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CORD The Newsletter for Seattle Study Club Coordinators: Coordinating, Organizing, Researching & Developing

What a Hygiene Study Club Means to Me By Catrice Opichka

As a former hygienist and past Coordinator, I’ve had the privilege of being involved with the evolution of a Seattle Study Club. My favorite moments were watching the doctors come together as a team during treatment planning sessions and going toe-to-toe in clinical debates. The relationships the members had with each other helped create an atmosphere of trust and sharing that increased their ability to learn from each other. After experiencing these great moments I was always a little bit disappointed when I sought my own continuing education. Most of the dental hygiene continuing education opportunities consisted of pricey full day lectures, seminars put on by the state hygiene groups or boring on line courses. As I spoke with other hygienists in the area it became clear that we needed something more— and a hygiene study club was born. We were able to design custom programs that included small group sessions, creating the same type of atmosphere for advanced learning for hygienists that existed in our doctor club. The friendships that were formed within the group made these sessions as fun as they were educational.

Many Seattle Study Clubs have already found great success in creating hygiene clubs of their own. Directors and Coordinators who have done this have found that providing their local hygienists with advanced education built on the same philosophy used in Seattle Study Club increased the level of the hygienists’ clinical and treatment planning skills. It has also helped Directors build relationships with their members’ hygienists who directly influence their patients’ decisions about advanced treatment. Can you say WIN-WIN? Seattle Study Club will be launching web sessions specific to dental hygiene with an exciting line up including Peter Fay, Eric Rindler and Karen Baker. These web sessions are scheduled for the 20112012 academic year and open to all Seattle Study Clubs. They can be incorporated into an existing hygiene club, part of a new hygiene program or used as an adjunct program in your doctor club. We will also be offering a number of complimentary web programs to outline how you can start your own hygiene study club. They will cover recruiting, budgeting, programming, facilitating key sessions and working with partner programs. These 60-minute programs will have limited availability, so call me at the Seattle Study Club office for available dates and times.

We Hear You Coordinators Conference 2011 One of the wonderful things

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The Ritz-Carlton Way: Sales and Service By Ms. Candace Duran, The Ritz-Carlton, Denver

Years ago I heard nine simple words that changed my life. “We are ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentleman.” It was The Ritz-Carlton motto that inspired me to be where I am today. I am a Senior Sales Manager at The Ritz-Carlton in Denver, Colorado. I recently celebrated my eight-year anniversary with the company. In my time here I have had the opportunity to see the industry, specifically my company, perform in the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Most people probably remember the days when phones were ringing with leads bringing guaranteed business and when the words ‘humble’, ‘flexible’ and ‘perception’ were not in our everyday vocabulary. Then came the fall of 2008—the worst recession of our lifetime. Business is starting to improve from the economic downturn we’ve all been experiencing. We have identified key areas for retaining and obtaining new business. I would like to share some strategies with you to help you be successful in finding the perfect fit for your events. First, think ‘back to basics.’ This may sound simple but knowing your overall meeting needs is vital. Ask yourself a few questions. Is there a budget for this program? If not, what have you spent on this event in the past? Who are your attendees? Are your dates or meeting needs flexible? What are you looking for in your host hotel? Think about things like product, location, hotel amenities and quality of service. Another key component when planning is to consider how much time you actually have to focus on the details of the event. For instance, when holding your function at a luxury hotel you may be able to rely on the hotel staff to take the reigns and produce and execute a flawless event. At the Ritz-Carlton our ladies and gentlemen are consistently aiming to make you look good as the planner. Secondly, there are many initiatives that have been implemented by The Ritz-Carlton and other hotel companies to overcome potential barriers. These

booking tools can be instrumental in comparing value between venues. The Ritz-Carlton has embarked on the following successful initiatives. Meaningful Meetings: Perception has hit the luxury market in many ways and philanthropic efforts are more important than ever. With this program 10% of your room revenue is donated to a charitable cause. You hold your program while exhibiting humility by using your event to ‘give back’ to the community. Meetings Within Reach: This is a comprehensive or ‘value-added’ package set at a fixed price. It includes daily continental breakfast, meeting room rental, high-speed Internet access in the meeting space, value on audio/video requirements and suite upgrades. To sum it up, it’s not extravagant if it produces results! Ritz-Carlton Rewards: This highly anticipated program awards the planner points to use when booking future events. Ritz-Carlton has recognized all of the hard work and efforts exerted by meeting planners and this is our way of expressing our appreciation for your business. Choosing to hold your function at an applauded hotel site can be beneficial in many ways. When booking your program with Ritz-Carlton we are able to share information about past programs. For example, we are able to share information about what worked, what didn’t work, group preferences and additional opportunities. By having this valuable data at our fingertips, we are able to anticipate your needs and can even spot potential hot-buttons before your group arrives. Our sales teams are in constant contact. We genuinely support each other in our efforts to better serve you. Our sales professionals look forward to ensuring that you have been ‘wowed’ and that your attendees couldn’t imagine a world without Ritz-Carlton! Thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to help set you up for success when you start the planning of your special event.

Coordinators Conference continued from page 1 your academic year. We will demonstrate how the little things can really hit big! My mother often told me “I give you an inch and you take a mile!” We’re giving new meaning to this concept. You will learn that you cannot settle with doing only what it is required. You need to de-

liver the extra effort, offer another minute and create the habit of taking that additional mile. Because the truth is—your members deserve it. Join us May 19-21 in Denver, Colorado for Nuances and leave with tools to make a greater impact on your members.

Brochures will be delivered soon. Reserve your spot now by calling the RitzCarlton at 303.312.3800. You don’t want to miss a moment of this meeting, so plan to arrive Wednesday, May 18 and depart Sunday, May 22. See you there!


We Hear You The Newsletter for Seattle Study Club Coordinators: Coordinating, Organizing, Researching & Developing By Shaida Ghomi By Ca...


We Hear You The Newsletter for Seattle Study Club Coordinators: Coordinating, Organizing, Researching & Developing By Shaida Ghomi By Ca...