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Kendamarama! Know your models Ozora Shin-Fuji TK-16


Shin-Fuji The Shin Fuji’s ball is also made of cherry and weighs about 64g. The paint on this model is a dulled and is considered the stickiest tama used for balance moves.

The Ozora’s ball is made of cherry, weighs in at around 72g and has a diameter of 60mm. The tama is typically known for it’s grip when performing balanced moves.

The stem’s height of the Ozora Kendama is approximately 160mm and has the slimmest carve out of the 3. It’s handle and cups are made of beech and the design is most favored by players who are big fans of gunslinger and lunar.

Tips and Tricks The Ozora is the most widely used Kendama out of the 3 JKA approved competition models. It’s light weight, tama grip, and ken spike makes it hard not to love. The play on the ozora renders this model to many tricks including: Lunar Lighthouse Spacewalks Gun-slinger Ken-flips

The Ozora weighs about 136g and it’s total height including the ball is 185mm.It is the shortest as well as the lightest of the JKA approved competition models.

The stem of the Shin-Fuji, like the Ozora, is made of beech and has a height of about 160 mm. The handle and cups of this model is a favorite for performing ken grip stalls .

Tips and Tricks The Shin-Fuji is widely used for it’stama, ken, and cup’s gripping abilities. While the Ozora is also efficient at performing balancing tricks, the Shin Fuji had better tactile ability when taking your balance to a new level. Some of this kendamas specialty tricks include:

The shin Fuji weighs about 128g. The height of this entire Kendama is 185mm.

Ken grip stalls Under birds Over birds ring stalls handle stalls

TK-16 The ball on the Tk-16 weighs in at about 82g . The paint features a glossy finish designed to make juggling tricks from cup to cup more easily attainable.

Tips and Tricks The Tk-16 Kendama model is the heaviest most sturdy of the 3 JKA competition models and is the only one that is completely made out of natural birch wood. Most player use this model when building their juggling skills. The Tk-16 is perfect for beginners who are trying to build hand-eye coordination for further play. The specialty tricks iinclude: Cup to cup juggling sara grip pogo stick

The stem height is approximately 160mm and is the thickest of the 3 competition approved Kendama models.

The Tk-16 weighs in at 152g and has a height of about 185mm including the ball. It is entirely made out of natural birch wood.


info pamphlet on your JKA approved competition kendama models.