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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVER® Focusing on the most advanced information technoliogies, in our work we use the serwer system supporting CAT translation by ATRIL company. The essence of this system is creating translation memory, which stores previously translated source texts and their equivalent translations in central data base (TM) and recover related segments during the translation of new texts in order to enhance translation process and increase the cohesion of translations.

Lowering the costs ( translation starting from 19 zł/ pre page). High volumes of translation in short time( up to 250 pages per day). Ensuring fixed style and terminology ( creating lexicons and term bases). Maintaining the structure of the output file ( np. XML, HTML, SGML). Possibility of automatic import of translation to DTP programs (Adobe In Designe, Quark) Maintaining the source text formating PDF confersion into editable text formats Creating dedicated translation memories The possibility of using client’s translation memorie and terminology

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