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Road captures. photography by Sebastian Gondek

Self -published in 2015 by Sebastian Gondek | AURORA Collective and Ingo Engelhardt | Rad Race No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without the written consent of the publisher. Editor: Sebastian Gondek Design: Sebastian Gondek Words: Sebastian Gondek | Ingo Engelhardt Translation: Judith Schroiff | Sebastian Gondek Idea / Production: Sebastian Gondek | Ingo Engelhardt Printed in Germany | |

Prologue What is cycling all about? There are not many things which are as individual as cycling. From the way of cycling, the individual bike, performance, goals and much more. But in the end, the two wheels bring people together. No matter if it’s in Flanders or Roubaix for the great classic monuments, the Grand Tours every year, the messenger alley cats in dark city nights, Fixed Gear Crits or just the weekly training ride with your team, friends or girl. As we come from a skateboarding and also band background, road trips were an essential part of our youth and shaped us. Besides this we always believed in a DIY spirit, which brought us to many places and started many good stories and projects. The “Tour de Skandinavia“ is one of those projects, our personal Grand Tour and a heartfelt thing for us. The idea; get out with some friends, discover new routes and experience new countries. No competition, but still athletic, no promotional event, but just a road trip with friends. We wanted to explore our limits and see what happened. No matter whether it was on a road bike or fixed gear, with a lot of training or next to nothing. Things often seem a bit different, when viewed by far. What is such a tour about? After nine days everyone would be able to answer this question. Probably in an individual manner, as everyone is seeking for their own very personal goal. But I’m still sure all the answers in the end would be nearly alike. It might be that it is the finish, the achievement, the suffering, the overcoming or something else entirely. With this book we would like to take you with us on our Tour de Skandinavia. Relive the nine days with us on one of our bikes.

Stage 1 Hamburg - Büsum Distance: 128 km Altidude: approx. 324 hm Average speed: approx. 28,5 km/h Weather condition: Ø 16,5° / Rain

Stage 1 Hamburg - Büsum It’s the first of September 2014. The months of planning the tour, the three Rad Race events in the weeks before the tour and on top of that a fair on our starting weekend had taken their toll. The majority of the crew are far from the top of their game when it’s time to start the nine days on the bike, with more than 1250 km to Oslo. Nevertheless all of us are on time for our breakfast on Monday morning and the mood of excitement and anticipation leaves no space for thoughts of tiredness. The van is being packed for the first time, the bikes are getting assembled and the crew finally gets their team kit. It’s getting serious. Our first destination “Camping Waterkant“ in Westerdeichstrich shortly behind Büsum is about 130 km away. The weather gods didn’t mean well for us from the beginning of the tour. Rain was forecasted and rain was what we got when we started our Tour de Skandinavia. After a few meters on the bike it started pouring down and it stayed that way for the next 100 km.

Sometimes a little less and other times, for the extra fun, a little heavier. On the flat streets in Schleswig-Holstein puddles were forming and after the first few kilometers it occurred to us that this could become a real adventure. After leaving Hamburg our route led us on rural roads, dirt tracks and cobblestone streets through the Frisian province. After several kilometers with a lot of rain, two short stops and that certain amount of suffering that cycling entails, the dwindling rain and the brightening skies let the mood brighten up as well. Waiting for the first ferry ride and afterwards reaching the perfect streets behind the North Sea dikes. All of the tension could be let go and the whole crew felt for the first time on this tour, that it sometimes is just a fine line between pleasure and pain. The last kilometers passed by way too quickly with short sprints, good spirits, a great country side and a few last sun beams showing us the way to our first destination. One part of the group made it there a little quicker, the rest enjoyed the view.

Once arrived at the campground, we had to build up our base camp. Thanks to our inflatable Heimplanet tents this was done in a breath. In less than 15 minutes 8 tents were set up, sleeping bags and clothes stowed away and we found ourselves in the middle of our Tour de Skandinavia. After taking showers and a little relaxing we decided to go and have dinner somewhere. So we rode with the whole crew, yes that is 16 people in a 9 seat van, in direction of Büsum a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere. We managed to find a crazy little Italian restaurant above an ice cream shop. The chaotic owner and his family seemed a little overwhelmed but in the end we all got something to eat, maybe not what we had ordered, but after a day like this, it didn’t really matter anymore. The first stage was done, all of us KO, happy and euphoric. Anticipating the next part of the tour everyone went to their tents shortly after dinner.

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Tour de Skandinavia 2014 - Preview  

9 days. 16 guys. More than 1200 km from Hamburg to Oslo. This is what happens, when two guys with the same idea get together and just real...

Tour de Skandinavia 2014 - Preview  

9 days. 16 guys. More than 1200 km from Hamburg to Oslo. This is what happens, when two guys with the same idea get together and just real...