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STAFF Ron Perelman acquired 1.5 million shares of Scientific Games The purchase of the Chairman of the company was in exchange for US$27 million. Perelman, currently ranked at No. 49 on the Forbes 400 with a net worth of $9.4 billion, made the seven stock purchases – ranging in share price from a high of $17.65 to a low of $15.09 – between December 20 and Dec. 28 through his MacAndrews & Forbes investment vehicle. The transactions gave Perelman a 39.2 percent stake in the company. Scientific Games shares fell 64 percent in 2018, which followed rise of 266 percent in 2017.Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with approximately 9,500 employees worldwide, serve customers from manufacturing, printing, and commercial facilities on six continents.

Gambling Commission takes regulatory action against four online casino operators Nearly £14m in penalty packages will be paid by three companies as result of their failings to put in place effective safeguards to prevent money laundering and keep consumers safe from gambling-related harm. Following licence reviews, the Gambling Commission, a statutory body established after the Gambling Act 2005 came into force, and which also regulates the National Lottery, has ordered Daub Alderney to pay a financial penalty of £7.1m and Casumo has been ordered to pay £5.85m. Videoslots will pay £1m in lieu of a financial penalty. CZ Trading withdrew from the British market last year after the Commission opened a probe into its activities, and surrendered its licence.

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US$37.58 billion


Was gambling revenue in Macau during 2018. Macao's Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau said in its latest report that the sector's revenue increased by 16.6 percent year-on-year to 26.47 billion patacas (about 3.28 billion U.S. dollars) in December 2018. Macao's monthly gaming revenue registered a 1.1 percent year-on-year rise in August 2016, ending a 26-month slump of the industry. Since then the monthly revenue has kept a year-on-year growth as of December 2018, which recorded the 29th monthly rebound. The special administrative region has been encouraging casino operators to diversify to help broaden its economic base. At present, tax from casinos accounts for over 80 per cent of the Macau government's total revenue.



events Charles Hiten


He gave an extensive interview during which he detailed his aims, objectives and priorities for 2019 and beyond.

Albert Radman


The executive commented about the main challenges of the gaming industry in the European region.

Mike Robinson


The executive spoke about the evolution of gaming in Europe and more specifically in England and the main challenges of the region.

Kate Chambers


The executive said that is their responsability to respond quickly to developments in the market, either technological or legislative.

EGR Australia Power Summit 2019 Four Seasons, Sydney. Wednesday, February 20.

Ing. Gerardo Taccone

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iGaming Asia Congress

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Macau. Tuesday, March 12 – Thursday, March 14

Caribbean Gaming Show & Summit


Cancun. Thursday, March 28 – Friday, March 29.







“THE MAIN DEMAND OF THE OPERATORS IS ALWAYS DIVIDED BETWEEN THE EFFICIENCY AND SUPPORT” The executive also commented about the main challenges of the gaming industry in the European region. What are the products that you Will be presenting at ice london 2019?

We’ll present our latest and most attractive product, including our double sided Big Wheel, multi terminal Black Jack, Fish Hunter, ViP terminal and much more. This year we’ll truly present our brand as a leader in innovation, design and vision in the world of electronic table games. What are the main characteristics of your products and What is your “flagship” product? Which are more attractive to european players?

Our lagship products was, is and will always be our Roulette. This is the products that made as famous and to this day presents a majority of revenue for alfastreet. Our products are well known for its reliability, ergonomics, and a ”no-nonsense” approach when it comes to the game play. Our products are simple and eicient and the result as a result we claim our presence in 110 countries around the world. The life span of our products extends beyond any reason, and we know about numerous Roulette machines that are operational for more than 20 years. For european players, our ixed cabinets are still the most


Games maGazine

appealing, starting at 12 stations, and coming all the way down to 4 stations in ixed cabinet. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in europe and more specifically in england?

england is in many ways conservative and moving forward with a slow pace. The operators tend to get attached to a speciic brand, or type of game and are generally not too excited to experiment with the latest products and “unproven” technology. Playing it safe brings certain stability and harmony to the market, yet the pace of growing in terms of technology and innovation is slower, when compared to some other territories. as a more progressive and deinitely more imaginative country i’d deine France, where they constantly look for improvements, latest releases and even invent some of their own games. The market is lexible and the operators are more open minded and always in a competitive mode. Which are the main demands of the operator in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

The main demand is always divided between the eiciency and support. These two points are non-negotiable

and should be a synonym for any serious brand of products. The biggest challenge is possibly the support, as the operators not only look for a stable and lucrative game, they also expect constant updates, improvements and most eicient response in case of a break down. This is why at alfastreet, we work with local distributors that can eiciently provide the best before and after sales support to our customers. the projection indicates that online gaming is one of the business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this phenomenon occur?

The comfort and the ease of approach to the game is a deinite advantage point with online. i’d deine the online gaming as the mass gaming of the future, where the land based gaming will be “reserved” for true gamblers. What are the fundamental objectives for 2019?

Our objective is, as usually, to stay ahead of our competitors. strengthen our position at our key markets of Us, asia and europe and come up with new products and features that’ll keep our machines interesting and competitive to ever evolving world of virtual slot games.

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Jurgen De Munck

charl geyser

ceO anD cO-fOunDer Of DrgT

Managing DirecTOr Of DrgT africa

"WHETHER IT BE PRODUCT OR SERVICE RELATED, THE CUSTOMER MUST COME FIRST, AND OUR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AFFORD TO DO JUST THAT“ The Chief Executive Director and co-founder of DR Gaming Technology, Jurgen De Munck, and the Managing Director of Africa, Charl Geyser, discuss how it all began and what are currently the most important movements of the company in expansion and products. DRGT was esTablisheD in 2005. JuRGen you’ve been TheRe fRom The sTaRT, anD ChaRl you’ve been a paRT of The business foR almosT Two ThiRDs of ThaT Time. Can you Tell me how iT sTaRTeD foR you boTh?

Jurgen De Munck: Literally started in a garage. We began with a relatively simple idea then, one that very quickly became our vision, and I guess our entire development mantra: ‘…to develop and deliver the best technology that puts the player first’.


To fully execute this though, Michiel (van Dam, CTO and co-founder) and I realised that we also needed to not only provide operators with cutting edge technology that was robust and user-friendly, but we also needed to ensure that we had the people and the means to support those products, and more importantly our customers the operators who use them. Charl Geyser: I left Aristocrat after 13 years’ service in 2007, dabbled in

running my own pubs (with street market machines, of course) for a couple of years and ultimately decided to get back into gaming equipment distribution in 2009. My involvement with DRGT dates back almost a decade, to when I took on the distribution of the then SiP product; I met Jurgen and Michiel when they purchased SiP in late 2011. At the time we met, I had secured an EGM distribution contract, and was looking for a jackpot service provider to meet a local tender opportunity.

in DRGT not only did i ind a great jackpot solution, but in my view the most powerful, cost efective and user-friendly casino management system i had ever come across. i irmly believed that i had found the proverbial ‘goose that lays the golden egg’ – the perfect disruptor, the product that i could really launch my newly established simplicit-e Gaming solutions of of. Roll ahead to 2018, and simplicit-e Gaming solutions is now DRGT africa, a joint venture between DRGT and south african investment holding company Grand Parade investments Limited. the company celebrated a decade of successfully operating its management system and Waps in sWitzerland in 2018, you and your team must be very proud of the success.

JDM: We are, very proud. Christian eder, and his team in austria, as well as Jean-michel De Busscher and his team in Belgium have done a great job in securing, and then maintaining and growing our presence in switzerland. since installing our first system in Grand Casino Bern in 2008, we have expanded that footprint to over 10 casinos; what remains encouraging is that many of these installations, and others across the globe, follow referrals and endorsements from one operator to the next. You cannot put a price on that sort of marketing, it is invaluable, and we treasure it immensely! technology and innovation are the backbone of drgt’s success. hoW do you retain your competitive edge?

JDM: michiel along with our R&D Directors and our Global Product team drive our product development and its associated time lines. Without divulging too much, i think it is safe to say, as i have said on many previous occasions, consumers in general (and this includes gaming ‘players’) are becoming more and more demanding of tailored solutions and ease of use, and less

and less tolerant of extended time lines or service intervals. With this in mind, we need to develop quicker, install quicker and be able to provide operators with technology to engage quicker and more directly with their players. Products like our drmediamanager, drscreen video and TV streaming functionality and our ability to present jackpot and other media to the top screens of eGms talk directly to this ‘shift’. What are your most successful products?

CG: Our most successful slots product is a Wide-area Progressive (WaP) Jackpot called sunstriker, the 2nd in a series of three bespoke WaPs developed for sun international. since inception, it remains the top performing jackpot in africa, i’m also proud to say that since our initial installation of the 1st of these three WaPs over 5 years ago, there has never been a single second of downtime. Of the back of our slots success we developed BlackJack11’s that i referred to earlier, a fast and easy to learn tables jackpot side bet game. To date the game is installed across a number of sun international and Peermont casinos in south africa, at the Hippodrome in London, Grand Kaz in the seychelles, monterey in mexico, Casino Platino in the Dominican Republic, Richard’s Casino in Peru, as well as a number of casinos in Belgium and Cyprus. in fact at present it is the most proitable tables side-bet game on the african continent, an accolade we trust we will be able to replicate elsewhere across the globe too. the above said, What are the advantages of either upgrading to, or installing drgt’s systems at the outset?

JDM: advances in technology allowed us to provide a truly serverless ofering at the outset. it also aforded us the ability to provide more functionality than existing legacy systems, and furthermore ensured that we were able to install our product extremely quickly. a case in point was our installation at Grand

Casino Basel, where we completed the entire change over in a single day during normal operating hours. in closing gentlemen, for those casinos Wanting a neW system or jackpot solution, Why should they consider drgt?

JDM: my answer here is not a new one: i think in any industry, whether it be product or service related, the customer (and in our case ‘the player’) must come irst. Our technology solutions aford operators the functionality and products to do just that! CG: if an operator is looking to replace his/her existing management system, upgrade part of it, or is in the market for a system for a new casino development, call us! i can promise DRGT’s full commitment to inding a solution that works, is robust, reliable and cost-efective, and focussed wholeheartedly on ’putting the player irst’. your company is also the market leader in belgium, correct?

