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MEDELLIN - ANTIOQUIA - COLOMBIA Neo carril, fusion, guaska, latin... The streets, buses, taxis, neighborhood stores, bars and everywere we go.

Julio Jaramillo, Octavio Mesa, Los Panchos, M Estéreo, Systema Solar, Calle 13, Ñejo y Dalm Lavoe, Henry Fiol, Poison, Guns N’ Roses...


few years ago after a roadtrip, Teo Calavera composed a song that would bring alive to the actual Calavera y La Popular Independiente, finishing the year of 2010 Calavera was recording his first single “Sopetrán”, a delicate fusion of guasca, cumbia and a little bit of reggae with Luis Miguel Jaramillo in latin percussion; the following year started to run that “chiva” [colombian old bus] where the rest of the band members got on: with Adán Naranjo with the drums, Juan Camilo Yepes on the electric guitar, Sebastian Aristizabal on the acoustic guitar and Tomás Restrepo with the bass guitar; “The Good Vibe Mafia”, as the band calls itself, is working restless right now, composing, recording and growing up in between shows and gigs, that get from small bars in town to the big stages outside Medellín. With a native sound that comes down from Antioquia’s mountains and taste like guasca, travels by the rivers gathering rhythms from their grounds and ancestors like cumbia and the rest of the world like samba and rumba, impregnating that spice from Antioquia on their lyrics.

Manu Chau, Robi Draco Rosa, Juanes, Bomba mata, Giovanny Ayala, Jhonny Rivera, Hector

Mateo “Calavera” Isaza Voice & Musical Director

Sebastian “Pulga” Aristizabal Acoustic Guitar & Voice

Juan Camilo Yepes Electric Guitar

Tomás “el Pa” Restrepo Bass Guitar

Luis Miguel “Cucharita” Jaramillo Latin Percussion

Adán “Bambam” Naranjo Drums


Calavera & La Popular Independiente  
Calavera & La Popular Independiente  

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