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Technical Technical Skills Skills AutoCAD AutoCAD 2012 2012 Google Google SketchUp SketchUp Pro & Pro & V-RayV-Ray Rendering Rendering Rhinoceros Rhinoceros Adobe Adobe Photoshop Photoshop Adobe Adobe Illustrator Illustrator Adobe Adobe InDesign InDesign

Non-Technical Non-Technical Skills Skills Hand Hand Drawing Drawing


Painting Painting techniques techniques ModelModel making making Interest Interest in diferts in diferts formsforms of Artof Art Interest Interest in Philosophy, in Philosophy, Aesthetics Aesthetics & & Anthropology Anthropology

Personal Personal information information Name,Name, last name: last name: Sebastian Sebastian Gómez Gómez Restrepo Restrepo Date of Date birth: of birth: 3 June31991 June 1991

Lenguage Lenguage Skills Skills Spansh Spansh (native) (native) English English French French

Place Place of birth: of birth: Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) Age: Age: 21 21 Nationality: Nationality: Colombian Colombian Marital Marital status:status: SingleSingle

Education Education

Academic Academic Honors Honors

Contact Contact

Elementary Elementary and High and school: High school: Colegio Colegio Colombo Colombo francés francés 1995 /1995 2008/ 2008

Honorable Honorable Mention: Mention: Course Course of Architecture of Architecture history history 2010 2010

Architectur Architectur (still):(still): Universidad Universidad Potificia Potificia Bolivariana Bolivariana 8th semester 8th semester (10) (10)

Honarable Honarable Mention Mention nomination: nomination: Healthcare Healthcare Holistic Holistic Center Center Specific Specific Building Building Workshop Workshop 2012 2012

Adress Adress / City:/ City: Transversal Transversal 36 # 72 36-#142 72 - 142 Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) Telephone Telephone / Callphone / Callphone number: number: (+57-4) (+57-4) 4130059 4130059 / (+57-314) / (+57-314) 7254842 7254842 E-mail: E-mail:

Honorable Honorable Mention: Mention: Basic Basic contruction contruction courses: courses: Daríen Routs Routs & Ambiental & Ambiental Pier Pier National National Learning Learning Courses Courses (SENA) (SENA) Daríen Workshop Workshop SAP (South SAP American (South American Proyect)Proyect) 2012 2012


articipation Participation on developon developmentment of different of different kindskinds of of Architectural Architectural projects projects with with omesome locallocal design design offices. offices. National National and International and International ompetitions competitions in architecture in architecture

Usme Usme CityCity HallHall TreeTree Houses Houses Usme Usme (Colombia) (Colombia) 20112011 Almere Almere (Holanda) (Holanda) 20112011 Honorable Honorable Mention Mention PublicPublic Competition Competition for thefor design the design of a City of aHall Citybuilding Hall building , and ,contiand conti- EUROPAN EUROPAN International International compteticomptetiguousguous publicpublic spacespace tion, 2011, tion, 2011, for thefor design the design of a new of a new housing housing modelmodel

Solidum Solidum

Fernanda Fernanda Pacheco Pacheco & Fabio & Fabio Her- Hernández nández

Solidum Solidum Fernanda Fernanda Pacheco Pacheco & Fabio & Fabio Her- Hernández nández

Velodrome Velodrome Medellín Medellín Medellín Medellín (Colombia (Colombia 2012) 2012)

cience Science promotion promotion Center Center Belgrade Belgrade (Serbia) (Serbia) 20102010

Third Third Prize Prize International International Competition Competition for thefor the design design of a new of avelodrome new velodrome to to Medellín Medellín

nternational International competition competition for: Masfor: Maser Plan terand Planbuilding and building for science for science romotion promotion centercenter in Belgrade in Belgrade

Emerging Emerging Landscapes Landscapes

ebastían Sebastían Mejia,Mejia, EdgarEdgar Mazo Mazo & & uis Callejas Luis Callejas

Plan Plan : b Achitects : b Achitects

Tenjo Tenjo historical historical center center Tenjo Tenjo (Colombia) (Colombia) 20112011

FelipeFelipe Mesa Mesa & Federico & Federico Mesa Mesa

PublicPublic competition competition for design for design of of publicpublic spacespace to recovery to recovery of theof the historical historical centercenter of tenjo of tenjo