JDM: Yes, you are quite correct. With our proverbial roots in the country, we did our best to secure as much local support as possible. in fact, i can now proudly say that all 9 Belgian casinos manage their operations using our system. What can visitors to ice london expect to see from drgt on 5, 6 and 7 february?

CG: Whilst we continue to develop and design new jackpot systems and expand on the solutions our casino management systems are able to provide, the key to our success remains our core product ofering driven at present by our Tables management system and our BlackJack11’s Tables Jackpot game, our world-leading range of slots jackpots and our revolutionary drscreen player tracking interface and world-leading 8.8” drscreenUltra player tracking display. These will all be on display in London.

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NECROMANCER IS THE RESULT OF OUR FANTASTICLLY TALENTED DEVELOPMENT TEAM IS AN UNFORGETTABLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE” The professional responsible for all business development, marketing and account management activities counts the virtues of the company, as well as the introduction in ICE of first 3D / VR slot game. What are the most important products and services offered by evoplay entertainment?

alongside keeping up with our main ofering – Full HD HTmL5 slots, table and instant games we also aim to be at the forefront of ‘irst in the industry’ products. in 2018 it was our 3D / VR slot game “necromancer” – which was an industry irst in terms of mobile in-browser activation of VR mode, without the need for downloads or extra steps for players to start playing the game. We also focus on innovating on small elements - the almost unnoticeable things that make practical sense towards gameplay. For example – one of our latest slots called “e.T.” combines two optimisation technologies: one to ensure fast loading of the game and the other to keep the operating capacity as light as possible. While “almost unnoticeable” – it is still a gamechanger for the industry in that the majority pursues this combined efect via one technology – optimising the weight which helps the game load faster, making one efect the result of another. With our groundbreaking “e.T.” game – this has turned the tech approach on its head. For the irst time, we’ve used two separate technologies to make the product fast and light – another industry irst, and an innovation that will set a new standard for slots developers.


Games maGazine

at ice 2018 the company introduced the industry’s first 3d / vr slot game. hoW Was your development? What Was the impact Within the World market?

The development of “necromancer” itself took around a year – on top of development, design and animation we continued it updating it after, adding changes and making sure the game is executed with outstanding graphics and adaptable to every screen, as well as ofering the smoothest performance possible. The result of our fantastically talented development team is an unforgettably immersive experience. While the industry feedback has been phenomenal, we were only founded in 2017. This means that as we are still in the process of obtaining our licenses from the mGa, UKGC and other major markets, many customers globally will not yet be able to enjoy the game. Of course, this will soon change! What are the orders and suggestions made by the operators? What is the horizon of the gaming industry?

if we speak about our portfolio in general, operators often request the development of a jackpot feature, which we are considering adding to

our development pipeline. another area is currency, everything from the addition of varying denominations to cryptocurrencies – most of which our games support. We’re always delighted to see our customers growing and expanding into new territories – if there is something we can do to help them expand faster, we will happily try to do it. Regarding the horizon – a very good question. Crypto and blockchain applications are always occupying the headlines, as well as the development of fantasy, social and virtual reality segments in iGaming. as games become more high deinition, faster and lighter, customer expectations for games that are able to deliver the same constant level of quality will no doubt continue to increase. What are the company’s goals for 2019?

Our goals are to kick of 2019 with another ‘industry irst’ at iCe. Following that, we’re planning to enter new markets, and are working hard on securing the must-have licences as well as getting certiied for other local eU jurisdictions. We’ll be aiming to deliver 1-2 new games per month as a target, and as well as new slots, table and instant games, we will be adding at least one more in-browser VR game to the mix.

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“THE DYNAMIC OF THE CASINO FLOOR IS QUICKLY CHANGING” The executive explained how he sees the evolution of gaming in Europe, and more specifically in England and which are the main demands of the operators in the region. What are the main characteristics of your products?

all of interblock’s products are known for their luxury appearance, functionality and most importantly modularity. ministar Roulette, which ofers many of the great features and functionality of our most advanced Diamond G5 generation, but in a smaller footprint, is amongst them. its automated generator delivers excess of 80 results per hour, and provides great wheel visibility for the player. at iCe ministar will display its new ball-chasing light and sound package, which includes LeD lights on the wheel combined with sound efects that chase the ball until it falls into the pocket. hoW is the presence of etgs evolving in casino floors?

Currently eTGs make up 5 to 10 percent of casino loors in europe and this number is only growing. The dynamic of the casino loor is quickly changing from being broken up into only slots and table games to having a third section of the loor clearly reserved for eTGs. With growing overhead costs, operators are constantly looking for new solutions to attract players while simultaneously controlling costs. eTGs attract new and legacy players alike. They provide an environment for new players to learn how to play the game

8 Games maGazine

at their own pace and in the comfort of their own play station without the worry of afecting other players’ games outcomes as they would at a live table. experienced players enjoy being able to play their favorite games without the crowds of a live table and having a “private” game all to themselves to be able to play at their own pace as well. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in europe and more specifically in england?

i believe the future of gaming in europe will see not only more eTGs taking over for live tables, but also an inlux of stadium set-ups on the casino loor, where operators are able to connect an unlimited number of play stations to a single dealer. interblock stadiums can be set-up as dealer assist, automated or a combination of both, where a dealer assist stadium is able to become an automated stadium when having live dealers present is not ideal for the casino. Within both set-ups, video options of the games are available from the same play station allowing players to easily switch between their favorite games without having to cash out, it also allows to players to play up to four games at the same time from a single play station. interblock stadiums provide several options to operators on

how to obtain additional coin-in from ofering a double-shoe Baccarat table to our proprietary multi-hand Blackjack software, which allows the dealer to have “community” cards so every player in the stadium can have a diferent result based on their game decisions. Players are able to play up to 3 hand per round and have the ability to switch between which hands they would like to play with each card drawn, as well as how they play each hand. Players can hit on their irst hand, hold on their second and go back to take another hit on their irst hand. This provides the ultimate lexibility for players while playing. Which are the main demands of the operators in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

The main demands of most operators are inding unique ways to increase handle and hold by engaging their customers so they can gain more share of wallet. also, product stability and excellent service support are very important. The main challenges, as always, are trying to meet and exceed operators’ expectations as well as delivering something new to the market each year. it takes a lot of thought and investment, but so far we have been able to accomplish this.

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THE INDUSTRY IN NUMBERS Gross gambling yield During the period april 2017 to march 2018, the regulated GB gambling industry generated a gross gambling yield (GGY) or equivalent3 of ÂŁ14.4bn, a 4.5% increase compared with the year prior. Industry GGY by sector (ÂŁm)


Apr 2015-Mar 2016

Arcades (non-remote) Betting (non-remote)

Apr 2016-Mar 2017

Apr 2017-Mar 2018







Bingo (non-remote)




Casinos (non-remote)




Remote casino, betting and bingo




National Lottery (remote and non-remote)










Lotteries (remote and non-remote) Total Source: Gambling Commission

Gaming machines The average total of gaming machines across all non-remote gambling sectors in GB (in premises used by licensed operators only6) during the period april 2017 to march 2018 was 181,309 (a decrease of 0.5% compared to the previous period). Category B2, B4 and D machine numbers have declined, whilst Category B1, B3 and C numbers have increased. Category C machines were the most prevalent category of machine, representing 45.4% of all machines. The introduction and widespread use of electronic bingo terminals7 (eBTs) within the bingo sector accounts for most of the increase in Category C machines. Category D and Category B2 machines were the second and third most prevalent machine types; together accounting for a further 39.1%. across GB, 80.1% of all gaming machines were in the bingo and arcade sectors Gaming machine numbers across all regulated gambling sectors (average) Machine category







Betting 32.786 72

Source: Gambling Commission

10 Games maGazine


Total 32.956


















D Total



B4 C


Employment The number of people working in the gambling industry was 107,940 (as at 31 march 2018) (0.6% increase on the previous reporting period). The largest increase was in the remote sector. Number of employees across all gambling sectors employee headcount are drawn from the latest regulatory return submitted by operators on or before 31 march 2018. Full time and part time employees are included in these igures.


As at 31 Mar 2016

As At 31 Mar 2017

As At 31 Mar 2018




















Gaming machine technical* Lotteries (External Lottery Managers only) Remote Total










Source: Gambling Commission *The numbers for gaming machine technical (GMT) include headcount from all of the GMT licensed activities (including manufacturers, suppliers and software manufacturers).

The total GGY for gaming machines was ÂŁ2.7bn (1.3% decrease compared to the previous period); representing 19.0% of total industry GGY. There were marginal diferences in most categories when comparing to the previous reporting period. Category B2 showed a decrease of 5.8% and B3 an increase of 23.0%. B2 Category machines accounted for 63.2% of the total machines GGY (which equates to 12.0% of total industry GGY). across GB, 62.7% of GGY from gaming machines was generated from the Gaming machine GGY across all gambling sectors (ÂŁm) Machine category







Betting 1,713.85

B4 0.47

D Total



Total 193.23





1,727.81 213.69















Source: Gambling Commission

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cover story

A WELL TRAVELLED MAN Having lived on five continents and, in recent years having travelled literally millions of miles in his position as one of the gaming industry’s top executives, Charles Hiten is the CEO of Merkur Gaming Americas and represents the Gauselmann Group’s world famous laughing sun symbol throughout Latin America as well as overseeing and directing the market arrival of the Merkur Gaming brand into US markets. Ahead of the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London he gave an extensive interview during which he detailed his aims, objectives and priorities for 2019 and beyond. With extensive experience in the industry, you took over as chief executive at Merkur GaMinG aMericas in 2015. What Were the Main challenGes to take forWard? What has been your personal experience since that beGinninG? When i joined the Gauselmann Group, in July 2015, the merkur Gaming brand was already in the process of being established in Latin america. That was deined, well before my arrival, as a ive year market entry and establishment process; to run from 2013 through to 2018. it is with great pleasure that, looking back to the end of 2018, i can now review those ive years as a major success, even if external factors have not always made it a smooth ride. The merkur brand is now well established and respected and we have become a tier one supplier into what is one of the most vibrant and exciting market sectors on earth. Today, we have subsidiary companies in Peru. mexico. Colombia and, most recently, in argentina. Over the past few years we have consistently achieved a 10%+ ship share in both Peru and mexico (where we took over full ownership of the company that had initially been started as a partnership), our subsidiary in Colombia continued to grow and, despite unfavourable macro-economic conditions, we established a new subsidiary company in argentina during 2017. While opening their new oice and building a great team merkur Gaming argentina has deinitely made its presence felt and has installed machines in key locations across argentina and also spread its wings into the adjacent markets in Uruguay and Paraguay. my irst focus, across all of our subsidiaries, was to concentrate on realigning and building relationships, restructuring and strengthening the various teams and lloking very closely at the product and games ofering that we were making to our customers.

