s history of technology and we look into the future together. Technical Museum of Denmark Fabriksvej 25, DK-3000 Helsingør

Øresundsakvariet Dive below the sea’s surface to discover the brightly-coloured and fascinating marine life in the Sound. From the seahorse-like seaweed needles, over the big lobsters and brown crabs to beautiful coral and sea anenomes. Meet the many inhabitants of the Sound including sharks, rays, squid and colourful fish. Come up close to the animals in the touch tanks – hold a starfish or pat a fish. The admission ticket allows you to come and go all day, watch the hourly feeding sessions and participate in free holiday activities. In the summer holidays you can go crab fishing in the sea and seining on the beach. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime with an exciting porpoise safari in a rubber dinghy out on the Sound (extra charge).

Dive beneath the sea’s surface to discover the amazing aquatic animal and plant life in the Sound.

Øresundsakvariet (The Øresund Aquarium) Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør, Tel. (+45) 35 32 19 70


NORTH SEALAND FOR KIDS There’s no mistaking such happy music – the song of children playing gladdens every heart. Be inspired by fun and exciting child-centred play all year round. Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegård Esrum activities are designed for kids. During the summer and autumn holidays they can enjoy serious outdoor fun and adventure with their friends and families; become knights and princesses at the Medieval Market (17-18 June 2017) or hear a scary story on Ghost Night. All year round they can dress up, get hunting licences, be countryside detectives, go on treasure hunts, make swords and princess masks and much more. And animal lovers will enjoy the goats, horses, rabbits and chickens. For more details about kids activities visit Machine Rally Enjoy a trip on this fine vintage steam train during the summer, lovingly restored and maintained by a group of steam train enthusiasts. Ask your tourist information office for train times. For more details visit Hundested Harbour adventure platform Hundested has an exciting attraction – the floating adventure platform. The 75 m2 platform at the harbour jetty is equipped with shallow touch pools where visitors can get close to the sea’s amazing animals. Come and tickle a fish. Hundested Harbour Farm visit to Grønnehavegård The farm consists of a four-winged, yellow timbered farmhouse that was rebuilt in 1836. The farmer will show you around the 17 different kinds of animals, including old Danish livestock breeds, and children are allowed to feed the animals and the big carp in the pond. Children can


sit on benches under the apple tree and stroke the cuddly animals: rabbits, guinea pigs, kittens, chicks and ducklings. Pony riding, where an adult companion leads the pony or the new donkey Frederik. An educational and fun experience for all the family. Price DKK 75 for everybody above 1 year. Grønnehavegård, Helsingevej 98, DK3300 Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 24 48 26 13. Summer opening times 2/7 - 14/08 (closed Fri/Sat) 11am – 4pm. See other opening times on Bird Zoo Pay a visit to Scandinavia’s largest bird zoo close to Esrum and open your eyes to a world of amazing birds and exotic vegetation. Sodemarksvej 22, Græsted, Experience history at Falkonergården Just outside Fredensborg, visitors can experience the presence of history when the falconer’s eagles, hawks and falcons display their hunting and flying techniques at close range. Davidsvænge 11, Fredensborg, Olliestedet, Skatetopia & Multiparken There are plenty of opportunities in North Sealand for you to slide the rails or do ramp drops in the numerous skater parks. Read more about the skater parks on, or on facebook; Kultur Fritid Hørsholm Kommune. Ølsted Grusgrav (Gravel Pit) Nature playground with bonfire area, inside picnic area, shelters, zip wire, openair stage and bird tower. Large nature area by Rakenhøj, in the middle of Ølsted.

Til Tops What does the world look like 12 metres up in the sky? Would you love to experience the forest from the treetops and see the world from above, or are you just a thrill-seeker after an adrenalin rush? Til Tops offers a fun and challenging climbing area with top safety equipment and procedures. Klosterrisvej 4, Hornbæk, Danish Museum of Science and Technology Do you dream of being a fighter pilot or maybe just sitting behind the steering wheel of one of the earliest cars? Well, you can try both at the Danish Museum of Science and Technology, which has an impressive collection of steam engines, electrical inventions, bicycles, cars and airplanes. Fabriksvej 25, Helsingør Explore the Øresund with Øresund Aquarium Øresund Aquarium opens a window to the sea in the Øresund and welcomes you to enjoy the amazing marine life at the bottom of the sea. All holiday periods offer special activities for children and their parents. During weeks 27-32 of the summer holiday, all weekdays at 11.15, you can go “Crabbing at Nordhavn” with the Øresund Aquarium guides. The Øresund Aquarium offers many other activities, such as porpoise or snorkelling safaris. Porpoise- and snorkelling safaris take place throughout the summer holidays. Opening hours and online booking at


Nature playgrounds and outdoors exercise areas North Sealand has a wealth of nature playgrounds. The playgrounds are located next to forests or beaches and built from natural materials. Children can balance, hop, crawl, climb and play in their own fantasy world.

Teglstrup Hegn Near Gl. Hellebækvej 79, Helsingør Nyruphus – Nature playground for young children, Kongevejen 270, Espergærde Hellebæk – Next to Hellebæk School Nordre Strandvej 141, Ålsgårde Hornbæk Beach Playground Near Havnevej 32C, Hornbæk Glenten Exercise and Play Area Knorrenborg Vang, south of Fredensborg Egebækvangs exercise and meeting area Strandvejen south of Snekkersten Harbour Eghjorten – Jespersvej 309 Fredensborg close to Hillerød Høbjerg Hegn – east of Helsinge Arresødal Forest – Frederiksværk Parking area behind the church Havtyren (the Sea Bull), Lisehøjvej, Liseleje Ullerup Forest, Hundested Nature playground Esrum Kloster Klostervej 11-12, Esrum Ølsted Gravel Pit, Nature playground Rakenhøj, Ølsted

Havtyren nature playground Havtyren (the Sea Bull) rose from the sea to stand on dry land. According to legend, the entire area around Liseleje and Tisvilde was covered in sand because the farmers would not return the sea cows back to the mermen. So the Sea Bull started the sand drift. Everything but Tibirke Church was covered. Inspired by this legend, the Danish Forest and Nature Agency worked with locals and opened an exciting new playground near Liseleje Beach with the Sea Bull in front. Among the trees are balancing bridges, slides, climbing frames, swings and a storyteller’s seat with sea creatures. The nature playground is next to the large parking area in Liseleje and has been extended with new equipment.

Glenten Exercise and Play Area Glenten is a play and exercise area beautifully situated at the top of a hill in Knorrenborg Vang. It has a playground with huge spiders and webs and a kite with outstretched wings. These are surrounded by a wide range of wooden exercise equipment which can be used for muscle building, balancing or just play. Eghjorten Eghjorten is a very popular forest playground with lots of play equipment and a covered hut with several grills. A leaflet has recently been published with suggestions for a short walk with challenges which families can tackle together when visiting the playground.

