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MFA Degree project -collaboration with Audi

Design Storz Internship Personal Project

Collaboration Project VW Company

Collaboration Project Volvo Company

Form project

Audi Design Internship Personal Project

CURRICULUM VITAE Motto: '' What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... '' Constantin Br창ncusi, Personal information

Name Date of birth Place of birth Mobile phone E-mail Marital Status

Sebastian - Mihai Dragu 18.12.1984 Bucharest, Romania + 40 728 240 719 Married


2011 - 2014 2004 - 2008 2000 - 2004

MFA Transportation Design, Umea Institute of Design, Sweden Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, Bucharest University of Arts, Romania High School Graduation Certificate in Industrial Design, N. Tonitza, Bucharest

Relevant experience

2014 - 2015 2013 2013 2008 - 2011 2007

Freelance transportation design projects in collaboration with Pilotfish, Germany 6 months internship at Design Storz, Austria 5 months internship at Audi Interior Design, Ingolstadt, Germany 3 year Renault Design workshop led by Stephan Barral, Bucharest, Romania 2 weeks industrial design workshop led by designer Stefan Barutcieff, Pilotfish

Other experience

2007- 2010 2010 - 2011

graphic designer at McCann Erickson Romania art director at GREY G2 (Geometry Global - Romania)

Current address: Wiesenweg 18 I 5700 Zell am See Austria

Home country address: 11 Radovanu Street I Bucharest



e-mail: phone nr.: + 40 728 240 719 skype ID: sebastiandragu blog:

2011-2014 Master Degree Transportation Design

2004 - 2008 Bachelor Degree Industrial Design Internship 2013 - 5 months

Internship 2013 - 6 months 2010 - 2011 Art Director

2007 - 2010 Designer


2006 - 3rd place - Henkel Art Award - industrial design national competition, Romania


Creation techniques: Hand sketching pencil and ballpoint, clay modeling, storytelling. 2D - WACOM CINTIQ rendering: Photoshop CS5: advanced, Illustrator CS5: advanced, Indesign CS5: medium, Alias Sketchbook Pro &After Effects CS5: beginner. CAID - Autodesk Maya: Modeling & Rendering: advanced, Studio Tools: intermediate, Autodesk Showcase: intermediate.


Romanian: native language, English: fluent, French: intermediate


Demian Horst - Lecturer, Master Programme Director at Ume책 Institute of Design e-mail:, tel: +46 90 786 9782

Contact: e-mail: phone nr.: + 40 728 240 719

skype ID: sebastiandragu blog:

Audi Rebel 2014 MFA Degree project, 5 months project. Collaborating Partner: Audi AG, Munchen

Coordinators: Audi Advanced Design Studio, Klemens Rossnagel I Demian Horst I Designer Miika .Heikkinen

Audi Rebel


Aesthetic Efficiency The objective is to express Audi’s sporty attitude and personality through an exterior design that achieves maximum of aesthetic by using minimum amount of elements. An aesthetic efficient design that will appeal to Generation Z through minimalism, beautiful and harmonious proportions, balance and symmetry. The result should be a statement for the rebels of Generation Z - a two seater with strong attitude yet refined design language.

Brancusi Philosophy

Gen Z




Magma Inspiration



Audi Rebel

Result - 2D Renderings

Audi Rebel

Result - 2D Renderings

Audi Rebel

Result - Physical Model

Audi Rebel

Final physical Model at UID Degree Show June 2014

Future mobility 2050 Internship personal project I 4 weeks project I Collaborating Partner: Design Storz

VW Ami

Coordinators: Achim Storz I Senior Designer Jan Dedek I

Tokyo Egg


Future mobility 2050 Womb space

Public transportation_ subways, trains, buses the interior layout is made to save space and transport as much as possible people.


