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The Raven By: Sebastian Poliak and Joshua Gomeck

On a cold and dark December night, a man was nearly falling asleep in his living room, while reading his favorite book.

He was startled to hear the sound of someone knocking on his door.

He walked over to the door, but when he opened it no one was there! IT was dark and empty

He was sad and lonely because he wasn’t with Lenore, his lost wife who he loves. He thought the knock at the door was coming from Lenore. “Lenore?” he said out loud.

that night, he heard the knocking again, and he thought“who could it be?� This time it was coming from the window and it was louder than before. Wind blew in through the window and he felt scared and lonely.

He went to the window and in flew a Raven! This blackbird was mysterious.

All the Raven did was sit on top of his chamber door

The lonely and sad man asked the Raven, “what is your name?�

The man was feeling sorry for himself because he thought the bird was going to leave him like his other friends. He had no friends and had no hopes for his future. He said that to the bird and it responded by saying, “Nevermore.�

The sad raven stood on top of his door , and still said Nevermore! The man was confused and was trying to figure out why the bird kept on saying nevermore.

The man was crazy and started making up ideas about how the bird was telling him that he will never see lenore again.

He was confused because he didn’t know if the raven was evil or if he came from heaven. He asked the bird if he will ever see Lenore and the bird says, “nevermore”

This made the man really mad and he started yelling at the bird to leave His house, but the raven said, “nevermore.�

The raven kept sitting still on his door. The Raven never left his house and the man never forgot about his lost love, Lenore

The End !

The Raven  
The Raven