Nature and activity route with playground at Hundested Sundhedskorridor Halsnæs – Health Corridor Halsnæs – is a varied and exciting 10-kilometre route offering various physical challenges. Along the way there are audio guides and boards with nature activity suggestions. A brochure with a description of the route can be downloaded at or picked up from the box at Hundested Hallen. Find these nature playgrounds/fitness routes and many more on


North Sealand in rainy weather

Help, it’s raining! What on earth shall we do now? North Sealand can sometimes be affected by windy and rainy weather – but you can still have a wonderful holiday with lots of great experiences! Throw on your raincoat and wellies and go for a lovely walk along the beach or in one of the many forests. It’s a wonderful way to blow away the cobwebs – you just have to be dressed warmly. North Sealand has a wealth of nature experiences to offer: nature footpaths, Havtyren nature playground, the Troldeskov forest, Heatherhill. The castle lake and ‘Russia’ by Rudolph Tegner’s Museum. Or how about dropping by one of the many farm shops, galleries or shops? If it rains for a few days, there are also many options for indoor activities in North Sealand. You can visit some of Denmark’s most beautiful castles and Esrum Abbey, explore engineering feats at the Danish Museum of Science and Technology, smell the gunpowder in Gunpowder mill museum, get close to the fish in Øresund Aquarium, enjoy world art at Louisiana and delve into history at local museums. A trip to the swimming pool or cinema is always a popular choice. See some of the options here in the magazine or find more possibilities on


Homely atmosphere and understated luxury

Accommodation in North Sealand Staying away – and yet feeling at home. You’ll most probably recognise this feeling when you stay in North Sealand. We make a real effort to provide the best service, in a friendly and relaxed way. Historic and atmospheric seaside hotels, carefully renovated to meet your expectations of modern comfort and luxury. The light, the sky, the sea, with gently lapping waves that lull you to sleep. Breakfast in light, charming dining rooms, followed by a long stroll along the beach. That’s one type of accommodation in North Sealand. Alternatively you could try a Bed & Breakfast along one of the many good bicycle routes, where the local host will warmly welcome you, and give you his personal recommendations for some interesting experiences. Would you like to stay in the heart of North Sealand, with the magnificent castles of Frede­ riksborg and Fredensborg as your neighbours? If so, Hillerød and Fredensborg have excellent hotels that make ideal bases for exploring the whole area. North Sealand’s beautiful and varied scenery appeals to campers, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by a lack of lovely campsites, whether you’re travelling by bike or car. Along the Danish Riviera, they lie dotted like pearls on a string, close to the sea and beach, and within walking distance of major cultural experiences in the towns. North Sealand’s hostels are conveniently located with day-long distances between them, and offer a comfy bed and friendly atmosphere, which is ideal for getting to know the other travellers. If you are in North Sealand for a meeting, conference or event, you will feel extraordinarily pampered. Unique Meeting Places in Royal North Sealand is a network of 14 meeting venues that professionally take care of facilities, experiences and accommodation.


Boutique hotel in the heart of Helsingør Hotel, Café and Meeting facilities

Kyhns Gæstehus is a little oasis nestled in the centre of Helsingør city, overlooking the city’s old and beautiful town hall. It is a listed townhouse with courtyard, café and lots of character. The building has six beautiful double rooms that are decorated in their own individual style with fine details that incorporate the building’s unique history. It has views overlooking the town or set back, quieter rooms. It offers a tranquil, cosy atmosphere with plenty of space for meetings, small parties or a romantic weekend.

Welcome to

Havgaarden Badehotel 66

In Kyhns Gæstehus, the emphasis is on ecology and sustainability in everyday life. All food is prepared from scratch, and the kitchen works closely with local producers who are also committed to high quality and the pleasure of using quality, natural ingredients. Kyhns Gæstehus looks forward to giving you a warm welcome. Kyhns Gæstehus, Stengade 58, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 71 70 84 82,

Welcome to the relaxed and romantic atmosphere of this seaside hotel. The focus is on unadulterated pleasure and tranquillity far away from everyday life. Enjoy a delicious dinner in the restaurant or in the charming enclosed garden, where you can hear the gentle lapping of waves. Havgaarden Badehotel is located in an idyllic area of natural beauty with hills and woods nearby – and only 100 metres to the beach. Havgaarden Badehotel, Strandlyvej 1, DK-3210 Vejby Strand, tel. (+45) 30 56 40 56,

Family holidays for all tastes in lovely Tisvildeleje at ...

You need to recharge your batteries during your holiday. You need to feel like you’re staying in a home away from home. So your surroundings have to be restful and calming. You need the countryside right at your door, beach, forest and fields. An environment that’s full of good vibrations and energetic staff with a twinkle in their eye. Sankt Helene has it all. It’s for a good reason, that clever men

Sankt Helene

and women tell us about Sankt Helene’s life-giving energy, and throughout history Tisvildeleje has attracted many special guests. For example, Christian IV took water from the holy spring and kept it with him as he travelled around Europe. Sankt Helene provides holiday apartments, family rooms, holiday cabins and tent sites. Moreover, it has Restaurant Sofie, café and bar and several

party rooms. The large outdoor area has a campfire area, animals, nature playground, obstacle course and a wide range of sports activities. Children are wellcatered for with a children’s club, nature school and a large programme of activities throughout summer. Sankt Helene, Bygmarken 30, 3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50,

Hotel Hillerød – world-class hospitality Hotel Hillerød is situated in the heart of lush North Sealand. The hotel is surrounded by magnificent forests, royal castles and proud hunting traditions, while the town’s attractions include great shopping, lovely lakes and sports trails. At Hotel Hillerød and Restaurant Krydderiet, you will be welcomed with real dedication and passion to ensure the

best environment for your stay. The staff take great pride in inspiring and helping you to find the best experiences – whatever it is you are looking for. Restaurant Krydderiet will serve you the best and freshest seasonal ingredients. Depending on the season, strawberries are picked from local farmers’ fields, wild plants are gathered from the forest and the restau-

rant has its own herb garden right outside its window. Our genuine passion for food and our professional dedication makes a visit to Restaurant Krydderiet a unique experience.

Hotel Hillerød, Milnersvej 41, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 24 08 00,


Tisvildeleje Strandhotel When Tisvildeleje Strandhotel’s founder Frederik Nielsen built his house back in 1895, little could he imagine that one day it would be this romantic pearl in a historic fishing town. The warm hues, bamboos and safari interior transport you a world away to a farm in Africa.

The rustic, fresh and homemade food style determines serving of uncomplicated and delicious dishes. Enjoy a relaxing stay in homely surrounding at Tisvildeleje Strandhotel. Sip hot chocolate after a walk along the beach, or just relax on a sofa with a good

book – beat your partner at backgammon, or just spoil yourself with a massage … Tisvildeleje Strandhotel, Hovedgaden 75 3220 Tisvildeleje, tlf. (+45) 48 70 71 19

Konventum – world-class culture Stay in world-class Danish design and architecture. Read the paper sitting in furniture designed by the greatest Danish designers. Discover Denmark’s largest private art collection of unique pieces from the 1950s to the present day. Enjoy the sumptuous breakfast buffet with pan-


oramic views overlooking the Øresund. And explore North Sealand’s beautiful nature and culture right on your doorstep. Konventum has 222 rooms and space for 370 diners in the restaurant, making it the ideal choice for larger or smaller travel groups, who want to find peace

for contemplation and space for unique experiences in beautiful surroundings. Konventum looks forward to giving you an unforgettable experience. Konventum, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, DK-3000 Helsingør, tel. (+45) 49 28 09 00,