Resolves the pure physical function No emotional connection Unfriendly, cold, boring No privacy

3d printing


A shared one seater personal vehicle that blends with the public transportation system Creating a personal space that offers just the information that you need when you commute, gives you the amount of freedom that you want. A ,,second cloth,,

Private space

_Avant garde fashion


Tokyo Egg


Key sketches

Final renderings

Tokyo Egg

Final renderings & Scenario

Tokyo Egg Front and Rear end contains a magnetic liquid metal that creates physical connections with another Tokyo Egg

Car as event 2012 UID Umea Sweden I 15 weeks project I Collaborating Partner: VW

VW Ami

Coordinators: Master Director Demian Horst I VW Senior Designer Joerg Seifert I Volvo Senior Designer Joel Andersson


Front end Ideation

VW Ami The Car as Event. Strategic Design A socializing car for VW.


architecture solid

lounge generation Y


''Event: something that happens, especially something important. '' the Oxford Study Dictionary. Generation ''y'' and the important events in their life.

key sketch exterior

Top Glazing inspired by poligonal surface and random shapes

Exterior design

VW Ami

Exterior design is inspired from VW Cross Coupe SUV with a recognizeable front end The sill ( rocker ) wraps around in the front, side and rear end

2572 mm

Main feature on the rear end Floating lamps that creates a horizontal line, emphasizing the VW brand elements

5374 mm

Interior Ideation

VW Ami

key sketch interior

Interior design inspired from architecture

Modular interior

Storage space becomes a lounge

Final Interior Design TFT Display bar area bar light

Lounge layered surfaces

Table PC - Digital Bonfire - touchscreen table, connection with the driver, link with VW Network

Path to the driver cabin, a social link that permits swaping places

Driving computer

Driving computer

interior user testing


Control I Controlled UID Umea Sweden I 15 weeks project I Collaborating Partner: Volvo Cars

Coordinators: Master Director Demian Horst_ Lecturer Tony Catignani _ Volvo Design Manager Jonathan Disley_ Corienne Pompe



Wrap around feel Life's most pleasurable moments

The symbiose between nature & man-made objects

Technology, smart materials, textures and colours

Volvo SOUL

Ideation sketches

Abstract ideation

Searching for a new design language

Volvo SOUL

Seat design

Volvo SOUL

Final design


Cold sculpture

The interior comes alive when the users are near by smart 3d printed layered roof

element from the nature receptor

3d Replicator surface

Bonding with the nature

Friends interacting in different activities

Volvo SOUL

Final design

Holographic projector 3d printed structure

Holographic displays

Link between car passengers and environment 3d Holographic controller

Sculpting the future UID Umea Sweden I 5 weeks project

Coordinators: Lecturer Tony Catignani / Master Director Demian Horst


Volvo AIR Truck

Shape experiment

Air touch – Wind sculpting

Forces that interact with fabric and paper.

Surfaces created randomly, sculpted by air, that evoke a sensation of floating.

Digital sculpture A flowing feeling, a force that transforms and moves surfaces.

Clay Sculpture As the way you feel the wind and breathe the mountain air. Forces that become one with the object, energy that takes shape with the help of the material.

Volvo AIR Truck Surfaces directions

Ideation sketches

Volvo AIR Truck

Advanced Direction

Ideation sketches

Final design Final design

Volvo AIR Truck

Final design

Audi Lina 2013 Internship personal project I 4 weeks project I Collaborating Partner: Audi Design Department

Coordinators: Head of Design Johannes Tovar I Designer Salvatore Aita I Designer Sven Schulte-Tillmann

Audi Lina Precise+ emotion

Autonomous Urban Audi

Sharp_layers interconnected

Interior design which meets specific women needs. Lack of engagement with women in particular.


Ingress and egress.


An event car for a female artist.


Network cloth that changes accordingly to the human body


Audi Lina Concept 01 Interior-exterior connection

Concept 02 Flexible Lightweight Interior

Concept 03 Ingress Egress private space

Development Flying seat

Connection to the top

Seat design

Audi Lina

Bag integrated in door panel

Seat and Door in one whole

Lightweight Seat

Steering wheel and interior

Steering wheel integrated in dashboard

Architecture research

Audi Lina

Mesh network for extra luggage

Architecture research

The person is in the center of the car, all interior voluumes are going tot the user

One seater

Final design

Audi Lina

Driver oriented interior Steering wheel on

Final design Floating theme Steering wheel off

Top rendering

Audi Lina

Deflexion material 3-dimensional textiles impregnated with silicones These materials behave differently on the environment can be soft but also very hard


Top rendering



Audi Lina

Various sketches

SKETCHES Rimms marker rendering Design Storz

SKETCHES Prisma color Study Porsche

Audi Les Mans Study



phone nr.: + 40 728 240 719

Sebastian Mihai Dragu Transportation Design UID portfolio 2015  

My work. Enjoy! e-mail: blog:

Sebastian Mihai Dragu Transportation Design UID portfolio 2015  

My work. Enjoy! e-mail: blog: