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Name: SebastiรกnBallestasBuelvas.

Age: 19


The person.

She’s my mother, I chose her because she isvery special with me. She’s not too much tall, she’s short, 1.70cm She has 45 years old. She has brown and wavy hair. She has yellow eyes (Can’t see in the photo cause is in Black and white)


This is a view from my terrace. The terrace of my house. I chose it because almost every day, if there is a nice day, I can see beautiful sunsets, and I can take a moment to think of my day and relax, it is a small terrace, got two seats, three little pines and a beautiful view of the city. I can’t take a photo because is too small, but I took this photo of the sunset on it.

This is the place where I live. I like it, because is apart from the city, it has a little forest, an old castle and the houses have little gardens, full of little life. It’s not much too big, the houses are small, and not have too much space on my living room.

Comparative: The forest is bigger than the terrace. (Obviously) The terrace has a better view than the forest. The forest has more insects than the pines of my house and I can take better photos to the insects. The forest has more life than my house. (Wild life)


My important person