Welcome to


Gilleleje Badehotel sits on the top of a 30-metre cliff at Sealand’s northernmost point, Gilbjerghoved. If you add the hotel’s three floors to the height, you have the most amazing view of land and sea. You can see all the way to Kullen in Sweden and enjoy watching the multitude of birds performing air acrobatics

over the Sound and Kattegat. Gilleleje Badehotel has 25 beautiful double rooms, 16 of which are in the main building and 8 in Gilbjerghuset. All rooms have private bathroom and toilet and many have a view overlooking the sea, Kullen and Denmark’s most beautiful sunset. All hotel guests are welcome to use the hotel’s

spa area, where you can enjoy treatments and pamper yourself and your partner or friend. Try, for example, the warm stones in our Turkish hamam, steam bath or the mahogany sauna. Gilleleje Badehotel, Hulsøvej 15, 3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 48 30 13 47,


Helenekilde Badehotel Our guests are the focal point, and we provide understated luxury, excellent food, a comfortable atmosphere and the space and vistas to set your thoughts free. With its views overlooking the Kattegat Sea, Helenekilde Badehotel is situated beautifully. And the ambiance is in true

harmony with the area’s natural setting and history. Helenekilde Badehotel gives you that warm intangible feeling that you are visiting a private home. The meals too are a treat at Helenekilde Badehotel. Everything served here is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, determining the

menu’s seasonal variations. Enjoy a homely stay, sleep like a dream, and return to your daily life rejuvenated. Helenekilde Badehotel, Strandvejen 25 DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, tel. (+45) 48 70 70 01

Munkerupgaard Idyllically situated right by the coast, it offers plenty of possibilities for conferences, parties and spending the night in a beautiful setting. Munkerupgaard enjoys an undisturbed location in a large park, which has its own golf course. The light, luxurious rooms ensure guests enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, whether the day has been spent in conferences, parties or walking in the beautiful nature that 70

surrounds the property. Arrange your party or meeting at Munkerupgaard and have the whole property for yourself. If you arrive in the afternoon, you can enjoy the hotel’s 6-hole par 3 golf course, tennis court, petanque court or take a dip in the Kattegat before dinner, which is prepared by Munkerupgaard’s own kitchen. Munkerupgaard is located in Munkerup, between Gilleleje and Hornbæk, and has

been owned by FL Smidth since 1943. For many years, Munkerupgaard served exclusively as a holiday guesthouse for FLS office workers and their families and FLS pensioners. In 1984, the decor and equipment were modernised to include company courses. Munkerupgaard , Jørgenshvilevej 10, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 49 71 91 11,

Store Kro


Centrally located in scenic North Sealand with Esrum only a stone’s throw away and Fredensborg Palace and the royal family as its nearest neighbour, Fredensborg Store Kro forms an idyllic setting for your next overnight stay or dinner.

Book online and follow Fredensborg Store Kro at Slotsgade 6 · DK-3480 Fredensborg · Tel. (+45) 36 44 80 20

• Restaurant • 9 Conference rooms • 7 Function rooms • 33 Rooms • Art gallery • Garden • Free car parking


To meet or not to meet in North Sealand Did you know that Royal North Sealand also has a wealth of exciting and unusual meeting and function rooms on offer? There are castles, monasteries and fascinating museums you can hire. There are seaside hotels and unique function rooms, top professional conference spaces with wonderfully high ceilings; perfect for great thoughts and creating innovative ideas. Explore the numerous venues on the website, or take a closer look at the selected Unique Meeting Venues, which collaborate together, allowing you to combine multiple experiences in one offer. Read more on or Please contact us if you would like to hear more.

Hotel Bretagne Hotel Bretagne will be a meeting place that will be open all year round. Guests will be able to host a range of events varying from business meetings to celebrations of private occasions such as weddings, confirmations and christenings. The concept and interior decor will be a luxurious upgrade of the traditional Danish seaside hotel, with rooms in several different sizes. Read more about Hotel Bretagne on Sauntevej 18, DK-3100 Hornbæk, tel. (+45) 40 50 43 53

Hotel Villa Brinkly Halfway between the old fishing harbours in Espergærde and Snekkersten lies the worthy, old-style timber building Villa Brinkly. Originally, Villa Brinkly was a summer residence for prosperous families from Copenhagen. They were “summer residents”, people who had the time and 72

resources to move to the countryside for the summer. A new trend which quickly proved popular, but which was initially the preserve of the rich. With only a stone’s throw away from the beach and with the well-known Egebæksvang woods backing the property, Villa Brinkly offers

its guests a unique natural experience. It is also the ideal meeting place for undisturbed anonymity for CEO groups. Space for up to 16 people in our meeting room. Strandvejen 258, DK-3070 Snekkersten Tel. (+45) 49 13 20 19,

Beach hotel

MARIENLYST As soon as you enter the Beach Hotel Marienlyst, you’ll be welcomed into an experience out of the ordinary. Beautiful details, delicious food and wonderful light rooms are combined with a modern, relaxed seaside hotel style. Marienlyst enjoys a unique location on the shores of the Sound with direct access to the beach and fabulous views overlooking the water across to Kronborg Castle and Sweden. Beach Hotel Marienlyst has 225 lovely rooms overlooking the sea or forest. The roof terrace of the new disability-friendly wing allows you to enjoy unique views of the town and sea. If you’re staying in a room with a sea view, you’ll wake up to the most beautiful mornings with

the sound of gently lapping waves and sunrise over the Sound. Your day at the Marienlyst will start with an extensive and delicious breakfast buffet, or you can eat lunch and dinner at Brasserie 1861, which is beautifully situated in Jan Utzon’s beautiful glass pavilions directly by the water. You might also enjoy the opportunity to eat and drink – or just relax – in the lounge bar and the new orangery. Marienlyst offers live music and concerts as well as a casino. In the summer of 2017, a beautiful new spa and wellness area will be ready, which will be open to everyone, not just hotel guests. Beach Hotel Marienlyst’s history dates back to 1861, when royal regulars and good citizens visited ye olde “spa and

seaside hotel”. The beautiful, historic setting, along with a thorough renovation and new buildings, has retained a luxurious version of this unique seaside hotel style – with high ceilings and plenty of space for enjoyment. Just a few minutes from Marienlyst, you’ll find forests, the marina, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, Kronborg Castle and Helsingør town centre with its beautiful, historic streets. You might like to pop over to Sweden or take a trip along North Sealand’s beautiful coastline by car, train or bicycle. Strand- & Badehotel Marienlyst Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 21 40 00,


ACCOMMODATION when it’s naturally cosy Royal North Sealand is home to the friendliest campsites and most welcoming hostels you could possibly imagine. Here, you can enjoy peace and quiet; small green tranquil oases, high quality facilities with beaches, nature and adventures right on your doorstep. When you’ve had enough of beaches and sunbathing, it’s time for an outing and there’s plenty to choose from. What about a trip to one of the quaint market towns with a wide shopping selections, or maybe a trip to some of the small farm shops that you’ll find dotted all around the beautiful landscape. Perhaps the alluring nature will tempt you on a bike ride or a hike in one of the sprawling forests. Or maybe the whole family should visit one of North Sealand’s beautiful castles: Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Fredensborg Castle in Fredensborg or Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. If you like visiting museums, you’re spoilt for choice. Recommendations include Louisiana in Humlebaek, Nivaagaard’s Malerisamling (art collection) in Nivå or perhaps Denmark’s Technical Museum in Elsinore. You’ll find inspiration for many outings in this brochure – both large and small.


