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FRAGMENT FIVE Shark Spotters Sebastian Staines: Immortal Copywriter

So back to humble beginnings - Trust is earned and the best way to go about it is with conviction. So I mustered all the conviction I had and was last to leave the burning hospital in Riga and the sinking ship in Copenhagen and earned enough trust to relax for a lifetime.

We felt the need to create more awareness for the beach bum’s hero, The Shark Spotters. A TV commercial presented an opportunity to show off what the Spotters do. The Spotters’ job often goes overlooked and underappreciated by bathers and could be described simply as “sitting on the mountain looking for sharks.” As the main concern of the Shark Spotters is to keep both humans and sharks safe from one another, we decided to portray the true story behind the façade of these unsung heroes. Humans and sharks can be best friends so long as they know where the boundaries are.

Story Boarding by Chelcie Lachenicht

Shark Spotter and shark sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean.

SFX: Kids screaming mar co-polo (playing the game)

Shark: “Come on! Let me go and join in man? I’m tired of doing nothing.” Spotter: “I said NO!” Shark: “Come on bro... Just a quick game?”

Spotter: “Dude we have spoken about this, you don’t play fair.”

Shark: “It’s not my fault; you know I can only feel with my mouth...” Spotter: “It’s not gonna happen, just chill... We’ll play scrabble or something later.”


Shark Spotters  


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