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The Crash

Sebastian Beck

Chapter 1: The Stampede “Hurry up” Lucy cried. Ok mom” I muttered. We were about to go to Borneo on our private jet. “Now children” mom said, “no fighting”. “Ok mom.” Our dad was the movie star called Harrison Fire he was very famous but usually didn't see us a lot because he was always off at a concert or meeting or something like that. It was now 11:30 we had 15 more minutes to wait for takeoff


we were lucky that nobody noticed us well, maybe not because all of a sudden someone had the guts to ask “Are you Harrison Fires family?” “Yes why” mom replied uncertainly “Could you sign my autograph?” “Uh sure” we all chorused together just then everybody stared at us and shouted “Can you sign my autograph” luckily it was 11:45 so we practically ran all the way to our jet with a stampede behind us.

Chapter 2: The Crash In the jet we have all kinds of things like DSIXL, Wii, Xbox, computer you name it we have it. Oh and for the Xbox and Wii we had a 50inch plasma TV. It was awesome (and heaven) because we had Wi-Fi and I was skyping my friends Andrew, Ben, Greg and Alex. So the short conversation went like this: “How are you dude’s” “Oh we’re ok, you know just sad that we have to do homework” Alex said. “Where are you going this time?” Ben asked. “Oh we’re going to Borneo.” I replied

Just then the plane shuddered and lurched, I fell to the ground clutching my chest and gasping almost out of breath. Then the pilot said, “Attention all passengers this plane is about to crash evacuate immediately.” Mom was wrenching the parachutes out of the safe, “Here where these” mom said. Shoving the parachutes in our faces, already wearing hers she opened the door and motioned us to the door. “Jump out now!” Mom screamed. Pushing Lucy to the door, Lucy absolutely petrified just stood there. Suddenly before I knew it me and Lucy were hurled out the plane, mom coming after us and hugging us fiercely before shouting: “Pull the strings on your backpacks.” We obeyed and suddenly we were gliding safely down with a slight breeze. “Look” I cried “There is land down under us.” We all sighed relived. We landed with a thud on the ground hugging each other because we were so scared.

Chapter 3: The Wilderness “OMG” Lucy shouted “Did that really happen like right now?” “Yes it did” mom said calmly. “Everyone is safe, that's what matters” I said shakily. Lucy was hyperventilating I thought that someone had dumped her well, at least I went to survival camp so I could survive. “Son can you show us how to hunt please” “Sure mom” “Well do you have knives of some sort?” “I have my pocket knife” Lucy bragged. “Lets have a look at the survival kit” mom suggested. I lugged it to where we were standing and searched through it. “I have managed to find these” I said. I was holding up two long knives and holding one to my mother. We were running up to catch a wild boar, about as long an wide as a moveable whiteboard. I shouted, “Lucy throw your knife at the boar”

Lucy obeyed and surprisingly she pierced it right in the throat it gave a squeal and then lay dead at our feet. So we dragged it back to our camp, skinned it, made a fire and ate it. While eating I asked Lucy, “How did you learn to throw like that?” “I went to play darts in the playroom remember?” Lucy was the best at darts in our family, she could nail it in the bulls eye while we were throwing it around the room! “Yes I remember” I replied. We all had a specialty, Dad, so funny milk coming out of noses is a common sight now, Mom, she surprisingly keeps everyone together no matter what, Lucy, with darts she can hit anything no matter how small, Me, fighting with spades, sticks and any sharp things. So once we ate all of the boar burning our tongs because of stuffing down the delicious flesh we huddled together and went to sleep.

Chapter 4: The Rescue It had been a week now from the plane crash and we had a daily routine. It went like this: Breakfast M Stick fights M Knife throwing M Hunting A Lunch A Watch For Transportation A Make A Fire E Hunting (Kill food for breakfast too.) E M=Morning Cooking/Roasting E A=Afternoon Sleeping E E=Evening Right now it was watch and it was mom’s turn. Usually I practiced throwing knives and I was kind of successful at it though I could never hit the bulls eye, Lucy was the only one that could do that.

It was now my turn for watch, I hoped that we would have a stroke of luck and finally see a helicopter. Well I could only hope. I sat at the rock for 10 minutes and then saw a bright flash of light and then it went away, it repeated this sequence again and again and again until I actually saw it. It was a helicopter! I gave a whoop of joy which caused my mom and my sister to crash into the clearing. “A helicopter!” I shouted pointing. “Well we better get a flare or a torch at least” mom said. I ran all the way to the fire grabbed a long stick lighted it, ran back and started to wave it in the air like a maniac. “Yes” we shouted together. The helicopter had our attention.

Chapter 5: Reunited We were in the helicopter safe and warm heading for home. “About how long will this ride be?” Lucy said for the 10th time. Mom always said again and again in due time. “Hey” I shouted “Isn’t that the airport?” “OMG were here!” The helicopter landed in about 5 minutes, I was so happy I ran all the way to the entrance with mom and Lucy at my heels. Suddenly I saw dad waving his arms and crying so much it could of flooded. I ran into his arms and he squeezed me I felt so happy I started to cry to.

The End!

The Jump  
The Jump  

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