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OPEN MIKE A Pulse on the Network for Seattle Study Club Directors

Hygiene Study Club By Catrice Opichka

One of the greatest values of being part of Seattle Study Club is that we are not in this alone. We are all part of a fantastic network of clubs that share the common mission of cultivating excellence in comprehensive dentistry. As a former hygienist and past Coordinator, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in the evolution of a Seattle Study Club. I was able to tap into the collective knowledge of the network through the coaching and assistance available from Dr. Cohen and the Seattle Study Club Sherpas to help my club create the highest level of education for our members. When I would look into continuing education for myself as a hygienist, I found that my options fell far short of what I experienced in our club. I quickly realized that many of the hygienists in our area felt the same and our club ventured into the world of hygiene study clubs. Many clubs have already found great success in creating hygiene clubs of their own. Giving hygienists in your area the tools necessary to discuss multidisciplinary care empowers them to become partners in care and true educators for your patients. These hygienists are in a position to in-

fluence patients’ decisions on advanced treatment—it makes sense to extend the philosophy of interdisciplinary care to them. We are excited to offer new support for your hygiene clubs. One of the biggest challenges we all face is providing education with value on the limited budget most hygiene clubs have to work with. We can now help you address this challenge by offering several creative programming options. Seattle Study Club is dedicated to increasing the variety of programming and support available to our growing network of hygiene study clubs. We are thrilled to announce new web sessions specific to dental hygiene. Next year’s line up available exclusively to Seattle Study Clubs includes Peter Fay, Eric Rindler and Karen Baker. These sessions can be incorporated into an existing hygiene club, help you launch a new hygiene program or be used as an adjunct program in your doctor club. We are offering a number of complimentary web programs to outline how to run your own hygiene study club. These sessions cover recruiting, budgeting, programming, facilitating key sessions, working with partner programs and more. Contact me at the Seattle Study Club office (425.576.8000) for more information.

Programming Inspiration By Carla Kimball

Programming is one of the biggest struggles we face in managing our clubs. It all starts the first year, when we want the program to get all of our members excited about being part of Seattle Study Club. When the second year comes around we want to top the first year—and so the cycle begins. Each year around this time we are all pouring over the Speakers Bureau and reaching out within the Seattle Study Club network for inspiration. Luckily, there are many tools at your disposal. This year your packet of materials contained the updated Speakers Bureau as well as the allnew Programming Book. The new Programming Book contains detailed information on the different types of programs you can incorporate into your year and many tools to help guide you through the process. It also contains 176 pages of programs that other clubs have developed for this year. What a great way to get inspired! Also new this year to help you administer your club are “Fireside Chats.” This is an opportunity for Directors to get together over the phone in small groups to discuss with Dr. Cohen any issues you may be facing in your club. If you are interested in joining one of these chats please contact me at 425.576.8000 or

2011-2012 Web Sessions For the 2011-2012 web season we are adding three all-new programs to the web session line-up: Dr. Robert Margeas Effective Diagnosis and Restorative Treatment for the Worn Dentition in Everyday Practice This lecture will discuss the etiologies of wear and how to treat the different types. Numerous cases will be shown and the techniques learned can be incorporated into your practice immediately for increased success and profitability. Dr. Glenn Krieger Digital Case Presentation— A Tool for Practice Growth Clear, well-composed images can be excellent tools for case documentation, patient education and

group treatment planning. This session will cover the goal of digital case presentation, how to get the entire team on board and how to share relevant clinical information in a clear, concise way. Mr. Kirk Behrendt Inspire Your Team to Sell More Dentistry The new economy has greatly reduced the discretionary income patients have and has made them more reluctant to trust. This session will cover the seven ways dental teams can adapt to the ever-changing world to reclaim that trust and keep treatment acceptance up. Drs. Vince Kokich, Sr., David Garber, Maurice Salama and John West are also back with their sought after programs. For more information on web sessions please contact Catrice or Heather at the Seattle Study Club office. (425.576.8000)

What are Directors saying about web sessions? Over the years that Seattle Study Club has offered webinars I have participated in eight to date. I can tell you from my own experience I consistently get good feed back from my members. It’s always cost effective and after getting over the needless nervousness of “something may go wrong” and “what if the Internet goes down or won’t connect” I always enjoy the evening. I will continue to sign up for web sessions because I think it brings great value, education and a fun “gee whiz” and “wow factor” to our club without a whole lot of expense and hassle. — Dr. Greg Boice, Director, St. Helen’s Shadow Study Club Since our first club year, we have participated in Seattle Study Club webinars nearly every year. Through these sessions, we are able to stretch our speaker budget, while still enjoying quality programming through the virtual sessions. Since the webinars allow for speaker/club dialogue and question and answer opportunities they have been a great economical fit for us. Thanks, Seattle Study Club, for offering the webinars and for your commitment to continuing to perfect the technology involved in facilitating them. — Dr. Jason Wagle, Director, CREATE Dentistry Study Club

Relieving the Stress By Heather Bright

Web sessions are a great way to deliver big name speakers to your members on a budget. Over the last few years the technology has improved exponentially and many clubs feel this option has become a close second to actually bringing the speaker in for a presentation. Despite the reliability of this option the “what ifs” are always a concern to Directors and Coordinators: “What if the Internet connection doesn’t work properly?” or “What if the technology somehow fails and

we end up standing in front of our doctors with no educational content for the evening?” A back up plan is a good idea for any meeting. For the 2011-2012 academic season we have partnered with Mobiltape to provide a plan for the unlikely event that something goes wrong. With your web session registration you will receive a DVD from the 2011 Seattle Study Club Symposium. This is the perfect back up plan—the evening session can quickly transform to a “Night at the Movies.” No more stress!


A Pulse on the Network for Seattle Study Club Directors By Catrice Opichka By Carla Kimball Drs. Vince Kokich, Sr., David Garber, Maurice Sa...