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Uses of fresh water

During the twentieth century world water use increased seven times. This outstripped the population growth. The demand of water during the present century is going to increase a lot. The world organizations subdivide water use into three sectors: DOMESTIC, INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL. In the majority of countries in the continents of Africa and Asia farming is still the main activity; People grow they own food, food output is demanded. North America and Europe percentages used in factories and industries are noticeably higher. Considerable amounts of water are use in industrial processes for cooling, for mixing and making products.

Effects of flooding

Natural disasters, the consequences can be split into immediate, short-term, and longterm effects. The immediate effects are quickly, people can do little about it and survival is the main aim. Only when water levels begin to go down can people seek and be given emergency help make the short-term effects recovery. Drought ´A period of dry weather longer or worse than normal expected´. This occurs when wind and pressure patterns are different from normal. The rural areas are the most affected, water in farming areas causes any problems, Infants and children are the most affected.