12 Games maGazine

With its Global presence, Merkur is one of the Main players in the international land based GaMinG sector. What are the Main characteristics of the coMpany that have alloWed you to stay on top for so Many years? as you know, the Gauselmann Group celebrated its 60th birthday in 2017 and the merkur brand was established more than 40 years ago. With that level of experience and success we have established exceptional brand recognition on a whole range of fronts, a recognition that is supported by our reputation for excellent ‘made in Germany’ products, exceptional service and a fantastic team that covers the globe and where every one of our almost 14,000 employees adds value through their eforts. What is it that they say in sports? ‘Results are temporary but class is permanent’. as usual, Merkur starts the year With a stronG presence in ice london. What is the inspiration for the coMpany to increase the iMpact year after year? What are the objectives that are proposed in this edition of the shoW? as always, not just at iCe but at every trade show in which we participate, our objectives are to present the company, its products and its people in the most positive way. The investment and the planning that goes into a show like iCe is massive and our exhibition team work tremendously hard to make our booths memorable, for all the right reasons. i defy anyone, industry professional or not, to walk in through the n4 entry Door at exCel on show days and not be immediately amazed and impressed. Come by and visit us, then tell us what you think!

CHARLES ceo Merkur GaMinG aMericas

HITEN Games maGazine 13

cover story at iCe this year merkur Gaming will feature new games, new products and new cabinets. There will be surprises, sure, but we will keep those quiet until iCe opens actually its doors to visitors. What coMMents can you Make about Merkur’s presence in latin aMerican GaMinG? Latin america is one of world gaming’s true hot spots. The region’s player base is knowledgeable in terms of game play and has a real willingness to accept new ideas. The region’s operators by and large beneit from stable and fair regulation, something that, in the case of Peru, has already become a model adopted by other countries. We have a speciic objective of growing loor share, across all of our markets in Latin america in 2019 and we are focused on expanding the product portfolio ofering to ensure that merkur Gaming americas goes from strength to strength. i also want to mention the excellent work done by our great

sunshine state’ and our symbol is the Gauselmann laughing sun, it seemed obvious.) Then it quickly became apparent that the skills pool that we needed was located primarily in nevada and, to be the best, we needed the best in terms of skills, experience and, to put it bluntly, know how. We were extremely fortunate to attract mike Halvorson to head up sunshine Games. He is a ‘games guru’ with a long and successful background to his credit. mike has put together a fantastic team who, in a very short time span, had created the irst titles in what is now a rapidly expanding library of truly innovative and attractive Us games. There is much more to come from sunshine Games as we build our games portfolio and strengthen our ofering ahead of our full Us market entry. This dovetails directly into our games portfolio for Latin america and will undoubtedly be an important factor in our developing growth across the región. What are the products that after ice Will be central to the structure of Merkur GaMinG aMericas? Will there be products in 2019 that are specially desiGned for aMerica? my main objective, as i was moving to set up sunshine Games, was to have at the heart of our portfolio a collection of games that were made in america, by americans and for americans. That is now a reality and something that continues to expand. after iCe (and i am expecting a really great show in London) we will be exhibiting, for the third successive year, at niGa in san Diego as proud associate members of niGa. at niGa we will be presenting new games, including something very special, unique in fact that i really cannot discuss at this moment, but i do forsee that this will a development that will also prove to be signiicant for Latin america also. niGa this year will be a pivotal show for merkur Gaming americas!

local pre and post sales service teams who are focused on understanding and delivering what our customers (the operators) tell us that they need to build their success also. in conclusion i would say that 2019 for merkur Gaming americas looks extremely positive: i think it is going to be a great year! one of the iMportant points of the coMpany not only for the aMericas but also for the Global structure Will be the neW desiGn studio in las veGas. What is it about? We indeed do have a design facility, sunshine Games, that is located in Las Vegas. almost immediately i very clearly saw the need to address, head on, the stumbling block that afects so many non-Us based companies that aspire to enter the Us market, namely, their often repeated technique of bringing to market non-Us products and just hoping that they would be instantly accepted there. That is deinitely not the case. american players want games that are tangibly american. it is a player psychology factor that i could not overlook. so, with merkur Gaming americas being based in Florida, my irst idea was to créate a games design facility there. i even thought up the company name irst: sunshine Games (as Florida is ‘the

14 Games maGazine

What are the expectations in the reGion for 2019? merkur Gaming will continue to grow and expand. For example, we will in the next few months be entering the market in Chile with our irst machines being installed in enjoy and sun Dreams properties. Having lived and worked in Chile for some years i know the market very well. it is an exciting country where the development of gaming entertainment continues to grow rapidly. i also expect that in 2019 our Latin american activities will be positively impacted by our product development in the Usa, with an expanded product and game titles portfolio that will support our loor share growth ambitions. The recent announcement of multiple new casino licenses in mexico gives us a great opportunity that we are focused on converting into more sales and, of course, signiicant acquisition of loor space. Our focus, throughout the region, remains on products, people, and relationships. We are here for the long-term and we are determined to add value for our customers, players, our employees and strategic stakeholders alike. We are always determined to consolidate and grow our market positions. We place a high value on our ability to interact with players. Our local promotions teams, particularly those in mexico and in Peru, are having a very positive impact and they make sure that we remain grounded and in touch with players on a daily basis, something that provides us with invaluable feedback.

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“INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT TO ENTERTAIN END USERS IS CRUCIAL FOR OUR CONTINUED SUCCESS AND A MAJOR FOCUS” The development of YourBet BetBuilder, Pulse Bet, Action Betting and other products and services of the company are some of the topics deepened by the executive, as well as the expansion mode.

What is action Betting and Pulse Betting? What Were the results at the time of these tWo tools?

We have created and introduced a series of highly innovative personalisation tools and features to allow brands to diferentiate, and their players to both re-engage in the excitement of betting and take more control of their experience. in 2018 we unveiled a series of products designed to do just that, enabling players to custom build their own bets (YourBet Betbuilder), bet in-play within a deined time period with the payout increasing as the timeline progresses (Pulse Bet), and receive real-time mobile bet recommendations complete with a quickbet widget to make instant decisions on their preferred markets (action betting). The simplicity of Pulse Bet has been key to its success, with increasing numbers of players taking advantage of the chance to win a jackpot amount on a single football bet. The available betting periods are 30 seconds, one minute, ive minutes and 10 minutes, with the odds calculated by sBTech’s proprietary algorithm. as soon as a bet is placed, the clock starts, with the time split into three periods and a countdown timeline displayed. as each new period begins, the winning


Games maGazine

amount increases, and when a goal is scored, the player wins the amount displayed. since Pulse Bet was rolled out across the sBTech network, the feature has been hailed as a genuine game-changer, rapidly becoming the jewel in the crown of many operators’ oferings including skyBet, ComeOn, Bethard, 10Bet, moplay, mansionbet and many others. What are your Plans for the latam market next year and Beyond? hoW is the sBtech horizon defined for 2019?

We already work with several operators in regulated Latam markets but expect this to increase across 2019 and beyond. Our innovative platform and agile culture have already brought us huge success. Our main goal is to make sure we continue to scale and increase the trajectory of delivery and success for our partners. We are a

truly global business with a coverage of products many other businesses should be envious of. How we maximise our team’s innovation and development to entertain end users is crucial for our continued success and a major focus. in five years, Where do you Want sBtech to Be?

The answer is simple; we must maintain our market leading B2B supplier status by increasing product, technology, market and client reach. in short, we must innovate and deliver. it’s still very early for the Us and Latam marketplaces and constant regulation movement across emea all provides huge opportunities. in ive years, i expect sBTech to increase its dominance in our current markets and to serve new products to a wider portfolio of clients in numerous newly regulated and regulating territories.

ABOUT SBTECH SBTech is an award-winning global leader in omni-channel sports betting and gaming technology, powering the world’s largest operators, state lotteries, land-based casinos, and horse racing companies. Founded in 2007, and with more than 1,100 employees in nine global oices, SBTech has developed the industry’s most powerful, innovative, data-driven online sports betting and casino platform, serving licensees in more than 20 regulated markets.




“WE CONTINUE TO MEET AND SURPASS OUR CUSTOMERS’ DEMANDS WITH A GREAT VARIETY OF PRODUCTS” The executive also commented on the evolution of gaming in Europe and more specifically in England and the main challenges of the region. What are the main characteristics of your Products and What is your “flagshiP” Product? Which are more attractive to euroPean Players?

We are launching a variety of exciting new slot themes at iCe, developed by our game studios around the world. One highlight is the international premiere of macGyver on the nOVOsTaR V.i.P. 3.50 and V.i.P. Lounge 2.32 cabinets that brings the classic 80s TV show to the casino loor. new titles to look out for that incorporate tried-and-tested concepts popular with european players include Lucky Lady’s Wild spell, a reimagined version of a novomatic classic. another highlight is apollo God of the sun which has proved a hit with european players online and will be making its landbased premiere on the nOVO Line interactive platform. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in euroPe and more sPecifically in england?

The evolution of gaming is marked by several factors. Firstly, the demands of players as tastes and preferences change. second is the regulatory framework in place. These determine the new products being developed for the markets and how the sector evolves.

18 Games maGazine

Current trends in europe include an expanding variety of game volatilities and we will show a wide selection of new games at iCe with diferent math models. in england, the stake change on FOBTs will profoundly impact the market, shifting focus from bookmakers to casinos, arcades and online. each area will be covered at iCe, with the latest products developed by teams of market specialists. Which are the main demands of the oPerator in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

Operators demand the best in terms of hardware and software quality. The challenge is to meet these demands with products that engage players and stand the test of time on the gaming loor. Operators also like the opportunity to scale their oferings, which has led to long-lasting relationships being formed due to novomatic having one of the most diverse and comprehensive portfolios in the industry. With casino games and machines from novomatic and ainsworth, interactive solutions from Greentube, as well as systems, sports betting, media technologies and market-speciic solutions, novomatic will bring it all together on its giant stand at iCe.

the Projection indicates that online gaming is one of the Business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this Phenomenon occur?

The next-generation of gamers, the so-called millennials, enjoy spending more time than ever before online, particularly on mobile devices. They expect instant access to their favourite entertainment on-demand. Gaming must compete with the huge amount of options available today. it is the job of the industry to not only offer player-favourite games on desktop and mobile but also the transition to a land-based environment. What are the fundamental oBjectives for 2019?

To maintain and strengthen the leading position of novomatic in europe, while continuing our global expansion in the americas, asia and africa. We continue to meet and surpass our customers’ demands with a great variety of products, leading technologies and are very excited to present the latest innovations in London at iCe. We have a strong exhibition this year and a great pipeline for 2019.


“WE DISTRIBUTE OUR PRODUCTS ALL OVER THE WORLD, UTILISING THE LATEST IN STREAMING TECHNOLOGY, BY PROVIDING 24/7 BETTING OPPORTUNITIES” The executive describes the betting scenario when the company started as well as the present, where the company has options at all times of the day throughout the world. What kind of content makes uP your 24/7 offering? What are the demands of the Bettors?

Our new 24/7 Live Betting Channels feature top class live horse and greyhound racing, interspersed with quality virtual sports and numbers games. We ofer premium live UK & irish horse racing, along with international racing from 6 continents, as well as UK & irish greyhound racing. With a betting opportunity every three minutes, the channels are well suited for operators across the globe, regardless of time zone, as they provide frequent and proitable short form betting content. We can provide these channels as an end-to-end solution in a ‘Watch and Bet’ format, featuring live streamed pictures, data, on-screen graphics with betting prompts, and an extensive range of markets and prices. the comPany has more than 30 years of exPerience in the market. hoW has the Betting market evolved during that time?

since the sis journey began in 1986, the betting and gaming landscape has

changed dramatically. The migration from retail to online has provided challenges as well as huge opportunities for the industry, and has fuelled new innovations to improve the betting experience for bettors. Obviously as a leading supplier to the industry we have had to evolve too, in order to continue to ofer customers quality betting content to help drive betting revenues. We distribute our products to operators all over the world, utilising the latest in streaming technology, and our new 24/7 Live Betting Channels are the latest example of how we’re innovating our ofer, by providing 24/7 betting opportunities across all time zones. it is Proven that live sPorts and virtual games are comPlementary. hoW are the ProPortions of Both offers exPressed? hoW is the goal of “entertaining” achieved?

Virtual sports are an ideal betting product to support our core offering of premium live horse and greyhound racing. The vertical’s popularity has grown significantly in recent times, with bettors enjoying

the short format and regular timetable of races, while increasingly highquality graphics create an almost lifelike experience. What Was the imPact of the neW regulation of sPorts Betting in the united states? What is the current situation in euroPe?

The developments within the emerging U.s. sports betting market are encouraging, and we fully expect to see more states embrace legalised betting operations over the coming months. Given the size of the territory, we expect the numbers of active betting customers will continue to increase, as interest rises, and more operators look to launch new oferings. in europe the approach to regulation varies from country to country, with some markets opening up and dismantling long standing monopolies, whilst others are bringing in new rules to restrict advertising or limit the stakes on FOBTs, such as in the UK. The U.s is certainly a growth market, with many UK and european operators looking at how they can a foothold into it.

Games maGazine 19



“FOR OUR PRODUCTS, WE EMPHASISE IN CUSTOMIZATION, DESIGN AND FLEXIBILITY” The director explained what are the main characteristics of their products and which are more attractive to European players. What are the Products that you Will Be Presenting at ice london 2019?

spintec’s 230 m2 stand is ideal to present our whole array of products, varying from compact Karma solutions to amphitheatre aura solutions. What is more, we will be launching a completely new game at iCe London. Blackjack is a game we put a lot of efort in the past year and are really looking forward to see it on the casino loors enjoyed by the players. What are the main characteristics of your Products and What is your “flagshiP” Product? Which are more attractive to euroPean Players?

spintec is one of the few eTG manufacturers that has separate product lines for both compact and amphitheatre gaming solution. We are really proud of our whole array of products, from stand-alone playing stations that ofer intimacy and are space eicient to amphitheatres with more than 30 playing stations for bigger casino loors. When asked what are the main characteristics of our products, we emphasise customization, design and lexibility. That is what makes our products really stand out from the rest on the market and that is what operators appreciate when deciding which product to place on their loor. Our lagship product comes

20 Games maGazine

from Karma family. This is our Karma Roulette with 8 playing stations and a topper as seen in the picture. and this product is also a star in many casinos worldwide where players can enjoy an exciting game of roulette. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in euroPe and more sPecifically in england?

it’s hard to pinpoint the exact trends and evolution just for the european market. We feel that the evolution of gaming in europe is more or less following the trends around the world. it is true that the regulations in some of the european countries can be stricter than in the countries around the world. This means its harder to step onto the market. in the past we also came across a few challenges especially around certiication process, but managed to conquer many new european markets in 2018. Which are the main demands of the oPerator in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

We operate on the assumption that every challenge and obstacle can be solved. We are lexible, innovative and fast to respond. We always try our best to address operator’s wishes. But it’s not only the operator’s wishes, it’s also the market’s regulations. every market is unique which means we need to

be really lexible to be compliant with speciic regulations. the Projection indicates that online gaming is one of the Business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this Phenomenon occur?

The new generation is slowly but steady entering the market. We are talking about the millennials. To adapt to them and their preferences, a lot of industries are moving online. and it’s no diferent in the gaming industry. as for spintec, we are currently still focused on land-based games but are nevertheless following the trends and are making adjustments where necessary. What are the fundamental oBjectives for 2019?

Plans for 2019 are big. australia being the irst project in the weeks to come since everything is ready for the very irst installation there. Then comes iCe London where we can’t wait to launch our new game, Blackjack and later in the year see it installed and played in the casinos worldwide. 2019 will be important also for our oice and production capacities. By the end of the year we are planning to move to new, bigger premises which will make us ready for the new challenges ahead, one being especially big. We can’t reveal the secret just yet, but stay tuned for more info in the following months.




“GAMING AND BETTING AS REGULATED ACTIVITIES HAVE GONE THROUGH MAJOR CHANGES” The executive explained that their products and services have evolved alongside the changes of the industry. What are the main characteristics of your Products and What is your “flagshiP” Product? Which are more attractive to euroPean Players?

i think the key to our products is that together they provide everything a bookmaker, no matter how large or small, needs to run a successful business. The lagship is our managed Trading services (mTs) as it provides everything under the one roof and with complete customisability, it is lexible for any bookmaker, whether they are at the start-up stage, or fully established, to develop their business through improved trading and risk management. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in euroPe and more sPecifically in the uk?

Betradar’s parent company, sportradar was initially established in europe and we have been operating there and in the UK for almost two decades now to evolve as the world’s leading provider of sports data intelligence. Our operations span across the globe with expertise in both established and new markets, including Latin america, asia and of course the Us. Gaming and betting as regulated activities have gone through major changes within the past decade and the pace of change has shown

22 Games maGazine

no let up. With our partner-focused approach, our products and services have evolved alongside this, driven by technology and consumer take-up. This is the dynamic we want to continue to stay ahead of the game in the various markets across the world. Which are the main demands of the oPerator in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

in many ways, the demands of the operators have remained constant over the years; they want the best product, utilising the available technology to deliver a product which is engaging for the consumer. That remains the case today. The challenge for the entire industry remains delivering that proposition while also bearing in mind the structures and regulations in each individual jurisdiction and the impact new markets will have on the industry worldwide. the Projection indicates that online gaming is one of the Business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this Phenomenon occur?

Online gaming is a relatively new form in the long history of gambling, but clearly the trend towards ever greater digital consumerism will drive future growth

and development. Given the huge investment in online made by some of the biggest companies in the world, it provides a huge leverage opportunity for operators in the gaming and betting world. additionally, online and mobile betting provide even greater opportunities for take-up and engagement and as technology continues to develop this is likely to increase even further. What other euroPean country do you think are, in the future, closer to achieving online regulation?

This past January, sweden became the latest country to further open up their own gambling market. more are sure to follow. What are the fundamental oBjectives for 2019?

We are always striving to enhance our full product suite, utilising the latest technology to provide operators with the very best ofering. This is why we are proud to deliver our new ad:s marketing and sponsorship solution. it’s also why we are committed to continue to develop our mTs. Us regulated sportsbetting will remain a very important market this year but there are increasing opportunities globally. again, we are geared to provide expertise in all these areas and look forward to doing so.


“EUROPEAN LEGISLATION HAS MISSED TO PREPARE ITSELF FOR THE CHALLENGE OF ONLINE MARKETS” The director also spoke about the main demands of the operators and challenges of the continent and how does he see the evolution of gaming in Europe. What are the main characteristics of your Products?

The main characteristics of all our products is the lexibility. Due to modular design our machines can be equipped with a wide range of peripherals and also be connected to several networks in parallel. This allows multifunctional applications. For example a land-based Casino operates an own online gambling site and a sports betting lounge. The same Vne ticket redemption machine which is in use for the slot machine players will also be able to ofer cash uploads for online players and redeem sports Betting tickets in an automated, eicient and secure way. hoW do you see the evolution of gaming in euroPe and more sPecifically in england?

Online markets are more and more dominating our business. most european operators still didn´t integrate cash handling to their online payment options. some even consider this not to be necessary. But this means to leave away an essential part of the cake. Cash is and will always be a factor in gambling. not to ofer cash payment options means to leave this part of the business to your competitors. and this will cause an evolution in our online markets, not just in UK

but all over europe. Those who already made a successful cash integration will experience a faster growth and attract on a mid term view more players. Which are the main demands of the oPerators in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

The main demand for operators nowadays is to create a future oriented gambling environment. Players tend to expect from their prefered brand to cover all their gambling activities, if possible with just one account login, land-based as well as online. This is a huge challenge especially for smaller and mid-size operators. One of the key points is how to integrate all required payment structures in a cost eicient and secure way on just one platform. Vne products are ofering solutions for this. the Projection indicates that online gaming is one of the Business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this Phenomenon occur?