The scent of the forest, the sea, beach and fresh air, mingling with the beautiful song of the nightingale. The sky is twinkling with a starry blanket, and it’s time to reflect upon the day’s events. Fancy camping or a hostel? It’s up to you. 1

 DANHOSTEL HELSINGØR HOSTEL Ndr. Strandvej 24, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 49 49

HELSINGØR CAMPING Strandalleen 2, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 49 50


Small, friendly site leading directly on to swimming-friendly beach, sea promenade and centre. View of Kronborg Castle and Sweden. Rental of cabins, kiosk selling coffee, outdoor TV and Wi-Fi.

Private swimming-friendly beach with sauna. Attractive bonfire area with lovely view, good guest kitchen and Wi-Fi. Breakfast served all year round. Town centre with e.g. Kronborg Castle within walking distance.


NORDISK LEJRSKOLE &  KURSUSCENTER / DANHOSTEL HILLERØD Lejrskolevej 4, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 19 86,

HILLERØD CAMPING Blytækkervej 18, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 48 54


Cosy hostel, conveniently located close to St. Dyrehave, Frederiksborg Castle and Hillerød centre. Many activities.


DANHOSTEL  FREDERIKSVÆRK HOSTEL Strandgade 30, DK-3300 Frederiksværk Tel. (+45) 47 77 07 25,


NIVÅ CAMPING Sølyst Alle 14, DK-2990 Nivå Tel. (+45) 49 14 52 26


Located in North Sealand’s most beautiful nature on the edge of Lave Skov and just 800 m from the marina and Nivå Strandpark, which has its own lifeguard during the summer season.

SØLAGER STRAND CAMPING  Kulhusvej 2, Sølager, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 93 62

Camping sites Hostels

Located in the National Park Royal North Sealand directly on Roskilde Fjord with its own beach, and sites offering fantastic fjord views. Forests and high cliffs within walking distance from the site, bike routes no. 2 and 40 go directly past. Cabin, kayak and bicycle hire available.



Small green and lush oasis with a peaceful atmosphere in the town centre, within walking distance of castle, pedestrian shopping areas and cafés. Less than 30 mins. to Copenhagen by car or train directly from Hillerød. Cabin rental. New 35 m² cabins with bathroom/toilet to rent all year round.

Little, cosy hostel in the heart of the town, 6 km to Liseleje beach and close to the forest. Large outdoor areas and a relaxed atmosphere. Features playground, bouncy pillow, canoe rental, tennis courts a good guest kitchen and plenty of space for kids.



SANKT HELENE TISVILDELEJE  Bygmarken 30, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje Tel. (+45) 48 70 98 50 In an idyllic setting like balm for your soul, with its stunning nature in the form of beaches, forests and fields on its doorstep, the Sankt Helene holiday centre is the natural accommodation choice.





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Bed Breakfast




B&B ØSTERGADE Charming fishing cottage in old Gilleleje, close to town and harbour life. Østergade 7B, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 40 41 01 39

GILLELEJE B&B, HØVELTEGÅRD Cosy, atmospheric farmhouse very close to town centre. Lovely garden. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, B&B kitchen and sitting room. Græstedvejen 38, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tlf. (+45) 40 18 85 07 / (+45) 48 30 11 56,

SØGÅRDEN B&B Self-contained annex in courtyard. Private entrance, kitchenette, shower and air conditioning. Possibility for extra bed. Dragstrupvej 5, Dragstrup, DK3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 26 80 93 62

SMÁTTAN B&B AND ANNEX Charming older house centrally located in town opposite Gilleleje Church. Two separate balconies. Courtyard by the annex. Gilleleje Hovedgade 32, DK-3250 Gilleleje, tel. (+45) 61 78 61 32

NORDSTRAND B&B Charming 40 m² annexe w/kitchen, bathroom, TV, internet and private terrace. Close to beach & harbour. Østre Alle 40, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 30 27 39 88

B&B DRONNINGMØLLE 1 km from the beach and Tegners Museum. 2 rooms. Breakfast incl. Villingerødvej 25, DK-3120 Dronningmølle, tel. (+45) 23 80 18 10



ARRESØ INN Holiday apartments & room rental with idyllic location on the banks of the Arresø lake. Comfortable, relaxed and informal atmosphere. Irisvej 4, Ramløse, DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 21 16 44 42

DET GAMLE HUS I HORNBÆK Authentic fisherman’s cottage, lovingly renovated with modern comforts and original interior. Central location just by harbour and beach. Øresundsvej 22, DK-3100 Hornbæk Tel. (+45) 23 23 84 44

SOMMERS HUS Cosy B&B in Hillerød centre. Close to Fredensborg Palace. 2 rooms, 50 m² retro summerhouse style. 1-7 pers. Frederiksværksgade 80, DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 25 70 99 69 / (+45) 26 84 01 88,

LIS HERAND B&B 50 m² annexe with sea view. 1 double room+ 1 bunk bed. TV room, kitchen living area, bathroom, terrace. Prices from DKK 475. Lærkevej 11, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45) 40 34 31 35 ,





LISELÆNGEN 50 m to Liseleje beach. Single & double rooms and holiday apartments are available. Incl. breakfast. Liselejevej 62, DK-3360 Liseleje Tel. (+45) 40 41 07 25

HÅRLANDSGÅRDEN Charming rooms, holiday apartment – large, mature garden – close to forest and beach. Hårlands Allé 12, DK-3220 Tisvildeleje, tel. (+45) 48 70 83 96

KISTPA OVERNATNING 3 rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. Studio flat with kitchenette, bathroom and balcony. Nørregade 55 B, 3390 Hundested Tlf. (+45) 60 15 88 43

B&B MELBY SNEDKERI Spacious bedrooms with a large communal area and kitchenette in modern villa. Near Liseleje Beach. Melbyvej 83, DK-3370 Melby Tel. (+45) 29 16 16 67 / (+45) 28 33 20 33



SØÅSEGÅRD FERIE Charming holiday apartments in beautiful natural setting with modern facilities. Sørupvej 23, DK-3480 Fredensborg Tel. (+45) 23 61 55 16

B&B “ROSE-HOUSE” HILLERØD Romantic B&B 75 m² family apartment with 3 rooms. Rent partially or entirely. 1-7 pers. Tornskadevej 5, Ullerød, DK-3400 Hillerød, tel. (+45) 48 24 75 75 / (+45) 40 25 75 95,


LISSI OLSEN B&B 2 rooms with bathroom, kitchen, TV, WiFi and private entrance. Close to town, harbour and beach. Excl. breakfast. Mågevej 12, DK-3390 Hundested Tel. (+45)47 93 80 81 / (+45) 30 13 80 81,


B&B HANEHOVED 2 dbl. rooms w/private bathroom and shared kitchenette. Lies directly on Roskilde Fjord close to marina. Gl. Møllevej 6o, DK-3300 Frederiksværk, tel. (+45) 47 72 20 19 / (+45) 50 42 01 74

B&B KOKKEDAL/HØRSHOLM B&B between Copenhagen and Helsingør. Garden with own swimming pool. TV and free internet. Bygvænget 827, DK-2980 Kokkedal Tel. (+45) 23 61 55 15 / (+45) 23 40 59 00,


HANNES BED & BREAKFAST Large well-furnished room in peaceful residential area. Private bathroom/toilet, kitchenette and entrance. Ridehusvej 14, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 26 48 85 / (+45) 20 81 36 50

