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Onpharma’s Onset Local Anesthetic Buffering System Dr. J. Mark Beckstead, Director, Palo Alto Study Club Interviewed by Michelle Nielsen You have used the Onset system since well before the Company’s commercial launch at the Chicago Midwinter in February. What is your connection? I have known the founder and Onset inventor (Mic Falkel, DDS) since we were dental residents together at the Los Angeles VA in 1987. I’m also part of the Onpharma Founders’ Club, which is a group of about 150 dentists that were early investors in the company. Last year the Company held an injection workshop for members of the Founders’ Club. In teams of 2 we gave each other blocks, measured onset time and injection pain, and switched. It was like being back in dental school. The faster onset and comfort of the injection were obvious and we were all excited to get started using Onset in our practices. What are your impressions? There are three: (1) It’s simple to use. (2) Injections are more comfortable. (3) Anesthetic onset is faster. Can you explain the comment on simplicity? What I mean is that I haven’t changed anything that I am used to and neither has my staff. We use the same anesthetic, from the same supplier,

What a Year!

with the same delivery armamentarium and the same injection technique. It takes my assistant 10 seconds to buffer an anesthetic cartridge chairside; she loads it into the syringe and hands it to me. It’s seamless. What about the learning curve? It’s fast and easy. I’d say my staff was completely confident after using the pen to buffer three or four cases. Have you introduced Onset to your Study Club? Yes, we have had Mic and Dr. Stanley Malamed speak to the Club about the science of anesthetic buffering. Dr. Malamed is obviously a renowned speaker, but I have to say that I was totally impressed with Mic as well. Have you gotten feedback from other dentists about Onset? From patients? Actually both. I like patients to know that my practice is up to date on technologies that improve the quality of care. Most patients are keenly aware of the injection. So being able to present something that will improve that aspect of their visit is very nice. I get a lot of comments along the lines, “That’s the best injection I’ve ever had.” For more information on Onset visit or call 877.336.6738.

Can you believe it’s June already? The kids are getting out of school, some of them are graduating and study club meetings are ending until the fall. If it weren’t so busy you’d start to wonder what you were going to do with all your time! But, as we all know, the time goes fast and before we know it we are back at our kick-off dinners and getting together for Symposium all over again. So, enjoy the warm weather, barbeques, pools and whatever else you may have planned this summer and we will see you all soon at one of the local or national Seattle Study Club Events.

2011 Show & Tell By Carla Kimball What is it that makes this meeting so different from others? When Seattle Study Club started some 20 years ago, it was comprised of a small group of individuals who wanted to become better dental practitioners. They would meet twice a year to share treatment modes and methodologies and to learn what practice management styles or systems were working well. Show & Tell allows you to network with other clinicians who, like you, are looking to better their dental community. Simply said, Show & Tell is your meeting. Let’s go back in time, to the small group environment, where you could actually carry on conversations and learn from each other in a safe and collegiate setting. Just like in the “good ole days,” at Show & Tell, you can interact closely with other like-minded clinicians who will reenergize, refocus and renew your resolve for quality comprehensive dentistry. Go back to practicing dentistry enthusiastically, instead of just getting by. Expect this two-day meeting to change the way you look at and feel about your profession and your study club. Beautiful Bachelor Gulch awaits your arrival July 15-16, 2011. Call us at 425.576.8000 to reserve your spot.


What a Year! Dr. J. Mark Beckstead, Director, Palo Alto Study Club Interviewed by Michelle Nielsen