Online gaming businesses tend to have a long horizon, longer than the land-based business is used to handle. The reason is quite obvious. While the development for a slot machine has been accomplished before it gets built

there is a never ending need for further developments visible all through the online business. This efect is driven by the density of competition. even if you´re on the top with your online site today, a competitor can launch some new features and pass by tomorrow. This efect multiplied with the growing number of online sites explains why -even if you have a ready-to-use product today- you can never stop putting as much as efort as possible in developments. What other euroPean country do you think are, in the future, closer to achieving online regulation?

european legislation in general has missed to prepare itself for the challenge of online markets. Despite of the fact, that are totally diferent regulations, you´ll ind online gaming activities everywhere, players have access to it everywhere. no matter, whether it is forbidden at all or whether there is a monopoly. it has become part of daily business that a simple licence issued in one european country of your choice enables operators to launch european wide activities. Therefor it has become more or less unimportant, whether single jurisdictions achieve online regulations or not.

Games maGazine 23



“WE ARE ALREADY IN AN ADVANCED STAGE OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WM.0V8.F19 ENGINE” The director also mention which are the main demands of the operators and which are the main challenges of the European region. What are the main characteristics of your Products and What is your “flagshiP” Product? Which are more attractive to euroPean Players?

We at Worldmatch believe that the games must have a soul, one of the things that characterizes most and helps deine the soul of a game is the so-called “engine”, is nothing but the set of mathematics and features that characterize the game. in fact, in average, we use a new engine each 3,4 games, which then difer between them for graphics and especially for the various features as: RTP and volatility. We can safely say that every game we produce is unique, (to date our more than 200 games use 67 diferent engines). What are the characteristics of your neW engine?

in the last quarter of 2018 we inished the certiication, in the main jurisdictions, of our new Wm.0V7.F18 engine. The new engine allows the dynamic management of a whole new battery of behaviors, in combination with each other or individually, such as “wild cloning” or “sticky wild with the re-spin”. The new engine in addition to the dynamic management of the new behaviors allows to implement a whole new family of metamorphic games.


Games maGazine

The new engine has already been distributed on the latest releases, already available from the major operators of regulated markets, such as the latest version of the Re-wild slot and the slot-cup. not content with this, we are already in an advanced stage of implementation of the Wm.0V8.F19 engine, which will add new more attractive and performing modes for the players, and therefore also for our operators. This will be presented at iCe 2019. Which are the main demands of the oPerator in the region? and Which are the main challenges of the region?

We focus on regulated markets then:

in new regulations such Colombia the main demand is more certiied games, quantity of games more than quality, (in Colombia we have the biggest ofering with 100 HTmL5 certiied games), in more mature regulated markets the demand is for quality, with our recent agreement with Octavian, we just launched 10 new games that being the conversion of succesfull land based games “already have the quality”. What are the fundamental oBjectives for 2019?

Being able to deliver all the new engines that we are working at and being able to port the most performing titles from the Octavian deal.

Games maGazine 25

> ICE 2019


“OUR JOB IS TO PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE ENVIRONMENT IN WHICH BUSINESSES CAN CONDUCT BUSINESS” The executive said that is their responsability, as professional event organisers, to respond quickly to developments in the market, either technological or legislative. How will tHis new edition of iCe london Compare?

First of all, i can conirm that the 2019 edition will be the biggest on record, with net loor space growing from the 2018 igure of 43,500sqm to 45,500sqm, an increase of just under 5 percent. it’s important to stress this isn’t a one-of increase in demand for space, but part of a trend which stretches back to 2012, when the show loor comprised 22,500sqm. since then, iCe London has grown year-on-year and is now more than twice its 2012 size, a remarkable feat when you consider the level of merger and acquisition activity that’s taken place in the industry over that period. We can’t inluence change, but as professional event organisers, steeped in gaming, our job is to respond quickly to developments in the market – either technological or legislative – and to provide the 26 Games maGazine

best possible environment in which businesses can conduct business. wHat are tHe new novelties tHat visitors will find?

in terms of irsts, Best Gambling, which has created a platform to operate on behalf of new entrants, allowing them to get to market up to three times quicker and operate at 50% of the costs if they did it themselves, has been named as the irst sponsorship partner of Pitch iCe. The agreement will see Best Gambling support the 2019 edition of Pitch iCe London, where gaming start-ups will be given the opportunity to debut their companies on the show loor and present them to the wider gaming industry. The 2019 edition of iCe VOX will be doing things diferently, while still delivering what i believe to be the most comprehensive learning programme in gaming. iCe VOX will feature 120 high proile, tier-one thought leaders delivering more than 40 hours of businesscentric learning. We are using four branded areas that ofer distinct ways of learning, ranging from the direct, information-based ‘elevator’, through to the ‘Hive’, where delegates will be able to meet with regulators, operators and policy makers in a series of roundtable networking sessions. ‘Counsel’ will feature Oxford

Union style debates and motions all facilitated by a professional debate team, while ‘Boardroom’ invites inspirational thought leaders from outside the gaming universe to provide their insight. Finally, the speaker Clinic delivers a one-to-one feedback masterclass, as delegates can make presentations to our professional speakers and receive an exclusive critique and guidance. The updates we have introduced aim to deliver a new kind of immersive learning experience. The fact that iCe VOX takes place alongside the world’s most inluential gaming technology event means delegates can learn about the latest trends and then speak directly with the innovators whose genius products and services have the potential to change the way in which the industry does business. wHat are tHe main industry trends tHat will be debated in tHe event?

social Responsibility is part of the Dna of iCe London. as ines for failings in the area of consumer protection become more punitive, advertising restrictions alongside technology advancements that assist more informed approaches to consumer protection, i’m certain Responsible Gambling will continue to dominate industry discussions and debates in 2019. The Consumer Protection zone, which we launched at iCe London 2018, has been given a new high proile home on the show loor. it will be slightly bigger this year and it has been relocated to the high footfall area adjacent to the Bingo Pavilion and the Totally Gaming academy in the south Hall at exCeL London. i think the move relects the huge importance that Responsible Gambling plays in the culture of all serious operators across all of the gaming verticals. The Consumer Protection zone will serve as a focal point for all interested parties, including regulators, research agencies, treatment organisations and those commercial organisations that have harnessed the power of new technology to progress the social responsibility message. wHat is your analysis of tHe growtH of esports all over tHe world?

The esports industry is predicted to be worth $23.5 billion within the next two years. in light of this, our 2019 iCe VOX esports stream will equip the gambling industry with an understanding of the esports ecosystem and how to engage with its community, with a clearer picture of how to package esports within a betting ofering and to treat players responsibly. in the post-PasPa esports world, the role of operators, publishers and players is set to change dramatically and we have a wide range of panels dedicated to exploring the growing sector focusing on player protection, publisher/operator relations, the major esports titles in

2019, social interaction with fans and much more. at this stage, we have a number of world-leading speakers set to provide the most up-to-date insight on the sector and its culture, including: amy Yu, Head of Partnership Development,; Ben Bradtke, Former mD,; Boris mayencourt, President, swiss esports Federation; eduard montserrat, Co-Founder & CeO of stream Hatchet; Gustav Käll, Head of esports, Universal music Group; ian smith, Commissioner, esiC; Jef Liboon, President of esP Gaming; Jenna auwerx, senior associate, Pharumlegal, and Luke Cotton, COO, Code Red esports. How do you see tHat tHe new regulations for sport bets in tHe us will affeCt tHe industry?

While iCe London’s growth in 2017/18 was due to the demand for space from payments providers, the 2019 growth has, in part, been driven by sportsbook companies following the supreme Court’s repeal of the Professional and amateur sports Protection act (PasPa). Because iCe London serves as a barometer of the world industry, we can anticipate that big macro changes, such as the repeal of PasPa, will be relected in the visitor and exhibitor metrics at show. Clearly, when you have the world’s biggest and the world’s most international gaming event, it will relect the global industry in all of its formats; it’s one of the key attractions of attending iCe London and the reason why the attendance continues to grow. Following the Us supreme Court ruling, it has become clear that there’s a need for a professional and, most importantly, trusted platform to help drive the future of gaming across the continent. Relecting this, we launched iCe north america, which will be held across may 13-15 in Boston ma, Usa, to serve as a stakeholder meeting place and provide the opportunity for brands to establish a competitive advantage in what is a tremendously dynamic market. iCe is recognised as being the most respected event brand in the gaming space and has all of the necessary credentials and energy to be at the heart of the development of the industry in north america. The oicial launch will take place at iCe London in February, but essentially it involves a campaign which highlights the new ground that’s being broken in the sector. Building on top of the incredible foundations laid by iCe sports Betting Usa and GiGse before it, we want to continue driving a dynamic approach to our events in the Us, ensuring the speakers in Boston bring unique insight, from both inside and outside of the gaming industry. The campaign will also translate to the learning opportunities we ofer delivering more ‘how to’ sessions, helping pioneering companies to showcase their brands and connect with the best of the best from sports betting and beyond. Games maGazine 27

> ICE 2019


CREATIVE SLOT CONTENT, CABINETS, AND PROGRESSIVES PREMIERES Konami Gaming will showcase new game series and slot cabinets. more than 30,000 guests will have the chance to experience the company’s leading progressive game oferings and singlescreen releases for Concerto Crescent and stack. money Galaxy, agent: magnifying Jackpots, magician’s Charm, and sparkling Roses: Color Bloom are among the top series featured at this year’s iCe for the irst time. in addition, this year marks the iCe premiere of Konami’s newest slot cabinets: KX 43 and Concerto Opus. Both are arriving with 4K Ultra HD displays and an exciting mix of debut game titles. “This year, guests will discover a record variety of single-screen releases for Konami’s curved Crescent and tall stack cabinets, backed by top-performing play mechanics from symbol-driven links to strike zone,” said eduardo aching, Vice President of international Gaming Operations. “in addition to showing exceptional results across diverse markets, Konami’s library of single-screen content

ofers lexible coniguration options for multi-denom, multi-currency, and multi-game.” agent: magnifying Jackpots and inspector: sign of the Jackpots are among the featured strike zone titles for Crescent and stack. Throughout game play, players have the option to activate additional reel areas for expanding

full-reels wilds and higher jackpot odds by increasing their selected strike zone at higher extra bet amounts. in addition to multi-denom and multi-currency options, this standalone jackpot series is seleXion multi-game compatible. star Watch is another popular strike zone series featured on the loor of this year’s iCe London, with standalone progressive jackpots and instant symbol-driven credit prize awards. “Continuing the success of smash smash Festival, Konami’s iCe 2019 lineup includes ive new linked progressive jackpot games for dual-screen Concerto upright and slant,” said aching. “all feature original math and mechanics, from pick ‘em progressives to stay & spin instant credit prizes.” symbol-driven linked progressives money Galaxy and Thunder arrow are among the debut series for Konami’s stay & spin feature. Both are showcased on Concerto upright and provide players the chance at multi-round credit collect bonuses throughout game play.


