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The last year By: sebastian crisostomo

the good things that happened me ď‚›

the best thing that happened me is start to understand of physical and maths that is an achievement to me because before this i not understood nothing of physical or maths just the basics things and now i can understand more complicated things

The things that i learned ď‚›

this year the most important things that i learned i can understand the physical the things that wants say and what that mean and all the form that is can use and all the meanings that may have and in which one can take for a best quality of live

that I want to to the next year ď‚›

I pretend that better this year than last year in every way possible in school up my grades and academic performance this year was very bad but the other year will be better and that the changes are positive in many ways more like love and others even though this year will end a nice phase of my life with kids access program and I hope all lived in these two years serve us all as a positive experience for our future and to better people in all that approaches

The last year