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Protect resources, ensure the added value, reliability of supply

Intelligent systems for monitoring and locating leaks in water pipe networks

Know how to do it. And what happens next.

SebaKMT’s leak detection concept It is hard to collect spilt water! – Chinese saying –

Straight to the leak. To be able to make best use of leak detection technology, you need precise information about the pipe network and its components. Division of the pipe network into defined zones

The reliable supply of water has a special significance from many points of view, for clean water is not just a valuable economic commodity, it is the most important foodstuff in the world.

Hydraulic pipe network calculations Definition of flow measurement points and dimensioning of the measurement equipment

Ensuring that consumers are supplied with clean, healthy water is the main focus of our customers. The quality of the network infrastructure plays an essential role in this. Apart from the financial loss, damage to pipe networks can lead to significant consequential damage as well as introducing impurities into the drinking water.

The use of data loggers with optional remote transmission technology for quick access to the data Identification of the zones with the largest water losses

for reliable location and thus for efficient repairs.

Pinpointing Prelocation

The use of prelocation technology in the identified problem zones

With SebaKMT’s leak detection products you have a complete system


growing. This means that a more efficient distribution is necessary.

Location and repair of the leaks

Zone measurement

(Possible repeat of the measures)

Area covered

Time to find leaks

Despite resources becoming scarcer, the global demand for water is

Zone measurement: the big picture is made up of small parts

Impedanz-änderungen im Kabel operation and without introducing

Ziel der Vorortung ist dierange mögSebaKMT’s product lichst schnelle und möglichst

Für einfache Entfernungs-inforFor temporary measurements in mationen mittels Decay small pipewird sections or der in areas

genaue For stationary measurements in Lokalisierung einer zones, we offer bothFehlerstelle battery and

Methode eine Wanderwelle where a permanent installation is kapazitiv, oder im Falle einer not possible, or uneconomic,

im Kabel, um eine optimale mains-operated data loggers with Basis integrated GPRS, GSM or SMS

Stromauskopplung induktiv are SebaKMT’s mobile solutions ausgekoppelt. the best.

Technologien system on the wird basiszwischen of magnetic-

für sich anschließende datadie transmission, such as in the Nachortung zu schaffen. Sebalog. For the documentation

Mobile ultrasonic test equipment Für präzise undand detailreiche which is robust easy to use,

aktiven Methoden unterschieflexibly and practically integrated

Ergebnisse sind data die unterschiedsupplies precise on flowlichen Lichtbogen Reflexions rates, without interrupting normal

dolore faccum do consequis

quick and reliable information

and analysis of data, with Spannend: Mehrere Wege zum SebaKMT you have the choice

about the state of each zone –

Ziel... between PC and web software

Messverfahren von SebaKMT

nulputat landre facipis nisim zzrit

as a complete package or as Bei niederohmigen Fehlern kann an online application.

bestens geeignet.

nos nullamcor init venibh eril euis

die Vorortung mittels einer

Dazu gehören das bekannte

einfachen ReflexionsSebaKMT Teleflex thus offers integration messung erfolgen. of your data from single user

ARM Verfahren, dessen Nachfolfaccum estie facilit nullaore SMS, E-Mail/ GSM/ GPRS molorpe riuscil luptat la faciliq ger ARM Plus und für höhere

Wesentlich allersolutions forhäufiger a water sind engineer, dings spannungsabhängige right up to Internet-based

Spannungen bis zu 80 kV das

Fehler. multi-user concepts for data Diese machen EinsatzYour von acquisition and den evaluation.

Alle diese Methoden zeichnen

Internet commy niam, conse dolor se tat.

sich durch einfachste Handha-

Uscidunt ute vulputat wis dolum

Hochspannungsmethoden network is always in sight ... erforderlich.

bung und vor allem durch

el dolobore tio con volorper am,

definierte Informationen zum

quam irit vent ullummo dolupta-

Je nach gewünschtem Ergebnis,

Kabel selbst aus. Wie bei einer

tet am vendre dolore eu faccum

bieten sich bei SebaKMT

normalen Reflexionsmessung

unterschiedliche Methoden an.

werden sowohl das Kabelende

Zone measurement

UDM 200

To enable the monitoring of

GSM/GPRS or by radio to the

water supply networks, these

computer for evaluation.

are divided into defined zones (as internationally specified). This makes it possible to get

and in total – to get a clear picture about the entire network. The flows per zone are measured

Sebalog D

with permanently installed or with mobile flow measurement equipment. To record the information, these are connected with SebaKMT‘s robust and long-life data loggers. The data is then simply transmitted, automatically via

