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The Fire Alarm

By: Sebastian B.

The searing noise of the fire alarm loudly echoed in my head almost driving me insane. Like one of the pranks my sister does on me. “Really.” I thought to myself. Why is this happening now? I was doing my homework. When the alarm started. Wow, my day was getting worse and worse. Startled, I realized that it was the fire alarm! “!@#$%^&*” I swore. As quickly as I could I sprinted like the wind from my room into the genkan. Threw on my shoes and bolted outside into the chilly night. “Dang” I muttered, “Why didn’t I bring a jacket?” At the same time I thought, This stinks! I can’t believe that the fire alarm went off. Its like 10% out of 100% that this would happen! Well at least I’m having a once in a lifetime experience. “Sebastian!” A voice that seemed to be a mile away called. “Yes!” I yelled back. “Where are you?” She yelled back. “Under the lamp.” I shouted back. “There you are!” My mom whispered relived pushing past people. I could barely hear her say it because the alarm of the fire trucks blotted out everything with there alarm. The alarm was getting closer and closer and closer until I saw the fire trucks swiveling around the curve “Finally” I said. As soon as they got out they started shouting in a language I didn’t know, I was totally confused. All at once they rushed into a building wearing a gas mask. “Awesome” I heard someone say behind me. I could hear some shouting and I thought that someone was arguing but, instead the firemen came out and said “All Clear” in shaky English.

I was astounded and I couldn’t believe everything was all clear. At least nothing had burned down. The next day I discovered something very interesting which mad me boil in rage, this is what had happened my mom said, “ someone set off the fire alarm” “WHAT” I exploded. Now I know that I should always destroy the smoke if I burn something.

The End ©


This is my memoir. Please read it.

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