PRESENTS A COMPLETELY NEW GAME ON THEIR SHOW FLOOR spintec stand will showcase the latest technology and product novelties that they have been working on for the past year. They will be present with both Karma and aura product lines with various set-ups and conigurations. Visitors will have a chance to spin the wheel on the Roulette, watch the roll of the dice on the sic Bo and place their bets on the winning hand on the Baccarat. spintec is presenting a completely new game on their show loor. a game of Blackjack. igor Lombar, spintec’s General manager on Blackjack, said: “When listening to operators’ feedback and their wishes about new games, it all narrowed down to one game, Blackjack. and so, for the past year our research 28

Games maGazine

and development team has been busy working on making the Blackjack that we at spintec and all our partners are eager to try it out ourselves.” The game of Blackjack will be presented for the very irst time at iCe London. Once seated down, players will be hooked with adrenaline rush making it hard to leave. an attractive virtual dealer on the big screen will also contribute to excitement and fuss about the game. The sophisticated design, intuitive interface that supports several languages and displays game rules and statistics, comfortable sitting and 5 additional side bets are all reasons players will love the game of Blackjack. spintec will be showcasing the Blackjack in virtual

technology, but later in 2019 it will also be available in live technology. Renato Bicic, spintec’s sales Director, says: “iCe is one of the most important expos for us. Why? it is among the biggest in the industry, which means companies and individuals from across the world exhibit and attend. We are always very excited to meet with existing business partners, impress visitors with our products, show them some of our slovenian hospitality and talk business with potential business partners.”

Games maGazine 29

> ICE 2019





evenBet Gaming is an innovative online gaming supplier, breathing new life into the poker vertical. its world-class poker ofering also features casino games platforms and “snackable” slots. Proven to have a positive impact on engagement, retention and bottom-line, evenBet’s sophisticated yet easyto-integrate poker products deliver beneits across any number of KPis – especially as reliable cross-selling techniques and user-engagement have become ever more elusive in the tightening grip of industry regulation post-GDPR. evenBet’s leading poker products, which have been reinvigorating the vertical for global partners this year, now include a multi Game format

which delivers a deeper dive for player-engagement. Over in asia, evenBet’s new mobile Poker Clubs app has been capitalising on the escalating smartphone adoption rates for gaming in many asian markets, allowing club managers to host run private poker communities with their own tournaments and tables for the irst time. another huge breakthrough has also arrived with the noLimitCoin launch, fronted by two-time WsOP champion Johnny Chan, and ofering a world-irst in its no-rake ofering. With evenBet, the crypto-currency future is now an attainable reality, as is perhaps the youngest, savviest gaming audience around.



esports Lab will help you reach the fastest growing segment of the betting market - esports. Partnership with esports tournament organisations allows compile accurate live and pre-match odds using close to 0 latency game data and clean video streams. The odds compilation process is powered-up own trading experts who are pioneers as well as by failure-proof mathematical models. Odds and markets coverage is the best on Cis market. The company provides over 1600 live esports events per month. Traders are best of both worlds, they have been compiling odds for regular sports for around a decade, then switched to esports betting because of vast experience as players and spectators. esports is very diferent from regular sports. Traders know subtle nuances that allow them to compile proit-maximising odds. On top of that we have come up with top notch mathematical live odds models that exclude loss. in addition, the company provides pre-match odds service, live data service, gaming solutions (FiFa, Cs:GO/ Dota2 Bot wars, virtual esports betting), managed trading service, live streaming and on demand solutions.


MORE THAN JUST MERCHANDISE at iCe London (stands s1-102 and s1-200) BetGames.TV will be presenting a very attractive portfolio of 9 live games which includes Bet on poker, Bet on Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, Dice Duel, Dice, War of Bets, Lucky5, Lucky6, Lucky7 and a comprehensive introduction to new features. Furthermore, the company actively preparing to shake the market with brand new games soon. “From an initial crazy idea to a worldwide known brand, we are extremely proud to ofer our clients the highest quality, the most 30

Games maGazine

authentic and entertaining live gaming experience and the widest choice of exceptional content”, added COO of Betgames.TV, aistė Garnevičienė. after so many praises on mystical themed paintings of our charming presenters last year, BetGames. TV comes back with an absolutely new eye-catching stand concept. Vivid colors, mes-merizing, tasty looking prints, stunning 70’s vibe photography and much more, which simply sums up the idea of a “never ending pleasure”.

Fluid Branding, a leading distributor of promotional products, branded merchandise and corporate gifts, specialists to the iGaming industry, already working with some of the top brand names in the sector. approach is slightly diferent, focusing on the personal touches and service that will guide customers to the best possible outcome for their brand. We believe in speedy and responsive customer service and that’s why we’ve been awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted service award for 2018 for the second year in a row. The company has an extensive range of promotional merchandise from pens, clothing, bags, mugs and tech accessories to suit any occasion Their in-house igaming industry specialist is John Walker, sales Director, who has years of experience and insightful expertise that will really help your brand to stand out.


MULTIPLAYER AMERICAN ROULETTE, CRYPTO GAMES, AND IGAMING CASINO AND SPORTSBOOK PLATFORM The company will be presenting a new multiplayer american Roulette targeting the LaTam Region, where recently set foot in with a number of strategic partnerships seeing Betixon’s content and expertise expanding in the region. Under the company’s multiplayer RnG games category people can see a variety of games such as a multiplayer Baccarat table game and a ish hunting game, a popular product in the asian market, which getting traction in LaTam. Betixon will be showcasing its new set of crypto “Provably Fair” instant games. The new trending category of “Provably Fair” games ensures

the integrity of the game RnG outcome, where the player is able to perform his own veriication on the game result instantly. in total, Betixon fast growing portfolio contains over 30 HTmL5 games at the moment, including slots, Video Bingo, multiplayer Games, and Crypto Games. at iCe 2019 (stand s9-121), Betixon will be presenting its modern iGaming casino and sportsbook platform. The platform is fully customized and tailored to the customer’s needs. The sportsbook is built for the modern world on top of Betradar mTs and its latest version of uniied odds feed, ensuring high precision and quick automatic

bet settlements. The sports solution can be provided as a whole package or as an integrated iFrame solution for existing operators on their own platforms. The platform include variety of payment providers and external games

providers which are constantly added to expand the portfolio of games. Virtual sports from various providers available to ill the gap where instant action is needed or when speciic sports is on a season break.

Games maGazine 31

> ICE 2019



eGT, eGT multiplayer and eGT interactive will keep the spark of innovativeness, engineering brilliance, smart design and over-the-top gaming content at its 1,200 square meters during the three days of the event. Over 260 gaming stations will be part of a genuine display. Three jackpots will reveal their themes for a irst time at the show. Jackpot Cards is based on brand new slot cabinets and on already proven jackpots of eGT. The Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and spades are its main characters and after them are named the four mystery progressive levels. The way to win any of them goes through full of suspense bonus game, ofering a pick ield of uncovered cards. Three brand new LeD dual-sided jackpot panels of diferent sizes and design have been especially created for Jackpot Cards. The jackpot ancient spin will take the visitors to the realm of the ancient gods of egypt. in the beginning of the journey is the main game egyptian Princess (5 reels, 40 lines) that leads to free spins, or to the vast array of awards of outer bonus and inner jackpot wheels. Once reaching the inner wheel, one of the four progressive jackpot levels – mini, minor, major and Grand, is guaranteed to the player, together with an overall gaming enjoyment beyond expectations. ancient spin is accommodated in the elegant Curved cabinets of eGT and projects the jackpots’ values on a 42-inch Rainbow panel. Pharaohs, queens, scarabs and lots of sunny mood will accompany the visitors in their quest for hidden treasures on the jackpot sands Princess. its main game Pharaoh’s Desert (5 reels, 20 lines) may end with one of the 5 stand-alone 32

Games maGazine

or linked jackpot levels: mini and minor (non-progressive), maxi, Grand and major (progressive). While turning every sand grain into silver and gold for the players, this product of eGT adds value also for the operators, being housed in the highly performing P-24/24 Up, P-27/27 st, P-27/27 st slim and P-27/32H st cabinets and having on top the Rainbow jackpot panel. Design, combining unmatched comfort with modern aesthetics, efficient exciter iii platform, frameless monitors with impeccable visual quality, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and easy maintenance are just part of the General series’ Dna. On top of the range of this latest generation slot cabinets of eGT is the G 32-32 ViP cabinet with two 32-inch high-resolution widescreen monitors and same size optional topper. The included multimedia chair justifies the “ViP” claim of the product, incorporating stereo speakers and control buttons for the sound volume and the main functions of the game. its role for the overall comfort of the players and their feel like most valuable customers is fundamental. The General series’ debut will be completed with four more slot models. The G 27-32 Up and st cabinets feature a 27-inch high-resolution main and 32-inch upper widescreen monitors (with an option for a 32-inch topper), while the G 27-27 Up and st cabinets have all their displays and toppers in 27-inch size. all General machines are inseparable from the eponymous series of multigames. The irst to be released is the Red General of 50 games, based on the exciter iii platform and on the concept to be generous in entertainment. eGT multiplayer has set the course for its future developments with the latest T-Line and s-Line series models. The core of the new T86 touch table roulette with 6 gaming places is the larger main display (86 inches). This is how the product reaches utmost levels of appeal and comfort for the players. Compared to its predecessors, the next generation monitor is faster and with higher resolution.


