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OPEN MIKE A Pulse on the Network for Seattle Study Club Directors

Failures II: A Roadmap to Recovery Next year’s Symposium will be held from January 17 – 22, 2011 at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne, FL. There are still a few rooms left, but they are going fast. You can reserve yours by calling the Ritz directly at 800.241.3333. This is a meeting you are not going to want to miss. Attendees will hear from many of dentistry’s greats: Gerard Chiche, Stephen Chu, Sillas Duarte, David Garber, Galip Gurel, Sascha Jovanovic, Sonia Leziy, Brahm Miller, Bob Margeas, Ricardo Mitrani, Nido Qubein, Ariel Raigrodski, Avishai Sadan, Maurice Salama, Dennis Tarnow, John West and Homa Zadeh. There will also be a special appearance by Vince Kokich, Sr., with his son Vince Kokich, Jr. The theme for the 2011 meeting is “Failures II: A Roadmap to Re-

covery.” Treatment that falls short of expectation is often a subject that receives a superficial analysis, as few clinicians are truly prepared to deal with it. This meeting will focus on how and why success has occasionally eluded even our most talented clinicians. Our educational objective for this lecture and workshop-based program is to impart deeper insight into failures in treatment by exploring the lessons we can learn and the measures we can take to prevent them, so that we might gain a greater understanding of the clinical, emotional and legal implications of clinical failures. Those in attendance will gain more confidence in confronting failure and will more effectively negotiate the road to recovery from these obstacles life inevitably presents.

2010-2011 Kick-Off Dates Please drop us a line and let us know when your kick-off meeting is scheduled for the coming academic year. We are already working on the invitations for the 2011 Symposium in Key Biscayne and would like to be sure they are in your hands for distribution at your kick-off event. There are many ways to get in touch with us: Email: We have a simple format—just use one of our first names and add “” and the message will be delivered. Phone: 425.576.8000 Fax: 425.827.4292 Or stop by and tell us in person—we’re always up for a visitor or two! We are at 635 Market Street, Kirkland, WA.

We Hear You One of the wonderful things about this network is open communication. A few weeks ago we sent each of you an email asking about your preferences for a Symposium schedule. For many years now Symposium has been a week-long event with a halfday of programming on Tuesday and a full day of rest on Thursday. This provides a week full of learning, networking, playing, eating and fun, but also requires a full week away from the home and practice, which is a challenge for many of us. Most of the responses we’ve received so far have indicated that you would prefer a four-day long Symposium. Contracts are negotiated with properties for this event years in advance and we are currently working out details for the 2013 event. In response to your comments we are tentatively scheduling this as a condensed four-day Symposium in the beautiful… well, let’s just say someplace really nice. Stay tuned for more information and if you’ve yet to share your opinion, please give us a call!

Suzanne Boswell

Bob Margeas

Suzanne Boswell has been a part of the SSC network for many years. She has visited numerous clubs individually and has also presented at several SSC national events over the years. Her comfortable way of connecting with her audience and imparting her message while entertaining and cultivating a safe team environment has contributed to her success.

Speaking of presenters who connect well with their audience—Bob Margeas undoubtedly delivers on the clinical side. He created quite a buzz in his breakout sessions at this year’s Symposium. He maintains a full-time private practice in Des Moines, IA, focusing on comprehensive restorative and implant dentistry. His presentations focus on techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your practice. He is a humble and enthusiastic presenter that has a remarkable ability to really connect with everyone he comes in contact with.

“We had Suzanne Boswell speak last Friday to our study club group. I have heard nothing but wonderful comments about her talk from doctors and staff. From buttons, stickers, role playing and even a dance provided by one of our doctors at the end of the program. The group was energized to the MAX. She and her husband, Herb, were wonderful to talk with in getting this meeting set up. Thanks again for providing top-notch speakers for our meetings. Again, it just confirms the quality Seattle Study Club provides for their members.” Mary Woerner, Coordinator Southwest Virginia Advanced Seminars “She was awesome. Everyone loved her and we received great reviews from attendees!” Julissa Burris, Coordinator Excellence in Restorative Dental Education “Suzanne was an absolute joy to work with. She was helpful and thorough with the planning processes of the meeting. She asked many questions about the individuals in our club, about our club’s personality and the needs of our attendees. As usual, the attendees were reticent to actively participate for about fifteen minutes, but for the remainder of the day she had the audience captivated and engaged. She even sat down with the group and ‘got real’ with the doctors and treatment coordinators.” Traci Toomey, Coordinator Sierra Study Club Suzanne loves working with Seattle Study Clubs and is always eager to build a program specifically for your club. Suzanne can be contacted at 919.845.4189 or via email at suzanne@

“I recently saw Bob Margeas. Although I’m a periodontist, I think he probably gave more practical, useful information than most other speakers I’ve heard. Because he’s a general dentist doing ‘real world’ dentistry, I think he was received and appreciated by my study club members to a tremendous degree.” Lloyd Tucker, Director Renaissance Study Club “Bob Margeas will knock people’s socks off! Our members beyond loved him. When we stopped for a break everyone was back in their seats chomping at the bit to get started again and everyone stayed until the very end. He is absolutely a class act and really packs the information in. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Cherie Brown, Director Mile High Dental Study Club “Dr. Margeas’ all day presentation was a ‘home run’ for our study club. Our members were able to connect with him since his presentation directly related his aesthetic practice to real everyday dentistry that attempts to get great results yet remain efficient to be profitable. Bob is down-to-earth, approachable and a great teacher. His seminar covered many topics (veneers, direct composites, implant dentistry, provisionalization, worn dentition) that included diagnosis, clinical cases and practical techniques.” Fred Sakamoto, Director Central Ohio Study Club If you’d like more details on Dr. Margeas’ presentations, he can be reached by phone at 515.277.6358 or by email at

Speaker Evaluations Check your mailboxes. You should have received your speaker evaluation forms. The information you provide on the presenters that have come to your club over the last few years will be compiled and shared with the 2010-2011 Speakers’ Bureau. This information is your invaluable contribution to the network. If you haven’t received the form or have any questions, please contact the SSC.


2010-2011 Kick-Off Dates A Pulse on the Network for Seattle Study Club Directors “Bob Margeas will knock people’s socks off! Our members bey...

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