Interior of test van

Inclusion of the log data in geographic information systems (GIS)

direkt angezeigt. sensors into the water. Bei den Lichtbogen Reflexions A mobile flow-rate measurement passiven-, semi-aktiveninductive flow-meters canund be den.Ud nonullam, into yourdunt SebaKMT test quatue van. augiatin et, se min vullum

adigniscil exerit nulput dit volore

Database Decay Plus Verfahren.



als auch Muffen und sonstige

minit in veliquatie mod magna

uiscipis alit, volum diam ipsusci ercil ulla faccummy nos ea

iusto od tat, Water corercinim dunt iril


engineer utpat, volessit veliquat. Ure tion

et dolorti nciliquat volesendigna

Prelocation: the first step in the direction of the leak

Efficiently repairing leaks starts with the prelocation

Impedanz-änderungen im Kabel

Ziel der Vorortung ist die Strong arguments for möglichst schnellemonitoring und möglichst permanent

Für einfache Entfernungs-infornetwork results. The data mationen der Decay measuredwird can mittels be evaluated at


Methode your deskeine and Wanderwelle can be controlled kapazitiv, oder im Falle einer by events.

Bei den Lichtbogen Reflexions

Stromauskopplung induktiv

Technologien wird zwischen


passiven-, semi-aktiven- und

Lokalisierung einer Fehlerstelle As SebaKMT loggers support im Kabel, um eine optimale bidirectional communication,

direkt angezeigt.

The prelocation or circling of the

The sound and frequency levels

The Sebalog N noise level logger

water leak is done by listening to

are picked up and stored by

is also ideally suited for use on

directly accessible contact points,

the loggers at regular intervals,

plastic pipes. It is doubly reli-

Basis they can also accept commands für diethe sich anschließende from central office or from the

such as hydrants or valves. Pre-

usually during the night. After

able, as it uses both the noise

Nachortung Commander zu byschaffen. radio. This gua-

Für präzise und detailreiche

den.Ud dunt nonullam, quatue

locating leaks work on the prin-

wirelessly reading out the data,

level and the frequency for the

Ergebnisse sind die unterschied-

dolore faccum do consequis

ciple of “the louder, the closer”

using the Commander, the


rantees efficient use of the logger Spannend: Mehrereoperation. Wege zum when in permanent

lichen Lichtbogen Reflexions

augiatin et, se min vullum

and “the quieter, the further

evaluation is done on the spot

Ziel...availability of relevant data is The

Messverfahren von SebaKMT

nulputat landre facipis nisim zzrit

a decisive factor for success in Bei niederohmigen the future. The data Fehlern from thekann

bestens geeignet.

nos nullamcor init venibh eril euis

die Vorortung mittels einer loggers is transmitted via mobile einfachen Teleflex Reflexionscommunications directly to the

Dazu gehören das bekannte

minit in veliquatie mod magna

ARM Verfahren, dessen Nachfol-

faccum estie facilit nullaore

messung erfolgen. water engineer’s PC, to a central Wesentlich häufiger sind allerdata-base, to a company server

ger ARM Plus und für höhere

molorpe riuscil luptat la faciliq

away”. After the zone measure-

on the Commander’s display or

ments, with prelocation the

on a PC in the office with the

possible location of the leak is

offline software version. The

narrowed down. This enables the

radio-equipped SebaKMT noise

leak detection specialists to be

loggers can analyse the sound

used more effectively. Prelocation

and frequency with a unique

is done with the assistance of

precision. They enable the data

electronic listening equipment

collected to be processed for

e.g. on house connections or

practical use and are designed

with noise loggers.

for permanent operation with all

The use of noise loggers is

components being very robust.

Sebalog View Software

particularly easy and efficient.

Logger in a chamber

aktiven Methoden unterschie-

Hydrolux HL 5

adigniscil exerit nulput dit volore

Spannungen bis zu 80 kV das

uiscipis alit, volum diam ipsusci

dings spannungsabhängige or to an Internet server. The Fehler. connection makes Internet

Sebalog N

Decay Plus Verfahren.

ercil ulla faccummy nos ea

Alle diese Methoden zeichnen

commy niam, conse dolor se tat.