LAP LAP Sebastían Sebastían MejíaMejía & Edgar & Edgar Mazo Mazo

LeafLeaf Square Square Housing Housing Bogotá Bogotá (Colombia (Colombia 2013) 2013) PublicPublic competition competition for debelopefor debelopement ment of a complex of a complex socialsocial housing, housing, equipments equipments and public and public spacespace

La Central La Central MaríaMaría Paula Paula Vallejo Vallejo & Ana&Lucía Ana Lucía Echeverri Echeverri

too),too), those those are all areexcuses all excuses The next The next seven seven projects projects allowallow me to me questo quesare meant are meant to show to show a part a part that that about about man,man, territory, territory, of a learning of a learning process process that that tion tion memory, rooting, rooting, language, language, started, started, not necessarily not necessarily in in memory, the process of territory of territory buil-builthe moment the moment that that I became I became the process ding,ding, identity identity building, building, the the part part of the ofarchitecture the architecture sensible being being of things, of things, school, school, but that but that was was clearly clearly sensible the connoted, the connoted, named, named, the the determined determined by it;by the it;prothe prospaces, the enviroment, the enviroment, jectsjects are not are meant not meant to beto be spaces, the light, the shadow, the shadow, the the understood understood unconnected unconnected the light, natural, the built, the built, the weft the weft fromfrom one another, one another, on the on the natural, andwarp. the warp. The life. The life. contrary, contrary, theythey represent represent a a and the unityunity of questonings of questonings aimed aimed mainly mainly at the atarchitecture, the architecture, but even but even more, more, focused focused on on the understanding the understanding of the of the sensible sensible relations relations between between manman and territory, and territory, (which (which could could easily easily be architecture, be architecture, but other but other relative relative things things


Researches Researches & & Projects Projects

Re-signified Re-signified Objects Objects Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) 0122012 /I /I

TankTank as a as Hill a Hill Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) 0112011 / II / II

Re-created Re-created Geographies Geographies Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) 0122012 / II / II

Multimodal Multimodal Station Station YearYear 20302030 Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) 0112011 / II / II

Healthcare Healthcare Holistic Holistic Center Center Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) 0112011 /I /I

Darién Darién GapGap Routes Routes Daríen Daríen (Panamá (Panamá - Colombia) - Colombia) 0122012 / II / II

Ambiental Ambiental PierPier Chocó Chocó (Colombia) (Colombia) 0122012 / II / II


Research Research & Academic & Academic Projects Projects 20122012 /I /I

RE-SIGNIFIED OBJECTS Hydrants Research project in “Critic and Project” / Street coreographies vs Architecture of Machinic circulation. Category: Public Space / Research in “Critic and Project” Location: Medellín (Colombia) Design: Sebastían Gómez Restrepo

Duchamp Fountain Marcel Duchamp

Resignification of an object

Year: 2012 / I

Street coreographies vs Architecture of Machinic circulation The research is centered at recognising on the territory those objects that constitute the designed city, but that are framed into the idea of infrastructure (understanding infrastructure as something hidden, impenetrable, invisible). According to this, it is ne-

cessary to recognise them as urban objects, milestones, machines; to understand them as themselves, but more importantly to conceive life around them, the daily spontaneous dynamics. Man and territory; Man in territory. Symols, signs, meanings and sensible relationships.

The relationships It’s important to show how certain spontaneous situations are able to activate groups of people and relate them with one another. It’s necessary to think: how those objects that lay still and hidden, almost useless inside the infrastructure system of the city, can be linked to the daily realities

that go on around them, and to man’s nature. To their techinical required function, they can also integrate and become part and generators of diverse situations that turn them into sensible objects, inside the life that goes on all around them.


Academic Academic Project Project 20112011 / II / II

TANK TANK ASAS A HILL A HILL Water Water Tank Tank PublicPublic SpaceSpace Design Design Workshop Workshop / / PublicPublic SpaceSpace Design Design onto the onto the spacespace of an urban of an urban infrastructure infrastructure (Water (Water Tank)Tank) Category: Category: PublicPublic Space, Space, Landscape Landscape Design Design Location: Location: Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia) Design: Design: Sebastían Sebastían Gómez Gómez Restrepo, Restrepo, Mauricio Mauricio Rendón. Rendón. Year: Year: 2011 /2011 II / II