MARIEHØNEN B&B 2 double rooms (one with bunk beds). TV, WiFi. Access to open kitchen/family room, terrace and garden. Parking area. Close to beach and marina. Frederiksværkvej 5 B, Lynæs, DK-3390 Hundested, tel. (+45) 23 61 06 54,

NORDENSBJERG B&B 38m² holiday apartment on small farm in St. Havelse. Kitchen, bathroom and view overlooking fields and Roskilde Fjord. Store Havelsevej 74 DK-3310 Ølsted, Tel. (+45) 47 74 92 92/ (+45) 40 85 , 39 37


Peter Beier’s North Sealand Although Peter Beier has lived in many places in Denmark and enjoys visiting his cocoa plantation in the Caribbean, the enterprising chocolate manufacturer has invested all his love for chocolate in North Sealand, where he lives and works in Ørsholt Gods. What does North Sealand mean to you? I have lived in many places in Denmark, but there’s something special about North Sealand. The landscapes surrounding us help create the people who live here and these are people who might see things a little differently, have a little more surplus in their everyday lives and really appreciate nature to the full. We all want the best in life, and it all contributes to create a sense of “upgrade”

Can you recommend your own “secret place” at the destination? Well of course, I’d have to encourage everybody to visit my estate and enjoy an amazing chocolate experience. We often hold an open house with many interesting events. I also have a neighbour who has started to produce wine. Perhaps the two taste experiences could be combined ... otherwise I can highly recommend a bike ride in the local area around Gurre Church - see the wild geese and cattle. It’s unbelievably beautiful with the forest and the wide range of landscapes. Do you find sources of inspiration for your work in the area? Many ideas come to me when I’m on my cocoa plantation in the Caribbean. But I’m also inspired by the local nature here, the tranquillity of my property and the

people who live around here. The municipality of Helsingør, and particularly the mayor, Benedikte Kiær, have a very positive attitude towards cultural and commercial life. This has helped give the municipality a change of character, making it attract enterprising hoteliers and open important cultural institutions, creating an inspiring environment to work in. If you’ve never been to North Sealand before, you must experience ... the coastline by bike. Take your bike along the coast from Helsingør, enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty meal at Hammermøllen. With its old medieval houses and authentic atmosphere, Helsingør town centre is also definitely worth a visit. And I can warmly recommend a brisk walk in Gribskov.

Food experiences in North Sealand North Sealand has all the ingredients to fulfil all your expectations for culinary experiences. Skilled food producers cultivate and process ingredients locally, so it is never far from farm to fork. The restaurants work with seasonal produce in New Nordic Cuisine, which is based on purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics.

Restaurant Far til 4 Far til 4 is situated at Gilleleje beach. A charming, family-friendly restaurant with tempting menus for adults and kids. Enjoy your meals in a relaxed atmosphere indoors or outdoors on the spacious patio with a wonderful seaview. On fine summer nights the large barbecue is lit and a barbecued buffet is served from 5 pm. Family and Fish restaurant Far til 4, Alfavej 21, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 49 71 76 72 or (+45) 21 37 00 02,


A Taste of North Sealand Many of the producers supplying Nordic food to the country’s top Michelin-starred restaurants are based in North Sealand. They call themselves A Taste of North Sealand and have made it their life’s work to grow culinary delicacies of exceptional quality. With a genuine passion for growing and selling only the very best ingredients, this group of dedicated local food producers is definitely worth a visit. A Taste of North Sealand’s enthusiasm for food doesn’t just inspire visitors, but also influences other local producers, who are increasingly cultivating the intense tastes created by the area’s climate. Food producer networks ‘Spisekammer Halsnæs’ and ‘Spisekammer Gribskov’ also welcome food-loving visitors. Farm shops are set in the most idyllic surroundings on farms, where you can pat animals as well as buy eggs, milk, vegetables and meat, pick berries with 13 the kids or grapes for wine on the Danish vineyards. Even the sweet finale and ultimate indulgence – ice cream, chocolate and coffee – are prepared from scratch, with their hearts in the right place with a Taste of North Sealand. Welcome!

3 10 16







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Meat, Eggs & Shop The best meat comes from cows, calves, lambs, pigs and poultry that have had a good and healthy life with access to fields and exercise. Organic family farms sell their quality products in their own farm shops, and also supply selected butchers, who ensure correct ripening and cutting techniques are used.


Food & Culture Food plays a major role in Esrum Abbey’s universe. Just like the monks, our efforts are focussed on local production, sustainability, cabbages, herbs, seasonal crops and considerate cooking methods. You can experience how this approach manifests itself in our café food, at markets and festivals, at special food events and in the abbey cellar’s large selection of goods. 14 ESRUM ABBEY

Klostergade 11, DK-3230 Græsted Tel. (+45) 48 36 04 00

Chocolate Chocolate-lovers don’t have to compromise on quality when the yearning for a little indulgence arises. North Sealand has chocolate workshops and shops where professional pride is paramount. Enjoy real handmade chocolates, where each piece is shaped, filled and decorated by hand, made from the best ingredients with no artificial additives.


 ØDSNEDKEREN K Farvergårdsvej 14, DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 48 71 87 85


CHOKOLADEMAGERIET Helsingørsgade 11 A, DK-3400 Hillerød Tel. (+45) 48 25 48 26


STENGÅRDEN Høveltevej 40, Bregnerød DK-3460 Birkerød


CHOKOLADEVÆRKSTEDET JOTA Stæremosen 49, DK-3250 Gilleleje Tel. (+45) 38 10 90 25

Øl & Vin Beer & Wine

Berries & Vegetables

Beer has been brewed in Denmark for thousands Man har brygget øl i Danmark i flere tusind år, mens of years, but recognised wine crops have only been godkendt vinavl kun er ca. 40 år gammel. Nordsjælland around about 40 years. North Sealand has some of the har nogle af de ældste vingårde, som kan besøges på oldest vineyards that you can visit on guided tours rundvisning med vinsmagning og salg af præmierede with wine tastings and sale of prize-winning wines. vine. Mikrobryggerier holder stolte øltraditioner højt, Microbreweries proudly adhere to old beer traditions, men fornyer også med stor dygtighed og kreativitet. but revitalise them with new skills and creativity. 11 DOMAIN AALSGAARD

Berries have particularly favourable conditions to grow and develop taste in Scandinavia – as producers in North Sealand can testify. Enjoy the intense flavour of freshly picked raspberries and strawberries in season, or ice cream, cordial, jam, chutney, mulled wine, etc. all year round. Cabbages, root vegetables, pulses and herbs help make meals extra tasty and healthy. 16 GUNDEKILDEGAARD

Ålsgårde Stationsvej 13, DK-3140 3140 Ålsgårde Ålsgårde Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 49 49 70 70 80 80 10 10 4


Maglebjergvej 16, DK-3200 3200 Helsinge Helsinge Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 40 40 77 77 93 93 67 67

Rågelejevej 46, DK-3210 Vejby Tel. (+45) 31570740 19 ESROMGÅRD

HORNBEER Hornsherredvej 463 4070 Kr. Hyllinge DK-4070 Kr. Hyllinge


Harløsevej 164, DK-3400 3400 Hillerød Hillerød Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 70 70 23 23 69 69 39 39

