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FRAGMENT FOUR Buck Sebastian Staines: Immortal Copywriter

I shall prosper because I can talk and understand myself out of any situation. Remember I am immortal. When the Bolshevik’s come looking for me they will discover that they need me and then the British will need me and then the smugglers will need to kill me. I found that a box of cigarettes and a revolver could be very persuasive. Although, too much persuasion can lead to a lot of distrust.

The 60’s spurred something in the youth causing them to no longer be ordinary. They no longer wanted to mirror their parents and live their cereal box lifestyles. They wanted to be free and to fill their lives with hedonism. I wrote a piece for new world magazine, Buck. I had to explore the evolution of “psychedelia� and take an educated guess at where the current trends in society were heading.

1967 was the year when young people burst the bubble of convention and threw themselves into social, sexual and psychedelic revolt, literally shaking the foundations of post-war conformity. The Psychadelia revolution had begun and a new foundation had been set that fuelled a conscious rebellion against societal norms and an orthodox way of living. For the past sixty years waves of this revolution have been evolving and adapting to the youthful animosity displayed towards the rules set by their predecessors. I feel the next wave will soon be upon us and here is why. The youth of 1967 were keen to throw off the chilly shackles of post-war depression and enter into a hedonistic era of exploration. Growing up in such an imprisoned society that offered no gateway to this brand-new world, one would have to become an outsider. The explosion of colour in art, music and clothing was a symbol of this change; a symbol that life was not going to head back into the miseries of the first half of the 20th century. The Vietnam War was a perfect scapegoat for the hippie

revolution; it represented all that they hated about the old order and their opposition to it was a turning point in society. For just one summer people forgot about how hard it was to survive in the world - they tuned in, dropped out and got high! The legacy was that you could shape your own community and close or open any doors that you wanted to. The hippies fought for the freedom of future generations. The next wave was the era of 1989 which found its expression through Acid House music and MDMA; the youth at this time wanted to make every one happy; they wanted to make everyone like them. Across the globe pro-democracy movements were rising from Asia to Latin America, and borders and boundaries were being broken down across Eastern Europe. Everyone was on a high and feeling great, especially those making huge fortunes in Margaret Thatcher’s new-Capitalistic England. Thatcher’s children were taught to value individual prosperity above all else; it was socially acceptable to be greedy and having (and showing) money was all important. This clearly did not work for everyone, but

instead polarized society with the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer. There wasn’t a lot for the majority who were outside this bubble to do. There were many restrictions and also this sense of a need to break out and be different. While the rest of the world was reconciling political issues, the Acid House scene boomed in England. You could be part of this underground phenomenon and the normal man on the street wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what you were up to. In today’s culture there is almost a thirst for a more underground, more niche experience of life. The strongest current lifestyle is that of the Hipsters who feed off the freedom gained from 1967 and the prosperous hedonistic trend of 1989. What it all comes down to in the end is Psychadelia. Hipsterism is merely a subculture of it with its far-fetched clothing trends, expressionist art and adoration for music of an unclassifiable nature. The youth is still in revolt against its ancestor’s foundations stemming from before 1967 and I believe that a new conscious awakening is soon approaching, one fueled by political truths.