he design The design of a public of a public remains remains hidden hidden without without urban urban and rural: and rural: leisure leisure and and pace space inside inside an empty an empty a chance a chance to betonamed, be named, meeting meeting space, space, productive productive llotment allotment in which in which a citya incity inspace. space. rastructural frastructural tanktank is found. is found. people. people. -Thinking -Thinking the object the object as anas an A place A place withwith a privilaged a privilaged urban urban milestone milestone of social of social location location overover the city the views. city views.and cultural and cultural gathering, gathering, ins- insObject Object and and territory territory teadtead of a dividing of a dividing place. place. -Allow -Allow man’s man’s nature nature to to he frontier The frontier between between the the Resignified Resignified object object buildbuild identifying identifying territories, territories, based based on the on meaning the meaning of of -Conceiving -Conceiving the volume the volume as as rural a rural landscape. landscape. space space itself, itself, throughout throughout a geographical a geographical element, element, touch and contact, and contact, to becoto becothat allows it to be it togranted be granted touch An allotment An allotment that that isolates isolates that allows me possible. a sensible a sensible and common and common use use me possible. tselfitself fromfrom the context the context character. character. n which in which it exists it exists by the by the -Understanding the object the object means means of a fence of a fence enclosing, enclosing,-Understanding the perspective the perspective of itsof its nside inside it, a huge it, a huge concrete concrete fromfrom relation with with its surroundings: its surroundings: lylindrical clylindrical volumen volumen that that relation







Re-signification of shapes and space / Surface - Geography The act of covering up the object turns it into Geography, making it visible to the community. The surface over the tank allows multiple ideas and ways to approach, which implies that the space will remain in permanent mutation and people will sta-


Research Research & Academic & Academic Project Project 20122012 / II / II


Cylindrical Tank

Burried Tanks

Rectangular Tank

Green Zone

Tank Research in “Critic and Project”/ Public Space Design onto the space of an urban infrastructure (Water Tank) Category: Public Space, Landscape / Research in “Critic And Project” Location: Medellín (Colombia) Design: Sebastían Gómez Restrepo Year: 2012 / II





Human coreographies and architecture of the machinic circulation. An infrastructural object (Water Tank), as it is: hidden, foreign to human contact. Infrastructure that is more than that nevertheless - it is forms and shapes in the landscape, hidden and unhabited geographies, that oppose to the sensible nature of man, nature of creation and recreation of its surrounding reality, it opposes to the impetuous attitude of man to relate himself with the surrounding world, to give it a meaning and to symbolize it.

Re-created Geographies The object will be symbolgically understood as Geography: Hill-Tank, Plateau-Tank, Hillside-Tank, Depression-Tank, before a hidden space, and now place, available for the Re-creation.

Each of the pieces, understood under their own truth (a truth), exposed and freed, not as infrastructural objects, but as symbolic forms, and from this abstract connotation: literalized, enclosed to the sensible contact with man to be inhabited and Re-created.

Re-created Geographies

Re-created Geographies


Academic Academic Project Project 20112011 / II / II

MULTIMODAL MULTIMODAL STATION STATION YEAR YEAR 2030 2030 Design: Design: Sebastían Sebastían Gómez Gómez Restrepo, Restrepo, Juan Juan Esteban Esteban V., Manuel V., Manuel Palacio, Palacio, SebasSebastían Vélez tían Vélez PublicPublic spacespace Design Design Workshop Workshop / / PublicPublic SpaceSpace Design, Design, and muland mul- Year: Year: II / II timodal timodal station, station, onto an onto former an former 2011 /2011 transport transport station station

Transport Transport Terminal Terminal

Category: Category: Master Master Plan, Equipments, Plan, Equipments, PublicPublic Space, Space, Landscape Landscape Location: Location: Medellín Medellín (Colombia) (Colombia)

The The problem problem

Contact Contact Surface Surface

allows allows human human relationships relationships its kinds. A building A building (Transport (Transport ter- ter- It is prposed It is prposed a surface a surface as anas an in allinitsallkinds. minal), minal), that that is isolated is isolated formform element element of social of social and culand culThe surface establishes establishes ts surrounding its surrounding context, context, in in turaltural dynamics dynamics conection conection The surface between between above above and and he framework the framework of a future of a future and gathering.; and gathering.; where where the the linkslinks below, usingusing space space depresdepresity with city with a high a high population population public public space space and the andmix the of mix of below, and gaps, and gaps, creating creating ncrement, increment, and the andneed the need for forusages usages allowallow to relate to relate newnew sionssions this way diverse diverse specialties specialties cenarios scenarios for community for community infrastructures infrastructures withwith otherother this way and allowing programatic programatic already-existing onesones and and and allowing meeting meeting and interacting. and interacting. already-existing relationships. relationships. therefore therefore



