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Nowadays, marine polution is a major problem. Most sources of marine pollution are land based, such as agricultural,chemicals,waste, etc. Many of these pollutants collect at the ocean's depths, where they are consumed by small marine organisms and introduced into the global food chain.

Other sources


DID YOU KNOW? Plastic resin pellets called "nurdles" are some of the most common bits of pollution littering the oceans


Water in Ecosystems An ecosystem is a system because all the elements are interlinked;They affect and are affect by others

What is needed for life in Earth? The main source of energy is the Sun.Light energy is capture by green plants and transformed into chemicals energy, by the process of photosynthesis.Light, chlorophyll, cabon dioxide, warmth and water are all require for this process

Therefore, all plants need water to survive.The amount of water avaible for plants is determinate by climate.The climate change depending of the area;rainfall decreases away from the equator, but temperatures remain higher causing rates evapo-transpiration to be greater than precipitation.

Marine pollution revista2  
Marine pollution revista2