CLEAR BENEFITS WITH INTUITIVE SOFTWARE MAKE OPERATOR LIVES SIMPLE Digital signage can be found practically literally everywhere at a casino or gaming location. it can be underestimated how important this is for the gaming operator. Digital signage opens the door to communicate clearly and effectively with customers – and that in a number of ways. These can be directly on the gaming floor – such as roulette or jackpot information or placed throughout the gaming location to inform players on a whole world of things – from what’s available at the casino restaurant to things to do nearby. Thus, when used effectively, a screen is a marketing tool, allowing the operator to inform the player. naturally it can also include

advertising – one’s own or from other companies (so becoming a new revenue stream). “Casino operators are very busy people and we know from experience that digital signage can only work well if it is simple to understand and, more impor-

tantly, simple to use on a day-to-day basis”, commented head Ljubo Benko. That explains the diference G-Digital makes. it is deployed on a central database – that means that changes can be made to as many monitors as required

at the push of a button. There is no need to programme a change on a UsB stick and walk from monitor to monitor to make the change. This saves time and money. Changes can be made quickly and efectively. images can be simply integrated into the screen – so the image shown to the player can customised. This also includes the game screens – they no longer need to show only the game information. a part of the screen can be reserved for another information channel – making these screens marketing tools as well. The fact that the software can so easily be altered allows operators to place the images they really see as the most efective – and in the way they want to.





isoftBet, the market-leading online and mobile casino software provider, is showcasing a host of new products at iCe 2019 including ‘in-Game’, its ground breaking real-time, cross-platform gamiication layer, plus smash-hit slots that are set to take the market by storm. is the latest innovation by isoftBet adding conigurable, real-time, cross-platform gamiication tools to its popular suite of games including third-party titles available on its Gaming aggregation Platform (GaP). Operators across all regulated markets will be able to use this cutting-edge tool to engage and motivate their players and boost loyalty rates. in-Game allows operators to activate a series of easy-to-use,

conigurable and automated gamiication tools that signiicantly enhance the player experience. This includes jackpots, leaderboards based on achievements or points, or rewards in the form of cash bonuses or free rounds, across not only any isoftBet game, but also more than 3,000 slot and table game titles provided by its 50 game partners on the GaP platform. isoftBet is also giving visitors (stand n5-240) to the iCe London show the chance to preview a trio of its blockbuster slot games for 2019, including Pinata Fiesta, Vegas High Roller and merlin’s magic mirror, all containing the game developer’s trademark math models and innovative features that have seen the company’s titles consistently appear in the top performing games of so many household brands.

nsoft`s sportsbook software solution provides full lexibility to the clients and enables hundreds of thousands sports events via its platform. it provides unparalleled betting experience for players no matter if it is Pre-match, in-Play or Pool Betting. Clients tend to choose nsoft`s sportsbook solution as it is highly customizable sports betting platform requiring zero initial costs. nsoft´s sportsbook solution driven by Betradar data provides clients with an extensive ofer of more than 370 000 events from 60 diferent sports (Pre-match mTs) and up to 25,000 live events per month across 20+ sports (in-Play mTs) together with corresponding odds and results. managed Trading service (mTs) represents an efective risk management strengthening competitiveness, minimising operational risks and costs. in addition, nsoft’s seven Platform allows distribution of Pre-match and in-Play mTs ofer through diferent delivery channels; retail, terminal, web and mobile. This omni channel solutions is fully responsive when it comes to visualization. The nsoft’s support operations for sportsbook products are made of client-oriented experts including the in-house bookies with 10+ years of experience that are trained to help clients to maximize their turnover and player retention by increasing users’ betting stimulation. Games maGazine 33

> ICE 2019


THE COMPANY IS SHOWING AN EXTENSIVE RANGE OF SOLUTIONS exciting new slot titles, multigame mixes, jackpots, electronic table games, system solutions and media technologies only starts to describe the largescale product range novomatic is highlighting at iCe 2019 in London. new on the casino side will be irstclass slot titles from novomatic’s game studios around the world – including the international and omni-channel launch of a new iP theme – presented on the latest cabinet technology, featuring the Panthera and V.i.P. series. a new presentation of the myaCP casino management system is being demonstrated by Octavian with functionalities such as GDPR, accounting and reporting tools. Video bingo is also being highlighted with Otium introducing new

game concepts and themes. eTGs is playing a major role, with a novo Line novo Unity ii environment featuring live, automated and virtual games, as well as the Lotus Roulette ii Pro Black edition island solution that connects to a multitude of cabinets including the popular V.i.P. Lounge 2.32. sports betting is catered for with novoPrime sports, a system developed in partnership with sportradar that will demonstrate new features including seamless wallet capabilities. another solution with Kambi will be presented, as well as the latest retail and online products of admiral sportwetten and millennium, and new cash management solutions. novomatic subsidiaries from around

europe are in full force at iCe 2019, each with a dedicated area on the comprehensive stand. For the UK market, a selection of products covering casino, arcade and pub sectors will be unveiled, topped off by a stunning astra Casino mystery jackpot attraction that creates maximum attention on the casino floor. Löwen entertainment is showcasing new cabinet and software innovations for the German market the striking Pro Generation range with new software packages, games and features. also in focus will be the Casinonet data management system, giving operators remote access to a wide range of back office and security functions.


EUROPEAN DEBUT OF BLAZE CRAPS, NEW ORA DISPLAY PORTFOLIO, AND CHIPPER CHAMP PRO The company will be showcasing some new and exciting innovations in addition to its world renowned core products which have become industry benchmarks combining quality, innovation, reliability and security. iCe sees the european debut of Blaze Craps which joins other Blaze products on show - Roulette and money Wheel. Like all products in the suite, Blaze Craps features eye-catching energy eicient LeD lights itted below the surface of the gaming table which display unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. a full range of number displays will be on show highlighting the new Ora display portfolio. The impressive Ora Grande features sleek curved lines incorporating a large 32 inch screen which provides excellent visibility from multiple angles right across the gaming loor. slimline LeD’s border the frame proile to provide eye-catching attract modes that can cycle through multiple colour changes or can

34 Games maGazine

be integrated to display software to relect key stages of the game. Building great products has been the standard for TCsJOHnHUXLeY since its inception and the next generation Chipper Champ Pro does not disappoint. This latest model has been developed to incorporate all the key attributes of the Chipper Champ 2, but packs a punch with even greater security and operational features that bring unbeatable beneits to the casino. also on show (stand s6-250) will be the world-renowned Roulette wheel range featuring stunning designs, from unique veneers to vibrant eye-catching inishes, all exquisitely crafted with







QTech Games is the fastest growing game distributor in asia. its mission is to ind the best online (RnG) games in the world and distribute them to operators in asia, Latam and africa. mobile games provide the central focus of the company, which is premised on a fully-owned and customised technical platform that afords games providers and operators the fastest, most efortless integration on the market. Through this platform, clients enjoy the best performance and customer support available. after a successful 2018 of doubledigit growth, enhancing the speed and performance of all games on its platform, QTech has careered into the industry consciousness with a series of new deals and innovative tools. QT Play was the irst cross-provider recommendation mobile app tailor-made for the gaming industry, while the landmark launch of our new campaign tool in Q4 2018 has enabled operators to run campaigns across the entire QTech Games portfolio. With mobile markets ramping exponentially across emerging territories, it’s easy for both players and operators to feel overwhelmed by the scale of choice and competition among countless game releases. QTech Games is cutting through the white noise with a stunning games suite, tailored to each market.

The company is releasing 13 titles this year. after releasing 12 titles in 2018, it’s a step in the right direction for the company to extend their existing portfolio with an additional 13 strong titles, including one jackpot game, one 3D game, and even more innovative in-game features. The series includes at the moment The Grand (march), Durian Dynamite (april), mountain King (may), and Jackpot Game (June) also, designed as a customer retention tool available to operators, the ‘Challenges’ feature adds an additional level of gameplay for the players on top of Quickspin’s existing slots.

sportCaller is the leading free-to-play sporting game provider, whose platform allows fans to connect and compete across a variety of sports. it provides free-to-play games and other social products for operators and media owners, generating new accounts allied to trackable levels of increased player-activity and loyalty. sportCaller ranks William Hill, GVC, moPlay, Oddschecker, Paddy Power Betfair, TVG, at The Races, Livescore and Ladbrokes Coral amongst its expanding client-base.

‘Challenges’ is both engaging and immersive. in its essence, it’s a mini-game displayed on top of each Quickspin slot game, with an extra level of gameplay that’s fuelled by the outcome of the spins in the slot game below. The goal for the player is to guide an in-play character through a maze and over to a inal prize, allowing participants to unlock prizes as the path through the maze is generated – even if they might not hit that inal big win.

in a largely standardised market for signup promotions and bonuses, sportCaller is now ofering a third way to market, allowing operators to acquire and retain repeat-customers at a low cost but also to stay fully compliant with tightening worldwide regulation. sportCaller’s wide range of “Predictor” games drive engagement through a series of betting-related questions, which have player-education and augmented bet-activity at their core. all these games can be easily accessed on mobile, app and desktop. The Dublin-based supplier is continuing to expand its growing footprint throughout emerging and newly-regulating markets, including the U.s. post PasPa repeal. moreover, sportCaller is now running its FTP games for betting partners in over 20 countries worldwide and across 14 diferent languages.


NEW LIVE DEALER PLATFORM super spade Games (ssG) comes out with a brand new Live Dealer platform which is sophisticated and lexible to cater to the needs of today’s gaming operator or whitelabel providers across the globe. With its newly designed studio in east europe and with the best looking professional dealers and top-of-theline casino equipment, the company

provides the best live dealer gaming experience to the players. ssG currently provides Live Dealer games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger and the most popular and one-of-a-kind indian Live Dealer game called “andar-Bahar” and adding Live Teen Patti

(indian Flush), Live Holdem and more to the list. Live studio and games are operational 24x7 and are accessible across the globe. Players can get a non-stop gaming experience on any device without a need for download.

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> ICE 2019


HARDROX, ROULETTE GRAND JEU 24HX AND THE AMANET ONLINE GAMING SOLUTIONS every year amatic releases a multitude of new games to the industry in London and the iCe 2019 will be no exception. Great care, detail, attention and focus have lowed into these games – that promise to raise the hearts of players with their new ideas, graphics and features. These are naturally driven by the Hardrox platform to guarantee the display excellence. Two other major corporate pillars will also be housed on the stand: the Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX automated roulette and the amanet online gaming solutions.

amatic’s attention to design, quality, security, reliability and just to every single detail are a few reasons of this success story. in its standard version, the Grand Jeu provides space for up to 8 players around

the table. each player has its own gaming terminal equipped with a brilliant 24” Full HD monitor that provides all necessary statistics and graphics in pin-sharp quality for increased comfort. The

Grand Jeu is also available in a lexible version – with the solitaire electronic roulette wheel and an individual number of connected satellite terminals. amanet online gaming remains the fastest growing pillar of amatic’s business. The combination of well-known land-based games and new games especially developed for the online market gives players an extensive choice. The number of jurisdictions that have approved amanet games continues to rise. all games are in HTmL5 format, meaning that they can be played on all possible devices.


