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the most compact workplace on earth.

Design: Peter Opsvik

Conventional workplaces will be challenged by compact units that better suits our new, more flexible and IT-driven way of working. Peter Opsvik

We simply call it

The Globe Concept You have never seen or experienced anything like it. The world’s first all-inclusive laptop workstation is born, together with a family of ergonomic and stunning office chairs. The Globe Concept is created for the modern, flexible and active workplace. The Globe Concept is based on two simple principles – active sitting and compact thinking. The freedom to tweak around and the availability of support determines whether we are seated comfortably and able to work concentrated. With the functional office chair Globe ”Tree”, we introduce the smallest all inclusive workplace in the world, still satisfying the body’s need of both movement and rest.

Developed by the Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik. Best known for promoting ”movement and variation of posture” as the most important criterion for the workplace. Product examples: The children’s chair TRIPP TRAPP, HAG Capisco, Balans Variable.

The first workplace custom made for laptop users.

Computers are getting more powerful – and smaller. Conventional workplaces (with a chair, desk and drawer) will be challenged by compact units that better suits our new, more flexible and IT-driven way of working. Globe ”Tree” has everything you need, incorporated in a smart and eye-catching unit. It allows you to work comfortably in a minimum space. And as soon as you leave, it is ready to welcome the next user.

The rounded seat and •  back makes sitting more dynamic and active.

• The shape and flexibility of the

Suits most people, without •  the need for time-consuming, complex adjustments.

• Two circular and movable desks

A higher seating position provides •  a better outlook, better reach and better ergonomics.

ball-shaped back supports the upper body and the arms at various angles.

suitable for laptops, tablet PC and a cup of coffe. Or use the minor one as a flexible armchair.

• The ball-shaped footrest

provides an even greater variety of sitting positions.

GLOBE ONE is a stool, perfect in areas where freedom of movement of the upper body is essential. In spite of its lack of a back ball, GLOBE ONE encourages active sitting postures, which is reminiscent of a rider on a horseback. The rounded seat tilts the pelvis forward and gives you a better posture for your back. This means less pressure on the back, shoulders and neck. The small supporting ball creates an extra level for the foot and thus increases mobility even further. GLOBE ONE is the perfect meeting chair, as it takes up a minimal amount of space.

GLOBE TWO is based on the height of its sitting position and foot support. It provides the body with freedom of movement and energy. The increased seating height and the ball footrest provide maximum freedom for the back and shoulders. The Globe two serves as an excellent conference chair for conducting efficient meetings around a slightly higher conference table. (The recommended table height is approx. 90 cm.) Globe Two also serves as a waiting room chair; it is easy to sit on, quickly get up from and gives you a good feeling when sitting slightly higher up. The design is so versitile that it suits most people and thereby eliminating time-consuming chair adjustments.

GLOBE ”TREE” is the “all inclusive” option. With its two back balls, rounded seat and two flexible tabletops, as well as the foot rest, it offers a complete and “super-ergonomic” workstation in a compact format. There is plenty of space for a laptop or tablet PC, mobile phone and coffee cup. Globe ”Tree” is a laptop workplace designed for the new way in which we work. The design fits most users without the need for tedious and complicated adjustments. You decide where you want the tables – as a work surface for your laptop and a sideboard for your mobile phone and coffee cup, or to just support your arm while you think.

distributors Denmark: Living Concepts ApS Ved Slusen 34 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark +45-216 54 325

France: Globe Concept France Ewa Ybring-Diot Brannkyrkagatan 44 118 22 Stockholm, Suède +33 607 65 00 75

Sweden and the rest of Europe: Moment AB – the Globe Concept Brännkyrkagatan 44 118 22 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 22 88 05

Design: Peter Opsvik

Globe Concept katalog  

Presentation of the Globe Concept series of office furniture

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