- Realating human tissue - Intensify the usage of ground - Balance the public and the private. - Promote the mix of usages. - Balance the relation between emptiness and fullness - Boost the idea of a compact city

- Allow the social integration - Condensate dynamics - Communicate the city Gather cultural and economical activities - Impulse the identity of the place


Academic Academic Project Project 20122012 /I /I

In order to re-assess the analytical way through which we conceive the healthcare, it is proposed an architecture that allows to conceive the human body as a whole, HOLISTICALLY.

The building is conformed by sensorial stimulating rooms aimed at the development of healthy activities relatives to every sense: Taste, Smell, Touch, Hearing, Sight.

Complemented with rooms for: Excercise, relaxation and ludic. Besides, there would be a plane of consultories and laboratories, for the accompaniment, orientation, education and diagnosis.

Current Condition

Historical Layers


Nominated for Honorable Mention Specific Building Design Workshop / Design of a healthcare building in the space of a historical building. Category: Healthcare equipment, Public Space Location: Medellín (Colombia) Design: Sebastían Gómez Restrépo Year: 2012 / I

Sencorial & Complementary Rooms

Formal Configuration As a form, it arises from the memory of the places (Fluxes and forces), it reinterprets and continues the volume of the building over the plaza, which comes accompanied by gestures relative to: congregate, harbor, embrace, protect, direct; concepts of up and down, light and shadow. Diverse platforms for human relationships. Modulation




Salas de sentidos

Salas de diagn贸stico

Salas complementarias

Servicios / t茅cnico


Enclosed Auditorium Exploded

Natural Lighting

Open-air Auditorium Exploded

Indoors vegetation



Academic Academic Project Project 20122012 / II / II

DARÍEN DARÍEN ROUTES ROUTES SOUTH SOUTH AMERICAN AMERICAN PROJECT PROJECT Panamerican Panamerican Highway Highway ClassClass Honorable Honorable Mention Mention Workshop Workshop / Design / Design of alternative of alternative and sustainable and sustainable routesroutes into the into the biodiverse biodiverse and cultural and cultural territory territory of of the Darién the Darién Gap Gap

Darién Region Darién Region

Colombia Colombia

Category: Category: Research Research - Landscape - Landscape - Territory - Territory management management (done(done with Harvard) with Harvard)

The Darién Region or or The Darién Region Location: Location: Darién Gap,Gap, is a big Darién is azone big zone Daríen Daríen (Panamá (Panamá / Colombia) / Colombia) of swamps and forests of swamps and forests Design: Design: Sebastían Sebastían Gómez Gómez Restrépo, Restrépo, DavidDavid terventions terventions that that divides divides Mesa,Mesa, Sebastían Sebastían Vélez.Vélez. Panamá, Panamá, in Central in Central AmeriAmeriYear: Year: ca, from ca, from Colombia, Colombia, in South in South 2012 /2012 II / II America. America. It represents It represents one one of the ofmost the most biodiverse biodiverse regions regions in the inworld the world and and ideas, the project the project proposes proposes Ocean Ocean withwith the Atlantic the Atlantic ideas, the region the region withwith the biggest the biggest a routes a routes net of net low of impact, low impact, Ocean. Ocean. number number of endemic of endemic spe-speor sea-routes, or sea-routes, groundgroundRouts Daríen Routs cies, cies, besides, besides, it is also it is also the the Daríen routes routes and river-routes and river-routes that that region region withwith the highest the highest become become capable capable of estaof estalevellevel of pluviosity of pluviosity on earth on earth blishing blishing diverse diverse conections conections The Panamerican The Panamerican highway highway and the andcradle the cradle of diverse of diverse in- inbetween between bothboth isolated isolated is a road is a road net of net 25.800km of 25.800km digenous digenous and afroamerican and afroamerican that that currently currently connects connects cultures; cultures; unfortunatelyit unfortunatelyit is is territory territory management management sys- sysAlaska Alaska and Argentina. and Argentina. This This also also the shelter the shelter for illegal for illegal tem tem that that integrates integrates the enthe enroadroad is currently is currently interrupinterruparmed armed groups groups in the inarmed the armed viromental, viromental, socio-cultural, socio-cultural, ted by teda by gapa gap of 123km of 123km in in economical economical and material and material the frontier the frontier of Panamá of Panamá and and aspects aspects of the ofregion. the region. Colombia. Colombia. At the Atcolombian the colombian side side of of the Gap, the Gap, the geography the geography is is ManyMany ideasideas for the forconnecthe connection tion havehave beenbeen done; done; due due River,River, which which connects connects fromfrom