Frederiksværksvej 11 C DK-3230 Græsted 8

 VANHOLM S Svanholm Gods 16A, DK-4050 Skibby Tel. (+45) 40 40 03 57



ROKKEDYSSEGAARD Lejrvej 45, DK-3500 Værløse Tel. (+45) 31 57 07 40


Is, kaffe Ice cream, & Cafe coffee & cafés

VEXEBO VIN Veksebovej 9, DK-3480 3480 Fredensborg Fredensborg Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 60 60 86 86 70 70 25 25

Præstevej 89, DK-3200 3200 Helsinge Helsinge Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 48 48 28 28 58 58 04 04


Slagslunde Bygade 27A 3660 Stenløse DK-3660 Stenløse 15 NINAS NATURCAFE

Iceskal cream should bemælk made og of fresh cream, delicious Is laves af frisk fløde,milk lækreand bær fra lokale avlere og locallyvanilje. grown Nul berries and real vanilla. colours, rigtig kunstig farve, aromaZero elleradded tilsætningsstoffer. scentsskal or artificial Coffee should be an experience Kaffe være en additives. sanselig duftog smagsoplevelse, både når du that arouses your senses of smell and both when grinding maler de friskristede bønner hjemme taste, og nyder den friskbrygget freshly beans at home and enjoying a freshly brewed cup på café roasted med godt hjemmebag. in cafés with some home baked treats.

Kirkeltevej 101, DK-3450 3450 Allerød Allerød Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 48 48 28 28 06 06 02 02 17 STRANDVEJSRISTERIET

Kronborg 12A, DK-3000 3000 Helsingør Helsingør Tlf. (+45) Tel. (+45) 26 26 81 81 89 89 87 87



Shopping for all tastes Atmospheric pedestrian streets Centred around the town square “Torvet”, the charming streets of Slotsgade and Helsingørsgade form a cosy shopping area in Hillerød. Small unique shops are interspersed with popular chain stores and there is something on offer for all the family. Hillerød offers a variety of speciality shops with delicatessens, fashion stores, cafés and restaurants, Nordisk Films Bio City and the green area Posen with a playground by the castle lake. North Sealand’s cosiest shopping centre The SlotsArkaderne shopping centre is an integrated part of the town centre,


leading to the pedestrian streets and the beautiful castle lake. There are 60 shops under one roof, offering a variety of leading Danish and international brands for all the family. SlotsArkaderne has a completely unique atmosphere, partly due to its wonderful architectural design, which sets it apart from other shopping centres, but also because of the friendly and intimate ambience that you can always be sure to find at SlotsArkaderne. And there are always plenty of great offers, special experiences and inspiration to be enjoyed. Treats for the tastebuds Why not relax in Torvet in a comfortable

beach chair by the shores of the lake and enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream cone. Or in Helsingørsgade you can get expert advice from Vinhuset Stoltz or buy delicacies from Jakobs Fisk and Irma. On the other side of the street, you can visit ChokoladeMageriet with its exquisite handmade chocolate, famous from TV2’s Go’ Morgen Danmark and DR1’s Sommer Summarum. If you get hungry in SlotsArkaderne, you can satisfy your appetite with a gourmet burger at Burger Garage, and in Slotsgade you can enjoy delicious bread and cakes at the well-known City Bakery.


Helsinge has always been known as a lovely shopping town with a wide selection of speciality shops and supermarkets. And it’s still the same today. Plus there’s free parking all over the town with over 2,000 parking spaces.

HELSINGE ... has it all Pibe Mølle Vin & Ost If you’d like to experience a real gourmet shop in the heart of the country, close to the 300-year-old post mill Pibe Mølle, then Pibe Mølle Wine & Cheese is definitely worth a visit. The shop is famous far and wide for its excellent cheeses and fine charcuterie selection, and has been completely renovated over the past few years. The store has also expanded its product assortment to include luxury spirits and a large selection of wines ranging from everyday wine to well-known top wines from international producers. Drop by, have a taste and enjoy a chat with the experienced staff. Pibe Mølle Vin & Ost, Rørmosevej 103, DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 48 79 40 90,


CAFÉ MILLE Café Mille, with its daily selection of delicious, homemade food, has always been a natural meeting point for the many users of Helsingehallen sports centre. You can choose between eating in the cosy café or ordering as a takeaway. Café Mille can cater for receptions as well as large and small parties/events. Call (+45) 48 79 62 76 next time you feel like some good food, either in Café Mille or at home. Idrætsvej 21, DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 48 79 62 76

GRIBSKOV SWIMMING POOL Visit this ultra modern, fabulous swimming pool in Royal North Sealand that contains a 25-metre pool with 6 lanes, 1+3m diving boards, 1-metre deep fun pool with play equipment for children and a mammoth shower that sprays water into the pool, young children’s pool (34° 0.3-0.5m deep), warm water pool (34° and bench with massage jets), long water slide, steam bath, sauna, family and disabled changing areas. Please refer to website for opening hours. Boagervej 26, DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 72 49 60 28, www.gribskovsvø

ARNOLD BUSCK Arnold Busck is situated in the middle of the pedestrian street in Helsinge. The store has been there since 1953, but back then it was called the Helsinge Boghandel. You can find a large selection of both fiction and non-fiction books, and you can be sure of knowledgeable and competent help in finding the exact book you need to read or want give as a present. Østergade 17-19, DK-3200 Helsinge, tel. (+45) 48 79 40 01,

GRIBSKOV CULTURE HALL Gribskov Culture Hall offers a wide range of interesting and entertaining events. You can experience everything from thrilling plays, stand-up comedy and drama to good music. You can also buy food to eat before the performance at several of the events. Keep yourself updated with all the great events on the website. Østergade 52, DK-3200 Helsinge,

HELSINGE APOTEK (PHARMACY) AND RÅDHUSAPOTEKET HELSINGE Your local pharmacies with customer-friendly opening hours. We prioritise values such as high effiency, good sense of humour, respect and friendliness. We pride ourselves on a fast and highly professional service. Helsinge Apotek: Østergade 35, DK-3200 Helsinge, Mon-Thur: 9-17.30, Fri 9-18, Sat 9-14 Rådhusapoteket Helsinge: (in Kvickly Helsinge), Mon-Fri: 9-19, Sat-Sun: 9-18 Tlf. (+45) 48 76 07 70,

VP ARKADEN VP Arkaden is a cosy shopping centre with many interesting shops and plenty of atmosphere. Part of the arcade is covered and the end of the covered area you’ll find one of the most amazing playgrounds in North Sealand. All the cars in the play area have been made in wood by local craftsmen and are maintained by Lions Gribskov. VP Arkaden holds a host of activities throughout the year, and you can always take time out on the bench under the large chestnut tree. 85

To sail is to live

North Sealand’s Riviera takes in both the Kattegat and the Sound and includes many lakes and fjords, so it stands to reason that sailing plays a role in the daily lives of tourists and residents alike. There are a number of possibilities for seeing both large and small ferries at close quarters.

FERRIES IN NORTH SEALAND Scandlines Sundbusserne Boat service on Esrum Lake Kulhuse-Sølager ferry HARBOURS IN NORTH SEALAND Rungsted

Hundested-Rørvig ferry


– the natural short cut


Take the fast connection between Hundested and Rørvig and enjoy the trip across the entrance to Isefjord. The crossing takes 25 min. Departs every 30 min. (in the high season).


