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Google Siphon Review - Is It Enough To Make You Money?


GOOGLE SIPHON REVIEW August is here already and it’s time to take a look at what will be hot this month. I took a few minutes and came across this course called Google Siphon by Mohamed Ali (yeah, that’s his name).   At first I thought it was a joke, but then I quickly learned something else about this product. Go here if you would like to visit the official website for Google Siphon. You can also check out my Google Siphon bonus if you’re going to buy it.


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I found a lot of information on this program and here is a quick run down of the important stuff… RECENT ITEMS

MY GOOGLE SIPHON REVIEW – WHAT I FOUND OUT ABOUT IT: Google Siphon is built around a solid method of building what the creator likes to call “Siphon” websites. The purpose of these sites is to rank them up in Google.  The creator claims that the websites rank very well without any need for off page SEO.  That part of the course makes me wonder.  I’ve been doing SEO for awhile now and vary rarely see good results without off page SEO.  But let’s keep going and see what else we find. The creator (Mohamed Ali) has over 200 websites built using this system.  That’s pretty impressive considering that a domain costs about $10 through most registrars.  So we could estimate that he’s trusted this method enough to invest $2,000 in domains alone.  The next thing the creator talks about is how he only takes a day to setup these websites.  This is interesting because I take at least a few days to get my websites setup and I’m all ears to see exactly how he does it so quick. More digging showed me that the creator is claiming to be making around $300-$600 per month with some of the websites he creates.  His estimated setup time is 2 hours for those types of sites.  So that’s a pretty good return on investment for your time.  2 hours of work for $300 per month. The last bit of information I found today was the author talking about how you can setup as many of these websites as you would like using Google Siphon.  This is something that I often overlook when building websites (usually because I take so long to do it).  But maybe this guy has a few tricks up his sleeve to whip these babies out one per day. ⇓ More information about Google and SEO Like I said, Google Siphon uses a system very similar to the one that is my bread and butter method.  The basic idea is to have a lot of little websites that rank very well in Google .  What I do is find keywords that are low to medium competition so that I have a relatively easy time getting ranked.  Then once I have my keywords, I go get a website setup.  That website is then filled with some good unique content.  After that, I work on promoting my website with what is called off-page SEO.  In order to be successful with methods like this, you have to really hunker down and manage your time very well.  It’s about quality and quantity when you use this method (as are most methods for making money on the Internet). All in all, I would say that this method and others like it are still alive and kicking.  Some people in the popular Internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum say that ranking websites and SEO are dead – I disagree and with good reason.  I still rank websites and have been doing it for awhile.  I don’t consider myself an expert, but I have a lot of experience and know exactly what it takes to compete in most markets. ⇓ Information for anyone getting started Before you ever get started with any method making money on the Internet, you should always sit down and make sure that you have everything in order.  Most people jump into methods without ever realizing what they can and cannot do.  So here is a list of things that might help you see if this method is for you:[8/9/2011 7:32:33 PM]

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Google Siphon Review - Is It Enough To Make You Money? Do you have a hosting account? – A hosting account is really cheap. You can find some companies that only charge around $4-5 per month for the account.  Some even let you pay monthly instead of paying that rate at 12 months up front.  Make sure that you have a little bit of money for hosting. Do you have the budget to setup at least 5-10 websites? – This is another important consideration.  Hardly ever do you have massive success in your first go.  I recommend setting aside at least $50 for domains when you get started.  That should buy you at least 5 domains to get started. How much time do you have? – If you have a full-time job and a family, chances are that you are going to have to make time for any method for making money on the Internet.  It is VERY important to figure out how much time you have to work on this business.  An hour a day is usually not enough unless you are extremely focused.  Most marketers sit down and spend at least 30 minutes alone just reading emails.  Always remember that the time that you dedicate to your business will directly impact how much money you make. And with that last point… how much money do you have for outsourcing? – If you don’t have adequate time for this business, then how much are you willing to spend for someone else to help?  Outsourcing is fairly cheap if you look around in the right places.  Consider using outsourcing to increase your results at a much quicker rate.

⇓ My thoughts on Off Page SEO The Google Siphon course doesn’t put too much emphasis on off page seo, and that is ok. But if you are serious about this business, then you should get to know it.  Here are a few reasons why you should take a look at and learn the basics of off-page SEO: Off-page seo or backlinking, can really increase the results you’ll see with your websites. You put yourself ahead of the pack.  Imagine if the only thing separating you and the other guy with Google Siphon was your website’s content…  Wouldn’t you like to have a secret weapon that would put your website above his, get you more traffic, and ultimately get you more money? – I know that in that situation I would love to have some tricks up my sleeve. Learning off-page SEO gives you skills that you can use for clients.  Let’s say that while you are building your business, you want to supplement your income by going local.  If you’re working with a local client, you’ll want to be able to offer services such as website promotion (i.e.: backlinking/off-site seo).

I understand that some of you have no idea where to start. Which is why I’m going to be throwing in some valuable tips and resources that will put you ahead of the pack and make you a dangerous competitor in the search engines.  If you want to take advantage of my help, you’ll have to buy Google Siphon through my affiliate link (sorry, I can’t do this for free) and then contact me.  I will send you your resources, tips, and tricks to get you started and increase your success rate.  

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Google Siphon Review - Is It Enough To Make You Money?

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August is here already and it’s time to take a look at what will be hot this month. I took a few minutes and came across this course called...

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