Diese Einsatz von accessmachen possibleden from anywhere Hochspannungsmethoden around the world. By integrating

sich durch einfachste Handha-

Uscidunt ute vulputat wis dolum

bung und vor allem durch

el dolobore tio con volorper am,

erforderlich. the results of the prelocation into Je gewünschtem thenach PC software or into aErgebnis, GIS

definierte Informationen zum

quam irit vent ullummo dolupta-

Kabel selbst aus. Wie bei einer

tet am vendre dolore eu faccum

bieten bei clear SebaKMT system,sich a very earlyunterschiedliche Methoden warning system for your pipean.

normalen Reflexionsmessung

iusto od tat, corercinim dunt iril

werden sowohl das Kabelende

utpat, volessit veliquat. Ure tion

als auch Muffen und sonstige

et dolorti nciliquat volesendigna


Pinpointing: aiming for the leak

Three ways to achieve your goal

Pinpointing with correlators

Pinpointing with trace gas

Using the correlation process,

To locate a leak using trace gas

leaks can also be very precisely

technology, first of all a non-

To locate a leak to the nearest

Pinpointing with ground

The DSA technology (Double

located, if loud acoustic inter-

flammable and non-toxic mixture

centimetre, SebaKMT offers


Segment Analysis) developed by

ference is a problem, or if the in-

of hydrogen and nitrogen is

SebaKMT enables leak locations

three quite different technologies.

accessibility of the pipe network

introduced into the affected

The aim of all of the SebaKMT

By listening to the pipe area

to be seen and heard, the noise

makes location via ground noise

section of pipe.

solutions in this area is to avoid

identified by prelocation with an

logger functions confirm the

impossible. Correlation is

The gas escaping from the leak

large excavations and the

electroacoustic listening device,

location and the integrated line

currently the most objective leak

rises to the surface and is then

associated effort and to reduce

it is possible to find the leak

location mode simplifies the

location process. To do this, two

precisely located with gas

the work to exactly the area

location via the maximum noise

location of non-metallic lines

sensors are placed on the pipe


where the leak is located.


with the help of a RSP 3.

or on a suitable contact point

The results from the piezo-

and the measurement results are

electric microphones of the

evaluated in a central computing

Hydrolux series that SebaKMT

unit. Naturally the pipes remain in

uses are so precise that, toge-

normal operation with this

ther with the audiovisual confir-

measurement process too.

Correlux P-1

mation of the leak, the leak location can be identified without doubt. Outstanding characteristics make ground microphones HL 10

your first choice:

Hydrolux HL 5000 Correlux P-200

Locating pipes and objects – precise for all materials

CCTV inspection systems

If you are looking for a leak, you have to know where the pipes are Location of metallic pipes

Location of objects such as valve rods and caps

The use of sewer pipeline cameras is becoming increasingly

If hydrants, valves and other

Ferromagnetic location equipment

Location of non-metallic

To do this, conducting systems

important for the protection of

metallic objects can no longer

presents the most reliable location


such as fibreglass stiffened

our water resources. The vCam

be found, special location

method, as non-ferrous metal is

cables or pigs can be introdu-

not detected.

The position and course of

belongs to the new generation of

equipment for valve rods and

metallic pipes can be simply,

There are two processes

ced into the pipes and then

sewer pipeline camera inspection

caps are used. The metallic

quickly and reliably located

available for the location of non-


systems by Vivax. The vCam

objects hidden in the soil are

using electromagnetic fields.

metallic pipes, depending on the

models were developed in

found easily and reliably.

These are received and located

requirements. With the acoustic

co­operation with our customers,

by a hand-held device. In this

method, portable equipment

who use these products every

way, both naturally present fields

produces a sound signal which


can be measured as well as

can be detected and followed by

those which are induced with

ground microphones. Alterna-

special frequency generators.

tively, equipment can be used

The complete course of pipes

which issues sound pulses into

can be exactly traced and

the column of water. Non-metallic

precise depth measurements

pipes can also be located with

can be made.

electromagnetic fields.

GOK 50 Easyloc




Countries with SebaKMT representatives

Reliable: Worldwide, we are the leading company for the development and manufacture of measurement equipment for diagnosis of the state of a network and for fault location. Our sectors of the market include electricity supply networks as well as communications and pipe networks. High performance: We concentrate on four areas: diagnosis of the state of a network, cable fault location, leak detection and line location. We are thus in the position to offer high performance in each of these areas. Available: SebaKMT has representatives in 130 countries worldwide, with

Seba Dynatronic

excellently trained staff and the most modern technology. With

Mess- und Ortungstechnik GmbH

that we have the most comprehensive service and consulting

Dr.-Herbert-Iann-StraĂ&#x;e 6

network in the industry. Wherever your international activities may

96148 Baunach/Germany

lead you, we look forward to speaking to you.

Tel. +49 (0) 95 44 - 6 80 Fax +49 (0) 95 44 - 22 73

sebaKMT is a registered trademark of the sebaKMT group

SebaKMT - water leak detection  

SebaKMT develops intelligent systems for monitoring and locating leaks in water pipe networks.

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