Hundested Rørvig Ferry, Bookings tel. (+45) 47 93 71 50,

Espergærde Gilleleje Frederiksværk Hundested Humlebæk Sletten Snekkersten www snekkerstenhavn dk Hornbæk Lynæs

Excursion boat M/F Frederiksborg The boat sails Denmark’s loveliest nautical mile on the castle lake in Hillerød. The boat ­connects the town square to the Baroque Garden and the jetty close to the entrance to Frederiks­borg Castle. Sails mid-May to mid-September and during the autumn holidays. Round tour takes approx. 30 minutes. For information call tel. (+45) 48 24 26 26,

With Frederikke on Arresø Set sail on Denmark’s largest lake: Arresø on board the charming wooden boat “Frederikke”. The trip starts from the jetty on Arresødalvej, with the leg stage passing through the narrow canal where you might be lucky enough to spot a kingfisher. Then it sails out on the wider lake, with views of not less than 3 churches. On the way, the skipper explains the lake’s history and shares various anecdotes about life on the lake. 1-hour trips daily in summer. 3-hour lunch and evening cruises on special days. M/S Frederikke, Arresødalvej 100, 3300 Frederiksværk, Booking: or directly by the boat


A holiday in North Sealand should always include a visit to Helsingborg. The ferry to Helsingborg is quick and easy. And there are lots of bargains to be had when you shop in Sweden. Take your car on the ferry and visit the attractions outside the city, or leave it in Helsingør if you’re planning to spend the day in Helsingborg.


Beautiful Helsingborg Fantastic Helsingborg lies directly across the Øresund and has a wealth of exciting stores, shopping centres, museums, cosy streets and alleys. The city caters for all ages – children included. Four ferries sail between Helsingør and Helsingborg every hour, so there’s never any waiting time. And the short crossing only takes twenty minutes. You can purchase a foot passenger ticket if you only want to visit Helsingborg or are planning to use public transport for the rest of your journey. Or you can pay to take your car and drive to some of the many nearby attractions. On a daytrip you can easily visit the Kulla­berg peninsula with its charming villages, Mølle and Arild. Or visit the beautiful Bjärehalvøen just a little further north, where the coastal towns Båstad and Torekov lie invitingly. Vall­

åsen is less than an hour from Helsingborg, and its wildly attractive alpine terrain is great for skiing and snowboarding in winter and mountain biking in summer. Or perhaps you just want to take a hike through Scania’s wonderful countryside. The low value of the Swedish krona, makes shopping in Sweden a very attractive prospect. Helsingborg itself has no fewer than around 400 stores, while just outside the city, is the very large and attractive Väla shopping centre, with a wide variety of stores. The romantic castle Sofiero is situated in the northern outskirts of Helsingborg towards Øresund. It is surrounded by an enchanting park that overflows with thousands of blooming rhododendrons in summer. Princess Ingrid of Sweden (1910-2000), who became Queen of

Denmark, often holidayed here as a child with her royal cousins. Frederiksdal outdoor museum is very large and has changing exhibitions – a mini version of Scania that you can walk around. It has an abundance of beautiful gardens, trees, bushes and flowers. There are many attractive bargains on offer on the ferries, including cosmetics and perfumes. You can eat in the onboard restaurants and enjoy an enchanting evening just by sailing to-and-from Denmark and Sweden. A visit to Helsingborg and its surrounding countryside is a wonderful addition to your holiday in North Sealand. Visit Scandlines at for more information and ticket prices.


There’s place for everyone at Helsingør Harbour

Port of Elsinore can receive and service yachts and superyachts up to 150m / +490 feet

Elsinore North Harbour (Helsingør Nordhavn) The renovation of the largest marina on The Danish Riviera is now complete with new quay, tallykey card machines, lighting and toilet and shower facilities. An exciting promenade has also been established with direct connection to Kronborg and Culture Harbour Kronborg. This makes the walk, or if you prefer, the exercise route even more interesting across the ports, from the farthest place where the sun sets in the northwest to the Kronborg Castle entrance in the east. 88

Culture Harbour Kronborg The old Elsinore Shipyard now forms the setting for many exciting activities under the name: Culture Harbour Kronborg. An abundance of activities and concerts are held in the area in front of the Culture Yard and Kronborg all year round. Read more on It is just a 5-minute walk from the marina until you are surrounded by unique experiences. M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is built in an old dockyard and offers world-class experiences. The museum

has received several awards for its architecture and alternative communication forms. In the Culture Harbour, you can also hire a Segway and explore Elsinore at will. In the dock area in front of Kulturhuset, you can watch anglers chugging back and forth and huge yachts berthing at pontoons. Kronborg Castle is in a class of its own. Here you can experience Shakespeare and Hamlet. Read about it in more detail elsewhere in this magazine or on

Port of Elsinore HARBOUR OFFICE Nordhavnsvej 13, DK-3000 Helsingør Tel. (+45) 49 28 10 80 The harbour office is open: 1/4 – 31/8: Monday-Friday 8-15 1/9 – 31/3: Monday-Friday 9-14 The harbour guard can be contacted 365 days a year on tel. (+45) 25 31 10 80 from 6-16, and 6-21 in the period 16/4-26/8.

Serviceport Elsinore Serviceport Elsinore is today an integrated part of the harbour concept. We fully service the merchant navy vessels in the large harbour basin by the ferry terminal and at Denmark’s safest mooring area 200 m outside the harbour entrance in +20 m of water, and large sailing and motor yachts can be docked and serviced from the pontoon bridges and quays in front of Kulturværftet. We’ve got place for everyone.

Good to know Within a 500m radius of the marina, you can find great experiences for the whole family: e.g. lovely swimming beach with dunes and beautiful sand. Øresund Aquarium. Grønnehave station. Great places to eat. Skibsklarergården. Large and small ferries to Sweden. Elsinore Cathedral. Hostels. Campsite. Large train station with connections to Copenhagen and Malmø. Well-stocked Tourist Office. Lovely shops and several supermarkets in the quaint old town.


Hundested Harbour Hundested Harbour is perfectly situated between the inlet and the sea. The Culture Harbour has something for everyone – from music, local beers and freshly-caught fish to children’s activities, open workshops, galleries, sandy beaches and cruise ships. HUNDESTED HARBOUR Nordre Beddingsvej 24, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 72 34 FJORDENS MINIGOLF, CAFÉ & ICE CREAM PARLOUR Havnegade 16, Hundested Tel. (+45) 20 84 80 81 Facebook/fjordens minigolf FJORDHYTTER Ved Isefjorden 14, Hundested Tel. (+45) 60 70 59 45 HALSNÆS BRYGHUS Nordre Beddingsvej 35, Hundested Tel. (+45) 26 16 70 46 HUNDESTED HAVNEHYTTER Nordre Beddingsvej 8, Hundested Tel. (+45) 21 29 24 25 HUNDESTED KRO & HOTEL Nørregade 10, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 93 75 38 SAND SCULPTURE FESTIVAL Kajgaden 7, Hundested Tel. (+45) 50 47 98 30 BACKHAUS-BROWN & GLASSMEDJEN Nordre Beddingsvej 26, Hundested Tel. (+45) 47 74 85 20


It’s always full of life at Hundested Harbour. The freshly caught fish sold from the quayside attracts masses of seagulls and people, and the adjacent Culture Harbour exudes a wonderful atmosphere both inside and out. The pat-a-fish platform and nature playground attract the youngest children, while the galleries and active workshops offer solid craftmanship and quality art. There’s an abundance of delicious eateries, and the train goes all the way to the sandy beach behind the dunes. Over the summer, there are many activities such as the arts and craft market Beddingen, the Sand Sculpture Festival, enchanting Watermusic concerts on the floating stage, the annual harbour festival in July and Herring Day in September. Add an active industrial harbour and the result is a totally unique harbour town characterised by its friendliness, quality and authenticity. Discover glass blowing on the quayside Glass blowers Nanna Backhaus Brown and Andrew Brown have a studio at Hundested Harbour. Here they create unique artwork in glass with a modern Scandinavian edge, under the name of Backhaus-Brown. Everything is hand-blown and hand-made, and you can follow the process in their workshop. Both the workshop and the combined gallery/shop are open daily all year round, and the two glass artists enjoy talking to their curious customers. Stay in a wine cask, a hut or a hotel Hundested Harbour offers overnight stays in both alternative and traditional accom-

modation. The Fjord huts offer a unique experience. The huts are formed like huge wine casks and can be rented at Hundested Harbour. There are 6 cosy Fjord huts, two of which are handicap friendly. Next to the huts on the harbour, you’ll find excellent service facilities; kitchen, bathroom and toilet in the harbour’s new services building. Hundested Havnehytter enjoy a unique location right on the quay at Hundested harbour with stunning views overlooking the Isefjord. In the idyllic old fishing harbour, midway between the inlet and sea and with the best beach as a neighbour, there are many charming restaurants, galleries, fish shops and smokeries. A perfect place for short stays or longer holidays in North Sealand. Hundested Kro & Hotel is situated close to the harbour, with only 100 metres to one of North Sealand’s best swimming beaches. A special light and its lovely atmosphere characterise the hotel, and guests cherish the harbour views. The place is a successful blend of traditional Danish inn and cosy small hotel, and staying here is a friendly and pleasant experience. The restaurant serves traditional, good-quality Danish inn food all day. Harbour with own brewery Hundested Harbour is home to the brewery Halsnæs Bryghus The beers in the taps at the microbrewery range from bitter to sweet, from dark to light. Meals are prepared using high-quality raw ingredients, with the focus on simplicity, tradition and a harmony of flavours. The events calendar lists blues, jazz, pop, well-known musicians, local stars and






wine and beer tastings. Enjoy the charming brewery, which is open all year, both during the summer months when the courtyard is a hive of activity, and in the darker months, when the oil lamps are lit and guests welcome the cosy warmth inside. Fun and sea views for all the family If you’re after some family fun, have a go at minigolf at Fjordens Minigolf Café and Ice Cream Parlour. You can enjoy a round on the maritime-themed 18-hole golf course. The café and ice cream parlour offers light dishes, desserts, various ice creams and hot and cold drinks, which can be enjoyed outside with a lovely harbour view. You can also discover a rather special cultural attraction in the busy harbour. Talented international sand scupltors interpret stories from „the happiest country in the world“. This year’s theme „Once upon a time“ takes you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane to Danish and international historical events from the past century. The large sand sculpture festival can once again be seen in the summer of 2017 at Hundested Harbour from 11 May to 17 September.



Events on Hundested Harbour in 2017 • Sand Sculpture Festival • Water-Music • Arts and Crafts Market Beddingen • Hundested Harbour Festival • Herring Day • and much more ...


2017 10 – 11 march Esrum Beer Festival 24 – 26 march Hillerød Art Days 1 – 4 april Food&Design Market Helsingør Værftshallerne 5 – 6 may Hillerød Beer Days 6 may Powder Mill Market ‘Krudtværks­ marked’ in Frederiksværk 11 may – 17 september Sand Sculpture Festival at Hundested Harbour 12 – 21 may North Sealand Art Tour 18 may – 10 september Louisiana – TAL R Academy 20 may Green Saturday Øststranden by Gilleleje Harbour 20 – 21 may Click Festival 1 june – 31 august Hamlet Live at Kronborg 3 june Culture Night in Helsinge june, july and august Flea market in Tisvildeleje 3 – 5 june Time-Winder from air, land and water, Grønnessegaard, Hundested, 3 june – 26 august Market days on Saturdays in Gilleleje 5 june Father’s Day at the Danish Museum of Science and Technology 8 – 11 june Words Festival

Major events in North Sealand

9 – 11 june Arts and Crafts Market Beddingen, Hundested Harbour 9 – 11 june Hillerød Castle Lake Festival 10 – 11 june Æbelholt Abbey Market 10 june – 12 august Jazz in Rosenhaven 16 – 18 june Ironman Helsingør 16 june – 6 august ‘Kunst i Fileten’ art exhibition 17 – 18 june Medieval Market at Esrum Abbey 18 june Promenade Concert by Fredensborg Castle gates 21 – 23 june Helsingør Jazz Festival 24 – 25 june X Terra in Tisvilde 29 june – 16 august Market day on Thursdays in Gilleleje 30 june Cannonball Friday in Frederiksværk 1 – 31 july Frederiksværk Music Festival 1 – 31 july Shakespeare Puppets at Hamlet’s Castle, 1 july – 6 august Guided tours of Fredensborg Palace, 2 july – 30 july Flea market at Gilleleje town square 6 – 9 july Hundested Harbour Festival 7 – 9 july Bakkefest Summer Party in Gilleleje,

14 july Hundested by Night 20 – 22 july ‘Musik i Lejet’ music festival 24 july – 27 july Music week in Gilleleje 24 – 30 july Liseleje Week 28 – 29 july Gilleleje Festival 28 – 30 july Hornbæk Harbour Festival 31 july – 6 august Week 31 Hornbæk 1 – 6 august Passage 2017 Street Theatre Festival, 1 – 23 august Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle, 5 august Open air opera By the harbour in Gilleleje 3 – 5 august Scandinavian Beach Polo 3 – 5 august New Note Festival 5 august Herring Day in Gilleleje Harbour 5 august Vild med Vand – Welcome to the harbour, 5 – 6 august Kildemarked in Tisvilde 6 august Swim cross Isefjorden, Hundested 11 – 13 august Lifestyle fair in Frederiksborg Castle gardens, 11 – 13 august Kronborg Cup, 12 – 13 august Open Art Studios in Halsnæs 13 august Round Lake Arresø (start: Liseleje)

Find much more on These dates of major events are the ones known to the editorial team at the time of going to press 24 October 2016.

19 august Culture Night in Gilleleje 19 august Sundtolds Market 26 – 27 august Harvest Festival – A Taste of North Sealand, 27 august Round Esrum Lake Run 31 august – 3 september Hillerød Bric-a-brac Market 2 september Culture Festival 2 september Herring Day at Hundested Harbour 3 september Steelman Frederiksværk 9 september Krudtværks Festival in Frederiksværk 9 september Fredensborg Palace Market 22 september Hillerød Culture Night 22 september Culture Night in Hornbæk and Tikøb 24 september Merida MTB Marathon 29 september Culture Night in Helsingør and Espergærde 6 – 7 October Knejpe Festival 15 – 21 October Renaissance Festival at Kronborg 15 – 23 October The Word is Loose Literary Festival 6 – 19 November Hillerød Music & Theatre Festival

Visit North Sealand Holiday Guide 2017  

Denmark's Royal Retreat & The Danish Riviera

Visit North Sealand Holiday Guide 2017  

Denmark's Royal Retreat & The Danish Riviera