Atrato Atrato riverriver Nodes Nodes

Territorial Territorial ScaleScale

In the Inframework the framework of the of the project project DARIEN DARIEN ROUTES, ROUTES, objective objective and strategy, and strategy, the the PiersPiers and Ports and Ports (for the (forcare the care and management and management of cultuof cultural and ral environmental and environmental as- aspectspects of the ofDarien the Darien region), region), as nodes as nodes articulation articulation to to the villages the villages along along the river the river Atrato, Atrato, understanding understanding the the greatgreat valuevalue that that this river this river as as longitudinal longitudinal axis represents axis represents for the forregion, the region, the economy the economy of the ofpeople the people livingliving therethere and the andecosystems. the ecosystems. The river The river as the ascenter the center of of union union and focus and focus pointpoint for for all the allnodes the nodes of this of syste this syste Work Work by Scales by Scales The project The project is developed is developed through through threethree PiersPiers scales: scales: the Territorial the Territorial scale,scale, theRetheRegional gional scalescale and the andLocal the Local scale.scale.

Regional Regional ScaleScale

ocalLocal ScaleScale

Routes Routes


Academi Academi Project Project 20122012 / II / II

Routes Nodes

1st Lacal Study Case

The ambiental pier is proFluvial conection node posed as a platform that Class Honorable Mension allows the relation of diverse actors: nature, locals, Workshop / Design of a system of and foreign visitors; all this piers as conection nodes, Cultural framed under the concept and ambiental development and of: Know-preserve-exploit. care of the region It is proposed as “ambien- Category: Socio-cultural programs tal” because it is in this and piers aspect where every one of the living social-spheres of Location: Daríen (Panamá / Colombia), the region gather. Atrato River, Chocó (Colombia) Looking the place In order to build the piers, was fundamental understanding the complexities of place, from the MedioAmbiental, Social, and Material spheres,This last one as the architecture and local building techniques.

2nd Lacal Study Case

The idea of an altogether management system between ambiental organizations, educative organizations and the locals. 3rd Lacal Study Case



Design: Sebastían Gómez Restrépo, David Mesa, Sebastían Vélez. Year: 2012 / II

Ambiental pier The idea of an altogether management system between Ambiental organizations, Educative organizations and the Locals. Known - Preserve - Use the Natural Resources.

Corte P

Growing - Flexibility



Escala 1:30

NIVEL + 4.50 MT

posibilities, that answer to the diverse needs of these particular communities, for public space and for

NIVEL + 1.50 MT

The system is conceived as an articulated module group that allows diverse spacial and growing

NIVEL + 0.00 M



Por Fachada


Laminas Solares de 67x148cm Pernos en Acero de 1/2"


0 Anclaje en Acero de 1" Anclaje de Vigas y Lona.




Lona Plastica, Traslucida e Impermeable.


Columna Principal de 50x40cm en Madera


Pernos en Acero de 1" Cerramiento en Empalizado de Madera 1�


Vigas de 30x30cm En Abarco Cepillado

Pasamanos en Madera



Lagrimal metalico




Platina de Lamina 3" en Acero 16


Pernos en Acero de 34"

Canaleta en Acero de 20x10cm


Tuberia de PVC 3"

.62 .02

Entablillado en Madera Abarco Cepillado


Pilotes en Madera de Mangle 30x30cm


Vigas de 40x30cm En Abarco Cepillado

Tanque Recolector de Agua Lluvia en Concreto de 3x3x1m, Capacidad de 9.000 litros




Soporte en Acero Para Laminas Solares

5.47 .67 .02





PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Architecture Competitions

Centre for Promotion of Science Belgrade (Serbia) 2010 Usme City Hall Usme (Colombia) 2011 Tree Houses Almere (Holanda) 2011 Medellín Velodrome Medellín (Colombia 2012)


nternational International Competition Competition 20102010

CENTRE FOR PROMOTION OF SCIENCE International competition for: Master Plan and building for Centre for promotion of science in Belgrade

The Centre The idea of the centre is developed in two levels: second under the ground, on the latter it is disposed the basic program thus Landscape insertion Taking into account an intervention space that extension of terrain, it is decided to make a good use of strategies of landscape insercion that came from similar situations, as well as iconographic forms that

heights as thematic rooms, linked by a central street elements to tell them beforehand what’s inside each room. On the public surface, gardens would be placed all over, abundants in vegetation and watery zones, accompanied by practical elements relative to science and electricity.

Category: Master Plan / Educative scientific equipment Location: Belgrado (Serbia), Design: Emerging landscapes: Edgar Mazo, Sebastían Mejía, Luis Callejas Team: Sebastían Gómez R., Maria C. Trujillo, Érica Martínez, Sebastían Monsalve, Santiago Mora. Year: 2010


National National comptetition comptetition 20112011


“The“The civiccivic center center of the of the town, town, which which is theisinterthe intervention vention place, place, is a potential is a potential

PublicPublic Competition Competition for thefor design the design of a City of aHall Citybuilding Hall building , and ,contiand contiguousguous publicpublic spacespace

vanishing vanishing awayaway into into the the landscape. landscape. The idea The idea aimes aimes at the atconsolidation the consolidation of this of this plaza, plaza, throught throught the location the location of the ofvolumne the volumne of this of new this new City Hall City on Hallthe onopen the open side side of this of allotment”. this allotment”.

Category: Category: Management Management equipment, equipment, PublicPublic SpaceSpace Location: Location: UsmeUsme (Colombia), (Colombia), Design: Design: Solidum: Solidum: Fernanda Fernanda Pacheco, Pacheco, FabioFabio Hernández Hernández Equipo: Equipo: Sebastían Sebastían Gómez Gómez R., Andrés R., Andrés More-Moreno, Christian no, Christian Hernández, Hernández, Melissa Melissa Ortega. Ortega. Year: Year: 2011 2011

The The Volume Volume ‘‘The‘‘The building building is conformed is conformed as a pierced as a pierced wood wood and stoand stone (common ne (common in this in zone) this zone) box, box, allowing allowing withwith this the this the continuity continuity of public of public space”. space”. project project means means to act toas act a as a symbolic symbolic scenario scenario for the for the town. town.

The The facade facade construction construction

On the Onbuilding the building somesome geometric geometric drawings drawings as references as references of histoof histoical rical regional regional cultures cultures appear. appear.


nternational International Comptetition. Comptetition. 20112011 Honorable Honorable Mention Mention


The Landscape

Honorable Mention

‘‘Tree houses’’, aimes at the creation of a human habitat inside a forest enviroment, trying at the same time to generate the minimum possible impact on the landscape and the enviroment. The constructions are raised above ground level with piles, leaving the ground free and establishing a new relationship with nature, the houses are connected with one another, using a web or paths also above the ground, aiming at a subtle division between private space and natural space as public space.

EUROPAN International comptetition, 2011, for the design of a new housing model Category: Housing, Landscape, Public Space Location: Almere (Holanda), Design: Solidum: Fernanda Pacheco, Fabio Hernández Team: Sebastían Gómez R., Andrés Moreno, Christian Hernández, Melissa Ortega. Year: 2011

Tree houses The houses are conceived using concepts of diversity, mental impact. A group of Pre-fabricated modules are spaces of a house, which dito create a wide range of possibilities for generation of kinds of houses accordemands. The modules allow the housings to establish multiple relations with the landscape according to its orientation.


nternational International Competition Competition 20122012 Third Third prize prize

MEDELLÍN VELODROME Third Prize International Competition for the design of a new velodrome to Medellín

Crater and cloud -

ted as a crater under the ground level, where the track and main program of the Velodrome are located. Over the crater an icono-

The project is conceived in the framework of the Medellin candidature for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

Category: Sports equipment, Public Space Location: Medellín (Colombia),

cloud apear, made by diverse longitudinal elements, which bring movement and

Design: Plan B Architects: Felipe Mesa, Federico Mesa Team: Sebastían Gómez R., Daniel Tobón, Carlos Blanco, Juliana Ramírez, Alejandro Henao, Sara Restrépo


Year: 2012


academic portfolio  

Academic portfolio, academic and professional experience in architecture practice