EMPOWERING SPORTSBOOK OPERATORS Betgenius is showcasing its extensive range of highly customisable solutions. Ranging from a full turnkey sportsbook solution to the leading in-play trading service on the market, as well as the sector’s only dedicated digital marketing agency, the company ofers everything required to run and manage a premium sportsbook operation. Visitors will discover why Betgenius’ technology is renowned for empowering sportsbook operators to take total control of their brand and trading strategy in order to create a unique proposition, drive operational eiciency and boost proits. The company will be running live demos of the cuttingedge Betgenius sportsbook Platform. The platform ofers


Games maGazine

an entire turnkey solution or a set of best-in-class components to suit the

exact requirements of the operator’s strategy. Uniquely, the product allows this coniguration to evolve over time, if and when operators seek greater control of their technology stack. as the world’s leading supplier of in-play betting services, its Trading and Data services are a must-see for any ambitious operator. From event creation, pricing and settlement, to live risk management, Betgenius’ customisable solutions help the biggest names in sports betting across the globe run a pricing strategy that sets them apart from their rivals. Unique to the industry, Betgenius runs a digital marketing and media buying agency which is entirely focused on sports betting

and iGaming. Whether it’s acquisition, retention or engagement, the Customer engagement Platform allows operators to reach the right audience, with the right message across all channels and formats. matt stephenson, managing Director of Betgenius, said: “Creating a truly unique proposition through a customised front-end, tailored pricing and personalised marketing is absolutely vital to success in today’s market. We are excited to be at iCe once again to showcase our huge range of products and services which allow sportsbook operators to do attain each of those goals, thus creating a hugely profitable and long-term sportsbook strategy.”


“OUR OBJECTIVE IS TAKING GAMING TO THE NEXT LEVEL” The director also spoke about what are the main characteristics of their products and which are more attractive to European players. What are the products that you Will be presenting at ice london 2019?

Our Clover Link Jackpot islands will be taking centre stage. We have extended these islands to cover all possible requirements for gaming locations around the world. The Big island, the Round edition and the expandable Wall edition are all available with a selection of diferent slots. We are a complete provider of gaming solutions and there will be plenty to see on our stand. This includes the apex Player station – our electronic roulette that ofers so many features – including being able to be linked to up to four roulette wheels – both live and/or electronic. Our iDROPs is the solution for live gaming tables as the game is not stopped for large buy in’s and hands per hour increases – due to the fact that we can accept up to 250 notes/tickets in a bundle, processing them at up to 6 per second. The escrow function rounds of this solution. We have a wide range of card shulers under the shule King brand. and let’s not forget our live gaming portfolio, including complete tables to innovative, individual solutions. What are the main characteristics of your products and What is your “flagship” product? Which are more attractive to european players?

Our Jackpot islands are our “lagship” products. Our Jackpot islands ofer even more value for operators and

gaming fun for players. This is because Clover Link has been transformed from a single-game to multi-game jackpot solution. Today it itself consists of four very popular aPeX games that have been brought together in a special way. These games all ofer unique features in a four-level jackpot that can be progress jackpots, thus motivating all types of players to take part. new for the iCe 2019 is the introduction of the Big island with the 43” Pinnacle Premium Curved slots with 4k resolution. This adds even more spice to the Clover Link menu. The screen choice is amazing: the 43” Pinnacle Premium Curved, the Pinnacle Black series with two 24” monitors or the Pinnacle Premium Curved with three 27” monitors.

and foremost, the Clover Link games, combined with a powerful fourlevel jackpot have registered success throughout the world. The sheer choice – with three completely diferent designs available – enables casino operators to position these games to best it their own particular needs. in addition to that, operators can choose between difereant Pinnacle gaming machines for each design. after such a special G2e Las Vegas, we thought we had reach the pinnacle of our year. This BeGe award crowns a very special year for aPeX gaming – the year that has put aPeX gaming irmly on the global gaming map for complete jackpot island solutions.

clover link Won an aWard for “best Jackpot concept – land-based gaming” at the balkan entertainment and gaming exhibition (bege). hoW do you feel about this?

Our objectives focus always on supporting our customers and taking gaming to the next level. We have such a strong range of products for gaming operators; they can source so many solutions from them – they are all a leading solution in their own right. Clover Link has taken the market by storm and now that this is a multi-game jackpot, we believe that there will be even more interest. The iDROPe and iDROPs remain the leading products in their ield of cash management at live gaming tables. all in all, i must say we never had such a strong portfolio that we have today and the feedback from our customers proves to us that we do make the diference.

Clover Link has been the gaming product of the year. We were very proud to have received an award. But at aPeX we do not rest on our laurels, we continually develop new solutions and focus on how we can make our products even more popular. For iCe we have both new hardware and game innovations that makes a great gaming concept even better. This award indeed recognises an abundance of features that make the Clover Link Jackpot editions unique. First

What are the fundamental obJectives for 2019?

Games maGazine 37



“CREATING A UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE FROM START TO FINISH IS VITAL TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD” The executive also spoke of the growing online gaming market and the opportunities it represents for operators and companies alike. What are the main demands of operators in europe, especially the uk? and What challenges do these operators face?

in a highly-competitive, saturated sports betting market, creating a unique brand experience from start to inish is vital to stand out from the crowd. Those who don’t tend to fail and as such, operators throughout mature european markets, in particular the UK, seek the solutions that empowers them to diferentiate. in 2018 we saw a number of mature markets re-consider their regulation around gambling advertising. italy moved to introduce a blanket ban, whilst UK operators united and agreed to respect a whistle-to-whistle ban on in-play advertising. alongside further regulation around privacy, such as GDPR legislation in the UK –sportsbook operators are inding it increasingly challenging to acquire and engage customers. Ofering the gaming sector’s leading digital marketing service, we understand these challenges as well as anybody and enable our partners to harness granular customer data and specialist technology to present players with highly-personalised messages. recent proJections indicate that online gaming is one of the fastest groWing aspects of the industry. Why is this?

38 Games maGazine

in a fast-paced digital era, sports fans demand instant, accessible content. Technology has transformed customer habits in all walks of life and in-play products satisfy this trend by revolutionising the way that customers engage with betting. it’s no surprise that live betting makes up an increasing proportion of operator revenue in mature markets across the world. The key to success is ofering a betting experience that keeps players coming back, which means having the breadth and depth of quality content required to always ofer something exciting to bet on. are there any european countries that you can see regulating online betting in the near future?

at Betgenius, we only work with licensed operators in regulated markets. We are always aware of legislative developments and provide our expertise to regulators across the globe in aim of constructing robust legislation that protects players, prevents corruption and is conducive to long-term success. There are a few european markets such as the netherlands that we hope for progress in. many regulated markets are evolving signiicantly enough to create new opportunities for the sector. Look at spain; it has

been regulated for a number of years but thanks to a reduced tax rate and a new licensing window suddenly looks like a much more attractive market. What are your obJectives for 2019?

after the acquisition by global private equity fund aPaX last year, we are in a hugely exciting period of expansion across our entire business. Genius sports Group already employs more than 1200 staf in 16 locations meaning that we can ofer localised expertise across the world. and with aPaX backing our long-term strategy and roadmap, it’s more of the same for us, just on a far bigger scale. notably, we will be growing our presence in the Us and Latin america, both from a talent and product development perspective and see huge growth opportunity in these territories. Latin america is a great example of our ambitions to become a truly global supplier. We opened a tech hub in medellin, Colombia, two years ago and last month opened a brand new oice with space for 300 employees. This base allows us to ofer around-the-clock trading and support services to bookmakers. With Brazil, Peru and Buenos aires state moving towards regulated frameworks, we are conident of having the local expertise and product set to serve this market well in the years to come.

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“FOR 2019, WE WILL INCREASE OUR PRESENCE IN CASINOS AND ONLINE GAMING” The executive commented on how is the business of the company in Latin America evolving and what are the fundamental objectives for this year. What are the products that you Will be presenting at ice london 2019?

We will be showcasing two new machines: shadow, that has been presented irst in Las Vegas, and the new Galaxy, a completely redesigned bingo machine, with really modern specs and design. What are the main characteristics of your products and What is your “flagship” product? Which are more attractive to european players?

Our products are easy to play. We have a wide range of games for each market and both Bingo and spin Reel are very attractive. They are different gameplay that make each of them attractive. hoW is the business in latin america evolving?

We have increased our number of customers by installing machines and games in four new rooms in mexico. in fact, we installed new equipment in the Copacabana room in Guadalajara, in Casino atlantic in Veracruz and in

ABOUT FBM FBM is a brand with presence in the gaming market since 2001. Over the years, FBM brand has distinguished itself from the competition for its commitment to improving the quality of its services and products. With a visionary approach and an experienced team of experts, FBM team has been able to create leading-edge products without losing sight of its original mission to captivate players with an excellent gaming experience. This dual focus on modern technology and tradition makes FBM truly unique. QUALITY: In order to maintain high quality standards for our products, FBM controls every production phase at two diferent levels. At the hardware level, all projects are made, developed, tested and produced by a FBM team of experts. At the software and systems level, FBM boasts a very experienced team of programmers and developers to analyze, build, test and implement its projects. This has led to FBM products acquiring the most important certiications in the sector: CE, UL and BMM. MISSION: Is to provide our customers with the most creative and innovative games and gaming machines on the market, which will provide the highest entertainment and complete satisfaction for all players. 40

Games maGazine

Book aragón and Foliatti neza, both located in mexico City. in recent months, three new games were launched in mexico, which provide the player with even more entertainment options: multi mega - ice Blast, Plus 3 - multi and multi mega - sands of Fortune. FBm also expanded its product range in the Gran Casino san Luis Potosí and in Culiacán 3 Rios. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand the ofer of services to customers. the proJection indicates that online gaming is one of the business units With the longest horizon in the industry. Why does this phenomenon occur?

Online Gaming is very attractive because people can play whenever they want, wherever they want. almost everybody now has a smartphone with an internet connexion from which they can play. What are the fundamental obJectives for 2019?

For 2019, we will increase our presence in casinos and online gaming. in the past years, we have been focusing our eforts in bringing technology and great experiences to the players.


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