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Modular camera system for pipe-inspection

vCam CCTV inspection systems

Advantages Inspection, checks and double-checks for everyone Simple operation with intuitive menu interface Battery operation up to 4 hours Integrated locating sondes Sturdy camera head provides upright picture

CCTV inspection system

vCam The vCam developed by Vivax-Metrotech represents the third generation of CCTV inspection cameras. As in all Vivax-Metrotech products, the requirements of our customers and the results of extensive tests have had a great effect on the design. The vCam is sold and supported by specialist retailers worldwide. The vCam digital unit handles the display, the metre counter and the recording with data input. There are three different reel versions: the standard reel (carriage type C – 60 m push cable), the small or mini-reel (type M – 30 m push cable) as well as the large reel (type P – 120 m push cable). The push cable is available in two diameters: The 10 mm for pipes of small diameter and 12 mm for wider pipes and/or longer distances. A standard camera and a camera with upright picture (self-levelling camera) are available for each cable diameter The various models of the vCam CCTV conduit inspection camera were developed in collaboration with our customers, who use these products every day. Each of the following functions is based on the individual needs of customers.

Control unit New, compact, injection-moulded ABS housing Operating module can be fastened on the reel or set on the ground – the inclination can be easily adjusted accordingly TFT LCD display with 200 mm diameter – counter-sunk for improved display under strong sunlight Record in AVI/DAV format (up to 40 hours recording on internal 320 GB hard drive) and playback Photo function (snapshot) in JPEG format Complete keyboard and expanded memory capacity (10 pages) for providing images with captions (“Titler”) Waterproof silicone rubber keyboard Video voice messaging with collar microphone USB interface for audio/video transmission to a computer Inputs and outputs for video (for connection of an external monitor and to use the control unit as an external documentation system for other camera systems)

Power supplied through the mains, internal batteries or external 12 V DC (e.g. from a car)

Cameras The vCam system provides four plug-in-capable colour CCD cameras in a sturdy housing of stainless steel with ultra-bright LEDs for lighting.

D25/STD – standard camera, 25 mm diameter for use with a special 10 mm push cable D33/SL green – self-levelling camera (with upright picture), 33 mm diameter for use with a 10 mm push cable D33/SL black – self-levelling camera (with upright picture), 33 mm diameter for use with a 12 mm push cable D46/SL black – self-levelling camera (with upright picture), 46 mm diameter for use with a 12 mm push cable Pipe section 50 - 75

Pipe section 75 - 100

Pipe section 75 - 100

Pipe section 110 - 160

D25/STD Type M

D33/SL Type M

D33/SL Type C / P

D46/SL Type C / P

Reels The vCamDigital and the vCamView are available in three different reel versions, thus providing extremely great flexibility The standard reel (type C) is a round unit, made of all stainless steel, with cushioning to protect against impacts with curbs or steps. As an option, the operating module can be fastened on the reel for a better view

The mini-reel (type M) is a handy, portable unit, likewise made of all stainless steel, which is designed smaller and is thus best suited for the smaller 10 mm push cable

The large reel (type P) is a large wheel reel made of powder-coated painted steel, which is best suited for the 120 m push cable

Locating probe – 512 Hz / 640 Hz for cast-iron pipes and 33 kHz for locating at lower depths in non-metallic pipes

Typ M (30m)

Typ C (60m)

Typ P (120m)

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vLocCam2 The vLocCam2 is a location device configured for use with CCTV inspection cameras (which send location signals of 512 Hz / 640 Hz / 33 kHz) and a number of battery-powered sondes. Probes are stand-alone transmitters which are fed through pipelines in order to locate blockages or to determine the position and depth of sub-surface lines. Low frequency probes – 512 Hz or 640 Hz – penetrate plastic as well as cast-iron pipes. Probes with higher frequencies – 8 kHz or 33 kHz – are primarily used for plastic pipelines or ducts.

Additional accessories:

ZM skit Centring set for the 33 mm camera head Area of application DN 100 for long, straight distances

ZM skit

ZJZ Centring set for the 46 mm camera head Area of application DN 200 - DN 300 Additional luminous ring with power LEDs F100 Guide runner 100 for the 46 mm camera head with adapter also for the 33 mm camera head. Area of application DN 100 PipeSeeLite A PC-based software package for managing your video files, recording still frames and creating simple reports. Only available in English. F100

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CCTV inspection vCam  

"vCam" is a modular camera system for pipe-inspection, checks and double-checks for everyone.